Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 28, 1950 · Page 7
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 7

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1950
Page 7
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Real Estate Transactions Mid wife, p«rt of L 4, B B, Luther's Sub., I300,/ fr A · i * v Murl»rM. Horrodu to Margaret Nicholson, £r700,' X, I, wwTEii/ o£ I, 3, B 28, Monterey\ and nyinui DUDS ,,, wtli L I, B t, ' "*- ' L "' * Montwey\Addn^ ^ ''_ L v ' - K M«'uiir"«nd wll» L'lT, B 1, Cssa Sola- ,Loul» Mf Somero'and ·wit* to Paul "West »rt W Mv.rs ri'«««V Addn., revanue'.atamps $935.?'"1 and wife. $55D, LJ8..B 8,'JMverride Axldn,' l^."rk'Addn! Sroy Hsmllton and wile to Clyde B *rar* ; S6haffer/and*wlle,tO; : Aane. Natoll wife, 1. B ! · d IBKH' VkUUUi, *«»»"«« ^*m***ra fv *~. c y Troy Hamilton and wife to Clyde B Daily and wife, part of^L 1, B 1, New , , . Par* Addn.. revenue attropi H80. V, LVy And) wife, .part ol 8^92, Verde «nd wife. L W, H Bio Zitatu, rt nue stamps-IB cents. - ,,,,_..« !«' National Realty Co. to Ir» L. Barnett, ". part ol Ls ».~10, B H,, Linden Park Addn revenue stamp* $8.$0. · - ! · * · National Realty Co, -to Robert Austin M D and wife, Dart of way, B S, IV W A,,-TEveuL«^aijuiij»-J^*.*v.i. ,, J"' Joint tenancy.-deed, Charlei-D. 'Busn* and wife to'Poneld'^lgffs and wlfe,- ( I/ i a7,%B t 8, FI» Broadraooi" Sub.^^jrevenue atam]s^$7.15. /3 1 - -- · -- ' ';, Wilson to GenoCZ. gnflth Austin M D ana wiie, pun °i i- ^| "£ mid wife, ipart pf ,.L ,«, v Brvt,' s gpeedwsy ** **· ' .i. - . »j ....^ i miTM Quit' claim deed,' Samuel J.* Grauman 1 ' to National Realty Co, toJMward A. Sturs- w«», · and., William a o n a ea , . ber», part of La 12, M. B 18, Linden Park Addn., revenue atamps »B.!0. I National Bealty Co, ;V Frank- D., Wilt- banX, part of Ls M. IS. B 18, Linden Park ./ revenue u , , . Emert '·n.\ Veasey and wile andt WlUlmn K. Yoroen and wife.irart ol L 4, Tract B, Luther'a Sub. , v Samuel Kesaelman and wife to Edgar B M(ttoc!« and wife, L 3,-B B5, City of Tuc- ,,m wu «, part ol Li 1», l«, B 18, Linden Park Addn, revenue stamps $880, Citizen Publishing Co. to .William A. ·mall «t aV Ls 8. », 17,,1B, S 8, American Villa Sesub : part of NWli of S 35, T IS S, R 14 X, and part of Ls B. «, B 194, City of Tucson, Joint tenancy deed. William A. Small and wife to Citizen Publishing Co,, Ls 8, », 17. W, B 8, American Villa Sub: part ot NWH of S 33. T M B, R 14 Z, and part of Ls S, 8 B 1S4, City oi Tucson, Bert A. Pugh Jr. and wife to Lynott C. Newelle and wile, L 13, except I 42 feet, B 4, Bel Air Sub., revenue stamps $1.65. Mabel McGeorge Shoemaker to Arizona Land Title and Trust Co., part ol Ma of Ls 1 to 10, Blkor's 6ub. . XUplu P. Plehn to Mike Balog and wife, part of-L 8, B J, Palo Verde Addn. No. 2, revenue- stamps IB.60. Suit claim deed, Ma M. Rice to Floyd B. Rice, port of Ls 11, 12, ~B 3. Broadway Stanley J. 'Gallaway and wife to Jery M. Xelso, L 22. B 8, Montrose Addn. Arizona Land Title and Trust.Co. to Floyd R. Rice and wife, part ol Ls 11, », B S. Broadway Estates, revenue stamps 53 "Robert W. Swing and wife to Lniian N«v«lle, part of L 1, B 5, Bel Air Sub,, revenue .stamps $4.40. Clarence O. Word and wile to Adele Ahee. L S, B 11, El Cortra Heights Addn.: ,L 1, B 1. ,Grantland Acres, and part ol j. '.v. UOOK ana ,wlfe to '·John Van Campcnnout and wile, part 'of "La, I, 10, B 8.1' New Deal Acres, revenue stamps S12.M. , ~' , ,,REALTY MORTQAQES- 'Lynott C Nevelle and wife, to Margaret Lillian'-TJevelle, $1;V62.83;: L 13.. 'except E 42 feet, B 4, Bel Air Sub. ' Mlke-'Balog and wlle'to Blipha P;-Plcnh, SJ.OOO, part of L 8, B 2, Palo verde,Addn No. 3. Jennie Schwaxx to Mildred At Present, »1S,000, to 1 to 7, B 24, -Drake 1 * Addn. · Floyd R. Rice and wife to Western American Mortgage Co., $B,100. part ol Ls 11, 12, B 3, Broadway Estates. -, V v .. -· 'Modestd Verde -and^ wife -to Francisco yalenzuela, L W, El Rio Estates, $300. Ira L. Barnett to Prudential Insurance Co., ».8,S80,,part of'is 9., 10, B », Linden ., Park Addn. , Insurance Co., 88,360,-part of L 15, B 18. Linden -Park Addn.. ' Carl 'Russell -and wile- to Prudential- In- , . , L 10. B «. Lincoln Park Addn. Adele Anee to Clarence' O. Ward " and ^VdBlV- rtl'cw k" ^i«*v««-«. --. ·- wife, L S, "B 11, STCortez Heights Addn.; L I B .1, Grantland Acres, and part of L 10. B 8, Lincoln Park Addn. Mrnvt A. Lauahlln to E. E. Morris, part ol L io7-B 13, Country qiub Heights Sub., revenue stamps »1.65, George.A, Sllgh and wile to Edwin P. KllnkleVlcz ,and wife, L 10, ,B 1,-Mclntyre Rltchey.Sub. No.. 3. revenue 6tamp» K "josiph Segal and-wile to Milton H. Bcgal, part ol SEU ol S t. T 14 S, R U E . Mmyr A. Laughlln to E. E. Lnughlin, part ol L 10. B 13, Country Club Heights Sub. uluyu ^« inuioi «u"* »»**« vw v^^.-- J»ch «nd wife. L 12, B 3, Broadway Manor, nvcnue »tamp» 11.10. . ' ·' Joseph Scgnl and wile to Milton H. »Bg«l. part 01 SEtt Of S 5, X 14 S, R H E Samuel J, Graumun to William J. Fox and wlf«. part ol !· 4, B B, Luther's Sub.. rovtnue itampi $1.10. William J, Fox and wife 1o Erneit.H, V««ey and wlio and William K, Yoreacn and wlft. part of L 4, B B, Luther's Sub.. nvtnui jtamps »1.10. * Deed und assignment, Lula Emma SBrtn- M« to Walter E. Murphey Jr. and wife, part of L 1, B 1, Palo Verdo Addn, ' u«d and assignment, Robert W. Myera and will to'Louis M. Romero and wu«. Doc. W), pages 308 to 308, revenue stomps $330 ·dward M. Nesbit and wile to Josephine ·Imco, L 3,. B 40, Buell'i Addn,, revenue ·tamps I9SD.' I. N J. Xggellng and wlf« to Murirt M. Horrock, L 1, and Eli o L 3. B SO, Mon- tir«y Adfln., revenue stamps J4.40, H«l«n I, Monteleone to. William r. Berndt.and wile, part ol 1. 11. 12. B 13, Blenman Addn.. revenue «tamps 11430. OlUe Shlnn to Wula Kerr, L* 1, i, 3, 4 B M, Southern Heights Addn. Tlorenca H. Lockhart to Wula Kerr, Ls 1, i, 3, 4, B 3t, Southern Heights Addn. Oscar T Vlnlng and wile to Georia W Ktattm and wife, part of L «, Catalraa ·ub., revenue stamps $440. Bonanza Homes to Jery M, KeU», L 23, B I, Montrose Addn, Wallace Seering and wife to Albert E. Water, part of S 30, T. 13 S, K 14 Z, revenue stamps $6.60. , George H. «sher and wile to Pat Celcn- tano and wife, L 10, Gibson Tract, revenue ·tamps - $3.73.. - ' C. Howard McCormlck and wile to John H 1arson» and yrtle, L «. B 1, Casa ·olarlelt Addn,. revenue atimps $1.10, · Ralph A. Mangel* and .wife to Dolmer A. Xnapo and wife. L 17, B 1, Casa Soto- riela Addn.. rovanta «tnmps $1.10. Dtlmer A. Unapp'ana wile'to George ^^g^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^-^-^-^-^-^-^^^^j-j" TUCSON HELD OVER 5-BIG DAYS-5 Wednesday, Ocl. 25th thru Sunday, Oct. 29th (Inclusive)' S1EBRRND , revenue ., M.ttock,_«nd ; wlf, . ^Clifford c, SODU, Uffl, 10 o, ^averuae ^uun, MrunjiiScbaffer. and^wile.."to y Anne. Natoll $2,000, part of-E 4, B 123, City ol Tucson.. Ernest H Vesscy-and wife to'William K. Vorelen ,and Wife to- -JJelle. A,' JTox, 15,000, part ol.ji,4, B*B,-LnOicr'« Sub." ,,;;'?·/. . , , . Mrs Taye^Peron, 447 ^OHQyU ^3C««* 1»,1\J nuc al.u 4,^4-.w.. ^*»* JAJH l^rollUci ft Segal to Applewhite Mortgace and. Invest- Jf_ th; J,/E, Sco ment Co.. M.«00. part of SE',i of'·S,5,-X u.,' --^ to.Pru- 14 S, R if E. ,, - - , 'Amos N. ^Harrison and -.wife to Valley National Bank, $8,050, L 33, B it, Alvernon 'Addn. - , Lula C, Simmons-to- George S. -Stover and wife, $1,000, Ls 9,10, B 28, Grand View Addn Odes V. JFerrln. and wife to Tucson Tcd- erfll, $3,600, part of L 9, B 28, Coronado Josephine Slmco to Edward JJl. Nesbit and wife, $4,750, L 3, B 40, Buell's Addn. James D Kaiser and wife to Tucson Ted- eral, $1.450, !· 11, B 1, Catallnai Poultry Acres i No.v 3, - ^ Josephine Kerland to Tucson Federal, $2,'00, part of S 23, T 14 S, H 13 E. Louis M. Romero and wife Jo Paul West and wife, $3,050, L 8, B ^Riverside Tark. Addn, ," ·""Catleton W. Koehn and wife to American, National Insurance Co., »V^300, L 14, B -2, Alvernon Addn. . '-" - _ "· ^ «Alex Romero, 801 I. inn, Jo. *r'josepn Tofcl,' 3C2S E?Helen; F.JD. Jobnwn, 2801 K Mabel; Helen Wunsch; 71 K 13thT No. air 3am Schultz,-lH)l I. Wt; H. S.'Parker, 3K1 ~ Jacintoi Leon Parvln,"1744 r. rtbr I. X 'RELEASE OF'REALTY MORTOAGES ' R. E. Garland and wife to'Wayne H. Vancamp and wife. Marginal release, Ahdn Wessler and Marginal release, R. P. Bowman 'and wife." Mutual Life Insurance Co. ol ftcw York v«nlniiiOct. Jl,lmo' lath/' Newbold, , Adanu. - CONTRACT* ,. ' · " r ".rOR SALE OF REAL MTAT« AW. Evani,inl'wlfe to' , CUrt'nci X. RuiieU and wife, L 13, B 9], National CJty No. 0. .\ John Joseph- Conner -to Joe O. Wyatt and wile, la 9. 7, B J, L 3, B O, North Campbell E«tate«. Lillian NeveUe'to CSerald Benlen .Kuinea and w«e, jart of 1 1, B 8, Bel Air Sub. BUILDINO-PERMITS EUtha Johnion, OM Fenn place, (ate, |1H. 1. Callow, 1005 East Second, carport, ajjo. 'Sobert Colwell, 3J4-M Nortli 3rd, apart- marta. tSO.OOO. ' '~ . , ' - - · Clyde Burton.. BID Xaat Seventh, -central ieatlng, -coollnl, »700r ' ' * W;^M, .TViartonr ZMO laat Ninth, 'hou»«. »IO,OIM, -* . r. Frank C ; pope, 1010 'North Martin,: encloi* terrice. $730' ,. v. , ' 'Chamber of : Commer£e,^Nogalei wall, f9W. ' - ' Winifred JUnktr, 323J lart Juiulta, boiua, «,500. UTILITY-CONNECTIONS' , W. 15. Shanks. 4113 X. 2nd; J. W.Joynt nsurance . . . , . . W C ^.^.., D. Wlltbank to'Prudential Insurance Co., $3,350. part ol Ls 14, 15, B 18, Linden Park Addn; Edward A. Stursberg and wile to Pru- w. c.. sua ( i~, ·""··*·--·-·-····,,£,;· dential Inruranca Co., JB.310. part of Ls 3750 Romero road; David Nelson 2M3 12, 13, B 18. Linden Park Addn. Orchard; W. H. Potts 4502 E ^~"""-- Eobcrt Gcorse Austin, M, J3. and wile Levney,. 307 N. HieWnnd. to Prudential Insurance Co.. $8.3SO, partliooa W. Erie; Rita ValeniU t T 11 !2 "** *° T J -- J ~"* Un--ir A H ^ n IvndiL? T. F. Armc Clifford V, ..-- -Mattocks and wile, *7,734, nart of S T 13 S, R 14 E, Clifford V. Levy and wife to Walter'E; Murphey Jr.; 18,500, part of S S2, T 13 S, Edgar H, .Mattocks and wife to Walter E. Murphey Jr., $10,000, L 3, B 83, City of Tucson. " . George E. Maurer and wife to, B. L. Grady, (5,700, L 17, B 1,. Casa Solarlcga Addn, . ' George E, Mauror and wife .to Delmer A. Knapp and wife, $1,300, L 17, B 1, Casa olariega Addn. . . .Gene ; B. .Smith and -wile to-Southern ub. ' ,," Arizona-Bank, $2,400;: part ol L"'6, B 4, Lloyd C.MUlerand wile toO»?a Ma- Specdway Tracts. _ .. ' , Speedway Tracts, Ernest H, Vessey and wife and William Voresen and wife to ; Wllliam J. Fox WlKSVWEfUWAT AFTCHTHECAMB FoUow the' crowd! To the fun spot! 24 Miles from Town WORLD'S LARGEST 3 RING iffi iOradelnn? * FOR CHICKEN * FOR SHRIMP * FOR STEAKS For excellent food and drinks-For western hospitality, A beautiful drlTe ol 40 minutes over C. S. 80 to Oracle Junction, turn right oa 77 to ORACLE ESN Dicing Boom Closed Mondays II BIDES/15 SflCWS PIZZA ae * Ei Bat lour R E A L I T A L I A N FOOD VILLA NOVA R E S T A U R A N T DI77A SERVED rIAtCiM sP.M.'ON M U S T A C C I O L I at all tihies TRY OUR NEW CHICKEN DINNERS FOOD TO TAKE OUT Open 11 A. M. to Midnight Saturday 'Til 1 A. M. .Across From GREYHOUND BUS STATION 91 West Broadway Ph. 2-9137 PIZZA Bgggg '-OPEN £VERY DAY -- ALL " SUMMER .FOR FINER' HOME-COOKED FOOD Dine in tHe Patio by the Pool, Indian Room for Special Parties GHOST RANCH RESTAURANT 801 Casa Grande Road OPEN 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Home oj the Arisona Cowboy Breakfcut Dining Room i*r Coffee Shop Curb Service * Fountain CENTRAL DRYV-INN RESTAURANT STONE 4T SPEEDWAT ACROSS 1. SwlsB mountains B, Of him 8.-Plant disease ·12. Temporary grant 13. Simple sugar 14.'Silkworm 15. Disturb 17. Cave 19. Charm, 20. Father.of . David .21. Narrow openinfc' 23. Small -wagon 24. Fortune 26,'Whlzzlng sound 28. Weep con- vulslvely . 21. 'Typs measur* '32. Room In a harem 33. Exist 34. Moving .trncl 36. Divided 38. Outfit ' 3S.:Toward shelter 4L-targe plant 43. Considered 45 Angry 48. Fruits 50. Barrel maker 51. pigeon 7. 52. .Commotion 54. Oldest membey 65. Prophet- EG. Small round mark, 67. Gaelic · Solution of-Yeit«rd»y'j Puzzl* DOWN 1. charity; 2. District In Chicago " «. . By Jimmy Hado They'll Do It Every Time WORLD'S LARGEST LIGHTED MIDWAY THIS C4LLSHpl'LDK'T)mE VOUR JIME«r JUS TAKE LOMS, DE4I^ LDVETO W4TCH THE ANTICS llL BE RIGHT DOT J OF CHILDREN] FK3M.TWE AND THEN WE'LL j^OTHEf?SIDE OFTHETF?C SO ON TO THE JL VOUR WORK IS'SO EFORE THEY WERE ENJOYED SEEING HOVV THE OTHER HALF LIVED, OR SO SHE TOLP DOC SUTURE« 34 YEARS-A GOOD SHOW CARHIVAt DOORS OPEN AT 6:30 PM. IRCUS STARTS AT 830 CM. DAILY. \NO TDOKT'NTTO.BE STUCK WTHIS SMELLS A LITTLE'WHILE flpW« THE SCENE ISTHE New iet Location 3300 S. SIXTH AYL MATINEE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AFTERNOON AT *:00 P. M. OCTOBER 28th and 28th JOEJALOOKA HUMPHREY... YOU OONT REALIZE . -nqS.SEWOUSNESSi MMUTCHA WIN; "MISTER' ,, LOOCWOfOM i.AN'THAT5 MVWHOLt .STORY. If VA'LL'PAV / PREDICAMENT./ YOUR LIFE 15 , H GREAT DANGER ' _THEMf PEOPLETM . UM... i: IT BACK SOON'S WE GIT HOME . THMMCMU3' BESTOW HCM. TELL TH'BOYS TO «URBOUND TH' PLACC/ HE'LL NEVER GCT OUTA TW5 BUILWNS ALNS/ 1 RBST THING IN THE MORNING nt START HUNTING. FOB THE SOURCE OF THAT PHONV GOLD....ANO POOR J£Ffc WADE PJGRTNOW. , I'D BETTER TK I ITttL YOU MACE, IT3H» WHITE HOS8INTHAT STALL BEHIND' TH' HOTEL/ A NOW. ISNt THAT STRANGE? ( ALL OF A SUDDEN XXl'RE v ^-t GOING.TO, i ./ NOW r5NT ALL OF A-SUDDEN I PEEL, LIKE PLAYING GOLF IN THAT CASE DO YOU WANT TO PAINT THE WINDOW SILLS OK WAX THE FLOOf? FOB MS? JOS WATEPS WANTS ME TO PLAY GOLF WITH HIM BUT I TOLD.HIM i DIDNT FEEL LIKE IT Milton Canlti WELL- WE ·SHALL LEAKM HOW EFFECTIVE THE WEAPON CAN 5E --PV WAITINO UNTIL WE ARE HIT BV MISSILES FROM THEM! M'SIEU 6KO* ASAIN1 MOM CAPITAINE! ·THE CKATE* CONTAIN'ONLY 5CKAP METAL MEANWHILE--IMINPO-CHINA... IT CAME UP 5OCASUAU.V 50 CHEETAH 5AVS 5HE'A$H£ HAD. NO SEEN THE -'CHARACTER. J PEA5ONTO THE-:iNPO.^CHINE5E- -A tlE.'SIR... EEP/STAE CALL MONSIEUR,6RO£ - THE SHIPMENT Or YANKEE BAZOOKAS 15,'ABOARP THAT LIOHTEK! BELIEVE ; HEK.,STEVE,? GASOIWF ALLE\. Don't jump to conclusions.; Arf I didn't I didn't say anything ./ say any- about me! T 1 thing about Rick, did 19 It isn't °-^T When he's 55 .insurmountable, J yp,u'll be so. is it? £_^\Tnat isn't too much. . - _ ,, difference, and marries a man 24 ^ ^ - tidy, there's too much difference AMD MAMV BLOCKS /WAV- VOJ'T STAV ASLEEP MUCH LONGER. GOTTA SOMETHING; WIGGLES LEFT THE BUILDING FROM TMIS DOOR--APBaRENTLV WITH PLENTY IN HIS POSSESSION. GET HIM UP TO. THAT THIRD FLOOR STUDIO. THERES A COUCH THERE. ELEVATOR OPERATOR WHAT FATE MAY HAVE -BEFALLEN HER BY NOW? FELLA- 'S WHY DOMT/ MERELY V HOW ariZENS/r) VO'HELR RGGERIN'. \ LONG WE ^EDUCATION).OUT HOW. DOES GOTTA VBROWN?-/LONGIT'LL/ vo- DIG'HIM YWJHUT IS TAKEVD'TyFIGG£R? OUT.T' /YO'DOIN'?; PICK ALL THEM ROCKS Wd^^-TT^U ...AOfFOFWPPVJT ? / AH DON^T RECKON A SINGLE ROCK MISSED '? PAPPY YOKUM PICKED A BUTTER CUP.? 1 if'DONE-STARTED A CHAIN REACTION WHICH TUMBLED TH'z / WHOLE' MOUNTAIN *·' DOWN ON HIS.STOOPID LWHUT STARTED "TH' LANDSLIDE? YEARS, EF^O'.DON'T STOP r EAT- LONGEST HE MN LAST: U*U»« rr,ISAHOUR.'7'AU- THIS WORK SEEMS RATHEft SILLY ' my AU* HaymvnA STRANSE...NOT A SINGLE FDR THE LAST FIVE YEARS-YET WOTHINS TO SHOW THAT CORNELIUS AND HERE WE ARE, SIR! YOUR HUNCH^W4S:RlgHTl HUNDRH3S ABOUT CORNB-IUS L. V4N CORPE...AND ALL FILED UNDER THE BUT IT'S THE ONL CLUE WE-HAVE, ' ffR. JOHN! WE MUST'KEEP MUNTINSI SO WE FIND OMB. OLD CLIPPINS/MEMTIONIN3 OOBPE..J.THAT f DOESN'T, HE VvBOTE TOMELODV OVER THE' INITIALS C.L.W1 ·Iv Harold Gray LITTLt ORPBA1* ANNI* ,/ mVTTH WYDRE881WN.ANO' ALL «CWyi3WD UP- AMO-V30 FULL O* COOOEBUR«~ WE'LOOk UfcE -WE qcrrATHOOSflMO DauflRBiwir ME~BUTl,3UESSn\ . WflLD BftCKWOOOS ITv-CROSSRCADS STORe DOWN ' THERe- NOT MUCH -BtSE~ OPEN ,7 A. M. TO t A. M, ta I, Whitest 4. Lin* for at ·taohlng nibbooK .' 5. Belted- 6. Exl«U 7. Dry , , ·t. Part H. Tufts of , feather* 10. TentliatM H. Cause of roln IS. Lacking «pe«d 18.-Partly opeD 22; Oar-pin' 23. Guile 24. Bulgarian coin S5. So..American Indian 27. Small fish 29. Sash- ' 30. Implore 25. One born In ft placa 36. Grant 37. Set of thre» 38. Harvester 40.'Mechanical bar .42.? Wearaway -43. Staff 44. Medicinal pl"it -.46;;AftcrnoDB affair* 47. Sea eagle 49. Unhappy 60, Light Sea 58. Perform

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