Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 7, 1976 · Page 26
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 26

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1976
Page 26
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0 A people, etc. Whatever happened to Joanne Dru? I always thought she was one of the most beautiful of the stars of the '40s and '50s. At 57, the glamorous grandmother still has^ the fetching figure of a teenager and is headily happy in her real-life role as Mrs. C. V. Wood. Her husband, known as "Woody," is an oil exec and they do a great deal of traveling. Joanne and her brother, Peter Marshall, host of "Hollywood Squares," are quite close and her fan letters almost equal his. Incidentally, her famous ex, actor John Ireland, has recently launched a new career as owner of a ritzy restaurant in Santa Barbara. O Once and for all, is it true that copper bracelets relieve arthritis? A The folk remedy has been in disrepute for several years, but now researchers have discovered there may, indeed, be truth in the bromide. Copper, they f o u n d , reacts w i t h skin c h e m i c a l s to p r o d u c e an a n e s t h e t i c c a l l e d n ' e t h y l e n e " w h i c h can be absorbed i n t o the body. Is David Bowie, -^ rock star of many shades, really a mama's boy? Mama, Margaret Jones, wishes he was, but says that I ' """JHI^H David isn't talking to k _3^^B ^ er ~ ^ e sent ^ e^ a mm k \.' *"**JMJ^^^I coat f° r Christmas but V '"Mj^^^l what she really wants is \ ,^^^^1 a f ree ticket to his next '^^uf^^^m concert. If she can't get a freebie, she says she'll spring for the ticket out of her weekly wage as a London maid -$40. O Can you explain Ortho K and what it means to people with faulty vision? AOrthokeratology, or Orthp K, is a new contact lens technique which corrects improper curvature of the cornea through a progression of different lenses. The eye is kept in its proper shape for a period after the treatment with a retainer lens. O Does anyone really know w h a t h a p - pened to Sean Flynn, the son of Errol Flynn? O A A Officially, there's little hope that Flynn (left), a lookalike of his famous father (right), survived his 1970 capture by guerrillas in Cambodia. However, both his mother, former actress Lili Damita, and half-sister Rory are convinced he is still a l i v e and p l a n to search for him. Rory bases her belief on the fact that Sean, who detested living in the shadow of his hell-raising father, often said that, to fulfill a "lifelong dream," he planned one day to start a new life under an assumed name. O Can't somebody find a use for all those water hyacinths that clog rivers and canals in the Southern United States? A Those,beautiful pests are nature's own anti-pollution device, scientists are learning. They not only remove'such heavy metals as mercury and lead from water, but devour pesticides and phosphates as well. When they've finished removing pollutants, the plants can be dried and converted into a "bio- gas" similar to natural gas. 0 C o u l d y o u t e l l m e w h a t h a s happened to Victor Mature? His recent appearances seem to have been limited to the late, late show. A A t 6 2 , H o l l y wood's Samson fin a l l y s e e m s t o h a v e f o u n d a D e l i l a h who m a k e s him h a p p y . A very mature Mature is now the father of 11-month-old daughter Victoria, and wife Lory is now expecting a second child. Mature still collects residuals on many of his old movies, and operates a n u m b e r of radio-and-stereo stores in California. 0 1 read that smoking helps control high blood pressure. Is this true? A The results aren't conclusive yet, but a recent study of 900 men showed that those who smoked had lower bfood pressure than those who didn't, even when they gained weight. O Isn't John Henry Faulk, the folksy philosopher on "Hee Haw," the same man who was the subject of the CBS special, "Fear on Trial"? A They're one and the same. Blacklisted d u r i n g the McCarthy era, Faulk, then a bigtime radio person a l i t y , w a s f i r e d b y CBS, who replaced him with Dick Van Dyke. When he was cleared later, Faulk wrote'about his ordeal and, jronically, Van Dyke was one of those who bought the rights to his book. Faulk says that CBS did not air his story out of a 'change of heart: "CBS is a corporation. Corporations have no hearts, they have boards of directors." Have a question? Write PEOPLE, etc., Tucson Daily Citizen, P. O. Box 26767, Tucson, Ariz. 85726 * ··'·* · · · ···· Out Takes From Old Tucson By Robert Shelton President of Old Tucson Bad status report on "Ferguson's Station," the proposed pilot for NBC which we had hoped would be made at Old Tucson: The project has been dropped for lack of interest on the part of NBC. · After 12 weeks of set construction and filming in the Tucson area, "Hawmps" -- Mulberry Square Production's film dealing with camels -- has folded its tents and stolen away to Yuma for the final week of shooting. The big rush is on to finish filming and post-production editing and scoring in time for the world premiere in Dallas on May 20. Joe Camp, former advertising executive now turned producer-director, already has his distribution staff booking the production throughout the country. They have every expectation that it will do as well at the box office as their previous success, "Benji," which is currently the country's third-largest money maker. · If you think you've heard a voice over local radio and television stations that reminded you of the golden days of radio, you're right. That unmistakable voice belongs to Jim Ameche, "The Voice of the 20th Century," who now resides in Tucson. That distinctive Ameche quality, shared with his brother Don, has been heard and associated with the great and famous shows of radio's heyday. He was Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, to millions of loyal Wheaties eaters during the 30s and appeared on those great radio programs "Hollywood Playhouse," "Grand Hotel," "Attorney-at-Law," "Big Sister," "Grand Central Station," and "Silver Eagle, Mountie." All in all, he was on more than 60,000 programs. He's still at it, doing audiovisual narrations and national and regional commercials -- and boosting Tucson wherever he goes. · Gold-Sholl Productions and Marv Bailey Productions, both of Chicago, have been inquiring about Southern Arizona locations. Shooting would be this month or next for movie trailers for European markets. · "The Quest," an NBC World Premiere Movie being made by Columbia Pictures, started rolling on Jan. 27 in the Nogales area and moved to Old Tucson Thursday. In addition to Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson and Brian Keith, the cast includes Cameron Mitchell (known to his Tucson fans as "Uncle Buck" from his days here with "High Chaparral"), Neville Brand (who was here two years ago to film a battery commercial), Iron Eyes Cody and Kee-' nan Wynn, who is starring as the owner of a circus complete with (shades of "Hawmps") a camel. Keenan's son, Tracy Keenan Wynn, wrote the script. Features 3 . . . In Defense Of Dumbbells "What's wrong with men wanting to look better?" bodybuilder Mike Mentzer, expanding his 49-inch chest defensively, asks Kenneth Turan of the Washington Post. 6 The Mystique Of The Pickup Essayist Jeff Smith analyzes the popularity of pickup trucks in Tucson. Smith, incidentally, owns one. 6. . . Pickup Conversation Freelancer David Hoysradt has been talking with pickup drivers lately. Here's what they talked about. When Andy McLaglen got back to Los Angeles after completing directing chores on the CBS Movie of the Week, "Royce," filmed in Southern Arizona last month, he started work on "Banjo Hackett," a two-hour NBC World Premiere Movie starring former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Don Meredith. Departments 5 . . . Television Forecast 5 ... At The Movies 9. . Movie Times Times and places of films now in Tucson. 9 .Ask Beth A column of advice for teen-agers. 9 . . . Radio Log 9. . . Television Schedules TV programming Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Also on pages 10-11. Correspondence: Address to David N. Mitchell, editor of Ole!. Tucson Daily Citizen, Pott Office Box 26767, Tucson, Arizona 85726. The Cover This potpourri of pickups was photographed by the Tucson Daily Citizen's P. K. Weis, Bill Hopkins and Lew Elliott. Story on pages 8-7. PAGE 2 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1976

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