Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
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Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 21
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LNew World Speed Mark -for Banzai ; -·; By DAVE TAYLOR · -Panzar pflot Barry McCown out-gunned »11 com ers to tike the first round in the fight for a 160 mph world speedboat drag record at Marine Stadium Sunday. McCown of Altadena rocketed 'Baazaf* over the quarter-cute course to score a new 157:06 mph worid mark, besting arch rival Bob (His in Rudy Ramos' "Golden Thing" before a crowd of 9,000 at the Long Beach Boat and Ski Club drag meet . The new record tops by nearly five mph the 15i20 mph record set by Chuck Gireth ia "Golden Thing" last year. BOTH McCcwn and Ellis made it clear that the 160 mph summit was their next record stop. Backing up his 15430 mph opening run. McCown ripped through the trap at 16137 mph for the second time around, but had to settle for.the 157.06 mark oa his third trip through. Ellis took -Golden Thing" over the stretch at 160.71 on his first run. but failed to back it up when he blew blower belt on a second try and coasted through the trap at a lowly 148 mph. « · · « t BOB Thomas of San Fran Cisco put a new unblown gas world record on the tote board with a 99.83 mph run in qualifying heats Saturday.' · "Gene Jenniewein of Mission Hills, ia the 135-140 mph class, finished the meet as (Continued Page C-2, CoL 5) BUTTS MAY BE PROSECUTED FOR FELONY, SAYS GOVERNOR '·"-·"-' ··' ." - ;;»«T»rit« tm vn tmrft) The governor of Georgia says former foouui: coach Wally Butts nay fcce-prosecution under the state's criminal laws in the continuing investigation of alleged gridiron dishonesty in the Southeast Conference. -I win have to wait and see what he (Georgia attorney general Eugene Cook) has in his report and what he has uncovered," said Georgia governor Carl Sanders Sunday night. . Cook said he has submitted a report to the governor disclosing that the former Georgia University coach and athletic director supplied secret information to a rival coach that could have affected the outcome of a game last season, as he was accused of doing in a national magazine. Georgia laws, said Sanders, provide that collusion is a felony if some type of reward is involved. Cook has said he is leaving open" his investigation of whether the former coach gambled on games. » · · * WHILE ACCUSATION'S were flying at Butts, neighboring Alabama today continues its investigation. Players on last season's Crimson Tide team will testify today. It was the Georgia-Alabama game of 1962 that was involved, according to the magazine article. The probe, conducted behind closed doors by a state legislative committee, last week questioned Alabama U. football coach Paul (Bear) Bryant, the other party involved by the magazine. Butts' attorney. WUliaza.H. Schroder, commented that Cook is attempting to clobber Coach Butts without even giving him a hearing. ! think it is most unusual for a so-called impartial investigator to issue a statement such as that released by Eugene Cook." In Birmingham, Bryant's attorneys said the Alabama coach would have no comment One of tie attorneys added, however, "It just ain't so"--a reference to Cook's statement U.S. Senate investigators are seeking to determine if gambling was involved in the game. In Washington, Chairman Joha L. McdeUan, D-Art, cf the Senate Investigations Subcommittee said. '"This may be just one part of a facet to our pending investigation of interstate gambling in sports, both amateur and professional." Independent- BUZZIE BALKS 'Trade Me'-Duke By GEORGE LEDERER t, P-T StM wrMr TAMPA. Fla.--Neither Buz- It may be the first time in ily.before I go East, when and horse trading history that a'if." player will sway the decisions zie Bavasi nor George Weiss of the general managers. has made up his mind regard- "I talked to Buzrie Satur Snider's latter desire and reluctance cf the two general managers to come to terms -SUn Photo b» lot Shumwtr 'LOOK OUT BELOW It might have been a warning shouted by Rudy LaRusso (wanna bet?) but whatever it was. Hawks star Bob Pettit (right) was covering up before he got konked by a rebound duririg NBA playoff Sunday. That's Zelmo Beaty o n floor. . · · · " ' . " ing the sale of Duke Snider.'day night and he still wasn'tiwUl hold up' completion of but the captain of the Dodg- sure if Fd go," said Snider, the deal at least until next ers has. "But if I go. Buzzie win be.Sunday night "My wife and I feel that a doing me a favor. ItH be The asking price is $W 000 change would be good." Sni-itough to leave a club lYe which means an outlay cf der said Sunday while tele-[been with all my life and im more than $75,009 for the phone negotiations continued be tough to go to a losing'Mets including' salary The between the Dodgers and club. [rest of the clubs have waived "It's even tougher, though'on Snider and the Duke him- Mets. Snider's position is unique and typifies Dodger daf fines s. Lakers Breeze in Opener self is ready to wave bye-bye to the Dodgers. West, Elgin, Barnett ; Amaze 10,086 Fans! By DON HARDLV '· It was just like old times;late-going of the regular sea- it the Los Angeles Sports son. played 36 minutes. He Arena Sunday afternoon. [scored 27 points, had eight The Lakers were winning rebounds and seven assists. and the crowd was great The Lakers, using a Mis- I talked to Jerry in the · shower room. He now seems soon defense formula, easily too per cent recovered from took care of the St Louisjthe hamstring injury. Said t . I fans in the first of a best Wt have any pain at all I four-of-seven series for the g O t a little tired in the second Western Division playoff titlejpenod but after the rest (8 in the National Basketball minutes altogether) I felt Assn. BOB PETTrr.'an all-pro for good." before. points and, as the score indicated, didn't let many other Hawks get many; that is. except Cliff Hagan, who, with 27 in only 24 minutes of play,i"±"t', c actually kept the Hawks |score1 alive. Most of Pettifs points ^ TU? K'' ^m , J S^"' «»·» smiling dur- Jc^so^mis^n £ ^-test,One^aI, . * * * Lakers, supposedly did not have a defense at 'that posi tion. But Ellis, playing 42 minutes, had 11 rebounds, 12 vital points and imade Schaus smile after the and not to be named in deference to fair journalism, made the worst calls this reporter and IO.OS6 others have seen in years. Ironically, though, the other official received the wrath of Elgin Baylor, who, normally, is a mild-terspered sort of person. He heaved the ball, and it curved "ala Belinsky," right BOSTON (UPI) -- Cincin-iinto ih e official's face. Old natf j bench took over with a ( Tick Tock" received a tech- vengeance when the Royal^iczl foul for the behavior. Tick weH. Cincinnati 'Benches' Boston over the Boston'Tock^ faired fanly I Nursing a gimpy knee, he had 2-1 « "od" 1 M'P** " 0 " upset wm Celtics. The Royals, grabbing a 2 game advantage in the National Basketball Associa-, - . . - ,, ,, · lion's Eastern Division finals,!' 1 * ^k" 1 ««« . Wltl 20 continued to ignore the sup-IP? 1 "* »^ Rud y tUR J"^- cosed fc«ne-a«rt advantare! wh « 1tora S«s the credit played a tre- to sit on the bench when you know you're still able to play. The way rve felt all spring, I can play in at least 110 c .___,, , games. My knee isn't as , S ? D ^ J 21 "^ a b ' strong as it used to be, but it sta ? der Sunday »s the Dpdg- hasn't been sore.. ers ""^ ll four wns m » [row and seven m the last nine games, by edging Cin"I FELT that I should have'cinnati, - - " played more. in the last I TK. couple of years. I've said that GKEATKST, WITH EASE Graceful leap by Boston great Bob Cousy kept Adrian Smith from shooting during Eastern NBA playoff game Sunday, but Cincinnati beat Celtics, took 2-1 lead in best- of-7 series. - , " CANDY SPOTS LEADS KY. DERBY LIST CALIENTE (UPI) -- The Calient e Future Book on the Kentucky Derby listed Can : dy Spots and Never Bend as co-favorites at 2-1 in the run for the roses. '. Cain Hoy Stable's eastern star Never Bend was the opening favorite at 2-1. but R. C Ellsworth's western challenger picked up sup^ port Saturday ia winning the $100,000 Florida Derby by four and a half lengths. Candy Spots dropped from 3-1. · Listed in third position were Bon jour. City Line and Ahoy, all at 10-1. ! feel that way." Snider has been guaranteed, a seat aboard the Dodger term - m(Jed t plane for the tnp West, be- Atston took ginning tonight -IVe bcenl turkey shooting Walter tonight "Fve away from home since Feb. 12 and I want to see my fam- Yankee Ace Not Ready, Suspend\ Karras in Probe? j NEW YORK W*--The New York Mirror, back oa the ... newsstands for the first time toEo! s!nce Dec - 8 - **** Survda y j^uithat defensh-e tackle Alex Q" MIII . |Karras of the Detroit lions TnV^wer hating of Ken Mc-j^ ^l^^l'^T^^ inning and to feast on rookie ! George Me Williams. 1mi3liu Mullen made Strltegy'ar. un-°J * «"* rm « " * "^ necessary item, however. '? f the . N » tlOB *' F ° °. ' b « '.' ,. r .. ; ' j . . . . (League s "gambling" investi- With two doubles, a single W ion, ,and four runs batted in. Mc-l _,,, ,.,,,,. ^ mnf , ,' Mullen enjoyed his best day' R Jf^?. P"TM?^ *»* . , . ,, , of the spring and once more ^ Ied , ^ Mirror story as Admit* Houli\«** th «'" d « «* ^ ***?*»*· S l U f f l l IS UUUh ^ SARASOTA, Fla. CW-For WINNER Bob Miller out lhe Reds for f ° T the first time tl m a n a g e r Ralph pressed concern Sunday overl*" the c o n d i t i o n of Whiteyj but ran lrto * Ford's pitching arm and admitted that the ace New York lefthander may not be ready to start the season a week from Tuesday. [ of both dubs. The Reds. -His shoulder tightened up t *!"gg«d five doubles in i again after that work Fri-| nin S ** first meeting day," the manager admitted.,*^ 31 * back with four and -So we left him back in Fort J P od S" P «y'"d three. Gordy: L a n d e r d a l e to take more." \ treatment This is the same. Standings thing he has every spring and AMEHICH* LIACUE it takes a while. H» n-«nV *. k '.?._ . ·_ t pitch. . a byiined story by executive sports editor Ha rrfd Weissnuui, the Mirror said shut NFL Commissioner Pete Rb- report upon cornple- bar- ,tion of the investigation with- aaa ' i n m tW ° * k * TM dBfe fide * to act :on reports of player associa- ( tion$ with elements characterized as undesirable. I "3. Varying measures if disciplinary action against at *I CA.VT promise that hell cjriSA Ti rJcwMunam '»ti £j ^east half a dozen players and other league personnel for vi- Cfticaoa -M 9 .AOtNnv Yort I 14 0«troit -11 M Jti Umrwscti J 1] «TK» ^lations ranging from associations with known gamblers | to supplying information for a turn, and I don't to be able to go nine innings if he can." . . . _ The 31-year-old star has Coleman also tripled and ASKED for comment »n pitched only seven innings in'drove in four runs for the^ 1 - spokesman said Sunday regular exhibition games but'Reds. has worked II rounds in -B"j T , took one of Wiffie games w i t h the Rhroood more tfecttcu ^ T club. He pitched three innmgs Mve ^^ glme uith ori Friday against St Louis. lnd ^ , ^ ,,,, at the Houk also sad that Marin e rinth _ wnie shall Bndges the 3aear-j ^^ lo ^ wan BMf old reliev-er who was shot in 39 o.f oot marker in the l e f t leg Feb. 12, wiU t er for pinch-hitter night: 1 The investigation has not to " Jet been ccm P I « ted - When it is, the commissioner will issue a full report. Inasmuch as made. t.iy conjecture at this time is purely speculative." ; the first public Wednesday at Fort Myers. posed home-court advantage by grabbing their second win at Boston Garden. TIIE FOLTI-51A.V Cindn- nati bench an joined first mendous gaxe. He got 11 rebounds in just 30 minutes. In Sunday's game the back- court proved positive. West stringers in double figures. [Frank Sehy and Barnett are Royal?, Knicks Heady In Swap Hey man, Lucas? LEXINGTON, Ky. WV-A1I- America Art Heyman of Duke said Sunday he has been ad- Oscar Robertson finished on top with 23 points. The Royal bench of Adrian Smith. Tom Hawkins, Dare Piontek and Hub Reed to-'others Tuesday night at 30'and Jerry Locas. former Ohio' tailed 48 poinU as all nine of when the Laken and Hawks'state All-America. just too much . . . fast, and vised Cincinnati and New (York of the National Basket you want evidence of ban Association are working fact, join some 10.000,on a trade that involves him shoot welL If that Aiter Bo Lost the Game He Found He Still Had Mamie (Cha-Cha-Cha) the visitors had at least lO.Jhave »t it again in the second ( ,^ )iiian ^^ , ^.j... ^-. Too Heinsoha headed Eos-jp!ajxff game, also at the L_A. ficial told hia «~!zsei=nati was ton's scoring wili 23 poi=t«.{sporti Arena. Heynan said a Rsyili cf- :ial told hia Ciscinnati was working oa a deal that would By ROSS XEWHAN L U IB* wriNr PALM SPRINGS -- Bo Belinsky suffered a financial loss Saturday and a Cactus League loss Sunday, but at least he's a winner in Mamie Van Chavez Ravine next Sunday after his sidekick, Dean Chance, starts against the National League runners-up at Dodger Sta-' dium Saturday. draft rights on Heyman. Sporls on Rarlio-T\ r · ttfm Bonn n. Orwn. in. rat» tm. Ann n. Cam. tare. l.3« . n. AH. u«o». The surltgitirg southpaw also maintains a strong position in the Bin Rigney league, where victories count ( most The Ansel*' manager, who is j quick ta forgive and forget indicated · t h i t EelinsVy would face the Dodgers at Rigney also revealed that Ken McBride has been awarded the opening night assignment against Boston, breaking Eli Grba's inaugural string. Chance wiH face the Sox the next night and Belinsky win duel Chicago the f o l l o w i n g evening. · · · · TM VERY p l e a s e d about the assignment," said McBride, who has posted a IJM ERA this spring." "Every pitcher looks forward to an opening day assignment." A [(Continued Page C-2, CoL 7),coach George Halas of the [Chicago Bears, Wrissman [wrote that -Rozelle has been investigating the rumors since ;!ast August wbtn he was ia- .formed that Karras and guard [John Gordy of Detroit had 'returned from a Cleveland 'exhibition game in a luxury bus operated by a Detroit McBride will make one more exhibition appearance against Houston at Bakersfield Thursday. He's not far frora the form with which be won 10 in a row early last summer. figure who has" been convicted of smuggling whiskey and mair.taining a gambling house." for said. THE SEVERE punishment Karras, Weissman said, Tm getting the same re- \" lt based xi his admission (o suits now that I was then," ft* commiHiocer that he oc- said McBride, ~but my .casionany bet onj3m«s."This sinker is still not whit it |afaiission. Wrii^aan should be. I haven't had , car! * wh * n Klrr " w " any pain frotr. the cracked i?° n ' d . t ° ^ rib. however, and as far as i N f w .y° r k o r l «"» he « Is « » rm concerned that's the ! t , t j". ision best news of the spring." I 16 cunn r * ^ betting cigari and cigarettes (Continued Page C-2. CcL 4) 'on games. I

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