Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
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Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 23
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STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS ON TELEVISION KTLA (5) announced Sunday Southland hockey fans wuTbe~abIe to see the National Hockey League Stanley Cup Playoffs en television. For'the first time on the West Coast, beginning Thursday, April 4. and continuing April 11, and April 18. KTLA win show delayed tape action of the year"* biggest hockey attraction. Scheduled for the first show this Thursday are the Chicago- Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings who will clash In a semi-final match. Viewing time is 8 Playoffs jeii for Blades '.. ' By AL LARSON "Let them have their fun now. J think well have ours Monday." This was coach Red Bownass" reaction to the Blades back* to-back losses to San Francisco over the weekend as the W e s t e r n Hockey League regular season drew to a dose. . But all thoughts of fun evaporate tonight when th same clubs collide in the firs game of the WHL semifina playoffs. Blood pressures wil skyrocket s t a r t i n g at 8 o clock on the L. A. Sport Arena ice. · · · * D E S P I T E launching th best-of-3 series on L.A.' home rink, Bownass is con cerncd a b o u t the physica condition of his dub. Neithe Harold White nor Leo LaBin made the trip north Saturda: while Fleming MackeH was By DOUG IVZS Coach Doug Bentley, though I s i p p o l n t e d over Long Seach's sudden etiminatinn in iose Sunday not to weep iout the past but tp think f the future. *We expect to have a big- er and b e t t e r California [ockey League next year," ie former National League GOOD HELD, GOOD HIT Though he's regarded as strong "glove nun" for his fielding prowess, Miliikan High shortstop Bob Slater may be better known for hitting before current Moore League season is complete. Slater, who has average of .350, is only man in league to have hit safely in all six Moore contests. PREPS Moore League Sicim Croicn to Be Decided Another gigantic day of prep activity is on the agenda this week. Long Beach State 49ers Begin CCAA Play This Week With track taking a holida IMC* tint, M«U A«r« t. IM INDEPENDENT--f «g» C-I 'BIGGER, BETTER' HOCKEY NEXT YEAR PROMISES GULLS CHIEFTAIN BENTLEY caught fire." -, Chapman Cup playoffs, wheeled around and it went' cen t warninz bv » CTT«/4*« r,nt tn rr-^»n «,.«. «V- 1.,-t _n:__ \\r u l _ . _ . ^^ J in regulation play and then'^began to worry about the'in the list period. Bakersfield The infraction on Waugh tallied again in sudden deathwarning, b e c a m e afraid of^scored its f i r s t two goals me when he cleared the overtime to win. j t a k i n g 'penalties and thus.whea the GuHs were short- came puck on a Bakersfield shot Bentley also cited the over the hack railing. Waugh| ficil lj was said to have thrown the $tu ff ^ f ice banishment from 1 puck intentionally and was the league." as hindering his 1 t a k i n g 'penalties re . didat bit q u i t e so of. Changing our system hurt a rough lot- . . penalized. Bakersfield, of course, went on to score twice more, the team's play. -We're a rough team not hard, handed via infractions. Most of the Gulls have left town (or win goon) for their native C a n a d a , except for BENTLEY thought his dub four who live in Southern played as well as they have.California, all year in the first two peri-j As one fan put it after late scratch because his back| Frida y- wi . th action baled » baseball club dominates th great said. "AH the dubs are oing ahead with plans to mprove their teams." In promising better things or the future, Bentley dted ;ong Beach fans for "their warm response that showed us that they want hockey o stay here." * * * * FOR 22 home dates in the .B. Arena, the average attendance was 2558, which was better than anticipated at the beginning of the sea son. "We came here thinking this was a tough town to crack," s a i d Bentley, "but were overwhelmed by the fans' quick attachment to the game.' As for Long Beach being tough to crack, he presumably was making reference to the poor attendance at Ameri can Basketball League games here. REFERRING to a "bigger" CHL next s e a s o n , Bentley didn't necessarily mean there would be expansion, but he didn't rule out the possibility of another one or two teams entering the league. As for * "better" CHL, the old pro said hell be leaving for Canada in a week or two to recruit new and better players. Bentley made it dear he .a dirty team and we check'ods of Saturday's contest and Saturday's loss: "Hurry back; last with 47 seconds to go,; hard." Doug said. "The kids .that penalties impaired them'we like your style of play." began aching again. The Blades' player-coach hopes the trio will give it the old do-or-die try tonight In the short series, there can only be one "tomorrow." This m a r k s LA-'s crack at the playoffs. first LAST Y E A R the Blades were nosed out by Sin Francisco by 4 points in the race for the third playoff spot Although it's only tie second campaign for both, each could took with pride at the final standings. The S e a l s gave Portland a rough chase for the Southern Division title sports scene with four games all the spring sports. The Moore League title win'on tap. be dedded in swimming. Poly Coach Dick Clegg's 49ers had no complaints with this y e a r ' s personnel -- he had praise for all his boys--but added "after all we lost in goes for more track laurels attempt to launch their con-|the playoffs and don't intend and the spring's first twin billjference campaign again this to stand pat" at Blair Field are among the weekend when they entertain highlights. Schedule: «t El Doruo. Cal Poly (SLO) in a three- game set But before that the iffi"ST5 Ttratrt--follow* btsefeaR ,^. t ^,. Cart--Wtlikwt v*. Lafccwpod »t tl Do- rwo; Jortfaft *i. Warren ·* Sktmnks. * m '""VEDKIESOAT CaTl--MOIJkan n. WiJscn «f El Dorado. iU ··"· THU.SWT OncnKO--MiOitw «t Ijkiwcod. 3 15 likan. 3:15 mu, «r« c ·.m.; Jordan vi. Downey, while the Blades tacked 10 akli%W.ra*5°3Ji.Tu The player-coach didn't say who he would let go or who Ke would keep, but did reveal 49ers tackle USC Tuesday at that only four of his Gulls Blair Field. The 9ers will try avenging last week's 7-2 loss to Troy. Phil Snyder will hurl for LBSC, but Clegg'f chief concern is hitting, not pitching. ·We're only hitting 338 as a team and must shake this slump if we expect to go anywhere ia the league." more wins to their victory '-JJ column and increased their point o u t p u t by 17. They wound up third, 16 points behind the Seals. Defenseman EH B u r e g a carried home one honor even though his mates lost 3-2 Saturday. He was honored by KTTV (Jl as L-A-'s most valuable player. Trx*--Pof» a) Jorttan. L»knroo «t Wilton. MIllifcM * Oowncv, t. Anttionr Olyiiipians Slim Burbank Stars Torrance Olympians defeated the Burbank Stars 6-3, Su^y ·afternoon to even'^-^-^jH. their..California HockeyJ at B[air ndd - ·« t»sc ._ T«nnj»--L8SC J B »m- Rockets Top Placentia in Cakewalk The Long Be'ach Rockets C) «1 L85CJ s« ox. »t. ·! rimiJ»-Saii Cleoo St tl LBSC. J:» a. n. L»SC «» Vir- have assured themselves of jobs next year. He didn't say who those four would be. As for Saturday's 4-3 overtime loss to B a k e r s f i e l d , which ousted the Gulls from the playoffs. · Bentley wasn't exactly mellow ia his comments. The turning point came when the referee called a ; cheap p e n a l t y on Waugh men* cc-.^oajig Gary), with seven min- iutr Fitujutes gone in the last period." r .j'Bentley said. The penalty »i.]put us short-handed. Bakersfield scored and then they :n,l CC. « S - Junior High · t-tt. AJLM4g *^V,0.^*« »SV^Jfc.fc-fc^, _ _. _ _ took a walk Sutxlay. Actually T|«an\r Ivlll"'S .V . V !· *TM !..«. ..^' -1- * t*ly»»- A».*»»jjC» Determined they took 13 free bases and! ^ rf them well with 12 base 1M meet at LBCC Teams Battleior Metro Titles Championships in two Met ropolitan Conference sports figure to be decided this week and Long Beach City College is involved in both. Friday's postponed LBCC Franklin Junior High won »t Cerritos track meet will ° mett * «* «» Friday, the Viking Buddy McDonald scored two"ioals for Torrance. Coach Ken Watson scored on a rare penally "shot for the Olympians ia the third period. Cily Baseball tboeo.' ^tata m--t T« ... J. R*ov«rrw.' ff, *???:!-"*-«: 1! ?! · . ,, i 1 1 ti . I Cirwjr I I 4 t u I rttrtartJt 4 1 1 1 . ! : IIUKrvU 1 I 1 · a iSS t i l ' Hiln ' ** m » doubleheader Fri- c'*^j- *oiA* (Him. w»- ^y ^Q campus ia a makeup ^^*nS5,jM.m.u ·*» co««nt*). oj a tain bjjj that was rained SnSUpJrS'-. Hin. Fr»*ii«. e» out March 16 at Blair Field FrwuwJafter the two teams had bat- s«»tMr»[tled to a 3-3 tie through c«ri- innings. Vrvnotdl 12 n mat- t t t MOOT.-} i J, (4AO *n C«mr; »«V«T «n« urr. I --, »M nuv--l mm} Hid. Hocwr l*v f CTBtT, I flj. T ^..r?* T ~ 4 * lnjr Hami« *.· ·i «*"^u - M«ft' jvrrW --"i^iiii"(··«.]. Jotviun Flying Wlieels, Bears Dominate All-Star List That, the West Coast, 1 Southern California in par-' ticular, dominates wheelchair basketball became even more dear Sunday with the announcement of the 1963 all- America tram, The Long Beach Flying being n a m e d the national tourney"! most valuable player, along with being tabbed a first t"*i all-America. Center Earl Gerard, first team, f»^j and guard Bin Johnson, second team, were the other Flying Wheels honored. TODAY Jt V**! " rut is CO-IICC vv WC »t H Ir«a-l»CC rt Cr-rim. TKUtSOiY MIHmt 11m C«»--t»CC n. tl tl OorMo. tmtssn-l tsi LA. « UCC. : riroiT lZS£.frftiS-,'*** .JSLtVULKA SATUIDAT Tuuui ttCC it Cirr.M. n noon. TFran* 1. Frmjf (M«m I. TT-Tf. T««n vnrn* HamiRm G. frw^ftf fl, «^r5fT J». K* Hu«n I'. Hoevr T DeWin* X. TM Kirn: Fr«r*Ti» rfi. »ncnn n rv»v. rrt rs'an J. 17 ^l. n c nwil. C-u (*r.L Or*» njrvil U._JtV* mil " i?- " - .jugg. I tl Wi U"» sented with two seelctions. "5^' - , lwhrit Wheels, who Saturday at Rantoul. HL, woa the national championship for the', fourth consecutive year, and Domingo Melecdez. the the Garden Grove Bears, run- lion's leading scorer with .,, ,, _ ,.,,,, ^, nervop-to the Wheels this!22J average was a first u^'Mtr^xjuZryt'.'ui^TM year, placed three men on pick. He also finished Just'oTM.TM. ont^i iWvi. *i tSe first team and two on the behind Chevef in the most] CV»CTJ. Tnemoiai'n.ind.1. n-n. tecccd. vahiable player pott. Guard;ov£*wMm^i afttS v* Wheel John Chevef walked' Don Troke was named to thej"^-^;^^ iwA^in away-with the top hcnon.1 second team. lSw»3 1 ^?'»IS?i SZ"3nZu?3. AUTO LOANS! 04 $100 f er JIOOOO per i«r Morris Ran cffers nr* c?r financing at a charge cf cofy $5^)0 per $100.00 per year. Used car fmancinz also at reasonable rates. Up t 35 months to repay. MORRIS PLAN XI L»| Ilid IX. n »mi n« Varrt PT»n Coffletflj »f O MOfflT* PEP BOYS I WIND SILENCERS CHtOMI FINISH 66,' MARKING PENS MAGNETIC CUP, . v^ [CO*! IN NOW FOR SENSATIONAL VALUES FOB ----'.; YOUR CAR · HOME · GARDEN 'WORKSHOP.*? i*V j i ·«*" M v. PONGE WINDOW CLEANER COIL SPRING SEAT PAD; fOJt Atf-COOUD DWVWG CO AV01T ^ ttbr* cercr %it% I p r l i 9 in»rtfc, i **·-··» · i i JIUIKAPSI IT.nJ "'A »*· FO1MOST CA« TO 1»M 33«l 4-PLY NYLON I [BUY NOWHAYLATER · NO MONEY DOWN! 55 FOR FOR FOR JAVIJ SAVE ItOUl SAYIfYIH MOKII 'WHITEWAllV ONIT2 50 YOUR OLD TIRE ACCEPTED REGARDLESS OF CONDITION! *15 MONTH WRITTEN GUARANTEE ·(·!u *S roof laxirft U fautmgtr v CORNEll "SPORT SPECIAL FOR FOREICN. SMJRR w COMPACT CMS! 77 11 S J . I J 13" 13" 14" 5 60113 5-UxlJ IJSzlt i\t tir«. ' '- HACK TUUD IVPt set UH S40US-J J.5S 170US' 7JOili* 7iOi:s* iWiU4 8.9S 10.45 13.45 10.95 snof i 16.9S 17.72 20.90 26.90 21.90 snori 33.88 35.08 41.80 5340 4340 SIZE | UCI t«i!5 UOilS 7JCilS 10J5 10.95 12.45 11.45 UTtfZ 20.9S 21.90 24.90 22.90 snofi 4I.SS 43.80 49.60 4540 I QUANTITI »ICMTI iiiervror: (ADIAT 0( AND COOUNO J««M FILTER STORE-WIDE VALUES! If WIT I WATER PUMPS Ortrkiaiiajf ;39^ 199 EXPANSIVE BIT Ho q.*A eaw*.. 3 99 »f ! t nira hxl i MAGNETIC FLASHLIGHT HAS W , GlOW HUD J DASH KNOBS ·Jtnetfer mt£», k* wv rx. CERTIFICATE HOLDER ttrf t* I titsria Ut' Crfon p IB JW ^« | 59 Gtt taigtrlattrf IH* ... I»r« Staral BATTERY CHARGER FOK 6 AND 12 VCHTJ SYSTEMS «»«'!·" f rta "'? ! CBT»» krxiif. CM ·»? n nit ««·. ^$095 INSTALLED FREE! BRAND NHV-AtRO TYPE SHOCKABSORBERS Ckyibf. OUmi3«. Oorf;., Imi. rrj»»«tk «i f»-ii;«^ «ii f«r ttitvu ewk ;£. Comfetl NOZZLE \nnta. Udtl BUMPER BOLTS F«r {rent ··{ 9" * u CfGAREHE SNUFFER **«·.*« *ftff. 59* - ----»·*» M V^PP» tajy Joof OIL DRAIN PAN - · · - - · -· fimrf naruien HAND VISE u» IV 7« 29" Eat* so r . pusnc ClOTHESLINE JACK STAND Bra uu $,79 MUFFLERS.-W .INSTALLED FREE" IONS IU.CK NOIWAU n»5f I. rtwcrjm icunowtt 3su BitnMivr tcvf. OM*«M«wa i COUMOM UltWOOO tOWNIT traum twin FJ«. i»«nr»«r em Fr«w O*«|

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