Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 20, 1973 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1973
Page 12
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/BUT THERE UW5A ( j FOR ONE «IEF MOMENT I THOU6HT I WAS WINNW6 lf4TK£6AMEOFLIF£- I li)A5 ALMOST HAPPf P^--~Bclicre K or Not! ( R A 6 ON 7H£ PLAY i RAILROAD OUVERT LOCATED 6ETVHN OAK HILL AMD WINANSVILtE, WAS CONSTRUCTED B/ MERELY PILING STONES WE AIOP'AMOIHER. WITHOUT tAOKTAR Of AW KIWD-Xfr XT /WV KIMAIHID STVRty FOR. /THE BOY 10 ON.L.V HOME HOMESICK? I WHAT THE IBUTHfc Jr LAO SAID IS . \ ( WAS THAT HE WAS SICK ^e unAAe/ -TH« SWORDS Of GERMfW WARRIORS Of THE 1st CENTURY WERE AUWS BURIED WITH -nm- MAPOM HB!£/ltWYS BENT TO MAKE THEM WHAT IS IT DOC? MOTH INS SERIOUS I HOPE.' IS THRESHED B' THE SHORS OFSHORIVA, IN SIBERIA, £/ SCORCHING IT OVER A FIRE --WHICH iOOSffJS THE GRAIN UNUSABLE FOR F/SHTIflS ·MC, IN THE Sf/RIT HORU LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. Classifications Of Arthritis Listed IT'* FOOL bRWERS LIKE THAT VWO CAUSE" THE ACCIDENTS. WAS NO ACCIDENT. THAT DRIVER WAS TKY1HQ TO RUN YOU DOWN. ITHtUKNOUSHOULP REPORT IT TO THE POLICE: rMMCDIATSLV, Why is there so much confusion about different forms of a r t h r i t i s a n d rheumatism? Aren't they the same? In addition, actice and passive xercise and physiotherapy are lanned and used to reduce the OH NO... X MEftN, MOT RIGHT NOW. muscles and in the joints. Your question shows evidence neumatoid arthritis that occurs n children is known as Still's of the confusion that exists in isease, or juvenile rheumatoid the minds of many people who u s e both changeablly. Rheumatism repeat,, rheumatoid jlassification of arthritis. the general term applied to a great number of conditions, acute and chronic, associated with stiffness and soreness of the muscles, the joints, and the tendons. The classification established by the American Rheumatism oSw'Atf WAIT XP · ) · chronic condition that seems o occur more often m the older age groups and in those who are excessively overweight. SECOND TYPE Injury to one or more joints can be responsible, too. for this conditions, all included in this complex discorder. SUBDIVISIONS O s t e o a r t h r i t i s causes degenerative changes within the knobby enlarge- Arthritis might be considereo as one of the rheumatism. ments of the Joints, the spine, the feet are deformities which are two maior forms ease of movement. affects the joints and the tissues fl NOWE-OF-VOUR-BIZNESS TRIP, NOSEY UH- RI6HT NOW HE'S-UH" TflKIN' ft LEETLE BIZNESSTRIR ELUINEV VAJHfYTSORTA IZNGS TRIP? around them. This type seems to occur about three times more WHflRS VORE MflN SNUFFV TODftY, LOWEEZV ? frequently in women men. treatment can begin. changes that occur within the hemistry help to differentiate oint the way to some of the ewer forms of treatment. Salicylates, the basic com onent of aspirin, still remain ne of the most effective form irthntis. Many other drugs, anc cortisone, are used for specifi ases. JLPf-THAT LETS IX CEKTA1NW- IF-/OLJ QUALIFY. FIRSr-VOU MOSTMT WORK-- -AMP ALL FOR THE. POOLS, SAUNAS/J UNPER- QOL.F TT PRIVIUEftED. COURSES- THAT'S WHAT^ GOIK1QUP -- OUT- VJEALU WORKS, WHENCE GITS A ttorthwMt Arkansas T1MK, TUM., Mi. 20, 1973 , *»K»NIAS - - UIMmKHIMHW FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which our birthday comes and find vhat your outlook is, according o the stars. FOR WED., FEB. 21, 1973 ARIES' (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Especially favored now: legal matters, business transactions, managerial conferences. Your 'ine sense of strategy could help activate a program that would Benefit many. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Planets continue to advise caution in business affairs. Sift the details of all procedure; carefully and, no matter how p r e s s e d , make no hasty decisions. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Fine stellar influences. You can take t h e high road v i g o r o u s l y , pursue worth while objectives with a goo m e a s u r e of attainment Romance favored, also. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Ke e n perception needed Planetary influences still some what restrictive. Don't risl present assets on the basis o "information" b a c k e d b; nothing. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Emphasize your originality The eyes of superiors a r e p your efforts, and worthwhil ideas and new methods coul lea'd to a fine upgrading of you status. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Stress self-control AND sel reliance. Don't count too muc on the cooperation of other Plan a workable program an m a k e a l l commitmen judicioulsy. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Some contusion in job matte ndicated. Consult with a truste associate and try to clarify tti situation. The p.m. brings a unusual invitation. Accept. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Don't fret it the unavailabili ready cash temporari stymies the launching of a p project. There's no hurry. ct, time is definitely on your AGITTAR1US (Nov. 23 to Dec. ) Give close scrutiny to new repositions, and be sure you nderstand their "whys and herefores." Your judgment is sually excellent, but even You ould be misled now. APR1CORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 0) Some strain in personal ela.tionships p o s s i b l e . B« specially tactful and patient ith your mate and in-laws, ho could be pressuring you in ays that cause argument. QUAR1US (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Friends may try to tempt you nto making an unsound investment. Say "no" and hold your round -- e v e n if they ar« nreasonably disturbed by your efusal. This is no day for peculation. ISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) A minor flirtation could bs pleasant diversion, but don't et it take your mind off your vork. There's much to be ac- omplished -- profitably. YOU BORN TODAY are an ·xtremely warmhearted individual, a gay and likeable companion. You have been endowed with exceptional in- elligence, but are also ex- remely emotional. Thus when 'your heart rules your head" vou often run into difficulties, i e a I i s m and "down-to- arthness" are qualities which the Piscean MUST learn to acquire if he would attain the aappy and successful life which !AN be his. Your intuition and perceptive powers are outstanding and you are meticulous and efficient in handling responsibilities. You are extremely versatile -- especially along creative lines; may be deeply r e l i g i o u s yet, perhaps paradoxically, have an intense interest in the occult. Maritim» activities also appeal to you, Birthdate of: Cardinal Newman, clergyman, writer. WIL4. M3U HELP N MAKE THE HOMOK ROLL- AT SCHOOL ui Ul O Ui at YOU 86T 1 WILL-! HOW PO YOU WANT MB TO HSL-P/ .POKBY? UT M6 DO AW OWW HOM6WORK i-Zo GO I DIDN'T · KNOW KILLER MAP AN AfgO HE'S WOT HERE, BUOMPIE He's our OM v--' A BUSINESS CALL) O O I'LL TAKE IT I GAVE HIM r^ . H I S CHANCE and lich the These two forms of arthritis are distinguished by the doctor after studies of the blood, and the exact established, M a s s a g e , ultrasonic vibra- pa c k s, and forms of waterj therapy are used "n addition to cortisone. Surgery has been remarkably in special cases. It relieve the incapacitation associated with some forms of arthritis. A constant note of Warning must be given to the many people suffering with arthritis who fall prey to the quackery gadgets and "miracle" devices that serve no function except to deplete their purse. iitiniiiiiitiiinoniiiiiiiniiitiiiiinininmiifliiiiniinnim B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters* Individual Championship Play) iiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiinnuniiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiTiininiiniifl^ Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH * A K 8 5 4 3 ¥ 9 3 · 104 4 9 8 2 WEST A J 1 0 9 7 2 V K Q 1 0 7 4 8 5 * A 3 EAST *6 V 8 6 5 4 2 * 9 7 3 2 * K 6 4 SOUTH A Q ¥ A J 4 A K Q J 6 + Q J 1 0 7 5 ACROSS 1. Cebine monkey 4. School dance 7. A book of hours 11. Odd (Scot) .13. Salutation 14. Bird 15. Moist 16. Sailor 17. Endure 18. Biblical name 20. Italian resort 22. Melody 24. Of a religious season 28, Fused, as ore 32. Genus of Old World lizards 33. Tiller 34. In favor of 36. To flick 37. Fabulist 39. Vends a second time 41. Man's came 43. Chum 44. Bloodhound (Her.) 46. Greek philosopher 50. Persian .. fairy 53. Label 55. Hebrew measure 56. Arabic letter 57. Turkish officer 58. A wheal 59. Nest of pheasants 60. Cover 61. Female fowl DOWN 1. Soft drink 2. Ancient country 3. Girl's name 4. Headwear 5. Elliptical 6. Danger 7. American poet 8. Money of account 9. The law thing ID. Pismire 12. Poem by 7 Down 19. River island ATerage lime of Mention! 24miD. 21. Goddess ' (L.) 23. Ump's counterpart 25. High 26. Mr. Ludwig 27. Dozes 23. Shinto temples 29. Encounter 30. Otherwise 31. June bug 35. A fabric 38. Reimburse 40. Weaken gradually 43. Native 45. The Wise Men 47. Oriental nurse 48. Far: comb, form 49. Biblical name 50. Greek god 51. Hebrew priest 52. Free 54. Ingot of metal The bidding: Sooth West 1* 1* 3* 4* Pass Pass North Dble 34 5* East Pass Pass Opening lead - king of hearts. This hand illustrates a play sometimes called tease coup." the "strip- West leads the king of hearts and declarer observes thai there is a danger of losing a two trumps to go So, in an effort to heart and down one. avoid this outcome. South wins the heart lead with the ace cashes the queen of spades plays a low diamond to the ten, and leads the ace of spadei from dummy. East ruffs with the four, in order to slop declarer from discarding his heart loser, and South overruffs with the five. Declarer now cashes the ace of diamonds and continues with he king, planning to discard dummy's heart loser if West 'ollows suit. But West trumps the third round of, diamonds with the hree and dummy overruffs with the eight as East follows suit. Continuing his campaign, declarer now plays the king of spades from dummy, forcing East to ruff with the six as South overruffs with the seven. The striptease has now been accomplished, for East and West have each been denuded of their low trumps, and the king and ace -- both unattended -- are the only trumps they have left. Declarer leads the queen of diamonds and West cannot do better than ruff with the ace as dummy's nine of hearts is discarded on the trick. South sooner or later ruffs a heart in dummy and his only losers on the hand turn out to be th» A-K of trumps. The recommended method of play is of course an unusual way of extracting trumps, but that is hardly a bar to its use, considering the circumstances. Any port in a storm! PONYTAIL Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 41 12. 38 20 2-20 "So THAT'S what I forgot to do last night! Homework!" TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results. Try'em. Jusl Dial 442-6242.

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