Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 71
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 71

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 71
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PSZM-J3 Z J -- f » Z 5 "I! iM. *«*- 'A n. »««i Family-Child Welfare Agencies Need Much of United Way Fund Montgomery Stepp*. Albert budget committee and county ChurJto and Daniel Qmmbley board final action. all of that city. BeHflower welfare agencies. ( They recommended grints the Salvation Army and Cath, totaling $3.995 be divided oJie Welfare Bureau, as in ;among34 i S encies serving the . Lake-stood. Paramount. Bell- mate by these same agencies by some in fiffing vacancies. a divided budget, pan for its can not be expected to earn [communities of Long Beach, with United Way the agencies He cited the situation of popular Sunset Club for senior as much as the recognized £,,, R^J Cross, a United Way ; to be reviewed by tie county had been guaranteed a $173.-Jfamily Counseling Service/citiiens and part for its emer-'youth agenci-s,- Julian de- agency in that city, subject'budget and allocations cornflower. Signal Hill and Do-!87l basic allotment, based ayhandicapped for over a year gency relief fund for legal dirtd. 1 IMJMC1, «?l£ikll (1UJ UIU LSlP-jOfl Dtfal^ UiVUlmlL, MO^U Vtl lUlnU!V« Kr*^* kw * W » « « J C4i CIM. J IC21CI IUIM1 IlK 1C£A1 I minjuer. $181566 has been 196J Coomunity Chest and'by insufficient staff. J residents ineligible for county' INCLUDED in the area's . was that welfare » agencies \ By VIRGINIA D. DAVIS (EDITOR'S Note: Tail b the second la a series of articles telling of proposed agency allocations to b » - - m ,H. iwiMi u-«,r ,«.n^-.. [tentatively granted family- United Fund allocations. ' "Although this agency had or Kate aid. had $650 added nude Unued Way agenne, | . ^ -^^V^ . . . . ' ,been granted fu-Ms for pro-'to their basic $13.000 by the fa this area) | ^^ I A ^ ^Q^^-^ ^ f ess,onalc^lor^ trouble local committee. ;doni fof Of the 6S5.I3S of United budget committee chairman, 1 ^cations Morgan emphasized.WIkffthJrS^Sh a ^urrJ^s' M*P" «*! he feared Long serving Paramount. Headed Way funds recommended by in renewing recommended -,, .,,!·-. .,, fj.,,1 .ocrm-jl KII,TK-» at tt» »nd rMhi-v*ar Beic1 ' °* y Nursery, with by Wilson Befl as chairman.! the local budget committee'allocations for consideration . * *^ . *V 'jZXTT; ,. --L^S .IV,rf.7- three branch nurseries and its.requests of Paramount Emer-' and Long Beach area board by local board members, stat- °. ( ^J' 0 *? 1 **%$ tn °^'\^ f ,^S^^ ¥ ' | Ur 8 e teachin S tuff needed gency Fund and American of directors to be divided'ed that under agreements tlon "^ bud set polmes com( Morgan eipbined. l to sive Speciali2ed ^y care-Red Cross were studied by a (mittee to be made later in| He said that although th«r. to 475 youngsters yearly, will committee composed of Mrs. - , March. Following budget hear-balance could cot be taken f^ j t difficult to give f\Jl'Helen Melton E. G. Brock- on local and area leve!s.[frora the agency, it would salary increments with only'man. Mrs. Betty Doheny. Earl area board recommendations.well serve to augment their^^j recommended to be D. Long. John Holloway R. are required before submis-.basic allotment of $42.615 for;,,^^ t o ^f{ r $S9_439 grant' sion for consideration to the this year. o f taj| y tar . county committee and thej -T^a^·eIers Aid Society's . . . . general cccnty United Way and Jewish Family t _ _ , , . . . . . casework-; ..""- ii« r^,t. rising c. insurance and build- to final action by county mittee. Do YOU want to LOSE (ON BORDEN'S CREAM CHEESE Cut cut this coupon along clotted line board of directors. I pleas for additional casework-; THE-COMMITTEE realizes He reminded local board^ers were regretfully post-"*'"? operational costs members that the $653,135 poncd." he continued, "since ?""'" . does not include funds to be'to allow them would have (m * «n»atenance P° s e «»', granted Salvation Army. Cath-'meant increasing their ano-.P"** 601 ? j eac »£ cnc y s olic Youth Organization. Pad- cationj 28 per cent and 50 ff.TM cf ^r^ 0 "'. J "«ha!l fie Boys' Home, Girl Scouts.'per cent respectively. I Julian - » subcommittee chair- - .man from Lakewood acknowl- USO. Children's Hospital. Or-) thopedic Hospital, offering] 73or ns - CREAM CHEESE "WITH LESS than five perr , edged, "and when there are servkeslocany. that are beingUnt added funds over those!,,,, ,,. ...,,,,,-,, ,..- _--v budgeted by the county allo- raised last year, it was obvi-|f"f $ _"£ri*": ^S± caUons committee. jously impossible to nuke suchj lem of 5ibn " IS "P^^ 'All increases over basic^irge increases." Morgan con-j We promise }cu no more dinner fcoreJom, co zoort duB and or- dishn...ycra cia come home nov thai four mife bas di ctn-ered that one touch of nujtc ... Cnnini'i Holis^sl Now the'* malin{ a {lamor claz: fov your bated ham... to (ive it that mclt-'m-mouth lavoc! Shc'» fclecdeti ^« cup of molasses miih cup of prepared mustard . . . aflocatians have had to bejtinued. "However, ^it was] He said that in many cases very carefully determined on recommended minimum salary,* substantial increase in fees individual agency needs and'increments be granted present for services received would bnjshcJ it over the ham while sen-ices." the chairman said, staff with Travelers Aid to'defeat the very purpose for . . . . [receive $31,939 and Jewish which the agencies exist. REPORTING O\ requests,Family Service $15,367, if ap-j -Although most «?encies made by all casework agen- proval can be obtained from have some income from fees now prepira »hh that one touch 'cits for additional staff. Mor-'the county committee and or charges made en a sliding' «' »»S« · - -Grindmt'i Hjht *nJ pointed out that difficul-, board of directors.- - xl i e basis according to fam-| »««t unvuTrhnred tnoTitse»m»Je s ha\e been encountered Volunteers of America with ily income, welfare agencies' * rom We * lnjl " *"·" " nc - ! YouVe cerer tasted aay thirt lile this delicious tlo^j rTaze! So come home, naa . . . you Vnov the cares ___ for ifSTORE COUPONfy This coupon worth 70 at your grocer on Borden's Cream Cheese Mr. ftroetr-Tht B or den Foctf* Co. win redeem ttn* coup art ·uttmittti ** pirt piyrpint for pJ'-fc»t«cM cz Bordent tax mu*tfc« s*:dton*JITS*r. i:»t« or lec»iit| *he'« t*-«3. p r o h t b i t t d er rtstnctcd by La«. Cogtf only ui Cont:r«n- tal U.S A. Of!tr ««oire* en April 15. 19S*. f*r paymtnt. Let *r|«i««.Calrf. make this Cherry-0 Cream Cheese Pie 1 cnnnb crust (9-bicl) or I baled pastrj sbell (9-inci) coolei 1 pig. (S-oz.) Eordcn's Cream Cheese IVi cups (15-oz. can) Borden'i Eagle Brand Sweetened Condessed MHk Vi cop fresh, or botllt J kmon juice I teaspoon vanilla citract 1 can (l-^ 6-oz.) Cherry Pie FUEn* (or Oenj Gb/e*) Soften BorJcn'i imooth, vehcty crcara cheese to rooa tcmpcfatorc; whip till fluffy. Gradually add Bordca's La dc Brand (a bTcixl of » hole raiik and sutar, pre-cooleJ to shorten )our btcnJing time anj aJJ richncsi to your chcciS pie texture)...while continuing to beat cstil well blended. AdJ kmoa juice and ranuli extract; Mend welt Pour into crust. CMl 2-3 hours before fprtadrng top o( pk with Cherry Pie Filling or jlazc. 'Chtrn Gfozf. BlfnJ Vi tup cherry pact. 2 tbi. W£cr end 2 Kfi. corn torch. Coot, taring ccnlinaotaly tmtJ tkiclmeJ end clear. Stir in a few Jrcpt cf ftxti catering, ij deiaed. Add one cup (\v of 74*. can) draineJ, pitscd, tour cherries. Cool. Garish toy cf fie. Usm; COMET RICE "Na Hunjei" Diet h crmicat Itis, i Doctor siitu But a let fat'c.iti last 23 (dune's in 2} coKSKfOitivi fttni diys, jtt i:;a."ttl Kcj uffeiei ia htnja fscaufct (The btj pictured is ore tf then.) Thousands, tf Kin tnt ttfcAtl sucuss. «£i the die!. Hundreds cf doctor! live nquestej thoioanis tf copies far Citir (afienb. ·Comet Eice miles si t«rinfes tor cliics for tbis diet A few isers dislile tie Ditt. liiiTiJiil r e i t t i j t s nr). See j n r i t s t o r k e d r t liellii. Coir^t £!WT GRAI1 Rice b BOTH Yitifiei i-d Enrichei Ittrj pis cooks cp ti{, vMe, I'.-^l tnd Under. Imht oa Const Bet For ytir Free Ccrr cf the Diet und JILT came, iddrtss i:l a Comet G1MI CRAL1 Kice ECJ Top ta: .COMET RICE Boxitn · tuius 21.TOUJ Taste this bacon s ntry flavor! PUT'EM TOGnHER...YOU'VE GOT IT MADE :· V : NEW i S WY-F/?E SH 5 · BOX/ ' litre's lh« Un J of hams-a feast ef corrt-coarjtry flavor. Ill tender pink meat is cocrtdent and iweet --fresh u arvl Stofif h feA5S5/? lows morning! Kvery cizzlin; crisp strip cf Corn King Bacon fa swett and wnoky--rkh with the special flavor the com country is famous for. You get rr.ort flarcr for ymtr money in Corn King. Look for the new Stay-Fresh box. Its picture-window flap protetti the bicon'» freshness for you. no Bacon W QUALITY MEATS SINCE 1880

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