Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 34
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iML/crcnucm riu.30- 1 moiovrt (FM) um» Bticn, aw.. T b u r t . , March u, »; _ China big on quake prediction (Cont from Page B-t) The big ones arc harder lo predict b e c a u s e the c h a n g e s t h a t p r e c e d e them--geological and clec- Irical--occur over a longer period of lime, he said. One advantage the Chinese have is thousands of years of records showing w h e n and w h e r e their earthquakes h a v e o c c u r red. There is o n l y one recorded incident (1933) of m a j o r activity on the Ncwport-Inglewood f a u l t t h a t runs through Long Beach, he noted. Allen said the Chinese claim to have predicted 12 major earthquakes w i t h enough accuracy to (jet people out of their houses and save many lives. "If that's so, and we think their chim has some validity, then they've predicted 12 more than anyone else in (he world," he said. But Allen said Chinese scientists w o u l d n ' t s a y how many false alarms they had sounded--except to say there had been many. "The Chinese also have an advantage that, when the government tells people to e v a c u a t e , t h e y evacuate," he said. "I'm not sure that would be the case here." Besides f a i r l y sophisticated scientific equipment for earthquake prediction, the Chinese h a v e other m e t h o d s amateurs c a n use, Allen said. He said one technique villagers have been urged to use is to hang a plumb bob I r o m their roofs directly over an "X" on the floor. If the plumb bob shifts position, indicating an cartli till that could proceed a quake, they report it to an earthquake center, he snid. "The devotion a n d enthusiasm for earthquake prediction in China is fantastic," he said. If Americans devise s u c c e s s f u l techniques, Allen s a i d , they'll owe much to the Chinese and the Russians, who seem far ahead in the field. Allen said earthquakes appear lo o c c u r w h e n rocks Beneath the earth's crust-- under stress from shifting land masses or p l a t e s p u s h i n g against each other--rupture tinder the pressure. "We k n o w there are physical changes that take place prior to those ruptures, hut we don't know if those changes are consist- ant enough so we can rout i n e l y p r e d i c t earthquakes," he said. The:;c changes include the velocity of seismic waves in the earth's crust, swelling of the earth's surf a c e , u p l i f t of surface land, land tilting on the edge of faults and changes in the ground water level. He noted that an uplift that could be a precursor to a major q u a k e has occurred on the San Andreas Fault between Gorm a n a n d Wrightwood. "There is no qucslion that strange things are happening along the fault," he S.'lill. But Allen said the uplift may have occurred several years ago and does not necessarily mean a major quake will occur in the next few years. "On our present knowledge, we don't have reason to say that an earth- q u a k e w i l l h a p p e n tomorrow, next year or 19 years from now," he said. And Allen said predic- tion Is not necessarily the most important tool in keeping earthquake d a m age to a minimum. Tearing down old, dangerous buildings, enforcing city building codes and devising proper land-use codes can be even bigger factors in saving lives, he said. "I do think we are facing a .solvable problem," Allen said. "We can build buildings t h a t w i l l withstand anj earthquake and we should be able to predict earthquakes in not loo many years. " G i v e n t i m e , earthquake-prone a r e a s like Long Beach may be among the safest places you can live," he said. "I don't think that a way will ever be devised to build buildings that will withstand Midwest t o r n a does." Flayed ordinance expected to go By ROBERT GOUK Staff Writer L a k e w o o t l ' s i n u c h debated prosaic housing inspection ordinance -tentatively r e p e a l e d by unanimous c i t y council vole March i) -- probably will be permanently void- ed at UK: next Tuesday mceling, according lo City Ally. John Todd. The ordinance required that a homeowner have his dwelling inspected before il can be sold. Inspectors sometimes would turn up violations that had to be cornet-led. Kiwanian lines up tanks for village (Continued from Page 11-1) The council deeded the Mexico, tower lo t h e c l u b , for demolition and/or removal by whatever means the club might choose. With (he g i f t went also two t a n k s long s t a n d i n g on ;t lilllc hill a mile and a half northeast of A n d e r s o n Strcel and 1'acific Coast Highway, where (he big- gcsl tank stands KS feel tall on its timber legs. "This w i l l lake some study, bill we'll get it d o n e , " McKcehnn lol(l Captains James Lacy and Thomas Mish of Iliinting- ton B e a c h Fire Department, wtto arc concerned because one of Ihcir stations sits in the big lower's shadow. "Whatever is done will be d o n e with good engineering advice and proper insurance protection. 1 am hoping that we can really get these tanks down lo t h e M e x i c a n v i l l a g e s where they would be a blessing most welcome." Long Beach Kiwanis members have been giving a hand -- in a large way -- for several years to two liny communities in one located 50 miles and the other, 100 miles, below Knsimada. The project has involved improving living conditions f o r industrious people in rural scmi-dcscrl areas. Schools h a v e been improved, water syslems developed, a clinic has been opened, a d u l t education has been continued, and '2,600 citrus and other fruit trees have been planted. One b r a n c h of the project has started a successful raising of domestic LiuuibT .'i? food, with a side-project of r a i s i n g alfalfa to feed the rabbils -- present population 500 rabbits. N e e d i n g w a t e r r e s e r - voirs for their villages, Kiwanis members learned that a new water supply from the city of Hunting- Ion Beach had replaced an old private water company serving Sunset Beach and Surfside. A notice of intent to demolish t h e t a n k s is pending before the South Coast Regional C o m m i s - sion. Realtors and p r i v a t e cili/ens complained bitterly at January public hearings, lolling stories of a client or neighbor who had lo spend large sums of mnncy before his house could be sold. However, the realtors h a d been w o r k i n g on several amendments they said would make the ordinance acceptable. A special committee headed by former Mayor Pro Tem William Young was looking into possible revisions. When Young and two colleagues were defealed in (he March 2 election, the three new councilman look advantage of their f i r s l meeting t o m a k e good on a c a m p a i g n promise -- repeal of the ordinance. Mayor Pro Tern G. C. IlcBaun. who campaigned h a r d c s l on the repeal, made the motion and was supported by the rest of the council. Todd said the formal repeal of Ihe law would be g i v e n f i r s l reading on March 2i and would lake effect on May 13. He pointed out that, although Ihe repeal would not be effective unlil May, Ihe council could suspend enforcement of t h e l a w Tuesday. Todd s a i d ho would recommend such a C i t y hall switchboard operators said they were d e l u g e d w i t h citizen inquiries about the date of the repeal in the days following the last council meeting. Supporters of the ordinance contended the law, which is supported unanimously by the planning commission, helped lo en- snre that the city's aging housing stock would continue to be kept up to city housing standards. Bellflower's gift truck A 1949 vintage fire pumper truck is on its way to Los Mochis, Mexico, a gilt from the people of Bellfiower to their sister city. Pedro Rene Armenta Gutierrez, left, and Bpjorguez Flores, firemen for the community on the West Coast of Mexico, checked the truck out last week before they left to drive it home. Bellflower purchased the truck in August from South Gate for $2,500 when South Gate switched to Los Angeles County Fire Department services. Delivery of the truck was delayed by difficulties in getting clearance from several Mexican agencies. -Staff Photo by IIAL LOWE : :£:*:r:xW::::yW::::-:-W-: NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS If YOU DO NOT GET YOUR REGULAR CARSrtR DUiVEKCD INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM Wr s»ill (lufivn if lo you ^vcio'V. S«iviri» D(-pl Hoof, (nk lor llv CVuJrto«i Def**.) hvl^ptficfciit - - Wi-duJoyi, i/n'il 10.00 A M Prr^i-ltrUyircim -- WeeLHoy* wifil 7.00 P.M. A Swdoyi until 30.30 A M. (W-.irh I-iVi-woco I Y, AMmiros. .VTtOiV A S,'.ll [V,Kh .1 iVlJlla.M' C.TIIOS Nr.frt.^ik. A P.*r Fl.iv Ar.-.i S. ffyniiton. l.viis.fwi to'l F i i i 1 to UiMfh HJimiimMiiiiiimmmimiimniinimimimiMiiiiiiiiiimimiiiniMtimimiiE I POLICE BEAT I ^iiiimiimiiiimiimmiiiiiiiiiimiiiitimiimiiiimmminniiiiiiniitiMiiRiin Girl, boa constrictor missing The father of a 11-year-old girl reported her missing Wednesday and said she apparently had taken along her pet snake, a 1-foot boa constrictor. Itonald Jansen, M948 Cerrilos St., Bollflowcr, told Uikewofld sheriff's deputies that his daughter, Julia Marie, left home about 2 p.m. Tuesday after an argu- mcnl with an older brother. Deputies said they didn't think the snake represented a serious danger. "Boa constrictors feed by killing small animals by constriction. It's unlikely this one will harm the girl or anyone else," one deputy said. Officers said (hey didn't know how she was carrying the pel, whether she had a portable cage or not. They described (he girl as 5 feel 3 and weighing about 05 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. When last seen, she was wearing a skirt and flowered grcen-and-whlle blouse. Woman kidnaped, robbed j A 30-year-old Long Beach woman was assaulted and 5 kidnaped and her auto and wallet were stolen, Long f. Beach police reported. j! The victim, Ora M. Black, said that when she i- stopped for a red light at Anaheim Street and California Avenue Tuesday a man opened the car door on her side, jerked tier from the vehicle and beal her. The man then pushed her back into the car and got in. She reported that this occurred several times unlil the assailant drove her to Alamitos Avenue and 17lh Street, where she was again beaten on the sidewalk until a crowd gathered. The man drove away in her cnr with her wallet containing $16 in cash. She said Ihe man did nnt s P° ak during the incident. PUZZIE # 4, RACE IP-T dRAND PRIX RACE GAME What's the siren? Pacific BEACH if J 600 weekly cash prizes * Complete rules information in last Sunday's Independent Press-Telegram RACE #11 OOHANNIOAt. W SORCERY 13 STREAKER W UNEASY 19 SABER 70 BLAZE ttMARS /JOWCAST J/FIRE » INFERNO 71 FRENZY 74 VOLCANO 33 BOMBER n APACHE 37CYCLONE S3 DEMON 0 SPUNKY 85 INVADER «BLIFZ S9 PANTHER 50GHOST «1W!NO SJ CANNON REJECTOR S5GALLAHAD 9 FLASH S8ROAWEL 1! METEOR «DMENTO « SATAN \Vhon vcxj'vc completed all ( i^ n narnes of the first ton appropriate car number tlw ttvit appeared in Ihe Sunday, INVEPENVL Watch your Indofvnrfivif f · official r.KC cntr · £ rtcw r.icc start · one of five weok' 7th Y place I-- 8th v place . JL nvly Lv ixxes^i'v t,i iiil fsv pujjrcs h'foro Hy prc'r wvlulro/l is .XXVIN-III s^ r,\nv Mill SAVE THIS PUZZLE ve Monday through Friday [iu7/fes you'll know cars to linish Ihi^ wcek'b r^re. Transfer tho corresponds lo Mrh name lo Ihe enlrv form March 14, Independent, Press-Tclenram. aw PRESS-TELEGRAM 'roiS-T^ftvjr.ifTi Mr y forms - on Sundays only na cecn Sunci.iv y puzifos to solve .ippeoring daily Mon, - Fri. TUESDAY S:«p.m., car l i r e , 50-10 AILmlk' A V P . : 9:02, injury t n i f f i c ;l(*chle»t, Anaheim St. ,1111! Olive Avo ; 9.13, first ,-ikl. 27!) Kim Avr- 9:1-1 huiMinjj fiiv. !in£ llc.'ich ftlvd ami View St.; IO:1S. injury traffic acciil«Til, Cherry Aw. and Anaheim Si.; 10.16, fiM a i d . 237 Daisy Avr : II IS. lirsl aiil. I6.SO Ki-dorelo Aviv TODAY 12 U .1 m., first a i d . 24X K. Aivihoiin injury t r a f f i c acridpnl. Shoreline and GoMi'ii Shores Drives; 1:20. firsl ftjd, 2201 W. !9Ui St.; 1 r. first aid. SOS Ohio Aw.; I : M . rar fire; Magnolia Av*e. nd Sixth R! ; 3.30, first aW. IKiS F,. Anahrim St.; 4:10, (mh fire, 1.W2 l,cwis Avo ; 4:47. boy .ibrm. Ixing Bo.ich Marina: 7:09, assistance, 4W5 E . T h i M S t . Ul.St a.m.. injury traffic. Fiflh Sijvct and Atlantic Avenue; Il..i6 a m., injury t r a f f i c . Fourth Street a nd Ros-Acl! A veil in*; 12 10 p rrt , injury t r a f f i c . Seventh Street a n d P a c i f i c Coast Highway; t S3 o m . noiiinjiiry traffic. Santa rY AVVIUJO and Pacific Coat Highway; 2 : W p.m.. injury t r a f f i c , Sjxth Slnvt and Kim Avenue: 3:5-1 p . m . . injury t raf fi c, Second SI r f * r a nil Uetloixlii Aycnw; 5 20 p.m , i n j u r y t r a f f i c . 300 W Willow Si.; 5:SI p.m , noninjury traffic , 1127 Lon^ lfc\Kh KiuiiV PXJBUC HOTICK FOR O.r.P. nRmxwE NO. iirvtw -\N ORHINANCK OF T1IK BOARD OK f t IRBOR COMMISSTONKHS i*F TH: CITY OF LONG RKACH DI RKITINC* TIIF. OK.NKRAI. M A N \ ; K R TO KSWITK \ Sfrovn AM EN tl H KNT TO l^A5K R K- TWEKN TIIB rrrv OF LONO RKAHI, ATTING BY AMI THROUGH VTS BOARD OK I1AR MR COMMISStONKRS. AND UVRON JACKSON TTMP DIYI StON. A DIVISION OF PORC,. H A R N F R OORfORAnOV FOR THE I'SK OF (TRTAIN I'RKMISfS IN TltK II\RROR DLSTRKT \ N D « AXING A DITt: R* FN AT1ON n CAy ot \frnf Br»ch fnd* and drtfrmkirt Uut the Vcood Arnenrtnrnl ta (/-iw Vtr*uh the C*y ft \f% . by and ItrrcRh lU Board jf H-irbor rommii^TrfT';. and Br-i . . f RcunJ r* )Lirlvr inii'k.4- i ofr o/ Ihf Oyof I^n:; Ht'^rti irrs \P amend i*ji (raw wiiJi Rmn kMin Ptnnp Pnrtwn. 3 Diviyoo o( t W«xt Crrpccatkin. for ««· c^f tfi- ptrmv*t 11 the llirtwr Dfstncl: Ji] . PuWif Rrtourcf* Corff rrsmrr* prrninrd and jdtjptn] by the fw-r/i-tinf i( Inf R«ourr« A/fnt-y JT\] rach punic JC«x ki irvlwie j net of rla^« ot projfrts »hifh ha^r Ixyn iVlcrmn^l ort lo k.irr J rf- on tV oivin«nfEfl iM wtucfa ^Kifl \cnpt (nxn Cw fv\TSJor,; at ibe ir\cniTiti!QuJljtf Ar( of I?TU. .md F-VX. Mid fwWinrt 'n-Uir o iW Rowmrv IN* OU I'wipol of (S- i"iij ef rrtliffi ol.L-^ m tbo StJlf OoitHi nnnp fri^n the [-i Qiu!:i- Art by Ui . o/ UV Crt) ··( \'- nmol l\it Mid NOW TUFBFTOHE. LV TV.'rcf of Hxhx 1 t'Vfn m \v*mm of IV t"u (4 \,T.t, IV.Kh onJalns M foftxri ^·Ytuxi 1 The fiAird rA H.irH^f Com- PUBLIC NOTICE KOR O.C.P. . jrrvr Cmpofark^, [ix tV ir-f of rrrtam prrm»« in rt«--r Distnrt, i* cai^onr.itly r\- mp( frwn thif pfu\t*ir* a4 the Em iron- l (^ Art oi 1771 . ! TV Owral Hauiw of iJw wT' of LV CMf r \fnt « Vfcby a-jlbofi/ed JW dirwird irt*. in Jupfrjtf. * rwr( (o I^a* m iuh rxv Milh the furmhfrnrtih wNnitiM Vr^b) Jpfmvtxl. St^rm lw Crfjr of \fnt frjkch. xlir/ by and Ihrxicb «\ of Tljrtwr roram:*«oriff. ami BJTOO Jick.Hi pump Ii\ttrin. J Ih^i- MOQ Of !W)? -WjfTVT COTV^ilKT by the resident . Vice Prfn*-nt o4 the ~ jrtl f^ Harbor Cnmnm*i*wni and Jl fcJ lo b Ihe SfXTrOo 1 - TSe SevrrtJT; shall orrtny in (he m^Jpe of thn orJ ·3--5re fiy the RMM oi Ihrt^ " i^i\«wnytSernyorfIx: l tTteid faiEvf ft* ame to be publuSed oort b the o^M-iJ ro«^wper of the Oty * l«irj; EV^ch. a^J ti-xse a rertrfted «p! of ttis ordiiuotY la be forth»;ti t\\n -*rth the Oy Oett 1^ the iMy rt NT,, P^i.-h. arj fl *haD lair fffcrl ten I!L ilm ifur tho poNicJOno lfxT»^ IT F R I D I M J R J \MLsf. TRAtf-. JR fVcrrtin' I havh fcrtrfy Ih-i! i I I97h. b i t'. k)i rrh-i-lir^ of Mjnn 1: fcv tS* MVw mjt *iVe Airs f.^mrafcooorr*· CI/X,"K. ritiifi. mxBY. Rn»N;s CRAIG. JR Nvrrl.»T Ptih Mjr H l - O i i l i i t.r.I PXTBLIC NOnCK FOR O CP- . KT!t» AN ORDKANCF. OF THF, BOARD OF [IARBOR COMMISSIONERS OK THE CTTY OK l-ONG BFACTI AV- T1KRIZ1N'G AND APPROVING TIIK PSIIANCF. OF A RF.VOCA BJJC PKBUIT ANP DIBPCTING THK f.KNTRAI. M X N A G R R TO FXFCLTE SMD PKRMTT ON BF^ KM.F OF SAID BOARD OF HARBOR COMMISSIONKRS. TO THK fsm:n STATV.S or AMERICA, AS PKRMITTKF.. OK CRRTA1N PRKMISra VND FAHUntS I/V-\TKT AT RK.ST1I *,. P1FR A. AMI OFFKTS AT 1* NORTH PICO AVEM K. IN THE HARBOR niSTRKT OF s \ i n crrv. AND MAKING A h£7FRM!NATTON ROUTING THERETO WW:RF\S. ihr Boartt of Hirb- nmmi^wnm ot !hr Olj flf l^*w fVic ^rr* (.1 part i rcvocaWe perrat t h« V'njtfd Saf« of A?wnf J for the c of ttrtfji prnni^f is the l!art»v Dt net. inJ WF.HE.Ui p Cah t Ihe prfairM an ot w EU^oyrres eoch p..W)c a^rnry 1t inctod* a W of « ot pro.TtLi «hKij bi« bera rxtx-d not In lu*^ 3 oymfx-anl cf- in ihr ea%nrnnnro( Jid *taci ihaH be ni-mpl fm-n iN- (tn^tifKvt of thf r A*1 of lyrO J3d po-Jrtnc* by IN- : cy rtf Kl of the . vrf!.iry i i?» R,-* b ifw C;t Crusnl nf Ihe CVy cf jh p«v^V thit «rtJia f fj cti h«e«l m ibt rtatp curfrl gixx-any fi'^ Itfcn 'J* pi ih* Jjiii^fliT^nljl Duality ^ 1 -^S. ihf Ptirenn* r of 1,-r.c fVKt; NOW^THFRKfiiRK. "So B-xiri ri SnrlN'fl 1 TV ftvirj ,y IbrSf f.-« hcrvt fmds «·»! dt-'rnri^'i :fut i PUBLIC NOTICE POR O.CP. aWc permA pnjaxrd io **· u iy Ihe Brtinf ot Ihnxx ComrnK- o the IVirtrd Stairs of Amenra. for l^ f»f fCTtin permits kv.ilfd m Ihe Nir fh^ricl d ibc Ch» of Ixm^ learh, ,is Oir«n on HarbT Dcp-irtrnenT 1 therrlo i\ c ji^ y etrnp* frwi ihp prnw K*.S of the r^fMalQu-irilj Art M |'Ot 1 TV Orryral Warvijlrr (X 1 (ho Drp.mrrwrt nf th*- Crt rrf J/jiw P hereby authrvnjM Jnd dirwfea iite. rn ilupJ ic.»if . jkj re\TaWe je*Tnrt on hrfcitt of the B«urrf of ILarbr-r ro»nir.noi'*wr» o( tht Crty (A Ix»c Beach, for jnH M Mialf of i^id Crty and 1 oo iU omr. b^-Krif m * t%fririaJ f-vpax-n/. J»1 [ho Vw'rd Sla!.'* nf AntencJ. a* Permittee, of M-rtam prefBivi and fxiii- llrs locairti at Perh V Tier A. *1 o Venu.\ h the H.irtwc rx*tncl of M*{ Cily at «hrmnMi tVpJrtaaert drai*-»ift4 at- Uf bed V Uhf pmnO. 1. THis onhninrt ^h*J1 be Qpx^ by Ihr pTf«decl oc We Pmrfeat of the of H*rt«f C^nrrtKonoen ami it- t !o by the Setrrt ary. Tbe Sccretiry l cerljfy lo thr pa.\xe of ihw ordi- ty Ihi 1 BoJrd o( ororr* of the O(y of |yo£ Rearti. and caow !hr urre La be pu*- l*eri core a the offxul nr*--pap»r of [be Oly of Ifct tVxh, and cjo* « errtiflrtl row « rtit oftfimnrp to br (orth»7ft fiM «ilii the City Clerk of Ihe Ot) of Uflc p^.vh. and K *haO laVe H T RIDTSGS, JR Prro-Vnt ATTKST: .XFJlfi CRAIG. JR T e -.;v «·* IV B.»an: rvf . ,· '.r R«\Kh a( iU mertcx ^ March 1. Ti b :h . CR\tG. BIXBY Rritrsr.s V ·$ Tii v icner* NOS F '

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