Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 23
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 23
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A Boy and His BB Gun There's disturbing news for the hunters at Sacramento. A recapitulation of hills proposed, introduced, passed and set aside for interim study by the Legislature shows that so-called humane groups again are after the hunters' scalps. Some individuals would stop at nothing to stop all hunting in California. The busy antihunting lobbyists will be working hard between now and the next bill-passing session of the Legislature In 1963 to curtail rifles, shotguns, bows and ar- lows and even BB guns. You'd think, to hear them whisper in the ears of soma legislators, that most of us who handle sporting arms for f u n are putting our sights on every living thing in California. Naturally, that's ridiculous, but how many of us are sitting in easy rockers and letting the whispering campaign get the green light at every Sacramento intersection? It might be well to put n t i r sights (verbal, not guns) nn those who are causing t h i s disturbance. Otherwise, we might well find our shotguns, bows and arrows and BB guns in 100 fathoms of water offshore. INSTEAD OF JUST SITTING and allowing curtailment of shooting for fun in the slate, every red-blooded sportsman should be taking part in programs that will lead to all kinds of competitive target practice and legal hunting. We should be encouraging--and t a k i n g part--in every class that leaches youngsters how to handle firearms safely. The California Hunter Safety Program has done much in this respect, teaching mostly teen-agers what to do v.-i(h a gun before they go into the field. It could go farther. H could start w i t h the BB gun. That's a heritage of every American boy, but city ordinances and frowning parents have all but ended it. It's my feeling that every boy should learn to use a RB gun properly. I'm not saying t h a t he should swagger around city streets, shooting out windows and killing songbirds. He shouldn't keep that gun loaded and cocked any more t h a n his father should carry a loaded gun into a house, or transport it in a car. A boy, under proper supervision, can be taught how to handle a BB gun long before he is ready to graduate into the .22-class and take his Hunter Safety Program. He should know so much about handling a gun by that time that litlle instruction would he necessary. THREE HUNDRED SCHOOL DISTRICTS in California have seen the value of training boys and girls in outdoor skills. That's real vision. There are ^,000,000 youngsters in this notion's schools. More l h a n t h r e e - f o u r t h s of Ihose were born in cities and never had the opportunity to learn about h u n t i n g and fishing as some of us did in the early part of the century. So where will they learn? In the schools. In Long Beach, the Recreation Department could institute a BB training program as an additive to its present Tackle Buster activities. I don't think that any boy should grow up without the experiences of a BB gun. 1 well remember my first. It came the hard way. I pestered my mother until she bought one--how, I don't know. My experiences also began the hard way. No one told me what lo shoot and what not to shool. Then one day I shot a cardinal (there is such a bird, remember?). An older brother walloped me u n t i l I felt sure t h a t there were no pants left to cover t h a t place which I used for s i t t i n g , f learned quickly when he set up a (arget range in a safe place and taught me that BB guns' largets were (in cans, bottles and c r u d e l y marked targets on cardboard. Robins, cardinals, even sparrows were on the taboo ]j s t-- a n d he enforced it! Even to this day, I still get a kick out of practicing with a BB. And I've never killed another songbird in all t h a t time. * * * JUST BECAUSE A BOY is learning to handle a BB gun, or a .22 or a light shotgun as he grows, it doesn't mean t h a t he's a potential killer. The problem comes when he is told he can never use a gun. Therein lies a lot of danger because he will get one the hard way. And he'll never learn to h a n d l e it properly. Give a boy a BB gun, teach him the laws of his town or city, take him to a target range in the country and let him learn what he can shoot and w h a t he shouldn't shoot. But don't buy him one unless you do those things. You wouldn't send him on the freeway with his first bicycle, would you? A BB gun is a u s e f u l tool, an i n s t r u m e n t for t r a i n i n g , and should never be used for destruction. Once a boy gets that in his m i n d , he will be satisfied u n t i l he grows enough to handle firearms. Then he can go along with dad into the field for waterfowl and upland game, which is another heritage we all should enjoy. And speaking of dad: Perhaps he, too, grew up in the city-age and doesn't even know the difference between a BB and a shotgun. Then, by all means, get the boy into a t r a i n i n g class where he can learn. Dad, if he's wise, should po w i t h him and learn at Ihe same time. Most instructors INDCPENDENT-PRESS.TELESRAM-C-5 Loiv ftuch, c a m , SundiY. July r, itiJ Major League Averages * * * AMERICAN LEAGUE AMERICAN LEAGUE TEAM. RATTING AB R H K R R O I PCI. land . .... 7897 3W 775 6S 365 ,]« ^iji)" 1«S 394 III S3 340 M Ul^rrKr. ISM 36! 721 7^ 334 .m L Va%"tnoiwi" ".-'- 7777 3J5 69? 77 K^ai CIIV - 3730 3» 673 ·" "Si ABStlM"'..:illl 315 «al« 3SS .3(1 TEAM FIELDING PO A E DP Pel. ·a YorK 7130 lif k\ i:,n-.or« . M?l «J M " ·«; 2324 934 67 7S .v,?| NATIONAL LEAGUE ;- , Alhhj'n, Chi. 0 I! .331 5 7 ?M 3 16 .717 37 7U Ji J J 7 etr · 1M 77 31 ...-. Pllt. 255 H M Ki. Mil. 254 !» 55 H«!l!. Chi. 15? M K Varwlck. L« 511. 138 3! 71 r»lrvmnl», Phl'a. HO 5 2i Grand Stim Hamm: Will imj, *.r.'t.i7a. : H(IH «nd B8-kv CI'CSOO: T. OsvK. Howard ard SwKer, Lot A^OC'r^; Ad- COLV and Mav«. Milwaukee; F. A'oj *n-* Mlyi. S«n Frnnclico; V.hiH nd Mutlll. " Lculj, 1 e a c h . P I T C H I N G IP H 08 SO V; L E R A Plrr«nolkl, LA 11 O 3 3; 4 I ! 2) Slum, Pill. -.. 1! " 17 33 Fact. Pill. w " * " , V I * l ' r C l n s F " s 43 H O Btoinai, Cln.... O 33 10 M Slirn-.OOI, 51. U. 100 137 3 52 WcCormlck. SF 119 IJJ W H J S l f P P J N G UP TO THE TITLE Angela Mortimer of Britain takes a big step as she returns a shot during her victory over Christine Truman, 4-6, 6-4, 7-5, in finals at Wimbledon Saturday.--(AP Wirephoto) CLARK, WELLS OPEN PUBL1NX PLAY MONDAY Bob Clark of Lakewood and Al Wells or Garden (Jrove will be the Long Beach area's representatives in the .16th National Public Links Golf Championship at Royal Oak, Mich., which starts Monday. Clark and Wells qualified from Southern California along with Dennis Cook of Pasadena and Eddie Major of Los Angeles. Two 1 8 - h o I o medal rounds Monday and Tuesday will cut tha starting field of 150 to 64 for match play beginning Wednesday. Defending c h a m p i o n i s Verne Callison of Sacramento. Mortimer Posts Wimbledon Win (Continued From Page C-l) at City nf Hope. Wa1ker|case of jaundice at Paris SLXjwS^w launched Ihe Long Beach star.weeks ago. Ul w on her road to success when! For BilUe .lean it was F t r n ^ d e i she was only 10 years o l d / f i n e s t hour. H also m a r k s the r* rr n^. 1 He started her in the c i l y ' s j l h e f i r s t l i m n a Long Beach- £^'i.; r -£! recreation classes. 'developed p l a y e r lias evcr^^V?"' victorious at W i m - l L«A3'-je "k M, Hol'S Mul 1. Lono. MfJ^n. M|r He'd, Ciev, _ K'.-.o- W?h. K C _ . J i / ' w Chi, ... 317 U !A _r*/. 376 « S3 VVcod. Del, 3-»0 5S 91 Keouoh, Wiih. ,,. 197 SO S2 - ' K C . . .. 1S2 72 « BOi 151 « SO . ,, .-.- PiOfialar.o, K.C. ,, U7 19 3? 3 17 .267 PCX, Chi 3lf y E5 - " "" V/fl 3 n*r, L.A. _ _ . M» 31 iS 17 41 .HI 1 '· CM 194 70 SI 3 M .760 Del. . .._... 779 73 57 11 3S .753 .776 Vi .77* Vu^'l-, Pi". ,776' C- S-iii'h, La-Phil. 0 14 .?7t, Zimiirr, CK. 3J3 W 17 5S .?« F. A'ou. S. F, 2J3 J2 13 S3 .?7J Befell. Chi. U' U 12 36 .7H.pci1, Cln i5J U *i 9 *\ ,?n KfliVo. Cin. ?i3 40 It 9 41 .?73j Hfrers. Ph.i». ?W 4i 77 1 43 .?7/! T o r r e . -V. I. U* IS *' 6 72 .3'J'Groa'. Pi». "0 ^ TM 1 0 .77 JAnalfilsno. S. F. U6 72 34 1 21 .771 Cunr.'nohwn. SI. L, 15S 31 *? 2 il -2J9 Derr.elc', La-Phil. 179 75 " 3S .?M!ctlllBin. La. 2=7 3J Bcuche, Chi. .764 H . 36 .263 39 .76) ., Kindall, Ch'. 2J .263, H .761 i 72 '.241 i STOP SEASICKNESS! Doctors recommend tiny tablet. Tastes like c a n d y . N o n a l e r n e e t l e d . If you. or tnemhera of your family* s u f f e r from e/ulckness. herc'a how to prevent It. Tn':t BonadcttcsS half an hour before l e a v i n g the d o c k . . . n n d rto more scastcknrtff You can iRfce Bormdettes w i t h o u t w n t c r any t i m e , any placft. Thfy t.TUn Uk r a n d y , m e l t I n y o u r m o n t h . O m n i (or nrtults n r school net* c h i l d r e n . R i f r t tops In /.rmv, N n v y , A i r FOJTP trntj'. Prevent all t v p r s n: -notion elcknps*. P r n t e r , t up t n 24 hnu;.,, I nils! nn Rnn.irJot'.pji. f,hp n n l 7 r .o-.lon .·i!rlrn'-«; tablet. tlPflcnert tn t f k c n w i t h o u t water. All d r u g Darlenc Hard, who Lcamedjcmerged with Miss M o f f i t t last y e a r j to win the national clay. d o u b l e s title, said 'I'm thrilled for her" after hearing the results. I Miss Hard won the Wim- 1 hledon doubles crown, the last two years, but was unable to d e f e n d h e r championship when she suffered a severe Angels, Tigers P!ay Doubleheader Today ( C o n t i n u e d From Page C-l) produced his 70th RBI--the'riRhlhandcr r e m a i n i n g on Seraph southpaw retired 10 men in a row before Chico Fernandez singled w i t h out in the seventh. two the Angel bench, hatted for Fowler but fouled to Cash to en bledon. ANGELA M o r t i m e r. was crowned the first British|^j (b ^-Mmi. queen o f t h e W i m b l e d o n courts since 1937 b u t only after Christine Truman saw victory literally slip from her grasp in the first all-British f i n a l in 47 years. Miss Truman slipped and t w i s t e d her leg d u r i n g l h e , o r , l v crucial second set and finally'iVoii:' ,, _ Boilor.; 5m.In was heaten 4-6, 6-4, /-D. A u s t r a l i a n Davis Cuppers |Roy Emerson a n d Neale Fraser won the men's doubles.Arrovo.. | M.Y. . for the second t i m e in threejshiinW. n't. years by downing Bob Hewitt!? A °«L"o r y'* lh ' and Fred Stolle 6-4, 6-S, G-4, J G - 8 , 8-6 in an all-Aussie final. Poker-faced Angela, , n ,i .h i n n n i c ' ' t o o k the French title six years 0 , and the A n g e l s , A h _, t , |rnn , n y l h i n g | p i the R a m e streak. A two-base t h r o w i n g error THF.N C A T C H E R Mike] h Y Fernandez on Joe Knppe's Roarke lapped a bouncer to',grounder and a double by third Yost bare-handed t h e j B i l k o accounted for an un- ball and pegged perfectly to'earned Angel run in Ihe f i r s t , - v i c t o r v |B7.wn: n,if - ' ' and A v e r i l l put the Seraphs! 01 ' t h a n Angela--had \ictoiy||. (rc| . ,, 2-1, in the scventh'a1'n° s l. w i t h i n ller STMSP Bilko The play was close, " BUko's ' h a l f mile," b u t l a h e a d , ago and hasn't won a big since, was making n i n t h Wimbledon attempt. *TM*^ ?"· + * =* * B U T C H R I S T I N E -- t a i l , brawny and n i n e years young- there still appeared l i t t l e , w i t h his 14lh home run into doubt t h a t Roarke was out. the upper deck in left. A the second set. She appeared o n t h e p o i n t o f b r e a k i n g ! YOURS FR!E AT ANY EARL SCHEIB PAINT SHOP 195! COLOR CHART! MID-YEAR EDITION OF THE UTEST, BEAUTIFUL 1961 COLORS-THE MOST GORGEOUS IN AUTOMOTIVE HISTORY! PICK ONE UP TOMORROW-FREE WHILE THEY LASr-ftBSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION! Veal, V/ash. tJ? 16 31 LOMT, N.Y. H2 IS ?9 WllHa-nj, Ba'r. __ 712 20 3 i Sch'nrc and v.'ertr. and Covinalo/i, Chkaco; Lai Anorles o-e e.irh, PITCHING I P H R R S O W L F R A !3 31 7 W iS JS *Q 4 2 3 2 3 73 W 17 5^ 5 3 3.13 179 121 36 92 8 6 91 17 41 4] S 3 95 77 33 53 7 1 137 132 3 1 ? 70 1? 4 1U 130 ^7 i' 8 5 II? 96 *0 67 / 2 70 94 7A J7 6 J £3 S4 1? 3? 6 3 71 SO /O 3^ 7 3 87 91 30 53 4 6 5i *! 11 JI 5 7 L J\OiiiMr \ % r t ^ u t i l . i n ^ u u u t . [ u-«.i\ i n i c i i . -* . , . r u l e d otherwise.lcrowd of 28,785 witnesscd|» h _ r o l l _S h . ^ ^ d ''^ 1 ,,f e )^ Umont iept the i n n i n g alive and Bubba Morton, batting for Don Mossi, drilled a single through the box to knot the count, 2-2. An inning later, the Tigers got t h e decider. Bowsfield walked B i l l y Brulon to open the f r a m e , hut then got Detroit's deadly duo nf the game. Attendance may h i t j 50,000 for today's doubleheader which pits Frank I.ary (12-4) and Jim R u n n i n g (8-6) against Eli Grba (5-8) and Ryne Duren (3-8). slicked grass and strained the leg she h u r l on Ihe Caribbean circuit earlier t h i s year. Clark Graebner of Lakewood, Ohio, won the j u n i o r Wimbledon hoys t i t l e bul Kalhy Chahot of San Diego, . 8j!l U !0 67 74 IH.-K.C. .. l!l 1!' 31 'S ! 7 [. A. . 107 »l it S S t Mnn 55 SJ 50 4] 3 8 BOI 8? 16 3! ^6 5 4 h, V/ash. .. 77 IS 37 40 6 3 it*. .. in 113 : . Chl. ,. . 95 as 17 5? * 3 Ball.'..TM' 1'i 131 75 !? 9 Duren. M.Y.-L A. "» tk h?i|Ca!if., lost the girls crown toiw.^r. ( FOR LESS THAN Vi THE PRICE OF ONE NEW CAR PAYMENT, EARL SCHEIB CAN GIVE YOUR CAR A NEW CAR LOOK! beam w i t h pleasure when the parent comes along to learn ;.ind Rocky Colavilo on \vilh junior. Drake Wins Pomona Sporfs Car Feature 'lys. j Rut Cash walked and so did; Rigney--lo the mound. "No, ne didn't t a l k me into l o t t i n g iim stay in. I'd do the same t h i n g again." POMONA (UPI) - - B o b Drake of l.os Angeles, behind Ihe wheel of Old Yaller No. 4, averaged 80.5 miles an hour Chevy. A tola! of 22f cars are entered in the weekend meet, which will conclude today ow Ml Ir* U s'rHlgM Hid V( riven in 13 ru-^i In Iht Inil SI* . a-Kl «ich! in tr« Ian (our. of Russia. 6-4. 8-6. Graebner b e a t F Blanke of A u s t r i a , 6-3. 9-7. 1 over-all on ttt road. Ti3*r» 5-3 on thf season »r Ticr SMciu.-n. Angel 1 ; . f,. Thnrr. v-r,. rim In win Saturday's feature at!with a program of nine races the semi-annual P o m o n a starting at 11 a.m. , Sports Car Races. | ;-The eight-lap run around;5p r j n f. Q ar Feature the two-mile course at the I.os' , Angeles County Fairgrounds Captured by Wood here was a p r e l i m i n a r y to today's m a i n event in the Sports Car Club of America competition. Drake, a veteran driver who has won n.any races in the West, covered tha 16 12 minutes, 6 miles in just seconds to win the event BOWSFIELD remained on Ihe hill to face Steve Boros and the Tigers' dandy rookie];^ third baseman brought home!^ 1 ^ t h e decider with a s i n j throuph the box. !{.!"; That wa.=; all for Bowsfickl t-: and An Fowlor came on lo' \ gel C h a r l i e M a x w e l l on a ^ called t h i r d s t r i k e . .f : ", Bui the Tigers found selves in the midst of hn Ihe n i n t h as the Angelsj^·· roared hack. ju,'. Pinch-hitter Thomas!^ McEwen Nabs Honors lin Drag Strip Meet R o BI u\ Tom McEwen defeated Jim o f. Nelson's Dragmaster for top ^ ^ e l i m i n a t o r h o n o r s at ne. L A . W, KC - N . Y . . riff. N.Y. :3't. Vim . oil, ions Associated Drag P i t h e Strip lions !nJ.rn'; i n i S a t u r d a y night. ?! McEwen also had low Relapsed t i m e at 8.9!) seconds n l w i t h (Hen Stokey t u r n i n g mph for l o p speed. City Softball G'ace '..*lh-.aiM Rilrv E'ct'rk 19. Loc 1_.B 5 Sr. in; 1. L B. 8 Sr. ^DS Lxn^9?3 l/A'.v 4. Cal Funning 0. fl.-n't Sesrj r '. U'»nJ Trucklro 1. L.B. 3 Sr. LDS 10, Lakt«ood 1 "S? 3 5!-che«i Lulherm 9. First Four. ovir« i. 1 l-!"in Freeman won m i d d l e | b u l l f i g h t c ^ ' " e l i m i n a t o r honors before a .Tijuana bullring. Program n 'i crowd of 5,419. Isiarts at 4 p.m. Hollywood invader Johnny Wood sped to an easy eight car-length win in Ascot Park's opened , h e i n n i n g with aiil'-Mnrin'n -;::TM: i CRA sprint car 30-lap mam sjng ] e O f f F rec j Gladding TMH;C!i" rH " 1 !:. = -' event Saturday night. handily. Old Yaller No, 4 is Ihe lalest in a series "hack yard" c r e a t i o n s by M a x j Balchowsky, all of which h a v e horn successful in various evi.nts. About 10 seconds behind Drake in second place was Don Hulette of Reseda, Calif., piloting a Jaguar-Corvette, follpwed by Jim Connor of Phoe'nlx, Ariz., in A Ferrari- Wood's time was 11:59.16. He also won a six-lap heat race, Uirning in the fastest time of the night at 2:18.54. Results: when Earl Averill walked, Bob Sheffing c a l l e d right- h a n d e r Terry Fox to the T,H.l!ii mound. B«I H M '«. B. []S ?i»811~ Johnnv Wood. IV Canlrell. 11:5916 1 lasM -- Jack B-jnncr. .. Jatv He!ina-!r, vcy? S. Plnirk nut fnr Kernanrl.'X r -- Kinplffl fr,r O. Thf.mas "That's when I should haveUm inr jinrar. in a t h ; i--vr put Wagner up." said Rigney.j^J 1 ,"'' 1 " 1 " 1n r " hi 6 3 1. 7lh: h - - Instead. Yost attempted failed, and struck out . ooo 000 ino J II 7! ?-H«M,ro?r. 2 «.7J 5- " Trophy MJ.C3Y, C ;)--Ca.-il/ell. Boh I Fishing Foci's THEN RIGNF.Y decided lo, ,,..' j p i n c h - h i t Wapner for Billy j^'l' |\Toran and Scheffing coun- i - - Ur. tR BB SO i n . . . 17S bonlto. T02 kplo bail. 1 wnlii sea an. 1 scurojn a.^1 JX Kallbuf. BELMONT PIER-31 DlMtncerl on 1 boat cauoM 73 CAllc« ban, 106 bArracuds, 212 bcnlfo. 4 halibut aid 1 »a Iro'jt. with lefthander Hank Aquirre, who forced Wagner to fly to right. Del Rice, along with Rocky Bridges the only 1 n o 3 1 o ft n n i fi o o o ( ·r In 9th. d. U -- I J n » l a ' A ,, _ Berr-, T--3:25 A l t . -- 2 I , O S t ( p l M ) i tltal--2S.7SS. i--F««rl 1 I WP -- BO-*!.. . t'mont. S t e u - A r t . FREE 7-DAY VIRGIN LAKE RIVER FISHING TRIP IN BRITISH COLUMBIA ABOARD ALCAN AIRWAYS CUSTOM "CLOUD NINE!" FREE! · ;ill«r ror tk» (n. Iri? Jnd Illpl^l l^t 1:11. F B T f\,.-l lk II Hi Air3M ».. cioli Milil Make your ressivalioni now. Alean Air- w a y s "Cloud Nine" All iirtluslve ssven day fiihinj trip in Britiih Columbia. Not where scheduled arlines tr.*t you .,. Ihis custom rigged llyine boat takes you to the f a r Hung outputs, of British Columbis lo lisli virgin r i v e r s and lakes tiom north lo south. Complele p a c k a j a price only S499.00. A t C S N AIRWAYS "CLOUD NINE" DEPARTS IULY 15 and AUGUST I . . . CAU. FOR IHFORMA- TIOH AND RESERVATIONS T O D A Y I SPORTSMENIS TRAVEL SERVICE 1 W. 7th St., LOJ Angeles 14, Calif. MA 7-6863 it t h l lll{ Airiirl. UPS NO EXTRAS Kat'I Scheib says, This i n c l u d e s exclusive DIAMOND Gf.OSS paint with G E N K R A T , E L K C T K I C ·'SILICONKS. -NO WAXIXG KO POLISH I N G for 3 years. CUARANTKKI) IX WKITFN'G l-'OK r^YPARS affixinst fading,o r p e o l i n p -- honored in over/ 100 cities coast to coast. Choice of over 2000 colors including maroons and melallics'.' BE SURi ITS WFUIU SUED QUALITY PAINIIHG SINCE 193) Bullfights Today Manuel Capetillo heads the list of matadors for today's card at Kl Toreo de [^Jgjpggrjp^^^mflj^'fcj.jIgMat.HaMHP^MMfiaM*^.^^TM""" i !·· i » ^ ^ BE SURE IT'S B A R U SCHEIB LONG BEACH 118? East Anaheim HEmlock 5-4222 COMPTON 1411 N, Long Be«h BNiL NEwmark 2-7777

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