Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1929 · Page 17
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1929
Page 17
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THE AtTOONA MIRROR-TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1929 FOREIGN POWERS HAVE HARD TASKS Conservatives In Prance Form Cabinet—Labor In England and Nationalists In Germany Have Big Jobs. By 1OUIS F. KEEMLK, U. P. Cable Editor. The current week promises much of Interest In England, France, Germany, Rumania, China and 'other countries, all of which are confronted with internal problems of difficult solution. France, after more than ten days of Indecision, has been consigned to a moderately conservative government— certainly little more "radical" than the Labor government of England—headed by Andre Tardleu, a veteran French politician. With the support of Aria- tide Brland, foreign minister in a succession of cabinets, it may be expected that Tardleu will find sufficient support in the chamber. of deputies to carry out the successful financial policies of the invalided Raymond Poln- care and permit Brland to go ahead with his liberal foreign program. That would mean ratification of the Young plan, evacuation of the Rhineland and cooperation in the coming five-power naval disarmament conference. The English Labor party made extensive gains In last week's municipal elections, showing that Labor still has the confident of a great part of the English electorate pending an actual demonstration of what It proposes to accomplish. Premier J. Ramsay MacDonald, just back from the United States on his peace mission, will find his party facing multitude of embarrassing questions in parliament after he has made his formal report to that body today. The questions Include the unity of the empire, complicated by the urge of the dominions for further recognition of their autonomy, and the increasing demand of India for dominion status. In addition, there are the problems of unemployment, the stagnation of the British coal mining industry, the troubles in the cotton and wool industries, recognition of Russia and the status of Egypt. Germany faces an embarrassing situation in the success of the Nationalist campaign for a referendum on the Young reparations plan. The question will come to a vote, and undoubtedly the electorate will refuse to upset the Paris reparations agreement, but the government will be seriously embarrassed by the success of the Nationalists in carrying to the country a question of confidence in its acts. Germany and Poland made an Important move towards international B.mity In Europe last week when the treaty was signed with Poland disposing of the mutual claims of the two countries in territory assigned to Poland after the war, and making a peaceful solution of the land rights of German's in which is now Polish territory. Poland's Internal situation was enlivened during the week when Marshal Pilsudski, military chief of the nation, appeared in the parliament building with a group of army officers and prevented the sejm from meeting. The Incident served to widen the breach between the civil and military power In Poland. Speaker Ignaz Daszynski, after conferring with President Ignace Moskicki, Issued a statement saying that Pilsudski had insulted him. He said he would convene the'sejm Tuesday. The troubled little Balkan state ol Rumania found itself during the last few days in a difficult political situation. The royal family was divided within itself and Queen Marie was forced to move from her quarters In the royal palace, while the royal family the regency and the ttanlu governnieftt were estranged by recurrent disputes. Reports were heard of ft possible recall of Prince Carol, who abdicated the ihrone in behalf of his young son, Hiehael, or of a Republican revolution. European observers, however, were inclined to believe that the difficulty could be straightened out with a continuance of the present government under a limited monarchy* Affairs In China progressed to a joint where it appeared to be a military showdown between Chiang Kai- Shek, head of the present National government, and Feng Yu-Hsang, the Tiost powerful of the remaining war ords. Chiang's victory would mean a protracted effort to unify China under a central government. A little known country, Afghanistan, came again in to the news last week when it was announced from Kabul, the capital, that Nadir Khan had executed Bacha Sakao and eleven of his followers. Bacha Sakao, as a daredevil Robin Hood of the east, had captured the throne by driving out King Amanullah last January. He was a better freebooter than A king, however, and Nadir Khan, as a former high official under Amanullah, had little difficulty in obtaining a following to drive him out and re-establish at least a semalbnace of an organized government. YOIE ON CENSURE OF SEN. BINGHAM (By United Press ) Sheppard, Texas; Simmons, North CafJ I New Hampshire; Oddie, Nevada; ..*-*• _'... -' .. 1. Phipps, Colorado; Reed, Pennsylvania; Shortrldge, California; Smoot, Utah; Townsend, Delaware, and Walcott, Connecticut. Three senators who were paired announced that if permitted to vote they olina; Smith, South Carolina; Steclt, Iowa; Stephens, Mississippi; Swanson, Virginia; Thomas, Oklahoma; Trammel!, Florida; Tydlngs, Maryland; Walsh, Massachusetts; Walsh, Montana; Wheeler, Montana, Against, the resolution— Republicans—Dale, Vermont; Edge, New Jersey; Fess, Ohio; Glllett, Mas- TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS TAKE 5 LIVES IN PITTSBURGH PITTSBURGH, Nov. G.—Traffic accidents in the Pittsburgh district claimed five lives within the last twenty-four hours. Two persons died last night of injuries received in accidents last Saturday and three others were fatally injured in accidents yesterday. Peter V. Lasick, aged 34, Swissvale, was instantly killed when his automobile was struck by a train at the Baltimore and Ohio railroad crossing in Burngack. Thomas Foley, aged 60, died today of injuries received Saturday when he was run down by a hit and run motorist. Peter Monish, aged 60, Robert Kennedy, aged 46, an electrician, and Guido Mlchangelo, aged 6, died from injuries received when run down . by automobiles last Saturday. All three motorists were required to post bonds at the coroner's office pending inquests. They were Robert Noble, Pine Hollow road; Louis A. Wuenstel, Pittsburgh, and G. C. Becker, Coraopolls. WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 5.—The ^achusetts; Goff, West Virginia; Gould, senate, in voting, 54 to 22, yesterday to Maine; Greene, Vermont; Hale, Maine; adopt the Norris resolution censuring Hastings, Delaware; Hatfield West * _ T . _. . , _ * Virginia; Hebcrt, Rhode Island; John- Senator Hiram Bingham of Connectl- solli California; Keys, New Hamp- cut for employing a representative of shire; Metcalf, Rhode Island; Moses, the Connecticut manufacturers' association as his clerk In secret sessions of the committee framing the tariff bill, cast the vote as follows: For the resolutionRepublicans: Allen, Kansas; Elaine, Cook the Modern Wily With HOT POINT ELECTRIC RANGE Wisconsin; Borah, Idaho; Brookhart, Iowa; Capper, Kansas; Couzens, Michigan; Cutting, New Mexico; Frazier, North Dakota; Glenn, Illinois; Goldsborough, Maryland; Jones, Washing- j j! ton; LaFollette, Wisconsin; McNary, Oregon; Norbeck, South Dakota; Norris, Nebraska; Nye, North Dakota; Pine, Oklahoma; Robinson, Indiana; Schall, Minnesota; Stelwer, Oregon; Thomas, Idaho, and Vandenberg, Michigan. Democrats—Ashurst, Arizona; Barkley, Kentucky; Black, Alabama; Bratton, New Mexico; Brock, Tennessee; Broussard, Louisiana; Caraway, Arkansas; Connally, Texas; Copeland, New York; Dill, Washington; Fletcher, Florida; George, Georgia; Harris, Georgia; Harrison, Mississippi; Hayden, Arizona; Hefflln, Alabama; Kendrick, Wyoming; McKellar, Tennessee; Pittman, Nevada; Ransdell, Louisiana; J. E. Heaps Electric Co. 1001 Chestnut Ave. Phono 2-1022 would have voted for the resolution, announced. Jersey; Hawes, Democrat, Mississippi; paired with Sackett, Republican, Kentucky, and Overman, Democrat, North Carolina., paired with Warren, Republican, Wyoming. The way in which the three senators they were paired with would have voted was not They were: Blease, Democrat, South Dakota; paired with Kean, Republican, New Senator Bingham did not vote. When his named was called he said, "Present." Lester JP1AY SANTA CLAtlS. (Rube) Anderson of 1912 Eleventh avenue well known comedy advertiser, left yesterday for Grand Rapids, to join the Thatcher Production company to portray the role of Santa Glaus in a specialty exhibit to be presented in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. This is Anderson's third year In making the tour. Cookie Tra Flat Steel Sheets. No Corners. Cakes. Each S. J. Wolf Hardwire Ca 1714 IHh Ave. Easy Credit Terms 9 llth Ave. and 13th Street For Your Information We have CHRISTMAS CARDS that will please you KOCH & TOOLE 3318 12th Ave. di Subject to zziness? Perhaps it's caused by poisonous waste lingering too long in your system. Expel waste promptly and regularly. Epsotabs is the pleasant, safe way—the sugar-coated laxative compounded with Epsom Salts in tablet form. Insist on genuine Epsotabs. At druggists. Write for tree sample The DILL CO. Norrlstown, Pa. 25 In o box/or 25c 60 in a box/or 50c Kranich Bros. Suggest You Attend Their 6th Anniversary Sale! 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White House Milk 3 Full Case of 48 Tall Cans 3.2O Tall Cans Brook's Pride BUTTER Fresh and good—country roll sfjlc. ", 51e Cream of Wheat vk *' 24c Sultana Jams Assort<Ml Jnr 39c Mixed Vegetables 2 Cnns 25c Duff's Molasses No.2J Can IN. B. C. Kettle Cookies .... Lb. 20c Robenette Treats . . Lb. 25c Sunnyfield «\ro\ Already sliced (or TOO—a breakfast (rent. Lb. '•>- 21c Pkg ,. 22c Sunnyfield Pancake Flour 3 "*** 22c Sunnyfield Buckwheat Log Cabin Syrup Can 27c Cheese While or Colored Lb. 35c Menu Catsup 2 Btls. 25c Domestic Sardines 4 Boxes 25c Hulk 2 Pounds Viviano'i Spaghetti Macaroni -^ 2 £s±f. I9c Klinck's Small Hams / 10 to 12 Ibs. average, whole or half Lb. 26c Pork Roast 5 to 6 Lb. Shoulder Lb. I8e Lamb Roast ...... Lb. 29c Boiled Ham ____ !4 Lb. 15c Pork Boil ........ Lb. 23c Pork Chops ...... Lb. 30c Fancy Bacon ..... Lb. 27c Chuck Roast ..... Lb. 25c Select Oysters ____ Pt. 38c Ring Bologna ____ Lb. 25c Sausage I>ork ^riS^ 1yle ">• 28c Saner Kraut ««"•• 4 u >» 25c Baked Beans lona Cocoa Bokar Coffee (Junker Maid Cans 29c Lb. Can Lb. rice. 47c Octagon Soap IIiiI (or quality—save wrappers (or premiums. 1O Large Itars 53c Fairy Soap Supremo fur toilet and lialh—Very Spoclul. 5 Cake* IOC Fancy Spinach 2 j? a ° ngai/a 29c Corn Starch A ' B ° 2 pkBS '15c Prunes r ' ars ° " ml Ment * 2 LUs - 35c Lux Soap Flakes »$g l lOc 8 O'Clock Coffee T " 37c Grape Juice n <" r( """ l " r IUI 21c Comet White Rice " i8 9c Grape Nuts For " r ' !akr " s( l ' k * 17c Mother's Oats Family Size. • ] Ginger Snaps 2 ««• 25c Pie Filler A Cuokllllf Ala i ' ke- lOc Cider Vinegar /^ lOc Shoe Polish kt °" m 12c Wax Paper Cllt Wto l<k(r 9c Pillsbury';: Cak«» Flou 2 <•<- 59e Tim newest mill lines) cake flour — makes a llRlilor mid more delicious cuke. Colored glims nerving pliife with every luircluise njf two Pillsbury's Taiicake Flour 2 25 Nothing (littles heller limn lumeakes for hreakfasl. Make (lie modern kind of pancake, lighter, more tender and delicious. Royal Baking Powder «•««. Cun Crisco For Baking Lb. Can Powdered Sugar Lb. Pki "<">> Doughnuts Extracts Lemon, Orange, Vanilla, Almond * 23c 7'n'ir Loul These prices effective in stores i. : Altoona and vicinity

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