Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1976 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1976
Page 22
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4T--R«al BV O.vnor for .Wit or Iradf · IMrtmcnt ogmplfji near Unlvet relum on Investment, r,O. Jalsj 10 unit til)'. S"»l Box 7t. HOUSE FOR 'SAM! by 3 b rooms, 2tt baths, (OTOM! living 'dinl area, dwi wKh double Iir«r4ac. tiou earykarase, Lw^lwl on 2214 Acres v j rent houws,' ham. and ginlen eyol. mite from rity limits on Ilwy. « E Call 521-BBU alter 5, LOVELY FAMILY HOME In eMahUjhiJ neighborhood. Ljrje living mom, formal dlnlne room, libraiy/la room, 4 briioonu, J balht Latcj tc backyard. ^2,000. Call 443-2510 --for IN SWEETBRIAR bflroom brtck hiirut ' Also 2 nei buy i ' IN LINCOLN aetf* wilh 3 bedroom trailer house, ood, (enee. Pond. Oulbu tidings. Phone Builder GARLAND-SMITH 267-3393 47--Real EslMe--For Sate 47--Rool Esrofo--For So!» 4'--Real Estale--For 5al» WHAT A LOCATION IIUSN, ivpll.V boihwd high rtiilritt. I family ori-nl«t r.eish- hiU in Hoot School . ft- 3 bed- . . halh hon? *ilh rcnlral heat/ ilr .fenrrd back aiti. dccfc wth a view, K-wihnme too; Call Susan today al 521 SOS3. FOR SALE BY 'PRIVATE PARTY Profi1aH«.6V4 acre bmiler cam*. 1 rw*. steel truis chlcX-n houses CE'jtltti 1 ) Plus hom«it* «r trailer space wilh water well, £33 well, iPjHlc tank, and a|] hook- lips. Located on Hviy. 62 between Prairie drove And ParmlnfUm. Pri« STS.MO. i« sonalile lenns. · Call Ron Burns 846-2183 P-1285 EXCELLENT CONDITION , 3 larje bedr-xmu--2^ baths, separate diTibig room--living. room lairrly room mth FP. Over HWO sq. ft. in the 40'*. FREEMAN 10^'ACRES ave hem looHrg for ow in, you'll want lo unimproved Iracl h t much of II (tin b GREAT STARTER HOME i bedrooms and a iturty or third t m. or.« balh, d.ning room, living ro ±cn. 1300 sq, ft. EDMISTON- PREWITT ' I E U Wf ESHH- 2585 N o r t h College. 52-32 C/arid Prewlii Joan Hess NICK 3 b*drooni hoaw In FaimlTiRlcn UV halhs. Central heat, c«itral air. oar ret. drapes, dishwasher. tUsposal, range 522.000, Phone M3073. \r*is, 521-6306 3263 N. Colleee F-218 TRl-LtVEL Pretly V1 wilh 'beantilul trees- 1 be* rooms--21 a bilhi --TV i- dining roon family wilh FP. Patio. CH i Air, d Juttet Bavjs al 52L6XM) or 442-72fil FREEMAN CENTRALLY , -' ,;,, LOCATED BRICK NEED TO DK \VAlJaNC! DISTANCE OF SIOrPL\!, ETC? THIS IS - WHAT YOUR LOOKLSG FOR. FORM. At, IJVING HOONE. FORMAL DIN- IN'K. TWO BEDROOMS, Wi BATITS. KlTClIii^ AND I/TS OF STOIlAti?:. SEPARATE BRICK GARAGE: WITH COMPLETELY ENCLOSED PATIO- THIS I t O M E IS WEU, CONSTlinur- F)D AND A VERY ATTRACTIVE DESIGN. PRICE 127,500 WITH AS SUMABt-E LOAN, 1MMHUTK POSSESSION'. · O A I, I, t VIRGINIA BR1CTO\S'. OETICE: 531 -{«*, HOME: 442-5M7. ' 521-6300 3l¥,3 N. Ccllf . Township you don't ivanl U all -- djive dwn 1 we'll MHI you an]' pail, IE acres Horn land nil In (mHmd frscur. 2 Us. 2 profsiire $y»tcms and [iond,| tccl Iruiscd. Invililed. awomiltc b»:1- hocsc on natural Ras'. Like new 3! diwim, 2 bath, carpcled, central hial' id air. 2 car Cflraee and buill-Jn appli ices. Buj- a!l 163,000. Buj-'home anl 1 7ie. bjollor TIDUM; and acreage, or home vd brojlor hflii-v wilh Air 3 ^crcs, Make NEWLIN REALTY CO. 47,--Ron! Eslato--For Sale Northwest Arktinsos TIMES, Wed., April 14, 1976 A Y K I T K V I L L F - A X K A S R A 5 . HOME WITH ACREAGE... drooni. 2 balK 1900 !/]. It.i on hl 5 acres cverlmkir g vail ey. 1 jn'lARd city limit. ET.SJ' access I Highway 71, 1'iiwd mid Wt. Call Allan Bridges 'al 521-KOO fir 521-5150. FREEMAN 521-7357 442-9956 521-553$ 521-7357 2 ACRES, HWY. 16 EAST rtlnlly wwwled. twx bedroom hmt 3iarnunjj (or Tirsl home or Ideal (or cnl. T»vejy wltuis. Just east pj 1 JiolFnA' Hoad. iwllcr y 1174*0. Call Fra REAL ESTATE CO. j/fi« , ·»«* ' 521-8310 J 634-3201 COMMERCIAL Comer r1 thvy. 71 .South a tii SprinpB Raid. ,135 acres. Ideal more business^* «r lovdy site (Mil KaOiy, 413-5T70, Basi ISih .^(rr* 1 !. One sere house. Only .flfi.aftQ. Also. L\vo acr« loth Street Mth Uo smaSl rock h. J for commercial, industrial, or mulU- :ly housirtR. Call Uoj'd, 412-6225. 39% \\-.\~n rtrt NEW HOMES BISHOP ADDITION SEVERAL UNDER CONSTHUOHON 3 .Rertroorr.!, ? fall hilha, carpet, di*h- washer, dispos-'.l, electric range, central heal and air. al] brick, fireplace optional Double wcwd paneled double garage RtMODELING'S DONE you can mo^·a Into this spacious ·oom home «ith new rarpfL new pa elftig, appli.iriws. Convc !inl lo everj^bEri?. Ltnocibi. Only f 14,000. · · 2 . HOUSES-- 12 LOTS ! IVhwJer. Blacktop roarf, Asbcll schoo 1 . harfa trees. Plenty oT walon Kix '*m P. Hrrit OTIQ. enjoy the spaciousness of NEAR WINSIOW 9 aerta with a 7 room rock home In i'«y £iyd porditiort. 4 wells and 'a pond here iw. Oniy $25,000.00 wtli tt dcr.\n and owier itnar^ng. . i. NEED MORE ROOM? :, Trj - Ihii B room ranch hcinie nith over 2JOO squrac Feet of living space, plus "a 60t\ pa rase set on 1 RCTE of bud, near EKrclient condiUKi and e.\«Jlenl buj' at ' i l h 1/3 doM» and o-ivnc-r ' : : CATCH THAT TOURIST -TRADE With" this vvel! 1o«ti*d Wore, plus a hv-o bedroom home on top of the mountain A perfect spot for an antique or ahnp. Perftrt price of (3t.»OM. WHERE ELSE no-*-! * 17W afcros, n sUvic f 1 rfLtiisi \\-ilh city sv-itPr for only wrt.000.00? $28,500 to ; $31,200 FHA l/ian--I^irw down payment BUIIERFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT. ruin vesl at South Bide ol Drire.Ln It. Her, n«T. 71 North. Vt mllo «-e=l inle WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-6569 FARMINGTON bcdrvom home, sculptured ihaj; et, carport, (ar^e l"t with nice ggrdfn. v^ir1 In one o[ the nfeest residential reas, dead end rnxed street. Ctll Kath)' " LOSSING REALIY 267-3200 if busy 267-3337 BWY. 6?. Farnilngon Bus, 267-3200 . Res, fUfi'2315 511-J1M ML91W 613-21M 1.1 ACRE LOVELY HOME R-2A3) Ve ry alt ractive 3 FW r., B~rirk r,nw trKAitd al 371 B. JUUian in Far- ilnstm. LG. lOTi'xM' PaHo. J'xS\S' storage room, central beat * a i r , earpetliu. drap«- beautiful wit»i! with dts Privacy-Pawl lesillc S*«l*. JZJ.WO. Call ijday! 3 BDR. BRICK -- ASBEll SCHOOL (li-223) Local ed JIK( ftfl llwy. 52 W. Ui a nice residential area. A very comlortable irpolini, rwilral ht-at 4: air. l«s nl storage, and well-kepi (ence«l iwn. Priced al only 123,500. - PRICE REDUCED R-3W) iia.lOO will buy Ihis l a r f e 2 Edr. wme on appro*. 1W acres. Locals! j 2 B]ks. oi; Calo Spruits Hd. Call lev appointment today. CaB Ann 521 91S4 $15,5001 (R-2.T7) Ttih twibfl is in Uw perleo Iixallcn (or siidfnls. younf married pour-le or a retired couple. 2 Bdi large 75'x23V M. at the West 1hA ctlj'. Call Arm for an appoM merit today. 521-9161 or office. FARMINGTON 3 BDR. HOME IR-Ml) This nice home is on a large orner Int with rhain hi* lei ·ard. Kitchen has lni!H-in dishwasher v.d ran^e. DouHe carport, 1 ge. Asbell Scrmri s. A real buy only J15.WO.M. PRAIRIE GROVE-LARGE 2 BDR. HOME (R-W2 Thir nice older hrimfi sits ( large lot with Ints of trees ar.rl a f yarden spot. FuUy carpeted. Mirtral 1 wall alr-condiioner, drapes, huge I: and 8'xlZ' itoraee building. Lc al 111 S. SumntiU St. H8,5W. HOUSE AND ACRE TltnKi: LAIIGG RKDHOOMS, EXTRA l^MIGK RATH WITH TUB AND SHOIVKR. EXCELLENT 1/CAT]ON fOH SI-XOND HATH 1JKIWKBN T\VO EM RKDnoOMS. VERY NICE KITCHEN WITH Pl.SSTY OF CXMJNTEn SI'ACK BREAKFAST AHELV OVRllIAOKING BACK YARD FROM r [CTim E wi snow. MCE S1XKO rOMAT, I.IVINOHOOM. WA1.I, HH\T AND ATTIC FAN. UVE IN THE CITY WITH COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE;. PRICE sir.yw. 47--Real Estate--For Sale VETERAFJS. You can buy this 3 b frame home «lih rwthinB rf?*^- J»0 closins-cost. Call Hof^rd 7JI-MM Alter hoiiTi, 711-2!18. T R A N S F E R R E D I D Touss, musl spll «droom, sunken livlns rtwm HOT) do"1 md assume tow interest KIIA loin, $1 rwnth. Phww evening «2-9183. da tarnblin NOT JUST ANOTHER HOUSE that has . spatia bcrfroom brick 50 A. MOSTI-Y WOODED. OvcrlooWnB llnub«i)l« Valley just trf H«y. 68. Live older home -**!!e build:rE MI itieal wntsiLf. Oall Dewey Srurloch. 442I49. Ed lorbeil A ·Land Brokers 443-4541 or "521-2855 ! aUenlli ii f, ful ly ca IT*' *d. CHU! at heal A ns. Spacsoui lamiLv ror h (iieplace. t/irge onortd pzUi v-- · cooVwl grill. Weil K'ood S*JP« ringdale. 130,500, clan lodij 1 f(w f THE SULLIVAN AGENCY 524 No. College SALE PRICED nwr UofA. Extr three bedrrwnl. 2 baUi. rten, ra Lars*, level lot -- rids swimmin only M.300. \\1I1 FHA or VA. eallj' 7J1-7X«. iH-tfm. l Notices led HOME WITH AN INCOME! (R-266) Only 3 ml. Irom Fajiplteville 1 n beautiful country .wtling. This ni Mr. brick .ind [ran« home Iws a I offer--carpel in^ T drafts, fmlml haat double PITCH A TENT Move In a trailer or tncld j-wir o boiiVe en this 5 acres just 2 miles fro West Fork. Only 15,500.00. ' GET AWAY FROM IT ALL On thli II flcre woodland sil* nn - stite mid between Spring VaLles' a Mai'IicJd. Good price on this and o'.'ii SPLIT LEVEL NEW 3 BEDROOM -- ROOT SCHOOL LARGE DEN ON 'LOWER LEVEL -- Spacious double garafe -- " 95'xUJ' W, Fric«i at only M-I.SOn, Csll C. R. Rates 4«43Ifi or 53163S«, DEVELOPMENT LAND WITH ALL LT1UTTES AVA1L- AHLE OVER «,, mile on exsUng hi%rWop mad. Terms by owner. Call FLoj-d Pothan |13-1316. PRAIRIE' GROVE ' REDUCED PRICE wi this 4 bedrwni hume vnih a!mr«t 3000 sq. ft. (rf hp,il«l spare. Extr.i large [amily loom «i1h «wd burning drer?ac«. Call 4134TIS lor appointment: A Iff? OF SPACE for the. price. 21.33 ACRES ON' HIGHWAY IS no* I to INDUS- T5LAL PARK. 7M' frontase iwwd light Ir^Iusufal or ho-n-y commercial. $2500 pei au^. Listed by lUs- kell Utle)' 4*3-1316 or res. 41265H. BETV/EEN LINCOLN -AND PRAIRIE GROVE FVVJT acres on Hwy. B2 potxl Sprti beautiful building sites, ideal "oomm ceal location. OpW'onal 12v70 - Me* 1 Home Mih rock ft rerf SCR arvi r Laiiun. Priced lo tell, CaH Jwn 4 6225. RAISE MINNOWS AND CATTLE 171 acre (arm. B5 s«rs cm fescue., pi springs-, W (ranlage on Cove Cieek, Sa' tmnncr\v' c-xvis, Three 5tock pond*, nice 4 hwinrom hnme wilh IwAati/ul riew ol valley ad creek. Souih ol Prairie Grove. WfDINGTON WOODS res, level «1lh sloping back find plenty sharfe Irccs'. . REAL ESTATE . 442-6225 2556 Ml. Comfort Road I b (oO.CO ke this a nd 1 rwm e.v ot Faye U«vi1I«: A MILLION MILES FROM TOWN .« 1han 20 mlnulcs, B acrrr, 2 p o - /'jfivxl garden sp«. Part down ana SKELTON ST. BR, 2 bath brick m e«eUtol condi- lon. Large FR.-.builHn krlrficn. custam drapes, carpeted, central heat fc air. Call HAZEl VALLEY , . 5 acre* w-kh a n:ce 3 BR- I bith [ home. ArreAgc half rtcar and hi! large lock pond. Call Katharine Fiwr SZ14303 VALLEY DRIVE BR. Wi balhs, brick/cedar, brand new carper in LII .-er«l palio. and a detached KarviKe with i 3 room apartment id lhal rwrts tor tLIX a mo. or ·rt lor your crtleje siudcnt. All and 1" acne of good lovpl land nnd be-AuliJul lannjcapin? lor OMA'Itt $32,000. tVtld b-Jl asswrtble by (all cave-bemUful t lo build, M minutes E. LAFAYETTE If you need a l a r p c honie this Wild be GREENWOOD .1 R R . l\i balhj. family ctinibo. ritfliies, appliances heat. Call B=ty Ut!e SZMM 19 ACRES MEMBER FAYE?ITEVHXE MOLTI-LIST IE^mEIt NATIONAL MUI.Tt-LlST DAV I S INVESTMENT wmn. SVV swjion of csiy. l/)t 100'x Good garden area. Piesent income I I SIM pw monlh. Call Ray Bundi e--»2HOV5. or oftice. 80 ACRES corrf oountrj' road. On* good 'field ·rrmneal pasture, several old Rclds. ig fd pand plus ano-Jier year- nd spring. SmiH stand ol rir.f tr«a, tn hsrriwooris. Trrerhone 4- elcc- Iridly. )7 miles A-om Faj«tteville--16 wvemcnl. Call Virginia Bowers «2- $17,500 WITH GARDEN pw rhain llnV fence vwU proled you inlen ishile you enjoy goirig baiffool o le ntw ivirpsls m OIP large living TOOT _ Jalchen of (hi* spotless tv.ti beditwi horn*. Call Bobbju Halbrwk today fc an appointment--W32O7. 'or olfic*. COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE: is HEREBY GIVEN, ·shi*. i purinance of Ihe authority and direo on* contained In 1h« ,dtcr*l«l crttt lay 01' April, A.D., 1976 In a certain' MUM (Nn 7T6-)1 and 7^ 9») (hen pfnd:Tiir ihrrcm between (iMre*' 1 Ia\-i.l Ir., P l a i n I Iff anr) Tom Pcarsoi. Jr. ind Tom Pearson- Jr. and Pam*ll C*n- tlrurllnn Co., Enc., rtcfcndjinls, the un- Icrslc'ne'l, as Commissioner, of 1 ' said ourl. ' M i l l oHer for t a l e ' al public vcnduc lo the hiEhe?1 hWrtcr. at Ih^ est tltxir or rnlranre ol the ' County rurl Tloii'f, In which salrt Cflurt f i fid,- Lfi Ihe County of \VasMn;.lan. ilhln the houri prescribed by l^w for idlclal ;a!cs. on Ihe lOlh day of May t in.15 a.m. 1;-5 lh« follow Ina described teal e 1 a l f , lo-wil: TRACT A: I,oU Nunibe-red Orie (1), Twn f 2 l Thren Ol, f^our i ) Fiva (5). Six (6), .Seven 7 , Bijhl iB. Nine (9), anrt Ten 110) in Block Numbered Nfne Ol ol Fersuwih's ArltliHoti to the Cily o! Kayctte^ilie, Arkansas, ns per ptat of ta!i? ArfdlHin on file In Ihe oiJica of Ihe Circuit Cerk and ES OFIirlo Recorder ol \Vashingt/m County, Arkansas. TPtACTT BL l«is Numbered Ore (1), Tun (21, Three (3), Eleven ( I I ) . and Twelve (12 in Block Ntimber«d EiRht (3 ol Fcrsuson'i Addition to itie Oty ol FayeUeville, Atkansai, as per plat of safd ArM;t-:on en Jile in'thft office fit the Cjrcuii aerk and Exfltfido Recorder of WasVcston Ccumy. Arksnrai TRACT C: Part ol Ihe Easl Half or tlic · Norlhvvcsl Quarier ef Section ElEfcl, Townfhlp Fideen Norlh. R o n g a Thi n y West, more paiticula tlv described HS follows: From the Northwest t u r n e r of t'fia Northwesl Quarier of the Korihweit Qujirler, proceed Kasl 71S.37 feet, thence Soyth 112.1,87 feet Ihe POINT OF B E G I N N I N G . n e e along (Tic fknith rfsht ay line ol a Counly Road Sout!) PS«R5 31 mlnuiejs KB si 112B2 fcc(. :e departing s-aW rich! of way South IR degrees 51 minules. VS'eat M.51 [eel/ Ihence .West 112.82 f r i t . North 16 degrees la minutei East -132.01 (eel lo 1he point ol or tcss. gll In Washington y. Arkansas. TER.MS OF SALE: On a credil n[ months, (he . purchaser boln* iuir*d lo cteculp a bond ai required -law and the order and rteoree of curily, bearing · In1era.U al 4he rai» cenl at JUST OFF HWY. 71 SOUTH ?0 ar«.T af mostly vroortcd land. Pric«! t2,500.fW with ov-Tier fjnancinc, UP FOR-ADOPTION t[ FaycUe^ille on 31 acn-Ji. 13 year old, 7 room home \Mlh lar^e Acrecncd in front porch. Just--{-W,700,OT- WHERE THERE'S SMOKC There's luniaUy ft fireplace, S acr« cm paved 10 miles tram Fayelieville, 4 bedrconi hoirw, 1 Halh. ponrt. 1)ar " fir - d m a n y «stros f27.».00. RECIPE.FOR.HAPINESS Tata this tarce lol wttlj il's excellent iicw for (2-500.f0 And have men*)' left lo build your Dream Home. IhiE. RACE. FOR. SPACE Is 'on, and you ran be the winner. aores ju«l out Kile Ihe «'y limit. 1 *. Bxst ot FayeUcviUe Bsm. poiwl and holding pen. ftl.SOO.ra EXCELLENT TERMS HERNANDO'S HIDE AWAY EdTorbell A Coutd Ve n acreages THICKS rani EAST OF FAYETTEVILLE S;t£ Uds nice 5 iwun roch hoiue 1 on ara-ea of lar/i, 2 harns in «xcvVent tv dltlon. PlPnlj' of wafer even city wate Priced ritfit al W3,OOO.M. TWO FULLY AUTOMATIC And Insuhled ohlcfcen hou\( on thi* ICO acre farm just. 12 miles (Kim FayeUevilte. r^ood 5 room buriWl(r,v. Good pric* and tej . Lh;s HAK wat*. jwnd. S?i ?IiO N. College -- 4(3^316 FOR 133.500 where can i'ou buy \w farwl er house, one a»'s32' and a»'x4fl', ji 8 yearj nld and automatic equipiiwnt. S lipdro^m xvilh dining area and ri wilar. lots nf. onthuiMin?s," jilenl i-ater including' good sprinC, prapes , and nut trees, and on lerms (o TRY NEWLIN REALTY. CO. i for wle, TOTAL, . Brokers 443-4541 or 521-2855 BKT1ROOM BRICK, den, pati acres Monte Ne Area. 5^500 eqnii me payment!. PJwne 636-BOM. ATTENTION TRADERS ! have ov.-ners villinp to trarle TALK VMTH US. \udtey DraVe Vemon Mej-^r Schoonover Polb' Martin Office PI.EA5E DROP BV C. R. D-ilei Tish JWIPJ H. L, Utlev Gcorpe Caudle flora Ssslruak 521 «M -M2-57Til 4126014 LOTS OF WATER. On this 15 acres jus 2 rni way ' 71, · Frftffny borders Ka,i a good 5 room home, pir^d to bam and xarrten fro this for $»,a».M. JUST OUTSIDE GREENLAND CITY LIMITS Ntcc Util* bnnff^ow «i a paved ctreel. Under UO.OOO.M v,ilri IS.OW.W down, . owner financed. , . A GOOD START Ihst younj couple WiTlim? lo fix e up A S room. 3 bcdroorn hoiisa i k for only (7,000.00- $34,000.00 43,000 brwleri, 120 soro, Braler h«i 40x300. InsiilAted, all automatic, 2 bed- nil bath home with firarfsce: 29 and owner earn 1 rwlanc* s L f i t. Call Marie, 2fi7-S3lO or otlict. intere* 15,000 Broilers. ID acrft*. 1 steel truss, a auiomatic wlih automaUc curl at us. hfdrofim anrt bath ne^er bnck hftm loximalel)' 13 miles. Irom Faj'ett . rail Marie, X7^21B or oflicc. STROUT REALTY Hwy. 71 SoiUfi Acr«« From The. Alrfv Telephone 521-72.10 icrc-.T alI o[vn, 7 room hon balh. 1375 s*j. ft. healed spsc«. North CWlest Phon« »1 -521-3658 FaypUevill?, Arlun^i .,,,.... . . . . rolUr under houw. 31x48 ft. wood wrk- ins *°P awl ^srage with tools. nru*e- ful fit nl«! fumilure. 1W7 Ford ji=ok»p. IS head co«J and calvw. .Jusl mo'.'e in, til Mdrie BeM, STT-3310 or office. OLETA CAMPBELL REALIY THIS WONT IAST IONG (B54V On the market; we mean. A Liv«. ly, 3 bilrm and rtcn. 2 biih brick ir Oik Utanor we'Just listed. Ran^e, DW disposer, beautiful carpets, rtrar^s, ton 2 era Sarase «iLh'buill-in storase. l«»'rt lol wilh garden spot- BH.t«r hurry tA WM Ihij at W3.500. Il's a buy I LfsWd b \Vilma Cooltch. Sll-ftiOO, 521-7M7 «vw.. 4Q A. INDUSTRIAL Vear FayeHevlMe's Indciil. Part, Ab,Mrt ^ mile roid In^il, ivTler, p'S, sewe uparby. i/glitli- wonded hut lajT: "'dl '» industrial dpveiopmenl and pri« a J 115 I2.PM per acre. Will cor^ldw .wJlini! a : part, Lirfed by f^, L. Sianton, S21-6500. LAZY FISHERMAN? CRJ3) Like to ri$h but halo (he'tiassle o( t o w i n g ' y o u r «nd draeEing H rMck after Aark? Man. this ts /or you, 3 Mrm,, l'/a halh brirfc home walliinj! d:s- lance to lake (few hundred, (eet) cen, air, 2 car gar...carrwis, drapes, nil on large. level lot wilh nice garden area. ti-a*-l by Wilma Coolivk. CaU 321-8500. Sil-137 eves. ._ NEAR DOWNTOWN AREA IR51) oirfer H room frame set up as 1 .. 1-5 nn. 1-3 mom. both have Kith. vay to twn and Univ., 60x120 k parkin*, listed by Witnw Coolie):, 5318500, Hes. M1-T067. Six Acres ·ru* d- nul irees -- HMUtltul rane vith lots ol cfiarm -- rock floor - .oc. -- Rom fw lorroa I livin E * Asual -- Chixij* tur as'lp. ol li' looking for A Form Wilh Privacy? Call. Treks McLaugMm 751-MM to 330 Per "Acre .-,j Acres wood«l -- · pond -- well Kackotp fell Bill Graue 445-1MO Smcrll Home Springdale $13,250.00. Call T«VA M^lJitichlin 7 5306. Broiler Sst-Up . ]S,CW capacity -- automafic -- J AC; -- 2 mfles tram ctiy iLtnits. 3 bedroom -- f33,500.00. Cill Mildred Gi 1302 N. COLL.KGB OFFICE 412-5351 BEDROOM. Wi bath, large llnre rcw 'I/', shape kiichEn 'and dining arra, veils lolh wilh new pumps,-smsll bn ill fenced^ «ith 4W foel plus paverl rti roniasa. About 15 milcj from Fay. Mi M's. Call H3 3244 a/ter 5. LIFE IN THE .COUNTRY Brand new, 4 BR., 2 b*th hamr on acres/ perfect (or a horij«, Bcdutiful tlv* stone fireplace in the !»r^e fai rontn. Drniblp Earage. ' City valcr natural jjas. FayctteviUe School Iljtri -- Asltell. Price H^OO. Call Rj»y Ri 521-4M. OffiM TENNIS ANYONE? inJo this I;ne the lennls court,. this home M. In addition la . . l Bob Nickfe at S21-6SW o FREEMAN 521-6300 R-2 LAND NEAR CAMPUS ft a.rr« ^ithfn . 'walking 'distance ampus -- nouid possibly caryj" TJ 2 be* iairBoWf Halbrrok 4«-2227. or alric , '4-APT. UNITS 3 rnonui near UofA campui.,Needs soi Improveme nU, hut Ui* gross rent is J: per nvmlh and the price U under 120.0 CaU Joe Bactus 4«*I7. or offtc. COMMERCIAL R\vj'. 71 Irotitaise in Faseltev\He. tract arproMmat^Iy inO'x^H'. !«vf ni lir.proverrwn(i. Price S23,WO. sive. CHI Georse C. Faucrtle 441-22" or trffico. IT'S LATER THAN YOU-THINK .mer Is here, and yo« .can NOW en- Joy Lfie POOL. A 4 year tfd,. two 'js " 3 or i bedrmrru PLUS lots o! r features (iitclurtinS a Tefriperalor) Vou wim'l hpjtevft . ,, JM.nno.5o rail lle Vatei (or an appoinlmenl today, -7473. tali e payrr mil lien twin? the prejnlsts sold to E W 1 oi the ptirchsit money. wider m' hand Utis Pih dij April. A.D.. J97S Aim* Kollmeyr Commlf liefiir in Ojanctrj OKDtVANCE NO. 221S ORIH^AL.1,1. -.1 J TE1AT HOPERTY IN THE CITY OF FAY- TTEVH.LE. AH KANSAS, DESCRIBED REZONLVG I'tTTiTlON R75-IO; StESDLVG THE ZONING DISTINCT AP OP FAYETTEVit.LE, ARKANSAS! ND FOR OTHER PURPOSES BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD F CJRECTOHS OF THE CITY OF AVETTEVILLE, ARKAXSAS: Section K That lh.e''zone cLassiricalioi f Ihc following dcscrLbed property b« nd is hereby clianped as Follows: R-76-10 rie;crlbe4 ss mihiv: Root Elementary , School Prorecty located Soulh'ol Itighway 43 (Mtssiua Boulevard) arid Eaa o( Eastwood Drive, more particularly described a» (olloivs: Part nt the N E H . NE11. and part ol SE!i, NE*i. Section 10, Town-, ihtp 16 Norlb. B a n g e ' M West, mora patlicularly described a;, follows, (o- w i t : Beginning at 1he SE corner, of the NE'l, NEV, ard running' thenc* · South 160 feet; thence West 500 leet; thence North 313.3 iMt; to the .Sonlh . ;tJsht-6r-way line cl Stale Hrghway 13; Ui pJKe in a Ncrthcaslerly directiftTi "with .'.said rigM of-way line approxi- mateij- 5+1 (eel to Ihe East Una of Ihe NE'.i- NE%. 'Section 10; - them-» South with, the · East line oj'iaiil -II flcr* '.IMC! SI7.3 f « f t lo the" "pUce of Ijegimiijifi: containing 1 T acres, moi* . From R-l, Low Density. Restrlenlla] District, 1o P-l. Initilutional District. Ecclioh 2. That the official loriing map f the Gly'., of Fayct:e«l!e. Ac) be and is hereby .amended to the extent md J n - t h e . respects cecessary to clfeci md detignate t h e ' neces;ary channel · provlrt«rl In Section i nerrot. Setlign 3. That a\\ ordinances ot parlj Ihereol In conflict herewith art -hereby repealed. SecUcn 4. That this ordinance' sh,»H be in full'..force and elfecl Irom DAY OF APRIL. 1976. APPROVED: Jlayor BUILD ALMOST ANYTHING Jth Collega wttch Doyle Vates 'for dlrferfions. Prair e Hc«d anan - ITwy. 62 W. ne SM-3W6 Grove. Art Sfartfa* 2243 N, COLLEGE 521-1180 WANT YOUR OWN OFFICE Just a inrt lo the courthouse snd\lhe would n»td in go.. Lei's talk about Hie Wins atmosi 12(0*! feel, ra ihr main (lo^r and a buemenl besides. Cdl Doyle Vates (or appoaitmenl at 531-7473. 521-2305 j£faMf/W GARDENER'S DELIGHT This Invely all hricf;, IfiOO so., ft. hnm, h^a a hig frarden spot on it.s e^t^il dcnp Int. and .1 Rrcenlwxife with a fiih p.x:rf. 3 rn-ilmonis, 1ft hath, r«ilral twai/air, spartiwj fcitrhen with Mbi net* jnlore. F-1288 FREEMAN REAL ESTATE CO. F-1238 Roomy, i htdroonw, 2 baths, llv dining, rtilily aixl an extra large 2S^' room with its private [vitio, sliding dcx\ for lhal fpff^tL persm in your (moticr-lnla'vT 2,Cfl q. fl. with s itawse for only I37,iW. See this ralnr 1 ! home i\Tlh drapes, carpels, as ipflcial bjdspreads Included. Call Gom-f Bobb fit jlL-W^O (U)« OT +13-3W13 nifitii anrt "Ij»t George r» It." FREEMAN Jmi 521-6300 3073 N. College CAci The DERBY GAS STATION 2785 N. COLLEGE . · ·'.. [ Ml-5033, and. FLORIDA LUXURY HOME Would you like o second home in Florida? This one is four months young, 4 bedrooms wilh a privale pool. Lo- caled in'Winlerhaven, florido on a privale lake. Owner will consider trading for acreage in Norlhwesl Arkansas area. For more detail*, contact Gallery of Homes Relocation Director Ann Martin at 521-7272 or 521-8490 after hours. BOSS COMPANY, INC. TWO LOCATIONS 2332 N. College N.W. Ark.Plaza HAPPY BIRTHDAY ' MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE On April 15, 1975, Ihe Multiple Listing Service of ths Fayelleville Board of Realtors was born. It began wilh 19 participating real eslale companies, 85 salespersons, and 164 listings. Now, one year later, il has grown to 29 companies, 189 salespersons, and over 450 listings. During this period MLS has processed over MOO lislings through Ihe syslem. Our buyers are happy · -- our sellers are happy. We are happy. We look for MLS lo provide an even greater service in Ihe future, as the public becomes more oware of Ihe capabilities and as we broaden Ihe scope ol Ihe syslem. Congratulations and Happy 'Birlhday, Fayetleville Multiple Listing Service. Al HUGHES AGENCY FREEMAN REAL ESTATE POTHAST REALTY, CO. ARCADE REAL ESTATE CORP. FRONTIER REAL ESTATE CO. SCHULTZ TAYLOR, inc. BAKER ASSOC. REALTORS GABBARD REAL ESTATE SHERWOOD CO. BOSS Co., Gallery of Homes KINCAID CO. , BRYCE DAVIS CO., Inc. LAZENBY REAL ESTATE CO. EDMISTON/PREWITT Reallors LINDSEY ASSOCIATES, Inc. FAUCETTE REAL ESTATE CO. MARTIN, POLLY REAL ESTATE THE STANTON CO., Inc. F^TATF rn REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE FAYARK REALTY, Inc. COMPANY FIDELIS INC. REAL ESTATE MIXON REALTY CO. FRANCES LANGHAM REALTY MURL STEED REAL ESTATE COMPANY EXCHANGE THE SULLIVAN AGENCY TIMBER-DE Real Eslate Co. TRA1LWOOD REAL ESTATE TRUMBO CO., inc. 'rn 1 IT'S SO SIMPLE AND EASY TO TAKE YOUR FILM TO MELLERS PHOTO DRIVE-IN STORE in Fayetteville Across from Evelyn Hills -1609 N. College COUPON MONEY SAVING COUPON CnO-12exp. or C126-12 exp NEW FRESH DATED KODACOIOR FILM far Injtamalic Cameras LIMIT S ROLLS P«' MELURS PHOTO DWVE-IN STWK

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