The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 31, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS Hunt interposed. "Esther Strom? Ji*t me see-^-why, that woman was an anarchist I" "She was something . more besides,; Harry. She was a great altruist." Daniel looked down, stirring his coffee dowly and though'tfully. '"And she"dld me 'an , Irremediable: wrong," 'he quietly .ended. Hunt burst out:, "Then why the — " Tin hanged if I. know, Harry I I . , •oppose,,. It' Is a} -queer notion. We all . • s *-'s •- • - Cancel What Did He Mean? He Was • a FuH Hour Early. .have them, don't we?" He added In «n odd voice: "Perhaps I deserved all I got Anyway, I believe she was a martyr." • . i "A martyr to anarchy 1" "But still a martyr to what she considered right" "Steady, Dan." said Hunt. "You're getting morbid. Come along to the pit today. There's something.stirring in Bummer wheat. It'll wake you up; make yon your old self again." "No use, Harry. I'm finished with speculating." "You talk like a hns-been! Why, you're just starting in life. You've got 1o do something. A man like you can't loaf. What's it going to be?" , "Giving to others." I Hunt jerked his head impatiently. "I i wean what business, what line? You've' got some big thing "up your sleeve, Dan^ Out with it" • . Daniel dabbled his fingers in a Sn- jrer-howl. While drying them on a jQiipkm, the vertical lines appeared sharply between his brows. He lighted a cigarette. He shoved his chair back, stood up. "Henceforth 1 am going to take my happiness in my own way. I learned bow at daybreak this morning. I am lolngto give, gJve, give. And I won't stop giving until, the.last cent is gone." "Dan, !• believe you've gone crazy." :"And I. beHey.e;" said the secretary, • .his .Bible on. occasion, "that Mr. FJtzrandolph...shows. a. very keen wisdom. Furthermore—well, there, is « verse In Saint Matthew, which runs: Te are"thS'salt'.of the earth '" Jonas, the' valet; touched his sleeve. "Ji special-delivery letter,'sin" Taking the square envelope from tte • servant's salver, without observ- Jng -the. .superscription, the secretary opened-It and 'perused the contents. : He ; knitted:.his brows"Puzzling," he murmured, scratching •the back oi his head. "It's anonymous, has n?ithec ..beginning nor end—" He looked "suddenly at the envelope, then; with an apology, handed the message to his. employer. "I.didn't notice .it. It's marked 'personal.'" One glance at the sheet of notepaper, and Daniel sank into his chair. With his strong flngers he pinned the note to the table, breathing rapidly through dilated nostrils. Hunt, sitting -next to him, recalled afterward that It was the only time in. all the years he had known him thdt he had ever seen the man's hand tremble. Daniel looked up. stared blankly a moment at the two silently Questioning faces. His lip quivered slightly. "Boys, I've received startling news. Tve changed my mind about giving everything away. I'll go. ahead with those houses. But I'll go a little saner. Jn a little saner manner, you understand. And, boys, I am going to do that big thing!" He sprang up. "Jonas! Call a giod livery stable. I want their best saddle horse at twelve sharp. Craig, make an appointment for tomorrow morning with Stanley Graham, ihe architect 'Phone for the head barber, downstairs, Jonas. Mention ten dollars to him." Then, without any of them knowing what it was all- about, the speeu- :£ator, the'secretary, and the valet,'had ''dMr haiid&'seized and wrung witji a ; -Vlltf'thit l 'cWsned''their fingers.' '•"' Hunt, burning witt' caWoslty; Upon the opened 'noie lying on the table. He could make nothing out of it. It'began, .without, preface and was unsigned. It consisted of two questions,! written In a flowing,, girlish hand: •; .1 ffHo last appointment? Will you keep'it today?" As-the; superbly-; : lithe; red-haired young woman mounted with cool composure ; on the: 'sq'irei, h<jfs£, v -cantered serenely 1 past* the 'Grant monument.!». rdaP.oJfljjari-ahjeLglanced-ailher watch and saw it was one o'clock. A garden- e .r/,$$ading: r th^.sofkgTrp;hnd beside the .lo^path/stopped;;h'}, as well, anyone might, to follow her with ad-' miring gaze. There was a delicious "earthy"'smell of spring In the air, a Ternal quickening all about. :. ' . ."'• Preseutly^she had' passed the. end of the hillock just north of the'mqmi- ineni—she' turned In her saddle, apd perceived far to the south-a dark shape growing rapidly larger. She jerked the reins precipitately, wheeled about, started back In. alarm. Her ad- .mirable tranqullll^r. had vanished. Goose! "What aid he mean? He was a full hour earljy*"" "' • Escape was r VQgJ&3!$£." ' c 'Q\iickly she guided her horse/; ItLtb" "^ffe"''c'oncre.te arch monumebt—and 'waited. Her perturbation .Increased. Her gloved hand- toyed nervously with, her riding crop. Her heart pounded against her side. She smoothed for the fifth time her Stylish riding-habit, adjusted for the tenth time the pointed hat atop her Titian hair. What did. he mean? He was an hour early— Now she could hear the' rhythmic thud of the hoof-heats. They were coming with break-neck speed. Louder and nearer, louder and nearer, louder and nearer— -A form shot past. Her heart leapt to her throat. Then the scuffle of a horse checked in a headlong gallop, swiftly return- Ing sounds, and the archway wns darkened by a broad-shouldered, athletic man astride a heaving, sceed. " His age sat lightly upon him. He looked much younger than he wsis. He had swept off his hat. and his thick black hair, matted damply sigainst his forehead, showed never a trace of gray. He was distinguished rather j (han good-looking, and the skin of his newly—and wholly—shaven face was us fresh, as clear, and as glowing us her own. Stirring within the mind? of these two, who had beyond question proved their love for one another, who had known sorrow and bitterness and despair, who had traveled years to' reach this moment, treading a long circle to fuse it at last, were—who shall say what thoughts and emotions? But MAN'S A man is as old as his organfe ; he can be as vigorous and .healthy at 70 as at 35 if he aids his organs ui performing their functions. Keep- your vital organs healthy with GOLD MEDAL SiH335I^B T.he worldfs .stapdafd..remedy; for kidney, liver, bidder; and .uric acid troubles since. 15,9,6; corrects disorders; stimulates vital- orgtns. Airdrugg&tsi,'threei siies. Look tor the name Gold Mi-jal'tfilievery b*x .,'• ,.,-..!,. imit»tioa.. WAR NURSE FROM VvJJ!)07 aov D'. • .fwSS ',<lr.V ARMENIA ASKS AMERICA'S AID Soldier Husband and Battlefield 'Baby"Touring-, Country With Her for Near East Relief. A mother, father andi daughter, the latter borm in a tattered lied Cross tent in the icy" Caucasus while guns roared all around and 'Turkish shells, ignoring the mercy emblem, burst -near It,, are touring America In behalf of their native Armenia. They are General Mezrop Nevton Azgapetian, his woirEN ARE IN 1920 THRIFT CAMPAIGN Feminine Army StP.ris Three Mon'ths' • Test to Pave Way. for Safe ,ln- . • vestment.. The savings division^ 1 of I he treasury deportment is de' on tiip women, of .the/nati'Sri not only to help bring down' the bigh cost., of living, lint to establish the permanent practice of saving money a'nd matei-iiil..and finally . .the . investing ' of these'. sn'ylngsi ln-«itte securities, such a's- W'a ^'Savings' s'tri'iiips' and $100 and $1,000 Treasury Savings •cerlfflcn'tes. . -, .. - ,•; i;:;...; ' Under the signature of '''wil'llnm Mather Lewis;. director of :the' sa'i-i'ngs division, n lettetjias Jbecn sent to the presldlng^ptftcerSyOf,. all jlu; principal women's''organlzatibns of. the country. The"- 'genera I plan for ; the .work.'of the women in 1020 lias been : worked out -it) n hutionul way by ilrs.'Grace G. Barf- lett,; vice, director ;in charge ' of . ; woii)- en's organiza.tidns. . . ., . .:.;•' . Supplementing the. letters. .sent .mi) hy hen and -Director ''^ s h.e<'n..sen^,to..nll';.tf(e' womenl's ''' 'nyn, sfatcs'o'f 'in side the bridle-path, o Well. Kate, L'ADY ANN'E AZGAPETIAN. wife, Lady Anne, and Ireneh Esther Araxie Azgapetian, whose baby eyes opened upon scenes of horror and later through them saw- much of the sufferings of the people of Armenia. The family are making their tour :under auspices of the Near East B.elief, the big organization which has Saved hundreds of thousands of the people In that part of the. world from death by hunger and cold and is soon to open a nation wide campaign for funds -to complete the work of saving the survivors, more than a half million of whom must perish.unless aid comes to them soon. America is their only hope. General Azgapetian served gallantly In tbe Russian armies in the Caucasus against the Turks. His wife, who accompanied him to the front, did noble work for the wounded and sick, and j , . Seventh ."'district . Ij'iat. li'ave no nationa thrift' chairmen'.'" rf)''l;is ; 'letter 'D^re'c,- lor Lewis shi'tl'ln liart :'"'•'> '•'''•' "The Influence of women ''in wnrlcii'ig oii't | the''gre!>'f-ei 1 orin]i](c problems i.s-iri- vuluable.' Tt is lii'tlie pnwitr of wnmon to regnlate tlipiise and 'control the price; of the- nw-pssltles -til": -life. TJjey are -the buyers.'.is.t' also ho.'llif savers.. When this. power is :i concentrated way. women will be 0:10 nl' thu-prrentest factors, in solving .tlie present problem of (he high cost nf llv. ing and in .estalilishing i!i'e perninucnti. practice o'f saving inor;i\v'Rml miiic-rhil. The savings (livisii-n r-nlicd intp oonf,o:- once the nationni . rhvift rhalrrnen' 01 rlie following women's orgaiiixatlons: Assncintinn nf Collolrinle Alumnae, i Oaugh'fers nf ih^ American -Reynjnti"n Oonei-al Foclcnirinn of W.niuen's Cln!>-'. Niitlonnl f.-iiholic U'nr council. Nn- rinnnl f'ungress of Mothers. and 1'arpni- Tn.-ichi-i-s' HKsnciatir.ns. Pnun- ell nf .(ewisli \VoniHii. National Ppdpi-.-i. 'tlnii of Business nnrl Profossinnrii V.'nmpn's Clubs. N'ntinnal I,pacr'.iP (or Vv'omen's Service; Women's' <l<>p:in- '•ient. Xatinnal Civic feilernrioi! V nun's Women's Christian -apsociafinr "It was ngre'od Hint those orgnnlzn tions should bp as!:i>(! to make n t<"--' atnoni; their membership of thp \--is rtom with wliich monoy is spent. T'i'« tost was tn be started .Tanuary.n nm- continuerl as an. experiment through February and March. Th.e plan is as follows : " "January — To keep accounts. Kafir individual will hp asked to keep nn 'sic- cmint of hor dully expenses:.- grouping thrrn under such . ituiiis ns ren't. fnnd. clnthing, hotisoholr] service, amusements. incidentals. Ptc. "February— To snve. Each individual will analyze the January expenses and innhp an effort through Information gained in January to save- a certain amount through conservation without hardship. "March— To invest. Each individual will' make a calculation of how much was saved on living expenses in February over an prjual number of days in January. In this nionth an effort will be made to encourage the members of these organizations to invest their savings in government securities." ESCAPED AN By faking LycJiau E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. ' Many Such Ga»eai ..: . Cairo, 111.'— "' Sometime: ago T got so bad with female trouble that I thought "'"" ........... ............ | ; I, would have to-be [.operated on. I had la bad-displacement: 1 BM^ right side 'would I, pain me and I was '.so., nervous, I, could not hb'ld j! a ; glasa' of •water: " Many times I would ha.yejtp.stop jiny, t .wo* ' swd" "sit: down or I would fall >fi'" the 'floor feint pound is medicine. !' .jOf course herearemanyserious cases that' only' a surgiiab operation; will ie- free]y acknowledge thjs,,b"ut 1 ,ftvei; ; er,.(ianyoese, amply prove that' many 1 operations "are recommended' wTien'medicinfi in many cases'is all :that is., needed, i '.-., •.; Jtl.yoUiWant special advice write to Lydia E. Pihkham 'Medicine Co. (cbni- deritial) -Lynn, Mass; : •• . . '• LAURA E. SWARTZ O8TEOPATHIC PHYHCIAH . Chronic D-;iea*ei c »p«el»tty Offlc* In Laud.r-NlchoU Bid*. W.W.HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phone 204 ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PROP. ' . WMh.d Nut, Egg and Lump . Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN " GET OUR PRICE* Plwiia'-HS'ir,. . jji- u { H. O,HALL&€0. FEED, COAI. AND POUtTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 1920 War'.Savings stamp rh 'size approximates the larger stamp used in 1918. It will have .a. maturity value of S5 January 1, iri2. r >. War Savings stamps of the series of 191?' and. 1019 snail "-pot be affixed to War-Savings certificates of-the series of 1920'arid War Savings stamps of the series "of J920..'sha!l' nor he affixed to War 'Sayings certificates of 3918 or 19T9. War Savings stamps of ; oue series affixed to"Wnr Savings certificates of another series-will not add to the value thereof. Thrift stamps, as such, are not directly redeemable in cash, but; each Thrift card will, 'as usual, hnve spaces for 16 Thrift stamps. A filled Tjirift card may be exchanged for a War Savings certificate stamp, series of 1929. at any post office or other authorized agency. As usual, post offices will require a written demand ten days in advance before payment will be made before maturity, and such War Savings stamp certificate must be surrendered for payment within 60 days after such demand. Otherwise the demand will be deemed to be waived. how. are you? . , . tou came a little early. Two was the hour, yon know, ..." "... Dan. I like yon ever so tour!' better .without the board. . . ." (THE EN'D.i The Mascot of the Pacific Fleet. The proudest member of the Navy with the Pacific Fleet is "Mick," Admiral Rodman's spaniel. From the tip of his tail to the tip of hia nose "Mick" is a real sailor. The rougher the seas come the better he likes it. ''Mick" stuck his'head through a : life ring, at the photographer's suggestion, and Is giving an Imitation of a true patriot looking Dor an argument. Every man on the. New Mexico 1» "Mick's" pal. Swedish Monarch a,nd Court at Home of Ira Nelson Morn's in Stockholm. Stockholm, Jan. 31.—In recognition of the new relations between the nations represented here King Gustaf dined with the American minister, Ira Nelson Morris of Chicago. The entire court and diplomatic ^orps assembled at the minister's home. '.-It Is the second time In -history that a .Swedish .*rftteg._hlgi «ye to rjrt juonaentmrily, „' '•king has. thus honored a foreign diplo- '•nh't. baby was born in a hospital tent during a battle. .An army blanket swung from two poles in one corner of the tent was the baby's crib during the rest of that terrible winter campaign. With the collapse of the Russian armies after the Bolshevist revolution the Azgape- tlans returned to Armenia for a ; brief spell and did their best to alleviate the-suffering they .found on every, hand! But with a Turkish price on'his head the father finally made .his way with his family through Russia to Finland and then to this : country. ' What they tell of conditions and needs In Armenia Is first hand evidence. • / In the Caucasus, , Armenia, Syria. Turkey and Persia .are more than 250.000 orphans, helpless little victims of war, massacre and 'deportation, 'and for the great majority- the only bari between them nnd absolute starvation is a bowl nf hot bean soup every day. This soup .is.supplipd -by the Ne'aVsE:isl Relief '.now making an appeal to the American people, for sufficient funds to increase this dole and to provide those suffering little ones with clothing and give them an education that will help them to become self-supporting. It is estimated that moi-e than 1.500,000 in Western Asia .will die of starvation unless-American aid Is continued. ~ WAR SAVINGS STAMPS OF 1920 PAVE WAY TO INDEPENDENCE The 1920 VS'nr Savings stamps are carmine in color and bear the head of George. Washington." The price for January is S4.12 and It increases one cent a month to. $4.23-.In .December. The 25-cent Thrift stamp aisp is, on the market and Is nsed tis formerly to evl- .dence payments on account of,War Savings. sta_mij.s_ 5Pd certificates. Th.e ATTEMPT TO BURN THE JAIL I. W. W. Prisoners Moved From Dwight (III.) Lockup to County Jail at Pontiac. '.Tolipt. III.. Jan. .",1.—T\vo- self-confessed I. W.' W.'s- taken by Dwijrlit authoritlos wore removed to Hie county jail at L'ontinc foll<nvinp an a i tempt to burn tin; nwislit .jail. .They refused [nod. broke the dishes on which it \v:is oTftreil, aiiil destroyed every hreakiiblp (Iiject in tli'pii 1 c-ells. Onei of flti! men ^ave liis* name as Rai-nld \Vooi| uii<l diwlarcd lie wns on his w;iy^to i'.ttoml n o.onvention of .1. W. ^Y.'' : ' on Ihn Pii^ifit; coast. W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL.PRACTICE AND THB ". EYE Ey»i Toitod GliMM mtUtf Virginia Bldg. Carfaondal*. IK, DR. J.W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDING Hrara i to 11 A. M. and 2 to • P. • .. PHONE S8 * F. L. LINGLE, M. D. General Practlee Special attention to Eye, Ear, Neag '.Md" Thrcfct Qlaeeea Fitted Phonet.: Residence 330-2, Virginia Building HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at'Law Phone 2B2 K Suite 112-116 New Hamilton Building; DELIA CALDWEJLJb, M. D. McAMALLY BUILDING 211 West Main Street Office Houri—8 to lu M.M.; 2 te 4 P.IK, CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candles and Ice Creanft Telephone *44 Y - Money . back without quc%tiot if'RUNT'S'Salve fails :n thi treatment of ITCH. ECZEMA RINGWORM, TETTER o. ether itching skin diseases. Trjf B 75 cent box at out risk. " TT'S DBUQ STORE NUFO Ittl CHEERFUL ' we -&.11 would Iry everytKinj ve- . V 1- spoae. 'trte.'t were ^rrtad to ~bKou^K' For. people. tKen would find, us ovt. S Leading Corset aecompBih Waistless—Hipless ® Bustless 9 figure-outlines: Fashion's latest decree. A model for every figure, (each exclusive for its purpose) combinine Slenderness, Grace and Suppleness, With long-wear, W. B. Nuform Corsets provide "MucK* Corset for Little Money." . Style 367 LOW BUST ' Price $2.0O. (See-left-band illustration) '"tf Style 355 FULL FIGURES Price $3.50 (See right-handrillurtration) MILLERAND GETS BIG VOTE French Premier Pulls His Cabinet Through Crisis by. Ballot of 510 to 70. Paris, .Tan. .SI.— Premier Mlllerand' pulled, his cabinet through the crisis- when he received a vote of confidence, 510; .to. 70, after- delivering to the chamber of deputies a warm defense- ' of his entire ministry. , On a previous vote, 300 deputies refrained from voting because of their' ''''~'" whose past record was deemed objectionable. In p his speech, replying to an interpellation,. Millerand successfully defended Steeg.. Pershing in Arizona. Phoenix-. Ariz., Jan.', :il.— The aims and ub.iects of organized labor and of the American Legion are identk-! General Pershing declnred in au'^d- dress here, "and these two orgnnfza-- tionn should go hand in hand toward progress and a common underst-md'- lug" Keep It ha nt!y — it knows no e'quafi in relieving pains and aches ~>*-OAN'S LINIMENT 'has beea "j'sold for 38 years. Today, it^ more popular than ever. There resulte °" e answa ~ it -Produces While : W., B. Nufot_m. f C6r>ct» /are ^popular priced corseti, they «re not in any seme' cheap corsets, but • : combine in Fit, Style,. Material, Woridnanship and Trimming, tjl Ik* qomiitM* of much bigber priced caneta. '• ' ' . '" ' » WEINGARTEN BROS./ New York - Giacago - ....-ir --—7-—"^ i-ivin^B, sciatica, sore stiff, strained muscles, lame back, and other exterior pains and sprains and the result of .exposure. It leaves no mussiness, stain, clogged pores. Get a large .bottle for greater econ- lt hand for U! * when Sloan's \

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