Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1976 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1976
Page 21
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I - A Y F . l l E V I L L K . AliKAN'SAS ' 21--Automotive--Fcr Sal* '1575 SCOUT 4 «lrol ilnvc, 6.0W miles, Aelu\c Interior nrd trim, mud and snoiv tlref, B/C, tcvk out v h c e U , h f i v y bump- erT, nius sejl. Ji.lM. Call 4« »Jt or - · '1971 POXTIAC B"nwt'\lll«. 1 door hird- lop. Automatic, iwwer and air, JU9S. rh.xic 19-317S. «5 TON TRUCK In swrf cvwi-U«i. f whecJs Bply tires. S». rhoot J4i«iH_.__ ; IKS ·· PLVAtOL'TH VIP, iw*'er Wcc '· fArtor- »lr, mrt-o, soxl (ran,qv"la |7». Call after S:W TO ««eMs\s '7j'DODGE V-S. -11B, AuLffiiutlc : , raisrfon.'Pov\t:'r sleerirg, air cood;tl AM radio; f39i». Also 'T5 Ctiesy Vfcn 3M -\uionul1c inmsmJsaoni f A/C, AM/FM radSo, stereo lapo high back »aU and canvl«d Phone . 4^24136 or jat-MSi. tS7l V1V SMpc t B«*t1e, aulomatic mot, 23,000 actual m-lcs. ncsv «m fadials evcf I It-nl evTidil Ion. Call 3;00. ill-S60G. 13J2 POXTIAC GR-^N PRIX. A,/C, A M / FM tape deck. cntiM control, only J2333. ' c»u r-ai-ijsi · '« FOI1D FAliCON 2 8, standard shift. 2^23 p^odaKe. Gcod U « ^ 1973 \~\V 412 Wagon, aulomalic, small Porsdie encine. Goni cooditioc. 36 nvp.S- M600 will taeaiAtr trade. MUST SEU.. Ph** SS-73S3. ^ l!ra DODGE VAN'. Poww jt«n cwditi«iing. stereo. =sua TCO(. Must jell, sacrifice. Apanment 1 Creek. 44S-JM7 after CAR Painting and "body wort. iKe Frt« estimates and all wo aMeed. Phong 751-^25. HAS j our aiito in mrarvce be wiled B-J drivifli recorf D\V1 pan nte lour lasorar^c at re rate -Call 521-65(0. 521-55i!; even ass?, ai-iasa: _ _ W5a BUICK TUWERA f 00 1^0 aif-ji* 4rt) cu In compete e c Lew than l.WJ - miles since re Ttubo' tranitn issyn U rnalch. tnth. Call aftfer 5:M p.m. |42-cK aculate, (23c«. Phone 1S72 NOVA, power brakes ,!1«mig. Aye, rood UT*S. no equity 3ust pal off note W.KS.W. See ai 1103 a Hu.Ttsvi]lp WANTED CaM asS I'racks _tot Pirt* Amr Male or Mod«l \ ID67 VW Btip, clean «ith pood botiy. TOO nini JKH*], blue. - JSiO. Phone 7311. 19J3 TO\C7T^ Ucfl Cm «-T 4 w S ply tires, rocUl ttp, pc-.d 22-^Maehin«ry Form [Equipment , -. WASTED'-- Win buy or rent a iar^e miLty "or socfccceelt Irai3er. wth sides. · Alw need jriiealicm equipment and pipes, ' ' BROILER GROWERS. Oiore 1\mt pan feeder system consisting of (our 3» feeder lirj« romp3e*e witb hoppeia and lime rioct Available in aboct 4? wwfcsr. Price; 13000. Call 339-3W, ^ _. · ONE HAY RAKE zrd m n M e r ; i M - sale. See |at Western :Auto Store, Hwy. . 6?- PTcirw' Gn»e. Pho*o B4S-34-9 fn" IT - ings iintil 3 p.m. .- - · . - . ·. HALE S ock arwl HOITE Trailerf.. De: Harris Auio: Sales, 'Rogers. Atfcii ,».^^S^^V^^^N--~^^^-^~-A-^~-J^"^ 23-- Livestock -- For Sole SUBJECT Co'. register. A beautiful, 12 i-ear sreen broke ;coll. AAAplus Unes *4W. ReJi=(pr«J mare. AAA brc«l ·nf, SAW. Phtrk 345-M33 or 845-2707. WANTED to bn-, ' xerilsnt team, hor for Krandchitdren ' _ APPALOOS.^ 7 year old grfding, spirited. |f J29) oi wU trade for boat ard motor equal \ralu«, PMne I4MS74 after 6:Cg. FOR. S.AT-E 1M day (Train calvcj. Li ve or dress«1 . KK-523I. AT STUD -- Resistered iron erhorse. Ben. Oklahoma Siai But DO breedin?. Frr inFon: 14_!_DoflS, Cats « Pets . "~ SNOW wlifte ,\nKricai) EsHmo, "2 mcs, oliJ. fmes diildten. has had s+vols. -* .\KC registered, price Ion. 4O-5J91 ejr' '" " from 9 lo 5 - can W!-WS atti p.m.- ufc'fiTr-T'. C. PcrUJ. · · ' t TKC REGISTERED Boxers, r«w!y I , Maj- 1st. i«5 W HOO. 442-Tiaa- rate KttURS -- DOG .Grooming. Smoll breeds, Ex| work. ReaiwiaK* rat**. Boarding Inlrang also.ava-.lahlir. CjTlh[a J"hn 44Z-3S2 or 413-3141. ' DOG a^d t Boo:din£. Larze wl( - runs arvd irvsde Fanlitif*^ At rvii a*id_Training avaiaKe. _^_ AKcTaifick arv* ' atl DACHSHU.NR ' p-Ei." Call 7511449 aflffr ft p.m.' or 0?3 before l:OT-p.m. · FOR SALE: ReffiHer«J ___ AKC Resrsteied rockfr Sivjnltl puppi( Jan b lime frjr E^s'.er. Pb/T* 731-14S5, MES, We'd., April, 14, 1976 1 s - - " r 25-- Home Neerfs-- For Sola « * , ·' · ar EVANS; , i.l BLACK ( ; : CARPETS V By Armstrong AMERICA'S BEST « SELLING POPULAR J PRICE CARPET NOW 1 BEING SHOWN IN OUR NEW CARPET » SHOWROOM i ' '' ' J Free Estimates » ! ; - , 1 : ' : Excellent . Installation .. . . . : , ; · · ' , · · · - · · · : -. . 1 V /7 / · i a £ ^Letuu *Lnodb CARPETS Home Clr, 521-4500 "FREE : ESTIMATES" SEW. SOKA AND CHAIR SHIM! EM Trial's risht we', have just recoiled a »rand- new; ihipmeol of. Wauiltul wf and chair rew in a wide variety Of colors ind stles. Prices muse Irum J139.S5. JT.99.9j. . .SJ19.55 to J299.S5 and alsn ·=omp beautiful cotfee and end lable; sUrtaig al · «ily, S19.K c**. Cash or Terms UFS/Unilcd Freight Sales. ll\-\ F2 W. ' Kaycltcvillc. Op«i 9 3 Mon.-Fn IPJ 6:DO Sat. 1 ; KING Size ted -.with spread i .pitlctv $175, 1 lars* Mfc dresMr^ypr chcs! of dra««rs. 170. 1 w-ktail taWe. 60 in lensth. Ha l,?o-csrt, SlOO. Call K13179 1 MAGNESS "electric 1 organ, aniiq e school .fes*. queen-rce Coral .bedspread wrth malrh ng drap* like IM v Bo bpdrrnm (am lure W e t Jutt SI" Lamps, ironinc bwrd and cHhrr house hold items, (till ^ 124331 alter -5:30 p.n MICROWAVE o *n LVt ne UU«i Minute'. Maste mist s*e lo feel e»f SPECIAL "OF THE WEEK CRYSTAL PALACE by Collins^ Aikman ,-\ beautiful cot . and lory mti i co£oiw patterned sfiaz. Si* co or^ (rcm wh ch tn ch»*e. . . ' ' 'Was yd. 1 liSTalici! . ddttance Sloax, Company. : \Veslgate 'Shopping Cir. Fay E Ucville, Arkans a^ Hiway 62 west al /] Bypi" LARGE DLM-SG ! E1OOM 'SHH'.MTINT -- lias jus " arrived' and you now have a ! sup?r selection .on any il1e or sii« you , may need. Great 'buys -such as ch na 3 cabinet* as I«w as (169.95. 5 ptere djv ' cue His ionly 179. K, all ^xwl i , piece ' ditiiti? n»m srts only SZ39.3T wxl much more, rash' or; Terms -Available. UKS/ United Preisht "Sales, ' liwy. F2 W. Fay" eneville. Or«n 59 Mon.-Fri., till 6:W Sat - SOLID OAK' BEDROOM SFHS That's = risM JTKI can buy a. beautiful .wk bed · room set 'at a low" $299.95. These beautifr all wood. .sets [ndnde a large chest, dras fill o( fjue*n S!/e ; headboard .-, Hurry Supply limit ed. E-Z Terms Aval lable ~ y UFS/United- Fielght Snl«,- l[vT.?61 W / FayKtevUle. Open 9~S Mon.-Fri- Hi 6;M · UNFINISHED - ·FlMNiTlJRE ": · CDCf"! A 1 'Q . ori_L.lA\Lo · -- - ' , . , , . , * 2^" Wrdlh ....... J19.5C rt- 30'-': Width i. · . . : . . . S23.5C *« 36" Width''., i. ; S27.5C Deacon's Bench- -$34. 5 " Desks .... $39.50 S59.5( _ Corner .Cabinets $29.50 U[ ,'J China Cabinets^ . »] Gun Cases, 12 gun. .$119.5 4 j Secretaries · .;:V... ·:.'... $99.5 Night 'Stands' - $17.5 *° 4 5 Drav/er Chests -- »f- 5 drav/er . . ' . . / . . $34.,5 Telephone Stands - $13.5 ?J Door' Chests^ ./... - i : $79.5 .1.' TERMS AVAILABIE f i ' · - ' ' - ' · . ' ' -ot ' ' ' ' · ' ' '" GG " DISCOUNT '-FURNITURE ^ 2262 : SOUTH 7l:HIGHWA v :n? fl mile soulh pf d Soulhgate · Shopping 1 Center) ' S£- PHONE 443-5756 DENNIS HOME FURNISHING fe ' OUTLET STORE £ r 327 So. School Phone 443-2163 *.-- For Snlft-rM^cetinnr^us HOUSE ridiruj nwv\er. tr^A ninitillon. i.V'1'hon* 4+I-55S3. '1'KH 3 10 lransnii«jk*i. like fl*w. H d :*Wftor M«i. I'hiwo 5?1 M«i, KMTI.V li Mrim *W. S-Ti llnr- w\y oiitsr «Hh Cillisvii K.iUwi ami'h- ;r both foi only J1S\ (Tdar ch*M 5\i%i P. rhcne 521-WOD" ' ' ; WEED EATERS,. JAf?l OWERS LAWN DENIES Jiri Mimeis- SiVlc Car Mwrrs e,xlEastrr - - ' Cuis nilh FiHiiB Lhie »r infomiaUftn nr ftec dcnnoilratlcn iH T51-1K2, 731-ME3 or It no annver, ill S!l-70!l. : LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES T. O. Ho\ 6t 1 , F.\vl1 evillc. Aik. lot ciiniflMe line o( \Vet»d .K-iU'r i\irtJT i ,\W Ark. y OFA AND CtL\IR SKTS *^9.«. Only U9.?j \t\\] bu - JXHI a brand new hercu on sofa and mat chin ( chair this w«1 1 United FreLshl Sales. Some Tiulclung Jn'-lcd Frrfjrh( Sales, Hwy. 62 \V. Fay- Ucilllr Or«i 9 Mon.-Kri., lil «:W alurday. u:nnooM FUHMIUKE -- rickup irom nlw. selecllcn oi . ,il! «'ocd K'tlroom uiniture al sup*r prices. For ovamplp a wauiltul ! solid o.ik ^ pipe* bwlroom set or otity i»9.56. Many more and ali sets ire alt wtxrf const IAJ ct ino . E-Z Tenrvs \vai able UFS/UnHcrt F/rifht SaL«, hvv. 62 W. Fa»rU«vilIe. Oivo 99 Mo*i.- [·'ri., IJH 6:CO Sal, \WSl\n for a 1 ravel Irailer or motor home 15 H Ne e-r twn nvxl- B cenlon rual colo ^w at S*ne Bodi' ^h P or rail 7S6-30M ait*r SEW SPLXrrACULAlt rhil npht IT , f. on uehl ion I Un ted rrc£hl Sales. This wwfc onl ou nn bu n MUTE ConwiCidaled r^s ing m ch ne al oO r off Ihe retail prof \ VK. PARTS anil LM1OH Guarajitre Xher 1 and a\ailahlp n\w, start! nf at , 31 tor a'Tirarul new zigzag iiuch;nc Tern«s Available. UFS/Uniied Freisrit Sales. lU-j 1 . 63 W- Fa'yclt MiKe. Open 9° Man,-Fri,. lil 6:WSUlunl; NEW SHIPMENT OF DINING HOOM \ND, DINETTE FURNITURE, We have iust received a brand n cvv ihipment of cautiful dining ' Toom anil diiwltP fumt t re All styles and si*os to choif* Ircm. liar ivwxl 5 pt'. scls as Imv as Ji39.3 pc. d inetle sets as tow a-f [ lia.i'a t* na cabineis 1163.95 ard much nviie E-Z erms Available. UFS/Unilt*! Frei|hl Sale Hyw. 52 SV. Fayellevilte. Open " ° Mon.-Fri;, til 6:00 Saturday OAK . ' sHavinxs dmnpcJ outside our bouse; For J3j a load. Sawdust also avail able Phone 442KK5. GARDEN pJ owing, brush hosslns, ti*c tcmovAl. On weekends, Conlact bo*i ecn 5 and K, Mm day throuph Siiturtfav, 44^ ~i73 and ask lur RI'k. USED railrtnd tifi. Al» liver botto limestone chat. Phone 412-SOW. · : C*S'.- COIN b PAWN SHOP ^;.m^\ ' t.T,t ,r Vo* H» 0(j(.=n 1* Bfpu.ItiK jrwiur-GOLt-!oiHi-;uNS 7 5 1 - 3 7 1 0 HS KWAY It 1- srilNGOALf KING BEDDING SALE Feel like a Vina after a bean1i/ul night's re it no an Qrthopedi c king size matt re.« and b^x springs. Standard Finn, Turn and Extra Firm available. Prices start at S223.95 fo mattress and box springs. Other s isa ai-aflable at 'super savings also.' ' Kash or Terms. irFS/Un(t«l Frejghl Sales Hny. 2 W. FayeioUille. Open 9 5 Mon.-Fri.. till G:0 Saturday. tl9BP^ ^ p^jl ^iM^^=^ SHQP -m- y ";S _n^MA jff ci V' 1 "* "^ '^^ r^i SiT s Y "kS 3^/K J ^«!^"i SmiTmiRh "T«' ' ySi ; Sr"ti"J GosJ'- 3 |? s ^ 5 2 1 - 5 9 2 0 1 » »M H- COLLICl (H-ff/HW.I 3 i POOI, Tables -- ,-ieu and n?cd -- At Dialer's cnly Bmnrofcli deatrr - serve and surrllcs -- FSI-OTiO.'Lltllc Rock, Ai -^ METAL [)]3TK«^OH, GARHKF. 1he pr O lrssionals choice. Trcasaic FiunlinK s-J plies Call AH Lincoln, Ho?«rs S3AK* 3 . HIGHEST PKIUE8 PAID FOR tKK 3 USED FURNJTUKK AND APPLUNCS . ,\LSf .ANTIQUES. SHOP TJS FOK 7H U fltl'Tr BUYS IN TOWN. 0 ) RAICLIFF'S FURNITURE Hwy, (0 W i!2-2K No* Two slim l'i servi Tou. TROPHIES Bov/ling -- leam spa^s. All: your award needs, PURVIS SPORTING GOOD 7335 .North College WEEIJ KATKn, Jnn mnv\ers, U -- Ct me. Sales, parts, seivke. l^^n equ S rrert aalei P.O. box 611. Phwe 7J1-1 " -^--^^^--···*^-^ wv--^ -v^u KXCKI.r.KNT s« r,f l^dwifk (hum?, 'j t^vTi. r21 5073. L A F F - / V «« '· ^3 ^ ^ 1 i. . i H [1 ^^*^ n A v - DAY ^^ C:~ A vnK ° --MifffT v ^l^y-u' !l \ // " teWn^n? ° '1 \\iNklfir ' ^^ttt "1 i ^ w ^V^^ "And then mama said, 'Don't you DARE raise your voice to me,' and daddy said,. Til raise il asloudas'I Dloase/ and THEN.,," ' \ , 28 -- Antiques -- For Snl« EVEHAL rare old coins. Two opa! atd lanimd rinss, one pojr opal canlnss. er lat ge. CXie large old ^ erj rare rtiiimbprint rompo(t real collcWtir's Lcm. 153 picif so! d bionie dinnerwHtc ade and Coral and 1hro*' fine frati»el :1 nainlinns. Private rarty 756 6061 allcr P.m. please. , 30 -- WanlcH to 'Buy VA NTKD: ~- STA M 1' COLLECTION S , Jatho^inC dut( or liiTieritcd. Will buy or =ell lor yw f Cflll Jacl; Jlonrricl, 521- ;nt. day 34 -- Apartments For pent Sftxl locillwn 1 *t to app\.i 1c ~ n n rt xn jlc or n lu e Ail t -- JI31 nlh pa r^ r *ilP 2M(*fi ^^ ^ *-|| Murry Hill Helendale Vaverly Woods Apts. Furnished or Unfurnished Eslra large bedrooms (choice of rej ular or kingsize beds) » Qurtj l airt exiuisjiely lardsoapfd svil · \VaH -to-^vaLI rarpetine and drapc-S · Itoublr rfciseL in brrtroom^ mlh amp sic rape space · Centra! Heat and AirxorvdLtJoninp including , dfshvyaslicr (all elwtiic) · Laundromat v^iih «'as!iws and dryers · iV-o Euea porftinp lols · Maid Service » Ctnvenienlt)- toCKled to Univ*r.«. I puh!ic jthorts And shopping areas, Murry H 11, Helendale, Waverly Wood Apts. ManiEer ATX. C-! ' or P/ione 4J2^7J2 Comfr of Hill i Pulrrun 4 -- Aportmenis For Rent UDENTS 2 BR roltatfe in nuiet coun- nwde, 10 mnulM lo campus, no pots vailabte Afay 1st; ' U2-KSJ. IfKnnOQM lurrfshcd. Gas and \vali* pa'd HIO per m"nlh. Qose lo flown- own. C.-xll 53M215 or 321-2312 :atlw 30 FFU-'IKNCY aparirm-nl rvcsr Univeraily. arpeltd. «ir ronrtitlwied, fumisTied, all Us ivil-l, IM. no fcls. Oil -1W8912 or nv KUMMEll RATES L · JliSNY LYNN rARTMENTS ' now . accepting a[ plica on? for me and Uw Ix-Jrooni (urnlitico iVinninR* June, "h* I KG? '"clow to Uo(\ Ulirr AI'ARTMENTSl .Nice tocalion! VHI^Nll GAUORXS · will have one aid D bfdnvMti vacancies ' tor JUTIG f, 1?IC. uni mpr ralei available fnr stud enls 'omplotP lAiindry f scili! \?s. Catt M1-M3 1 .ENTIXG for summer 1 srvd 2 bedroom parlmenl from S55 to $75- Fully car prtert, air conditioned, only 3 block-? rn campus. 730 N f - Usvcretl. Call 442 *6i. " ' , . ' " . ' . - : ' - · · XKJKiNt: von A PLACE TO uvc THIS SUMMKK7 TRY GLENDALE/APTS OSIA- 125.00 WILL KOI-D UKTlt, MY 20 . - FURNISHED v ONE HEDROOM * UT1UT1ES PAID t WAITING DLSTANCB TO UofA * SWIMMING POOL * NIGHT fiKCUItlTV'^UAltD POOL I'ARTIKS ON OCCASION. A NICK PLACE TO U\E. VOUK CHOICE LEASE OR MOSTWLV. CALL ANYTIME 442 663K. 632 PUTMAN. . : FURNISHED apartmcnls May 15, rental. ne bedrooms or eUicinccs, quiet , clow TOWER AE'AimiENTS. 1 1 bedroom f unshed ap! irtn»nls. Avail ahW May 15. Summer ralw. Close to University. PI c«e Now Renting for Summer CUMMINGS. APIS.- 1 and 2 Bedrooms doM! to camr"'- Special summer rales Call loday , ONE ant! l«t bfilroom [u/niElie4 apatl meats,- gas and water paid. - Aval tab! now (oi summer and Fall. Kerr Inv. Co ·H2-83!Ui. ' , . . - , . · MARIA H. APARTMENTS '''..'" ' -fow under some ownership as Murray Hill and Helendale and Waverly Wood town Touse's. 1, 2, and 3 bedroom oparlmenls and 2 bedroom lownhousei. Full tinie ma n tenance personnel, maid service available, 60 fl. swim ming poo , aundry facilities, shag carpeting, dishwasher and garbage disposals. OFFICE 1900 MELMAR, APT. 100 443-2141 (^filnnii \_/uii/ifcn 1211 N. LEVE POOL LAUNDRIES STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS CARPET AND DRA WATER AND GAS (Heal and Air is TENNIS COURTS / $25.00 RESERVAT1 PAYMENT WILL H MENT FOR JUNE ji Arms RETT/521-2110 PES PAID Gas) · ··- iVAILABlE ON DOWN OLD APART- 1. Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 1 -- Apartments for R«nl TAKING APPLICATIONS BEDROOM . . $1 15 BEDROOM . . $134 11 ulllities paid, unfurnished, quiet, family atmosphere. VASHINGTON ^^ · URNISIIED one l«dnom I n ' A p I c x . der lady or ma tried "conp!*. No pets. * phis mllillej. Inauirc nt 309 W. prinK. KVKHLY J1ANOU AI'AHTMKNT. 1 ;. umnwr rales, ttrnirns -mnvnicr nntl tall. blocXs l campus. 3 byilroom. unTuin:*h- J. available June 1st. -I\/4tro. ondilioniTiR, inlet complex. Call Vic after P.m. 53M51. CHATEAU APARTMENTS 'wv taVhiR apiilfc-atlons for 1, 2. A J citroom and pJilcIcncy apsrlmcnls. A V A I be June 1. CALL 521-3313 NIBLOCK RENTALS Locations v.ith 1 an d2 Bedroom lur- ilshcrt untis to serve your needs . NErn.ESIIlP AND FAIHGROU.NDS \n\, 1!05.|.IO Ncllkihlp. quality units, all elccirk" "· ilh dishwasher ; nnil dis- pcsaL 2. .MOIIILH HOMES, NiKot-ks Mo- bl ? Home Pk. Alt units v,ilh Air No r*ts. Call 511-5323 or 521-1172 rr 331-^10, ledcooru forntslied apartmtnl. No pets. 1 quire 5'Ji Gabbard, or otione 5ZM7J9. 1. 2, 3 BEDHOOM ajMiimcnls available for ipiiiiK seineilei. SkullCit^k Ajuit ni«i1s, ·900 N. I.evcrell. 521.2763. FOR RKNT -- -Apartmenl . al/rEHHACF MANOR. Avnilalite ilurtns sunm'ier lerm« ['hi p ·+12-VJ29 MAPLE MANOR WhEie Qultt CctluliT LlrtM BeconJM A SuTituban Life. Style HoK [deal For The Family Four Floor Plan Start* at »50 A Small Dcpos It Holds Yoi» Cholc* CALL (501) 431-7208 3001 WE dim Ion Drivi t Dt:nnOOM (unitslieU apatlmpnU, ulili lies paid, Aboul 2 rslo^ks from cjimpu*. 1115 month with fie year Iwaw. Maple Terrace Apaitmcnls. I'tione 521- 1701 . 35 -- Duplex for Rent TWO bedroom duplex, central he at anc air, washer an'd ilijer collections. Hia; carpet Ih LXiishciil. gRrbas* 1 rtfH»sal Phone 142^733 a/tpr 4:X- _: DtJI'LKX on Flcirene StreEL Brick dryer ciolnoeciinns, Moi'c i; rclriscrator No pets J135 plus uiililies. PhoTie 443 -5\'-a FURNISITKD two b«lnoTn i1itplex«s, SAS and ivintor natrl, 'availnhlc now. Kcr [nvesimoru Co. 5219771. DUPLEX To\vnhaiisc. llwy. 45 K. im furnisfiwl wilh · s*At deanltiR ranRc.,dish washnr, relriBcralar, drapes, 2 ' bcdrcom U- bath, shag ran**' nith a. deck. De pOJit TEiiUired, available April LS. Prwn 36^Houses For Rent nir, rti«ih\va shpr, !isp"l. \VaW lo H°r Scticol. S225/mncih J100 dupos'it. llion 321-7DL2 alter 3 p.m. ' 1 I1HIMIOOM tinfiirnfishctl . csi-ppl stov roJrigcralor/ P.ij- own ,ulilit!es. Ill per niwilh. I'lioiic 4434JD2. STUDENTS -- 2 BH cuttaj;* In tufe cnimtry*iitc. 10 mintilP-s In r.impus, N pels. n\-ailahlc May 1st. -1I2-M33. 10 TIOOM 6 bedroom house KOO re mnnl ri, inqui re at Ttochier J owelry, ?ii»l fVnier Si. No phone calls 'pica.w HEADTIF'Ul. o!dw home- Nnrthridtie svl division, 3 betlmoins, no chilitren. n pets. Call allcr S p.m. Kl-7fi2. 1 BEDJUJOM hoiuw [uniishcil, air Ff* dillarcr. 100 plus utllllfcs. JaO clean u depoiit, ciniplea pels. Prion plex. S100 deposit. IIM rent, n» utHUe Call 521-2761. ATTENTION RENT-A-HOME POLICY OWNERS Listings Will Be Given By Th Great Man Dala. 443-465*! 3 BEDROOM brick, CH/CA, · VA bai Double ^ara^e, carpel, security tlcpos $225 per month. l/x;alcil in SptinEda U'fst side- 442-1.M8. 37 -- Mobiln Homes Spaces For Rent mrtnih. lishi.-, and «atw fumi'iVd. « 3355. TWO bwlroe-Tn mohile home. lully c? PM«1, E.IS Jt spare paid. $100 pei mnn T'UnNISIIRT). lxm(? Front pnrfh. / Very privalr. ncauiidil «o«T«l hli Fxlsr KaycU evillc, m^turn rTrtiprr. pels. . Storage NP^"P, reflsonabfe. HJ-W. V VALLEY VIEW IMobile Home Park IARGE IO1S, PA1IOS, POOL 15 BLOCKS NORTH OF UolA 7_Mobile Hornet For Rent L\Y 1 I^diuoiu. 30 foo 1 cr, (or cue w t w o ont. Us i«fd. --lia-Wil.- IHNISILKI) 2 bvdruoiii. tir 1cr, (js p.ild. no dogs ur fiimliislon. - · MM Month' ' RML lrc« wllh sia« SHENANDOAH ' Mobile Kiome V Hv/ 1 , 16 Hypai Itod. hundri*- r^ttog, Call Tod»- 521 * 8 -- Motile Homes F 70 MODEL 1 / fc2xW carpeted c/i. call 443-JS03. ice Hi irk io. S'll. OxM MO1UI.K Tlwnp. t\\n t *dl Ihis vcck. Call 321-! 2^70 .MODIt.l-;. Hoiia- wit kirlwl. r.irpoleil. iitiliiy bj al o. E'riivd lo sell. 'al 12CSW. S .THAILKH 10\42 11,000 alncs, Rt. 5, Ope! Ricrlc, JSED MOBILE 12000' t up" 20 In All MINION'S -MOBILE Hwy. 16 \Vc* ·H2-M71 971 H'.\56' TWO bedroom food rendition. Centra] hea umlshed, carpeted, arid F V-Zrfl. USED MOBILE HOM ES, ·ond:tlon, - (nmishcd nnd Must selL Cash olf*r. Call Mivhle ITomr IVrt. - .MOBILE HOME IW »crei. Tree coveted. Central , walor syittm. B 443-2465 /WWl**VS«V\^A^WN^^\»- 39 -- Office Space Buildings Far Re PRIVATE SAraRe ispace trio-.iy r^id. MxM (50 n 521 SGOO. FOH Lease . 1.000 vjuare Idfil lor office and 'sho'% hrai anrt air. exoellent (m 60x40 BUSINESS For Lease. jxcellEnl Incr Shopping Cinler. Wtll» lo Northwest Arkansas TIMK D, FajHtevJIIe. Ark. 7270 1AM 5QUAR?; feet Tor fcufona) uffit-e. ahnvvroom ifiphwaj- G2 West. Inqt, sent to P.O. Box fl!3. y r 42 -- Wanted fo R or Lease WANTED TO LEASE: (X 75-150 acies. Ui* to 13 43-- Real Estate V WANTED; Want tn buy r side, need 3 bedrooms. N Call H27M6. ViAAf^AjW^AX-wwww 45 -- Lots For Safe 2 ACRE on pavement with ceulrs Tree cm e red and h»t of Woofe. ' 443-244 'W^^JSAJ^j^HA^^A^^WV 46 -- Farms Acre KXCKI.I.EAT 1 building s e 5 acres or more olt H llogeard Agency 751-8 R 751-2118 dr. 751 -AIM. 10 acres.. 10 mile« MS! . pailure. 1 pond, j'well o *^° f^ r BCr *_ 4. arres, gtod well. 1 r p,T5ture, Excel Icnl build ^ east of Fay. 1500 p*r - ARCADE REAL o 53MM96 or G . ONLY 5300 an auiu 1) . acrrs, etoarcrf,' slc«l tc r, ercck. pond. Wilh or w e room. Ino balh biick. 7al-J»2. 7JW3911. . large bctlrtxim, two b all Micas, Spring waler 1-1 ACRES on connty r dom Fayeltevillc. P^tit rari ivoorfed. Year roi Icnl (inancinK by wrier 11 no answer K13-3292, 40 ACRES 5'.a milrs P Goori Ipvcl land ivitJi i Owm-r "ill linarcc. - FIVE arr* home silt ^r Good load fmnlase. d !· etleville schools, (h\n e smAll doM-n. Phrme 521- K3 32M. r TEN acre snxtlul va creek. Only Irirce mil vitlo, and F^VfilLcvilk Einaikccd \silh imall TH Building lol on £ $15,000.00 will ''o cfly utilities, clet 70 acres, about fenced and cree info smaller Irot This home otter Apiolesiional I service f o i lamMics l e l o c a l i n g l n l h c l l . S . A . and Canada Io a new area. Be Ml l a , Florida, Ultlo Rock, delalls (or rMi! Wan! xi wi this F R B E ' S E R . at j2l-DOJO totlail l3CO/mrmth. Call ] «aler system crnvi WMi mm*i UA - Suite 4 e, Fayetieville Res, 443-3295 and in IniinacLilalc cson- i 2 balhs formal living w In den. Chcerlul kit- isi area and exceptional cvlia KtoraKC building uuhcapins. Cill ticnrsc dnj-s or 4W-2W* nlchta 521-6300 33A3 N- Cu!ICEO MS, this hoiLie is sure fn romj* propertj'. With 11M ouse has Ihree bedroom.?, ! room Burl garafip.. Call [ipoiiilmerit, Vernon Tarvcr ; Wl-3367. Et-300 : In the ttett Fork area. Silii^'.ed . large lot. IhLs hrmc rrfler* three wins. H5 b alhs and sarage. Call · -- H. I le\vis 52U£11, night Lindsey Assoclaie^ 52L-5TM 41^-BC-ll 521 una 521-773} M1-2S23 412 S5a 2 jxpnrts, 90% ding site, IS miles 1 aa*. Mike Pri EXTRA NICE BRICK Three bedroom, living room, kilrten w i t h built in range -ind ovun, rtispivsal, c-arrvi Ihroughotit, tontral ' heat, large lul, Fenced back yard. Price (2J.WX CaU George Lewi*,- -H2-47S3 or 442-7,191. ROOT SCHOOL FOX HUNTER ROAD PRICE REDUCRD ON Boaulffu] brick ur, early A m n t J c a n hmiie. two y«a» old. 2,300 square reel, h a s - l a r g e · living i sviih bcnm (jelling, fireplace. Ihioa «ln]ms, l« r o aud liatf haths, all rircir.o Idlchcn "ith w-mi-fnrmsl rfinirE ait?,i. r fevcl family room, rtwjlire Ear-isa tkctric door opener. 1/waled tn arrrs. I 1 rice W9,500 Von' Mill l!l:* hta MIC -- Call GeorEe I^M-is 412-1391 or 412-iTra KINCAIDCO. MDliful 1?0 nnd h a m , llirrc bcd- ;. Re.ititilul tl Hlb, brick home, .ler. East of Sprit; p- 7SI-7222. 736 3M1. rtxid.yTtirce mile it in' pool pjislun pk. Exrri: B 32I-:I72; rom Fayrtlnvill*-. par rounrf spring. 521-S172; if . J - S 333 No. College 102x3M IM plus 2 r lenl investment for Wtise to University enletl hou fuinrc and busi n West side oi Ml. Se 1 BIG RED, REAL 521-4422 Sundays 443-4174 IIY (hvner: I.1 b-itli. Auached air. WalMo »'all NOIUVECIAN DOC GROOMNIO - All breeds - 11 v f a r s pTpfritnce - Bwilta Vlsser Hiway .16 E - Phwie S!l 6U1 or Come by arA tec 1 rumiiurc. . r 2 rirrr sofa fl P *50 .. n (la?s. Re^ul" ivy duty vJTiei:' :kers, «ood cnv A cltt^l of draw S13.M ' MvirA rftnm x vlcdi^ of SUI'KIl life startine as IW AJ 26--For Sale--Misnelfoneous Trial's riili! 'W W H I T K r,nvi!u1ai^n STITCH SMfivin? rtvio ivy material for 2."/),iyv and t a r r i e MAMIINT; inr*.K. d rnrf^ s r n F r r n i - i ?fi Venr I'ARTS *. Flurry w " ' ·m*. ITFR/Ur idCT ftj.'-Jl ', I l W / A n l l IIKCKIVF:II n huy s s l l [fin rr.nuifs irjf always al J pike yi-ii ran nfr-rnl! K e r n rrrt-pljon ,AKf; f n r driN free n, 2 ph'iir h(xl( up?. Iwidnow f H much m^re (or thjl'n nly *!3f 9Ti this ww.k r-rfly at rrrij-lil S,il«, Terms Avdihlilc-. lilwl Kieishl Rales, Flw.y. fi2 W. SiJPKFt P R t C B - . ' - . - -- andnlliu. vl^lrs. vl- CflMI'l.f^TK rrOMPONKNT SVSTF.M I1W.1S lndiido! ftSf! rrofp.-nifttisl si/r lurrtJaltlc, ^ iwrr of air-Sti!fensi«i srn.'Al. m ^n'l *n A M ' K M \tertor receiver wilfl h i t i h - i n 8 Irark ? l l f'/r only ?HS.M, Cif.h or t-rmi, UFS/IJnilfJ I'rfti^W . C a1-s. May. 6! W Opx-n 3!i Mon Fri . li' B:M S^t- 28---Antiques iw'vFLUroTd^Kni -For Sale \h rSi:(ft;ioJrt-. S/T (»MK Site "U» VJUJVCB. ITS Qlllt-rr ~ SHADY A N D F H f K N I l L V . ?R IVATK I'A UK FNCJ AND WIDE PAVED srnEFrrs. VBBY ATTHACT- IVE TO RETITIKD FOLKS. COUNTRY LANE HOIilT.K HOME ULLAGE PHONE 5 1 FMLDWIN Anliquc 1 , lof. ol Fiy**(evill" Vi 16 s t r x f c m s antf rr f inuh-^t 'Jcs and c//luciril,1es Op«n )rj-S -M')r,d;«y- yj T-fsw rr,mf anrf CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency Shag Carpet 1 Bedroom Disposal 2 Bedroom _ . , . 3 Bedroom Dishwashers Cenfral Gas Furnished or Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools New Two and Three Bedroom Homes ill buy you Ihis 3.9 ac. resident in town, all cleared and rnody lo build on. nnd have your coffee on ihese prelly lOrnings on fhe screened porch. 3 BR,,,2 BA ; , Approx. 1600 sq. fl. healed space. Lisled al $39,900.00 Cfose to Mall, belween Fay. Spg. 3 Br., 1 Da., central heal. Fenced back ynrd. Fayettevrlle Schools. Won't lost long at $20,750,00. Prime commercial property North of Sprinydafe on Hwy. 71, 1500 sq, fl. building. Has been drive-in restaurant ii pasl. $70,000.00. Good terms. CALL OFFICE FOR TROUBLE-FREE APPOINTMENT, or NITES Jan Henson, Residential, 521-6509 Howell Trumbo, Commercial, 442-5167 Bob Whitfield, Inveslmenl, Commercial, 521-6019 MOBILE HOMUS Leose With Option To Buy. Monthly Rent Becomes Your Down Payment! 521-8450 Entrance Across From Holiday Inn TRUMBO CO., INC. S08-A Rolling Hills Ftycltevillc, Ark»nB»s 72701 501/521-6800

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