Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 72
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 72

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 72
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M O Z S World Fair Figures Startle Brooklyn NEW YORK (UP!)--Pedes- Kfti rians and motorists in usual r blase Brooklyn have been tunned on several occasions recently while turning a cor er of bustling FUtbush Avenue by and array of strange- fRANKIE I/VINE PURCHASES DEALERSHIP Frankie Laine. noted singer, has purchased one of the five largest Rambler dealerships In the nation--Lee White Rambler at 9136 Firestone Blvd. in Downey. Pictured are Lee White, left, and Gene Melbourne. A m e r i c a n Motors zone manager, right, as they watch Entertainer Laine sign the purchase agreement. The name of the dealership will be changed immediately to Frankie Laine Rambler. exhibit, « pavilion be- Goranson. a portrait artist'project consisting of appro" id muralist. turned to the'mately 500 figures. U the ^ «,,r,~-. r«*r»«i.« t« «v.'owplay field 10 years ago be- kind of undertaking thatj yearj o ij j^j b^n found near surance Companies to give ^^^ ^^ t £ retr |ajkes the business so f«-jlake Tahoe a the Siem wtst Find Elephant Bones at Tahoe , RENO WV--The fossilized believed to be 15.000 \VorWi F»!r visitor! »n 18- it embraced »la.ost tvery as- ciaiting. minute tour through some of,^ of art tndeivor . He said' the weightiest cruis that man jj^ f nvt \ tn * - - - - - - - of Reno. has survived. F»ir oolong creatures that ap- peaperd to have magically ,,.,,,__._ .. ... . ,'/·--IJy».. \A/«.lt emerged onto the sidewalk ,.BUILDING the histonca Golden WalK «... .3 iv. HI* rv»«« [figures to the minute detail,. . . _ out of the dark past- established by one of the Not fOf Actually, as the more in- world's noted anthropologists ,,,,.,.,, - . quisith-e p a s i e r s b y have WM the challenging assign- TUCSON WJ--Trophy corn- earned, the figures are u? ma givea a BrooUya firm W own " M ° rt I""" "" · * I _AH A vtA^xrsl* «Vr% rt*Tf»Vi harmless as papier mache and aStd Display Enterprise. Co-l**TM P 40 ? 1 '. do btheve their presence is somethinglo^ner ^ u^ company u Paul; 11111 ^"en is gold. I s'ew Yorker* will have to getlooranson. renowned Canadi-j He painted the sidewalks used to between now and^u artist who has designed in front of his store gold, April 22. when the 1964-65 papier mache figures ranging'then noted that rimy people New York World's F a i r (rom the world's largest San-'rtfused to walk on it, most opens. ta Claus to props for the Per-Jof them stepping cut in the Papier macbe is. in fact'ry Como TV (how. [street to go around it. what the figures are made of. The times in history they rep( resent are as much as 1-5 minion years apart and they range from prehistoric animals to 20th century man. The public win see them formally in the Triumph of The figures include Stone| Dr. Joseph tintz Jr, a Uni- Age hunters,, the savage,venity of Nevada paleontot. horde of Haa warriors who ogist, estimated the animal. crumbled the Romaa Empire, which has been extinct for the black corpses that Iittered.12.000 to 15,000 years, stood Europe during the Bubonic about 13 feet high it the Plague, early American pio-Jshoulders and weighed tut t'o neers. Ovil War soldiers and seven tons. 'many others, all precise in A power company worker tfl'every detail. (found the bone. " WESTERN APPAREL · HATS · fANTl · KITS · KOISEHANSHir ACCESSOlltS » SHUTS · TIES · IUCKIES · SACDLES · IIIBIK 1311 DAVE CLARK AlONOU. PARAMOUNT 'AKCL -^-| INSHir ACCESSOlKS I BDLES · HlBltJ I FEEDS | HI Mill | Federal Highway System Expansion Urged for State A totil of 2,697.5 miles cf Reno. Nevada, south through^ue to expire in 1972. but the California highways would'Birstow and San Bernardino present 4 cent per gallon of be added to the Federal In-|to San Diego. /edera! gasoline tax probably tentate Highway System and Collier's rccommendatKai will be tontinued. receive federal flnarcing un-!*'^'* 1 »** 17,000 to 20.000 -if the federal government der a plan being offered by miles to the total Interstate i s going to continue to collect Sen. Randolph C o l l i e r of Highway Program which now lpp roxi m a t el y $300.000.000 y re ] ca _ totali 41,000 miles. CoIIier^nnually from the California _ . . . . . . , said the total cost of the Cali- motorists, we want assurance Collier is chairman of the fomia pon^n o{ th e rew pro-W this money win be restate Senate Transportation posa! would be $3,386.000,000. turned to California in the Committee and chairman of, . . . . I, f taproved highways," a subcommitte on the Inter-) COUJER pointed out the'c^ier stited. state System of the Western interstate Highway Program 1 Highway Policy Committee of | 0 f the federal government is 1 the Council of State Govern-j Reality EBURE ORGANS *A Ortlwtfr* «t -MI suiute-s -StltCI-A-IHTTHM- iKratiail D«Dy I til I tiDfliwif II Kimwt. Tl 7-4111 (Ntrt t. MuM Klmbin 1 J« · 16411-12 Belltlower Blvd. in Bellflower · Open Mon. i Fri. 'tH 9 · Phone TOrrey 6-8211 · Parl Free · Eaiy Budget Terms · Free Decorating Service The p r o p o s e d addt«ns would consist primarily of jp HlS three north-south routes the interstate mileage. ' at Way 'Foreigner* Talks MEMPHIS #V--A newcomer to Memphis was asked by length of the state, with sev- 1 , MtMPHIS WV-Tim Whit «shier thecther day where cral east-west connections'«/· 5 - drelm « 1 « television she came from, and would drwble California's f*°*TM the other night | 'From Scotland, she said. I He told his parents the next the pipes skirling in her voice. morning that it was »cartoon] "Well, honey, 1 * said the TO be included '^P*- * tnas * with lots of ex- cashier kindly, "you tre the Coast Route from; dtcment --"* » commercial speak English well for a for- Crescent City in Del Norte|* 1 ** end - 'eigner. 1 County south through San Francisco to Los Angeles; a } route from Red Bluff along * the eastern tide of the Sacra-!} mento-San Joaquin Valley to » near Bakersfield, and from J COMPLETE HOBBY SUPPLIES' , LO , , Km , .ns-irurs a « s. ce»i JOE'S HOBBY SHOP special event Friday, Feb. 21 to Friday, Feb. 28 ' n»w for tprlng! only Iwttt a y»ar tan you »av» en thlt merthandlte! tnir NIHT iicin nils, i SAT. rag. 14.99 asic pump a mad for on/ wefl Jrtistd woman. coct* from ffu'i cufifon ding reriefy of cofori on d maltt'ioh... our famous h'gfi ortniJ fit*1 e pCANGEMICOED Xl MTINTi JVUllt ·ifocl, r»,' JT.J, V/h** Fabrics DYED FRtt SIZES 4-9 "Sardines have it better... they don't have to put up with knobby knees 'n elbows!". "Sammy ^e SsrJ-e," re^erVictej aiyo^e. Nor f d fcs pole fi's bed partner »'tK a Ir.cfafcy old elscw. EL* ' S a m the Man." wo»! He tosseur^Ve turns.. .FelticU end ifrefcfies ... whirls, jerli s~,d grunts er,d grear.s. No wcncJer. "Sim tf;» Mart," *js rever n-.ejp.t to sleep in a crsry ctd lartfire can. Mayfce abne -- bat certainly NOT wirh MRS. Sarn. Because togetf-er they both foss «^d turn... lid srtdstretcrt. whirl and jert -- a.-.d grunt and groax Poor Sammy trie Sardire! now...step UP to restful super-size comfort! Thompson's own "Ortho-Re§t" King or Queen 8-pc, package Now looV at Mr. end Mrs. Sarn. V/hy they're enjoying ifeep rrore than ever before, tool at the "grip, j ... the happy, festf J i!eep"rg faces -- Don't you wish you were Mr. ar,d Mrs. SAM? You can be. No more aching bacls ar.d droopy eyeMs aT day long. Tho.T,pson'j have the answer to fit your reed. A quality constructed ORTHO-REST super sue box spring and mattress package. Chocs- either KINS or QUEEN s^e. This luxury s'eep set has been speciaHy engineered fo our own rigid specifications. YOJ get premium steel colls that won't sag -- support yoj properly for years and y e a r s . Heavier colls where the pressure is the greatest, ba'ances just right to give yoJ more restful s'ee?. Eit' size leJs you stretch out nd re'ai. For the first time in your life you can e n j o y corr.fortab'e, rcor.y un- crowded, glorlousV Kjiurious s'eep. The lind of sleep that gives yoj more go -- more zest a^d zip during the day. The llnd of steep and rest you owe to yourself -- and that's for sure! You are a'so assured of our unconditional guarantee -- plus store service poTicy. count em! Eight practical pieces to make up your first super-size package! OUR "StKP-IXPIRTS" ARE STANDING BY TO POINT OUT ADDITIONAL FEATURES I STOP IN. lint IK Sirfip Hit-Sin lltilit · Jilt-Jin Hitil IW Pit-Jin Kittrtu Kfit-JIii ¥irtrti«?»l

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