The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 31, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS LOCAL NEWS* Mrs.' Frank" G. Bastin and Miss Mountain went to 'St. Louis this afternoon to spend Sunday. ' Revised reflections, not enough on a good thing, 25 cents ito see the Aggies. -^-Advertisement, N Mrs. Robt. Atkins is in Carterville •because of the death of her sister, Mrs. Dosy Bedell. . J. L .Corzine and little daughter, i Elma . Frances, spent yesterday* with relatives in Anna. .-- . f, Dallas Rendieman qf Herrin .;is spending a few days here. Popular pastimes. Basket ball. Arkansas Aggies. Monday.—Advertisement. « Marshall Batson/'was in Carterville yesterday afternoon to attend the funeral of Mrs. Dosy Bedell. ~ -N ._; _: Mr. and Mrs. J; D. Rushing attended the funeral of their niece, Mrs. Dosy Bedell, in Carterville yesterday after- Celebrated, come backs. .Arkansas Aggies, Influenza.—Advertisement. DiVD; D. Hartwell, captain in the army and former mayor of Marion, passed through here today on his way to Ms home at Marion, after having been in 'an army hospital since 'the armistice was signed. Capt. Hartwell suffered a stroke of paralysis while in the army shortly after the Argonne drive. Conditions encountered during this battleare said to have contributed to his condition. He is unable to speak and barely able to walk. Mrs. Chas. Hunter and Mrs; Duncan MacFarlane N attended the funeral of i Mrs. Alma Bedell, sister, of Mrs. Robt. Atkins, at Carterville today. Mrs". B. L. Scbremp and Mrs. J. R. Johnson attended ithe funeral of J. T. MoGtillough, held in Herrin at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Mr. McCullough was a former Carbondale resident. • - WANTED—Reli«ble;:man io act as our district superintendent to book orders and engage sub agents. Exclusive territory. Pay weekly.Aet atjraee before your territory is assigned. Knight ^SBostwick, Nurserymen, N|wark,New York State. jFredsDiliiuger, of Buffalo, Wyo., arrived here, last night and joined his family \wno have been visiting his father,' J. A. Dillinger, and family since Wednesday. He leaves Tuesday on a buying trip to Chicago, Mrs. Dillinger and son, Temaining for a-longer visit. Mr. Dillinger recently became owner of a mercantile establishment considered otte of the largest of its kind in northern Wyoming. GERMANY UNDONE BY OWN WEAPON Had Soijl^.to America-Secret -'. of ^Making .Explosive " From Air. ''•••••••- ^ BIGNITRATE PLANT RESULTS. BuiK in Eight Months It Convinces Kaiser of His Defeat. urcK Church announcement* should;be in ithe office not later : than I p. m. Friday to Insure Insertion Saturday." Pror 'grams .lor missionary' metit'lng* ' tlie week following must be In the office not later than Saturday noon. Famous doubles. Arkansas Aggies. Carbondale Monday, Feb. 2. Admission 25 cents;—Advertisement. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. LaFont and children and Mrs. Allen De. Lisle" of 'portageville, Mo"., are guests of Mrs. LaFont.'s and Jlrs. De Lisle's parents,: •Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Dillinger. Posrjiaster J. L. Parks returned yesterday from Pensicola and Marionette Flori-'.a. wLeri: he has been on a •weekls business trip. He was in c^ra- pany with a number o£ Chicago luiFi- ness men. The postmaster states the weather is nice and warm' in,' Florida, the roses and narcissus being in: full Tjloom. The temperature is like our May weather brings. j. T. MCCULLOUGH- BURIAL AT RANTOUL The body of J. T. McCullough, former resident o£ this city and who died at Herrin this week, was taken through here yesterday to Rantpul for burial. AVOID HOG CHOLERA GERMS Mrs. A. O. SCearn is the .week end guest of relatives, in Marion. Raymond Gregg of .-the West Frank- tort schools, is speeding the week end •with his parents, Mr .and Mrs. H. C. Gregg. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Morgan have returned to their home in Marion after a visit with the letter's brother, Dan- N iel*Rendleman and- family. . ~~ FOB RENT—Five Phone 466 K. room house. Mrs. Nellie Searing of Chicago .is visiting her son, Attorney ( John- Searing, and wife. Houses and Lots Should Be Arranged So That They May Be Cleaned and Disinfected Easily. (Prepared by tile United States Department ot AsHeuUure.) Among tlie suggestions made hy tnt- United States department of agriculture to. minimize* the danger o£ introducing hog cholera germs ;ire Hie following: Hog house's, lots, anil -pastures should be .located mvny frjm strouin. and public highwnys, and the houses and lots should- be arranged so Dial they may be ..cleaned mid disinfected readily. They should be us fur as possible to siiuliglit. which" Is ilu* cheapest and one^bf the 1 best ilisin- fecjaiits. Hog lots shouldmot be us';0 for ynrd'ng vngons and fnrni Implements and should not be entered with team and wjigon, p«rtlcul» 1 'ly when loading stocl: for shipment lu m:iri<et. As further'• precaution no one should be -to enter hog lots unless there is assurance thnt h'- 1 does nor carry 'infection: Fanners and tlic'n- llelp-should disinfect their shoes be- fOo^l entering hog lots after returning from public yards, sales, null neigli- borlng farms. MAKE PROFIT FROM POULTRY By GARRET SMITH. One of .the most romantic passage* in the secret history of the World War I* the story of how the Ordnance Department of the UnXted ' States Army made It possible -for America, until then utterly lucking .In ammunition and in faculties for making It, to manufacture/unlimited quantities of powerful explosives out of 'air and 'rock. It , was largely the kno-wjedge of this ^act thnt forced Germany to surrender when she did. The secret was aecnred from Germany herself. It wai an open business transaction between business nub, whereby we apparently acquired nothing more military than 'a process for making a high fra'de fertilizer known as cyanamld. . • Prank -Sherman Waanbnrh, head of the froup of business men who bought tlils process, conceived the term of the Idea In the early nineties while la South America as consulting engineer In connection with the production and •hipping of Chilean nitrate of soda. Nitrogen compounds are' an essential part of all commercial. fertilizers. The tn large quantities are in Chile. This supply was diminishing. ' Germany, which Tiad Been taking about one- third of the Chllean'nltrates, was already experimenting with processes for their artificial production.- In 1907 Mr. Woshburn secured in Germany the American rights of the cyanamld process which had been Invented In that country. Turning Air Into a Weapon. By this process air, which is a mixture of about four-fifths nitrogen gas and one-fifth oxygen, IK placed in con talners and subjected to pressure and cold until it turns to ft liquid. Then the nitrogen is distilled In much the same manner as alcohol is separated from water. But before this nitrogen can be used as a fertilizer it must be .combined with a chemical combination of lime and carbon known as calcium, carbide, produced by burning ordinary limestone in big rotary kilns and combining It In the electric furnace with carbon' supplied In the form of ordinary coke. Cyanamld CHRISTIAN CHURCH Corner Normal Ave. and Monroe St. Duncan MacFarlane, Pastor; Bible school begins at 9:80 if you are on time, ^ W-e all promised to remember the starving Armenians. Let me'remind you "Lest we forget." ':"'•'• '''•The • "Win One" campaign begins Feb. 22nd, are you ready? > 'Morning worship and Communion at ],0:.i5.' Let us come to thefitable". with fumble! hearts. ' -..'•' .Christian Endeavor at 6:30. The young people are doing fine service. Join them. Evening* song service with t^e people's chorus. : Baptismal service at the :4fose. You are invited. ; CHURCH WF GOD. •Elder O. W. Sidenoi, Pastor. .. Services held in I. O. O. P. Hall, East Main St. Services Lord's Day will be as follows: T Bible school meets at 9:30. Lawrence Sammons, Supt. 'Preaching service 10:48. Subject, "The .Two ,Kingdoms;" Song service and sermon at 7:00. Sermon Jheme, "Happiness." '. The public is cordially invited to worship with us. Cottage prayer meeting will be held Wednesday night, Feb. 4 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Metcalf, West •Sycamore street. Mrs. Frank Hagler, leader. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH thus produced contains NOTICE It is absolutely necessary that.all cases of flu and contagious diseases be reported by the physicians. Board of Health. Advertisement. No Reason Why More Farmers Cannot Make Money by Selling Breed- "• ing-Stock and Eggs. Many farmers are rio.w , breeding standard-bred poultry; exhibiting;, the same, advertising, and making -a good profit l!rom"the siiie of breeding"; stock, eggs for hatching, et$. There is no reason why other- farmers cannot do is well. . " • VAUDEVILLE Seven Big Acts WITH S, I, N, U, ORCHESTRA Feb. 10 Normal Auditorium 8 P. M. .ADMISSION 25 CENTS 1 Play; Tommy's Wife 2. Pyramids 3. Toyshop Pantomime AND DANCES BY Irish Doffs Jumping Jacks , French Dolls Sailor Dolls Rag Dolls Colonial Dolls \ Spanish Dolls Penny-Dblls Janitors- 4. Boxing 5. Aesthetic Dances 6. Diving Contests 7. Athletic Ptgeant the elements of ammonium nitrate, one of tt<e most powerful of modern explosives. By one process ammonia is extracted £roni the cyanainid." By an- otliSr process nitric acid Is extracted from another batch of this same sya- namrd. Then the ammonia and nitric acid are combined and there you have ammonium nitrate ready for. packing Into shells with TNT. There are three kinds of explosives used for burstirrg shells In modern warfare — TNT, picric acid and ammonium nitrate. The United 'States was equally deficient in raw^^terlals and 1 plants for raariufacrurlng"'all three of these explosives. Under .the best of conditions the cost of either TNT or nlti'lc acid is about two and one-half the cost of ammonium nitrate. But the United States was- wholly dependent upon Chilean nitrate of soda as .a raw material for ammonium nitrate, with the exception of a small production of nitrogen from the coking of coal. The Chilean supply was 4,500 miles away from New York City by way of the Panama Canal, and the route by way of the Straits of Magel- lan^ls nearly twice as long. A Record Building Operation. Shortly after the war began In Europe the German government entered Into the fixation of -air nitrogen for military explosives on a vast scale. It was not, however, until the fall of 1917 that the' United States government took it up. The Ordnance Department asked Mr. Washburn's company to organize a subsidiary corporation, known as" the Air Nitrates Corporation, with Mr. Washburn as president, to act as ajtent of the government for the Construction and operation of the air nitrates plant at Muscle Shoals, Alabama. This corporation provided 'the designs, erected the equipment in the Corner S. Normal Ave. and Elm St Walter F. Eagleson, D. D., Pastor. A. -K. Wilson, Sunday School Supt. . Miss Merle Mclntyre, Organist. The usual'Sunday services will be held. Sabbath school convening at 9:30 and regular morning preaching services at 10:45. The pastor will, preach. Evening services begin with ,the young people's services at 6:30, followed by the regular preaching service at 730. We invite every member to join with us hx. these . services. Strangers are welcome, always. Regular mid-week service on Wednesday evening at 7:30.\ CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH Corner of South Normal Ave. and West Elm St. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. -Sunday morning service 10:45. Wednesday ..evening service 7:45.1 Fubject for ^>he Sunday " service: "Love." The free reading room and circulating library is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 2 to 4 p. m. Au- feovi^ed literature is for loan and for cole. All are cordiallv velcome. YALE TONIGHT Ben Wilson and Neva Gerber ., - ""•"•'"• : ' ;; '<•;"».».'• IN. ' • • ' i|i TRiioF p OCTOPUS This is the closing. efiijjode a ' n d ^jngs sure do happen thick :and fast. '; V ^ Ruth Roland in The AdVentures of Riith . With her own company Mis, Roland has made the greatest and most startling serial of the times The opening episode is in three reels of thrills and more.thrills. You can't afford to miss it f high; coat-in' side-splittin comedy in two parts i 8:15, 9:00 ; Ilcand22c of Faitt A Paramount Feature Marc. 1'eter, the new minister from Switzerland to the .United States, photographed oil his arrival in New York. SALTON SEA IS DISAPPEARING ROCK HILL BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. W. M.' Moody, Pastor. ' -'W. D. Parran, Clerk. Order of Services. 9:30 a. m. Sunday school. 11:00 a. m. Preaching. 7:30 p, m. Preaching. Wednesday evening . 7:30 prayer meeting. • ' Thursday -evening 7:30 teachers' meeting. '-. ( .. • All are invited to attend. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Corner West Main St. and North Normal Ave. chemical plants and supervised all the other work. It also operated the camp, tlie town nnd the plant. Other work is sublet to several of th<i best known organizations in the United | States. Westinghouse Church Kerr Company built the -plant buildings, .the camp, the permanent city and utilities. J. W. Merrill, Minister. Main St. 307 West Phone 387 L. ' , 9:30 Sunday school . Fine attendance last-Sunday. Keep it up. • • . . 10:45 Morning worship. •Subject of sermon, "The Son o£ God from Heaven." The J. G. White Engineering Corpora-] 2:00 Juniors. Mrs. Stewart Chand- tion designed and built the nitrate ler i eac j er ' 6:- 30 High School B. Y. P! TJ. . 8:30 Senior B. Y. P. U. Louis Wolff, President. . ' 7:30 Evening worship. ' The Juniors will 'tell us -about M'ook, acid plnnt. Tlie M. W. Kellogg^Com-, puny furnished Uie" piping and built the chimneys. On February 10,. 191S, ground was broken, and eight months and eight days i later tlie $60,000,000 Muscle Shoals plant began producing ammonium nitrate. In that brief period 23,000 men had completed the plant and around it, where not u house stood before, had arisen a city of 25,000 inhabitants. This plant when in full operation was ready to»provide 13 per cent of all explosive!, to be..used.'by all the'allies uji>..'-* ; l the' allied fronts during..the ex- Possibility That the Land It,Has Covered Will Be Soon Available -4or Agriculture. - . 'AT\ Inland sea which, according tc geologists, lias changed from seu to desert, a'nd hack again to sea. at least tifty 'times since its inception, is one of the wonders of the Imperial valley in California. At the preseut time tli<r Saiton_ sea-, which is ICO feet below the ocean's level, is receding from its banks at tho rate of approximately a mile a year. Today the sea is -IS miles long and nine .miles wide at its widest poipt. In the heat of Che- torrid se'asou the temperature in its neighborhood is from 10 to iO degrees cooler than that of the surrounding; country and outdoor dnnces are held on one of tlie abandoned fish-piers left higli and dry by';IK- needing \vn ters. The Saltori se-.i is situated in the very heart of ti:e princiijiil chili- producing region of America. Tli*- land left bare by^the retre.-iting »v:i-. ters'is : 'eagerly" Sought h.v jigrlciilini- •sts, who stake their claims Kir on 1 nto the water in anticipation of tur. ther recessions. The soil is uf sair incnisted adobe-.clay and very lerti:, Mud volcanoes, miniature, geysers; r.-n, bubbling "palntpots" attract man; tourists to the' spot. The quality ol the volcanic.;j,"piiintpots" is declared to rival the' best Europeaj: sienna anel umber. Utilization of. this, ,-iew-found color "supply may soon render the continuation of European imports of sucb pigment unnecessary. > PROPER QUARTERS FOR PIGS Animals Should Be Kept In Dry Pens and Fed in Clean -Troughs— Prevent Chilling., ^ Pigs should always be kept In dry clean quarters and fed, in cleat • troughs. They should not be aliosved to run outiin cold rain or allowed to become chilled in any way. . running through filth and then being suckled 'will of ten'cause pigs to scour THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN . _ _ Cwh In Advance, t Qne l month, per word i* One vreek, per word SI One insertion, per word ....!!" Of- Three InBerttona; per word . » WANTS D. WANTED—Rooms for light house keeping with private family. "A," care of Free Press. WANTED—Someone who understands repairing of Remington typewriter. Inquire Free Press. WANTED—Energetic- man to sell and_ distribute-high grade make of tire.' Attractive proposition for the right man. Clyde C. Oldham, State Distributor, Urbana, 111. WANTED—Men- or women, salary $24 full time, 50c an hour spare time. selling guaranteed hosiery to weare'rl Experience unnecessary. Guaranteed Mills, Norristown, Pa. FOB KENT. FOR RENT—Two mrat room. OTM Btyle Shop, for office or Bleeping room*. Apply Mis* Bleth, Normal and Hoaro* 8t» .TOR RENT—Storage ror houeehol* goods. In the one story brick building, cement floors, on allejr back of mew Barth Theatre. Apply Mian Rietn. FOR RJENT-iSleeping rooms. Phone 26. • r .- FOR RENT—Light housekeeping rooms. ,309 North Normal. FOR SALE. FOR SALE]—6 room cottage, barn and other out buildings; on pavement one block from square. A.bargain if sold at once. See owner, 205 East Oak St. FOR SALE—Bicycle in good: condition. Call Opera House Drug Store. LOST ..LOST—Pocket .book, between creamery and I. C. Batson's store. Return to Free Press. LOST—l mouse colored kid glove. Calk 207 or 414 L. - ADDITIONAL FEED FOR PIGS Scalded Middlings, With Milk Added, Placed in Shallow Trough- It Fine for Porkers. When tlte pigs are jibout three weeks old they will want" to eat more than the milk they-can get from their .mother. A small shallow trough ''should be placed where the sow cjui- not get to it. Scald some miOillin^.s. stir and pour in some milk. Pm into the teed about u lablospoonl'ul o£ molasses. Drjve the little pisrs cure- fully over to the trough. Tliey will get the odor from the molasses, put their noses to the feed, lap it :uul- begin .to ent. y •the Chinese boy and atheswise instruct and entertain us. "Come thou with us and we w.ill do thee,good[" pet'- 1. -I dliT*. of 1819. , N«Xt . i"It majr seem a little (trance, the f«cetlous.feller, "but IceIs a lot smoother-before It: Is X ESSENTIALS FOR HEN HOUSE Keep Flock Comfortable by Furnishing Good Ventilation, Fresh Air and Sunshine. ' '' House tlie flock comfortably; keep, houses dry and well, ventilated, allowing plenty, of fresh air and sunshine. Remodel the old house—stop cracks -and 'eliminate.drafts. " • Give" lien* a good straw scratch,'in dnrlnjt the winter monthi. FROM POVERTY TO X $200,OOO,000. The .Importance wWrh the late Henry C. Prick placed on thrift anil the.niibr its of saving is 'clearly shown In the Incidents of his career. Mr. Krick, who was';called the founder of the Industrial growth of Pittsburgh, wa* bom In', poverty and compiled • an '' which at hU death was

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