Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
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Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 30
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C-2-INDEPENDENT (AM) Lint CMCD, Cllif., Mtndsv, Feb. 11. l»t PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) LOEL SCIIRADER liveryone \N ails for OJ. lo Si«rn Have you noted the almost tola: lark oi siave--^ of professional football teams in MiMiinj; their high druli choices? Reason behind this reiiulance of college football Mars and their agents to commit themselves is the slow pace of the bargaining between 0. J. Simpson's representative. Chuck Barnes, and the Buffalo Hills . . . Other draftees want to see how well Simpson does . . . Typical of the feeling among first-round choices was .North Texas State tackle Joe Greene's comment that "it may take a $600.000 man to bring down a $600.000 back." . . . Southern Methodist's Jerry Levias shocked Houston executives in his first meeting with the Al-'l. by which he drafted. Asked by Charlie Hall of the Oilers if he were going 10 "ask for the moon." I.evias replied: "No. just a siep below it." The SMU receiver's opening price: $700,000. Levias is being represented by attorney Charles Lloyd of the Bill Cosby organization. 'I he Cosby group also is representing Gene Washington i if Stanford and Mike Battle of USC . . . You can count on Cosby and Lloyd to be quoting prices on behalf of basketball's one and only Lew Aleindor. whose bonus will make Joe Namath's $-100.000 package from tin- New York Jets five years ago look like pocket change. CUFF STUFF: Proof of the USC coach John McKay's astuteness in selecting football assistants is ihe heavy demand for their services from colleges and the professional leagues. Jim Stangeland was the first to go when he was grabbed by Cal State Long Reach for a bead coaching position . . . Last week, Ihe Pittsburgh Steclcrs lapped Troy assistant Dick C'oiiry ai §16.000 per. Coury, who built Mater Dei High i n i o a powerhouse before joining McKay, reports to the Sicelers today . . A n o t h - er McKay assistant, Dave Levy, was offered a job w i t h Oakland of the API. iwo years ago but t u r n e d down the opportunity. The position then was t a k e n by John Madden, who was appointed head coach of the Raiders when John Ranch left to go to Buffalo. You can bet the very capable Lew would have wound up with the head job had he gone to Oakland . . . Among those inquiring about the vacated Coury position have been Larry Kentera an assistant at Arizona State, and Darryl Rogers, head coach at Fresno State . . . 0. J. Simpson confides privately that he wound up with considerably more money than the S15 he reportedly made from lf consecutive passes at a Las Vegas gambling parlor . . . Some of the high rollers backing 0. .1. during his hour and 15-minute hot streak gave him some of their winnings . . . Running back Larry Smith of Florida, the first of the Rams' three opening-round choices in the recent pro draft, was in Long Beach last week. Smith underwent a routine physical. He weighed in at 208, lighter .than expected . . . Notre Dame receiver Jim Seymour also se lected on the first round by the Rams, is d'ue to report to the club's offices at Recreation Park on Tuesday, also for a physical . . . You've got to figure Smith, Seymour and the other first-round choice, USC tight end Bob Klein, were three excellent selections . . . The Rams needed to beef up their offense and this trio should help . . . Smith will have to come through the earliest, unless Les Josephson recovers from the achilles tendon injury that sidelined him throughout the 1968 season . . . Klein has the physique to grow into an offensive tackle . . . Oregon State basketball coach Paul Valenti claims he'll have the "best guard in the Pacific-8 Conference" next year in Freddie Boyd, who is a Beaver freshman out of East Bakersfield High . . . Promoter George McCall is offering $20,000 in prize money for the second annual Los Angeles Invitational Tennis Tournament on March 3, 5, 6 and S at Ihe Forum. Long Beach's Billie Jean King will be back to defend her women's singles championship. SPORTS CHATTER: ]f it's action you want, get involved with the Long Beach Touchdown Club, which is devoted to making things swing in football at Cal State Long Beach. Bill McDonald of the Touchdown Club reports the group will meet again on Thursday, March 20. at Hoefly's Restaurant. It'll be a no-host affair, with a social hour from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and a dinner to follow. Guest speaker will be Ram director of public relations Jack Teele. President of the Touchdown Club is attorney Clark Heggeness . . . Maury Greer, C1F mile champion last year while at Lakewood High, has left Washington State and enrolled at Long Beach City College. Maury won't be eligible for the Vikings this semester. Greer, who posted a '1:12 mile last year, was re cruited for the Cougars by Gerry Lindgren . .'. Grcer's younger brother, Larry, a sophomore at Lakewood. is considered an even better prospect than M a u r y . . . | n the recent beach run here, Larry finished 17th in t h e four-mile open classification, then came back to grab a sixth in the high school two-mile . . . Maybe Marlin McKecver will give up his idea of trying to" promote a t r a d e from Washington lo San Francisco now t h a i Vincc Lombard! has taken over the Redskins. The ex- Ram s original intention was to q u i t football unless he could land w i t h the 19ers . . . p m insiders aren't sur prised shout Lombardi's announcement that Heisman Irophy winner Gary Beban will remain at quarterback They believe the ex-UCLA star has the a b i l i t y to be a sohd pro QB . . . Beban had the misfortune of being represented in negotiations with the Rams by a man whose uncompromising approach to bargaining didn't endear htm to Ram owner Dan Reeves. Hence, the trade to Washington . But the trade to Washington mav h a x e been a blessmg to Beban. Barring injury, Roman Gabriel figures to be the Ram quanerback for a n o t h e r .··even or eight years. Worlrl Drap IJoal Kacp? Postponed All "f ihf M classes (if iacc5 in the World Dr;i;: lioat championships were i ;iHed off Sundaj 1 bocausi: nf heavy winds and choppy water in ihe I.OIIH Beach Marine Stadium. Schedule Tonight Tiiuan-. Wfi'i'O. Edair !.inl", l,'.\\- eo. vs Raul //onl^d. /.',e"Cv. , , . . . , i.^-.inertvici. to. WKJncsdav Af Dclrolt, O./'NI,.^ A i / i r . B-^r ' i c/m, D-ilroit, /i. LC;V. / A . f ' m l^l-.i ,-.^o, Tokyo, 'vi. FfJ t'f.-.'r.r,/,-/. '.'/.., · · = . \T. Thursday Al On'.onfl, f.;. 1 :!.. It",' l.ff ',-· · t a. C.inl.. vi. U. a n f F r « ' . ' i ' r i , ' .n",, 'Jhio, lifitv^i, 10 Al Los /.'n,f c^ iicij ' · ^ va.Cf;. S,ii Dicoo. v.. Ril-.-i-c (j-i;, · i/ Lev /.noC'Ci. I'-iilhtrs. 0. Triday ·'·' oAl JC'r Cfi'il.. Jimrnv I PMcr, '^n · ' - · " C . ^ r . C , V , . JO'p^"V '.Vllf, 5-1" ' l-,,-l · ''Oj. /.'rjllff., 10. R v J j c ' l o AlIM^.' P,'jr · -A Aires, v'.. IJnU' /.Mllrlms, Pnorni/, v/Cllll, 10. Kings Beat Seals, Host North Stars Uisel \Yins \\ 0111011*8 Tennis WINCHE.STKK. Mass. (Ul'l) -- Mary Ann ICiscl. a 22-year-old fnun SI. l.ouis, won the N a t i o n a l Women's Indoor Tennis Championships S u n d a y over Stephanie Defina, (i::. 4-fi. G-2. In the first set, Miss lii- sc-l broke Miss Defina's serve in the f i f t h game at love and broke it again in i h r n i n t h game lo close on! i h r sd al the VVin- i h i - M r r t e n n i s cenier. Miss and Valariu /.icj'.c'nluss ol San Diego, won the doubles over I'at- l i llogan of La.lolla. and l'e;;i:y Michel nl I ' a c i f i c Palisades, (i-l, G-:;. ITS NOT A1I.M-:, YOU T A K E IT Zelmo Beatty (center) of A t l a n t a and San Diego's Rick Adelman both have the look of a person trying to avoid the basketball during NBA game SFOR.TS BE.A.T lifren "S c o r p i o n" Torres, on his third try, defeated Chatchai Chionoi, of Thailand, lo crown himself the World flyweight boxing champion Sunday night, scoring a TKO in the eighth round. HEAVYWEIGHT George Foreman was among seven Olympic medalists selected Sunday for Ihe Amateur Athletic Union 1968 all American boxing team. DIANE CRUMP, the lady jockey, finished second in a two-horse race without betting at the El Comandame Race Track- in San J u a n . Puerto Rico Sunday, two lengths behind vetern jockey Carlos Lope/.. JOHN "BLUE MOON" ODOM, whose 16 wins led the Oakland Athletics last season, has undergone X- rays of his stiff right shoulder. Doctors theorized that Odom may have dislocated his shoulder without knowing it. * X :'f * OWNER CAL GRIFFITH, of the Minnesota Twins has promised stiff relaliation for any of his "socialiie" players who are not in shape for spring training because of boycotting for higher pensions. v * * * WEST GERMANY'S No. 2 sled, piloted by Wolf- j;anj; Zinimerer, came from third place with Hie fastest final run Sunday lo \vin the world four-man bobsled championship in ri-fnrd lime. The U.S. sleds finished ll-l. DAVID AI.I.YN, son of ihe owner of the Chicago White Sox, escaped without injury Sunday when his World War 11-vintage show plane crashed when its landing gear collapsed and caught fire while land- JAPANESE boxing experts Sunday blamed the World Boxing Assn. for whal they termed a confused s i t u a t i o n over the e l i m i n a t i o n bouts for a \VliA world flyweighl '·hampion. Such a s i t u a t i o n , they s.tid, has been caused because of alleged f a i l u r e by t h e WBA lo take prornpl .iiiihoriuuivc action in gel- l i n g the elimination bouts carried out to determine a successor to Argentina's Horacio Accavnllo who re- lircd last November. Is Yaz Key to Strike? Associated Press Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn expressed confidence Sunday t h a t the players' boycott could end this week. Adding to speculation of a pension sell lenient is the possible signing this week of one of the sport's superstars --Carl Yastrzemski. "1 think there is a disposition on both sides to make reasonable concessions," Kuhn said in St.. Petersburg, Fla., before flying back to his New York office. "The whole tiling could be solved this week, f expect to be back in Florida Tuesday or Wcdnesclay." Yastrzemski, three-time American League batting champion and one of baseball's $100,000 players, appeared at the Boston Red Sox camp in Winter Haven, Fla., and asked for a conference with General Manager Dick O'Connell. The two were joined for a short lime by pitcher Jim Lonborg, Red Sox' player representative, and Yaz said later. "I'm going lo talk to O'Connell again Wednesday morning." Asked if he might sign and be in uniform Wednesday when the Red Sox are scheduled to hold i heir first f u l l scale work- oul. ihe hard-hiithif, o u t fielder replied: "It's not impossible." "This is a difficult situation because so many |x?ople arc watching and v.aitinj; lo sec whal I do." he added, referring lo his ii'ammatcs. "O'Connell said. If Ya/. signs, I think most of the club will fall in line." 'Sparky' Lyle and Bill Landis, two veteran Boston pitchers, did sign Sunday, giving the Red Sox 18 in camp, including several others who have seen some major league action. But Yaz is the big question mark, not only for ihe Red Sox but for the Major League Players Assn. While the associa- t i o n expected defections by a few veterans, it had boasted t h a i nil of the big names would adhere to i h e strike. The owners, at the same lime, expressed the feeling that if a few of the super siars signed contracts, it would break the back of the boycott. Sunday night in Atlanta. Hawks recorded easy win over Rockets, !2!-!)2. -- A P Wirrohnto cnry GAMES TONIGHT At Jordan: 7:15-Tour.hahle^ vv D?.L Dr,ip=ric;; 2:15-,v,!xed Breeds v.. U3CC Sfrina-.vk.s; 9:15-Dioilals vs. Gravbf.r Al' Poly: 7:15-Fliglit Test vs. Sooris; R:15-lst N'arerene vs. VA Hoso.tal; 9:15- Vets park vs. Aranaatangs. At Wilson: 7:15-Wilson Ford vs. Peons -I'; 8:15-R3V Construction vs. UAW Lo- 143; 9:15-Big Johns vs. L.B. Mi:c Hawks Al Jefferson: 7:15-Pincaop!es vs. Zealots: 8:15-P, ( AT vs. nard-.velt SUDL'I/: 9:15 Robinson. Cafeteria vs. Dcua'as JoS. Sonics Win at Buzzer Ex-Amigo o Stars lor Houston Combined News Services Steve Kramer, playing in his first American Basketball Assn. game since last season, sparked Houston to a second-quarter rally as the Mavericks defeated New York 133-121 Sunday. Kramer, who played for Anaheim last season and was signed by Houston Associated Press Bob Rule's 20-foot jumper at the final buzzer gave Seattle a hard-earned I I S - I 1 6 National Basketball Assn. victory over Boston Sunday night. Boston's Larry Siegfried hit a 15-foot jumper with two seconds left to He the game 116-all. Seattle i in m e d i t e 1 y called time out to devise a last-second play. The ball was inbounded to Rule, who threw in a desperation jumper which fell through right'at the buzzer. ADA Miami Minnesota Kentucky . Oakland Denver . New Orleins .. Standings Fastern Division Won Lost Pel. BEtiind 31 2S .55-1 -.11 '.'7 .53-1 ! 28 ?7 .SO? '.''; 31 oZ .492 .V : Western Division 11 .SW .566 .505 1-121 Ho. sl\ G F r 4 7 r . 1 io 19Trewdnt 1 \-! 3 Rulr 9 6-6 2-! Wil.kens 8 J-5 20 H d rn\ RU5S Siegfrd lones HoviiccK Nelson Rflrncs B r v a n I Totals Boston . . . . Seattle .... Fouled out Seattle, HiTris. Total fouls--Boiton 23, Scat!!* 23 . 6 2-2 14 Kauftnin 1 0-3 J Kron 0 0-0 0 4526-33116 Tolals 13 4-1030 1 5 5 5 3 5 Oakland S 2-3 13 0 :-3 V BradrJs 0 0-0 0 Mop 1 0-0 2 Han. Bro\vn 4920-29118 Arrnalo -11« Pctrson ;;4 . .10 U ... 26 29 LOE Angeles · ...... 2-i 33 Houston ............ 13 37 Sunday's ResulK Minnesota 104, Oakland tG2 Houston 133, New York 121 Miami 109, Denver )OS Only parries scheduled. Games Tonight Oakland at Dallas. Afiinmi at Houston. Only games scheduled. only Saturday, pumped in 29 points. Teammate Stewart Johnson also had 29. M i n n e s o t a defeated Oakland 104-102 to become the first Eastern Division team to defeat the Oaks this season. Minnesota Atl.inta G F T 5 37 13 flMly n 0 1 0 Briclacs 1 0-1 2 Cdlclwe:! 1 (I-? J Drivi^ 3 0 0 6 Hamilton ^ 5 7 15 H.irlickn " 14 I Total* G F T Oakland 8 VS 21 O F _ . . 4 5-6 13 Hevmon 2 1 2 6 · W 23 Wasl'.pl.i 12 5-9 27 3 1 - 4 7 Anrirson 5 4.4 14 -i 1-2 tycenrjnk 6 2-3 u 4 3-5 11 willims 11 1-1 23 I 0-0 2 Card 1 2-3 -I ·I 2-2 10 Suior 0 00 0 9 9-11 27 Vauwhn 2 2-^ 7 0 00 0 Krllv I 1-3 3 Lewis 2 0-0 4 38 74.38 10) Tolals « 18-57 104 32 U 22 22-102 30 23 2! 27--1M ·Minnesota, Hevman. day's national game, 7-2. Irvine zipped ilic puck past Oakland »oa!tendcr Gary Smith at 7:26 of ihe period following a t'ucc-ol'f directly in from of Smith- It was only Irvine's 10th marker of the season. licldie Joya), Dale Rolfe and Bill Fleti scored in succession to give the Kinj;s a :i-0 lead with six minutes left in the open- ins period. Ted Hampson then tallied two ;oais for Oak- LAKERS- (Continued from Page C - l ) \vlu'n van Breda KollT left, is slated back for Tuesday's game against Seattle and il comes not a moment too soon. The Lakers' lead over Atlanta is down lo two games. Both teams scorched the nets al better than a 50 per cent dip. The Lakers held ihe hotter hand, however, and they also had m i n e rebounds and more assists. Tommy Hawkins and l-'red Crawford, inserted i n t o the starting lineup for the first t i m e in several weeks, gave the Lakers more speed lo match that of Ihe Tfiers, and for the first time all season Philly didn't ;;et. many "cheap" baskets. The only statistical h a t ties the Lakers didn't, win were ball-control errors and technical fouls. It was 2 M - I S in misrncs and '1-0 in technicals. That was a l l it look 10 heal I hem. TOP TENNIS POWERS IN AGREEMENT W I M B L K O N . England (.W -- The five big tennis powers reached agreement \viih professional promoters Sunday on a cash basis for this year's tournaments. The promoters appeared to have scored a victory. No details were a n - nounced, but George MacCall of the National Tennis League and Bob Briner of the world Championship Tennis group, professional organizations based in the United States, left H four-hour meeting at Wimbledon and stated jointly: "It appears that each of the countries had met the promoters' demands for expenses for allowing their professional stars to compete in open tournaments." (Continued from Page C-l) television land, his 20th and 21st o f . the season. Carol Vadnais lied the score at 3-3 at li:19 of the middle period with his 1 !th goal of the year, high mark for iie- fensemen in the National Hockey League. U was the Kings' third win along with two ties in five games with the Seals this season. A disappointed home crowd of 5.4S5 watched as the third-place Kings crept to within seven points of second-place Oakland in the West Division. Al Detroit, Frank Mahovlich. Peie Stemkowski, and Wayne Connelly all scored twice as the Red Wings bombed Philadelphia, 9-1. In another rout, New York beat Boston 9-0 for the Bruins' fourth loss in a row. 3. Kin55, F I C I I 2 2 (UnasU. 14:U. 4. Oakland, Hampion 20 (Mailluss! 5:!liiim), 16:?1. Penalties -- Roberts 10) 4:07, R Hughes (Kl 7:35. SECOND PERIOD 5. OstlanJ. Hcimoion Jl IMatt:^!. Ubrifln), 0:31 6. OaUnid, Vadnasi 1-: (H.inipson, Fi. rra.M 1J-19 i'ona.tics .Vriur.1 IK.) S'O?. T H I R D PERIOD " Kincis, l-v;nc 10 (LaBossierr°(. : '.". i!o oenaiiio.. T,:iots on poal- On Desiardins (K) 10 1 lo--i? On Smith (0) 10 IS 17-17 AII.-i.J3i. Ivalslon Upsets Aussie Emerson IIAYWARD (UPI) -- Iji- jury plagued Dennis Ral- .ston of Bakersfield upset Auslrlia's Roy Emerson Sunday in the opening round of the international protennis invitational. Billie Jean King of Long Beach, survived a three-set battle with Franchois Durr of France to lead other favored players through the first round. '1 he tournament w a s switched from the outdoor Berkeley Tennis Club In indoors at Chabot Colle;e due to rain. uo-jne 87, DP Paul 63. Thom : is More 105, Dominican (Ohio) 30. Boston Coll. 99, D e t r o i t U. 72. EXPERT DYNO TUNING MUFFLERS - BRAKES TRANSMISSIONS OVERHAUL OR EXCHANGED MOTOR OVERHAUL OR EXCHANGED -- Financing Arranged Same Location 1 2 Y e a r s -- Freo Loan Cars - BOULEVARD MOTOR CLINIC 3250 tOHG BEACH BtVD. - G« 6-4444 . ? 1-1 L.Titi ,1 o-l 6 Hudson 10 . Pilcv 7 6-7 20 OM 6 1 2 13 Hunt- ir-,ioo 5 ?-3 12 Silas I 6-9 fl f.'.urr" Totals 3/ 13-35 92 Totals 47 30-41 124 I horn Diego . . lfi-23-22 31-- 92 Ftemi t-o'jJcd out--None. ioi-il foufi--Sasi Dieio VS. AHiint.i ; A-5.503. G r Cincinnati l.ouo'irv iV.onroe B.irnhill f,(. IB l.KC.IS. ' /-? 21 MrlrH - 1 . -1.11 ]4 V.'psicv 7 7-3 6 Rbrlsn · .S i 23 VarrJrtlr · 0-0 10 DicrKina 7 1-3 15 Dwiddie 6 I I 13 Smith 9 0-0 0 Foster 2 0-0 4 Tucker 1 0-0 2 Prink SO 25-37 126 Totals Thrrc-Doint a Voulcd out--ML. .. Tolnl fouls--Oakland ?l, Minnrsola 27. A - 2.570. Wjanii Denver G F T G F T ', J.. 1 , u H,imo!»d S 2-n T? ', 4-A U Pkcwskl 3 7-2 « 3 22 3 Bocl; / ?· 1-i ^ .1.6 IS Jones t A', 77 .'.VGill S · 5 IS 1,vi : : . ] ! · ! ' . 17 Roger-. 0 0-0 0 Simnns Hightwr 33 33-43 103 Tolals l l - f i - 9 3^ 1 0 1 2 . ', 22 12. 0 0-0 0 ·i 1-1 ? 6 2? " Onus 9 0-0 0 Foster .1 0-0 6 Ouifk 2 0-0 4 Tucker 1 0-0 2 V/orkmn 1 0-0 2 Prink 1 00 2 Totals SO 25-37 126 Totals 47 15-23 107 Baltimore _ 30 34 23 34--126 Cincinnati . J8 IB 30 33--10? Fouled out--none. Total fouls--Baltimort 24, Cincinnat : 25. A--7,1J5. Milwaukee G F T G F T ii ?-J 8 Chnsnon 8 8-9 2: 13 3-1329 Cunliam 3 2--1 8 A 2-6 M ETnihrv 1 1 - 1 3 iV.CGlkln ? 0 0 j Rohnson MKcnzft 9 0-0 4 Rorigcrs Snvrtcr j 5.2 8 D.Smith V^rlc 6 3-4 15 G.Smiln \Viirlick 8 2-3 18 Williams Totals 44 15-36 103 Totals Phoenix . Milwaukee l-GL-lfd OUl -- I 7o:.ii fouls Phoenix 11, Milwaukee A-J.3;7 _ ,, . . Tot.Hi 33 33-43 103 Tolals « 19-75 106; 11 2 - 7 2i Miami . 31 75 1? 3-1-109! ? 1-2 '. Denver 23 27 36 20-106: / (M 1: Throe point go.il5-- Denver. Piatkowiki.j 13 ; 7 31 Fouled orit-- Ornvor, Hicjtitowcr. I n '.-? I t Total loots-- Miami 2J, Denver 28. ! 0 1-2 1 A-- J,933. , 7 0-0 '. N.Y. Housln G F T l-!ovd 1 Simon 3 0 0 6 Hoover 1 7-11 9 Whafiey 6 S-A T 7 Chub.n 6 16 17 23 Carlos Whtnv Jpiisn Krmer Jcksn G F T 3 fl-9 Id 5 3-7 13 12 5-8 ?7 11 7-7 39 3 8 10 14 Phoenix Fox Gortrih Grcqor Johnson 11 1-1 73 J 6-7 1? / 0-0 M 1 2-J 10 1 M J 12 23-33 107 25 37 31 20- -1DJ 32 24 28 23--107 Frricr 3 2-6 3 Bv.-crs 5 6-9 16 Smcrst 12 3-d 23 Tolals 37 46-60 111. New York ... . . Houston - _ Three point Goals--Me- Fouled out--None. Totals fouls--New York 30, Houston 2 2-3 6 Knd'a 0 0-0 0 Tolals 47 3J-53 133.... 29 23 30 34--121 28 36 36 33--133 York, Lloyd. AL Hockey Kocncslcr 4, Sormofisid X DUNLOP QUALITY COSTS NO MORE Complcfe Line of PASSENGER RADIAL TIRES LONG BEACH TIRE CO. 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