Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 19
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Television Log V AIONDAY, APRIL 1,1K3 PAID ADVTRTISEMENT -.5:45 2 Farm and New* Report 6:00 AJU. 2 College of Ain "Economy" 4 Cent, dassr'm: -physics" · «iO 2 USO "Oriental Religions" 4 (Color J ConL Classroom: "American Government" (equal protection of law) ; 7:00 AM. 2 Capt. Kangaroo: Apr. Fool 4 Today. Hugh Downs with King Hassan of Morocco · . --7:15 | 7 Daily Word; News; Farms 7:30 7 Chucko the Clown 7:45 5 For Kids Only, Sk. Frank 9 Big Babysitter (cartoons) 8:00 AM. 2 Panorama Pacific, R. Rowe with Marjorie Lord, foreign students in native dress - 8:30 7 Zoorama (San Diego) 11 Topper. Leo G. Carroll 1J Felik the Cat (cartoons) 9:00 AJ.L 2 Calendar, Harry Reasoner Trend toward larger : families is explored (Reasoner has 7 children). 4 Say When, Art James 5 The Romper Room 7 I Married Joan. J. Da-sis 11 Kit Carson. Bill Williams U Yoga for Health £25 4 Edwin Newman. News £30 2 I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball 4 (Color) Play Your Hunch 7 Mo-vie: Tokyo Rose," Lotus Long C5) !1 The Jade LaLanne Show 13 Guidepost to Art (5,6) 10:00 A-M. 2 The McCoys, W. Brennan 4 (Color) The Price Is Right 5 The Jack Barry Show 9 Movie: - Big Shot." Humphrey Bogart (*42) 11 The Mary McAdoo Show (premiere). Replaces Pamela Mason and includes "Oh Susanna" and "Leave It to the Girls" segments. 13 G'depost: Amer. Heritage IO-.25 13 Guidepost to Math (4) 1030 2 Pete and Gladys 4 Concentrat'n. Hugh Downs 10:45 13 Public Service film 11:00 AJH. 2 Love of Life 4 (Color) First Impression. Nina Foch, Dean Miller 5 Medic, Richard Boons 7 December Bride, Byington 11:15 13 Guidepost to Spanish I 2 Harry Reasoner (11:25) 1130 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Truth or Consequences 5 Mickey Hargitay Show 7 Seven Keys, Jack Narz 9 LASC Art the Child 11 Sheriff John. John Rovick 13 Play Bingo, Johnny Jacobs .11:45 2 The Guiding Light 4 Ray Scherer news (11:53) RADIO UIC-TU un-ii'i uu-tut uu-- usi un-ini UIT-IUI rntt-- «a KG2S-II2I ItlT-TI ttll--1191 UU--171 tGTY-IUI l*tt-- 711 lEH-Utl m-nt UU-IIII »n-- i til Cass, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 7 Day in Coirt Theft 9 Movie: -Roadblock." Charles McGraw f51) 2 Douglas Edwards News ·I Sander Vanocur. News 5 Telecopier News 7 Alex Dreier Report 2 The Millionaire. M. Milkr 4 Make Room for Daddy. Guest: Frankie Lair.e 'I 5 Trouble with Father 7 Jane Wyman Presents 3*0 PJIL 2 The Secret Storm 4 Bachelor Father, Forsythe 5 Walker Edmiston Show 7 Queen for Day, J. Bailey 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) il Movie: ."Stolen Assignment," John Bentley ("55 330 2 The Edge of Night 4 Movie: "Something About a Soldier." Tom Neal f 44) 7 Who Do You Trust? 3:45 9 Feature Page, John WiEis 4:00 PM. 2 Amos 'n* Andy 5 Bozo's Circus. V. Colvig 7 American Bandstand 9 Here's Uncle Johnny 430 2 Life of Riley, Wm. Bendix 5 Jungle Drums of Africa 7 Discovery '63: "Zoo Dr." (1st in scries of repeats) 11 Rescue 8. Jim Davis 34 Reloj Musical (variety) 435 7 American Newsstand 5:00 PJSL 2 Mnvie: "When the Red- I skins Rode." Jon Hall | 5 Popeye. Tom Hatten I 7 Around Town. "Sundown" gets a new title, new hosts, and a daily 1130 p.m. repeat as Torn Kennedy shifts over to NBC for its new "You Don't Say!" Dairy! Hickman is host this week, with others to alternate in weekly stints. 9 The Engineer Bill Show II Superman, George Reeves 13 The Lloyd Thaxton Show 34 Un Canto de Mexico 530 II Casper the Friendly Ghost 34 El Seguro Social (soc. sec.) 4 Believe It or Not (5:40) 5:45 4 (Color) Curt Massey Show 13 Bill Johns News (5:50) SMPM. 4 (Color) News and Sports SWhiriybirds. Ken Tobey 7 News Hour. Baxter Ward 9 The Lone Ranger 11 The Mickey Mouse Club (\isit to Disneyland's wardrobe department) 13 The Ann Sothem Show 34 Elena (dramatic serial) 6:15 4 (Color) Brown-Pete.-son 630 2 Big News, Jerry Dunphy 4 Huntley-Brinkley Report 5 Beat the Odds. D. James 9 Our Miss Brooks, E.Arden 13 (Color) Touche Turtle FM STATIONS MONDAY, APRIL 1,1963 7:00 AiL Itoaort . . tABC-- Mewi; Soor-» Crme Vww Lei n Arand 1 t P JL KGtR-- AirmM trora Ccd IKFOX--he KFI-Ncws/ KABC--Jlral 'KHX--Th World Tenivnt lFl-_c-t» Km Desk KABC--era snerna K»X-e*tortj«: -Bo«ei«r KABC-- Or. f tori Andenon K.NX-- Th. Stonf-Lin. KABC--Hews KKX-^News. Rio* lo»e« KFl-Newi; '' KABC--Or. Albert (urte KMX--Boe Crine Snow KCER--Hewen I tame Hr. S.-W AAL KF-*iews.- HI *w Rail- KABC--News: F*ul H«ro KMJ Ni.s. Be C.loer KNX--«ewt; SBortsceo* KCCR--vntuit Ne:soa I U KABC-Bob Anderson news KNX--Editor.*: -Boxtng;* Bob Cm Shew KFl--Reooner; Newt t-ER-Voice 01 dun?" KFl--«! tie ROM KABC--Wjrtet Newt KCER--WorM HliS»:ons ' X--Arm JKUOH tt:O Anoett n. Colt Mi The stonr^ln. 11: KFOX--AU vid Ten KCER-- curst.*! CnnMe KGER-- Sun.'Stiool ft Air KOCR-- *e». Al Kvua tltC--rrrfiil; Hone* KKX-- KellV» Soors II 5S1 7.-00 P.M, KFI-- Kewt: Molprid WelooV Tkn« CJ:tt» KABC-- Newt; vm. WrtM " . -- Futfem tewi. -- Kewi; Ennl sat I INDEPENDENT--ftgt B - t i i ilmn. !««*. emu., IUL. AVI t, nu 8RP KISI FM HIGHLlGinS Perez Prado at 8 ajn. on KGLA . . . Steve Allen 930 sun. on KBIQ . . . Rayj Charles Singers in Multiplex at 11 ajn. on KGGK . . .1 "Sing Out Sweet Land" at noon oa KMLA . . . Billy' Liebert at 2 p-n. on KBBI..., Utah University Chorus at' 4:05 pan. on KFAC Cal Tjader at 6 pm. on KBIQ New Berlin Escape BERLIN tT» -- A lieutenant the East German a/ : SJ escaped to West Berlin *iritg' ' llI7J ithe night. West police report-i ed. They said the officer wore' Kr» Tort, X Y, . . civilian clothes and made his! °=* ·? tt « «s«t tommoa afflie- 'jway unobsen-ed through U- fconj a » CTIlitloa hOTtt " at barbed wire on the border. Tormenting Rectal Itch Stopped In Minutes _ Sciecr* Find* New HeaJicf; SabiUnct That _-'· is Itctinj; and Pain of P3e* »»s reported aad 240 tM. AJVL KABC-- V. WiUiirs; Kew K M X -- Kewt KGER-- umwran Hour KABC-- Mvrein J. Benm!i KNX-- Bo. Crent srww t » » KABC--Newt; J. C. S. KHJ--News; Bart Crowin KKX--JCewt KFOX--Bt1t Caflie ft. D KCER-- Sod* Security: Pet-.- SJKk (2:O MS KABC--Ftmr KNX-TM sionrO. KABC--Wenaea Nob:e KER--Georoe . 2.41 KGER--tt-e Ure 9:15 KFl--The Oecoer Story KABC-C* T-mrr I»X--WorU tvae Soorts Bowl Symphony Orchestra in stereo at 7 p.m. on KFAC . . . Percy Faith in multiplex at 9 p"». on KMLA. ' FHEE OIU;A\ CONCEUT fttfirttf Bob Moreau ·t f»e LOWIIEV OKG.VN TOI16KT IT Till Ml. FREE ADMISSIOI H'JMfHRETS MUSIC CO. IIS E. JIB ST. I.I. HI p l l n - I t l i r a o i t *isir /or tit rictim tie iiT asd iticj at titlt. K« matter wkat 70Q*T witheit rtialti -- Etrt'i Dtvi. Fer tit fint time, icvixt las fosd a ECV fct»Kr{ sab- it»tct vita the a»tosisir ttility to TrncpUr ttop tbe lurait? itctt tad piia. It aeta- iljT ibricli ktzorrtoiii -- vitho^t i^rftrr. Medical cei- cacc Las pnrrd this mbstmce a rtmarlaUf tffee- e{ teil-'rg. lu ttrm- r«pcrtici a!u Itlp pn- Teat iciectns. la oce hcmorrlxnj ca» after metie fied ly a doctor's cbMrratiosi. * TVlm imprOTtment waa maia- t taintd in cases »ttrt a doctor's ·bicrratioBS w«rc eenticctl ' «Ttr» period of moniijIAmcrc i tlese ssflcrtrs were a fitt Tariety cf kemorrieij eocii- * tions. straw of 10 to 20 TTSTS' darttioa. - -. · Tie trcrtt is ttis cew teaEsj lulstaact (Bio-Dyx**) -- dis- coTtrr «f a w c r M - f t c o a s nscircb institution. Tkis sub- limit U cov ciitaiublc ia tint- 4 KntnnppotitorrfrnH'kcia-n ~ »i Prrpnratio. H». Ask for ; Preparation H Suppositories . (cocreciet to carry if awsr Iron koau) or Preparation H Ointment *iti special applicator. AT.ilible, at all dror counters. .· . · KNX-- *!ewt KGER-- O» KCCR-- JOM Brown Hour · U KABC-- wetwen Nobi. · KNX--Women'i WtsntRE KCER--News 10:00 A-M. KFt--Newt; Better UB KABC--Newt; Brtht duk KHJ--Newt; ftjt Comoro. KNX-- N w«: Araur Coorrev Ross (to I2:X KCER-- Rescue Jniisle. len KTl--B»J«.tl: Doooert vs. Orioles CVer. Be»di] lea SKGER--Ovetamjn. Ufe 'HER--Re«. LeRCY KOTO 11*0 AJIL · KABC--Aiewv Co. ARea UiX--tlews: An Llnkleno- KCER--B.o'e Institute KABC-- J A UnfcteTftr KABC-- Ctrm* Frederlckl KNX-- O*3T Abbv; C^nr Moore SflCW 11:3S KGER-- Sumhtt» KLttio. KCER--Re». CT.»«L6er» 12.-00 NOON KA KNX-Wuon »cCo». News KCER--*isn Naoo'e 12:1S v KABC--R»!ah Jemes; New: KNX--Nelson Wcln.ncb IJ» KABC--Opefi tme KNX--The Storv Lire KFOX--Clirt-e Store KGER--Or. Orr B.ble 12KWNOOX 2 Burns and Allen Show 4 (Color) Ben Jtrrod, Michael Ryan (premiere). Young Qucago lawyer gives up a successful practice to return to his Rhode Island home town in search of a more mean ingful way of life. 5 Night Court. Jay Jostyn 7 Tennessee Ernie Ford. (1st anniversary show) 9 Looney Tunes Cartoons 13 Midday Report; Ufe line 12:15 13 Milestones of the Century 4 FJoyd Kalber News (1253) 1230 2 As the World Turns 4 The Doctors, Jock Gaynor (premiere). Surgeon performs two operations, losing a 7-year-old patient and saving a baby. Richard Rost, Margot Voser and Fred J. Scollay altemate with Gaynor in anthology's leading rotes. 5 News: Movie (1235X "Big Boss." Otto Kruger 7 Father Knows Be st,Your.g 9 Movie: "A Likely Story." Bin Williams f 47) II Your Name's the Game 13 Racket Sc^iad. R. Hadley 1:00 PJM. 2 Password. Allen Ludden. Week's esestE Keenan Wynn, Jane Wyatt 4 Loretta Young Theatre 7 General Hospital, John Beradino (premiere). A rirl, afraid that her beauty may be marred by an auto accident, suffers through the first week on 34 Noticiero 34 (News) t Hwey tlws : Feul Comoton i-00 PAL KFOX-- SqutMUIT D» bn» Le. S:1S . -- «J»X-- C«TO» S: -- Sid Fuller; Eicecutlvt KFt-- World ot Sports KABC-- Cw»rd P. JWorean KM t--K rw s; Bruce Havn K»X-- News; Business ctemil youth. (Lucy. ""^ has it. win return next season.) 5 Dick Powell's Zane Grey Th'tn ''Kirs of the Valley," Walter Pidgeon, 7 Rifleman. Chuck Connors, Peter Whitney. Back country clan leaves North Forjc for "Sherif fin'" duties in Paradise. S JIM 1RIESS--UL * TV HIM f REMIEHB "Arizona Mission.TM with Angie Dickinson ("56-1st run) II SF£CIU EVENT ii I I * THE BEST OF VICTOR BCRGE . . . Andre KosteUneti ia mul KFl--News; Teroo KABC--News; Root. Omrk KNX--Ot» Editor KFOX--FrerR Simoa R--fMlms «. I:1S KNX-- Communist ___ leno.: Bjroneu Eltt* KOER-A. U- Mit»e:joa KCER--J. Virno* IACO«« P3L KFI-- Newv Set Andcnoi lULSC-SiB SUM; km KFOX^-Nwt; Monroe 10£«- 8r« Lt* SKtflcv f'U rFI-- Ttmoo. Bab «l«rT KR Ne«-; Saerli Fin* UBC-- News; *:e» j-- «iew»; Jot uactlf CIO : Wes.lacalii 11:11 KMX-- Mtrilc til D»wit irox-B.II rtKnon I KFl -- Roa KcCev (%} SI j KHJ-- The New»-a,Tie«l KNX-- Music t4 KFOX-«uW Cherry 1o « KFl--Music Tune. C Cecil .NX--Personj| Close Cs; The Stonf-Lbi* U 35) 4.DO PJL KFl--«ews; D«v- SKaw KABC--Hemtrowev Net Boa Consictne « W] KHJ--News; JKort Crcwlev KNX--News «« _ _ . EmphMis KABC--Mewt; too Cook CoHincwoog; 'KMJ N«*s; Bin Brundlae The Storr4Jtie 415) -KMX--1« .'clori Mn KGER--«e». Ate Schneider KFOX--tee Ross KFl-Chet Kjnfl- (J:«n K « U I IFl--Music Time- Soort» ]f.rt--1»» KGER--Otrts}'. Coumeim. KABC--Jo» Pvne Snew KABC--Newt « ») KHJ--Ge«. HamiRo. f 5*0 P.AL lK»X-*e».loooll. a KFl--Reporter; Newt KABC--Newt; Ifertet. · « Tnom«; IA KNX-- Elrov H:rv* UH. iloerl ot F.iA Kewl ' icCcV; »fewi'KF discusses, in blunt language, himself, his Teamsters. Attorney-Gen! Robert F. Kennedy, the Teamsters' public image, his relationship with the AFL-CIO, the Senate hearings and Sen. John L. McClellan (D-Art). Films cover Teamster locals meeting in Detroit. Hoboken and Philadelphia. 5 Peter Gunn. Craig Stevens 7 Ben Casey. Vincent Edwards. James Whitmore. Family faces financial crisis when 40-year-old father insists on finishing his internship EXCITEMENT: IN THE CITY! Anthology of Borge's own " C ^^ e Putnam - fa\-orites from perform- ' 6:45 4 (Color) Jack Latham news 7 Ron Cochran w/the News 11 George Putnam Dateline 7.-00 PJM. 4 (Color) Golden Voyage, 1 Jack Douglas: "Puerto Rico" 5 The News. With Clcte Roberts gone from KTLA to concentrate on documentary productions, Bob Arthur shifts from KNX-rzdio as anchor man for a new no-star, 6-man reporting team. Stout and Harmon remain, bolstered by Joe Benti and Tom Snyder. 7 Bat Misterson, G. Barry 9 People Are Funny 11 Quick Draw McGraw 13 (Color) Holiday, Bill Burrud: "Honolulu" 34 Niebla (dramatic serial) 7:15 ] 2 Walter Cronkfte, News 730 | 2 To Tell the Truth, CoHyerj Guests: Pegjty Cass. Men- Griffin, Phyllis Newman 4 Movie: "My Cousin Rachel," Richard Burton. Olivia De Haviland. John Sutton f 52-1st run). Daphne da Maurier suspense story. 5 By Numbers. Jack Barry 7 The Dakota s, Larry Ward, Oscar-nominee Telly Sa- valas. Outlaw leader calls together his old pn?. including deputy J. D. Smith 9 Adventures in Paradise. Gardner McKay, Injer Stevens. ances both on and cff TV includes his phonetic alphabet, satire of Uberace, spoof of a Mozart opera, and a pantomime of an orchestra in which Borge plays each musician's role. 13 Hollywood Boxing: Mel Ferguson vs. Frank'e Bielma (welterweight). Joe Louis hosts. 34 EIlos se Quier'en A si 9:03 PJM. 2 The Danny Thomas Stow. Little cirl dogs Williams' steps through Venice try- inj to pet auditions for her relatives 5 Special of Week: "Bullfight" Carlos Montalban hosts tapes of three fights 34 10:15 13 Harold Fishman comment 9 Bill Johns, News IO-J5 13 Alan Sloane. Weather 1030 2 Stump the Stars. Mike Stokey. E. G. Marshall, ' Robert Reed, Zina Bethune and Martha Scott face Hollywood regulars. 5 Dragnet, Jack Webb 9 Trails West, Ray Milland II The Paul Coates Show- lS It's Country Music Time HtiQPM. 2 News. Dunphy and Hart 4 (Color) Jack Latham news 5 The News, Bob Arthur 7 ABC News: Baxter Ward 9 News. Willis Dolan from Plaza del Toros. 7 Stoney Burke, Jack Lord, Lin McCarthy. Civic officials won't let ex-convict, pardoned after being foind innocent, ride in kx-al rodeo 34 Penumbra (serial) »30 2 The Andy Griffith Show. Barney invests his life's savic«s in a used car owned by a "sweet little old lady from ML Pilot" (Ellen Corby). 4 The Art Linklettcr Show Jiyr.e Meadows and Carl Reiner become reguhrj pinetists. with Booth tonight's ill The Tom Duggan Show !13 Movie: "Storm Over Lis- til bandage* are removed II Checkmate, Dots on Friday*! segment. 11 Movie:-Sailor Takes a Wife." Robt. Walker f 46) 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) l-M 2 Art UnMetter House Party Guest: George Jessel 4 (Color) You Don't Say, Tea Kennedy (premiereX- Word tame series, recently showcased on KTLA. Betty White and Barry Sullivan are initial week's celebrity guests. 7 Girl Talk. Virginia Graham 13 Movie: "I, Jane Doe." Ruth Hussey C*S) 2:00 P-M. 2 To Tett the Truth. CoNyer Week'*- puests: Peter Und Hayes, Walter Slezak 4 Match Game, G. Riyburn VTrcVi bon," Vera Ra'.ston f 44) 11:15 4 (Color) Tonight, Johnny Carson, with Betsy Palmer, John Bubbles, the Bell Canto Trio, G. Jessel. 5 Cliff Norton. Weather; Steve Allen Shorr (11:20), with Jo Stafford. Larry Adler. Johnny Nash. Gabe DeU. private eye with -bugging" equipment. 9 Movie: "The Lodger." LaL-d Cregir f 4«) 7 Weather News (11:25) I I JO Sh'iricyi 2 Movie: *Mid Magician." special Vincent Price. Eva Gabor T-iest as series tries | 7 Around Town. D. Hickman format switch. Sturts in- 34 Noticiero 34 (N'ews) %-oh-e randcuf f s. a bizarre I £30 McCrare, Richard Conte. Jed is charged with stabbing matador's sister on Tijuana vacation. 13 (Color) WDd Cargo, Arthur Jones: "Africa" 34 Estudio "A" (variety) 8:00 P.M. 2 fve Got a Secret, Moore 5 Law t Mr. Jcces. Junes \VTutmore. Jones' law clerk is viciously beaten by teenage thugs II (Color) Adventure Th'tr "Spelunking" and "Down in the Forest" 34 Pecado Mortal (serial) 20 2 The Lucy Show. Lucille BalL Lucy and Vtr enroll in an evening chemistry course where Lucy works en her secret formula for hairdo, hotel baggage charges. 11 The Best of Gro-jcho 34 Corn-cos y Cancioncs I (MM P^L 2 Password, Alien Lcdden. Danny Thomas. Marjjorie Lord are guest celebrities 4 (Color) David Brinkleyt . Journal: "Inside Jimmy Hofft." In aa hour-long special from his plush Washington office, Hof fa 7 Movie: "Adventure Island." Rory Calhoun ("4 7) 11 Movie: "Barbary Coast Gent," Wallace Beery C4) 12:45 9 Movie: *Big Shot." Humphrey Bogart f 42) 5 Dateh'ce Europe (12:50) I.-00 AM. 4 News Rocnd-Up 1:15 2 Movie: "Here I Am a Stranger," Richard Greene HEARING PROBLEM? Expert TesSng end FEES -- m Tear loin*, ALL THE tATTST MODUS I ACOl'STiGON of BELLFLOWER Tiii Week's ftelirtd Giesfs: RICARDO MONTALBAN BERYL DAVIS PETER POTTER ._ Trie Creators of This Year's Academy Awards Show W E E K N I T E S A T 5:00 11:30 PM CHANNEL©

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