Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 62
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 62

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 62
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about prices BUT PLUCKY GIVES YOU STORE-WIDE *j DISCOUNT SUPERMARKETS V EVERYTHING YOU BUY... j \ YOU BUY FOR LESS / I I I Baby Foods GERBER STRAINED GERBER'S JUICE 51 RAINED 4-az. Cwt r3ror29* 3for29* . . . When one supermarket offers prices that are obviously lower day-in and day-out than any other market in the area people talk about itl ... This is exactly what is happening ... Most everybody has been talking about lueky's lower store-wide discount pricing! Most markets talk and shout "tow prices," but offer games, gimmicks and stamps instead ... If you compare prices, you'll find that Lucky is the only supermarket that gives you complete store-wide discounting on every item the Uw allows! ... If you're interested in top-quality at greater savings then shop at lucky where everything you buy ... you buy for less everyday!* . . . BONDED FOR FLAVOR and TENDERNESS ... EVERYDAY.' Crackers Cookies REATS CRACKERS ! ± , l b B o , 31* OREO COOKIES ««,sco_.*-n«.. 45* Beer Beverages LOW CAIORIE BEVERAGES ES | n ** 12 -01. Cm I Zfor^ I ..16.oz.BolU. OlOlOO* PILLSBURY-2-lb. Box ^ ^ PANCAKE 00' MIX UU SYRUP-24-oz. Bottl* LOG CABIN 63 SHASTA BUBBLE-UP ' BREW"102" BEER --,, 6r..l.20 SNOWDRIFT BISQU1CK CHEESE CAKE FILLING Salt - Sugar Spico C H SUGAR LESLIE SALT CHILI POWDER 5-lb. Bg 52* in 24i. 8o» IU T JCHHUNO mnj *«. C.n 43" Shortening's Oil SHOR1ENING U6AR CORN POPS rsr,., REAM OF WHEAT _». *, MTANT BREAKFAST ^.59* , C , n 7 7 * POMPEIAN OLIVE OIL_ W c» 79* LUCKY SALAD OIL __*_.,«,,. 57* Salad Drc»ing Olivet Pichlcs Peanut Boiler Jam Syrup RIPE OLIVES DILL PICKLES ,c«28* DEL MONTE 1OI _._ J2-OJ. J«r O7* PEANUT BUTTER u^.^.,, 1.21 ;MARY ELLEN JAM TMT£*,.59 GERBER'S-7V--oz. Jar JUNIOR FOODS 13 COFFEE-Mb. Can HILLS BROS. 73 CTIY AUNT JANE ' S SWEET MIA CUCUMBER MAYONNAISE ««*_--*.* j- 58* ITALIAN DRESSING --TMl«. 65* MIRACLE WHIP -,,,,,, 54* 21* 21* 47* SLOPPY JOE MIX GRAVY QU1K MIX MINUTE RICE BIG DIP Laundry Aids Frozen Food*. MACARONI CHEESE "-"^35* FISHSTICKS «,,*«R_ HALIBUT FILLET TM BANQUET MEAT PIES BEEF STEW KM.D ITO_ DASH DETERGENT JOY LIQUID DREFT. GROUND BEEF 3Q fb ILUCKY BONDED FOR TOP QUALITY +0 * lo CHUCK ROAST A\ BLADE CUT-USDA CHOICE or LUCKY BONDED "T«WJO RIB ROAST ssss, 79f b USDA CHOICE or LUCKY BONDED · M «W Ib VAN DE RAWS rVIET'S DOG FOOD- SALMON CAT FOOD GAINES DOG BURGERS^, Pk , 87* i-a.c». 9* r^c^io* APPLE DUMPLINGS - --, rttrree me JOHNSTON ROSE ROYAL CHEESE PIE . !*·«. PH 1.05 19* 36* 45* SAFEGUARD SOAP LYSOL DISINFECTANT .,,,,,,,. ^ Canned Moats DOWNYFLAKE XLNT ENCHILADAS XLMTTACO-ETTES PET RITZ PIES F» U iT. 14* Chun Beif Reg. Pka. : PREM LUNCHEON MEAT_,*« 52* BEEF STEW DINT* MOOUE 2x-c^(Ui. 55* CHILI WITH BEANS ^"-c.,, 55* 8 lixJ. Pi Applt · Ch»ify · Aprkef · P«ch . Cuitt-d ORANGE JUICE , : [ E S £ E _^. ORANGE JUICE ' m SAUSAGE PIZZA *. 35* * 35* . C»n PINEAPPLE J U I C E RIB STEAK 89 USDA CHOICE or LUCKY BONDED *·* * SLICED BACON 7A LUCKY BRAND-1-POUND PKO · ^»T FRESH FRYERS 33 USDA GRADE A CHICKENS-WHOLE BODY +0 a^lP ROUND STEAK 78 CENTER CUT-USDA CHOICE or LUCKY BONDED.... · ^0 FOREMOST-Quirt Carton COTTAGE CHEESE 49 GROUND CHUCK 23* 45* 65* Other Hems JOHNSON SfJAY WAX 1 1Q c»n I.|T c.. 95* CHUNK LI OKI STAR-KISTTUNA DEL MONTE SALMON n- ,,c,, 75* Coffee Tea HILLS BROS. COFFEE: tb.c,n 1.45 HIUS BROS. COFFEE 3 , c , n 2.15 INSTANT COFFEE TMl^" r 1.55 CHINESE FOOD Chun King Chicken Chov/ Me;rvB«f Pork CKop S^ey PIZZA PIE MIX ssr^r,^ SB* PLANTER'S PEANUTS KIE 79* SPANISH PEANUTS E-Z CUT CUBE STEAK. SIRLOIN STEAK f ,::r, T-BONE STEAK ,.,,. SIRLOIN TIP STEAK CROSS RIB ROAST CORNED BEEF ROUNDS CHUCK STEAK : RUMP ROAST 78k GROUND ROUND 78k 59* Ib. 98* Ib. 95* Ib. 98lb. .79«lb. 83« Ib. 57* Ib. Ib PORTERHOUSE STEAK ,«__ orr__ l.lSlb. CORNED BEEF BRISKET IUC *Y 87* Ib. PORK CHOPS .. SPARE RIBS w THICK BACON TURKEY ROAST TIIDI/IV DrtACT TURKEY ROAST THICK BACON COSMOPOLITAN-PAN whit, i D«k_j ,. ffiJSf _ 69* Va. _ 69* Ib. 2p£.1.52 4., 2.98 4 2.59 2 1.79 LUCKY CORNISH GAME HENS USDA c,^. A_ S3 Ib. FARMER JOHN HAM ^ t^°_ 59* Ib SLICED BACON SS'KHO.«I i--b. n, K* FRESH DUNGENESS CRAB '. 49* Ib. SWORDFISH STEAKS 89* Jb. FARMER JOHN BACON ^fL-T*.n* 79* HALIBUT STEAKS __________ 87* ,lb. FRESH COD Fll.T 67* Ib. Pl»niir'» Dry 9-oz. Vegetables a Ju MARGARINE ;IVAPORATE NON-FAT MIILK Fruits 8 Juices FRUIT COCKTAIL HARVESI OAT CARNATION Inilant | f _ M.QI. Box I.I PINEAPPLE CLING PEACHES ONION SOUP MIX T; -CAMPBELLSOUP "TM. ,« JELL-0 PUDDING TM n. Pk» 35* KRAFT VELVEETA-2-lb. Ctn. CHEESE FOOD I SUNSHINE-Mb. Box .%..· KRISPY 01 CRACKERS 0 I 35* 11/4 Can 23* ;,, c. n 25* SUPREMA CHERRIES,,.*,._».c., 20* CRANBERRY SAUCE °^££ 25* V-B APPLE SAUCE __=o 3 c,n 18* GLORIEnA PEARS __»»e.,29 SUNSWEETPRUNES ^'^70* CAL FAME DRINKS !l F Mr'c:: 26* ^ 22* . Pk ,. 63* -,c. n 17* PORK BEANS GREEN GIANT PEAS POTATOES ^ GOLDEN CORN ,.=,,, w _ LIBBY CUT BEETS CUT GREEN BEANS »3 c.. YORK COUNTY ONIONS ^ c, 23* STEWED TOMATOES !T£ c« 19* VEGETABLE JUICE V8 __^,c. n 38* CHILI BEANS ^CH S m e _ *»«.,, 16* TOK 24* DELECTABLE DEI/ ITEMS.' LUCKY FRANKS AQt All H..1 »··'· ''·· LUCKY LUNCH MEATS 29* Slic.d Bolo B ni, SiUrnl, PtP, ODvt-_i4i. Pkj. ^ * CINNAMON ROLLS 29 B.lly Creck.r _ »·«. Tub. ^ * LASSCO SHRIMP COCKTAIL Yj^. S.lfcod Tr..f 4-ol. Jir ** * LUCKY BISCUITS ^ fo KRAFT "AMERICAN CHEESE' Sliced , _,_ m ..,.- w .__L__l6-or. Pkj. Di',lilled Spirili OAKMOUNT WHISKEY e "« D ,»2.99 THE FINEST, FRESHEST FRUITS VEGETABLES AVA/IABLEI You'll find the Saaton'i f!n«t displayed In a vait array of colon . ,. to tempting to th* eye . · . AND all at Luck/i Low Discount Prices , . , You won't leava without a big fylll STORE HOURS LUCKY SCOTCH- LUCKY VODKA 80 -«* '·«» A go :olllrwJ_FIFTH *t.TT FIFTH 2.77 MONDAY thru IBIDAT SAIUDOAr .od SUNDAY 10" 9' 10" 7' (NOT AVAI1ASIE AT ALL SIORfS) « SCOnTOILETTISSUE_«=,,««. 35* CUT-RITE BAGS ^L'SSX27* ;iSCOTKINS NAPKINS _*«.«, 17* ,StOn PLACE MATS _.«,P,. 35* i^FiVClAL TISSUE *«»-.« N^^. 18* 'fSCOTT TOWELS » K O,TM-.«, TM 29* RESPOND HAIR SPRAY w i t h FREE $1.00 REFILLABLE 1-OZ PURSE SPRAY PI upend kt*pi in InvttibT* holcf en ycor hilr, Ntvtr ft«Ti stiff »r ttiilcy. $2.35 VALUE Our Low Everyday Price P E P S O D E N T FREEZER PAPER FAMILY SIZE TOOTHPASTE Good, cT*in taitinf P«pt*d*nt hiTpi prvvtnl civHlMi ~ 95* VALUE Our lew Price STAINLESS STEEL 10" FRY PANS Wr.p« yovr food* b^oi» fr..iing . . . H.lpi Vtip your focJl frtlhir. lirg roll. 79 VALUE-Our Uw Evtryday Discount Price SCORE HAIR CREAM Kfrtg ifi» hibf-$l^f VALUI--_Owr Irv PH:« KOTEX TAMPONS PVf. rf W-S1J» VAIUI OK lew PEPTO B1SMCH. TABLETS tfrg* |»»i:»f«--*t VAlUf 76 Rcplact thil wom-cu) ihMfst with thti modern designed pitn. Sturdy lakcBr* htndU. $2.79 VALUE-Our low Price »|29 I MISS BRECK HAIR SPRAY l»l. th.-tte VAIUI Our Uw PH SETTING LOTION IIECKI^. w «"· BUFFERIN TABLETS l.tll. . 10C-S1J» VALUE LAKEWOOD: Lakewood Shopping Center _COMPTON: 909 So. Cental LA MIR ADA: 15200 E. Rosecrans Ave. ·LONG BEACH: 4630 E Pacific Coast Hwy. 6255 East 2nd St. 2120 Pacific Ave. 2930 East 4th St Spring at Palo Verde LYNWOOD: 10721 Atlantic Ave. NORWALK: 11029 Alondra Blvd. 11011 FJ FJ"»««»n«»- BELL: Atlantic Ave at Bell Ave.

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