Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1976 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1976
Page 20
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Call Jo Ann, PRODUCT'N CONTROL .to $9500 : or equiv. cxptr. t^all Jan, ; LANGUAGE TCHRS Fall vacancies Fnr Spanlsh-Engl rs. CKIL W. Ark.. W7K up. or W Mo., MIOO up. Also fntrim lanRiwre 1 Jpeech conib;nation, NW Art. · MQ2 up SALES $8000 up Advcnisinfi sales, resuli cA. \oo mudi \nttb for present snlcs Torre. Salary ol F390C AT Comm. CaLI Vcrja!. MAINTENANCE $7000 Hefrijerarn. Sal. approx. Call Jan. SCHOOL PRINCIPAL fOfumentarj' princfpal for SW Mo. ['rintipal-teacher anj*" subject). Rcloc, in SW Arts, nearby. Eleni .iupcn-Lsor over K-l, 20 tchre. in 3 schools. Oeloc. In NW At*. CWI Vergil, SCHOOL LIBRARIAN $8100 up K-12 library. NW Ark. Call Verpll. 7 5 1 - 8 2 2 1 FRANK'S WiOBIL ; SERVICE STATION Mill St. 442-5713 230 YABD WORK -- leaves nin£, clwin "I'm so glad we made up after that silly f i g h t . . . I haven't eaten for two days and now I'm STARVED! 21--Automotive--For Sals removed, n ip. · Dependable call 839 1128 AN NEED Commercial or in farm servic. modeilriE And repair. t bunded. Day' or n l j n l , ELfiCTRICIAN? ^denUat, We , . InRallallons. BE timates. Ctountry ll 521-9744. CALL 521-9744 Termites? Pests? Ray Johnson 521-3750 THE MASONRY CONTRACTORS .-Sp cialiilnS In tuUve si on* lireplaces, als rtincrcic block i Free eslimalc. Phon 321-JJ1B. 17-- Boats Marine ; , Supplies HIGH StUOuL AT HOME. Writ* today [or com«!rte lacls ahoul out hocne- study meiliod. American School rf CiJc BOT 72^i, Ulllc Rpck. TW07 Depart ' ' ' " FAYETTENTLLE Business si'hool where J-DU learn to I/wust. Phone 442-23M. Fa 5 -- LosfA Found LOST; Male ISf-aglR, nnmcd Gcorfi* black *t w h i e vvilh lenMjn lace. Wearing WilUr wilh hail name lag torn off. I. behind. Entertainment Center. 442-2S30 tcr · 1 LOST 00 bl ick and \vtulc Bonier ,1 80i. Young puppy. Her HR H Grt tch MI. wcarinR a RI ecn c«l nth raWes tail. I'loasc twiac* 5^1^ 7--Business Opportunities^ RESTAURANT or la-l and V-nchcou m ner Call Jan 531 6GOO nr nitcs CWlle AGENCY 75G-6S41, ask (or Terry. -. ,, FABUGL^\S Trident 151 Tri hull boat v,iiri wlafc-lhru uindihlelil. siK^dome- lachomrter. horrij spotlight, convert I n p and Cull canvas cover, 55 h.p. ,]rihnsxi motor w.1Ui allernalor, citrs prep, 2-6 gallon fuel tanks, and Dill: Iraiter. Some ski stquirmcnt -- ox«llenl condilfon. 13,000 Oli 442 £HO. RUSTY TAILPIPE PROBLEMS? End this expense and worry by letting us install a HEAVY DUTY SCOTTI TAILPIPE Fully GUARANTEED as long as you own your car SCOTTI The only muffler company that guarantees both muffler and tailpipe. HEAVIEST DUTY MUFFLERS Includes labor Fits most cars. Clamps and hangers, if needed, extra. CHARLESWORTH Pontiac AMC/Jeep 71 So., Springdale, Ark. P. S. We, as a Scolti Center haven't set a car on fire yet 21--Automotive--For Sole 24 HOUR ROAD SERVICE ON TRUCK TIRES CAU LARRY WADE 751-9608 -- 442-6621 Call 442-6242-ASK FOR CLASSIFIED Sale Northwest ""Arkansas TIMES, Wed., April 14, 1976 · 21 11U1CK Wi!dca1. 2 dr_-or l lwrt «mrt:io^. full pj«er, ot e owner. JticO. -ITi6S77. ^iitorn/10 IjO CHBVV pick , a u t o m a t i c transmission, ' de bed. SH26. ra!J 321-722(1 aliu O Was-ai. po'.»er ilcerinR t u stom i nte rir. Manj' cxlris. estable. Call John. S75-3601. or 521-SOjfi ev«ninss t weekends. 2-W-£ DATSUN. 39.000 mil** priM. fi horse Werd Tiller 5:M. 531 '2448, . critUon. IQfiQ. Call 443 * . ry alter 3;CO p. 73 MODEL Chevrolet, 2 ton with pony sle. Call Charles Statics. V42-7M7. 71 DOlKJf] \4 s, posver ad spiiiigi - ton, autMTuUo, pow ecri ns . rebuilt nvXo nd i^iocks. perfect con- ppr«'aic. *U50 173 CADILLAC El Dorado Owipe, wh itfi ivhll* vinyl top, opera ivindtn teaiitjrul esr.-H395. Will consider Ira. 1477. IX used ?:**1B-- 10 ply piclmp lire*. ound, Goodyear tires with 1000's iles in them. They'll otitlas'. most , , -k (or 136. fi [;Amu.Ae, Luxury Ctouce DC Vrile Ltery. slvTck absorbers and tir« a! ler izuaranl**. All powe/. paiWerf 1nyl root, l/eather seals. JoW- Itrwc 19 31781970 IMPAIR Chevrolet, n, nne fr»ncr. Sec all 521-W23, , . Very dependable. Jl.Wo. . . ES, s\v^j--twr», t and battorj'. 521*607. e OZARK MOTORS Where Quality Comes First . . . 1974 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 15 passenger van, power steering and brakes, aulo- malic, fad. air, 318 V8, EX- TRA NICE. $4450.00 197.2 CADILLAC COUPE DeVILLE Full power, factory air, AM/ FM Stereo radio, tape play vinyl roof, LIKE NEW. $3750.00 1973 BII1CK LIMITED door, full power, f a c t o r y air, cruise control, 'landau ·\a\i roof, local one owner, SHARP!! 1974 TRIUMPH TR6 CHECK THIS! GREAT CARS PRICES! 1973 CHEVROLET IMPALA COUPE .rown wilh light tan top, full ower and air. one owner. 25,000 rnjlei TUNE-UP SPECIAL SCHOOL STREET . GARAGE 103 S .School SI. V-B ti2OT'Labor -- 6 qyl. cars SJO latoi USED CAR'SPECIALS Iump trwrks-1%2 Karri 4 yard 4*4. *900 1SS Dodge 6 yaid 3x2. 11100 StneV Car--1 £«6 CHEVELLE, wei ght jack* all four wheels, sol up toi small block CHEW .Includes Headers, good shocks adn roll bars. GTO-19H Model with LT-1 CHEW. 196. crancc ivller cam roller rockers, TKW 12 5*1 'pistons tmnchela intake with 7£0 Holly. Four speed CHEVY 3,36:1 13 bnCt WHOLESALE RETAIl SERATT MOTORS 30-DAY OR 3,000 MILE WARRANTY MOTOR - TRANSMISSION- DIFFERENTIAL iK- ivh chcvcr comes firal, a major lireakdo urinC Ihe first SO d a j i or 3,000 iTS in Ihe molor.' trd tismlsa^o . tl Motors under thl» afli^emenl nno ihc n»alluncl:rTi vins raiiswl by a co mcclnnical defect that e.x(sl«l al Ihe lime Ihn vehicle was purchased, and s not rauserf by Ihc bJ-ers ne;|ijiunre or nilstieatinent of Lhe ve tl Mnlnrs hereby agrees to lis the 'delect Iree of charge or to repurchase the. ' ehicle Iro Ihe bui'er al Ihe e price 0 d. !*s* reas nable aliens a . for JU UKCHASEH ..... ................. - - MILEAGE ........ .. ................ - VEHICLE ........... " ..... . . . . ---- -. - DATE . . . . ; ........ . , . . .............. I'UilCllASE PRICE ......... '.,,·..;.., SEAL ........... . ........ . ........... SERATT MOTORS i 103 S. School St. . Corner of School and Mountain Foyelteville, Arkansas 72701 501-521-9600 We finance 1960-1970 m o d e s and work very hard lohelp you obtain financing for 1971-1975 models OPEN AND READY FOR BUSINESS 7 to 7, 7 DAYS A WEEK! . Trunitn A- Co. M-MIA remold rf al 4tB DitMm S Fnr Loase. Call 751-BW atlcr 3:00. KIR S\1F Mini auto pnrts Slore,liish; aj lo xl on. Good. potential- I^.WO «11L hinVe. for fnfoniiiitloil. "II 442-227] " rM" P.O. Bf--t 758 Fayetlevilte. f T27D1 10--Help Wanted \TV\ "l itin«"~"Pflfieal{nM for Ihc Taco Tiro Rr*laiir*r.l. From 10:00 n.m.-liCO P.m. Apply at gJ8 North OoKegr. __ iechar.1c In can handle and reed biisiMfS lha nv*Te help. Irniuirc Sehrw! Slrcet Rara F V P F U I f N C K I ) STor w /C dor \vaoled lo orte? H[^. VA, an !»nfnc« deiireo, alxi All! «1 red. SonS recnnl n eonfid Mce Arh. TIMES. local moriease t«ivontiorKil ex; -averse typing i BOX P-91. N.W. ttwfclMT conditions, P*M mention and insurance. Send qiiAUfintUms to M. hin- KM, 31 Mflmar, ApC. IM. ryeUffville. Ark, iSl.STANT niana At v.JUi Keniurk person al 511 ,_· rosilJ' f FriKl Clilcki No. Colics*. arc avail. Apply Co. mW- Rheem Manufacturing b;i3 «n immfdfiile opwiins ff PROGRAMMER/ ANALYST ninlinrrl aFPli"nLs mu* pr*s«w j mum al lw *«* COIWtt, F.XPBHI- FACE CirsyVS A NO TnOMfl «rcrifin« hiphly ifr.slrabV. Hesumn? and salary refjuirrmcms should h« -wnt to RHEEM MANUFACTURING CO. 5600 Greenwood Road Forl Smith, Arkansas 72001 (Allni Personnel Depl.) c/a AnrJy Bobyok torn v SJ1-1K37. 21RW E. Emma SprrnKClIae ! (or over-the-road drivers will] al IcaM r one year experience, excdlent pay and , MneflLs. Owilaci 218-7% 1 (fr inlervi ev.'. j ixrlunlty Onploycr. ' 1 ASSE.sniL,Y wnrkcjj, I2.3S per Iiour 1o 3 stan. F2.70 [\;r hour' In » anys. Super Shell Camixjr C-t. 1000 Stem Si., Faj'- elte^ltp. No phone will. TH I-CIT\ r Drive-In Tho ater is hiri n£ part-lime help. Apply ^ box orflce be.- calls plr-Aw. BXTEKIENCEn Irueh A rtiewl mecJiRn- ics. Ciwd- pay and benefits. Apply al Hell international, Inc. Hirfiwaj- 71 'Soulri. Rprf nffdale or phrrw 751 -74M, KXI'ERIKNCKD Body Tlepalnrun. Ooort pay and henclits. Apply al B«H Wn- riAlfflinaJ, Inc. H«j p . 71 Soulh, Springda e (IT pTione 751-7436- FUlJj and pa n lime Jobs available Minute Man Net. College. Aprfy in per- CAIIfTTAKEn needfrt (or yard work si (tsxi apartment in exchange for free retrl, r-all 52[-«i!:« for aprminlment. STOHK MANAGEn-- (!«xl opporlunily Tor Ihe hours of I0;f« a.m. 3:00 p.m. 1o Sl'K-DKK MART. Gcnpra! orfice. Jt*n- pon, Arkansas. Turn west off hwy. 7] al Cisa Monies neslau ra nl. Co US nt'ies rtuc wost. No phone calls plf-aw. SUMMER OPPORTUNITY Several collcpp age men needed in Nonhwest Arkansas this summer. Start 4im« next Fall. Good iiarting psy. Past work and have car. See IXm Copolani n1e n-i tnv inir al Hoi iday Inn . Ttiursday, April 15, 3 6 p.m. No phwi* rails please. SEORETATtY-REeEPTIOMlST, stiarp [n- d.vidual lo handle phone; must he nhle lo mec 1 pohl ic well; nrccni txfc r^once month depending on rjualiGcatlooi, c^l Tab Nfrklc for appoSnlmmt At 521-6300. "J.O.A. IfpadsiArt Janitor and Assist .in cooV. SprfnTriafe Cenlcr, Both part tlm pwiioti (o begin in Jane. RSO per hour «ill 75I-!MSI or apply at Center on A r port Rrait, by April 21*1. E-jua] Oppor y AVON frapraiKv. FArcIlfn( manures. Make yo* OTTI hours. CA1X And security for ihe future as (he whol .Ml« dlslribMor. Supply local «ks o Sani/JIIons wilh rompicle line of 4 txrlasive rlems nol sold In f^oies. Dircc 1- sales expfricncc helpful bin no nee* 1. .wry. Small 1nv»tm«il rcquircA. N Inret, Resume aiid phone number 13 Don II all 33TS North Ttoicrt CViurl, Okl T Jiomii Cily, TK 73107. or tsutl 4r}-y*S7-76 NOW tiiririB for summer. Apply in perso Pn/a Iful Sfolti. 314 -South School. OF FSET I'rcssman. Ootxl oppott unt for flrtvanccnwnt. Call Oautfc. XTills l,lth -O-Cralt Printind T51-4ffl», . I^B X-r.iy Tcchnidan ool-paU*nl rued Iral clinic Is Jn.nccd cf a lechnida lo do muHnc lab proKxlure 5 '' X-ray K nrt EKO's, Fo'rty hotir w«k . Sen [tiumc nnd salary rcojuiremrrif; ·/ N.W. Ark. TIMES TV« P-W, NKKD. I^'irtor'a Assl-rtaol with lrff ability. Send resume lo Box P-91. cy NorthUYrt Ark. TIMES. .- WK NF.EO ful lime and part time en M pldjcs. D,iy ami evcnins ifiiKs. App IDC In prrs-no Casa TJCO. OaV Pia/» Sho Ping Ccnicr. OR S-^TJC: RberBluM boat. *0 h.p ohnsco mnior, trailer Included. !600. 21-3116. i OAT Docks - built lo last Installed st our site Call 63S-5364 day or evenings. IS Sates, Rogers, HEE -- ? months stall -rent on first ear's rental. 'xil Bridge Marina. Phone ·VJ-3223. P.O. Box 5a. Gaclield, Ark. 8 -- Camping Sporting Goods APACHE camper, a! reps six, In like W camper for wide bed inick, Phone cr 3:00. 142-1318. \NDGTJNS. 'rlllM, iholguns. .Smllh ard PSMXIS awl others, also police supplie meo Pawn Shop 40S So. School. W2 01. ee the New 76 Solid State APACHE' Camper Trailers at Sines Body Shop 425 Old Farminglon Road Phone 4 4 2 - 2 6 9 1 0 -- Motorcycles 73 YAMAHA 7JO«r, 12,000 miles. Full ITSS. Adult owned. Kept inside. Oream- ill. M2C5. Phone 442-Rllr. «r see al MOT 973 YAMAHA 350 fxcdlPut oxiditlon, 62-V (nrfudcs 2 helmets, have lo sell, oing lo .-xhoul. WJ-SOjO after i p.m. [T71 STJ7UKI TS Z». icbuilt wpine. Call "? SUZUKI ?00 VC.TJ' clean and mriB tike dream J1SS 73 Hond^ SHOO in exr«1- nl conctlllon. I»'\ Phnne 643-2389. overhaul ne ver WT«ked . !675. M any i973 SUZUKI TC-lZi. Kswlletil condi- on, l^ lhan 1,600 miles. Newly uv«r- lauled, HW or best o»er. Phone ^13-*01. 21 -- Automotive -- For Sale VERY Nice 197Z Silver Mmtc Carlo, air condulorjrd, Sod aehed radial lirort, mag wheels, gw.d condition, 939-2593, G3 KARMANN CihJa for sale, Blach, ruixT peal Make olfer. See a( 7W Kolcomb or rail 756-£K». i!72 CUTMSS 4 dnnr. brcsiio. hcnch jest, Bir, ponvcF brakes and sirprini? ECONOMY Car 1972 C.romlin, SJ.noo inks ?ocrf rondilifKl «WD. Call 4425217 adrr 4:30. ow mi1«. can be Irrvinced. Phone AW 1971 VOLKSWAGKN KAR\SA\'N CHIA Phone 4*2-7-11:1. ; I«J COSTIMSNTAI* Mnrt T" Won more hu( wilt icirrilice. I^Vrt ciwh. Ii2' 5079. FOR SAt.F, S3 Oie\7 Station wJifiWi c-lMn, slsrts »nd luns Bond, atr coodi tionwl, HW. Call W340M. High-ApMd Buff A- Wax Jobs .$19,95 fl EMMONS PAINT ' :BODY SHOP J f MlJTIo" T- milw. SV1, auloir^lllc. air And full pout" y 2 hanel carburetor good milr.iKc. KA n- p:c jiicrinr, lilt «hfcl. r«l rlt«n. N« to Idl +I2423J. ;»ISIHI -- Air Conditioning -- FOH A!H CLRANERS, AIR CONniTION. ING, HEATING AND HUMmiFIKRS, CALL SHELTON SALES AND SERVICF. -0 10 ConJiticrilnr. 751-0195. Corrnnerclal i: R«»- dcnllal Sales A: Service, at mske« -- rAnliquos -- FTJRNTTUHE RESTORATIONS by Steve Davis. Refinishin?. repairs, experienced ouch up antiqit^s IM W. Dickion 521- S3J6. --Asphalt Work-- PARKING lois and driveways boJll or repaired, gravel hauled Motoi Braier -- Aufomotive -- RAI1IATOR REPAIR ENGINE n KPAIIt . OraJie;. Tun«- ups. electrical. Boh Maycs Aulo Service, Zl r O N Garland 4*J-4H7, 412-9350 Bob t\ Mailin Males. -- Bulldozing -- TlacVhoe and Trader Work - Landsrap- .ns - Leveling - Durnpll «k Woi * - Fooliups tue and txrarcd J U Jorw *«- isea -- Carpenter-- qUALITY work on additions, rtraodcUra. (eMeiloi and Interior) roofinif. slor.e- M ork . a nrt (ireplarei . Ca! 1 J« Hcnn' 839'Ji2S or Tini Duke M9' i al!t. CARPENTRY. ROOFING. PAINTING. Paneling, shccl rock, aluminum sidtng and olhcr siding, Winflowi. -1w«; »*"; dons. Refciencts. Rny Raasdale, «!-'lfo or 521-7370. TU^or 1 TEXTtniED 6 CEtLINOS call *2 REMODELING, carport adiillom - P»l- 1-w - house levflinc - rwXins - palnl- · ng I'hone 4fM076 or S11-7J13 -- Carpet Cleaning -- SPRING CLEANING? CAC Prel«»sloiMl Carp*t S ea m deaTiin K «l IJ« Iow*sl -- Concret« Work-- HOUSE floors, palles, drive ways, sMi walks Rn«J (oot-nss. call Jim Savon* R.n.,ral after 3:l». Palins. nrfvwvajs. Relajnins SVAllr, IXc quality Wort Call Rohhy Ixwl B, MI -39M. MACK MINF.R Concrete Conil roctfon Pallo, Driveways. Retaining tt'flll*. Base menls. DramaR*. No job loo small. CaJ OKRKP - mt on coNirnucnoN Prfveniiji Matonrr. Palio, FlnLnorV carwnlry Reislnlrg walk, drainage. 4I33IU Dtpcndable Strrke -- Dirt, Gravel, Top Soil -- ·ISO CASE Crawler with front-end 1oaJt k i yil. dump Itucfc Some of ihc bcs irp soil [n N\V Arkaniis. 4424J23. cn TOP SOU* I.IMKSTONE (Travel and Mr IXincan. '4 11 10(6 after 6;W. I ^~ , - " * v " . .^ *' "ii ' " { i "" ^^ ICE DIRECTORY^!: 1 T ' -' ? ~ ** TF.VE Harris -- Bactihoe work -- Top- oil nanX and creek cra^el f l S d'rt eptic tank and Tafcml lines installed, 4 /I -- Ditch Digging -- HTCHW1TCH (rcnphlriB tor water. BAJ, led ric, drainape, eic. Narrow. W" d«p rench. ax- rt. Minimum Job, 125. Grejt BACKHOi*. and Dump Tn*k Woifc John -- Exterminating -;\[X'ricnrrf1 · Servlci 1 l"r fiwnlity control. PAR1I FBXC1SG. corrau and loading cliulei Free eiltmste* (JSli lac* n"Mrl- br*xk »' 751-7530 or i3l-522 Garden Plowing- , GAHI1KN p!(HVing, harro\\1ni;, brush hoc- Kin?. "I'irinK, yard IcveSine, saiLsfartion Si arametV quick sorvicc. Phune -ti^- -- Garden Tilling -- fiAR REX TJ I,L1NG \vi Ih heavy t iRer. or srn1r«. "Hauling. 413 1117. -- Grinding -- ZAIIK Grirdinc Service, S» iTunlsvilfe HA. 521 3MO; C^rMiIp i- hi^T«-srei-d Looli, pardcn loois, rhaln »»^,- hand *aws, Kclsinr*. paper culling knivci -- Handyman -- CARPENTRY - FalnUnn - Roofin SHo?^^'" 1 rcrer " rc " K " RoBer " --Hauling-- TRASH 3IAULING - THEF, THIMMTNR Csrace anrJ Allic CteaninfT ^11 beFoie 8 a.m or aflor 7 p.m.. 11 -- House Design -- CONTEMPORARY House Design -- Oir tew construction Posl Oriice Box 158. FnyeUeville. ArhArtMS 72701. -- HorticuHure -- KCOTXXJY ENTRRPRTSF^ INC. nnntMi cm? the opening °f * U1 wholesale div s:on. W« arf spedalUms in ffrccnhias in ynnr spcclllcatfons Opi-ti B to Monday Ifiru FtWay I'honc .i2i %TD raT.ic Oft veimictitilc. I3.SO. 4 cuhlc foo 1 rcrllilt. J3.W 6 cohlc fool sptinpnu rvai mo« J7.50 ICO ]bs. humus pr !3. 25 !bi topsoil. 75c. Ttie corner Ml. Comfort Road and Rupplc I-ane --Landscaping -- CARHKN IwVNDSCAriNR. riAnritn;; » planlinc- I And scape rniwi ruction. Co morels! arxi SpcflaliTirR nx-k p.irtens and waterfalls. ill-37» l« 6 p.m. rtililiilns. BOddinf*. se.i1;nK, \rtf (or-p Arid r*miwnl. For frco rMfniatot c Wnm*, W1 J«S9. Mrt.KTE tawn nnd yard care sen-Ice, tr ° OSHTIB. cdqinSi IrimTninS, anjihing. CaU o' -2537 or 456-WH, ask lor Chuck Ogle. --Palm.* Paper- ALITY HotiitraJnllng inside and out, isTauion guaranteed. For free tsli- te, t-all collect, LJtvctfci 834-5673. erenc*s If ne*!ed. For Iree eitlinale 1 1122463 or 53M33-I. , imatcs. Work guaranteed JsH Barker ki 30M. M briratlon and rMslribatton . Ml Lypes plaslic* I'rolWiiMis made to your spe- ieallons. Special orders. Free consulla on. Mountain Plastics. Inc H11-3S79. g. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS ... SPACE WOULD COST ON'LY ITI 117,70 PER MONTH b --Plumbing Service-- in UCITT Pl.UMIHNG SERVICB rC Call W34336 n TAWPTTT'S PMTMBING CO. rjJlICKP:N Home cleaning iwvic*. Liter spread, 751-WOO or 763-2M2. -- Roofing -- .MCCOYS nooFL\G -- ,\» u-pcs ol mir- | rcr reyrtiales, c.ill l-J7iT2« James ROOFING, all kinds, paaranlecd, trc* esllmatcs Phone 7S1-S66A Bob Enh?jiks, f -- Security Guards -- ally licensed uniformed Guards. Available 1 reined lAtelr 21 t oa r «trvt ce. 4 12-7530 --Tractor-- BfLL'S TRACTOR SERVfCE s Call aflpr 5 p-m- 521-51 M. , PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVICE t PHONE 52I-M63 TRACTOR SERVICE PI-OV/lNfi. discing, brusWiogjIng. Urze or imall Jobs, Call 521-6M7 alter 3:SO p.m. -- Tree Service -- Jay's Tree A Slump Service, Weal Fork. M3BI9. (N.W. Ark.) A AN1 A TREE SPEHAUSTS All phasci tree shnihhery ca«. Over 10 years cxpcrirncr. 413 2111. Free fsU- MYERS THr3E SERVICE , eiaipp*d 23 years experience Fr** *U- mate- H3-14iS. Insured TO PLACE AN AP, IM THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY J 17.70 PER MONTH -- Venetian Blinds -- CMXj Gate Cooper for comp tit Venetian blW »rvt«. TTior.a 4tl-MM HO Bisi Prt*p«rt, rayellertltc, Atk. 4 speed transmission/ convertible, one owner, 25,000 actual miles. $3850.00 1976 EL CAMINO Classic Power steering and brakes, automatic, factory air, AM/ FM Stereo Radio .and tape, /hitR wall tires, wilh 4,000 actual, miles, sales tax paid, two tone point. $5250.00 1971 CHEVROLET BEAUV1LIE automatic, - power steering, Sports Van, 12 passenger, and brakes. . . $2850.00 1972 PINTO RUNABOUT Automatic Iransmission, nice $U50.00 197! 240 Z Automatic transmission, burnt orange beauty. 1974 VW DASHER Aulomalic, ,11,000 miles 1974 MUSTANG II 6 cylinder, power, air, auto 1967'LEMANS Coupe Power, air, aulomatlc, 19,000 actual mile 1974 MAVERICK 4-door, 6-cylinder, automatic tran mi sioni,; locally owned, low mileage, like new. $2450.00 1972 CHAMPION Motor-Home 20 fl. 318 Dodge V-8, EXTRA NICE! :. . . . ' . 1973 DODGE 5-200 Van, 'automatic transmission, power steering and arakes, factory air condition- ng, am-fm stereo' tape and adio, chrome spoke wheels, new raised white lelter tires. Our Price $2695 1971 VOLKSWAGEN f BEETLE ,:', ! Very good Irons portal ion. Our Pricn $1595 ; 1972 144 VOLVO 4-door dark green in color, 4-speed with air conditioning. One owner. / Our Price $2795 ;; i CORVETTE : 1974 T-lop, Chevrolet Cor- ^ velle, silver with silver leath- 13,000 'riiiles. ' · ir Price . . . . '·- " · ... ' S6955 1974 CHEVROLET , . VEGA WAGON ; New tires, 4-speed with air ~ AM/FM radio ' : Our Price - . $2595 ' : 1971 OlDSMOBILE CUTLASS CONVERTIBLE Red with white con. iop, 350 engine, air all "power/ like new. ' ' , ; ' Our Price ' $2695 1974 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO Ughl green witK matching top interior, 23,000 miles, Our Price $3995 1973 DODGE 'COLT 4-door fuel economy. This car has new tires,- 4-speed with factory air. Our Very "Low Price $1695 " 1971 Powe Pick-Up and automatic. 1971 CHEVY Pick-Up Power, air and automatic. 1973 98 .OLDSMOBILE LS ' A very nice full size car. Our Low Price $2695 1972 CHEVROLET MONTE .CARLO ; White with white' top, power windows, air tape ployer t 1974 BU1CK Eleclra Full power, air, automatic, , 1972 CHEVY CHEYENNE SUPER Ton, power ^leering, powei brakes, auto ma Ire Ironsmis sion, aulomalic transmission, factory air conditioning, dou- bfe gns tanks, side mirrors. 45,000 actual miles. 1971 CHRYSLER TOWN COUNTRY WAGON Full power/ factory air conditioning, roof rack. 51,000 OZARK MOTORS Hwy. 71 S. Springdole Next to Burger Chef Springdale 751-5031 Our Price $2550 1972 PONTIAC ; GRAND PRIX Orange wilh white top, full power and air conliJioning, This also has new tires. $2795 THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF OUR GREAT BUYS Daryl Hickrnan or ; DennEs Kinsey NORTHSIDE · : M O t O R S : : . 3464 N. College · 521-5572

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