Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 39
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 39
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PAM IN Pam Ciricr stops mil of (he a c t i o n melodramas and into the big-budget "Drum" for Paramount Pictures. She joins Warren Gates, Ken Norton and yaphet Kotto in the Dino Do Uiurentls production about slave-dealing in the 1840s. Rubinstein's son John --composer, actor ciin.,Thurs.,imrchi, mt n MANN THIATR1S EUUEOAIN MKUI BIIMONT tl.50Mon.-Frl. -III6-M 11-U Sat. Ill 5:00 Sim. 1 Hoi. 11.50 '111 J:00 EtOSSMOOl »t.MMon.-F!. 'til 4:30 Il.MSjI. 'Ill 5:00 11-50 Sun-i Hoi.'til?: DO CREST, NO. LONG BEACH 4275 Atllntic 424-28)9 "BEYOND THE 0«AVI" 4:45-10:10 PG1 "BREAKHEART PASS" 1:30 (PO) 491! 4916 E. 2r.d 2I3M3S-100I "TTlls Mlm h » triumph" Rex Reed "HESTER STREET" Adulti Only. No one II admitted SNUFF" O:50 (X) -112535 itil Btich 4300413 A wit of thoirtindi or at few BrooKs "BLAZING SADDLES" 4-3tt«:fo 1MM BtwtkxM BM.-37M600 Wall OlsncVl 1TOOO Hiwthoni BM-37MSN Profoundly moving and beauillul "HESTER STREET" Conrery MAN WHO WOULD U HHO 1 I:I5-5:39:W1PO) "(MV( 1M HFIL HAttY" By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (API The face is familiar -you've seen him play psychotic killers on TV cop shows. So is the name -John Rubinstein, son of Artur. I t ' s probably j u s l as well if the great pianist didn't happen to watch his son appear recently in the start of ABC's miniseries "Family." The opening scene showed John in bed with a woman who is not his wife. C l a s s i c i s t Rubinstein might also be disturbed by t h e u l t r a m o d e r n background score. It was written and conducted by son John. TORRANCE Relltf* Hill! Twin, ToTMKe rtS-lWfl Pac. Cil. Hwy. I Crenshiw a.) "4 MUSKETEERS",!*] ."3 MUSKETEERS" (*» (b.l "BAMY LYNDON" o) DOWNEY JOIfN RUBINSTEIN "My father likes t h e more classical-style scores I write," said John. "The more jazzy and rocky ! get. the less enthusiastic he is." They make an interesting father-son c o m b i n a tion: Artur, 89. the premiere artist of the piano, ant! 1MOO rtwrtWTM 8M.-37MMO "BIYONO THE OtAVE" 1:ICH:1S*:25PG) "MVIL WrrHIH HER" 735 Si \nr Spur 377-54M Academy Nominations "DOODAY i jm.MOON" PASS" "3 MUSKETEERS" |M) "4 MUSKETEERS 'BLAZING SADDLES PUSSYCAT THEATRES presents 2nd ADULT FUTURE! TEEHABE HUSTLER John. 2!), a natural actor and self-taught composer. JOHN'S MOST impressive acting chore so far is "Family," the s i x - p a r t Spclling-Goldbsrg film put t o g e t h e r w i t h lopnolch m o v i e talent: producer Mik'e N i c h o l s ( " T h e Graduate"), director Mark Rydell ("Cinderella Liberty") ami writer Jay I'rcs- son A l l e n ("Cabaret"). John plays the wayward son in-law of Sada Thompson and James Brodcrick. Artur Rubinstein was liO when John was Iwrn in Los Angeles, where the f a m i l y lived during t h e war years. They moved to New York when the boy was 7, and he saw little of his much-traveled father during his growing years. Some summers John and his sister (there arc two older children as wclll joined I l i c i r parents in tours of Europe and Asia. "I studied piano from the time 1 was 4 until 1 was IK," John recalled. "My sister Alina and 1 had perfect ears, but neither of us learned to sight-read properly. Our t e a c h e r s liad to slww results, so they gave us the pieces we could do w e l l . 1 don't blame them. If I had to teach acting to Laurence Olivier's children, I'd do the same thing. "I (juil when 1 was Iti because I knew 1 wasn't a pianist. 1 wasn't hung up on not hcing as good as my father, liul 1 do blame my p a r e n t s because no- Ixidy ever introduced, me to harmony, theory, counterpoint. 1 remember only terrorizing lessons f r o m my father when he, would say, 'l,el me sec your Beethoven.'" SO JOHN leaned toward acting, and he enrolled at UCLA in theater arts, lie b e g a n g e t t i n g jobs in PALACE 30 PINI AVI. 43*4419 · ' MON.4M. UKMI ) PM. tl · . . JAt · KM. t HOUDATI 11.10 KIM t UHK* CmiiNJ Tit . OPtNAUNtOHT ,' OPINS 9i4«*:.- .. "BONNIESKIDS"» "AROUSERS" » "YOUNG PLAYMATES",., "GABLE AND BOMBARD" "GIVE 'EM HELL HARRY" THE FIRST FILM OF ITS KIND'. NOTHING WE SAY ;AN PREPARE YOU FOR'MILK LADY! 1 ! The inninesL mo^ \ '»mqot trmic Tv« ever s e e n . - Let m e i e p e J l i n i e s i ' ' i · · ·'x'. "··· '-' 2nd FEATURE: · "MILKMAIDS" 2IIEnlOiMlrt O7WT lulioOliu il«i« co.MTKwacii INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TEIEGRAM (PM)V Ms. Price lo benefit by Xnliin Mohla. lh( I'hii- hiirmonie will play iniisii- hy Mozart, Verdi. Mahler ami Gershwin. Sprann I^onlyno Price will sing arias by Verdi, l^iccini and Mozart, as well as "My Man's Gone Now," from "Porgy and Bess," when she appears ttilli the Uis Ani;eles Philharmonic in a pension fund benefit concert April I -I in Ihe Dorothy Chniidlcr Cavillon of Ihe Music Center al 8:30 p.m. Conducted RATINGS PG AnlilcM Pwummkrll D rsi *Jm IM irioi worn- wwd h Witnl v gmrdijft rt r3'.r) t«t ». c** i LATE SHOWS EVERY FRIDAY * SATURDAY I BARGAIN PRICE EARLY BIRD SHOWS |AI I I U E IILOW) hia and son Film star Sophia Loren and son Carlo Jr. attend Tom Jones show at Palais dcs Congrcs in Paris. Actress is married to Italian film producer Carlo Ponti. EARL'S PEARLS Today's Best Laujjh: Sign in a fish m a r k e t : "Make a cow happy. Eat fish today." Wish I'd Said That: I'll never understand service stations! The cash register is always wide open, the safe is wide o|en and the restrain! is always locked. Remembered Q u o t e : "The best thing about the future is t h a t it comes only one day at a time." -- Abraham Lincoln. Karl's Pearls: "My wife kept nagging me to out our food bills in h a l f , " said Art Paul, "so 1 threw her mil." A man may be considered henpecked when his friends (ell him, "I didn't recognize you -- you look different w i t h o u t y o u r wife." -By EARL WILSON series, including "Room 2-2. Die M a r y Tyler Moore Show" and "Cannon." ;md in the movies "Xachariali," " G e t t i n g Straight" and "The Wild Pack." He spent 2 years as one of (lie Broadway leads in "Pippin." P r o d u c e r Roger Corman gave him the job of scoring a film, "Paddy," and he lias since provided m u s i c f o r " J e r e m i a h Johnson,". "The C a n d i date" and "KM Blue." as well as many TV shows. Mul. Brooks' ·BUZZING SADDLES 6308,10.»i48 (B) Bo CXIkoOpcni 6:15 BAY. Seal Beach 3-fQ *.^«ifc;i Sl.. 431-WOO _^ "3 MUSKETEERS,^, "4 MUSKETEERS "WHin UNI f IV«" (PO ALOHA BO6BY * HOSE A / . O O W I : " ^ Independent, Press-Telegram home Save over delivery costs you ess. $1 .30 per month newsstand prices. YI/,:J can CKtiXjHy 'Xjv rrv-.r.fjy by foiling un d'j'-vfjr ·/,'· mo OVL rniiKj lrKJ«(-'rdDrl . .r tvOtnuXJ ^"· r ,' fclciJTrrii f t , t TIII Kiyu 30-cJ'jy monili '/ou rould l_- VIVKXJ $1 30 by having ycxjr newspojXK rv/me delivered rn'hc' Irvjn p'C No .l cfip orxj mciit rKi 1 j OriJ(H'.n 'ifvj M op ciaily or (he nc/visiar»d i 1 // mofe TrWi ever M nyj^cs STIO'-' i'i ii.-i'i h-^^o ri^jlivu'y r, : m. : ,n,,v, ln,le r «.Kk-,.t r.r ,.,c-n,,y, Pr ; » Td.yro.r- , coupon ,o: 1 Depa'tmenl I JrvlofX.fxfe.fir, PiuiS-i Ol"jrn!'. | P O ,, 230 | Lr.nQBf.x- i. CA 908-i'! i Y E S . I'd l-Vc PO Won ernoyirvj tVit C' nvrni*Mxtr r,f Hoi!/ hon-f.- -'(·.-'i / f r y ·)' j the low M 1 ' ' 00 monthly role the 1 | · morning Irx/epencJent [ ] evening Press-Telegram 1 | 'J-n| j A.-H-.ns 1 ' v 1 IL s /. r .i * 7. n J BREAKHEART PASS"IPO "REPORT TO THE COMMISSIONER" "NO DtPOSIT NO RETURN" (» HASLIE « THE ANGUS" Ml "BEFORE THt REVOLUTION',',, c»nr« Fllrn"F«ri«i wi "i»ruiMf"isT'MNil"m "Iff VIOIONS DU BAL" I ^" uUCHKC. cjl nnifc Jlx^fl wriJl J*an-LotXi Trlnlluri*nl L VYW ·T^·^J»* CWf I Ocwn *:W ^^r I Optfn 4;4J __ « t ^_ -- i, ^_ __,_, ^^ ,-r j - r - t * n - j rin j ^^ ^^ ^.^ -- ^, ^^p -- ^ ^^ ^ f|MBER THEflTERS IMC. offer for your pl«ojur« TIUIU II-CHINA GIRL' COLOR ANNEHE HAVENS n RIVULI: It 7t UOMDAY l.iu F D I O A Y · 10 t M S A T U R D A Y 1 10-S M ' S U N D A Y b H O L I O A T f t 1 )0':M LAKEWOOD CENTER: tl 0 MONDAY lh,u S A 1 U M O A Y (Fl«t»l H»JdlI»l 1MO-S 63 TOWNE: II M M O N D A Y Ihrv F R I 0 4 Y ft 00 · 30 · 3 M U K D A Y t ? 00-1 M SUNDAY A H O L I D A Y S \1 M 7 CO L A M I R A D A 4 : SUNDAY A K O V I D A Y S 1} JO I I M eeoni TtHifli i cw'iis" FROM BEYOND THE ORAVE ( p» PlUi · THE DEVIL'S RAIN iTIHIlS DA11T « OIK UiJO ML UOOHf' SMAM4I BIAZING SADDLES w Wtt nut cowan swot STUBHT i»i MATINill DAKY · 0«N li.JO ACAMMY AWAID NOMINATIONS ONE HEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST ID CAU 10* IHOWTUUI . HO PASS1I MATSMII DAKT · OPIN t3i]0 1M INDOflMllKII CHAILI1 IIOHION BRiAKHEART PASS |K» POSSE i») _ · ; i NATION] LAKEWOOD CENTER WALK.IN ONE HEW OVER THE.: CUCKOO'S NEST lip CALL fO« IHOWTIMII · NO PASitS- _ MATWII1 DAIU . OPIN ITiJO ~ * AiAHMT AWAHl NOMINATIONS THE SUNSHINE BOYS IPO MLK1 DMN SMILE (« MATmlll DAILY · OMN 17iJO UKEWOOD CENTER WALK-IN 7 ACAMMY AWARD NO**JNA1KMI BARRY LYNDON iroi ' SUN..THUKI. 1i49.AiOO.li30 · BLAZING SADDLES (.1 Gang flu) CwUnt Short Straight ( ra MtN I J:» . MATU«I D/IIT 4 ACAMMY AW«»* WILD McCULLOCHS.w) MON.-III. 410 IAr.-UH. ItlO HACKMAN # MINNILLI · IIYHOIDS LUCKY LADY M WILD McCulloCHS IPO) MON.-JKI. 6)00 **A1.-UJN. lliOO " OHtc* O«ni Dally At 4:00 » Show SMrlt mrciTAur Miicri CKiiomn unit! ir nut DOVUI THir SUS3 FR ° M '"O"?,TM 1 OIIAVE '" *M 41U ^ ltrt * 1 Jtsjsuyijiw, . MIL ··OO«I' SMAIHI BLAZING SADDLES o IHir IAVAIAI INSIDE_OUTjo lllllfirMO POtflSUOH 1. ELWXCMKTMAlll) 1 UXOSW160S(t) SWASH tUCKLUS 1 All ITAI CASft 3 MUSKETEERS iro) 4. HI USKETEE RS_ (»)_ ROftMT IIDKMD · PAM N1WMAN I.IUICH USIUT I JUNLUKCt KID PO| 7. RACI WITH THE DfVIL (KJ1 3. BEYOND THE DOOR II) ACAIXMT AWARD NOAUKAHOM ONI rirw ovii mi CUCKCXXS NtST (·] BLAZING SADDLES ItUT IAVALAI INSIDE OUT loi ' 1 ALL STAB CAST! 3 MUSKETEERS IPO) 4 MUSKETEERS P«I OOVftUTMALUI A CHIILt FROM UYOND THE OSAVE ,po LUS » IT'S ALIVE (Ml IMl UOOxV WAA(HI BIAZINO SADDLES ID nlLY UVAJLAt INSIDE OUT (oi OMIT AIIA DVIVI-IN IUNI ViT'iiiif' /·.7''f r / THE TAXIE DRIVER 01 _1»'VW HAR P TIM *?" 0 9 ACAMMY AWAtb HOMHAriONi ONI FUW OVU THE CUCKCXXS NlfT III TE«»irriNo POJSIHION" THE DEVIL WITHIN HER PLUS · (i: CHRISTMAS i) . iw'~iuui MotM ~ OABU A LOMBARD ID PART II: WALKINO TALI (PO) MO PAtHI 0»«r AIIA MIYl-TO limi lOMItM HltO THE TAXI DRIVER i» HARD TIMES (PO) ·Ul MOOCl'uAAUII BLAZING SADDLES «) T1L1Y UVA1A1 INSIDE OUT mi Til ni "OLDDRACULA" 12 3 258:25 "FOUt MUSKtTIEM" ,«i 2.25-635 1O 25 BUTCH CASSIDY ; AND SUNDANCE KID "RACE WITH THE DEVIL" 10.50 2 404 30-10 ?5 "RIPOITTOTHE COMMISSrONEI" -O' UJ5-X»8:70 "BEYOND THE GRAVE"., ;Tommy : BUKH "BLUKE IS LOVE" - 1 1 «.3.2O75 1? 10 J 4 0 7 10 1035 "TALES FROM THE CRYPT" 10 » 1 55-5 Ji^ 55 3 t" 7 0 S - I O M "THE ROLIING 5TOMES" 2 J5- 5 i '/OS AND SUNDANCE KID J » ','/ 915 "RACE WITH THE DEVIL" "BEYOND THE GRAVE",. I? V 1 ·/· T/O. -Ml 5 "TAUS FROM THE CRYPT" 1-10-4 Ji * 10 DOESN7 UVEHERE /1MYMORE "3 MUSKETEERS",, "4 MUS«TJERS" -. ^^oA*r^f JAWS l« CUlITOf CEMTtt Ut IWr. At MWIH IT. (7t4) 893.1305

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