Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1930 · Page 21
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 21
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0 INDIES _ ...' Iffittn'tmrB fcf in* nlirlihg staff of tft« Kd*ftftf Spring Blair County leifue opltosSft caoft other ort the mound at Athletic park last evening wrteH'th* RStftlng Spring lnd»'pettd- enta Mealed" Hollidaysburg Juntatas fcfnl* Straight and Speldel, both Roaring Spring league hurlers, were the pitcher*. Straight'* baffling" fast ball coupled witty the ability of the tKMIring Spring team to solve gpeidel'a offerings at opportune time's were the chief factors in returning the Independents this Wih'ft'erV Strelght went Int great form as he held the visitors to three hits, two, of which went to Spctdei, 1 fanned six and at all times Kept his opponents a long ' from home- plate, At the same V time the former Penn Central tossett contributed greatly, to tHe scoring with the longest wallop of the evening, a three base blow "to center that drove in runs. Hlte and Hamm led Roaring Spring in hitting, with two awats-«ach. Speldel, a favorite with Roaring Spring Blair league fans, who patrols centerfleld on Saturdays and Is also utility hurler, hurled -good ball, and , three damaging .errors contributed to his downfall, • Another well Known Roa'rlng Spring baseball player > made his initial appearance of the. season during the game. Harvey Hamm', home from school, covered. second and drove out N two hits. Hamm will b.e seen in 'action In the Blair League this 'season. The game was witnessed by a good ilzed crowd 6f fans and Manager Alvin Hlte of the Independents, encouraged by v the attendance of the fans, Iplana to. arrange- for two games a kveek at the local park during the sea- jfen-. The manager has also signed up r Jb*;,lBtonerook, captain and first base' man* and Wilbur /Treese, catcher for • the Blair league entry, for the evening games and their addition will greatly •trdngtheh the local-club. The team Is well fortified with hurlers as S,trelght, Hit.e, Hamm and Charley, Lefty, Butler will be available. The duo seeks games with Dun- carisville, Claysburg, Altoona Merchants and other county teams -that play evening baseball. On Thursday evening .the team will travel to Martinsburg to meet the Blair league team of that place. The Martinsburg team will bo minus their non-resident tossers in the game. Roaring Sprint— AB: R. H. O. A. E. 'R. Bowers, c . Ilite, ss ....... • Hamm, 2b .... Treeae, 3b, c . D. Butler, Ib . Strelght, p — E. Bowers, rf H. Bowers, If . ' Myers, cf Stonerook, as . Over, cf Heuston, 3b .. 111400 312100 312120 300010 311 1 600 111100 100000 201200 1 '0 0 0" 0 0 11000 11000 2 2 100000 Totals ........ . ..... 23 71015 3 0 HollldayVburc— AB. R. if. O. A. E. Stanley, cf .......... 200100 Speldel, p .. ..... ,. ..... , 202020 Gates, 2b, ......... „.. 200111 Curran, ss » ..... •*..,.* 200110 Blade, o Bowser, 3b 2 0 1 S 0 0 .» 100011 . Shoppe, If ........... 200100 Campbell, Ib ..-.>,... 20.0 5 a. 1 Cummings, rf ».....> 100100 Totals ........ ...v^.. 18 0 3 16 5 3 Roaring Spring ....; ...... 0 12 13—7 Hollidaysburg ....... ...... « 0 0 0 0—0. Stolen bases. Over 2. Thre"e-base', •trelght. Struck out, Strelght 6, Bpeidel 3. Bases on balls, Speidel 1. .Hit by pitched ba.ll, Strelght by peldel. Loft on bases, Roaring Spring Hollidaysburg 1. Umpire, Butler. '**<"*> " l * . To Muse and Amuse SI'OHfS EtHtOU A Freaiclfftrt 0. K.'d Contrary to the general polity: of spbrts editors* who have ft record of "guessing" wrong nine 'out of ten times, this eoluhin hit r if tight for,once in i connection 'with the ^ehamplohsmfi of--'the P. I. A. A." ,' •, ' : •:'.•••'. in this column last Saturday, prldr to the state championships District No. 7 was picked to Win the faeefc, and district No. 7" actually won.: Here's what this column said before trie meet: "Over in the No*. 7 district, Pittsburgh area, eighteen schools have representation just because no single school made a runaway race of the district meet. Each school 'has one or two outstanding athletes and district points were well distributed. In fact 23 points won the entire meet. "But having eighteen schools represent the district has its advantages and It-la almost a foregone conclusion that No. 7 stands the best chance to win the state championships. The only disadvantage is to the individual school, this school having little hopes of taking off a team title/' r District No. 7 won but dldn'O ,wln the individual school title because no district No. 7 school had though athletes present to do that. Willlamsport won the individual title. Important Blair Games - / All eyes, and there are plenty of pajrs ~of 'em, will be on the Blair County Baseball league doings "sched" uled for, the Pertn Central 'Maple aVe- nue ball park\over "the week-end. -'< Lightmen, battling for the second pennant in the county organization, are at home on Friday and also on Saturday. ... - . The Friday Memorial day game looms as the most important of the early season games as it brings together Roaring Spring, always a good team, and the champidns. The Springs haven't been defeated this year, Light- men dropped the opening game. Saturday Martinsburg comes to' Al- topna to try and repeat a "dose" handed out in the first game. Penn Central needs wins in both, the^ ball games if the Lightmen' hope to get places. And the two games will be stubbornly fought contests, too. All Blair county teams have games on Friday and Saturday of this week and it is the first time in the twelve' years of the league that games have been booked on holidays or on successive dates. Holiday Is Bace.Day Memorial ( day will be a big day. -for those who enjoy burning gasoline. And it's a day that automobile race drivers, those fellows who drive for cash, for glory, for a refutation, will be in their element. Race meets are booked on practically all the smaller bowls throughout the country. — ' Of course the big race is at Indianapolis and the Hoosler bowl will get forty real-good drivers and havte forty fine mechanics riding with 'em. Indianapolis is the race but not everybody that likes to speed around a race bowl can be accommodated out there. There will be dirt track events gar lore and Bridgcville, Fa., Ebensburg, Carrolltown and York all have race meets booked tfor Friday afternoon. And each one has the "best drivers" In the country. Indianapolis has "the" drivers, the dirt tracks have the "best drivers" but we'll wager a half-smoked , cigar 1 agalftat a fresh one that the greatest drivers of all will be burning up jthe gasoline bh the highways. In thia day and age it takes real ability to wheel a car on any highway. Still Honoring Cottches ' Make no (mistake about It, athletics have gonej/over with a bang among the High schools and the best way to tell which way the wind Is blowing Is to follow the students. A week,ago Altoona High students told the world just what they regarded 'as the most important at A. H. S. and the ^seniors dedicated their "horseshoe" to Snaps Emanuel, head coach Of athletics/ , .This week Hollidaysburg High students appeared With theft 1 , "Chim- rock"", and of course the book was dedicated to an athletic Instructor and coach, .being dedicated to Donald K. Young, coach of the Burg's basketball team. ' , As the /"cig" advertisements say "such popularity must be deserved." Things Yon Should Know "I'm ""always satisfied when some^ body has to break a record to beat my man" stated Coach Earl R.' Bartholomew of Willlamsport High after his team Won the state meet Saturday . . . and his athletes toted, home with 'em seven medals. It takes bad weather conditions for ball players to hustle up a -ball game and the -Works- Cleveland game last Week was staged in' just 1-hour and. 10 minutes, which is close to record time.—George "Mike" McNally, well known umpire is back homexfrom the Middle Atlantic league, resigning his 'job in the circuit . . . and he will see service with the Works on Friday. Effective, at once all benches in the Blair county league ball parks must be cleared off with civilians barred from a place there ... and no fans will be' allowed on the sidelines . . . and a violation will cost some team,a franchise.——Jimmy Camille, the new Claysburg ball player, was with Johnstown in the Mid-Atlantic league for two years, being released to Charleroi ... who in turn gave him a release outright . . . and Claysburg fans are happy.-^-^-Wllllam Penn, John Harris, Lower Merlon and several other High schols eligible for the state \meet in Altoona . . . had meets of their on a week ago, but not a single record was equalled ... all murks being far below the figures established at Altoona. If Eddie Rush i his way Whippets would win all tli . ball games . . . and in his initial start he stole second, third and home . . . and also had a 'single and a two bagger . . . but his mates didn't help any. FLAY 1ANGDONDALE. The Greenwood baseball team will play Langdondale two games at Greenwood on Memorial day. The first game is scheduled at 10 a. m. and the afternoon game at 3.30. Several new" players will be in the Greenwood lineup. . Take Kour AUTOMOBILE TROUBLES TO WEltVZBEKGKB'B Service Station Cherry Are. * 4th St. Dial 3-9814 or 2-3716 WHAT DOES "B. P." MEAN TO YOU? • TO SOME IT MEANS BUCK PASSER BAYUK ... the guy they call "Alibi Ike" . . . he always says, "I'm too busy. Let George,do it" ... or, "No foolin', I wasn't the one. It musta been somebody else." But to thousands, "B. P," means "BAYUK PHILLIES"—the cigar men buy because they like the flavor. And like it well enough topayadimel "PHILLIES"are ripe tobacco. And when tobacco is ripe, it's RIGHTI It tastes so good, that on the first puff you tell yourself, "Go slow." Because you want all the joy you can get. And there's plenty of it in "PHILLIES." If you want to be popular, don't pass the buck-pass "BAYUK PHILLIES." Thro* likeable Porfecto i mM f • | '('.-• Ungfello f fj : I 10o Afttr Pinner, 2 fer 26« W. H. STltAUSS fc CO. t Altgwiiu & Joliiistowii, i'o, . ETHAN ALLEN X OutHelder-for tHe Cincinnati Reds \wag traded to the Giants . along with Pete Donohue in excharige lor Fat Crawford and some cash, Allen was with the Beds for four seMons. FIFTY MILE RAGE ON CARRQLLTOWN TRACK A 60 mile automobile race is planned on the Carrolltown track on Memorial day, leading central Pennsylvania drivers to,take part. The race will be a 100 lap event. Drivers Include Friday Saylor, Bob McKee, Os Hoyer, Dewey Closson, Len Smith, Vlnce Sarvls and- others, ' Andy Crumshaw, from Cleveland, a legless driver with just one arm, is featured as a driver in the race. His machine is a special built one. A feature also Friday Is a title race between Cambria and Blair entries. C-M LEAGUE. Whippets 12, Blair Credit 1; The Standing. . Won Lost McMahon's Dairy ... 2 0 Blair County Credit.. 1 1 Whippets 1 1 General Office 1 1 I. O. O. F.. 0 2 Red Men 0 1 Pet. 1.000' .500 .500 .500 .000 .000 Schedule. Wednesday at Cricket field, Red, Men vs. I. O. O. F. Thursday at Prospect, McMahons vs. Blair County Credit. ' GIANTS LAND TWO MORE RED PLAYERS ~ NEW ITtttf; May 28.-More reln- fofcemefits were on the"fr way to John J. McOraw today to help get the New York Giants but of second division and back into the National league pennant race, s The Giants' 'fourth tracfe brought pitcher Pete Donohue and outfleldet* EJthati Allen from Cincinnati to New York in exchange fpf Inflelder Pat Crawford. Although the Giants announced the deal was a straight trade, it is said that $50,000 Was given the Reds. Injuries,.illness and misfortune have camped oh the trail of the Giants since May 13. Although the Giants broke a 5-game losing streak by beating Brooklyn yesterday, 3-1, they have dropped lr out of their last 14 games. / Donohue had served but his usefulness at Cincinnati, but McGraw may make a new pitcher out of him. He is only 30, and from 1922 to 1926 was one of the best in the National league. He won 21 games in 1923 and 1925 and 20 in 1926. Allen, one of the fastest men in the league will greatly improve -the defensive strength of the Gaints' outfield. McGraw plans to play him in center field, with Roettger and Leach alternating in left field. Allen Is 26, larfd has been with the Reds for four years. He batted .292 in 143 games last season. MAJOR LEADERS. / The following statistics, compiled by the United Press, include games of Tuesday, May 27. • Leading Hitters. - i G. AB. R. H. Pet. Rice/ Senators .... 36 149 38 62 .416 P. Waner, Pirates 32 121 24 49 .405 Herman, Robins .. 31 141 37 67 .404 Hogan, Giants.... 26 86 12 34 .396 O'TDouJ, Phillies .. 29 118 25 43 .390 Home Run Sluggers. Ruth, Yankees, 14; Wllspn, Cubs, 13.; Klein, Phillies, 11; Berger, Braves; Gehrig, Yankees; Fojcx, Athletics, 10. , ( Runs. Ruth, Yankees, 41; Terry, Giants; Rice, Senators, 38; Frederick, Robins; Herman, Robins; Bishop, Athletics, 37. v Hits. Frederick,- Robins; Rice, Senators, 62; Douthit, Cardinals, 59; Herman, Robins;'Terry, Giants; Frisch, Gardina^s, 56. Buns Batted In. Simmons, Athletics, 41; Gehrig, Yankees; Foxx, Athletics, 40; Klein, Phillies; Ruth, Yankees, 39. , FORYOURCAR Taylor Loud Speaker lie*. *7.30 Z I D Auto Supply €** 1514 llth Ate. jfEXT BOOR TO OPEX EVERY EVBJflWO Wednesday and Thursday Only Luggage Carrier THURSDAY ONLY Slmonlze Cleaner or Polish 5 Gal. 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