Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1976 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1976
Page 19
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z I Ul X 3 T SCO £AtO ONO-E 6O3COS6 WENr TO THE CORNER TO BCJV A NE\V5FAP£R. te to tn ui I FINDING MISSING PER^ONS^ CAN K EXPEHSNE, ,-rrrag^ MOFFIT. '* - g'UTWLl ^INTHF IETTERTO -(OURFAlHEE HE SEEMED LOHE1-Y. HE SAID WANT TO / M6 WAS T6ACHIMG 1M A SEE YOU^/^i- MISSIONARY SCHOOL, IT IS CALttP , THAT SIR-^iEHAtl **,wi0WfR * OF fWWN£SS t I *l~!ti!£? IMWN- 1 UKil.fM * - fASQNS. WHAT'S INffQt, THAT?.. V UI UJ Q UJ .AND AT MliSMT 1 CAN'T TO S1.66P/ TRY SIVINS YOUR CAMPAIGN AT MISHT Believe h orMrt/ ION6 BEhORE IT MAS ADOPTED BY HITLER, A^IS «ff£ D AS AM JEAN-PAUL DARTRE THE FRfcNCH NOVELIST, PIAYWRI6HT ANO'FATttER or EXISTENTIALISM' TAUGHTH/MSE70 . PACIFIC R.fcjNt THE CHICA'GO, ATTICA AND' SOUTHERN V-*?. HIinniltllllflllllNlillllflllllllllllrlllllMlllllllllirW FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope iiLniiiiiiiiiiimiiLiiiiiniitiinimiiuiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiicM 'Northwesi-ArVciiud* TIMES, Wed,, April LlUllllllLlllUllllilUIIDlMllliILM ESTER L COLEMAN, M O Food Allergies Are Difficult To Track Look [n the section In which your birthday conies and find what your outlook is. according to the stars. FOR THUHS. APRIL 15 A R I E S (Mar. 21 in Apr. 20) Don't be coerced into any IhEng which seems at all inappropriate, but tJo listen to all sides of a reasonable discussion. A good clay for making agreements, long-range plans. TAURUS (Apr, 21 to Mny.21) Mixed influences. You mny alternate between q u i c k, aggressive moves and periods where finances Not many, but as attractions are concerned, one or two could prove troublesome it you are not alert, SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 2,1 to Dec 21) Be prepared to cope - w i t h strangers, orid situations- Pinpoint objectives; be selective about ways ' and means Step up momentum where possible. . , CAPRICORN (Dec.''22 to Jan, 20) ' Make sure you have checked all facts and factors before making agreements or eommil- 1 know that I have an allergy 1 o certain foods, but don't know ·liich ones- I am anxious to :y lo fliid out by mysplf.. How \ould you begin to (lo this' Miss V L VI )ear Miss 1 Food allerci/?5 can be annoy ...' I hey - become even more announg foeciuse it is so diffi cult to track . d o w n Hie pai'U cular . food ' o r foods : lhul arc he offenders. To i n u k » matteis worse, people may not-be sens! live to one food or another, yet can have sonie^kinci of allergic -esppnse 16 a -.combination' of oods. Ven iccentl} ^1 c ITIC acioss aii excellent''.article..written by l)r-. Frederic SpeerV.of Shavvnec iion K a n He pointed on :hat the ten chief offenders among the ; foods that caus"e crgies are: cow's miik, cho cot ate ;and coin (Ih.o kola family), corn, cgfis, the pea family, citrus fruits, tomato wheat and other small grniiis cinnamon ^ and r i r t i f i c j a i foot colors. There can. of course, be i sensitivity to nther foods, too. Dr. Specr says. -''If I wo o mor/ 1 foods are suspecicd the: arc removed from -the diet fo three weeks, At the'eild^or tha time, oiie .fond is returned Ihc di«l a n d , at a two .day iner val. the other is re-introduced By this process;, repeated wij co-mmon : foods you .cat, it « be possible for you to hit n .the particular food or foods til bother yon, IL lakes" n grcat.-'dfial of ( aliened (o rto this. It is worth . e'effort if you finally find and ' liminatc ^the o f f e n d i n g s u b lance. Is it Irite (bar people \v h o drink alcohol have a more d i f f i - ,ult time with anesthesia Iwfora in operation? Mi G R N Y Dear Mr.,R. ' The [Verson" : who conJvime.i rgc- amounts of alcohol ov/;r long period oP lime presents me added problems cjuring anesthesia. The o r d i n a r y ' social di;inkcr not affected' i n - this way i-ff» an alcoholic should- 1 hot ^ uiiduly frightened because, there arc ways in the svorld of modern anesthesia to overcome this additional risk. It is obumish essential that the 'person wh'o is "a !"bjg drinker" not hide this from his ^ doctors when , an -operation 'is ^ planned. This is also truie of those ipcople who have been King hrf quinhttes of sleeping pills or other medication. AnesthesEoogists probe .very carefully into the .background nf patients in Border lo eliminate /2very possible threat to th« patient's successful aurfiory. itM^ B JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge . (Top Record Holder to Masteni' Individual Championship Play) - niiiiiiiHiimiiniiiiniiflfliiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiHiwiiw of slowing down, for no appar-; m cntsr But do not "quibble fool- ent reason. Aim at stabilization.| i s h]y and losc o u t _ . : G E M I N I (May 22 to .luii/j 210 ' A Q U A R I U S (Jan. 21 lo Feb. t!» You can demonstrate y o n r i You may find yourself drawn NOW DOWT VETOKE VORE EVES OFF'N I COULD KETCH ME A LE6TLE NflP IF-1"JEST HflD SOMSBODV TO WATCH TATER-- U'H- MB BELINDA A 1R/PT07H WOOHEP OJGfm 'NCW AH PUTS A Pi-AT^ON lT- r ability to be 'innovative and rmaginalive now - b u t , at. tbe same time, he practical and do not abandon past procedures tbat have proved bcivsFicEal. C A N C E R (June 22 t 0 July 23) ; : . -Re explicit, but n o t , uEiorl in ·'[ voicing opinions. There is a ten;' dency now to belittle the , .ispiraliotis and ideas of others. rh! CO (July 24 lo Aug. 23) Determine distance efforts usl stretch to cover ground cessary, You may bn tempted press loo hard now -- trying cover more than is possible, on'l! RGO (Aug. TM to Sept. . Some changing situations. Do it be riisma_ycd^ Accept them .lh ; your inborn adaptability id perceptivejiess. " - [RRA (ScpL 24 to Oct. 2^) Especially favored tiovv pro ssional ^ndcnvors, opporlunl lo increase prestige. You be given added respon bility .but, with 'H, tbcre's creased pof.oiiLial. :ORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Heed danger signals- as : weJ Mi fc WOLlLPNT IT BE EASttK J'JT TO SVASM INSTEAD Of AWKIN! HH ANP WHEN YOU GET TO THE TOP I'LL T£LLMJ HO'rJ I V/ANT D O Y O U M I N O I F I "UH FREESTYLE OM THE J ?/ 7 in two directions aL once -- as he Aquarian is at times. Keyi lo solution: The "easy" road i.s not necessarily the bcsi one. PISCES (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) Good newsL Some unexpected argesse \vili [itiR you, over a i i T r i c u 1 t spot, money-wise. Romance favored, too. , · YOU BORN TODAY are a progressive, . straight-thinking individual, with both, the i and stamina to .work, toward your -highest goals. You are extremely sclf-rel_iaiiL.anl indc- nendent. Also, being one of the rare persons who combine great artistry with practicality, you could succeed in 1 , either the b u s i n e s s . o r art worlds, depending upon your loanitigs and education, of course. In business, you would do. .best as an . exer.utive or .promoter: would 'also make a .successful banker. Creatively, you coulrl shine as a writer, painter or musician. Hirthdaie of: Leonardo rla Vinci, renowned Hal. artist: Henry James. A-mer. author: Elizabeth Montgomery. TV star. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffcr South dealer. /. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH , 4 K 6 5 3 V 1 0 7 S *7 3 : + Q J 1 0 4 ' · WEST EAST' . *2 * 9 4 » K 9 6 3 - · *Q J 2 * A J 1 0 4 · Q 9 8 6 5 + 3 8 7 5 + K 3 2 SOUTH * A Q . T W 8 7 V . A S 4 ; · + A 6 .. ' . : . . ' '. Thetidding: South West North East I* Pass '2* Pass .!*' .. ..- · ' Opening lead -- nine of. clubs. I^eTs assume youVe in four spades anct West.leads the nine of clubs. How should you play the hand? If you're an impulsive bridge, player, you eventually find yourself going down one. You cover the nine of clubs with the ten; East follows low, and, regardless of what you do 40 -- Plaines ·il Hock , crystal . n Of superior - fype ; : (slang) ·IS Rod's companion -16 Dawn goddess 17 Bill and -- ·13 The bel 54 Turku 55 Heron ' 56 Malay gibbon . ACROSS 1 Obstacle ·I Noted ' hostess . '.". 3 Humor K Lyric poe'rn" 13 Habituate (var.) 1! -- at a time 15 Flowering plant 17 Turkish · weight IS Babylonian sky-God 1!) Chalcedony 57 Edge 21 Fictional' 58 l,egal Tom or Bob 24 Slender branch. 27 Upward: ' comb, form 28 Corded fabric :ill Gladden 31 Hmnorou. writer 33 Chaplin's title 35 Enough (poetic) 36 Old Norse works 38 Unip's companion 53,'An affirma-. 16 Period '· live , DOWN · 1 Submit 2 Commotion 3 Early auto ot lime 20 Part 21 Dried ' orchid.' tulers dummy on the club lead, cashlin · the A-Q of trumps, arid reliirma club to dummy's ten lo force out the king.' i ' ' This method of play., guarantees the contract beyond, :· the shadow of a doubt. It , assures you of ten tricks --'sax ' spate, one heart and three clubs '-r- regardless of how the'.adverse cards are divided. At ; worst, East-West score a .club H and two diamonds, since yoor;' heart iosers can be discarded no;.dummy's clubs. ' · The-big lest comes at trick * one when you must resist tbe '· ', impulse', la coyer the nine, o f - 1 clubs with trie ten. This would.)Y be a misguided effort to avoidia .' 1 club'loser..· · . - ' . ' . Declarer's first aim, as nsualJ is to make the contract Thaq.. naturally lakes precedences over any other factor. Ducking* the nine of clubs in dummy V, assures the contract, while t . covering the nine jeopardizes:' Ihe .contract. Ducking the ninav of clubs is therefore clearly tha ( right play. . ··'\- The hand : .illustrate*';· somewhat dramatically Ihe.- high importance of planning the i ·thereafter, .you later.lose two play before making any move . I More sordid 22 Positive 5 Guarantees 6 Soot (dial, var.) 7 Lock of hair 8 Charge, with gas 9 Forests 10 India, for one 11 Social gathering inslrumenls Avg. solution time: 23min. Ansiver to yesterday's puzzle. pole 23 The wild / teasel 25 Indians 26 Newsboy (colloq.) 29 Moslem . saint 32 Savvy? (Sp.) 31 Moved back 37 Twisted 39 Drifts along 12 Eulogy '14 Viper 17 Elcvalor cage ·18 Broad sash 50 Native metal 51 Exert or exercise · 52 New Guinea port 53 Baseball statistic (abbr.) hear'ls and two diamonds to finish one trick, short of your goaj. But if you're a more cautious declarer, you make the eon- tract. You play low from from either hand at trick one.- 1 ; That is the time when most ' contracts are won or lost, arid that is the time'when a liltla ;· extra (bought can produce good'.. dividends. . '· : - :' THE LITTLE WOMAN . "I know I should write Alice Jean, but I don't have anything lo say that's worth 13 cents." 58 ALL GIRLS JEANS '3.00 OFF REGULAR PRICE Wid Selection of Guys JEANS SPORT SHIRTS ONLY jjj THE NOW WORLD Northwest Arkansas Plaza

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