The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 12, 1906 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 1906
Page 1
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^ LICOT NSTITUT VOL. XVII NO. 2»l Constipation CIIII.LH-OTIIE, Mo., \Vi-;i«x!-:si>.\Y, li'. igoti You cannot possibly enjoy the best] of health if your bowels are constipated. Undigested material, waste from the body, or .here ,i,, be trouble. ^n^n" «* l^s'S mdieesnon, headaches, nausea, dizziness, bss of aopcttte, thin blood ™'s U Pills are gently laxative, al» vegetable, wt n^e PO e^rVui we pnbiinn jr.' «„;,-. M ^^ F lit A V !GAH CLOTHES ARE IDE flKE 55ARY TH1HG5 JN THE VORLD. ITI5 THE ROYALR05ET 4ND THE CKoVN Tr&TtfAKE,? THE KING YtiU KNOW You JteE UP PEOPLE J>Y THEIR CLOTHE5, FIRST, HOW ILK COULD YOU^RE THErt UP Gooj> TOGS AF-E THE 3lGrt OF PROSPERITY TA5TE. BREEDING-. OR T/Ut BU5TCB COPYMCHT IgOfa.ET THC RRQWft CO. CutCACO No. 35. VETERANS MEET CHILLIC9THE IN CRUELTY TO NEGRO. Mexico. Mo., Sept. 11.—A half- witted negro, with hands bound, dragged at rope's end through the main streets of this city behind a carriage in which rode Superintendent Taz B. Hill of the County Poor Farm, was a spectacle that has aroused the people DAILY EDITION L-ss Than a Score of The Members of this city and Audrain county. Here ! Gordon is an inmate of the county farm. He has a penchant ! for running away and repeated j the feat Saturday afternoon while Nineteen white haired veterans, j Supt. Hill was temporarily absent whose agea \vil average four-! from tho place, score, signed their n^men to the | Sunday morning Hill was noti- muster-roll at thu twenty-eighth Ified by tho City Marshal of Stur- founion of the Mexican geon that Gordon had been inter- of The Association Were When M-:st-?r Ko'l was S AT WEAVERGRAGE FARM THE SHINGLES BLOWN OFF BARN Hay Stacks,Out Builctiag-s and Other Things in the Path of the Wind Are Destroyed IF YOUDONT BELIEVE GooP CLoTHW ARE NECEJ.SARY, TRY -GolHG WITHOUT THEM'FOR. AWJLE. TRY WEARING BETTER CLOTHED THAN YOU FVER HAVE. Do YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF "NOTHING .SUCCEEDS LIKE .SUCCESS.0?" LOTS OF PEOPLE DON'T. . IT MEANJ OTHER PEOPLE PREFER SUCCESS to FAILURES. IF A MAN DOES NOT LOOK SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE WILL THINK HE 1.5 NOT SUCCESSFUL. AND IF YOU WANT TODRE.S-5 -SUCCESSFULLY WHY NOT COME TO THOSE WHO HAVE MADE A SUCCESS OF DRESSING PEOPLE. WE CAN GIVE YOU A FAIRLY GOOD SUIT FOR $10, A'&ETTER ONE FOR $ J 5 AND A SWELL ONE FoR 20.OO To 25.00. OUR NEW FALL HATS HAVE COME. WE CARRY THE JOHN B. STETSON HAT. ONE WILL GIVE YOU GOOD WEAR, AND IF YOU GET IT FROM US YOU MAY KNOW THE STYLE IS RIGHT. SIPPLE CLOTHING Co. SEPTEMBER I4TH AND 15TH 20 bolts New Outing Fins, big value for these two days 27 bolts new Persian designs Flannelets, worth 12 l-2c; cut to Sixty cent bleached Table Linen At 50 pieces new Embroidery, worth up tq 25c Choice for these two days \ Ladies' and children's black Hose, a big bargain See them at only Long Silk Gloves, 16 buttons, black or white For two days only Another lot of Mens Fine For two days only Linen Handkerchiefs We are agents for GOSSARD'S CORSETS. War Veterans of Missouri, Wednesday morninjj. Tho first session •>i tho reunion was called to older it tha city hall Wednesday mora- ng. Tho sessions will continue until ThursJay nfusrnoon. In spite of tne ago of the * men who CrirrioJ the American arms to victory in Mexico, most of them are in vigorous health, and all are enjoying to the limit the renewing of the acquaintance of old comrades and the exchange of experiences during the evintful days :>! 1S16-47. In tho absence of the president, General OJon Guitar of Columbia, tie secretary and treasurer of the association, Captain W. Bocne •ftldjor of St. Joseph, called the meeting to order. The veterans vveroall required to enrol!, and, after an hour spent in visiting, they adjourned until tonight. This evening's meeting will be held at tho court room in the Masonic Temple. Mayor Hirah will welcome tho visitors to the city and there will be an address by Col. D. W. C. Allen of Liberty. Captain Major is assisted by his daughter, Mrs. A. A. Myors of St. Joseph, who handles the enrollment list and keeps the records of the association under her fa tier's direction. Following is the list of the veterans enrolled Wednesday morning together with their agosand places of residence: William Embree, 7S, Cario, Mo. W. Boone Major, SO, St. Joseph. Joseph A. Smith, 83, Lawson. Daniel Parrott, 82, Magnolia. Howard H. Richardson. 81, Salsbury. R. B. Walborn, SI, Sbakclford. John W. Sbouse, 81, Kearney. John L. Story, 80, Liberty. R. T. Stevenson, 81, Liberty. David J. Powell, 80, OJessa. George O. Gofr, 82, Blue Mound. James Ewing, 80, Hopkins, oseph P. Wilson, 78, Do Soto, vas. Fielding Meek, 81, Chillicotho. Meredith T. Moore, 79, Cedar eepted hero and would bo brought back to Mexico over tho Wabash that morning. Supt. Hill and his grown son, Wallace, were at the train to meet the officer and his prisoner and a deputy. Immediately upon receiving Gordon, Hill took a rope, and, so witnesses ssy, bound ttio negro's wrists. He iheu tied a larger and longer rope to these thongs, and, handing the rope to his son, got into the buggy. They drove away, Hill leading the ne- gro behind like a horse. TEXAS FEVER IS CHECKED Trenton, Mo., Sept. 11— Dr. S. Sheldon, state veterinarian, said today that there was nothing more to fear from the outbreak of Texas fever, which occurred among the cows of a Trenton dairy herd last week. The rigid quaronline has proved effective and the advent of frost will probably end the danger of tho disease spreading. Dr. Sheldon is now certain that the disease was Drought to Missouri through Texas ticks, carried by a droyo of Western horses and that the cows got the ticks in the pasture where tho horses had been kept. Ten of the cows in the pasture have died and three more are sick. No deaths have occurred for three or four days however, and the rest of the herd will recover. CATTLE AND HOGS STEADY. CONSTITUTION Special. Kansas City, Sept. 12— Tho live stock market for today, as reported by Clay, Robiusou & Co., was as follows: Cattle— Receipts 13.000; market steady; top Sf).3o Hogs — Receipts 5500; market steady to 5c higher bulk SG.12>.< to $(5.27 .'is; top SB 35. Sheep — Receipts 0000; market steady. -at- aniTSATURDAY 25 doz. Ladies' on sale at liandken hiefs George W. Cranmer, 82, Rich lill township. John Hudgins, 79, Mooresville. Jacob Miller, 79, Stanberr3'. John M. Kelso, Mexico. Ladies attending the reunion re Mrs. Joseph A Smith of Law- oii, Mrs. A. A. Myers of St. Joeph, Miss Kitty Major of Kansas City, Mr.s. 1. R. Sluck and Mrs. W. T. Browning of Cniilicotho. W. L. Powell of Odessa is an honorary member who is present also. William Embree of Cairo, who is vice-president of tho organization, acted as Secretary Wednesday morning. Tomorrow morning there will be a business sessibn, at which there will be reports from various committees and the election of officers. There will also be an address by Col. S. J. Miller. Tho Loyal Knights will haye a SDScial session Wednesday nigl t, to entertain visiting councilors. All members are requested to be present. R. K. Jackson, Pres. I c'3t Karl Blanchard, Sec. i Chicago, Sept. 12 — Cattle — Receipts 30,000; 10 to loc lower. Hogs — Receipts 25,000; market steady to 5c higher; top §0.50. WILL MOVE* TO ST. LOUIS. Jasper Blackburn and family will leave the first of nfxt month for St. Louis where they will make their future home. Mr. Blackburn was recently granted a patent on an anchor and a factory is being built at St. Louis. He will be manager of the concern. Good phaeton for sale cheap. A. B. Macdonald 1Q at 15 at SEE SHOW WINDOW doz. Handkerchiefs ft-, - — doz. Handkerchiefs HARD RAIN AT MOORESVILLE. Mooresville and viciciiy waa visited by a hard rain which la&c- ed for several hours Wednesday morning. The rain did not come any further than the river. 'LEADERS LOW PRICES." Osteopafhio Physielsn SPECIALIST. IX CHRONIC ]) I .S E A S E S CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION FREE. As a dressing for sores, bruises and burns, CHAMBERLAIN'S SALVE is all that can be desired. It is soothing and healing in its ef- j feet. Price, 25 cents. For sale ly tho N. J. Swetland Drug Co. j WAY STRAIGHTEN DITCH. The county court went out to the Gorman branch southeast of town Wednesday aftemaon to see about straightening the branch. ! Pinesalve cleanses wounds, is highly antiseptec, uneaqueled fur cracked hands. Good for cuts.Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. j PEARS, PEARS, PEARS! From 30cts to SI a bnshel. Eden. Greene, Phone 578. lOsdtf Hartman's carry a lull line in stock. We fit. them by an Expert. ~ ' ' ; The wind during the storm Tuesday aftornoon did considerable damage in the country Chillicotho. At Woavorpraco farm a hay stack was turned over, a number of out houses were up- sot and tho shiuglr-s blown from the roofs of tho b;irn«. A telephone, message from Springhill Wednesday morning stated that it did not rain in that section. The clouds which went south of toivn turned and wont in a nortaweatorly direction and met north of the city. They formed a funnel shapo and it is thought that considerable damage was done in tho north part of the county. South Cherry street was obstructed by trees lying on the side walk. One large maple tree was uprooted and blowa to tho center of the street. A largo plate glass in the roar of the Hawley Shoe store was blown into the alley. Thelargn skylight in the roof of the W. O. W. Forest on the north side of the squire waa broken and tho rain nearly Hooded tho room. A wagon load of limbs were gathered from Elm park which the wind had broken off during tho storm. WOODMEN HOLD LOGriOLLINC Moborly, Mo., Sept. 11—The northeast Missouri logrolling association of the Modern Woodmen of America took place hero today. In the afternoon there was a parade, headed by mounted police, followed by city officials, head officers of the organization, uniformed Foresters, Royal Neighbors, United States army officers and others. Capt. E. A. Lewis of tho 25th infantry, and Lieutenants Gunster itnd Musgrovo of tho infantry, all from Fort Luavonworth were detailed to act as judges of tao various degree teams of tho state. Tho drills took place at tho fair grounds. The speaking was tit Tenuohill park. F. G. Ferris made the address of welcome, and tho response was by Judge Tuu- noll of Urookfiold. Addresses ware made by J. II. D, Stevens of St. Louis and John Sullivan of Kansas C/'ity. Seventeen teams of Foresters and delegates from fifty camps and Etoyal Neighbor s. ARE PICKING APPLES. Utica, Sept. 12 —(Special Correspondence)—Apple picking has begun in the various orchards in and around Utica this week. About fifty men arrived Monday to go to work in the Williamson orchard, and more will be la demand as soon as the work progresses. Wat McCoy returned this week from Roswell, New Mexico, where he wont to pick apples, but was unable to .do so, having been sick all the time he was there. The puplic school of Utica opened Monday with an attendance of 125 with Malcolm Perryman of Chillieothe as principal. Miss Bessie Bagley entered Maupin's Commercial college in Chillicothe this week. W. W. Bagley loft Tuesday for an extended business and pleasure trip through Oklahoma. Miss Pearl Joslin of Chillicothe has been the guest of Miss Vliet Webster this week. J. V. Ramsey, of Chillicothe, assessor, deputy county is here taking the assessment of Green township. Rov. J. B. Harris of Jamesport has been engaged to preach for the Baptiat people of Utica until January 1st. He will hold services only once a month, and the date has not been decided. Mrs, W. T. Stone was very pleasantly surprised last Monday by about fifteen of her friends, who went out to her new country residence to remind her of her BRYAN CLAIMS PARTY CREDIT FOR REFORM. Progressive Measures that Republicans Claim Credit for," Taken ffr .->.«ts>. . •*» .. -_ ••-_< s ^ ^J-a°«*-.i From the Democratic Platform. birthday. A fine dinner was taken along and the party had a very pleasant time, Charles Clark and bride wore here Tuesday on a visit to their grandfather, T. M. Clark. Charles is a lire man on the Burlington, who lives at Brookfield, and was married to a Linn county girl September 2. They are, now returning from a western wedding trip. The rain -here Tuesday was a nice one and not so damaging as the one which fell in Chillico- tho. St. Louis, Sept. 11.—Fifteen thousand persons, sweltering, perspiring and cheering:, heard Mr Bryan to'nightjit the Coliseum deliver the first partisan address ho has made since his return to his native land. William A. Rothwell, national committeeman, tried in vain to makoanintroductory address. Mr. Rothwell was in splendid voice and his prefatory remarks were well chosen and worth hearing, but the audience would not wait. Cries of "Bryan! Bryan!" interrupted Mr. Rothwell so often that finally good naturedly he yelled and implored Mr. Bryan to take his feet, Mr. Bryan launched forth at once into a Democratic campaign speech. He attacked the Republican administration on its record on the trusts, the tariff, railroad rate regulation and the Philippines. He declared that what virtue there was in the railroad rate revision law enacted by the last Congress was suggested by a Democratic platform, "the salient Think of Dr. Shoop's Catarrh Cure if your nose and throat discharges — if your breath is foul or feverish. Ibcontains Oil and Eucalyptus, Thymol, Menthol, etc., incorporated into an imported, creamlike petrolatum. It soothes, heals, purifies, controls. Call at our store for free trial box. The N. J, Swctland Drug Co. RQTHWELL-SiYlUTZ Miss ^Florence Rothwell and Frank Smutz both of this city were married at the'home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Bettie Rothwel), West Webster street Wednesday afternoon at four o'clock, Rev. John Smutz of Brunswick, brother otjtao bridegroom officiating. NEW PAYMASTER FOR ARMY. Washington, Sept. 11 — Word was received at tho war department today from Oyster Bay that President Roosevelt has appointed Col. Culver C. SniSen to be paymaster-general of the army, to succeed General Dodge, who retires today. TEAM BRINGS $450. The Gold Jones company of Blue Mound township Wednesday delivered to Wilson and Gilbert, local horse buyers, a team of Bnglish Shire horses for which the buyers paid §150. Messrs Wi.'son and Gilbert declare it is the t'tneat team in the county. When you have a cold it is to be very careful about using anything that will cause constipation. Be particularly careful about preparations containing opiates. Use KENNEDY'S LAXATIVE HONE.Y and TAR, which stops the cough and moves the bowels. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. Rushville, lad,, Sept. 11— Thrie men were killed today by coming in contact with a barbed wire fence that had boon accidentally charged with electricity from the plant of a traction company. "'It is a well known medical fact that pitie resin is most effective in the treatment of diseases of the bladder and Kidneys. Sufferers from backache and other troubles dae to iiiuity action of the kidneys h'nd relief in the uslS of Pinc-ules. §1 00 buys 80 days treatment. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. THE WEATHER Showers tonight, Cooler in north portion Thursday. Showers with cooler ia east portion. A sour stomach, a bad breath, a pasty complexion and other consequences of a disordered digestion are quickly removed by the use of Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets. Two days treatment free. Sold by BUYS MEAT MARKET. Scruby brothers ' on Tuesday purchased the Gunby and West moat market o'n North Washing- ton'ptreet, known as Johns and Venablo market. The grocery stock will be removed and will deal exclusively in meat. ADMITTEDirPROBATE. Tho estate of the late Edward Jacobs was admitted to probate Tuesday evening. Peter Jacobs was named admini.-tr itor with a bond of 8500. AVALON FAlFstPT. 24. Avulon will have its otu; 'lay fair Thursday, September^ 27 this year. A number of CtiilMcotheans always attend this fair and the exhibits are good. W.(Tw!AVE~DRILL The Woodmen of 'he World at their regular meeting Tuesday evening gave a drill. A number of out of town visitors were in attendance. plank of which," said Bryan, "I wrote^myself." He asked his auditors how long it would take under a Republican administration to punish the trusts in view of the fact that in eight years not a single trust magnate has been imprisoned. He declared that the Republican Philippine policy has cost the country enough money to build the Panama canal, to irrigate all the arid lands in the West, or to construct a public highway from New York to San Francisco, which would do more to settle the matter of railroad regulation than all the laws that might be passed in tho next ten yta'8. WANTED IN MISSOURI Muskogee, I. T. Sept. 11— R. W. Arnett, alias R. W. Rail, and Will Brewsick, alias Bell Jackson, said to bo wanted in Carthage, Mo., on a combined charge of burglary, forgery and jail breaking, were arrested hare today by Chief of Police Kimsey while camped with a sister near this city. The men are in the federal jail here, awaiting the arrival of the sheriff of Jasper county. ACAKALCJMVEMjSfc. The Business Men's, St. Louis has called a, of the commercial river improvement o: of the Mississippi Vi held in St. Louis on T! Friday, the. 15th and II ember. * It is intended, throug8>tbis convention, to bring to the-'nofcice of Congress the urgent ne,c388ity for large appropriations for the Mis» sissippi River and especially f&F/ the proposed deep-water canaP 1 from Chicago to the JEfntt, ttt& , building of which will carry with it the improvement of thIS'whole of v the river. ,»-M-.,|-Every commercial organizatio^tf, in the Mississippi Valley wilt (» entitled to send one Delegate to each fifty members, pKWiSed that each organization shall be entitled . to at least ten delegates, arid every town in the ftfulfeissfppi Valley where there is no confc* > mercial organization wflj- be- err-" titled to ten delegates.'* *~ *« TOOK SHOT AT MAM Hale, Sept. H—(Special spondence)—Last Saturday evening Robert Grimes borrowed » shot gun and after dark met Edward Mecum and shot; twice afc him. Mecum in turn took bis revolver from'his pocket and. sj&ojfe three times at Grimes without «Ptr feet. It is thought some of tha shot from Grimes' revolver entejc- ed Mecum's back and shoulderasT Robert Doolin and family -of near Humphreys stoppetL OTOT-g night last Saturday with D. SF. Wilson and family. They -were en route to their homo from Cam- * den county where they had been, visiting. t TAKING INVENTORY The county court spent Wednesday morning taking an inventory of the county infirmary. . Tuesday afternoon was spent in allowing bills. Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar, ;he original laxative cough/syrup, acts as a cathartic on the bowels. [t is made from the tar gathered from the pine trees of our own country, therefore it Is the best for children. It is good for_ coughs, colds, croup, whooping^congh, etc. Try our free offer. Sold'by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. BUY PRIGHARD HOME. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Crutcher Monday bought of Mrs. R. R. Prichard her homo on West Clay street and will taku possession of it October 1. Mrs. Prichard and family will move to t'riuccton. You are wasting time if you are waiting for nature to do all the work. Everybody needs a little help, so does nuture; assist her by taking a course of Hollister's R-jcky Mountain Tea. Tea or tablets, 35 cents.—N r . J. Swetland Drug Co.J •BIG PEARS ciJEANUL SAT. Storm blown down, good as the be'st, oOcts by the bushel. Green's fruit farm- Phone 578. s!2dtf " Tone the liver, move the bowels, cleanse the system. Dade's Little Liver Pillsnever gripe. Sold by JDrug C!o,-j ^ Those who were awarded premiums on agricultural products by the Industrial league, can have same by calling on W. G. Keath, secretary ,at the county house. Good for the coujrb, removes tho cold, the cause of the cough. That's the work of KENNEDY'S LAXATIVE HONEY and TAR— the original laxatiye cough syrup. Contains no opiates. Sold by Clark'e Pharmacy. — ~ Get Our •*«•• Paint Figures We have what we believe to be" the pick of the best paints on the market. We have everything in paint sundries and are in position to name low prices on everything in this line. We are pleased to {five information in regard to paints and can often provide information that will indirectly save money in addition to the direct saving we cart usually make you on the goods. Don't do any painting until you sec us. Clark's Pharmacy ..Henrietta Building.. CHILLICOTHE. MISSOURI ^^ Copyright 1906 > House of Kupponheimer "Yes" or "Nor "Today men's judgments are based largely upon the introductory first glance"—says a well-known writer. .*'.?*' "' Whether your answer be favorable or unfavorable depends a great deal on your personal appearance and nothing, can help you more in this respect than Clothes made by the hous.e of Kuppenheimer, and sold by us. •;' " ' Kuppenheimer Clothes' have style, snap •'. and a; certain elegance in material and tit which any man will find an advantage and a help both in a business way and socially. They will enable you to dress perfectly at a reasonable outlay.. Prices $15.00 to $30.00. W. F. STARKE

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