Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1976 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1976
Page 24
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Government Likes Advisory Committees WASHINGTON (AP) -- To paraphrase' Lincoln on God arid common-looking folks, l!ic government must like advisory cornmiitecs. 11 made "so many of them. ; ' ; ' W h e n - it,look slock for .1974. the government found it had 1, 242 such committees. The 1Q75 shows that 25 u-ero added during the year for a total 1,207. / . They range from the Adviso ; ry Committee for Intcrnaliunnl gal Metrology,. which' as to| do with weights and measures, lo (he Winter Navigation Board, which doesn't. ' W h a t thai bourd docs !s made crystal .clear by. its Statement of Function: ' "A committee of senior VpW reprcscnativds of the participating federal agencies and invited n on-federal public and private interests · which coordinates' planning, programming, budgeting, . execution and re- Three-Year-Old Saves Cop's Life , TAMPA, Fla. (AP):-- "My 1 mommy has a gun pointed at you," the 3-year-old blurted as a police officer drove his boy.'s mother lo headquarters to book her, on a child abuse charge, . -Sure enough, police said. Patrolman David A. Levins said ' h e whirled out of his crtdscr. yanked open the back door ami disarmed Charlcnn F. Kckert. She h a d , a ,22-caliber 'automatic aimed at his back Levins said. . Levins,"however, isn't cor'nin the -toddler actually saved, his life. , , "I'm not'really sure," Die officer said. "Since his rcotlier had her hands cuffed behind her b a c k , - I d o n ' t t h i n k , hqr" mm would have been all that good." Mrs. Eckcrt. was charged with aggravated assault, nonetheless. " " : - . , It all started when ."Levins said he discovered little Eric sleeping in" the back seat of. a car parked! at a bar late Sunday. He said he asked Ihc-boy his age and where his mother was, "All he could toll me was that ic was 3 "years old.' 1 Levins said. About -30 minutes laler, Mrs. Eckerl came along, investigators said. "She did drive np with anolh cr person after I already hat the boy in my .car/' Levins said. "I went up to his molhei and .arrested her for chilt abuse." Levins .put the boy. and his mother^ in the hack seal of Ihe patrol car for the ride lo head quarters. They.had gone abou five blocks ,wtien Hlllc Eri piped up. . , : ."' Police said Mrs. Eckcrt hai the gun htddenrimdor the .waist band of her slacks, Officer said they aren't sure where sh got the gun, Eric, .was placed w i t h (hi Hillsbprough County Social an Economic Services pending ac lion against His m o t h e r ' o n th two charges, authorities said. orling ol investigation and em on sL ration activities of the \lension of the navigation cason on the Great- Lakes and .1. Lawrence Seaway." It. must be important.'Tn the ·car 1974. the committee met ·/jvcn limes. Back to the statistics: 272 .ew committees established 375: 233 terminated, merged ir abolished! 8 chartered in 975, although they had existed icEore. Total cost to (he' taxpayer: 151.7 million in salaries ant other expenses. Total number it'Tcpor'Ls: 1,070, Total tmtnhcr of people employed at one lime )r another: 25,630. The Department of Health Education and Welfare, whict receives more of the fedora dollar than any other depart ·mcnl, also had the most adviso ry committees: 322. The Department of Defense which also gets a good chunk didn't seek a lot of. advice, ! had only 66 committees. Watching all .these . com mittees is (he Committep Mai agemcnt, Secretarial at the Of fice of Management and Budg ei. A check w i t h - W i l l i a m ' B o i stelj,. chief of the secrelarla elicits the i n f o r m a t i o n ' t h a i th SlOO-a-day consulant is a thin of the past. Now, he says, salaries- lo some of those who serve on a* visory committees run , 1 $1-55.36 a day. Some agencif don't pay at all for such sen ice. The Commerce Depar ment is one of those. ' · "The most glaring'example of. co m'mittees th at outlive their usefulness have been a bo ishcd for now," Bonstell said Northwesf Arkansas TIMES, Wed., April M, 1976 KAYi:n HVII,Li:. AKXANS^s , CH1EU HANH's ORIENTAL FOODS 1911 W. Walnut, Rogers (across from Bonanza on H i w a y T l ) A complete line of imported oriental foods. Fresh dried seagcods and Chinese vegetables. EVERYBODY WEICOME! Open Dntly from 9 AM lo 7 t PM Cubs Make Debut iUiiybcile r v ( h e . Detroit Zoo's 17-yenr-old polar heur, keep: bcr-horn cubs, a 'mate and sjicnl 115 female, as (hey in'cel (he pub her I!OIK tic furl (he first lime Mnyhcllc days nl seclusion in (AP \Yireplioto) DAILY PROGRAM KYTV ' LISTINGS KTEW, Tulsa, Ch. 2 on cnbta In FajH(*vll!tO Springfield, Ch. 3 ROED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Ch. 11 KTUL, Tulsa, CK. 8 (Channel 4 on Cable In Faj-etlevllle) Programs subject to change without notice KOTY, KFSM, KQAM, Pittsburg, Ch. 7 Dick tane Notes 31st Year Of Broadcasting Wrestling Shows © CABLE ot Fa'yeUeviUt 103 W. Mountain St. - Phone 5Z1-7JM Complete Home Entortainmertl . Cchle ServTse 'All Area Television and . . . FM Radio Tim* - Weather - Special tventt .MOVIES ON TV Tuesday N i g h f ' 10:30 pm --Ch. 6,10,Tfj "The Comedians" (1967) Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor i Wednesday .Night '10:30 p'm-r-Ch. 6,10,16 "Judilh' Sophia Loreh, Peter Finch ··11:30' pm Ch. 8 "The'Heat Wa (Canadian: 1974) Gordon Pinsenl ve Lasted Four Days' Mathias Discount Stores Inc. Red WICK (Netr t RebiilK) litaf · In Wesern Wear HEARING AIDS SALES SERVICE National! known brands. erfer personal hearln* i! , IwHwlei ft atew- WARDS HEARING AID DEPT. EVELYN HILLS PHONE 443-4591 ' CARPETS CLEANED 'in your home or place of ·business by Von Schrader dry-foam method. No fuss · No muss No odor - Call foday for ' free estimate. TRIPLE A CARPET CLEANERS 521-7355 51S s. nunran, F WEDNESDAY EVENING-- Adam : 12 J, U Zoom , ,, .' II . . Andy - GrilflUi \ · ( News 3. », «, IS Family Affair , * 5 : 3 D ' Book Beat KC.V.-S 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10. 12. 16 if 6:00-- - . Whal'i Cboking? . ,,; Hasan's nnroes Conceii I ralioo New* · - - - .., 3, E, 6, 7, W, if 6:30 -. · Oklahoma In Hevlcw , . Price .Is, Tllghl - , -.' Match Game fr.M Con central ion .. . r Adam-12 Let's'Make A Deal ,..,'.'*'.'.'.'."'." Wild, Wild World of Animals Hobby Vinlon * 7:00 '- · ' ' Flip Wilson 6, 10, IS Bionic Woman 6, 12 Decades ol Dwislon .. :. · 11 Little HOUM oa the Prairie . . I . 3, S, 7 * 9:00 -Si/id burg's Lin coin . Oral Roberts Blue Knight 1, Slarsky and Hutch 6,. 10. 16 *· 11:30 - " Take My Ad^ca 'Iiil Donahue . .. Search For Tomorrow Melody }iFalinB Anyone Fur Tennyson? All My children NBC News i 5 THURSDAY AFTERNOON-.' -k 12:00 -- . News 2, « i, i? i llook Beat . . . . · 1 TaIelilk .. a' of Life .""".".'".'." I n-s nop« ;...,... . Open Door ........ .' Rays Of our Lives 1 ....... Hhyme and Reason ....... As The World Tuins ..... 1:00-. Scnice Teaching Prograi ... 2, ; 5 .. 6, 10, 16 8, 12 Prologue .' 11 * 10:00 Indians For Indians News , 2, 3. 5.' 6, 7, 8, W, 12, 16 ' if 10:30- Oklahoma In Review Ironside Bonanza .,-, , Johnny Carson 6. 10, 16 2, 3, 5. ^ a. 3, s, 7 '6/10,' 16 1 8. 12 1:30 -Doctors Guiding Light ..... 6, : 10. 16 Neighbors ;., :B, · I'M - Anolner World .3, 3, 5, All In .The Family 6, 30, 36 Genera] Hospital 2:30 -Match CJame C. 10,.16 :lric Company II Life, To Live I, 1 12 * 3:00 .- · ' " i; Griffin By JAY ·SHARBUTT .NEW YORK (AP) -- Sporl's- castcr Dick Lane recently celebrated Iris 31sl year of covering i sport that draws sncbrs from righbrows and cSieors from civilians -- pro wrestling, that colorful game some say is a sweaty sham. Now, it's probable most folks out there on the East Coast never heard of Dick. But I sure did when I was growing up in Los Angctes in the early 1950s, He was the main wresllecasler at station KTLA-TV. : Though he left KTLA i n 1072, he's still'one of a handful of experts", 'still doing Ihe grunt-b groan announcing of wrestling on TV, covering bouts lhat are taped and shown in 129 markets, at last report.- . Lane, a pioneer of (devised ras'slin 1 , says he began covering it for KTLA in Alurcli 1945. The first bouts occurred in KTLA's studios because promoters felt-TV cameras would cause empty stadium seats. "I tried to get into tlic American Legion stadium over in Hollywood and they ran me out o f , there like I ' d . brought, Ihe plague,"; he cheerfully groused in. a. phone', interview, from, his home in Newport Beach. Calif.. "The Olympic Auditorium wouldn't let 'me in, either. Bui heck, there weren't enough TV sets in those days to cause anybody to "Slay home." 1 - A f t e r seven · mnntiis; :he. said, the promoters changed their minds. , In (hose early years. Lane was wont to use descriptions o wrestling holds Itiat weren't ex actly listed in the official man ual of the sport ' " : "We had to make some lo be gin .with/! -he : explained, "be cause, there-were certain hold the wrest tors had names fo that, : a h , weren't the kind i antes you-uscd on the air. So called 'em what 1 thought they looked like." The story of a woman's outrage* and a woman's ~ revenge. f/HO OE LRUAEHTIIS Precis a f REDOIt HtlDS pnxluclion Two ot Lane's niaslerpjeccs, ow part of any wrestle caster's lexicon, are "the crotch-locked leg strangle" and the "inside step-over toehold taken from the cannonbal! position." Lane was one of the first wrcstlecastcrs lo moderate pre- boul debates between gladiators. The debates got quite fe- rictous is tone -- some sup- seclcd to build up the gale -- ·and threatened much doom'In (be ring. Sometimes, the warriors even turned-on Lane, a-friendly--guy who on the air speaks rapidly id keeps a straight face, I Lane knew them all, from mall, sinister Mr. Molo to 600- und Haystack Calhoun, who as fond of growling: "There c going (o he a lot of human mcakes around here before I ·{· finished." But one of hi favorites -- nd mine -- was the Sale Gor- eous George, a mighty, dainty arrior with tnatccUcd.- blonde ;cs, a guy whose va'^ 1 al- ·nys s p r a y e d ' t h e - r i n g with a it gun filled with' pertume be- ire the -master sallied forth to op someone. Lipstick Irtrbikiciiig MtnGMK HEMMGWAf Starring CHUG SJrUNDOH PtRRK KING anUHIlE BtHCBOH mtJZt 6y IREIM mLW Wtecl ri b» UMOtlT JWHSOfl 'Scrwiptol by CAtlDBMRtl Music by rMUPtJUIMEFT HCHKICM.M1- A WFUMOUin RfL£«« ... it 11:30 -Movie ·-.. ..... Son ih! .. ·-. ..'.'.'.'. TatlMfiles: Edge Of Nisht Mister Rogers * 3:311 - . Rln Tin Tin Ta\o My Advice . ,. Let's Make A De^l Gambit «. 3, 5. 7 HAPPY HOUR 3 p.m.-?-.p.m. Mon.-Saf. .pScrt o( cai 1 Ne» Bar* taped music an3 our the Working Class Hero Zl N. Block 1-9 !Hon.-Sa(. * 1:00 - Canriid CVimpu* THURSDAY if 6:J5 -Light of lyfe if 6:20 -Project I if 6:30 -- SMSU Forum CBS News . . . * S:35 Inspiration .... Don'i Lose business because rtf an unanswered phone When II rings--We answer! FAYETTEVILLE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE, INC. 442-9827 * 6:50 -Today In AgiicrJIora if 6:55 Moments rt Meditation . Exercise With Marfyc* . ' * 7 : O Q John Chick News ..... '. Cowl Mominjr Am«iea Today *-7:30 - Vornlntf Shew * l:lt- ' Captain Kanganx) Cailtxin CircoB if 8:30 A.M. Oklahoma me Street if 3:55 Exercise With Mnrlyce 7 if 4:00 - Partrid ge Family 12 Dinah!! ;.. 36 Tell The Truth 3 GUI Tcfce It To Beaver 7 Cartoons Mickey Mouse Club ,'. * '1:30 Andy R n f f L l h ,. Luc. 1 )' Show .'..-· 3, Revcrly Hillbillies Mavie «, 10. I OTtlahnmA In Heritw " Johnny Cdrson 'Z, 3, 5 Ironside ; if 11:0[»4- r ABC News it 11:30 Marini* :...-. " B, * 12:00 -Toi icK-AQ Magician if 1:00 Attorney At I«tw if 1:25 - Pmifvt - Bon! Electric Company III and THURSDAY EVENIXQ *5:CO - We Rent Typewriters Humphries Typewriter Rentals 15 N. Black 521-2560 Prirc Is Ri2M 8. I". 16 Celebrity SiveepslaVtt .... *, 3. *, 1 Stsam* SlrieC .......,'....',... 15. 1= -* 9:30 High Roller* 2, 3. B, nth ATartin ."..-.' 3."i, ABroruky 11 2 G, 7, 10. n *6:00 - ntnff f1il:on ·ciiraUoti .. News Human's JicrM-s *G:3» First Easier R^hbit 5 Hollywood Squares 1« Oorj Adam* KTCWI Tesl .,.,,., i OKlalioma In Tlc\i*w , II Name That Tunf In Service Teaching Program* 1 Ryan's Hope '. 1 if 19:31 - Hollywixxl Squares a. 3, S, I/vft of IJfe f, 1 Happy lays 8, 1 if 10:55 " CV(fe« Break .,,, CBS New* 1 ·J'jko Kerr 1 if 11:00 - cwicjje For ' " Mar- IfAHi T,ot'« Make Yrun£ nnd Ihe - ............. ... an. Mary Hartm*n ...... Marhic Machine 3, S, « ...... , ...... , Reitlesi .... t, 10. .Mac Davis Oklahoma fiArdrninff Welcome Back, Hotter Waltons .' 7:30 ell Thomas Remcmtx-rx rapy MiKcr ir 8:00 -- ' ... 8, 12 I. 10. 1G . ..... Grtai rprforma ar«U of San if 9:00 ABO New* CXr-s Ifemaby Jonwi * 10:00- IHaok Ne ...... * 10:30 ' Vft ......... . ...... II 3, -5. 6. 7, B, Ifl, 13, IS The tine story that has captivated over 8,000,000] NOW SHOWING Show Starts 7:15 tf lli* Amorrcoi THEMANWHO LOVED CAT DANCING LIFE and LIBERTY WEEK : APRIL 11-18 CELEBRATING LIFE , : AND'LIBERTY IN JESUS CHRIST Sundays 10:50 a.m. 7:00 p.m. Evenings 7:00 p.m. SPECIAL GUEST TONIGHT The University of Arkansas Baptist Student Union .-Choir Thursday Night THE HIDING PLAGE SUiringJUUE HARRIS EILEEN KECKART ARTHUR O'COnnELL fntroducffv) " IJEAMPIETTECUFT WED.'THRU TUES. STARTS 7:20 P.M. The U of A Baptist Student Union Players FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH College and Dickson FAYETTEVILLE WITHTME DEVIL mi WL DUCHESS AND THE DIRTWATER

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