Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, February 11, 1958
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FEATURES INDEX Amusements ... C-4 Markets . . . . . . . D-2 Classified D-S Pennon A-8 Comics C-6-7 Kadlo-TV D-8 Death Notices .. C-S · Shipping Guide.. C-5 Editorial A-6 Sports C-l-3 Inside Out......B-l Women ......B-2-3 Phon* HE 5-1161 -- Classified No. HE 2-5959 The Southland's M Finest:Morning Newspaper LONG BEACH IJ2, CAL1F6RNIA. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 1 1 , l?58 V O L . 2 0 --NO. 166 32 PAGES WEATHER :; Considerable sunshine today and Wednesday, birf- ~ /local fog! and low clouds late night and early;·' morning 'hours. Little change In temperatairesi-.;- High today about 67. Monday's teraperatur»;'-' ranee, 62-46. - · ·· " : ; \.-" j HbME EDITION --·Hi KNIGHT OKs SINKAGE SESSION Probers Fire Schwartz, Moulder Says He'll Quit WASHINGTON (Tuesday) W--Rep. Moulder (D-Mo) announced early today he would resign as chairman of the House subcommittee investigating the Federal Communications Commission. Moulder's move followed the ouster Monday night of the subcommittee's controversial counsel, Bernard Schwartz, who was fired alter he charged most of the committee members wanted to "whitewash" his investigation-involving P r e s i d e n t Eisenhower's chief aide, Sherman Adams, and other high officials. Moulder said be was dissatisfied with the subcommittee's removal of Schwartz, whom described as doing a "conscientious job." i He'told a reporter he would hand in his resignation to Chairman Harris (D-Ark) of the parent House Commerce Committee later today, said he would continue to serve on the 'subcommittee. ' The subcommittee's action on Schwartz came shortly · after 7:30 p.m. (EST), after a long day of angry wrangling between Schwartz and the House group. Moulder a n n o u n c e d the group's v investigation of the Federal Communications Corn- he mission and five other regulatory agencies will continue today--behind closed doors and with Schwartz subpoenaed as a witness. ' · . ; Sh'ortly before the announce- 1 ment of his dismissal, Schwartz Moulder said 'the committee had "grilled" him for 'three hours 'and subjected him to untrue accusations; . ; · * * * ONE OF'the latter, he said, was that he was a' "contemptible liar." ' ' · "The majority of the committee was interested in whitewash," Schwartz, a 34- year-old-law professor on leavfe from New York University, told reporters.' . Chairman Harris . told newsmen that Schwartz showed "complete, contempt for most members of this subcommittee" and made' "some very, serious charges" against' its members. ' Reps. Bennett (R-Mich) and Flyrit (JD-Ga) broke Schwartz could not. s u-p p o r t these charges and im'ade ho effort to do so.iFlynt said he, .at one point; declared that anyone who thought he was trying to a obstruct the investigation' was ' · ' ' ' . ' Leaders Cheer Action Klocksiem, Grant to Off er Bttl for (Continued on Page A-4,' Col. 3) LENA AND DUKE JUDGE DOGS AT SHOW The Duke of Windsor points out a detail to Lena Miss Home presented the award for. best of show, Home as he and the singer judge animals at the . O the duke for best of breed. The duke owns several Pug Dog Club of America show in New York City. ' pug dogs.-- (AP Wirephoto.) Ruptured Water Line Perils City JERSEY CITY, N. J. «IE--A stt'.te of emergency was declared Monday to meet a crisis caused by a ruptured water main gushing torrents of water under this city of 300,000 per- broken main had not sons. The been located some 20 hours later. The escaping water disappeared underground. Some 2,000 police, firemen, and e m e r g e n c y crewmen worked around the clock to find the break before escaping water caused cave-ins or pressure explosions. Emergency-workers tediously checked 40 mainline valves in vain. Water officials c l o s e d . some main valves. The ruptured main left a third of,the city's 300,000 population nearly waterless. At least 195 industries shut down, idling 23,500 workers^ Woman Gets Term for $186,000 Theft DECATUR, Ga. IS 1 ) -- Mrs. Margaret Burton received a 2 to 5 year prison sentence Monday for forging checks and stealing $186,000 from a medical clinic. Icy Storm Hits East, Toll of Death at 46 By Ui* Associated Press A winter storm that struck the heaviest weather blow of the season in the east clung to that area Monday night and spread icy cold, snow and freezing rain into other -sec- tions as far south as the'Gulf States. · After three days of frigid temperatures and, storms the nation counted a weather death toll' least 46, including 18 in New'York, 8 in Massachusetts and 6 in Pennsylvania. Financing Scuttles Douglas Space Ship Designs for a Douglas Aircraft Co. rocket-powered, manned aircraft capable of traveling 6,000 miles an hour were dropped almost five years.ago because of a shortage of funds, a company aerodynamics specialist Other states reporting deaths attributed to the weather were: Oklahoma 5/Texas 3; Iowa 3; Illinois 2; and Indiana 1. . - * * * * ABOUT HALF of the dead were killed in weather-related traffic mishaps. The remainder suffered heart - attacks -shoveling snow or attempting -to.-free automobiles stuck' in snowbanks. Rescuers following, the faint sound of an automobile horn found a woman still' alive in. the car buried at BaldwinsviUe, near Syracuse, N.. Y. Her husband was dead beside'her," The ..couple, · Mr. and Mrs. said Monday night. The project to design the aircraft--designated the:D-55S-III --for the Navy was launched in 1933 and dropped when various government agencies, because of lack 1 of funds, decided to pool their efforts on the X-15. · · The X-15, now under con 7 struction by North American Aircraft Co., is j expected to -L.A.C SAYS:Our State College Mor« than another $S million is in th» governor'* budget for ·xpansion of Long Beach State College. Thi« will provide for a new science building, an industrial arts building, the equipment for a cafeteria and a classroom and faculty building. The new music building has just been opened. One must make a tour of the-local college to appreciate its beauty and fine facilities. It now has over 8,000 students enrolled wift the expectation of (Continued on Page A-6) reach a-speed of 3,600 miles an hour and fly 100 miles high. It is not' expected to be flown until early next year. * * * * DETAILS of the design for the D-558-III and the disclosure of its scuttling.for lack of funds were revealed by Kermit .-E. Van Every, chief of.the aerodynamics section at the El Segundo Douglas plant. . . He said the D-558-m was designed to fly 140 miles above the earth. The objective of studies oh the craft was -to investigate the aerodynamics, structural 1 ,-operational and human factor problems-involved in making space flight practical. · · . ' · Van Every said the D-558-HI would have been "straight forward and simple" in design. It would have been r o c k e t p o w e r e d ; dropped from · a "mother plane" at about 40,000 feet, and have followed a ballistic flight path {high arc) of about 38 degrees from burn-out. The D-558-in, according to charts used by Van Every in his presentation, would have flown 8,870. feet per second and reached an-altitude of 750,000 feet The .entire flight ..would I have lasted only eight minutes. Repressurizatipn Gov. Goodwin J. Knight announced in Long Beach Monday,' night that he -will call- a special session of the Legislature , to act on land subsidence in the local harbor area. . Knight made the .announcement in" an : address at a. 'dinner of. the Men's Council of the First Baptist Church. Following the dinner he gave -a nonpolitical the Elks Club. Accompanied by his wife, Virginia, the governor revealed to newsmen prior to i the dinner his intention to call 1 the special session to consider remedial legislation! "Present law is not adequate to cope with the situation," he declared. . ' ' . * * * * m SACRAMENTO, Assemblyman Herbert. R. .Klocksiem said he would introduce legislation providing for pumping in salt water to replace oil, water and gas removed by oil development "in the harbor. The bill, drafted by Klocksiem and ; Assemblyman William S. Grant of Long Beach, would arm the state ,with power to require oil drillers to replace Ihc oil with water. Knight said subsidence is believed 'to result from the'. loss of underground p r e s s u r e s caused by oil pumping and .the lack of adequate, natural underr ground supporting! 'structures. · '* " J * "" * * " ' . . . , T1IE SHORELINE ' sinking has been a problem for years in Long Beach. Some sections of the harbor area have dropped more than 20 feet. "I am keenly aware of the threat to the industrial, ' commercial and even the residential life of Long Beach from dangerous land subsidence in the Long Beach area," the governor said. "This situation, ' if allo\Y£d-to progress, eventually would affect tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of doUars- of public and private investments." Knight, mentioned the Long Beach Naval Shipyard as one of the installations most seriously affected. "The Armed Forces Committee of the United States Congress has indicated that no further appropriations will be made -unless- the state takes steps to solve the subsidence problem," he noted. * * * * .KNIGHT SAID he would de- SUBSIDENCE STUDY PROMISED Governor Goodwin J. Knight (center), here with his wife tor a dinner in First-Baptist Church -Monday night, announces -he-will call a special-Cession of the Legislature to consider measures to-combat subsidence.m Long Beach harbpr.- . Municipal Judge Kenneth Sutherland (left) was. chairman of the churcK event.- · . . · · · . . . - . - - : · · ' · ' · ,, .' --(Staff Photo;), Henry Allen, had started oul Saturday afternoon on a shopping trip. ' ' · - . · ' Mrs. Allen leaned on the horn when she heard, footsteps -on the snow .- overhead Monday: She was reported-in poor condi-: tion at Syracuse Memorial Hospital. · . ' . . The . frigid . slick belt grew eastward from the Texas Pan-! handle region,' across parts, of Oklahoma,-Louisiana and Mississippi, fed .by a mingling of. super-chilled 1 air from the north and sodden' .clouds from the Gulf of Mexico. * ' * . * - * HEAVY NEW SNOW fell 'in western New York atop'choking accumulations from a weekend storm "termed'by the Weather. Bureau, the worst in- 25 years for upstate New York. ;·· ,' . The upper-.-plains and 'Mid-i cide.-later -on a special "session other items It could be will held date for the and .whether be included. concurrently NOW THE BAGS ARE DOLLING UPIN SLACKS WhatV that old gag about sacking in for the winter?' Somehow 'it loses its punch · · · in .the face of 11 h e l a t e s t I fashion . f a d All some of the new dresses n e e d to m a k e them jauthentic · i s burlap fabric.!' 1 Probably be- ·ause the fore- Sacked Out :ast calls for mostly '.sunshine today, the nearsighted We'athernjan finally' 1 has Vpierced the.mystery of that last weekend before." he shipped'-home from France'. , He. knows 'now. what-happened to his '· old barracks bag. for WASHINGTON (IDE)--Tunisian Ambassador Mqngi Slim :-appealed-Monday for .U.S. action in the French bombing of ; a Tunisian border town but left the question of precise steps to Secretary of State JohriToster-DuUes. The envoy made the plea after .Dulles held a 90-minute meeting' with President Eisenhower on the attack, which has- posed a new threat to Western, unity. The White House described the President, as' "profoundly disturbed." Other officials went to unusual lengths to emphasize this country's sympathy for Tunisia. . : * * * * · BEFORE STARTING h i s hour-long c o n f e r e n c e with Slim, Dulles took the unusual step 'of leaving his',private office arid posing with the envoy, for news' photographers, Woman Arrested for Loitering, Has $16,085 Collapses in Home ^ NEW YORK (HE)-- Actress Tallulah Bankhead- coliapsej'fa her East Side apartment iMgii- day.'and'-'was. rushed -to-.Lenox Hill Hospital in an ambulance; A call first was made-Jor a police ambulance, but bjCtHa time it reached the 54-year-old' actress" apartment, she had-already been taken away\byJ-« private ambulance. . ' IrZ' · Her physician, Dr. .Mortimer NEW YORK -OI.E)--A- 56-year- Rogers, issued a statement, say-, ing: "Miss Bankhead's condition is satisfactory. She,is:«ut- old woman was arrested Monday for 1 - o i t e r i n j g in" a bus terminal, b u t ' when she was fering from a.'gynecological"con- searched, .police found she-was carrying. $7,085 in i smaU 'bills and seven bank books' with' entries' totaling ^nearly $9,000'.V · Sally Piper 'had been seen lingering in the waiting room several times at .odd. hours- of the day and night;' When her. money was"-dis- Sidi Youssef, was a "shocking" misuse of American aid.. . . Dulles .summoned the French ambassador to.his home Sunday and .requested additional details on the raid. He had not (Continued on Page A-3, Col.5). 3"* Deceived the-French report · · ' late. Monday. ". v Slim. gave Dulles .his, government's position.' Monday, branding .the French attack as "an act of.aggression." He said he .Sen.'Wayne Morse CD-Ore)told the Senate" the reported co she was , paro]ed in her "use-of American planes. in| ,._,,__· j _ _ . , : the attack oh the town Saki'e !° wn custody-pending a hearing, the town, samei · ·-,;,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,_._;,,,} ho . (Continued on PageA-3, Col.2) Boy Found Safe: FORTUNA, Calif. OCB--Nine- year-old -Timmie Martin- was found -safe .Monday., alter' an all-night · search - by 100 /residents of 'the- rugged _ country..' : . . . ' POP! POP! GO TOPS! A-policeman accompanied-her to the nearest bank to deposit her cash. Pay-TV Movie Schedule Cut . BARTLESVILLE! pkia. U.E Sponsors of the- nation's first pay-as-you-see wireil, television; disappointed with,, business, CIV.*. Wi. · Mjja*^'""--·--' ' -· ---*;* ,. found Dulles, "deeply moved Monday announced .cuts in programming and in tiiJoir; monthly fee from 59.50. to $4\95. .Motion pictures|i-. w i l l be served-on, one channel instead of two] Henry S.' -Griffing, president of Video independent Theaters, 'Inc., announced, and the .'movies will be shown'only from 7 X p.m. until" 11 . p.m. redwoodj eliminating the . I time operation. present day- dition." '. Rogers said he was;_'not-plan-- ning to- perform any 'surgery on-Miss Bankhead at ;ttie-pres- c n t .'time. · · ' · · ' . ' . -.v~ Old Buildin| Topples, Killis 9 Squatters^ FOGGIA, Italy (ttB-- A' 7 year-old condemned . : buiidfnjr- used* by squatters- 1 ' collapsed Monday, crushing at -least :-ntae. persons. to death and.. touching off a noisy . slum area.' demonstration for better housing.^"/ The three,-story : .-P a 1 a'«o Angelino, once -used . as a- 3»f- racks and prison in Century, ..had 'been the; IJth .declare]! dangerous and . uninhabit«Jl« for years. Three families-of-"!!.;' persons were living in"it/©51y; two'- escaped.' · They . ' ' brothers who were, at'. the time, ' ·-, .' ' -.'· ·'·'"'·' · Authorities said there./was-»;. possibility-more than nine"yG' tims would; : '.^Oy- draf ty old building was a favor- · ite rendezvous for- lovers. - "·· · Grasy Bottles Revolt */ . - ' · , -' west cold remained air mass frozen which by aj dipped temperatures from'5 to 20 .tie-j low zero for three consecutiye days.. . '" '·.;.", .Sleet and freezing, r a i n stopped bus .service in hilly Vicksburg, Miss;, and · closed schools, in the lower Mississippi Valley area. . ' · ' . . . . Ice accumulation was; expected .in -the G u l f States through Tuesday as'rains moved eastward into sub-freezing air from; south Texas where '-one- half to .three-fourfii-ihch accumulations were'recorded; ·'· . SPACEMAN Donald Farrell is -bright, chipper and eating like a, horse in his experimental sealed chamber at ; Randolph- Air Force Base. ; -Page A-4. , '·-·' A WASHINGTON t a s k .force led by Vice President Nixon, is headed for; California to.make/.-the.-state safe for Republicans. -Page A-7. SEAFORD, N. Y. UP)--The revolt of the bottles Monday gripped the once-tranquil home of James Hermann. . « . . Starting last Monday, every.kind of ^bottle in the house began popping its .cap. ;In most.' cases they" neatly, flipped over-on,their, sides at the same. time,, the better, to spill-out the contents. ' . - · · · · . ' · ' .-' ' ..-' . Mrs. Hermann said -she saw. a hair tonic bottle getting ready to go. It did,a couple of stately turns on the bathroom vanity and then--plip! "Off .went: the "lid. . ' All- kinds' of bottles. Rubbing-alcohol, peroxide,.^perfume, .liquid starch,- ammonia- even a bottle of -holy water:; \ : In all roems of the house; including the: cellar, there was. only one. common-denominator--all the bottles that'flipped,.-their'.lids -had screw-type caps. Hermann saidrthelcaps were not.bent or distorted--they;-·:Just":came' off. ' - - '· . ; : -.''.-'' J ---.'.|'-' v '-- ; . There has been no explanation so far, but the Hermanns are trying awfully hard. In the- meantime, each night -they put all the bottles in the house in the bathtub.- . . . . ; · · . ; The Hermanns .thought the first episode last Monday was'pretty ".peculiar,...But ...they; cleaned- up .the mess, .aired.out;.the house and Mrs. Hermann:replaced some of/the: bottle^ .that'had spilled with-new. ones.. .. '··...;.:··.;· '· .Then it happened again .Thursday.- And', Friday. And Sunday^.'In.:desperation,;Hers_ mann called the-Nassau:.County-police'. "~.£. Patrolman James'Hughes .came ; to \lhft; neat house and investigated.^Hughes"Is!not" exactly gullible and'/in'-''^his skepticism up a couple of notches.. ."-;.·-. While he was in the 'house -the stafcS:- 1 : : .bottle in. the kitchen,decapped itself ; with'. -gutteral 'glug and the holy .water-bottle: in · ..the bedroom let go again. : Hughes-was-con.-, 'vinced. · " · ", · · -'· - .. ''··"' * , So far nobody has.come up .-with an'- explanation. ,.;i'j

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