The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 24, 1952 · Page 11
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 11

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1952
Page 11
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THE JUNIOR TIMES Esther Norman, mono 374 Eleven Winkie* sWatermelonWindfall Ted and Dee stared at the bi pile of watermelons. They wer big green, luscious looking melons "I just can't sell them." Mrs Golden, the complained. fruit stand woman "People just don' ' Idea from Gilbert Cuthbertson, 14 60t Esplanade. Here Are^the Winners The names of the winners In The Junior Times special contest, "What I Am Doing This Summer", are announced today. It was a difficult task to choose the besl letters, as all of them were excellent Here are the names of the prize winners. Winners may come to The'Times office for their prizes, any time beginning, Aug. 26. Model Airplane; Donald Brooks, 11, 1611 South Eleventh. Pocket knife; Charles Stein, 12, RR 4. Bicycle horns; James Alexander, 12, Fourth and Vilas, Sharon Price, 9, 1003 Kefiton, Don Langham, 10, 622 Oak, Janet Higgins, 11, 518 Columbia. Story books; Don A. Munson, 5, 910 North Ninth, John Burns, 7, 238 Sherman Avenue, Jane Crosby, 9, Lansing, Kenneth Harmon, 7, RR2. Ball point pen; Donna Seitz, 13, 1208 Olive. Fountain pen; Bonnie Jones, 12, 1010 Marion. Large jigsaw puzzle; Carol Ann Kern, RR 1. Copper Indian bracelets, Anne Dorsey, 11, 231 East Logan, Winnie Westphal, 11, RR 1, Tonganoxie. Dog leash; Jane Baker, 13, 226 Pine. Racing game, Judy Smith, 10, RR2. Mechanical pencil and purse flashlight, Connie McCammon, 10, 715 Cheyenne. Bolo bouncers and whistling birds, Johnny Lander, 11, 1209 Randolph, Gladys Stein, 9, RR 4, .Margaret Koker, RR 2, Shirley Simpson, 10, 145 East Logan. Two small dolls, Kay Ann Frietchen, 10,109 Allen. Small doll; Florence Stein, 6, RR4. Movie tickets, Selma Jean Haug, 11, 416 Shoemaker, Etta Lou Salman, 307 Ninth Avenue, Joseph Knight Jr. 11, 821 Thorton, Jo Ann Wright, 12, Piper, Rose Maree Price, 1003 Kenton, Ann Eberwein, 11, 1023 Blaekhawk, Weston, Margaret Hensley. 706% South Fifth. seem to eat watermelon like they did." Ted thought a little bit. "There's lots of traffic on mis street, and its hot weather; But a watermelon takes up lots of space in a refrigerator." "What will I do?" Mrs. Golden sighed. "Bonnie's only eleven, but she does the work of a grown up. We've tried so hard to keep the business going while Bill is in Korea." Ted pointed to a small place by the fruit stand. "Why don't we borrow a picnic table and put it there. Then I'll make a sign, "Ice Cold Watermelon, 10 and 25 cents a slice". It'll sell that say!" "But how can you cool it?" Dee questioned. "Oh! 1 ' Young Mrs. Golden was breathless with excitement "What a wonderful idea! We've got that walk-in refrigerator and a big soda pop cooler we could use. We quit using it when we bought that coin dispenser cooler!" "Okay!" Ted was brisk. "Order some ice for the soda pop cooler and I'll carry some melons into the refrigerator." While the melons were cooling, Ted made a big sign with a red slice of watermelon, green rind and black seeds. It read, "Cool off NOW! ICE COLD WATERMELON, 10 and 25 cents." Within an hour a man had unloaded a big picnic table with benches attached. 'They're old ones the park board doesn't use any more," Mrs. Golden explained. Bonnie and Dee scrubbed the table, while Mrs. Golden waited on regular fruit and vegetable customers. When the melons were icy, 1 they put up the sign. In a little' vhile, four customers were eating A'atermelon. "This is delicious!" a man exclaimed. "If you've got cold melons. I'll take one. 1 ' Business boomed. Ted, Dee and Bonnie served and cleaned up the melon rinds. Mrs. Golden was thrilled with the sales. 'Ted, you've started a new line of business for me. What can I ever do to thank you?" Mrs. Golden was radiantly happy. Ted smiled. "It was fun! And t was a thrill to help you when your husband is in Korea, fighting o help keep us free!" — Esther Norman. was'very playful. I named him Midnight. We enjoyed him so much and he died last June. He is buried in our back yard. In January, we went to the Humane Society and they gave us another cat. He is a fluffy yellow kitten. I also have a dog and a bird. In our family, we love animals and like to have pets. ADULT FOfcT DRIVE-IN PASS Sandra Kromhole, 12, Lawrence Avenue and Quincy, writes: We have two dogs. Their names are Jigger and Caesar. About two months ago, Caesar got hit by a car. It hurt his foot. For a few weeks Jigger didn't have anyone to play with. When we start run- ing, Caesar starts running after us, and Jigger starts running after Caesar. When Jigger wants us to play with him, he picks tip something like a toy or a stick and starts running around us. Both of. our dogs are sweet. We love them.' Barbara Morey, 12, 606% Cherokee, writes: I'm going to tell you about Vickie, a Boston terrier, which once belonged to my Aunt. My grandma lived with my aunt and always put a tub by the porch steps to catch rain water to wash her hair. Rain water is very soft and nice to wash hair. When hot weather came, every day that it got very hot, Vickie would have a big time by jumping off the steps into the tub of water, splashing it all over. Vickie liked to play in the water to keep cool. Richard Bolewski, 10, 723 Kowa, has two dogs and two cats. The cats names are Midget and Sugar. The dogs names are Queen, who is a Beagle, and Rags, who is a wire haired terrier. Rags is about seven years old. Wins $1.00 Prize Dee: "My cousin in California must be a freak." Tee: "Why?" ' Dee: "He wrote a letter saying he had grown another foot since we saw him last." Gary Thompson 318 Sheridan. Wins Fort Pass Salesman: (being pursued by an angry dog) "Call your dog, off!" Owner: I can't mister. I've called him Spot so long, its too late to change now." Mary K. Birmingham, RR-4. Wins Hollywood Pass A father gave his son a quarter Eleanor Gruendel, 11, RR 2. long anoxie. Wins 'niovie pass. Page Rules Send jokes, riddles, pet stories, letters and drawings to The Junior Times, Leavenworth. Each week there are five prizes of $1.00 each and ten movie passes award- and a nickel for the church collec- ed - You ™ay win over and over, tion and told him to give whichj rhe more entries you send, the ever he wanted to give. When more chances you have. So keep the plate was passed, the father sending in your entries.' noticed his son hesitate, then drop Drawings should be 1% or 3% in the nickel. When he asked himj inches wide, and from two to four later, why he had kept the 25 cent inches tall. Draw them in pencil, piece for himself, the boy said,'then go over the drawing with "The Bible says the Lord loveth a .black ink. If you measure the cheerful-giver, and I knew that if'drawings in The Junior Times, I put in the nickel, I'd be_ lots will see how large to make them. more cheerful than if I put in the If you make the larger size draw- Contributors In the last few days, the following eaders have sent letters, jokes and other entries worthy of special men- quarter." Ruth Cornett, 13 513 Arch. ings, be sure to cover most of the space. Mail all entries to The Junior Times. The train came to a sudden stop, throwing the passengers about "What happened, conductor?" asked a nervous old lady. "We hit a cow," replied the conductor. "Oh dear. Was it on the tracks?" [j, e ,j a y "No," answered the conductor.- Answer ' : Because they are roos- We had to chase it into a barn." ters a(; RIDDLES Wins $1.00 Prize Why do hens lay their' eggs in Lorraine Blume, 13 531 Ohio. Leavemvorth Cop: "You were speeding on South Fourth street at 60 miles an hour." Woman: "That's ridiculous, officer. We've only been out driving for half an.hour!" Thelma Kraus, 7 RR 3, Tonganoxie. David McEvoy, RR 2. PETS Little Girl: "What are you doing? Little Boy: "I'm writing a letter; to my cousin out in the West." i Little Girl: "Go on, you know; Patricia KIcm, 13, RR 2, Easton. you don't know how to write." Win* movie pass. Tongue Ticistera Wins Hollywood Pass H a doctor is doctoring a doctor, does the doctor doing the doc- of an egg are white? 1 ' Wins Hollywood Pass What has four wheels and ,fiys? Answer: A Leavemvorth garbage Gary Nichols, 8, 1005 North Broadway. Wiiat has a mouth but never eats Answer: A river. Theresa Wells, 14, RR 1, Easton. The J1.00 prize for the best Little Boy: That's OK. My cou- letter of the week, was won last; sin can't read. Sunday by Donna Seitz, 13, 1208 Sunday Searles, 8 o)ive - Donna's letter was publish- 924 Shawnee. i ed - but it w as not marked as a j prize winner. "Which do you say? ''The yoll of an egg is white, or the yolk Leave Your Dog at Home When you go down town, be sure to leave your dog at home. Many pets are lost, or hit by cars when their owners allow them to follow them down town. Especially, when you go to 'the movies. Be sure to.leave your dog at home. The dogs will faithfully wander around up and down the street i n front of the theater, but they are in danger. One dog was lying under a parked car, and was hurt when the car drove away. Ask your mother if she will keep the dog in the house for a while, when you leave. Then you will find your pet safe and sound when you return. Fort Drive-In Adult Pass What is the last thing you take off before you jump into bed at night? Answer: You take your feet off the floor. Ruth Goeser 309 Limit. tion. burg, 10, 780 Osage, Robert McGffl, 14, 908 Pottawatomie, Patty Cassella, 12. 1007 Grand, Margie Summers, '13, 719 Kickapoo. Lena May Hartman, Box 27, Hammond, Illinois, Calvin Leroy Hartman, 8, Hammond, Illinois, James Alexander, 12, Fourth Avenue and Vllas, Karen Schrey, 12, 1323 Spruce. Jim Williams. 13, 716 Delaware, Marguerite McCarthy, 13, Lansing, Jackie Westphal, 13, RR 1, Tonganoxie, Karen Sue Linaweaver, 11, Lansing, Carol Vermillion. Florence E. Stein, 6. .RR 4, Myrle Helm, 10 Easton, Kansas. HI; Special Contest Prize Best Vacation Betty Schroyer, 12, 231 Osage, Fred Blaser, 11, RR 2, Johnny Lander, 11, 1209 Randolph, Jane Baker, 13, 226 Pine, Peggy Hill, 610 McClellan, Fort Leavenworth, Margaret Koker, 11, RR 2, Jo Ann Wright, 12, HR 1, Piper. Carol Sharp, Box 74, Potter, Harlene Brizgint, 13, 506 Vine, Dorothy May Willey, 8, 2631 South Fourth, Mary Johnson, 903 South Third, Sunday iearles, 8, 924 Shawnee. Karen Sue Mills, 10, Lansing. Eunce Eickhorn, 12, 1511 Shoemaker, Jimmy Hamilton, 9, 516 Osage, Joseph Knight, 11, 821 Thornton. Mary June Wolfe, 11, 820 North Tenth. Jeral BUss Nickerson, RR 2, Lorraine Blume. 13, 531 Ohio. Carol Vreden- Dear Editor. I think this is the best summer vacation I ever had. I play baseball and take swimming lessons. I went on a bus trip to Kansas University. I had lots of fun. First we played ball and ate our lunch. Then we went to a historical and art museum. At the art museum we saw two movies. We also had a dandy trip to Kansas City with the recreation group. [Mr. Nebrig arranges lots of interesting things for us to do. Yours truly, Don Langham, 10, 622 Oak. Special Contest Prize Visited Reading, Kansas Dear Editor: I had a good time this summer. I went to my cousins home in Heading, Kansas and visited. I had lots of fun riding a horse. I went horse back riding every day and went after the cows. I drove the tractor. My cousins are In the 4-H club. I went on several 4-H club tours with them.i We saw calves, pigs and chickens. I earned a dollar by picking rocks out of the soy bean field. I bought a bug deflector for our car. It matched it very well. I had a nice vacation, but I was glad to get home again. Sin- cerely, Donald Brooks, 11, 1611 South Eleventh. Contest Prize A Good Deed Dear Editor: One evening I saw • piece in the paper about boys in Korea who don't get much mail. I picked out a boy by the name of James R. Britt. That same night, I wrote a letter to him and mailed It next day. About five days later I started going out to the mail 'box regularly. Several days later, nothing had come. I began to get restless. Then one day it came. I was very happy to get the letter. Everyone at home read it. I wrote back to him. That was a month ago. So far, I have never heard from him again. Our father said he could be any where. I hope he writes back. Yours truly. James Alexander, 12, Fourth Avenue and Vilas. Contest Prize Junior Times Scrapbook Dear Editor: I am spending my summer at home, doing such things as swimming, fishing, and playing baseball with my brothers. I also spend a lot of time writing letters to The Junior Times. It is fun. I am keeping a scrap book of what I get published. Yours truly, Winnie Westphal, 11, RR 1, Tonganoxie. Who discovered the Pacific O> ean? Answer: Balboa. Looking for A GOOD Cleaner? Try us! Leavenworth Cleaners & Dyers 412 Shawnee Phone 266 Ray Knapp, Prop. Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls Wee Dolls for Wee Collectors! Unbreakable plastic dolls. Movable eyes that follow you. Movable head, arms and legs. McCooPs Baby Furniture 504 Shawnee Quality Toys Phone 390 toring have to doctor the doctor the way.the doctor being .doctored wants to be doctored or does the doctor doctoring the doctor, doctor the doctor the way he usually doctors? Barbara Montgomery. 203 Elm. Say very fast three times "Sweet Sue sells shiney sea shells down by the sea shore." Robert McGill, 14, 908 Pottawatomie. "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where is the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked?" Jim Williams, 13, 716 Delware. We want to hear all about your iet. What did it do that was funny r lovable? Do you see to it that our pet has plenty of fresh water .t all times, and that it has its ood regularly? Tell other boys and girls just how well you care or your pet. Address, Pets, The unior Times, Leavenworth. WINS $1.00 PRIZE Carol Stitt, 13, 416 Shoemaker .Tites: "This is true story of whal appened to a dog that belonged > us. Joe was nine months olc 'hen this happened. He is now almost two years old. He is a Huskie and German Shepherd. Joe almost died so there wouldn't be a chance of one of us dying. My family is very grateful to him, and regard him as a hero. It was early in the evening, and we were in the living room watching television. We heard Joe barking. We thought he was barking at a rabbit. We went outside when he wouldn't quit barking, and my stepfather said, "There is a copperhead snake!" and he hurried across the street to borrow a gun, Joe didn't wait, though. He jumped at the snake and fought it. He killed it before my stepfather ;ot back. A little later,. Joe's whole mouth was swollen. My stepfather rushed him to the veterinary and quick treatment saved his life." SWORO FISH? Idea from Jimmy Hamilton, 9, 316 Osaee. Wins movie pass. WINS HOLLYWOOD PASS Charlene Green, 13, 1113 Pottawatomie, writes: Several years ago, we wanted a pet cat. So we went to the Humane Society at Second and Cherokee, and looked at the cats and kittens they had to give to people. We picked out a ?retty cat that was coal black with one white spot on his neck. He "Neither. The yolk of an egg is yellow." Betty Schroyer, 12 231 Osage. "How did you find the weathe while you w*re away'on vacation?' "Why, I just went outside and there it was!" John Joe Kern, 9, RR1. Big Boy: "Bah! Girls! Don't you know you can buy girls for a dime a dozen? Little Boy: "Gee whiz. Why didn't you tell me? I've been buying marshmallows." Ella Marie Hammersmith, 1; RR3. Joe: "Can you name four days of the week without mentioning Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday a r Thursday?" Bill: "Sure. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day-before yesterday." Paul Frey, RR 2, Easton. Little Moron Department Wins $1.00 Prize Why did the little moron stick s toes in the oven? Answer :Because he wanted to pop his corn. Marguerite McCarthy, 13, Lansing. Wins Hollywood Pass Why did the little moron wash her clothes on Monday? Answer: Because they were dirty. Donna Wheeler, 9, 628 Marshall. Why did the little moron take a adder to the tavern? Answer: Because he heard the drinks were on the house. Karen Sue Linaweaver, 11 Lansing. He: "Can you think of any cars that start with C?" She: "Why, Cadillac, Crosley or Chrysler." He: "Nope. You're wrong. All cars start with gasoline! 1 ' Marilyn Knight, 15, 821 Thornton. Teacher: "What is cowhide used for mainly?" 'Student: "To help hold the cow together." Carol Ann Kern, 13 RR 1. Will Your Son Go To College? Takes money, as well as luggage, to send' a son or daughter to college, and it's too late to start sav. ing for the high school grad of '53. That's why we urge you to start saving early — while your youngsters are in grade school — for their college educations. Put away a little each payday in a savings account at this bank. Then, should your children desire to go to college, the money will be waiting for them. \\. .n-:-^ Southwest Corner, 4th and Delaware Streets. Member F.D.I.C. Eddy Arnold, 1200'/, North Broadway. Wins movie pass. ==L' F. E. Carroll, Jr., President -I: LEAVENffOBTH NATIONAL BANS _ Geo. A. Goehner, Cashier

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