The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 30, 1957 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1957
Page 8
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trees'Will tetM^SSjM tinVte'? tSf ih®fft Wflf-iJ^Kter Sira |W$ BjIfcftiRt iiillrte tR* BJ$***eft«f t« Surf-> withfeaiwtw^toftwttiti* It , int'e fin avenue t, itfasai to individual citizens to a 'challenge fof them W 6trt of theif oWn pockets and ,„*,.,= "all df them share in tfjuIltK Many poinii have been pitSv&h ifi iort'i react Jon to* this cHallenge, thett: that the area is' gaiftnl dftly iBidfe leaders, but tti6« eiti* • that it* people cah dtt „ „,«=. of themselves is eitisefls' _ S?*Sort as well as of their uwre _ "^dflimunities; and that Tfexans can still " 'tie TeKas-sizfe jabs, i Needless Jo say, the challenge was „ Prorn individual citizens, j?ayittg f;;Ior one tree at a tittle, flowed a stream £% checks that drt Monday of this weak t>/lepped the quota of 450 trees that the •£ 'Braaosport Chamber of Commerce had '.' let as their goal. «• ' And the checks are still coining ifl. will not be wasted. The lane of fflfl MB^a« of the teaatjUlliW fcr to* «rt«»n?lff be felt. But Si tot sftfetH *M take *. feetiet' f*f4* tra%liffg thfough tat ftvehtse of . that ftdt owly ea'ti*» tfer^oflisl enjoy* mfetitj Mil also Die" satteraetM cf feftew* tft* that it was created by tH«fftS8ivt& ¥)y pubUi ttssif taKar , ttwr tep lauteis fof tins ttHiivawto. But they a* also- das tts Bill St&ttStef *nti tee, Inside Washington ... ZHUKOV /NWTAT/ON NOT f lf ' WASHINGTON—You can completely I»,4isfcofnt recent published reports that Pres,| laer.t 'Eisenhower is thinking about inviting k g«viet Marshal Georgi Zhukov to visit the ".JltfnHed State*. i-'-;/';. White House insiders say there isn't a '"", fcnahce this will happen although Mr. Eisefl- " 'fjnower would be willing to see his old wat* v'tlm* fftelid again under different circum* f 'sUactt. No invitation will go to Zhukov for ' two reasons: - . •' , ; "• 3—Th* 1 American people would never ae\ eept an official visit by a Soviet leader. ' * " —Nothing could be accomplished by talk* •'• tog in Zhukov. , J -' The violent reaction In Congress and Oth*, ' If tt circles to the proposal to invite Yugoslav* 4 it't Marshal Tito to this country Would be ^ mild compared to what an invitation, to £hu- ;Ji.?kov vollld touch off. The Tito visit, inciden- ' ; v Ui'y, is still out despite the State depart* ''jVMlstfs oftirepeated belief that it would help !'£j 'improve •& S.-Yugoslav relations. JS.y ,' • • » « ^jj t NO MORE POLLS?—Congressmen—who, J supposedly','-represent public opinion—are be, t ('coming inereaiingly annoyed at public opin- . V ftioa' polls Conducted on behalf of the federal rntoent The ) latest, incident came when r department official* let, it be k n o w-n nine out of 10 Americans "favored for- •ioV *•' ' ' , ' den R. Lipscomb (R), California, this statement, and became intrigued own mail was running just the other •, Cheeking up, he found that funds for and other surveys were hidden in a tail nliliion-dolisr appropriation fit diplo- "emergenciei." ,. v ,,'ndermounting pressure from Congresi, i9«. State department announced it would no more polls in the future. Incidentally, *»osl Office department ran into the same 'of protest when a poll it sponsored show'|hat most Americans wanted to pay more postage. laWACX Of MlSSUSS-Gen. Nathan r. ••"<{*•*« -." V - -• •^:.*-%V",K >~ ' '' ?" •fiisCS.^'S^ ji With dlspitth ;»id that h< went th* ftai- W HQ¥tritc> i t to->|IM( "hi* ' •» YugosJavis bttth di •ttiM HaVia list Octt)B*f. tt WM an* on Ik|ay^,i4. that h* Rid.decided 16 -feBtt*' it, As Sabte fighisr planet were delivered. tK*m to sectt ,«- soviet intlurfes -WiittflitlBfi Al Sffer, fir, - mirtefiiU f%ftnifigiot; kto6r, ftduijjffl tying out tfie fcials of the dared to believe that Sra^pbrt ready for sdft&ltint ftiore- than bread. But one must not e*ns!d& this 1 a campteted' project, , If 'aft Stteiiue the beach citi benefit from fiefetity? can the individual communities, neigh torhdodsi and ttamte of <n6 '•eitizeH who made this project possible. fxvia'ng, iticoatiftg chairrtan ot the Jojfit . Chief* of Staff, gave a Senate committee th« oth«r day a graphic picture of the reasons for United States military bases ov*rse*?.'tt« said to* real advantage is one Ot geography for 'ut effect, w* ring the Sdviet Oftioa— ia fac>, th* entire dbmtnunfst bi<sc."' 1 "We can Approach Our targets' from many direction* and withdraw ove* different router," 6eneral Twiflihjt said, the nation's toj) tniUUfy officer Said that the Soviet*, on the other hand, are cofflpartl&Ve0 limited in the duections they can fly *!«*«»; <o attack us'' ' <- v i&- Twintog said that uittU ^fPSo>iets gtt plann of unlimited ranfe or>ufliesa they w«rt to depend on one-way itnlisiofii, their Thinned bombers threaten us prtoarily from the norfhward approaches; Howtver.^winiatj warned: *A« the So- vieU get missies capable pt 'being lautached we' wUl'fnc* ft 'ftecat that but ft* getting ^, caa'^ome from.' any • • w.*V._ j *.3* BENSON'sIl tary Irra Tan Benson i ly deny that he plans to farm organization sources say "p«relftent" rumors he is on his way out Bettsofo associates »ay that he'reaUies he Las • lough battle facing him in Congress on tae.^aim pr^rBm.iisue'ljut is determined to stick it out and has President Elsenhower's fuU sopport. Benson himself maintains that criUcltm never 'bothers him personally. He once quipped, ','? thrive on it" however, the National Farmers union savs that Benson has become such a controversial figure, with enemies in Congress, that he may be "unloaded", late this summer or aingmn. The farm organization-, which has "predicted" Benson's departure from the Cabinet several times in the past, now says that the Agriculture secretary has lost the President's backing. fke,*U says, "is getting fed up with Benson!' On Straw Votes Probably ho voter ifl Brajioria County h*« Aad as many name's to ehooi%' fftttt ifi selectin, county oflittr' a*'1>e will , the case-of the special election to be Held this earning •Satur- seeking County The fleJMftrfar tfrt number b the fK(tr^|Mae • in election costs. It c«ti rioihing to run, and the prUll for the winner it a lob, possibly for lite .paying stolfloo tfe* year. . .- Ordttarfly,. in~the ifreicnt on«.party sytte^n In-TeScai, a man_who-m«k*s^th» grade in dec* considex hinlself^elefitaaf be- \ caiudie's not goIagttF«a>-e any competition tr*n?«e-R^ pablicaftfe iifc-tb* general clec> tionruntn Otat^aj-ty-aehisv-e* far more strength. tkjanj\tt4y haye now. » " In the primary^alj 'publw it to re-elect tfnrt*«nds ,' ^J ... . ^ again any man in that pM^fis , of th_e ta^parlng voters within who keeps his nose cre»n. s , » thvittjfebeUndarieA'-to reo,uire There, is to bfc fi6 runoff.\v- CommUs)one»,CoUrUd csll an Hjglr jmaa. takes it. And <1nfce ', election in that area. ^ ' . the only interest that observers in this election voter* would h«v«{»ttedinther4ceconc*rH| give tlwtf approval or disao- be a rither cmaHv.- dreaW^h*ffepttftdistrict pro- ' tumdin, * , poMd; whether of not to levy For that reason, many candK -* a ,ta« for cojiU<rUctl6n arid op- datcn ant devoting their effort* • wation'o-f a.lffttptta'l; and etsc- to luilhg up « small pocket of ; ttptf of ,Tfiv* .truswss-at-lirge several hundred yttters Ur&y ~7- am the oisWcV • ^ can count on, rather J Bian'at- " ^Thfe 1 ' fliajdnium-'annual-tax * tarnpting r county-wide earn-' ,H MvFwt*MdWthe Wtt.l4,t*<»- «• . tenth* of oh«.pe«»ertt'of tb« Wtal tax valuatioS hi.Uie dls- . , A- 'voter, should feel' just ,thia NfXON • v * -* -i UP'Staff C«rn««»Hd«nt ; WASHrtKSTOrT *-*»- Mlu nnists' and' tftindiU is have'fnissSd thfmost tin- ^ portant angle 1 ei VlcA President -," \Rlchlrd M. Nl::on'» speech last - . week in New YarK bMbre<.th« ' American .iron and steel Institute. > r >;, A ESIDENT ttfjne wurmtti and u frlen|j r lar**bod> of >JI.,^ »0' , desire t6, reduce. JoWer's spending program, What He Wants _rtfe stwccli ^— „-„ , — — r -- le warrtUiiknd friendship payer h'footinO.tha t^t for l have to split the, cost* ing the election/TW*?; into several hi -per candidate,; «epar»te».th*J bays as far as cerned. The present i* not offldaU vote to take off of era Court th*'. of appointing * man to position. ' '"' Carl-Bolln , ,.„... treuurer. aad nil term have expired at the end' yesir. He WM moved froni. year because ot'* . , dictment on a fekmy A former »«ta|(.j.«nd |) jti>fy'r« man the rest oi-the flclala will' have to for,* lone time. On New Laws 'political? It w*>th1*f Nixon oV" fiberately tied- Ktnstli, in that .MM^.hKflMr^- ' „. 7jfi« Side... [WIVES ARE CONSULTED BY FRENCH By E, V. James Gleason, the justly distinguished lie of'Thespis, is opposed to ending a -call by saying, "Good-Bye." H« I it is too finarand can at '$•thoughts. The end a phone call *<Adi«u" and the with "Adios." We | have something •I agree, with Mr. However, of offhand is to the c»U with "Sc> that's not m> I s«}»ction. Give me a to think it oyer. 100 per cent native of Scotland is WJW w«fll» to be called a Scot, not a never yn\i miik on his oatmeal, wh!*k«y only with water, and the following: "a daiiuen mother WM, a* you know, M»ry xtall. Considering the comparatively few.people having the' surname BsJI, it is Interesting to note the unusual number who have achieved famt. To point ou^s, few e»»mples. There was John Ball, the great Uritish golfer, the first player to win both the British Amateur and Open ^Championships the s«me year, Then there was the American sculptor, Thomas Ball. AUo, Jtrneit Ball, the brilliant composer .who wrote "Uw* Me And- The World U,Min»," "Wdther M«chree" and "When IrW,. Eyes Ar» SnJiltag." Awd^lfeal Ball Cl«vejan4 shortstop, who made the first unassisted triple play |a m»ior league hi*, lory. Then, Ult but most pertftinly not least, that extremely talented and. yer»aUl«'actres», Lucille sJjOl. . ' , WOMAJf Of >*»» • "',' „ It WM Andre M»ureii'who observed, "The Woman ot Part*, IfminiR* tlwugh she is, can reason like * man, &b* hM cl*am*« of piindi dftcjiTipFi. jiii ftftenfatfUmr aptifamifc for admlnJstwtJflo. jfld' th« '»rt, iff ^m»|%' hertelf r«spwt<4 v m W 'rtWI «e?l«*W» -> signed, on th* h* was found session yot»,-to fc«y« » to determine, th» Whoever gets have it for life, hnuwai ctrcujnst* son U th»t " county ti known to TO runs ' It appears that to be some prottpt.'action in getting into operaueai 'a new bill passed specifically for Bar' loria Count/' at the recently- deceased legislative setsion, • The i bill, which- b«e»m'e law when Qov. Price Daniel signed it May «, provide* forithe creation of a hospital district; within which qualified voters can approve a bond issue for construction and maintenance of a general hospital^ •' For those who are interested, there is * general dl*cu*i(on «t for tonight 'tThursdayj in the high school auditorium at West Columbia, begumini- «r 7:JO p.m, " - , iMi><- The nospital andjh» 5>Ui- that •aft*included lttjtt«x^«ta«on~*'' 'hlfaS'Srf* to thetdlscusslol^BitniSW irt ->> " ^untRft '"' " 'JJ; . Braicd*%nd1Swee- nrvt f.S but, roughly, a Hettunlican'is an Hi,. 6wer j RepUblicanr«NiXon, |M Ot th* .filaa, i« iU8enhOWer%'hoy- r B«4i 1 =f the 1H8 Ilded the ?resident>»nts hiirn f [hree years hence, f, ' <|*., ' "v ." 3«' «."'*# *££»%'£» <!<«« Looking Back •' J 'licaft 4 - In other Jartsjua'wv the , read* like* a frtnk and ~ W«* th. would make it U>« objective been •• •*»JS!*lftK?'««Ba it. Ttwr* effort put forth in bringtnc ti present been without proponents ' tight-lippid "Honor guest: cream party * senior of tb* BraiospetH port, an Mr, W4 of take **;«¥ ' who L „ , through thai hill into a volve first t .,„„ . bounds the area (q In th» ' ff-~ for tive .... Nixon . after, last. made«,a speeches, Of * " W»anhoi*er'« (JMO. A oft to A '» campaign. afur-camp seemdd -^W— Rodger graduates .front .Webci High School next spring.) has given a cake, shaded like the school building, to class- mat mate» for , , ' Reaulfinn ISO hour».to make. • •the cake weight 40 pound* and, contain* the whi(«s ot l| dotr, ea ?g|s, 11 pounds of flow, 8 ^ quarts of mljk end 38 pound* • < of oowdered su jM( " -.,'• j i -Bodter, f he. h||l, ^!0ol r p , 9 ake for -,«>« 'Pjrt. t ^;i^fcv '' ft*' \Vv t& L«)f" *i "l ^'/» J i' V _ , - T «f,^fw|i ( tv-,,,^1 ,-/. - -^^-/ttf... * '• /< r*l|t| ;* ( ^ ii ll^ 'fer«" 1 Mw«ttM?P'apir • ii«n . .'i ••,•-.!»;•' ; ».'i. i ! II,' 1/1 i< j .• !ii :: : '•• •*. jil" ;l <i« ill '•/ I I 1 III I :;..!) ««,) • TMtd. '..* Jap*--,; *-»V - "« Vi tl,fwfat ',»«•»»«*••>*•*"*" ^J*J V-'V^t _,., *HwlGpWfj|l^ r-^., \ " " ^^if.^\ • ;i «» t ti^ ^ftjiar' t <?K> fcwwl All •Tt> r*M» Cfoyernwen* njme of George Washing- I*»U n»V* «fl m FACTS «* I*/-* - Ww-f'i4&| IK" -' ''-SsSSss.® 'i, ^vBlSiByB.ffl * £*?^?? Pf 34-1 ' T&'J^-i" by '»*TW "••sBte"«? li|i »4iii £i4Vlf li?" 4 ***;M*« .-

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