Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 25
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 25
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MONROE, MANSFIELD 2 Sexpots Woe to Designer By JAMES BACON HOLLYWOOD iff) -- Designer Charles LeMaire siys Hollywood has only two glamor girls life--Mari] \ n Monroe and Jayne Mansfield--and he could write P book on the problems of dressing them. LeMaire was the fashion d' signer at 20th Century-Fox fur many years. Marilyn, he F;iys, gave him his most WE'fiEflS COOL® AS THE BEACH/ OPEN NOON · BARGAIK PARKING f a ' " Rollicking IS Fun Anil If Entertainment |(i For Everyone !J* , White "ftnuthc Three StOCKjeS hft*::-'[ i*t C i T - ! ' J r i ^ S $ . i * r t t f c J - ! 9 Carol Heiss E= anxious and embarrassing moments. LeMaire now can tell the behind-the-scenes story of a , large dinner in 1953 when Marilyn in a traffic-stopping gown put on a hip-waving exhibition that shocked Hollywood. Joan Crawford, in an interview w i t h Al 1 columnist Bob Thomas, l a t e r lambasted Marilyn for allegedly believ- "ng her own publicity. Few slories he has written have caused so much fuss. Out of this one came a more conservative Monroe. e * * * HERE'S LcMaire's version: Marilyn's sexy publicity had brought on some blasts from women's clubs and her latest picture, as a result, was not doing well. The studio was worried. "Then came t h i s dinner. Darryl Zanuck, head of the udio, ordered me to dress arilyn for the dinner. Even oe DiMaggio, then her boy lend, called me to make sure ere would he no slip-ups. , "I designed a dress that was lie and in good taste. It ooked sexy on her. That ouldn't be helped because r e once proved that even a urlap bag looked sexy on Marilyn's form. "WE ORDERED*a special oundation garment that gave ler nice lines. Then a mink COLCH t r O C LUKIL G ANOTHER FAMILY HIT -ft (· 315 E. OCEAN ^^ *@ affHJIppH^yAKCMH P A R K I N S ( HOW BOTH THEATRES i/T HAPKNED LAST NIGHT Kennedys Leading Gag Targets in Night Cli tjf Kf MANSFIELD "Ladylike Elegance" tole was added, er how to walk. coached toid her .railed me: 'Cliarlie, I'm sorry, but thai foundation felt uncomfortable. I just couldn't By EARL WILSON NEW YORK--The capers of the Kennedys--particularly Jackie and Bobby--stole the attention of comedians and ;ag writers away from other world figures and made them most mentioned in the "Best L a u g h s " for the f i r s t six months of 'Gl. "Every woman coming ou of a beauty parlor now looks ike Jackie Kennedy excep my wife--she looks likeLyn don Johnson," said Henn Youngman back in February It was claimed in Washing .on that a voice heard abov the din in a cafe said: "If 1'rr old enough to be Attorne General, I'm old enough t be served beer!" And comec ian Dick Greg-} ory, t h e first big-time Negro laugh-getter to crash through, sp e a k i n g of A l a b a m a ' s troubles, said:·· 'Al a b a m a-- r a t ' s B o b b y K e n n e d y ' s KENNEDY Cuba." Dick Gregory in fact ro rom virtual poverty to fan he first half of ' G l thanks to he Chicago Playboy Club, Tack Paar and the Blue Angel. South Africa," he claims, hat when her name was :alled, she should keep the tole on u n t i l she reached the lodium. There she could re- nove it and make a s t u n n i n g appearance in receiving the ward. She promised lo follow ny orders. "When her name was called, she suddenly came through a door at the back of the h a l l , immediately threw off the mink stole and started .hat hip-shaking walk. It [ooked like two puppies fighting under a silk bedspread. A few years later Miss Mansfield and i gowns that made Monroe's look like Muu-muus. LeMaire continued: "One day Jayne calmly an nounced to me that she was to be presented to Queen Elizabeth at a command per formance. I got an instant ulcer. "All I could envision was 'is where Faubus is considered a liberal." 2 said Barry Goldwater got| screen offer from 13 Cen- ry-I-'ox. T h e N e w Y o r k glit club business WDS such at several cafes which used 5 throw customers o u t , now irew them in. Jim Downey, the resUura- ··ur, claimed h e b o u g h t 1,000 worth of Arthur Muray lessons to make himsell opular. "And did you?" asked a riend. "Well," said Jim, "Arhur Murray's awfully fond if me." "The only Oscar that Jayne Vlansfield can win," though rving Leibowilz of the In lianapolis Times, "is Osca .evant" . . . Myron Cohc old how a Stage Delicatcs sen waiter snarled toward hi able, "Who was that \vh ordered a clean glass'. 1 " About the Cuban revolt: ion, several c o m i c s too credit for first saying "Revo iution! I've seen better fight in Xavier Cugat's band." An Joe E. Lewis said, "If Ca tro'll send me 1,000 tractor I'll give him back Desi A na?.." The man-into-space furr vas so great, the circus dai evil who's shot from a ca ion felt like a stay-at-hom However, everybody h o p e ve'd gel to the moon. It's a other place for Bob Hope "Marilyn had shed the foundation garment. THE 'NEXT DAY she Jayne, in a low-cut, skin-tight ;own, curtsying and sprawl- ng. But Jayne was serious about making a good impression, so I laid down the law. Therein ust be no cleavage; There must be no cleavage; elegance, yes, but no obvious sex appeal. "Jayne agreed--and it was against her mode of dress-but, most important, she obeyed. The result was a presentation in ladylike elegance." The old master, Bob Hope, mentioned on Memorial Day, 'Adlai Stevenson is going to 5. America to visit all our friends--he'll be back the same day." And lie brought down the house when, introducing Mar lene Dietrich, he said, father and mother won the Nobel Prize for architecture.' "A bachelor we know ha quit chasing the girls," sai Herb Stein in Hollywood 'Can't f i n d any who will run 1 And Phyllis Standish ou g to raise 5200,000 to film INDEPENDENT.PRESS-TELEGRAM--C-7 Lon4 Uiacb, calif. Simdiv, July ?, mt Show Time - Here nre slartinj; times of features al Long Beach theaters ns listed by theater managers: TOWNE "arrish." U:M, 4:45. 8:5!.' 3:10, 7:». 11:30. RIVOLI 12.35. -1.35, «:«. "Homicidal." 11:00. XI * * MATINEES TODAY! TOWNE 4425 Atlantic 04 2-1221 "PIRBIIH" "HOHICIOHL" S T A T E r ,, ,,,'." 2:50, 8:M. ''Rio Bravo' e slory of Capt. Warren, 12.01. recy, a Negro hero of World ar II ... Carol Channing's Show Girl," a hit on pay-TV Toronto, w i l l be repealed ere this summer. Miriam Hopkins plays Shiry MacLaine's aunt in the 1m, "The Infamous;" in an arlicr screen version, titled These Three," Miriam played hirley's role . . . A down- own furniture store adverses: "Tall Stools for Co medians" . . . Groucho Marx, rriving to see the B'way nusical, "Carnival," put his vallet in an inside pocket I'm not t a k i n g any chances,' ic quipped. "Last time, 1 wenl o a carnival I had my pocket licked" . . . What movie nakes the most money? Well 'Homicidal," which has no big names in the cast, wit make a 400 per cent profit. EARL'S PEARLS: A person can now fly to California in he time it takes to refold a road map. TODAY'S BEST LAUGH The only time some suburban ites see their neighbors when they try to borrow back their lawnmowers. 12:15, ATLANTIC "PlMturt ol ll-i Co-nninv," 1.00. .55, 9.00. -T*o Lovei," 3:00. «:S5, 11:00. C A B A R E T " M a i n s Game." 1:00. iM, 1:55 "II SUrlid W.lh a Kill." 3:00, 4:55. 10:SS. CREST "O-.e Eyed Jack)." ?:«. 7:30. 1I:5J. "JoV«r l Wild." 12.30. 5:10, 9:50. PALACE "Wilrf and 1he Innocent," 10:19, 2-w, 7:13, 11:«. "Invasion U. S. A.." 11:55. 4:2?, B:«, 1:14. "Flarr.lnoo Fronliir." 1:31, 5:*l. 10:1S, ?:?- ^--1 PACIFIC THEATRES STATE Ocean Pint HE 1-2721 ill Cilcr Sfc«w " 8 I A K 1 " "RIO E f U V O " CABART Anaheim I lunlpeio GE 9-9874 ATLANTIC 5870 Atlantis OA 2-3161 OHN I V E R Y OAT1 "UlTIHB O A M E " " S T A K T E O WITH KISS" "HEAIUHE OF HIS C O H F A I I Y " "TWO LOVil" RIVDLI l.B, Blvd., 5th HE 6-3201 Tichileilir "MRBISH" "HOMIC10IL" m'Jflliimftlirtr.i SHOWS START AT DUSK " S H O W W H I T E I 1 I T O O Q E S " "LI1TLE S H E P H E R D " M A R L O N S R A S D O " O N E - E T E O JACK!" ·nEIS'JRl. C O M P A N Y ' entertain troops. There were many Kich- mann trial jokes. Frank Sinatra claimed he got a wire 'rom Eichmann addressed to- lim care of the Copa Room at the Las Vegas Sands. It said: "Happy opening. Wish 1 were there. Wish I were anywhere." THE WKEKEND WINDUP ... DONT PRINT THAT!": A midtown florist threatens to sue the husband of n famed singer for $68, an unpaid bi for flowers: the husband had ordered the posies rushed on- there arrested that adoles s(age to ],j s v ..jf e \ v hen mary my and Dave PLUS -- CO-KIT , AT BOTH THEATRES rN B E L M O N T S H O R F mjrm TM rn GE B-10C1 ^ T" Ju OPEN I.. S T A R T S T O D A Y . Kirk DOUGLAS--Rock HUDSON 'THE LAST SUNSET" ·PICNIC" Color -- 1 » : M - 4 : 3 0 - t : 3 S . 3 @ ® 310 MAIN ST. -- SEAL BEACH OPEN t DAYS W E E K L Y TUESDAY THRU SUHDAY DOORS OPFH 1:4J TODAY W A L T ' D I S N E Y ' S The SALUTING THE CIVIL WAR CENTENNIAL! ,v«r known a love story to compar» with ttiiil | a* DAVID O.SELZHICKS / .M»KAmwrrr.!u.s %J GONElTHTl'fllD] CIMSEE-IH HB i SHOWN I 2 : « , 0 - 4 1 5 0 - 9 P.M. ART »**-,. In Chernr -*" GE 2-S433 -* V/ALT DISNEY'S "SLEEPING BEAUTY" "MY SISTER EILEEN" JACK LEMMOri- JANET LEIGH * OPEN * 1 P.M. ^ CanllnuDUV "Horse With Flying Tail" , ® @ © @ © @ © ® @ . O V C N 4:50- S M O K I K G I.OOES CASHES] WILMINGTON · TE 4 34H JULES VERIIE'S fa "MASTER OF £ THE WORLD" X -- BoUl in Ccfor -- «S "KONGA" e 2400 MAGNOLIA AVENUE OPENING FRIDAY, JULY 14 LYLE TALiOT PERSON STAR OF STAGE, SCREEN AND TV Oo-Slar o! "THE BOB CUMMINS SHOW" "OZZIE HARRIET" cense is when a girl begins to powder and a boy begins to p u f f . I nicknamed my B.W. Rose- Metrecali Rosie" Barry contended that Metrecal won this year's Nobelly Prize. Groucho Marx assured me 1 looked a lot better and added (when I thanked him): "You don't look as gross as usual." The Congo slogan, Dean M a r t i n alleged, was "If you can't beat 'em, eat 'cm," and there was a new TV program, "Eat the Press." * * * * C O R B E T T MONICA re- ·norted a golfer drove one jnew ball i n t o a lake, another new ball into a woods, another onto a highway -- arid the caddy said, "Why don't you use an old hall?" The golfer answered: "I've never had one." About that population explosion, Dave Barry said: "A woman is delivering a chile every 30 seconds. We've got to get hold of that woman and stop her!" When Brendan was sick. Variety reported he'd been "aleing." Several peo opened at a local cafe One of the season's top song hits was written by two com posers, under t h e i r wives maiden names, for a riva firm. Ben Hecht hopes his daugh ter Jennie will appear in his|= new B'way play, due in the| MATINEE DAILY 11:30 A.M. CONT. "LAIT T I M E I SAW ARCHIE" " W H E R E 10T1 AHl" "SKOVf W H I T E 4 1 ITOOSES" "LIIILE IKEI'HERO" f/v. NOW! CIRCLE D R I V E - I N THE SPECTACULAR lOVE STORY THAT THRILLED MIU.IOHSI .COT ram IBB t ..WGHBlE'flHlM , IMEHWD'MJelilMD NOW! IAXEWOOD DRIVE-IB WAIT DISNEY'S , "MM'S fall . Noel Coward has] written 24 songs for his forth-! coming musical, "Sail Away," in which he'll star Gary Rcll of San Francisco is try- M* Hilarious Comedy LIMITED RUN l, l*f ·* Adult Entertainment T I C K E T S NOW ON SALE S l . S t \l,i 1:30 }.*.. SJ.01~-Sil.rij, 8:JO p... SI.50-- SirJ.y I mO*£ HOW FOR RUErWATIONS~6A 4 - 1 4 7 5 er GA 4- WEST COAST OCEAN near AMERICAN HE 6-4209 NOW! SAIL AWAY TO from or S, 82 | PLUS ' TAX H A T I K E L DAIIT-CONT. I! N O O K LYRIC LU )-2SM ERIE F A R X I N O Oal. 12 Hill LONG BEACH CIVIC LIGHT OPERA PRESENTS JULY 9 - 1 4 - 1 5 - 1 6 LONG BEACH MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM Tkkels $2 - S2.50 - S3 - S3.50 Good S2.50 and S2.00 Seats Available HE 6-2542 This Weekend HE 2-0381 HEAR . . . LaFonde HcGee Dramatic Soprano 3:30 P.M.-- TODAY SD=nsored by Ihe mtn cf Grant Cliapel A.M.E. 1129 Atamitos A»e. LOS ALTOS DRIVE-IN L BELLFLOWER at SPRING, HA 5-7422 NORW/UK i V E N U E , ~to«nr Cc-l. I TO l - S S I t ' G I O G I T G O E S HtWillAn" "HHlflE T H t _ B O I _ S A R E " [EW HERALTI OlwKr '» I-IIH "GOKt WITH THE yillJO" SHOWS I! · 4l!S · !i5S " S N O W H I T E 1 3 S T O O G E S " 'IITTLE SHEPHERD KUCDOM C O U E " RCDONDO BEACH oniir ,TR»HO "COHT. 12 D«IIT FR M10C "OOHE WITH THE WHO" S b » w n 17130 - «!JS - «:JI BELLROWER HUBEL 12131 Cs*1. WA S-llll ADULT SMCK1MO NOW PERMITTED IN BAICOUT L O C E S O K L T X E H D M O K D t r NICHT SiSO. "OIDOIT GOES H«WAIUK" " F A I S I M IN TKE SUB" GAfDCH G R O V E Q B O V I " !·««» " S H O W WH11E S TNE 3 S T O O G E S " 'LITTLE SHEfKidO JCIKGDOM COHE^ HUHTItJGTOtl PARK .TBIC PieiTie II Fknici LU )-I»1I C»l. tr«n O -- 3'' «"' "NOT T O N I G H T , H E K B T " H A S B O B , 1)312 . »·'»··', T t ·"" " E X P B t S S O BOIIGO" _ LA"HI *HtlHiairi-r:m1t*t i« J-l · · 6 I D O E T G O E S H A W H I U S " ·IHl BIO S H G H " _ TTKCOLHi"icita Pl"rk .. J « 1 - 2 "OPEajTICB MAD B»Ll" "FOUR O E S P E R A T E ME.N" VI 1 l t t WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU 8EE B D A O I U H . K i l l 'it'at. · · S A « : T U A R T ' " T H f W I M D C A K K O F R E A B " S U H D O W H , l02~Y»7~wTlsi«[lll, Wklltlt " f A R R I S K " "THE STEtL ClAW'^ fwTu'VUE fijatroul ISi.roA - S I J " R A I S I N IN THE SUV "MASTER OF THt W O R L O " W A R X E B ffcrwiillliliri Hill. Kb "LET NO KA« W R I T E HT E P I T A F H " " B E C A U S E TKET'St TOUKG" waiHITCHUH nnWEBB M«!!UH«R. twuhUYEH TECHNICOLOR NOW! RIVOLI ond TOWNE DEBBIE REYNOLDS NEW TONY RANDALL SHOW! PAUL DOUGLAS OPENS 81 12:3 ° ·---- 7ND COLOR H1T -- --"It Started T Kiss" ALL4GTEON! ALL-COLOR! TECHNICOLOR GIANT 2:50 8:50 ONLY -- RIO BRAVO 12:15 - 6:15 i 12:OS SHIP SAILS DAILY fASY TO REACH-PARK FREB CHILDREN HALF FARE UNDER 5 ROUND TRIP FREE FOR RESERVATIONS LONG BEACH HE, 5-9915 BALBOA OR. 5-1549i | from LA. SP. 5-1890;© [ SPECIAL CaUlina Dance Boz! every Fii. Sat. Leave earlier; 7 P.M. Stay liter; 1AV. Arrive lonz Beach 2:15 A.M.Fastesl pjsstnjer boat on coast. Sunday /rom 4 P.M. Monday Nile Only CHUCK WAGON STYLE PER PLATE CONTINUOUS E N T E S T A I N M F N T NITELY EXCLPT SUND ·« The Greet V A FLASH) NO REDXKtHT WILL MEAN THAT NO OHE- AB80LUTELY NO ONE- WILL BE SEATED DURING THE LAST 13 MINUTES. Acres of Parking in Rear 6 e t OPEN IS A.M. - OPEN ALL NIGHT RROD C R A W F O R D -- COLOR "Goliath the Dragon" Dtbbij REYN-OLO$ - Ten/ RANDALL "Mating Game" Robl. TAYLOR - Darothv MALOS'E "Tip on a Dead Jockey" J A dog * unmatched! JA land untamed! x- An adventure J unequalled! ROADiUM K | Para ml. Compt. Blvd., Pararat, | LII Rinick ADM. j "SANCTUARY" P " C " ' . "THE'WIND CANNOT READ" Ta» Inel. T J ! WrlUlCATAtlHA BOAT I HAW UNDINE, LOKO EEAO1 J, CALIF. j ci FREE cctin (oldci a »w ··» m»*m m**m ··· «* d 4130 PARAMOUNT at CARSON · HA 5-9134 PEPPERS play SAN DIEGO TONIGHT -- 8 P.M. Park Ave. Field--Long B*ocTi W* 4il twa over thi 4lh In Sill Lfth# City 1o UlAh Shamrock! -- ind.cim* winl M innings. NlftKT M^^B 34 PINE AVE. -- Phone HE »·««» ·'WILD INNOCENT" "INVASION U.S.A." "FLAMIHO FROHTIIR" YnVQ DOG OF THE NORTH SECOND NEW 'ACTION 1 HIT! Racing Flint »vti mtdtlr DILLTRAVEflS 11 'GREEM HSLME1,

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