The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 11, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1906
Page 4
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CHILXICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEPT. n 1906 T --?,V / • i ^ LUElM THEATRE FRIDAY NIGHT SEPTEMBER 1.4 ROWLAND & CLIFFORD "•'•.•Present.\he' Mr. Talented . _ • 'Character . J 3 m 6 S : Comedian Kvrle Mac Curdy ' and an 'Augmented ! Supporting Company in the Big : Dramatic Scenic Success CLOTHES A Piny that Creates Smiles, Th rll Is -Tea rs and O beers 3:^— The - Boxing Exhibition. is ' perfectly' proper for Lady Audiences ~ v ^*^v***^**^*fv^*-~*-**^'~*^^^^**^*~*~ r ***^~^^* v ~~ f ' •'. PRICES- 25:35-50 AND 750, Not Always ihe ' Cheapest, but always the Best, you" will find the Photos at TRW ATTON STUDIO 'WHEN YOU ME SETTIHS CUSSES Get them right. Absolute satisfaction fe the r»lief of Headache andEyestrain. A. B. MACDONALD EAST SIDE OPTICIAN AND JEWELER, STILL IT THE OLD-STAMD E. M. CRELLIN *> . . .HAS BEEN I' ' FITTING SPECTACLES IN CHILLICOTHE FOR ' j 20 YEARS Dr. tlrthur J. Simpson, SURGEON ANB OCULIST Eye Ear Nose Practice devoted to Surgery, and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. 'Special; att^ri- tion 'given ,'to surgery of tiie Eye. Nose and Throat. CLASSES FITTED ; Office in Herman Bldg. ! North "Side SqV. Phones S3 and 212 TELEGRAPHY Maupin's College opened a new department of telegraphy today. The equipment is new and modern. PROF.MHN I. RICE who has worked as night operator, day operator and ; agent in the railroad ser• vice, -ias charge of this He is also PERSONAL AND LOCAL Rube Hawkins of Kansas City s In the city the guest of .relatbrea nd friends. Charles S. St. Clalr of Colorado Springs is a new subscriber to the lONSTITTJTION'. If you fe»l too tired for worit or pleasure, take Hood's Sarsaparil- a—it cures that tiredfeeling, Fred Jackson returned Monday night from a business trip through Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Miss Clarice Gould of Wheeling s in the city the guest of her brother, L. H. Gould, and fami- Lee T. Robinson of Washington is in the city the gueet of T. L. Baskett and Dr. Perry and fami- W. H. Wright went to St. Louis at noon today. He expected to attend the Bryan reception io- night. . -., .- . Mrs. Emerson Hart, who has been ill at her home for the past three., days^ was reported better Tuesday. . Myron Biggins left Monday for St.. Louis where he will resume his studies a* Christian Brothers college. Mrs. Grant, who has been the guest of Mrs. Milton Shore.return •d to her home ,yn Polo Sunday afternoon. , . •M. W. Thompson of Sampsel township, was here .Monday and called to subscribe for . the CON STIT.UTION. Mrs. Motley, who has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J. C Shelton, returned to her home in Liberty Tuesday,, Douglass Stewart, Sr. will leave Wednesday .morning for Colorado and other western points. He will be absent about a week. John Berry, a merchant of Gait was in Chiiiicothe' Monday en route to St. Louis where he will buy goods for his store. Mrs. Fred Conger of Yates Cen tor, Kas., arrived Monday and is attending the bedside of her mother, Mrs. W. E. Gunby, who is very low at th* home 1 of her son W. J. Gunby. Dr. Marvin Motley, who has been the guest of his sister. Mrs JVC. Shelton, left Monday for Baltimore, Md. Prom there he will go to New York City where he has a place in the Wells Female college. The; beauty bee's a honey znak'- er. It "Soneys"up one's thoughts it sweetens one's lite'; it's nectaroo one's wdr'ds, and'drops sip by sip into one's \tieart when Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea is used. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents.—N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Rev. S. Y. , Pitts, -who formerlj preached .at th« First Baptis Church, will arrive in Chillicothi Wednesday from his home in Salisbury en route to M-t. Zlon church In Jackson township where he 'will attend\ the Livingston county Baptist Sunday school association which convenes at tha place Thursday. Rowland ^'Clifford will offer at the JLuella. Friday night, an at tract on which has the reputation of being the best Hebrew play on the American stage today. James JKyrle ; MaoCurdy, starring In the 'Old Clothes Man," a play from his own pen, makes the clothes vendor, Solomon LeVij a character study of great merit. All the buffoonery and ridicule are absent and the old Hebrew is a mos touching and pathetic figure. WABASH RATES * If you want' to go to New York now is the time,' the rate is very low, first -class tickets and firs class service. : Homeseekers • excursions. One fare plus §2 for the round trip tickets on sale first and third Tuesday of each month, limited for return 21 days from date o sale. W. E. CREAMER, Agent. REMAINS SHIPPED The remains of the late James Albin were shipped • to Lacled Tuesday morning and interred in the Laclede cemetery • this afternoon. Funeral services were helc at the home of John Gilmartin on ; Herrlman street Tuesday morning j by J. N. Crutcher. ^ . A world of truth in a few words "Nearly all other cough cures are constipating, especially those conj taining opiates. Kennedy's Laxa(tire Honey and—Tar moTes the i bowels. Contains no opiates.' j You can get it at Clark's Pharmacy- ' ^ •;_'_ _ PEARS, PEARS, PEABS! From 3Qots to §1 a bush.ej. B,d- Phone 573- TO FILE HIBT.IO CUKE « (IHITTLEFIELO CITY ATTORNEY ASHBY WANTS i» s p jt « of the f;ict th « tho vot - REPUBLICANS ELECT GOVERNOR I ing in the CONSTITUTION contest; INJUNCTION CASK HEARD. Will Ask Judge Alexander to Grant Hearing: of the Case This Month Ci-y Att'y to go to Gallatin. City Attorney Frank Ashby, will go to Gallatin as soon as Judge Alexander returns from St. Louis, and file a protest against ;he continuance of the September term of circuit court until November. There is one important case docketed for the September term of circuit court which has caused Attorney Ashby to file the protest against the continuance. It is the injunction suit filed against the City of Chlllicothe by William Mcllwrath and Judge Samuel to prevent tho paving of Jackson and Elm streets. Attorney Aehby Will ask the judge to hear this caeo if court is postponed. If the case is put off until the fourth Monday In November^!! will be too lata to complete ;the paving this fall If the city should win the case. If the case la settled In the September term as it should be and the city is victorious in the suit the paving can bo completed before cold weather, otherwise It will have to be completed in the spring. Attorney ' Ashby stated to CONSTITUTION reporter Tuesday that he did not sign the list which was being circulated among the members of the bar asking for Tuesday was spirited, there was no change it\ the standing of the eaders. iluth Francis, Chilli Vernie Grouse, Chillico jouise Joslin, Chilli nez Cox, Grand R Ruth Thompson,(JreamR.. iuterpe Club Sadie Bradford, Chilli Imo Coberly, Chilli Nola Thompson. Chilli Ona C- Lowey, Chilli Eva Fienniken.Mooresy.. Mary Grace Seny, Chilli.. Gannett Thompsou.Sou. p. Laura, Bird, Wheeling . Pearl Vonard, Fairview .. Lucilo Venable, Jackson . May Brookshier, Chilli.. . Cora Carey, Blue M. ... Joseph J berg, Medicine . . Ethel Gann, Shfflpsel Eva Tooer, Mouroo Loyal Knights, Chilli Hazel Estcp, Chilli Banna Kerr, Green Gladys Mowry, Samp ... Lena M>rris , Chillico... Bessie Provolt, Chillico... Mrs. S. H. Price,So.pre. . Alena Bushnell,Blue M.. . Clara Parker, Chilli... . Ethel Gilhnartin, Chilli .. Mary Lamb Myrtle Martin, Chilli Xanthia Dowell, Chilli Anna Summerville, So. p . Lucilii Thompson Gladys Hosman, Chilli... Ethel Garr Laura Hudson the postpoament of the September term and that be would protest it if Judge Alexander the continuance. SHOAL CREEK DITCH REFUSED. In the matter of the Shoal Creek ditch, which petition was presented to the county court by Cass Bean and others, and which was given a hearing at the last term of the court and taken under advisement by that "body, the court Tuesdayrefused to order the ditch dug.» Remonstrances were presented by the farmers along the upper end of the ditch. The court stated that if a petition were presented for the digging of the ditch from Rattle Snake creek, between the Milwaukee railroad and Shoal creek north, thak body would fa vor the improvement. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS AND 84,700 3.3,490 . 25.190 24,100 10,070 10,750 9180 4SIO 1500 27SO 2730 . 2080 . 19(50 1800 1760 .. 1750 1320 1100 1100 1100 . 1000 SSO 820 710 700 700 SCO •180 460 .. 110 410 400 <io;j 380 340 320 The Siata of Maine Went Repub'i- CHTI by About 8000 Plurality— e Closely Contested Bernard Sulleo Ruth Page, Chilli Cora Clark, city Maude Hughes, Chilli... Flo'ra Hudson, city .. ... Maude Lee, Chilli Louise Krouse, 100 SO so •10 40 20 20 After-dinner jiill; pv.rolr .v,'K"i.ililt", i-iisy.t" easy to oiior:u<-. -;>. P-nrL'i^ tc '' T , : v' ;1 , • Uooil Co.. Loirvll. lOJadufc;- Jiu«xS.Sl s FOR BORDER DUTY Bisbee, A. T., Sep/. !:'— Troop A, Fifth cavalry, p •!**:• ! larough Naco. on tho way to D uglas lasi night. They are ostensibly on a practice march, but it is believed cere they are out for oorder dutj in the event Of an outbrr;ak»gainst the Americm roiid^-n s in v'exioi?. Another troop will reach Douglas- this evening also. Troop B. Fitfh cavalry, ucdei coramHDd of Captain McClure, with tou days, field ralious, lefr Naco this ^morning. Three other troops hnvo loft Fort Huachua for said to bo on thu border. It is rumored the (re ops from Fort Bliss, Tex. have oeen ordered to Nogales. buys a 5-room cottage near First ward school Grouuu 100 feet square. Good neighborhood. Water and sink in 3. destination not known, kitchen^ Inquire at this office, dtf will buy one; of the most desirable cottages tutown. Ground 105 by 112. Five rooms down stairs; large attic that can be converted into two btd rooms at smalLcoBt. Fine cellar, water in kitchen and yard; barn and woodshed combined. Newly papered. > Fire-place and grate. Inquire at this office, dtf For sale—Cottage In Graves- vllle, three lota, two wells, everything -in good condition. Price §550. Will take team and wagon or cow as part payment. William Misenhelter, at Connty Infirmary. For sale-—Hard coal baseburner. Inquire at this office. Ssdtf " ~ FOB, RENT FOR RENT—Good 7-room house; 6 office rooms, best on north side of square. Inquire C. L.'Waite. a30dtf. For rent—Cottage of 5 rooms, attic and cellar, well located. Inquire at this office, dtf For Rent—Large front room on ground floor, electric light, door opening onto front porch; near square. Inquire Lock Box 402. H llsdSt FOR RENT—The Broaddushome, corner Dickinson and Polk streets. Apply to A . B. Davis. HELP WANED—MALE Men and boys Plumbing, Brlcklaylnit Plns- $5 to fS day. We tench • SUING FOR S!G,GQO. Mathew McBride is in Lamar Mo., where is conducting tho case of Mrs. Charles Boyd againe the Missouri Pacific railroad company. Mrs. Boyd is su- g tho railroad company for §10,000 for the death of her husband which occurred near Lamar abou a year ago. Portland, Me., Sept. 10—Governor William T. Cobb of Ruchland, republican, standing on a platform devoted almost exclusively to a continuance of the p'ohibi- tory law of the. stiito, was re-elected today by a plurality of les than i.OOO, with but few exceptions the imallest margin of votes over giv- m a Republican governor in the atale of Maine. Cyrus W. Davis, of Wateivillc, he Democratic candidate for governor, polled one of the larg Vt>tes in the history of the party in h is state. His istue in the campaign was. the re-subinissioa of ;he liquor question, which was incorporated in tha state constitu- ;ion four years ago. More interesting from a certain standpoint was the reflection o r - lyrptfsman Charles E. Littlefield, republican of the Second district,by a greatly Jreduced plr- rality. Congressman Littlefielci'a iindidacy was £the subj> c of bitter opposition on t e part of Samuel Gompors, president of tho American Federation of Labor, who asked for his defeat oa tho grounds that ho had voted against certain labor measures at the last session of con- gross. The issue between Gompers ar d Littlefield was taken up by the republican congressional committee and for three weeks the district has been tho scene of a hard fighl in which Secretary of War William A. Taft, Senator Lodge aud Senator : Bevoridge and severa congressmen wore pitted against tho head of the Federation of La bor. The legislature will b3 republican by a safe margin. THE LAHDS BY SEALED BIDS. Washington, Sept. "10.—Word was received today from Oyste Bay that President Roosevelt ap- orovos the decision of the Interio department to offar Kiowa-Com- ;inciie lands for sale by the sealec bid system. The issuance of the regulations has been delaying th final settlement of tho question aa to how the sale should be con dueted. It was the judgment of both the Indian commissioner, Mr. Leupp and Secretary Hitchcock th;i sealed bids would best servo th interest or the Indians. Opposi tion to the plan developed in Oklahoma. Delegate McGuire ar rived a few days ago and lodgei a protest against scaled bids, arg uing in favor of public auction Tho question was taken up with the President. The regulation now probably will be made pub lie tomorrow. • They are to b given out as soon as they can b prepared. The lands form what is known as the "big pasture" and are o the north bank of the Red river There are some % million acres t be opened to settlement. It is be lieved that the lands will bring on an average SS to §10 an acre. For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bough Sears the Signature of i FOLK BETTER BUT NOT WELL Jefierson-City, Mo., Sept. 10 Goyernor Folk was able to drive to the executive office today, but he is very weak, and it is stated it is quite probable that he will not b able to attend the William J. Bryan reception in St. Louis toncor- rltf row. lennjc j.ruuus pi*j «^ »-« «- j ""^ • • ^ • ; — you thoroughly In thrco months. Position izuftranteed. Free catalog. Coyne's Trade School, St. Louis, Mo. WANTED _^. Wanted—Lady or gentleman of fair education to travel and collect for firm of 8250,000.00 capital. Salary, §1072 per year and ex- [eises. Salary paid weekly and expenses advanced; references re- ouired Address with stamp, J. A. Alexander, Chillicothe. Mo. L03T "lio^tlTpooketbookeontainiDg S55 in currency, two §20 bills snd three §5 bills, and pass over the Milwaukee, Chillicothe to Ka nsa City. Finder return to this office and receive reward. Ilsd2t "aet'weeii to wn ao4 Gf H. THE TEXAS WONDER Cures all Kidney, Bladder am Rheumatic troubles. 'Sold by al druggists or two months' treat mrnt by mail for St.' Dr. E. W Ha 11 2926 Olive street, St. Louis Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. COLONETBLEES'TUNEBAL. Macon, Mo., S&pt. 10.—All th stores hero were closed today in respect to the memory of Colone F. W. Blees, whoso funeral wa this afternoon. The body lay ii state in the large music hall in th< town residence. The exercises consisted of a ful choral services by the choir of St Joseph Episcopal church, and a short reading by the rector, B. McKenzie. Beautiful flowers wer placed around the bier., The cor tege was about a mile long. Mrs Bleea had not recoyered sufficient ly from the shock to follow he husband's body to the cemetery At Oakwood cemetery Colone John H. Holmes, a member of the Knights of Pythias and of tr.e Elks, delivered an address on behalf of those lodges. The casket was placed in the vault of General William Van Cleve, where it will was wrecked at Sea Clifi, at 10 j remairi un til the Blees mausoleum o'clocjk this morning. Twenty- ! ig ereo ted. The death of the col- png paeons were injured^ three fif ono j | S the first that has o.epurred i_u. „.•„„,, ,i; D t in Aiaerloa. MARTIAL LAW IN CUBA Havann'a, Sept, 10— President Palma tonight issusd a decree suspending all constitutional guarantees with special reference to-articles 15, 16, 17, 19, 22, 23, 24 and 27, in the provinces of Pinar del Rio, Havana and Santa Clara. The law enforcing public order. which is equivalent to martial. iaw, also is, put in immediate effect. Santa Barbara, Cal., Sept. 10.— The second section of train No. 10, southbound on the Southern Pacific coast line from San Francisco, few* »<.«»« oi Dr. g, if *<* Ml Suit Talk. We're of the opinion that it's about now that a word or tiro concerning your Fall and Winter Suits will be in order so now we remind you. Our new Suits are fresh from the Tailoring' Shops ot the very best makers, and ready for your ehoosinjr. Kvery style, kink and turn of fall fashions has been honored in the making of these choice garments. The Tailoring is Perfect,; The Fabrics are Unusually Handsome. We're riifht sure that we ha ve a suit to your liking, and that you'!! bu surprised when you learn how much suit excellence you can jret here for a modest I'fiCf. It will afford us the greatest of pleasure to show you the new styles, if you will drop in for a look. You needn't think of buying—just come in and see wliat's new. Our time is all yours. Wo are new and want the business. PRICES ARE RiGHT. Fine CKgmesMakers. Baltimore, Jnd //en York I Older, West, Side Square •". T •vi I - 25 doz. Ladies' Handkeri hiefs on sale at. •. SEE SHOW WINDOW 10 doz. Handkerchiefs at.. 15 doz. Handkerchiefs at 'LEADERS LOW PRICES.' o,, Sept, The largest premium list ever given to the Old Settlers. Plenty to eat and good water. Something doing every minute in the day. 0@!fie and Enjoy Y@iirseif. COL J. T. SELBY, Mgr. DAVID GIRDNER, Mgr. BERT VANLANINGHAM, Treas. • W. L. BLACK, Sec'y PAIR OF PATRIOT §4.00 SHOES On Saturday, Sept. 15, there will be a party walking the streets of CMllicothe wearing- a pair of "Patriot Shoes." The first person who finds the right party and brings him to our store, we will give a pair of $4 "Patriot. Shoes." Ask every man you meet.

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