Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 35
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 35

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 35
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Polling-firm director is 58th Dist. hopeful Politics Una r**c». cuif.. Thurs.. Marc* ii. m« INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)~ 6-5 President's L.B. committee organizes Br BOB HOUSER Political Editor J a c k W. BcnQcy, 48, director of Western Viewpoint Research, Inc., a local polling firm in political and marketing fields, has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Assembly in the 58th District (East Long Beach, Signal Hill, I^ikcwood and Hawaiian Gardens). Bentlcy said the district n e e d s a representative who snll listen to the needs of the people and then act on the pressing issues confronting t h e state and particularly the district. "Welfare," he s a i d , "was designed to care for the a g e d , handicapped, seriously ill and others in dire need of help. In many cases it is nothing but a financial ripoff against the taxpayers of the state. "The present assemblyman, Fred Chel, recently voted to prohibit govern- m e n t a l agencies f r o m examining income tax returns of welfare r e c i p i - ents. This is nothing but a license to steal." ..The c a n d i d a t e s a i t i c r i m e can be deterred with even stronger and r n a n d a l o r y s e n t e n c e s against the criminal. "I'm lired of hearing of t h e rights of the criminals," he said. "Let's restore the rights of the law-abiding citizens and taxpayers and lock the criminal up where Ije belongs." Noting that busing has been tried and has fafled, Bentley said, "Let's put our schools back in the f i e l d of education, not transportation " He said his first act as an assemblyman would be to divest himself of all outside b u s i n e s s interest, adding, "I do not believe a man can be a servant to botli his constituents and the practice of law as so many of our elected officials are attempting to do today. 1 believe, in the aftermath of Watergate, we need more 'unpolili- cians 1 and more and better representatives." Bcntlcy said he expects his campaign to involve b o t h R e p u b l i c a n s a n d Democrats who fwl government has grown too large and has moved away from the needs of the individual, rather t h a n protecting them. He invited interested persons to contact him at his home or business or call at 425-5763 or 421-6333. He lives at 4606 Green- meadow Rd., Long Beach, with his wife, Jeannettc and their youngest son, Jay. who is a tield interviewer w i t h their company. A daughter, Janice, is an oplometric assistant. Their eldest son, Jon, is working on his doctorate at the University of North Carolina Bentley attended Long Beach schools. After seven years in the Marine Corps in World War 1! and the Korean conflict he altend- By BOB HOUSER Political Editor C a r o l C r a w f o r d h a s been appointed community chairwoman for the President Ford Committee in Long Beach. M r s . Crawford s a i d , "Our first efforts will be to implement an effective community volunteer program lor the President Ford Committee in our city. I am confident we will carry the area for the President in the June primary." She said volunteers may call Long Beach Republi- can Headquarters, 3386 Orange Avc., at 427-1624. Her steering committee includes Sunnier Oftill, George Johnson, Dorothy Goodknight, Nancy Lough, Raymond N'evcau, Virginia Benedict and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Homeyn. Mrs. Crawford has been active in the GOP for more than 20 years as a member of the Republican Slate Central Committee, the Reagan Team steering committee in 1970 and the Committee for the Reelection of the President in 1972. Her appointment to the Ford committee was made by Los Angeles County chairwomen R o s e m a r y Ferraro and Alice Ogle. EVENING GOP Republican congres.sion- al candidates Daniel E. Lnngrcn and Art Jacobson, 34th District, w i l l speak at a public meeting of Long Beach Evening D i v i s i o n R e p u b l i c a n Women Federated at 7:30 p.m. today in the Mercury Savings Loan Building, 41-10 Ixmg Beach lilvd. ANDERSON TALK R o p . Glenn M. Anderson, D-Harbor City, will speak and act as i n s t a l l i n g officer al Ihe 52nd Assembly District Democratic Central Committee installation dinner Saturday in Del Contes Restaurant, 2900 Pacific Coast H i g h way, Torrnncc. A no-host bar will open nt 7 p . m . . dinner at 8. Information is available at WS080. 11AYUKN EVENT Tho Lakowood Committee lo Kiwi Tom Itnydcn; Democratic candidate (or U.S. Senate, announced sponsorship of a spaghetti feed from 1 to 7 p.m. Sund a y a t I h e L a k e w o o d Youth Center, 4658 Wood- r u f f Avc., Lakewood. The dinner donation is $1.50; children under 10, $1. Entertainment will ba provided by t h e B e n t e Keys a n d the Cuspidor C h o i r . I n f o r m a t i o n is 1 available at 867-1083. llay- ilen will nol attend. JACK W. BENTLY ed Long Beach City College and Southwestern University. "I promise to give the same dedicated service to this community as have others in my family," he said. "My mother, Margaret Hammons, is a retired Long Beach juvenile o f f i - cer. My uncle, Sen. Joe Kennick, has served this area with distinction in Sacramento and my brother, William E. (Bill), recently retired from the Long B e a c h P o l i c e Department as a lieutenant after 30 years' service." Bcntlcy is a member of the Executives Association of Long Beach, the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the International Frisbce Association. OPEN DAILY - WON. thru FRI. 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. · SAT. 10 to 6 · SUN. 12 to 6 |reat cars to be displayed - 'One of the world's great f a c i n g a u t o s w i l l be among 120 cars on display ijbthe Queen Mary parking lot Sunday as part of (he Junior League-sponsored C o n t o u r s d'Ele- gance auto show. - The NBC Sunday show hosted by Southland television figure Ralph Story will be filmed during the fund-raising event, which will benefit the Family Service of Long Beach, International Community Council and the Junior League. The famous racer is a M e r c e d e s - B e n z m o d e l W196 that Manuel Fanzio drove to a world c h a m p i o n s h i p in 1954, The D a i m l e r - B e n z a u t o m u - seum in Stuttgart, West Germany, is loaning the vehicle. More than 120 cars -antique, classic and sport --will be on display from 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Admission is $2.50, with children under 5 admitted free. The display is in conjunction with the March 28 Formula I U.S. G r a n d Prix West SI,606 in liquor taken from home IJquor valued at $1,006 was taken from the home of Bob May, 2315 Gale A v c . , by burglars who pried a side door lo gain entry, Long Beach police said Wednesday. PUBUC NOTICE w ponuani pubbx aud ,MmCE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE · TKUKT NO. 0M7-NH ,0n Aprti 8,1976, at 11 iff) o'clock A.M.. THE FrfcsT AMERICAN TITLE INSUR- A.VCB COMPANY, a California corpura- liorv a tubfttituted Inistc*. by the certain Deed of Trart executed by EUDiE JOE BRAHLKTT and LOIS ROBERTA BRAMI.KTT. and recorded !***. 19IS. in Book/Yd. TWtX paw- HI. Doh»nenUTilc No, «H of Official Rwwds of Los Anpeles County. Cati/or- nLJ'aud pursuant lo that certain Notice oi Default and FJectkxi lo Sefl thrmmder recorded December *, 1975 in Book/ VofaiM JtStM, Pa« 786, lioamxTa/FiJe No/tttt of Oflkia! Records of \M An- trlK County, wiD under and slid Dved ot Tmii srfl at pw Tor caih, lawfvd money M the Urut« aatei of America, a( IV fountain hi the plaza, of ibe office of Pint American Title Insurance Company, located i 1MB Hawthorn* Bocfe*ard, Tenant* Cib/omia. all thai rigtat. IrtV and irter e*t eoovoytd [o and DOW beW by it ender uid Dm of Trust in the property sitaal fd ta Ibe Coenty jnd SUU described ai: ims ;rT3and 1171 of Tract No, SIM. in tbe Qlf o* Lorn? B«rh Coerrty of L« ArtRek-i, Sate o( CWrfcroia. a\ rxr-map recorded in Book M. Paces 63 and « of Map*, in Ihe office of the County Recorder of ud County. Said property U rrwnmooly known as:- n KaU Lotas*. Lm£ 8«ch. Caufotroa. Said Ml* will be md« without ro%t tun! or warranty, exprewd or implied. at (a (he litV, prxswioci or encumbrances to tatixfy ihe rem aaiinj; son dtje on the ncrff secured by PUBLIC NOTICE NOTKE TO CREPTTORS OF BOJC isec*. cm-cm TJ.C.C.J Notice is hereby pv« lo cmblors of hr unltda nainen partt« ihzi a (xA transfer is introded to be nuxlr on personal property hereinafter described. Tbe na me and bauness addrt** of the MfnoVd trattiferor are: Arnold Ya/rSi- e\-cr, 17291 Vow-mile Cr., Muntington Reach, Cahforroa 93M7. The tume and buun*s addrry. of Ihe in(n*irJ transferee *n: Ki Ttooz Yi. ZU9 Pato Verde Ave.. Lonjj D*acK CaWoraU 9CU The property pcrtbwrt brrrto is o- trribpd in genera] 3a: M^tnria}s, wp- pSet, ciefrforxliie, «yipmeiit. fixlnrts. tunuturr, buuneu and pxsdwiB of Leader DaUvs aod w located at: 1300 California Avenue, Locg Beach. Cafrfor- ThM tald bulk Iransfrr b; tntrnled to be rccjammaied al the ofrr« of UWTKO BUSINESS INVESTXENT tfC C^bforuia Place, LJXTJ; Beack CaJt- forrva 90607,. (1131 12X3S61 on or a/trr So far w h tomm to «aid inleTvJwJ Tran^/efM «M iatrndrd Transferor Notice Ls hereby pvtfo thai on Tufv y, Apnl II I97l. at ifc- hour oi » 30 U al World Sa\ir.Pi Pldg linni Vi'il- birr Wvd. GircVn Le«l. City of Los rvcdrt. Courty of l»s Anfir4es. Slate of AfifoenU. GOLDEN WEST FINANCIAL CORPORATION, a Ddavrarc Cormra- xi. (ormnly known as Trans World rancid Co, i Delaware Corporation \i *ucces»or by PierKcr in GoWm We*t ciaocial Corporatkm. a California cor- oralkn. ai tnatf*. »ill ieO al pubfc juttwa tor cath in lawful roorrey X Ihe oiled Stale* of Aniertca,, afl payaUe at e time of ta!f, the Inflowing drwribeo* cal property, utiuCrd in the Crty of jxtf Dearh. Cuunty of Los Anftrks, Slatrof CaHfornia,: TV East WO lert of the North 2- led of [4 24, and Che £ad WO (frt of the Soutfi » fcrt of lAi Z. \sOnt Beach Urvd CoopJTy Wta Trad, at per nup rrronied in Book 2. P*gf » of Haps, in the office of the Cottnty Rrt-ortier of laid County. Theitrect addms ind other rommon ledfnalioa. tf *ny, of tbe era) properly rsnibnJ abore purportrd to bo: 15 'crritot Avenue. lori}; Reach, Cariumia and addresses aitta (he ihrt* ran LisJ pa-,1; Noof, Dated Marcb S. U75 Kl TOKO VI lot coded TpadrTr* l^t text, Cafif*nU M«7 «M Oc*d of Trurf tn-»-fl »I,7347J. irtrtrsl thereon from October I, !97S. ai provided in uid note Uwcther with ffei, rbare'es and eipewes « the Tnalee and wch other anx a tr.ay ha%e been ad- M*ced by the owner aad hoUer of uid not*, whi internt. as pcwkW in uid DrtdOf Tree. DJted: March It. IT*. FIRST AMERICAN Tm.E INSLTIANCT COMPANY By: C . N inSlX)P.JR- · " t serrrtary . Pub War, W, WTS ( I t ) I i l Pub, Mar. |8^Apr.1.19K[.*llJU NOTTCK OF 8-Ui OF RKAL PHOPKRTY AT PKTVATF. 8ALK N«. SOP Z29IK In (hepertx Court of dw State of rjhfornia, (or the CowHYof Uw A«H«. la the Matter of the tstrte of SARA} KfW NOTXr TO CREDfTORS N«. SOP JOB Superior Court of tbe Slate of CaElor j. \x the Cxa*y cf Ivu Anflrie* In the Matier of the rjtUr J RESSIF A GRFU5EU alta BESSIE CREtSKt Deceased. Solx* » berrby pren lo rrrdilon bimi a^amst the uid oVctdent [He uid ciancu to th«r ofTtre of tha rler* of ih* atofruW roert or Lo pmen them to tfar cooVrdfnro! at (he office of BANK OF AMERICA NATTONA TRL^T AND SAVINGS ASSOOATiON 13 fU4 Fourth Slrrrt. io IV Cdy oi I/wij: Be»ch, n l« Anji^V* County »tucfa Uftrr office i* ihe piacr of bw4 J»M of the unrW^Kned o af] tnatvrt prrtamn£ lo uid rU^le. S»cti daun ·itk the nerf^^ary voorbc^ ntt bt Ndtjce is" hereby g*r» thai fhe «nd I and be*l bidder, subject to ««- jon of *a»d Superior CMirt. oo afler the 2Wi day of March. I?*. X office of CKARLFS M FRASF.R. Adm tUratof 6-lfi E Ocean BM . Suite t'T It** BeaclL C««ty of IM AnreV*. !^jfe of Cafuomia. all the right, titk an irX*ml of ud dereawd il Ihe tinx de«h and all tbe ntfu. idle aod oHerr* tkjt the Ma'4 of said deceased bax fim! by openOoo of U» or other* oJbrr Ouo or ta add-on lo thai «f t demttd. at tbe time of death, n am il the rertal* mJ property utuiteij ihf V» of Lnnf rVacfc. County of \ Aftjcek*. Sute or faUorniJ. putiruiaj" devrft*d at foflowi. U* L/X S. Bkxk » of Tract «i-*l ai per map rrcordrd n book *. pjjtet Jl Wn M«r* ore*^ jnlni a( . ir njnlni a(!er the TirU puUiralioo i EXXK'C. JtatrtJ Petr«ryM. ISffi BARTON 1. SWmi*n(J H\NK Of AMERICA TRLTST AM» SAVINGS ASSOCIATION B. I . I N D . S A BENTON. TnuOfr^-er. O EvecutfiTs of the Mid nf uid oVredenl- til Wnl 6rr« Btri . Srilr " |M« Read Ca£f*nu MM2 I*UB1 JC NOTICE em NOTICE OF TBVSTEETS ALK The Anrrln Count y, CaWimn a, wi It 3D, !9iK. in Book T »«. H pace any liability Tor any rnrofrrrtneft of the street addms and other reramon desJc- Bition, tf aay, ibcrtra berrin. Said ule *rdl bf made wrthool rtnc- atrtf or warranly rpftaraj; title, . C o »liUy ihe obfiisatjom vcured by and pursuant la Lhe fw*rr of tak ronlirrfd o and by » «rtiin deed of Irnrt executed by EMIJO A. Sfr?m:NO JR. and IXOKTINK . SI'INT^NO, busbsnd and »ile. at Tr»lrtn, lo COLfiKN ftTST FINAN HAL CORP.. focmerl/ Trans World "'inandjl Co . a rncporartton, at Renefto ary, dated Marrh ihh, I30S. tad r^-ord ed « Ihe office of the County RroroVr of ly« «arrh . . JTX. ai Increment K. far th* pur- pr^e of paynx oMicatiwtt xrurrd by uid Dffd. tncludin£ tbe remaanmi! anncipaJ lura of flX^^I, tntrmt, M mnrrv ^ any. under the trrmi of taxi Deed, and (m, rturRrt and expenses of tbelrartee Notice of Drfwh in uid obit^tnn Jnd of f JrrtKXi of txTirfmary lo k*-fl or . . . lo bf v^d satd rraf proprrtr vi« rrfcrdH in the off** of uH O*iiKy R«woVr oo DccrrTifc/T 9, 1575. under fmtrumcnt No. K.I of wd OffuwJ Records Tin trtre i^ OVPO ta ronplurrr »i(h the demand thrrru/ccr ruo on Uv by iavi WOftl-D SAVIWiS AND UJ.A.S A*«rxnATK)S 'lalrtJ V a i t t l l . 17X (XMDF-N *T-ST FIN ANCTAJ. COR POR ATlfiN A DHawarr rrrpiratwo formrrty Co . a OrlJwjrr rorporitjrjn Jnd «jrrrwrf by mer^tr w O4Vn Wrtf Financial C/ityjramn. a aiGRC^NBtRG A « l rrrUry Pub «ar It. 3. Apr I. ]'/* (3»HJ»t JCyrtl* Avf . 1*0* Beart. Caiifcou Term* of wk ra«i B U**rf ncnry ef iy Uwted Slatrs oo cocfirmaiwo « u»e. nr part raih and balance rvideivfd by trrfe wrrrt by Mortwee or Twl Dred f* LV (irt*7tv M v4d Trn orr rrnl of aa*«D bw lobrdfpow^d »fln b»rf Bid* or ofleri lo V « *mnz an (r rerei^fd at P 0 Ro* S* 1 ^. Far1i. CaW VTinL at any (wive a?vr (he IVti Mbficaboa rvrwf and UHore Djttd fta Jrd day of Varcfa. l^ nURlJSM ITtA-SF.R. Admcsirinlof « (V F.oale of ud Derrdevt. ftlavrbej.i P.O.I . (Nib. Mv. 11. 13, 11 L HOC I JFK AND ACTTOfcNT AM) KEALTH SYNOPSU OF THE ANNUAL CTATJ^fENT- VKAR O'DKD DfitKKRER 3T. ir^ Of STANDARD MVTUAL IJF; [ JUi * VrrrwxH 8CrrrU, t c Xi . . i!r«i!f J. I SBWI TtXjJ tiabriitx-HPaur a. I L'ru^iijmcd tirvit (cvrptu^t » «.r .. *. Ityrrat* jVrrra^l inCaprul arid iarp*u» dunnc 1^75 tPajce i. Ijn* 30,397S numa I'/JO. n ArrxJrrt and hraftb po^mAimi - c 'Ijrw KM. Schrdjfe H. Cdl 11 [J I.i-jurum* in Fore*. f iljne 2 2 Tudtr . . . O AmdotK and braitb prrmiumi - Direct CaljfcxTiU FUttiw-i4 Pace i l j w 25. O4 A We bercby rcrtify that tV abo\e rj-rrn *re m it-cfx^ AJVKJ.I! Suiemerrt fw thf jrtr ended Drcemtxr -11 I'/T ln«irarre Gxrinrnoovr of the Stale of CaMofnu^ wir^iint I T MISS FANTASTIC BUYS ON J · FULL AND TWIN ID FOUNDATION SETS MATTRESS 't Mho bTg savings? Wo know you dol '5 why wo ollor you our famous Orlho-qunllly mntlro83os al inch bnrgaln prices. Mora's nn oxnmpla of Iho big savings you'll find wllh U5. Hurry In Icdnyl Boo how comtoflnbloour Orthosnro. ;^'^:X'^:~^--3 - -i^s. iS '£.'" ~~^ 1- -ir.: ^^SZ^^-^-^ZL ·' ^-*-^rf%^ rc "--^x-i..' : ": Other Regular Ortho Values! ORTIO CROWN Big on comlorl, OO prjCC. You c-in all Ihis roomirxia'i wilhoul hurling your burlonl's foolirxjg You r;o[ tho compfolo sol l^nl mtludos n dictO'v scfccl fabrics ocily Slrolch out. Enjoy' You'Jt v/on'J'jr why you v//JitO You q f ;t Iho tomjJul'j snl. rrt.iilr*'"',i ;md tvo , nvr-H(.iUo in lactory-iokrc.! Irihrici only. FREE DELIVERY DAILY 10-9 SAT. 10-6 · Sun. 12-6 There's nn Orlho Fnclory Showroom NEAR YOU! from our F«'ic!ory W CORNER GROUPS CONVERTIBLE SOFAS , trustee rii^ctwns m-d^ U tb*- b » . THE NATION'S LARGEST CHAIN OF MATTRESS SHOWROOMS NORSK.ANK. DANIELS Puh M a r . l\ Mv 17. LX. l», l LONG BEACH 4S5 Loog Beach Brvd. Cwrxr o* Jin *M L B. Bl^tJ Af rO« frO«Tl $^^r^ PhonK 434-01 19 LAKEWOOD 443} CarKttewcxxl Ave. Acro-.^ frc^n l/*/-^/yl C *T'^ Phona: 6M-2631 TORRANCE 20430 HawTtiorne Blvd. HUNTINGTON BEACH 7342 Edlngcr SI. 'fll-V o* H'J^tir^Jt'xl C«'f*r S^*i tM^jff I tfi [V.K^ c*' rAtnv Phon*:7l4)42-747l SANTA ANA 15 Kl So. Bristol SI. 1 J l/.t* fixth -^ Vx/n r/,,..! pi^/^ Phomi (714) S56-7487 DOWNEY (152 Flrotlorw Blvd. Htonf. (61-7711 - / T - ' J T - j r 1.1* · 1 r. 7? ». I^BBBBB^BOBM

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