The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 11, 1906 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1906
Page 3
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CHILLICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEPT Ji 1900 F OR. SAL1 Six Room Cottage Modern. Three blocks from square. Good collar, wood house. Price 42300,00. Nine-Room BricfrMouse Incitv. Modern. Good barn. Price 42,'00. Eight.-B.oom Frame House Two blocks from square. Price $1.850. Five-Room House. Three blocks from square, good barn. Price $625. Five-Room Frame House Two blocks from square. Price 91,250.' Eight-Room Frame House Three.blocks from square. Modern. Price $3,500. Six-Room House Five lots, {food barn; fruit of all kind. Price 8SOO. Five-Room House Five room boose, pair, price 3525 00. Eight-Room.House Good re- Modern. Three blocks from square. New barn. Wood house. PriCb *2,600. BazelJ. Meek Land Co. AT.Cunningham. Mgr. City Dept AM'gcfablePreperJiiflnfcrAs- similaliriglheFoodandBegula- liRt; tlic Stoaads aaaBowels of Promotes Digesfion.CtecrFur- ness andF.est.Ccmlains neither Opium .Morphine norHiacrol. KOT "NAiiC OTIC . Jaajv. &ai Apafrr! Herns-Jy Forf onsl3p.'i- ij Him. Sor.r Stomach. Diarrhocvt II \Vurms.Cciiiviiisiorss .Feverishness and Loss OF SLEEP. For Infants and Children, Always Bough! Bears the Signature of GREATEST -IN- FARMLANDS, PASTURE LANDS, CITY PROPERTIES. Prices on' Best Crop-Growing- Lands in Kansas raagiug from $30 to $40 per acre. Invest now and double your money in five years or less time. Correspondence jfiven ready reply. All calls 'of prospective buyers given courteous attention. LEBO & LEBO. KANSAS. COFFEE Co In Use For Over Thirty Years SEMI-ANNUAL STATEMENT -OF THE- CMHkolhe Loan and Building Ass'n. At, the Close of Business on August. 31,1906. RESOURCES j Cash on hand . ! Loa ns- on re:i] estate .. ..30,550. "4 Due. from members undoubtedly tfood 2,202.40 Real Estate 3,185.02 Furniture and fixtures 100.00 Insurance 112.(i4 Taxes Ki2.07 Total $30,957.88 LIABILITIES Dues no deduction $2i),:ifiO.OO Surplus 7,433.31) Suspense •-• 11U.52 Total - 8*5,057 CITY REAL ESTATE. Modern slate-roof. Ijrick veneer, 8-ronm dwelling, lancelot. flue shadeaud fruit, lln« location. ' 4-room, almost new dwelling, near Centra school, price JO-TO yice fi-room dwelling, near Central school Hood cellar, southTront. price tliSO. 4-room, liew I story dwellinK'on Haynurd. street, price $500. «5-room nlinvst iiewuJwolliiiKand barn and lotsnudlMiru, price J700, near Industrial Home. : The Inst four dwellings belong to iion resident and have to sell. Farms. 1OO aores I<and—40 acres fine corn land balance timber, bine grass pasture, unfailing spring. 12,300, $500 down balance 0 per cent. • . ' 7O-acre Farm—4-room dwelling, barn and out-buildings, 40acres flue corn Innd, balance rolling blue grass pasture, on R. F. !>., nnd telephone line, unfr-iling spring in pas* ture, price J3 100, tBOOdowii balance at (i pel- cent. T have large list of all kinds of Real Estate «nd can suit you. Money loaned at 5, Oand 7 per cent on city and farm land. Insurance written In-companies that pay losses on faruis and city property. Office acrost street from Post uflice. L N. PAGE. HOMESEEKEE EXCURSIONS Series of Stock Values from Date of Organizat/on of Association 'o o iO •£ o "f. n 20 •2i 22 93 „ 24.-. 5j, 97 , 2!)'.!!.!.'.,.. " -•$0 •JL ' ..j S'-J •Jo ... ..... 3t>. j. 38 •49 _ 40. •S. — C S ~£ E ^ — 140 13-t 128 120 114 10S 102 no 84 78 72 no 54 4S 42 30 30 24 18 12 6 ij 2. & -1 S~. ^ 23 '9 J) 1 15 39 29 Ifi 17 12 5 ~2 1!) 12 17 45 1.0 *>g 27 47 4fi ?6 _, V | c = o a • 9 1 (i 2 n IB 2 5 4 3 10 8 19 22 3 2:-! SO o *_ If — c. c 5 15 27 10 17 3 5 20 14 .8 14 oO 8 10 a 44 23 „ 1 S| B| 3 140 134 128 120 114 108 102 96 90 84 78 72 GO 54 48 42 36 30 24 18 12 (i _ "3 „ o *5 tn 1 fiS.HO 58.73 49.1(5 45.28! 33.80 29.43 25.27 22. (iO 18.75 14.84 13.11 11.04 8.98 7.47 5.JI3 4.24 3.11 2.15 1.29 .74 .32 .00 .. c 5 ^ j"5 • o o n 205 !)0 192.73 .177.1H 165.28 152.61 141.80 131.43 121.27 112.60 102.75 92.84 85.11 77.04 68.08 61.47 53.03 46.24 39.11 32.15 25.20 18.74 12.32 6.06 ^ £.~^ zt. $ . 200.00 189.85 174.51 162.81 150.33 138.69 129.47 119.46 uo.'ie 101 22 91.40 83.79 75.89 67.98 60.50 53.14 45:55 38.53 31.67 24.02 18.47 12:i4 0.00 2 1? • oi O ft "o 4,735.89 1,734.58 887.58 102.28 2,289.14 5,530.0!) 3,811.46 1,950.31 1.914.17 1,231.04 464.1!) 3,005.03 154.08 1,010.89 736.88 910.88 2,086.11 625.75 932.38 683.05 '881.00 566.19 121.32 STEER MARKET SLOW- Kansas City, Sept 10.—Steers slow, steady; cows and heifers about steady; stackers active, steady; calves firm. Hogs steady to oc higher; top, SG 373t'; bulk, SO 20&6 32M. Sheop steady. Cattle-Receipts 10,000, including 1,500 Southerns. Native steersS4.00 (£6.50; Southern steers, S2 75 (<t3.M); southern cows S1.75@3.00; Native cows <*nd heifers, §2.00 4.85 = stockera and feeders §2.50;nl 4.50; bulls,S2.00(rt>3 10;ealves$3.00 (; western fed steers SS.uOol 5.15; western fed cows S2.00.o;4.00. Hogs—Receipts 6,000; heavy SG.OO^G 15; packers 86.10 iaG.35; pigs and lights, $6 20(g!6 37>i. Sheop—Receipts 7,000; Muttons §4.75@:5 50; lambs S6.00(n»7.6f> range wethers, $5.00 aS 75: fed ewes, S4.50(a5.40. Obliged to Lie With Limbs Higher Than Head — Suffered Untold Agonies and Could Not Walk- Doctor Said It Was the "Worst Case he Ever Saw. ANOTHER WONDERFUL CURE BY CUT1CURA "I received your letter asking for information about using the Cullcura Remedies. I used them for eczema. The doctor said it was the worst case he ever saw. It was on" both limbs, from the knees to the ankles. \Ve tried everything the doctors knew of, but the Cuticura Remedies did the most good. I was obliged tQ lie with 1 my limbs higher than my head, for the I pain was so terrible I could not walk. ! I suffered untold agonies. One limb wasted away a great deal smaller than the other, there was so much discharge from it. I found the Cuticura Remedies very soothing, and I st ill keep them in the house. I am very thankful to say that I am cured, and you can publish this statement if you wish. I found the Cuticura. Remedies all that, you say they are. I hope that you may be spared many years to make the Cuticura Remedies. for the benefit of persons suffering from the torture of skui diseases, C ch as I had. I remain, yours re- ectfully, Mrs. Golding, Box 8, Ayr, • .Canada, June 6, 1905." 1 CORED OF CHAPPED HANDS , " I have used the Cuticura Soap for chapped hands, which I had been troubled with for about three years. I Buffered intense pain and itching. I used nearly two cakes of the Cuticura Soap, and my hands were completely cured and have never troubled me since. I also took the Cuticura Resol- vent for the blood at the same time. I can .recommend the Cuticura Remedies to others suffering the same. Chas. Young, Plattsville, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 29, 1905." Complete External and Internal Treatment for every umor, from llmplm ti> Scro eonnUlliu: of Cuticura Siuii, Z enLMf of Ol), Potter Orug X: Cl Od" Mailed free, Humor, from llmplm ti> Scrofula, from Infancy to Ape, u: of Cuticura Siuii, Zx., l)iiiliiirnt«JOc,H«lol»- I ill lurm of Chocolate Coaled I lll», 2oc. per vjal , ay be Imtl of all cinifei'tx. A nlmtle net often euro. r Orug X: Clu-m. Corp., Sole Props.. Uoitou, MaHt Itching, ticaly liumora,* . ., ree, " liow to Cuxe Itc Kansas City, Sept. 10—Wheat- Sept. 62H'c; Dec 6-1 %c; Cash No.2 hard (il^ g)G6>«c; No. 3, 63(<n(54; No. 2 red 65>£c; No. 3, 64c. Corn—Sep 41?<c; Dec 37Kc; Cash No. 2 mixed 42c; No. 2 white, 45o. Oats—No. 2 white 30^@31c; No. 2 mixed, 29;<<30c. Kam as .Oity Produce, j Kansas City, Sept. 10—Butter— Creamery, 23c; packing 16c. Eggs—19>ac. i There is nothing so pleasant as that bright, cheerful, at-peaco- with-the-world feeling when you sit down to your breakfast. There is nothing so conductive 4 to good work and good results. The healthy man with[a healthy mind and body is a bettor fellow, a better workman', a better citizen than the man or woman who is handicapped by some disability, however slight. A slight disorder of the j pA M * M A IllMj/ cm n stomach will derange your body, I PANAMA UUIlft JJULU. your thoughts and your disposi- Washington, Sept. 10—The sale tion. Getaway from tho morbid- of 7,200 tons of cast iron junk on uess and tho blues. Keep your the isthmus o't Panama for $60,stomach in tune and both your 000 recently has encouraged the brain and body will respond, canal commission to believe they Liltle indiscretions of overeating have a small fortune in worthless can be easily corrected and you machinery purchased from the will be surprised to see how much French Canal company. The lot better man you are. Try a little of scrap iron sold was assembled Kodol For Dyspepsia after your from a few acres of ground which meals. Sold by Clark's Pharma- Chief Engineer Stevens found it C y. necessary to clear in order to con— •—-» j struct new switching yards for the NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. : Panama •»"«»«*. one of the of- Notice is hereby given that flciala of the canal commission sealed proposals will be received said today that there were thirty by tho City Auditor of the city of acres of ground strewn with Chillicothe, Missouri, up to twelve similar machinery. He roughly o'clock noon, on the 12th day of calculated that when this inachm- September, 1906, for the doing of ery was gathered up it will be the work and labor necessary to worth^ mUliondollars or more, construct a sewer on Jackson j Many requests "from Catarrh street from the west side of Jeffer- gu g erer8 who use atomizers have son street, to the east side of resulted in Liqu id Cream Balm, a Easton street, being a distance of about 573 feet. All tho said work and labor shall be in full accordance with the plans and specifications therefore prepared by the city engineer and now on file in the city clerk's office, and in accordance with ordinance number - , of the new and convenient form of Ely's Cream Balm, the only remedy for Catarrh which can always be depended on. In power to allay inflammation, to cleanse the clogged air-passages, to promote free, natural breathing, the two forms of Cream Balm are alike. Liquid Cream Balm is sold by all druggists for 75 cents, includ'ng spray- 487 1(52 325 °of FIRST AND THIRB TUESDAYS OF EVERY MONTH FINE BUSINESS CHANCES MODERNTRAINS EQUIPPED WITH PULLMAN SLEEPERS RECLINING CHAIR CARS & THROUGH COACHES. MEALS AT KAtY.DINING STATIONS MODERATE IN PRICE UNSURPASSED IN QUALITY AND SERVICE. !' I SS I- Douglass Stewart, secretary, and N. J Swetland, president, each on our oath, state that the above and foregoing statement is true to the best of our knowledge and belief, as shown by the ! books and accounts of said association. N J. SWETLAND, PKES. • DOUGLASS STEWART, Sec'y. __, _ i Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 10th day of SEAL, '- September, 190fi. CALVIN R. J. MclNTDRFF, Notary Public. ^-<-^ \ My commission expires June 20, IfllO. ordinance of the city of Chillico- geejlj j the, Missouri, calling for said im- ? ng tube Mai i ed D y Ely Bros., provements. 5 g Barren Street, New York. The proposals must be according to form required and furafsn- ett by the city engineer. | A* certified check in the WILL SPEAK SATURDAY James D. Beal and JTheodoro sum oE Grotne will gpoak at the Old Set_. tiers' reunion Saturday. A num- Tne'rightto VejecT anyand ber of other old settlers in this reserved by the City and adjoining counties will deliver addresses. The reunion will begin Friday and lasts orer Saturday. A large crowd is expected. Why does the sun burn? Why does a mosquito sting? Why do tract. all bids is Council. BUELL WlGELY, City Auditor, 9100 BEWABD, sioo. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure In all Its stages, mid the is Catarrh. Hail's . Catarrh Ouro is thu only positive cure now we feel unhappy in the UOOO Uid known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh bcinif a constitutional disease, requires a treatment. Hall's Catarrh We The Financial World SAMTI.E COri" FKEB : NO TXVESTOR OR 8PKCCT.&TOR CAJT B,B M'lTHOl'T ihUf l'e»rlc— fiitum-liil p»M»er Ht'.' 1 - 1 * Advtu!Scrv'.-B. It helps you to Judge Iccltlraale J«V4wljofnl*ft^n» IfttCH^ It expwei*/*»tu*ii Utiunet MOi nil lls tricks and traps. It Is Independent. a* II ,«*!« no udvertteliur tot lifts and pro-'per? l).v *l)V s ouly. It will YOUR EYES • w ^5?,"^"S-oSristeh*""- fa.*. —"• ' fair. ' At .LUDLOW, MO., for cure of WHISKEY, MOXMIINE, and all DKO(3 HA HITS. Guarantee |>ay when cured. Also cure CANCKU, GO1TKE, KUPTUKE and. PILES. _ No cutting-, no pain, no pay un- 4- til cured. Q. Broyfes, B9. D. j Secretary, t H-I-M-I-X-I-I-M' 1111 n :-i-i- CHOCOLATE MINT CRAPE KOLA ORANGE-ADE COCA-COLA -2- . Second-Class Colonist Rates. ' One-way second-class colonist tickets will be sold via tho C. M. & St. P. daily August 27 to Octo- •ber 31, 1906,"to all the principal points in the west and north-west, alsp to points intermediate. tialf of colonist rates will be made for children. '•-';.. •„ S. Nicholas, Agent. . jr? *x? o sea. a; .A. . /> |l$ Kind Yaa'Haa Always ty'llft w -~~ —" v " flT HARRINGTON'S f OUNTAIN §79.00 for round-trip tickets to Yellowstone Park, via, St. Paul or Billings (thro' Denver, if deswed), including'stage thro' the P.ark and 5}< days' hotel accommodations, any day; pntil geptom^pr 16; good returning within Qp d.ays. ' ^sk roe foj'{J6.oQ ; ill{|flliatod 'in', i i! '-. . Bt l3.jforo»H, constitutionnl Om-c Is taken Internally. actinK directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, tlieruby destroying the foundation Bf the disease, and giving the patient strength by bulldlntt up the constitution and assistinc nature in dolnB Its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers that thoy oiler One Hundred Hollars for any' case t.iat It fails to cure Send for list of testimonials. Address P. .I.OHBNEY * CO., Toledo, O. Sold by all imiBKlsts, 75c, Take Hnll's Family Pill for constipation SHEEPllROWERS~rO ORGANIZE. Albuquerque, N. M., Sept. 10.— A convention of sheep and wool growers of New Mexico, called by Governor Hagerman, will be held in Albuquerque September 18-22, to organize the New Mexico Sheep and Wool Growers' association. The organization is designed to protect the interests of sheep and wool growers in pending legislation before Congress. Accidents will happen, but the best regulated families keep Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil for such emergencies. It subdues the pain heals the hurt. Summer Time? Answer: wo don't, use DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, and these little ills don't bother us. Learn to look for the name on the box to get the genuine. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. OWN A We Have These and Many Other Bargains. $1,800—Nine-room dwelling, small barn, some fruit, two lots, in excellent neighborhood. $2,350-Seven-room dwelling, bath. etc.. barn and woodshed. Lot 50x112 feet. $85O—Five-room dwelling 1 , on West Webster street, one lot. $1,OOO—Six-room dwelling on North Elm street. Good neigh- hood rod a bargain. $850 — Five-room dwelling with lot 90x140 feet. $6OO — Two small dwellings $1500 each, on easy terms. RYAN, Cblfikofehe, Mo. NEWS NEAR SAMPSEL Sampael, Route 2, ^Sept 11— (Special Correspondence)—Miss Bertie Boucher left (last Tuesday for her .home in Kansas City. Mrs. A. Morgan made a business trip to Chillicothe Thursday afternoon. The base ball gam^ at Sampsel Sunday evening attracted a larga crowd. Miss Clara Boucher gaye a party at her home Saturday night to a number of her friends.' Col. Selby of Chillicothe was in Sampsel on business last Friday. The veterinary surgeon was called out to Jasper Minnick's to attend a sick horse. Mr. Minnick has been the unfortunate loser of three fine horses in the past two months. Miss Daisy Whitaker and John Buchanan called on Mr. and Mrs. James Trimble Sunday evening. Miss Alpha Morris, who has been visiting with Mrs. E. Boucher and family for several days,returned to Gallatin last Tuesday evening. Mrs. Mattie Adams of Utica is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Foster. Mr. Flemming, who has been employed in the Moody district, began his school Monday. Messrs. Jackson and Vernon Boucher left Sunday for Kirksville. where they will attend school this winter. Miss Miriam Purdin called on Miss Blanche Morgan Sunday evening. Misses Irene and Laura and Messrs. Jackson and Vernon Boucher spent Tuesday evening with Marie Johnson. Fred Eb^erlin and wife were Sampsel visitors Sunday. Ed Boucher returned home Saturday evening after a few days' visit in Tibbets, Mo. . James Pearl was in our vicinity last Saturday. Ura Minnick was visiting -with Marie Johnson Friday evening. Mrs. Frank Masts' little bov has been quite sick for the past few days. A healthy man is a king in his own right;, an unhealthy man is an unhappy slave. Burdock Blood Bitters builds up sound health— keepe you well. STATE DELAYS IN MINER CASE. Boise, Idaho, Sept. 10—Detective McFarland, in charge of the Steunenberg murder investigation, has arrived from Denver, where he rearrested Steve Adams, who was released last week on habeas corpus, on charge of tho murder of Lyte Gregory, Denver,, May 7, 1904. To prevent Dreliminary tioaring at present, the prosecution filed a motion for a continuance of two days to permit officers from Denyer to airive. McFarland donied Adams was being held as a prisoner, but .that he asked to- live in the penitentiary to prevent tiim being assassinated. WILL PROBE ICE TRUST. Omaha, Neb., Sept. "10.—At the request of County Attorney Slabaugh, the judges of the District Court today announced that they would call a special grand jury at once to investigate iho alleged ice irusfc. A reputed combination of coal dealers will also be 1'ooked after. Step Bub.'U' T««IB. Ninety per ceut o: babieo'- troubles are caused by disordered stomach or bowels. They can all be quickly cured by a few doees of that great digestive medicine, Dr. Caldwell's (laxative) Syrup Pepsin. It digests curded milk, sweetens tho breath, reduces fev> r and relievos pain. Absolutely harm- leas to mother or child. Sure relief in teething. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and SI 00. Money back if it fails. DOWIETOo'lLLTOAlTEND Chicago, Sept. 10.—The condition of John Alexander Dowie again is such as to inspire grave apprehension in tho minds of his followers. At a meetiujj of the faithful in-Shilob house yesterday Jowie sent word fioui the sick chamber Oi'it h« wan unable to permit himneh to b.; carried down stairs to proside at the gathering. No further j articulars wero given out. "Suffered fi-ty ;icd night the torment o£ itchi.-ig piK-s. Nothing helped me uutii I used Doan's Ointment. It cured me permanently."—Hon. John R. Garrett, Mayor, Girard. Ala. sf Two Dyspeptics If you are too fat it is becanst your food turns to fat instead of muscle—strength. If you are too lean the fat producing food* that you eat are not properly digested and assimilated. Lean. thin, strinsry people do not h»»» enough Pepsin in the stomach, while fat people have too much Pepsin and oo* enough Pancreatine. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure contains all the digestive juices that an found in a haalthy stomach, and in exactly those .proportions necessary to enable the stomach and digestive organs to digest and assimilate all foods that may be eaten. Kodol is not on!y a perfect digestant, but it is a reconstructive, tissue building tonic as well Kodol cures Indigestion. Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach. Heartburn. Palpitation of the Heart and Constipation. You will like it Digests What You Eat Rests the stomach, rebuilds the tissues and gives firm flesh. Fnpand at Uu ttfc- arator * Co.. 0. P. Clark, Druggist HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEL OIL :::::: FOR PILES, ONE APPLICATION BRINGS RELIEF. SAMPLE M-ATTVRn FREE. At Druggists, a cents, or mailed. Humphreys'Medicine Co., Cor. William antl John Streets, New Tort. NERVOUS DEBILITY', Vital "Weakness and Prostrfe- tion from overwork and other causes. Humphreys' Homeopathic Specific No. 28, in use over 4O years, the only successful remedy. $1 pervial, or special package for serious cases, $5. Sold by Druggists, or sent prepaid on receipt of price* Humphreys' Med. Co., William & John Sis., N. Y. THE POWER OF STEAM. Msrny May See Bnt It Takes Grains to Realize. When James Watt saw the steam causing the kettle lid to jump up and down he said "There must be power in that steam that It can lift such a weight." There was. Millions prior to him had seen the same phenomenon and regarded it as an unexplained mystery. Becent scientific research has. put its finger on the "cause" of Dandruff, Falling Hair, and consequent Baldness, and has unearthed a tiny germ which eats the life from the roots of human hair. Newbro'c Herpicide destroys this germ and conseouently restores the hair to its natural state. Sold by leading druggists. Send lOe. In stamps for sample to The Herpicide Co.. Detroit. Mich. Seymour Wigely, Special Agent. Ely's Cream Balm is quickly absorbed. Gives i?»lief at Once. It cle '5SC3, soothes [ heals mil protects! the d aased mem-1 braua It cures Ca-1 tarrh nd drives I away I Gold in the I Head quickly. stores the Senses of Tiate and Smelt Fttllsize50ct3.,atDruK- gists or by mail; Trial Size 10 cts. by mail. Ely Brothers.56 Warren StreetNewYork. GO ALAND FEED PHONE 75 THEO SHEPPARD AT TALENT'S BARN. *»H"H-I-I I M M I I •!• 11 OPEN FOR. ALL ENGAGEMENTS CHILLICOTHE ? $ £ C. A. SPOONER, Mgr. l-I"I"H-H"I"I"I"M I 1 1 1 •H-111 I .i..i-M.-1-H-M-I-I-M-I-r-Hfr-I- DAVIS & SONS, j: ATTORNEYS AN0 |[ COUNSELORS. : , •• :: Notary always in office. 11 Office: 516 Washington :; St., ChilJicothe, Miesour jj

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