Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 37
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 37

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 37
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u w »Mdi.ciin..Ti l urv.M.r t iiii,m t INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM}-B7 Murder jury selection starts | Refineries face abatement orders *-^ *^ . c*»._ n.,_ i A DIB«AH ,,_.·:_,. !,, m n i - rJ.nnlArx.rl »/*,*.. .« t«i.« IF- i j ».i_. j i _ t..i . j _ t J u r y selection began Wednesday in the trial of John Lawrence Miller, a parolee facing a possible death penalty on charges that he murdered his parents in their Long Beach ! home. ·3 A' panel of 60 prospec- i live jurors was called into | the Superior Court of 'A Judge Carroll M. Dunnum, '; and Deputy D i s l . Ally. · Allen Field was queslion- ; ing'an initial grnup of 12 ·i as's session ended. ^ Miller, acting as his 5 own attorney, surprised j the court by waiving his ] right to question that ini- j tial group. j Because the case in- i volves the death penalty, :1 and because the 33-year- i old Miller has pleaded ·'} innocent and innocent by { reason of insanity, the 1 jury will try the case in I three phases: jjuijt, sanity ' and penalty. ! Additionally, b e c a u s e · the state's revived death .' pe.nalty is involved, each ; side, may dismiss up to '26 ·; prospective jurors without i stating cause. ; ..Selection is to resume at f. 9 aim. today. 5 i M i l l e r is accused of slaying Harold and Lei a Mae Miller last Oct. 21 at 5450 Flagstone Ave. He was arrested at the scene of a Downey bank robbery one week later. At the time of the killings, Miller had been free for some three months, paroled from state prison after serving 18 years of a life sentence for a 1957 m u r d e r , a u t h o r i t i e s reported. Miller, 15 at the time, was convicted of smother- big a Rolling Hills infant The bald and bearded- defendant originally was represented in the current case by a deputy public defender. But Miller took advantage of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision- handed down in the appeal of another Long Beach case--to oust his attorney and win the right to defend himself in court. Miller also sought and won the right, under the same precedent, to have an attorney with him at the counsel table as his adviser. Attorney Jack Stanley, 'court-appointed to t h a t role, sat besido Miller quietly Wednesday as the prosecutor began questioning prospective jurors. Miller has appeared in Judge Dtmnum's court three times in the past week with pretrial motions and has futilcly sought at least one stay In the trial from (he District Court of A p p e a l s , according to court officials. From Our L.A. Burcia The four-county Southern California A i r Pollution Control District is planning to seek a b a t e - ment orders against three Los Angeles oil refineries that it claims do not comply with newly established criteria governing floating roof seals on petroleum storage tanks. J. A. Stuart, chief air pollution c o n t r o l officer for the district, said the abatement orders are being sought against 16 tanks at the Standard Oil refinery In El Scgundo, seven tanks at the Atlantic Richfield refinery in .Carson and five tanks at the Mobil Oil refinery in Tor- ranee. He said he has asked the district counsel to file a petition with the Air Pollution Hearing Board for an abatement order against the refineries and noted t h a t subsequent violations could result in fines of up to $6,000 each day. Stuart said the new criteria for roof seals were developed after an Intensive inspection of f o u r refineries by members of the district and the State A i r R e s o u r c e s B o a r d (ARB). The ARB had 'earlier charged the former Los Angeles APCD was allowing hydrocarbon losses it the Standard Oil refinery because of numerous gaps in the tanks seals. He said he also has ordered additional inspections of nil storage tanks at Los Angeles C o u n t y refineries.' He said the district also Is preparing amendments to its smog control rules that will require many petroleum storage tanks to; be retrofitted with second-- ary seals for better com. trol. He said he expects, the amendments to be set: for public hearing in early,-, May. Do your shopping the mock crn way ... read tho. Classified Ads every single day! HE 2^959 PUBLIC NOTICE NON-RESPONSBOrrY NOTICE Notice Li hereby ji»en by, the under- ilifortua. 1916 be J signed Bert L. Omni residirul al j Bdracfrt Ave., Long Beach, CaU ·.j l«al after Ox dale at Marek 16. IS ·j will not be responsible lor ny debts. i liabilitiej. Of obligations Incurred by any -\ persons other than himself. 1 Dated Kirch 12. I97S. J BERT L GEOCGE j Pi*. Mar. 1!. 17. II. WISISILBI 1 NOTICE OP THUSTEES SALE V - r T1B022 Nptir* b hereby given (hat nn Tup; * day. April 13. Ittfi. althe hour of M-.y j AX at World Savings Bld«, 11601 Wil- : S shirr Blvd., Garden Level. Cily of IJM \ tatties. CCHLIIV of Lo* AncHpa, Siate of -1 Cafifomia. GOLDEN WEST FINANCIAL '1 CORPORATION, i DeUwire Ccrrora- i li««" formerly bwwn as Traci-wortd i FjoalfirUf Co., * Delaware Corporation J 2nd taceessor by cnerf e r to Golacn Weil ·i rUafccLi! Corpnrallon. a CaHorota cor- i potato*, as trustee, will wll at public "J auafca.ior cajb In lawful nooey o/ It* UiWSute* of, America, all payable al the *a$ of *ale, the Eouowinf described T*a)'property.-Biliialed ta the City of Leer Beact, County of Lot Angelej . TheEasl one-half erf lt\ 33 and a]] nf - fa 39 in Block 21 of Tract No. Wtt, 43 per nap recorded la Book H - Page 21 of feape., in Ihe office ol the . County Recorder at uld County. .. The «reet address and other owiim/m designation. U JLBV, d the real propert d*krib*il abm-e ft pBJported to b*: 27 E. Norton Street, Loeg Beadi. CihJ. ... The inderrigned Inotee ditdnim aay liability for any bcorrertnesi of the ttreH acMress and other common d«i!g ration, if aay, iboira berefo. ^ Said wte will V« made without ove- or wamtsty reganfinj till*, poi(«t- skw.^or enrumbrajires, to autfy the ibji^aliotu lemrtd by aod punuaol Lo e power of tak confenrd la and by a certJik. deM of tnut executed by LLOYD 0: SC1IUMAC1IER and ROSE E. SOR! UACHER, busbajvd and vife u Truftori. trf GOLDEN WEST PFNANOAL CORP., forwfHy TranvWorM rtnaarial Co. a mcporaUon, »i Tniitee, and WORLD SAYINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, a corporation, at Beneficiary, dated Janu- ·wy.8,1969, and rcconkd in the office ol lh4.CouAly Kecorder of Lns AnffJes County, Calilomia. «t March 20. 130, in BocAT EIM. 41 Page X9, ai Irrdrumrn Xo. W. tor Ihe purpoM of payfof obti fudoo*' itrured by iikJ Deed, intludin] _, tW' -reouiBtBi prbdpjt torn o. . j tl2.1Sl«,- lotereit, advaorei. U lay .4 aader UK leriri* °f **^ ^^an ^ ff* 4 i eWntt and expense! of the iruriee. 1 Notice of DefaiiA tn said oUj«atioo j and of electkn ol beoefidary to teD or j rniM to be told tald real property was 'j retwded in tbe ofrre of uid County · i R*ronler on December 9, IStfS. under j Ttutnunent No. 1856 of Mid CHticUl J Recprdi, I Thli notice is given b coniptUnce j ttliii the demand thereWore made on the \ iKulre by uM WORLD SAVINGS AND 1 LOAN ASOCIATION. = ' DXed Kirch IL 197* ' J GOLDEN Wfer nNANGAL " CORPORATION. ' -· a Delaware cnrpnrallnr, [ormeriy ' ^ w ; towwn aiTrantWorid Financial - -"^'Ce.. a Dnaware corporaLk» and 4 - 'WCrtisorby roergirtoGoldtn ^ '~ »ffe*i Ftancial Corwatioo. a j ~ - CaliforfJa rorpnratlijn.TnjstPO '' By: MILDRED GREKNBERC, . ' \Asi't Sacrrtary Pub MAT II g, Apr. I, ITJfiiffl [,ni - "" -NOTKE IWVITDJG BTD8 'FOR FURNISHING AND DFXIV- ^RWO TIMBER PILF.S TO THK ·IJOKC BEACH IIARBOR DEPARTMENT. AS DESCRIBED IN SPEC1- ·F1CATION NO. RD^IZ», CITY OF -LONG BKACH. CAU FORMA, HARBOR DEPARTMENT - NOTICE rs HF.RERY BIVEN THAT. nirwaal la an order of (ho Rnjrd n\ llarbor Commiukoen (4 the Cily o Loee Reach, m* en the ISU djy ol Wjrrb. 1976. teatnl bidi will he rrcetved br ux Geaeral Muaner at the llarbor rfritrunent Adrr.tnitlratico BuUdlnc. 93 fUrar P1*a, Looi B«arb. CaJtunia XCrt vnOt 11:00 A.M.. on the l*h. day o Aprd.'tTf aft wbkta lime and pfare laid bkaVwip be pobtidy opened kn the Har bor'Depatmetrf AdmJrattratioa Buld3mf. i*l wrbred for fvmlthinx and deliver 104 timber.wifi ai described fn Ppecl fkcatkv S«. HlXSlZfi. cfl fde in (he "(fire r{ jhe Chief hUrbrr Eocneer. £3 Ibrlw M Jf»- '''"I B"*. CaHtefn^ 3"*^. t" i refereive ii hereby : tandreo 1 Dtp, irnted Docriaj rc4*ei. ffoPMld ipeciiiciam cr.ay be I at Ihe of fir e (rf the OW Harbor ___ .T fc^bout deposit. F»fh mpy UIL,y retuned is gm ronhtiOQ within fifleeo (15) dayi afier the btdi optaed. ·"Paynienl tor MkJ tniterial wiB be made tn du« cferv «f panvn'j of (he Oty of lait Bead] by warranU dravn 09 tV Qfy Treatum after dfIhrry »ad Ktf atatjct of the ma'*nil 'A3 tidi ao5 W Srrd^ ibaT) be tub- mtttM open form i to he r-Wjiryd al tbe onVt Vtbe Cliff KarVY Eo^necr ..vvi Sd thJll be acnvr.paroed by J ratified cheek or bJai drift payable to (He City AarStnr ft the City of L/«i Buttujod dnn OB a lotvecl bank of Ifljl Ajuekl Cwinty. r a uli^K 1 Ixu, iff 29 arnwnl aX test iKa.i trr pertfw n t»^» bid i* a c.uran(ee ih^.UJdstr *ffl. if ivamed i nx:Jj-Kt 1 rmpnm hereto, «tOun ten !) dji »f(«V wch aMrded t«trKt u (eodered i«iin for s3(nitBit, execute and ctcbvcT : t^'wCVy uW (ooUitt, blether »iti a i p^d tirf sutiVieiU«ratr wrm* lift "a IBTI fiujt U) twenty ·five J *' "; c/ wxb frt:n prv« coedjiino- i (he faithful »rfor^ive of Mid «ntift. . TV Board o/ Ilirtw Cixr.m54.«.eri. i acltti tfcrccA th* Genera] M«U£*r. ce- ·-TTM tbe rlpf, Jt «£y time pvr to the *n^-W H)«t iQ bid* and lo rrtyra iB J '* areompaayby wrf bidj. ind al « to abaadVn aU prr.fteiA(i or _ JvertUe EOT bids la i liW masner. 4JATFD at Loryt Beirk. CablxuU. has a better on-time performance record 1 tnan United, American I or Continental i In the airline business on-time performance Ls the name of the game. And for 13 months running (through January '76 when the latest CAB statistics were published) TWA has a better on-time performance record than United, American or Continental. And we'd like you to know exactly how we came out on top. You see, die facts of the matter are that the Civil Aeronautics Board monitors die on-time departure and arrival of every regularly scheduled flight for 100 U.S. city pairs (excluding those under 200 miles). Any flight arriving within 15 minutes of its scheduled arrival is considered to be on time. The CAB then records this information on their form 438. And based on these figures for 13 months through January of this year, TWA had more of its planes arriving on time (or within the 15-minute limit^ than United, American or Continental. It's a record our people worked hard for and we can understand why our competition is upset about it. These figures represent 55% of TWA's available seat miles actually flown, or about 2,000 flights each week. So the next time you have an important appointment somewhere, you know which airline to take. TWA.The on-time airline. TWA flies to NewYork,Chicago,Washington/Baltimore, Boston, St.Louis, Pittsburgh and many other major cities across the U.S. . \.'T. J.THORLEY ' ' ' City of Imt Bexk. CaLfoma llartif [VwrtnvrJ Hr H. lrf.!U LSI

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