Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 33
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 33

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 33
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SOFTSELL SAM AB/5-/T 5/45 I'M GO® 4 Moses' Infiltrates But Hippies Gone SAN FRANCISCO I/Pi -- A rookie policeman cmlc- niimcd "Moses" has proved what everybody ihouglu: t h e Haight-Ashbury Districi is om of flower kids, beads, sonys and love. TIRESOME ! At Times \ It (Yawn) | i Docs Hurl I SAX FRANCISCO (UPI) -- To s o m c o n e who didn't know the difference ii inijiln si-em thai life is one bij; yawn for Mrs. Claudia Melton. Actually, she only started yawning on Monday -but at the rate of three or f o u r times a minute and ! she hasn't stopped since. ; Mrs. Melton's physician, I Dr. Rodolpho Garcley, says j the yawning is caused by a thyroid condition and isn't serious. He says she · can go home form the . hospital in a day or two. i I Gut the pretty redhaired housewife didn't seem very j relieved by her doctor's \ news, even though she managed a laugh between every yawn in her bed at ! Franklin Hospital. ; "It's (yawn) somewhat embarrassing (yawn) and tiresome," she said. "And my (yawn) jaws hurt." Obituaries-Funerals SObituaries-Funerals 5 ' - In Ihcir place, ihe undercover policeman Ganvt McDonald, 26, says he found vicious gunmen, a flourishing narcotics t r a f f - ic and lots of had "trips" on brain-blowing drugs. Tor 12 months, alternately disguising himself in the beard and tatters of a hippie, and the leathers of a motorcycle tough, McDonald braved guns and violence. HIS i n f i l t r a t i o n resulted in 520 arrests, including major drug suppliers. TIDES -A.JNTZD T E3 3VE DPE R^i.TTJ 3?iE S vith occ.isionai showers today through Tu' flciompanvrng gubiy wincJi. High today about Loim Bench .ind Vicinity: Cioudv Showers heavy at times with 57, low tonight near 4J. Mountain Areas: Recurring showers toddy and Tuesday, locally heavy ?t times. Snow warnings above JOCK) feei. Continued cold with dusty winds, both clays. Interior and Desert Regions: Cloudy with some showers loday and Tuesday Showers heaviest near mountains, with snow level at 4CQO foe! in southern areas, 3500 feet in northern srclionv Gustv winds up to 35 m.p.h. at times bolh days. Highs today in upper valleys -!5 to 55, 55 to 63 In lower valleys. Imperial nnd Coachella Valleys (Including Palm Springs): Cloudy with chance of showers today and Tuesday, Some gusty winds re«rhino 30 m.p.h. both ddys. Highs toduy between 56 to 63. Antelone Vallpy and Mojnve Desert: Cloudy with occasional showers and gusfv winds today and Tuesday. Highs today in Paimdale and Victorville J3, China Lake and Daggett 55. Olfsriore Wind and Weather Forecast (Pt. Conception to Mexican Border): Small-craft warnings cover area for squally winds uo to 54 m.D.h. today. Mostly southwest winds up lo 25 m.p.h. Tuesday. Considerable Uoudiness with some shov/ers today find Tuesday. SUN, MOON AND TIDES Won. Sunrise: 6:35 a.m. Sunset: 5:5? p.m. Tues. Sunrise: 6:34 a.m. Sunset: 5:52 p.m. Mon. Moonrise: 10:56 a.m. Moonset: I:1J a.m. rnclcd, McDonald spent two hours in ;i barber's chair getting sheiirecl. McDonald, who is mar- icd and has two children, s h o c k e d his 4-year-old when he returned home without the foliage. She didn't remember him without, it and protested: "You're not my daddy!" Almost as soon as he oined the force in December 1967, McDonald was ai:ged for special duty and did intensive study in Ihe ways and lan!',ua;;c of the narcotics hood. He was ordered lo let his hair grow and acquire a hippie outfit in the best. tradition, lie chose a London bobby helmet as part of his gear. .;. * * * "TO BUILD up cases I had to attend pad parties," he told a reporter. "There was heavy incense, the interminable discordant records, the use of pot, speed, LSD. "I saw girls and guys on bad LSD trips, screaming, weeping hysterically and then lasping into comas." McDonald has received a commendation from the head of police narcotics investigation for his work. Off the hippie beat at asl, McDonald now dons the one uniform he had yet to wear on duty. It's blue with brass buttons. McDonald was so successful, he was told to try to infiltrate the tenderloin nnrl rVnrl IT FlO'ifll rii^t I'll'I ^ (IIIH 1\UI 111 UlDl I IH -l for which be became a niolorcydc louj;h. Death Notices A l L f H -- Gcorg?, /S, of 526 Elm St., died Frbri),irv 2. F-ORGIE-- JewM P.- ol b!. Pctcrs- burnii, Hondo, died T!iursdw. HIMANGO-- Floiencc E., 67. of 2?13 .inrirn Ave., dird Thursd.iv. HI MANGO- Florence E., 62. of 2253 Linden Ave.. died Thursd.iv. JOHNSON -Editti, 73, oi 11732 Gilbert St., G.irdcn Grove, died Saturd.iv. _ 1 ^H ^^ M M · ^Bh MIPS ^BQvRBHpv ·%·* · **r Cwl Everything you ncod for crysial clear hearing at a price a n y o n e can afford. Japanese engineers Iiavc do- vHopocl an aid thai, lias all the important features of insiruments c o s t i n g many timrs as in uoh. it s vory simple lo woar. Vou just slip the rocoivcr into yunr ear. acljuM ihe t o n e anil the volume and you are hearing voices so clearly you'll he delighled. H o m e Hearing Aid Service, 207 Kast Broadway, Long Beach, Phone 432-5457. Free Delivery. Tues. Tides: Highs, J.4 feel at J:03 a.m. and 3.2 feet at 7 . 5 7 o.m Lows. 0.4 feet ,1! 12:21 p.m. ,-.nd J feel at 11:07 p.m. Lorn Bcnc SUNDAY'S WEATHER REPORTS California · H L Prc. H L Prc. i . 53 46 1.32 Lake Arrowhead 36 2S 3.53 L B. Airoort . 55 47 1.45 Newport Bedch . 56 .17 .52 LrA Anarlrs 5-1 46 1.3 1 ) Rivf-rside . 47 .19 .24 Brikers(io;d 55 -13 .30 Sacramento 5D 41 .50 Rig B?ar Lake . . . . 33 19 .80 S,in Bernardino . . SI 45 ?6 BiihOD .. Blvilie . Burbank 3S 28 .54 San Diego 5 / 4 5 .09 . 6 2 36 .... Sdii Frdn Cisco 50 43 .54 43 « . . . Santa Ana 5 / 4 5 ./o Culver Citv ... . 55 46 1.07 Santa Barbara .. .. . . 5S 50 1.67 n Crntrn . . . «i; 39 . . Victorville .. . M 14 .?0 Fresno , Jiy aa .37 Across tht Nation Albunuerque 46 23 ' o" Mhimt Bedch . 7?' 62 Atlantn SO "4 .15 Milv/Qukei . . . 38 33 .01 Bismarck Re-ise Boston . Buffnio .. Chicago Cleveland . 31 29 .. Minn.-SI. Paul . . 38 30 .01 43 36 -- New Orleans 61 43 34 3J . ,, Now York . . 35 3-1 .12 37 31 .03 Oklahoma Citv . . . 44 34 .05 39 34 04 Omaha .. 39 39 JJ 37 Philddelghid . .. 34 32 .33 nrnvrr 50 W '.". Phoenix . 55 33 .M DCS Mcines . . . 36 33 .... Pitisburpii . . . 39 33 .03 1 Dctrioi t-,iribanlo Fort Wort Helena Hcnolulu « 33 Portland, Me. 35 ?5 i 5 -13 .01 Portland, Ore. . . 51 35 .02 70 33 . .. Pcno 37 31 09 13 3 Richmond, Va. 39 35 1.82 '. 82 65 .01 St. Louis 40 36 . : Indirinnnolis 41 32 02 Salt Lake Citv 42 ?6 i Kansas City 41 3-i Seatlle 43 37 .04 Las Vegas Me moil is Calgary 43 32 .30 Sookane 40 3i .85 50 41 .... Washington 40 35 .35 Canada H L Prc. H L Prc. 1 -15 .01 Toronto . 3J 31 .10 Highest temperature Sunday in Ihe 48 adjacent states was E4 in Vero Beach, Florida. Lowest was -13 in Bozrman, Montana. Gu d? Acme Bass . Senninqton Bunner ....... Blue ^·rys-ry^y *"*T TTT^^S I3ST IPOR.T~^JLr Pier v, Nov. Me. Kecirsnrge Pier E, B-127 Pennine a. --iP'ij-irT K-Ves Pier 15 Nav. Sta. Fellows ote.v.iiT Larrson Pier | 5 , Nav . stll . Pier 15, Nav. Sta. Loyally Pi n r 9, Ndv 5 a ..._ .._ B-14, NSY Lucid Pier ?, Nav. Stri. - B-14, NSY M ,-, na tcc B-23, N = Y Urvdock 2. NSY Marathon _ B-32, NSY Brddlev - ~ B-21, NSY Marsh Pier M, Nav, Ma. · Bronstein B-12, HSY Marvsville _...AI Larson Boat '.hOD ' flrvcc Cnnvon Pier 16, Nav. Sin. Merrirk Pier 7. Nav. Sta. ' Rudernut Pltr 10, Njv. Sla. MisDilllon ._ ,, ___.. Bethlthem Stee , Cabildo Cal Cane . Curler Hdll Chnndlrr rheniuno Collett Cormoran. . Cove _._ DeHaven Oubuauc Edson . .. tnntand IHvans, F. E Eiversole ... fcxcel Fechtelt'r ... F rm C-iUant . . Guadalupc _ C-uidt- Hciiister Hooocr .... Isbell SI DI vessel . Shipbldo Drydocfc Co Navarro P ; rr 7, Nav. Sla. Pier 9. Nav. Sla. Ho-.-MSta . B-39, San Pedro ·. . .... .Beit-,, iteel O'Brien .. . Pier 56, Nav. Sfa. ' Pier 16, Nav. Sifl. Okfinagan Calif. Shin Building Pier 9, Nav. Sta. Ozbourn _ , _ B-33, NSY .Drydock 2, NSY Piebtoii Pier 16, Nav. Sla. Pier 9, Nov. Sta. Prime Pier 7, Nav. Sta. Pier 9, Ndv. Sta. PI Defiance Bethlehem "teel . . _._ ..AFDI.-4B, NSY Princeton B-74. NSY B-63, HSY Ready 332, NSY . ..._ ....Pier 16. Nav. Sta. Reaper .. _ Piar 7, Nav. Sla. i .._ B-34, NSY Reeves Pier 15, Nav. Sta. Pin r IS, MJU ita Unnrartnr (Iiihrparino Plof __... _ _ ,n-?2, NSY Schofield _ Pier IS, Nov. Sta. i . .. Pier 9, Nav. Sta. iomers . Berth i2, ;;SY Pier 16, Niv. Sid. Talljdcga Pier 7, Nav. Sla. . .._ . Pier (,, NSY Turner Jc/ _ B-32, NSY Pier 9, Nav. stfl. Vnmmen PlerlS, Nav. Sta. Tcdd Shipyard Walke _ Pier 15, Nav. Sta. Pier 9, N-iv. sn. ...B-13, MSY Pier i6, Nav. Sta. For shin Information 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pier 15. Nav. Sta. call 547-6502. ; JTTTI3 A 'I 1 *** "T"^ ^'^ T* A. *T* C3 i ^jL^Jcr^ ~-f-\. JCTj ^^w^» v^ JTJ i *^^, '· ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT ! Compiled by Marine Exchange Berth operator Due to Sail For A (red Viclorv . . . Anc. States Line Feb. 2J, Vavama American Packer . LB 2)4 U.S. Lines . .. Feb. 24, Qui Nhon Artemision 1 (Li) .. Anc. united Int'I Sag Feb. 28, S. Nicolas Black Hci-on (No) . . . . 1 B-2? Lloyd Brasileiro Feb. 23, S. Fran. Biorgheim (Nol LB-212 Wilson Carbon Feb. 26, Barcelona Blumenthal (Go) 154 Hamburg American Feb. 26, S. Fran. Columbia Tiger . LB-12 Columbia S/S Co. . Feh. 25, 5. Diepo Cabo De Santa M,irta . . LB 6 Lloyd Brasilciro Feb. 25, S. Fran. Columbia Eaqle LB-1S Columbia S/S Co. ... ..Feb. 24, Huenen c Cesarc D'Amico (It) 190 D'Amico 1 ine Feb. 23, Guaymas Cheoachct ( T k ) . . . LB-7a Marine Transport . . .. Feb. 24, Oiol Chuo Mtiru (Jd) . . . LB-705 Toko Line . . Indcf. i Fuyo Aflftru -la) . . .. IBS ShovM Line . Feb. 23, S. Uieao ! Golden G.iie Golden Jav Grflricllft ?r Hardanoer ( Mcrmion [Nc Hawaiiiin We Bridoe (Ja) . 131 "K" Lino Feb. 25, Oakland Br-Tk) 163 Avon S/S Co. Indrf. ; a (11) 265 Marine Cnartenno Feb. 25, S. Fran. ; Jo) . . LB-4 Wcstfal L.irsc'1 Feb. 23, Acawulco ) 177 Mitiui OSK 1 mes Fen. 23, Santo Dam. Ja) . L3-25 "K" Line Feb. 23, Wiazatlan orist ,200-A Mat son Nav. Co. . Feb. 23, Honolulu ' H.inuNi ( ^ r - T k ) UB Shell PC!. Cnrn. Feh. 23, Curarao I-T arfh.irati (In) LB 2 Scindi.i Steam Nav. Feb. 25, Bombay ' JVM Mail 90 Anicriwn ,Vuiil Feo. 25, S. Dier ; o Lcmix):. (Tk I iif line Lane Vic'orv Mi 1 Sprinq i Montevideo Mar in Cirla M iukawii A" Maukan.i IB 149 Par. Cst. Trans. Feb. 26. S. Uicno 1Q5 /.-l-iison Nav. Co. Fob. 23, S. Fran. 172 Pac. Cost Trans Feb. 26, S. Dic'go T V ) ' LB-73 V.'ickershnm Co. Feb. 23, Portland Sv/) 54 Johnson Line Feb. 25, London D'Amico (II) 191 D'Amico 1 me Feb. 23, S. Fran. iru (Ja) LB-24 "K" Line FcD. 23. Wlnnzanillo ; ol LB-9 Dillrngh,irn Line Feb. 24, Honolulu Noto Afinru (J,i) LB-20 NYK Line Feb. ?3. AcflDulfQ Overseas Alica (Tk) 241 Maritime Overseas Corp. Indc . Okishinin M Oliver J Ols ru (Ja) LB-21 "K" Line .. . Feb. 23, Chamnenco an III (Bo) .. . LB-34 Oliver J Olson ... Indct. Ocean Comet (Li) 142 West Coast Line .. FcD. 27, S. Fran. Oriental Lady (Li) 232-D Orient Overseas . . Feb. 26, New York Pacific Reliance (Br) 139 Furness Line F-eb. 2J, Glasgow Pipat Samut (Th) LB-10 States Marine Feb. 25, S. Diego President Garficld . . . . . . 92 Am. Pres. Lines .. . Mar. 2, S. Fran. Philippine Admiral (Pi) LB-204 Retla S/S Co Feb. 25, Redwood City Pacific Allianro (I'a) 232-B Thai Hwa Nav .. . indef. Siuslaw iBnl 135 Sause Bros. Tow'g Feh. 2J, S. Diego SarS, (Da) .. ' ' 139 The EAC Lines . Feb. 23, Rotterdam Sunnvville (No) 228-D Kiavencss Line Mar. 1. S. Union Entcroriw iCsl' LB-28 Dnifhi Cnuo K.K. Feb. 26. Fushikl Vishva Prcm " nl ^ ^' Linc Fo!D - ^' S. Fran. Yavnri (Pvl Yamasato r.' Ao.Tinrko V LB 31 Gold S'liruing Co. Feb. 23, Pusfln -, ru (j,i) LB-7 Yiimashita Shmn Feb. 23, N. Orleans VESSELS DUE TODAY From Operator Bert/i rtnrv S.m F-MnciSCO l.vkei Li-ie LB3U K^S 1 ^, ^':^ m^^ffa"^^^ LB35 Dris [Ho) C.imlj^rll"^ Coos Bay Norm Pacific Shpn. Co. LB26 Y S ) Yokohama Steamship Management Corp. 574 · Fmm.l Hnkkc INO) Porhnnd Kni;l5^n Line ,'^8 Gcirl (No) Goldorfoalc ' " San H Di"eoo Columbia ""s/S Co.' LB13 (S'w)"....;..- San Francisco i ohri h? n ni'i 1 *, R f Ino'C ' ' LB73 piriili^Wrtofv'iLn' vincouver b'ricnt"Ovcrscai"Llne '.. . . !J3 SOI JacKPcSlclon " " " . ' . - Hucncme MIMIary S»a Transoorlallon ... LB« «nit l Si, (NthTkl -- San Francisco Parcel Tankers Ltd. _.. . 163 tououcff i (Fr) "" "corlnto Inslitulo DC Fomcnto ... LB23 sS Maria f km. Po't San Luis PacllicCoa.l Transport Co « l^'l?a,l ;Da .!,:...;.:::.:.:::;san s W T anci n sco M^on^vwiion ».-;.: ;.LB2ij Funerol Directors MOTTELL'S MORTUARY 909 E. Third 436-2284 Florists 15 ROM $4.00"" FLOWERS FOR Foresf Lawn Funerals HELPFUL COUNSELING INDEPENDENT (AM) CLASSIFIED HE 2-S7S* 10 I Schools Instruction PRESS-TELEGRAM |PM)--C-S Long Bpflch, Olif., Monday. c "t. 24, 19SJ 105Sehools iOS Instruction M 0 T T E L L S Cemeteries and Mausoleums ALLEN' -- George. ! PETERSE.V -- Ann C. Chapel service Tuesday, ; Service Monday 12:30 12 noon, directed by ; p.m.. Mottell's .Monuary Westminster Memorial Chapel. ;rd Alamitos. Park Mortuary mid O'tn- PEYSER -- Harry! Mary. _ _ Husband uf Rose Peyser. C A R P E N T E R -- f a t h e r o f Muriel Brenner. .Vinos. SI ! Arcact;; 1 . Ave. Cir:ives:i!e .·.ervi.'i 1 M.,u Rosary Monday, 8:30 day. 11 a.m.. Ml. Olive p.m. Requiem Mass Cemetery. lil.ishami-Wil- 'I'uesday, 9:30 a.m., both len Long, at St. Bartholomews. Directors. Dilday Family Funeral RICHARD -- " J o h n " F. Directors. Interment All of 10 .j4 chestnut. Sur- Souls Cemeiery_ _ vn .. xl bv sis ; ei ._ M .. s _ CAUZZORT -- Wil- i Amelia Hedrick; broth- liam E. age 66, of 14 SO crs. Robert, Oliver and Announcements ' S-3131 "20 r S T M ·NS'irR Ve.Ti'ril P*'k O-reterv !oh -- S1SO earn IdCtud In? en:A-iw care -- wi-- rr-r «sl tret t«.-TM GH 1*S77 S A V H I'S. 1 - V r . Y L O ' 5 Junipero Ave. Survived 35 Calif's Largest Computer College Approved For Veterans IBM COMPUTER PROGRAM'S (COBOL/SAL! ADVANCE INDUSTRIAL DRAFTING IBM Keypunch-Sorter PBX Recept. Secretarial ABC Shorthand Industrial Drafting Gl f l Friday CALL 435-8914 NEW CLASSES START MARCH 3RD. 1969 Student Loans Avail. Free placement Approved For Visa Students by Dept. of Immigration ""'MTI BUS'TNE'S'S"COLLEGE 236 E. 3rd St., Long Beach (Btwn. Locust L.B. Blvd.) Schools ~105 Schools S, 105 Instruction Instruction Alvin .-\1\1I1. Wednesday, 2 p.m. Lima Beach l'.od;;e FAN1 MAX. A BRYAN Counselor A resident of Long Beach since 1930. Retired after serving 25 years in the Long Beach Fire Dep't. Active in the Church life ot the community having served in various assignments in the Church o! Latter Day Saints for the past 36 years. Mr. Bryan invites your inquiries regarding our Prearrangement plan. by sister, Mrs. Freda Rohn, niece, Mrs. Shirley Ann Fisher. S e r v i c e No. 3:7, Patterson Tuesday, '-'- p.m. H m u e r - S n i v e l s - c h a p e l . Monuary Chapel. ROCHA" --""i.oireiia. CHAPMAN -- Gladys S h e e l a r Siricklin Mi.r- R.. Mottell's .Mortuary, t u a r y . -li;(i-:::i(if. 3rd Alamitos. «G- "uYMAL -- "lieity" 1.. 2J!S-I. _ . Service '2:'M p.m. Mun- CI1AUDOIR -- KUIa day H u n t e r Mortuary of -IliT ii. 15th. Hunter Chapel. Mortuary 422-1243. "SCOTT"--"Patifllar- CLARK -- M a r j o r i e , old. (jraveside servici 1 M., 2GSO Chestnut Ave. \ Monday 10:;H) a.m. Vet- Memorial service Tues-1 e r a n s Administration day, St. Luke's Episcopal ; Cemetery directed by Church. Time will be an- i Mottell's M o n u a r y , 3rd nounced. Dilday F a m i l y ' Alamitos. Funeral directors. 436- \ "SLACK -- ".iUyrtlcT of 902-4._ _ _ _ _ : '.iTf,.; Harrison. Survivi'd '" COLL1NGS -- Ethel , by son. T h u r s t o n Barson; i Brown. Strictly p r i v a t e i d a u y h i e r . Mrs. N e t t i e service Monday 9:30 N i e m a n n ; sister. Mrs. a.m. Mottell's M o r t u a r y Pearl Keys; brothers. Chapel, 3rd Alamitos. Claude and James tira- "~COON~~^-~lnis7SOO¥. ham; I! prandsons; 5 Ocean Blvd. Service sreat !;ramlrhi!dren. Ser- Tuesclay, 10 a.m., Dilday vice Tuesday, 2:30 p.m. Family_Chapc_L_-lS6 902-i. '· Rilday Family Funeral "CRAMER ^"cioria'J., i ti "' ec ' lors -_.i : ! l il )C1 .-: 1 - j STAPLES -- Edward Jerome.. Requiem Mass Monday S a.m., St. Anthony Catholic Church directed by Mottell's in I Mortuary, 3rd Alami- !tos. ADULT NOVELS .v.LN'S MAGS r0pL? . s ««O^I"S i PHOTOS NO 1 . 1 , crr.'i 24 HOURS J E F F ' S P.'-CiFlC NEttS 3? I O C U S T A V F J-.'^S HONOR rAMsi. Y'X'FRlENUS v\i!'i oitt* for icsearCT *0 MLV.ORjAL HOSPIIAl. Of- 1.5 V,i .50! NG Vi' "0 (.'""ii-el-- S'.O ru LI). Dr. .Vo-cv «;.33i3 »' 4j- ^: ' FIND II t AST IN T U T YfLLO'.'. PAGf S i .VE R. FARM A T (Lvnuroai \Vo-M S.ivn.K. l l ! ? 5 I B RK-a R E N T COLOR TV S12 .V.O. O P T l O r c TO ?U V , : v- "- ' " Travel 40 Vv FLY".'; ...... EL CAPITAN 4 ENGINE PRESSURIZED CONSTELLATION BARNEY'S ALL NEW 3 MILLION DOLLAR CASINO NOW IN LONG BEACH Norion'j finest training school for COMPUTER PROGRAMMING and KEY PUNCH ^ Jnb SfCUillV ft Pl.iremi'nt A^^ul A DAY and Night CAREfR BOOKLET MAILED FREE Personals 426-9381 OR WRITE Automation Institute 3605 lonq Bnoch Blvd. 1 A C - E - I - R Attociat* 50 Health Aids 90 ;,'.'' Come Now Open! S EVERY DAY Moil C R E D I T C A R D S C C b l ' I E D 1-3C1 Trin . cck'U.i.K t h e a t e r 65GO Long Beach Blvd. Service Monday, 1 p.m., Dudley Hoffman Funeral Home. Santa Maria, Calif. Dilday Family Funeral D i r e c t o r s charge. CURRAN -- James Anthony. Rosary w i l l he rented Sunday, 7:30 p.m., Mass Monday, 9:30 STEVENS -- Matilda i A., formerly of 2f(i6 Chestnut. Ave. Survived ; bv niece. Mrs. Oakcy : rMCUoe INCLUDES: air Ir.insn ? Dinner Entertainment mew loungr. 1 ). 3 Limousine service 21 VEGAS ODDS CRAPS-SLOTS ASK ABOUT OUR VLadies Nite, Stag Miles "Piano Parlies" Seafoodarama (Fri) DAILY FLIGHTS Won. Thru Sal. 6:15 p.m. Snocidl riiohti Sun. Depart 10:30 FOR RES. BROCHURE Long Boach HA 1-9351 Burbank VI 9-5568 55 add. Fr. i Sat. a.m., both al St. Ma-1 Phillips. Graveside scr- thews Church. Interment i vice Tuesday, 11 a.m., will be in Holy Cross Calvary Cemelery. Los Cemetery Culver City. Angeles. Uilday F a m i l y Dilday 'Family F u n e r a l i Funeral Directors in Directors in charge. 'charge. ; "ANT·ride p iron, | _Doi^m=,; p, --GOLONKA -- " H e l e n STRIPLTING -- Jo- I JOL/DJWSJ toj^caii ra- M 1899 Temple Ave. i seph. Dilday F a m i l y Fti- i Rosary Sunday, 4:30 neral Directors. -136- I Y3 CARS--EAST, NJ : ami. N. Car Boitcn, Ifi GO NOW. Social Clubs 55 ·ft Single Adults You can moot more single people in one year, highly compatible with you, than you have probably met in your entire life time! As the oldest and largest of the qualified companies, we can GUARANTEE r e s u l t s . For an interesting recorded message and a FREE PERSONALITY INVENTORY call: 434-0731 or 434-0722 ^omparibility Testing | "DlVORC'EDT It's NOT your fdult Hi'iir rt umuje recorded storv. Yci" ri-in't h.we 10 sav ,1 uor'!. Just r.i .'.: ^ ' .'.'.ASSAGE S T U D I O NEW TECHNICIANS ···:_ L ' Pi! 'if)-. Y PER'iONfjn. '''^22-0821 5 " n '"' 1 SANTANA SAUNA : 436-0226 BODY'SHAMPOO _ _ _ _ _ ^ MASSAGE vV ~" BODY SHAMPOO NEW ILCHNIUANS -NEW HOURS- on. thru rr\. 10 10; Sat, 10-i. 434-2976 940 DAWSON AVE., L.B. NEW TECHNICIANS Atlantic Health Offices 112S ATLANTIC AVE. 437-3887 12-JO pm Frl -Sat. _\14 1 prn _ BODY SHAMPOO RELAXING SWEDISH MASSAGE NEW TECHNICIANS Hours: 12" MON FRI: SAT. 11-4 Lno. B(h. Dv.-nv Hnvk 6M-J4I7 fl71-0!01 543 0633 ORANGE COUNTY Human Inventory. Inc. p.m., Dilday Family Chapel. Mass Monday, 9 a.m., St. Anthony's Church. GORDON -- Leslie Ruth. Service Monday 11 a.m. Mottell's Mortuary A CARS DELIVERED To or Irom anywhere In U.S. AUTO DRIVEAWAY U.S. 383-1307 Join the In C row Chapel, 3rd Alamilos. ! '"roiFFiTH --- r'hattipi M G sS H M^dav h ^o p m Mottell's Mortuary 9024. ___ "WALKER -- 'Kenneth" of J289G Martha Ann Dr., Los Alamitos. Sur- j vived by wife, Solveig; ! sons, K i r k , Richard, and j i James: daughter. Miss j Jean K. Walker; broth- Arthur, Richard, DS, and Charles ;er; sisters, Mrs. _ HCARS FURNISHED FREE All points. U-DRIVE DU 3-130? LEAVING Feh. 78 for Boston, M.W. Need rider. Shnre. 433 003J _ Meel tllat special someone who Is -I iuit riglil fill vcu. SlJL-t.l! intro : "' ' | durtorv ofler coinoulor rtiltina 6 j months membeiship. Up to 4 i mulches per -no. MO tulnl COM Kor Iree broctiuic c.ill o.V SAUNA BATH : y 7 li'iruve Masseuses--5EL-GLOW. Own / dflvs: 10 lo Mldnlte: Sun. I to Mi-lnilc. 16?4? Bertch Blvd. _ Hunt.nutan Beach I/U) 8-17 VI11 i?..\!i S S T E A M i AUCSSAOE" C A L L TOW AI'Pl. 423-Vt: J"0('_LONC BEACH BLVD '" 100 Homes Board Guest day directors. 436-9024. HAGAN H u n t e r Mortuary 1243. aare ; ]ce Wa|ker _ ScM , vice TuesdaVj j j a m St ; -- Pearle. T i m o t h v ' s L u t h e r a n ! 422- I ]24: HANNA -- Clara H. Service 11 a.m., Monday, H u n l e r Mortuary Chapel. Church. Dilday wood M u r l u a r y , Lake- j 421- i _ __ WATTERSON -- Henry J. Service and Interment, Kansas City, Mo. Dilday Family Funeral Personals 50 "ADULTS ONLY " · NOW OPEN 24 HOURS ! BIGGER BETTER I I NEW MEKCHANDISli : Topless Go Go Movies Mdny New Numbers Nudist Publications Adult Novels-Art Mdgs : Lg. Selection Art Photos JEFF'S PACIFIC NEWS ' _31 '-OCIKT AVU. J37-90JS : " SINGLE? I WIDOV/ED? ! DIVORCED? i FOR A MESSAGE T H A T WILL CHANGE YOUR LlfL CALL 537-0681 Don't Be Alone 'MELi tt-c ^ICH r ceou.c .it CLARA LANE'S CLUB JUS E._ 10th -:]J03?1 Hr--. 1 ._ p r "SlNGLF '.'.'nMt-'N -- OVE-'R 31 oood mon is .TCH,'/ "SH.x-LE IH-O:-IC i v.-ntr Brvrr.'v :: _ _ B o - \jf, Rcitt!./, tost Found »L,',\[ N F .:. CARE Hnnir iuinul sjiroundlngs, Xlnl. fonrl C.1H-. F-'-ol., rolor TV. Dr. on dOC-^OS or «3_6^52._ ' A r c " if. "Scmi-Drivak- foorn for erlv In luvcly home; Xlnt. iood \f o:' c.ill. 360-2505; 426-9020 HILL'i'lI me i ' - c I HILL -- Robert, of 2660 F.uralyptus. Dilday ; Direcloi'S. Family Funeral directors. ' " " WRIGHT -- "Flnrcncr 436-9024. R. Patterson Snivclv ·'ndependenl, Press-lelooram FREE FOUND ADS Lot's do a oood deed together! If YOU FIND j dou. eat, kevs wriilrt, hiindbac. eveolasscs or o»vlh:iig of v.ilue -- call Indc- rx'tideiit, Prcsi-Telegram Cla»i- fird, nr ?-S959 and Dlace a Irte found .id. Flamingo Rest Haven _?4.: r . !·.! -'i- Ave. OA 4-5077 FAIP.VIEV; Guest Home a yractous '·O'-ic iai Tin; cldeilv. -I34-9JJ6 Schools 105 instruction 'irs YOUR"~MOVE" Discover a Great Now Career With the AIRLINES Reduce Fast! I w ( int 10 women who are 10 Ibs. or more overv.-eiaht to take cwt m a (jrouD. lo compile statistics fot proaram 'of specialized red'jtinn. , LOS I; 2 German Shrnhcrd wntrh 1 cno-j. Ma.e "S.ibrc," icm.ii ' "Gladys" (preynont) Vic. An.i : heifii St. ?. Sant.i ! c Ave. Kcworc! , _JJ2 79Ji ;_595 ; 2S'S2 __ . t OSTViinr'-a. ijnr"rt)l.ifc.i!:iTc dim, t K.V.thLT j . l t k r t U u t ' i i r j t u i l f T . i l t i u : i - AnJho'W Rea Estate Scho cc. Ot v.-:th -iecurilv; o mi flull rcutine. Travel ' von ,lf'i f,uril/. And -ird. acK M 0 T T E L L S MOTTELL'S MORTUARY t 436-2284 909 E. Third Street IK UK AM -- uianes n 1. of 2066 Cherry- Born : f 7H years ago in Missouri died Saturday. Survived by brothers, Everett "1". of Compton and Richard R. of Missouri; sisters, Rlance Bodenheimer of ' Kansas and Lucy Lu;;en- : beel of Redlands. Mem- j bers of BFS No. 1746 Employed by the Home ]ce Co. for 20 years. Service Tuesday 12:30 p.m. Mottell's Mortuary Chapel, 3rd Alamitos. "JENSEN"--' Owen Jr., \ ape 19 of 911 \V. Clies: . ter PI. Survived by father Owen Sr. Service Wednesday, 10:30 a.m.,: JOHANSING -- Bernard J. Service Monday 2 p.m. Mottell's Mor- j luary Chapel, 3rd : Alamitos. ,' JOHNSON -- Edith. Chapel service and inler- ment Tuesday, 3 p.m. di- 1 reeled by Westminster '· Memorial Park Mortuary and Ccmetary. "~.J'OIINS~TON~~-- "Glnnn, nf 4-13 W. Mel rose Way. Survived by wife, Elizabeth; sons, Rodney S- .Inlin; diiupluers, Mrs. Glenda Evans, and Mrs. Judy Rogers. Brothers, I-ioyd R. Johnston, and Sherman Brav; sister, Mrs. Ethel Harris; 11 grandchildren. Sen-ice Tuesday, 1 p.m. Dilday Family Funeral directors. , 436-9024. ! LYNCH -- Miss Nellie I May. Service Tuesday I ' p.m. with Rev. Ancel 11. Arnold officiating at Patterson Snively Chapel. MARQUEZ -- James of 3738 Fashion Ave. Service pending. Boone- Reno Funeral Home, formerly Christensen-Pino, 244 Redondo. PARENT -- Jeanette, Mottell's Mortuary, 3rd Alamitos. 436-2284. loiiuary. lou-o/ui. ·uneral Directors 10 vVESTM'IN'STtR Memorial Park MORTUARY AND CEMETERY Everything in Ons Beautiful Place COMPLETE FUNERALS FROM $245 i Less Cost -- No traffic orobiem i H801 Beath Blvd. GE MW? WESTMINSTER : VHITE FUNERAL HOME Wtf E Ftowti. Beilfl BA7 274! JOHN A. MIES _"PEACF" ME 3-11M "REEN HILLS Memorial Chaoci 27501 5o. Western B31-0311 Cr«n Hllll Florist 1131-1530 BELLFLOWER Mortuary ROSE HILLS MORIUAKY 0X90921 RA3-5S1 DI! DAY r»milv Funr.-al Directors LONG BEACH I LAKEV/OOD RTESIA MORTUARY UN 5-1263 17713 So. Pioneer Arteila UNNYSIDE ^'.ujsole'jm ;/o;tu^rv 1500 inn Antonio Or. CA J-K.3I j r i E R i.'.tki'iLEY .'.'.ORTU1RIE5 nkcv.-oM ,-nb Dov.-ncv 53M911 "vr-RRIS COLONIAL /.VoRTU/.RV ADVERTISERS Please Check Your Ads! V/e check every Classified Ad to make sura that it'i printed just the way you want it; but unfortunately, an error can still occur in content or classification. To prevent an error we may have missed from runninq another day, please check your advertisement each time It appears. Notify our customer service desk promptly in case o? error. We will gladly c o r r e c t an error o p p e o r i r g in your advertisement for the first time, but cannot accept responsibility for repetition of the error, unless we are notified about it. Thank You for Your Cooperation C'ONFIDFNTIAI -- CA1 [ T O D A Y MRS. LANE Downey 923-9122 Torrance 377-9044 E X'PE N"S W'E~BU T~S A p Pp-:n,l;t?ntlv remove 15 to 75 ve^ri oi ciac lines, wrinkles ft , brown iuols bv reiuuciirft.uu No surnerv. sslve^ of m.ic runes. Y.T.A. 434-1220. P.O. Box 4J1. .nnn Renrh 9nE(lI . "DIAL PEACE OF MIND" Troubled? Sick? Desiring ordvcr? BETHANY PRAYER CHAPFL A.C. 213 Tel. 433.9501 ;/,AKE S2CO S"ARE TIME-- Atitlr co- nstructions ?· list o! 50 firms. m rt il 5700 to Intprnfltmnal House. 4-Ja S. GR'."ND"~ODt-n[nn 2nd HflnrTTforr"",!) 3S5 E. Ocean Blvd. (Cor. cf F:m) 10 * til to V D.m. i'.'ctk iavi-liun. : riiiv 10 d.m. to 6 D.m. "Come in browse." ATTRACMVL- rxoen voung v/oman dancer will teicn vou an tn» latest steos. Cah A-detie, V)\-tV be- twrpn (\- 10 10 D m. wkoavs. LOST-- 12 ncli"; in 'i hrs. .'·'"· hcles. mnroverl R^-.ucina. 371 1 E. B.'.,VJ A ,.', C.I" mi}'.(-\!0 CO-i- _!:-«.i G',-r Sexual Freedom League F-OR R C C O R D E D r-tSSAOfc CALL ( 2 1 3 ) 5-9- 1252 PVT iiiTt/ wiil nr,nD/ nn vo;r home or will ourthase even II in creclosure rt'0irii;ess o! r.cnrjj This Ad Worth $1.00 A T - SAND SLA f/.OTE!. 1744 E. OCEAN. OH THE BEACH Fll f YOUR'l IF'c'wflh D/- NCI NO. J Prly. Lessons-2 p,irtlev2HR Si j'Jio 13 'pfictfi-: Ave " H E ~ S 6 U i 1 .f.r. d .VKJOJI; cf 'irtns -.vcul'! '"ft · o "IP"! rt ma^i ^0 to 60. r-i,i'ri ( ne LB. VO'-O' WANTFD-- iood Long teacTi Fosisr HDTIC to- children of a!l -)oei '.al Hometlndfrs-- Cathv-- HE S«H fOOP PF.-OERS. "rrt-r" .icMcrs a. rneb 3 to tO. '.n'jtdi* crv t. f :.z. "BOR :-iv^ Jink! V/lifrlMn onrft'ge" --haul or twv itl Even give vou Blue Cnio Stamos J36-35W //AH'-TAL 'INVESTIGATION E/.in Jonps 5fiW E. 7th t": CC'2 V/r MAKE ALL K E Y S zSc EACH." 142 L.B. Blvd variety Store HOME for unwed molhcrs. Gcdien HAVE~'oijr~"^nv's ^oci brcr.zcd S f . » ' - | i ' i . READINGS f « R D READING. J_E 93-1 DRINKING Prob ; em?"~Ca!i mjw - .'·kohoiit Anonvmous HE S-^333 INDEX OF MAJOR CLASSIFICATIONS OBITUARIES-FUNERALS S-30 ANNOUNCEMENTS 35-170 EMPLOYMENT .... 125-305 CALL AN EXPERT 210 : RENTALS . .... .-400.»!0 BUSINESS A FINANCIAL 915-9/5 1 REAL ESTATE «M«5 TRANSPORTATION .....ISiQ-mS 1 866-J77/ LOi :-- ?'*·' fi-ii' 1 . C / c a ^ ··':(·;. 'j:i_ L O S T . Lsj'ij't hl.i..v ?.' Mn'V.e'm:.! . HO'iip^. kw:').' J3' 633-! 1 OS'l--6i-,n-;e (u-jlcre-cr'ninie "t.^, ' vie. iicna D-. L. 2nd Si. Ru nflr.l C-fi Wll : 'OUNU -wnitL- nvvc poodle- v"-. '.V.irdlow f. Cherry, extremely ft'.- LOST nnn-tuy v.-hite DOiyJIe mjle VK : Comotcin f. KosecMn 1 ;, 5 vrs, an- j swcri "Pcii." RewcirO 638-2301 ! FOUND smf'tbv v/hitc ooodlc temnte Vir l?tli .°. Al-inniob. O-.vner (..ill ! J17-7A71 ?. :rl"nfify. Airline School Pacific 4202 Atlantic Av e ., L.B. 426-8841 Women Only NEED A JOB? NEED TRAINING? SHORT OF FUNDS? T R A I N NOW nav 9 months AFTER orad Short course, free placement new, (roe brochure LONG BCH VALLEY COLLEGE OF MF.DICAL UENTAL ASSTS. 44'j? Atlantic, LB 432-CJ31 F ?,oh!, D TMTMTM'-*wKt-wv' DEEP SEA DIV|NG ^S/WS'rB^S'fe'Hi 1 ?- "' n ' on! ' IS - ; $ ^ r ^oS£n r ^i d ;^ FOU'm-- nnle Lo.foved H-j-,kic Jj F - v .it CDC 8347501 Wilmingtoi. 7 ?o^ o : '"'ORr.r;iT ··'.·.·r'l a I .VO\\E:;~ L O S T F-rmrtlf ( oMiC 2 y r s old. L-n-c- AV.c ;rf.A:J n A P R T R C01 I FGf WOT! '0 7 ' O 4 0= UOMG BEACH I. ANAHEIM LOST "i ^..Vr-'^.-KV-, Ivt'r ,i n.. ^"'".vr'1 -or Wr-.ns J3/-5J37 Lf'Jf- f Kr-,-,1 f. / .:20n.'l _ V."-'ir A T R A U b ? A L L I c O '.Vc:-i Hypnosis 80 Can You Be Hypnotized? ** Ho v (.in Hycnotism trt"."f.t V D J ? DO. 'J vou CAN RMD OUT A T i-fce Con',ji^tion i TC-.III:) lr.ii,' /f or SELF D l i C O V F R Y MJI O.errv '.o' A'toM.i ti\j-i. -122-8385 ""HYPNOSIS DONT BE HALF SAFE! R HENHIGAR Dc3*ct? in cs/cho!oov 433-4437 Health Aids 90 MGR. iust back f r - m Honolulu S, Mhi'i. NC« Ideas. S Techs to serve vou. Mrs. 10-9 D.m. Free goodies - New oral. CM! 5353045 for acoi. S A U F 4 - ' ~ " r n e . : - . f l . ProsMte. Co.fmr*. Rectum, reiuven^fino ineraov. 10 nu Tec'-nic ans Modern nvissrtce. 393-5243. Credit cards O.K. Japanese Physio Massage H - s !0'6* i..'-. V.'.n S.i' (,'*" '-l .'-1 BkAZILIAN "Mnssaolsfs. Prostate, bitns. He// melhod. 636-^82'i. Free Pcftu3ueiC inirits cockles. All credit c.irds acceptM. WATCH FOR IT!' ; ""bPENTNG "SPECIAL ?6" 1 New Technicians (714)8476111 H Bet) . J A N ' S STIMULATING MASSAGE BRINGS BEST RESULT 3137 E. 7th 4334814 FLO'S ".VSSAGE S'l-na. (on-'nlftft v- -ice s;. ·': ?o s D n. (ill) «! "*" "C,-\'^ T i ; = ? " S H B A I M "~ ' i-; ; '; n--.-, ^ -·-.(. L « :*.t '-:o GOL Dli:'S SV/EOISH MASSAGE. S T E A ' . \ B-TI-' He 2-6315 A ^ i T Hf.vs'cai TderflDv ivvmaqe Hrs ilW. No Sun., AV,n 591-7*10. SOC'iOORAMA Vr'lVdlvdm'l -i^sicn. Bv flDct only. GS 3 6C4B. 433 9u8S 'Con'D'O-v Hr,. 1c 1.30 NE s'-4579 EfPE"pT",yASSAGE "B4T^S. 10-7'. 1652 E. Whittler Blvd. OX 1-4213 DALE SUANA MASSAGE EXPER". mntscuses 10-6. ( 7 1 4 ) 827-9J10 BANK ON BANKS NWSSAGE (7)4) 544-^51 1(M Mon. -Sat. SV/EDISH MASSAGE, 10 a.m.-7 739 E. 7th St. 4J6-75M COriTR-KTOR SCHOOL J60? A / c . . L.B HE 6-26?7 chools 105 Instruction · EARN $$ · TRAINING-MONEY Nlto Closi-l Now Formlnq DRAFTING E l e c t r o - Mcch..T(!cli Arl COMMUNICATIONS lit FCC Telephone Prep. SHIP'S RADIO OFFICER 2nd FCC Telephone Prep. COLOR TV ELECTRONICS TECH A p p r o v e d for Gl FREE TESTING AND PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE WESTERN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 5459 Atlantic Art. Long Beach 422-5467 J

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