The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 30, 1957 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1957
Page 2
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$' * S iT X 8 * 8 Fifteen Angleton Students Honored At Award Program fWeefi Aft|i«t6ft Sl4* | School itadirtta reeeiVM awards at IH« *SSual awifli nl|rit pfdgWJft arid band con- i e«rt» Held at tt* AftgletdA High. j Sdioel AndttettutJi Fflday e*e- to addition «Tffi* award* attt wtieert, ottMseS aftfl tt*n> : as ot fte*t —-"- "-""-"' I Ari Strr»« %*S of t&a TeAaS Crrt tf Static tttnks: AttffttH (they itrast pBtlfttefldeftt ot J flctwt include: president; Dale ] foist; 0u«— A . 0 Wl»lint« fy- s. ttn« «f CMBt? f «L .els tmatlet 1 sfuderit ot- secre- tfeasur- ," reporter; l&l Socte- tttt by Don titas Society _..>afd wSft W gtodoiph fay- 16r, andtvafi firfeKftted by K. F. tWftstoU. The latfef award ts tot the friost promising mathe- rtaties studeftt Jos Wllllarrisori presented three of trie awards: choral, fioSa Rogers; drarna, Jimmy Jacksoft; afid speech, Carol Miller. The "Hofhe SctJftofnics award preseBted b# trie Horae- '-"MM* Mw. Lias* at ft* aiBta»l aw««U k»ld Friday. Hi* Quest Dr. A- fc i UNLEARN THE ZIGZAG DRAG". K ifftt hither-and-yon trip to pay tfanthly bills can leave you feeling ajWragged out; so why not give it ii^ It's'out-of-date, anyway. Sav« y6ut pep for things you enjoy do- I«£; pay your bills the easy, mod-1 £ way -1vith checks, by mail. **• rip IN YOUR STIP.IAVINO CHICKIMO ACCOUNT WITH Vl'VTHIS MONTHI 1 !BANK Of THE 3% PAID ON ALL SAVINGS * 103 Cherry St. Preeport Phone 3-B?61 V*V C(*ste». .Houston, iketttows -ittrttUe^ 6y Kelso w«r* DuWaftna Mullih, Oil* J»itU, t6By McCleney arid fit Ttus««n^foi« the jun- iof claw; Suzalifl*; Taylor, Billy Schweiflle, alrf Jarhes Bacon for the iopHotH6tt«; and Char* lofte Sob«l«, l "itt&JH» Arm- stftmg, aad Joyce: Schweinle tor the freshthaa class. o. V. McOaftiel, principal of th* high scfiootWas master ot ceremonies ?ft«p.; the presentation et awards. The Lions Achieveinettt award went to R. J. BuchU, and was presented by the president of the total tJoiis Club, Ralph. W. Gilbert Billy Seader^'*eceived ier; Sfnf was will speak at ttottMrtOttdft* and the evening worsMp services at fitst Baptist Church, Lake Jackson, wi Suttday, June a. He U a physician and surgeon at Memorial Hospital and Is a WelMttwwttfeapUst UyrHaft and speaker. . , v. •"• .'-• The Wedhesday prayer rrieet- ing was handled by Olen Morgan, chairman of the body of deacons. the coveted Mae MaeDonald award, which Was presented by Mc- Danlet. This award is presented annually in Memory of Mac MacDoriald, on the a.uali«ea- tioM of loyalty, courage, honor/, friendship, sportsmanship, and clean living.. ' The American Legion awards Went to Robert Earl Whitman and Sarah Shephard, Judge Robert F. Pott*; Mrs. J.P. Gill presented t&» Daughters of the American Revolution Award to Jeanne Shanks. . The journalism'. aWard went to Elizabeth Massingill, editor Christopher I» Her? are announitog tHe^arriVat of tin chief of ihls yeir's/TPatlef. a son. Christophef Allen, Who,the school newspaper. It was arrived at 1:OS «jn.. May «, at,presented by Mrs. Faye Brathe Angleton Hospita). weighing der, one of the fatuity spon- elght pounds r- J *— —*"" 'you want want aye : % Take your pick.** m Rabbit makes all three! They're Brer Rabbit's : family of fine syrups... the syrups of the South! |Tr|9tt are no trick it all :whw you'let Brer Rabbit 'do.tlu honors. For only ; Bw Rabbit gives you 3 igr»9t syrups to fit in with .every dish, every meal •;and every taste. Use your jfavorite on ham, pour {plenty on pancakes, perk IMP corn bread-give Brer ^Rafepit a try on all your lavajte dishes. You'll b« *urptised at what it can do.. Get some at your 0RCR RABBIT BROWN UBEL SYRUP tjpi-wqor «v>« »w«e» flovor I (BlUi Uiit SYRUP :^IW-timf ribfeo^one navorl Alilt BAM1T WAFFLE «YiUP P«(M mpplt-y H(jy<jr deor f^eMfbl NatH LCSmWieftiai 4w«ir< ". b» tte tcacKe _, MM. Sr*d«K ta° Ja(5e«'6«e8tt. ",. CufMs Mayo «ftd RMrtflfce Ha*awi«fe feteived swatd* l« th« Bo» and Ol*t AthWte fifeffl SSrrl IS Wi 1 1 T^sJ'tJJLslf^^ kttfl 1 Skipt*! 1 , and SiAd ffij- ftlthard Oalrjfftpl* Jtfi- sentsd th« Sand A*atd to Ray the Junldf- High band «ft- cert wWch preceded the awWd* was directed 6y RtSfi**a Dal- Wrmtile. Th* baftd. ^Ufea "Butst 6t Trump*te" ferHat- old Waltws; "Holiday f une" wd "fheftdota' 1 oy M«tffl«» D»tortey; aftd Slflfing, the Blu«i" by Melvltt Brtdstey. Sa^aeriWfl. > •• ' " ART Simon wan ih* Ttxat Chemical SocUlr awaid, given Friday night at ih* annual program aad concert by Don Duguld, • Dow «mpl<»T»«. 57 Graduate L«»iiy Hi THE CULT Cosst Ch»pJ«i ot tb« T»x«» Soci*tr of P»»- sented br H- f • WUston, pie- sented AnuUlon Studeot Hsu- dolpb Tiylot its iw»td. m — ' ***j* DEMONSTRATORS SfflATfim f DAMAGED SPECIALS OENfiRAL 1 TON Alft CONDITIONER ^00 DOWN AnytVorMftj^ DILI VlitS $10 Bowa oa purchMfi owr f»>01 ELECTRIC FOOD FREEZER i of 4lhe i Sweeny High School recetved their diplomat at the eorn- mencement ; ejterciaea hew In the aulltortum Friday evening. Board President L. J. McKetU i made the presentation. Top-ranking honor student*, Linda Merter and Vance Underhill delivered the valedictory and salutatory addresses, respectively. Wanda Hood spoke to the group retrospectively, and Sarah Khala, Intro. specttvely. Principal O. D. Miser presented the scholarship award* jo the valedictorian and salutatorian. Other awards, the recipients and those making the presentations, were as follow: The American Legion Award to Troy Hicka and Sirah Khala, presented by Commander K. O. Hall; Dow Chemical award went to Troy Hlejts and wu ireser.Ud by Fred J. Krenzke; Jie PTA scholarship wu pr«- -ented to Vance Underbill and Tuny Coodson; Beat all-round flrl award went to Audrey Bosak, who also received the D.I A. R. award; best all-round boy, Troy Hicks. ,, Best all-round girl athletic,! Phyllis Booth and the beat alt. round boy athletic, Ebbie Nep, tune; the Jerry Maasay M«mor- 'al scholarship wa» presented to LaVann Watt*; LJnd* Mr»cer| was presented the Homamalteri Award; and Ssrah Kahla was] presented th« Lion)' Club scholarship, the presentation was| made by Lion Harry Beverly. Tbn Rev. GUn Eckols prejear ted the Jerry Mauey award | and the balance w«r« prewn1e4[ by the high school priclpal, New laxative dixcovery un-lockj bflwri b!wlw without t»t,blo»t or *rlp9 as U Ho* «b* lx»*d; w they fail W naif or W to purge Out prop •asie torn your body- jour soto» »bi* oow bawd wutl be ceaoisXiQti) ueuiMnMc w, *• *» ««• iw»* i ms """ trciop 11 cu. ft. GENERAL ELECTRIC 1966 FOOD FREEZER 8 Months Old • 4 Tears Guarantee —-- flfl DO Any TV or Major Appliance up DELIVERS $10 Down onpurchase over $206 Km tltfM $159 95 only slightly scratched I GENERAL ELECTRIC CON80U REG. $269.95 i DOWN Any TV or Major Appliance up 1 to $200 DELIVERS $10 Down on purchase o tor $2CO | GENERAL ELIOTRIC REFRIGERATOR | WITH AUTOMATIC DEFROSTER AHACH. !$' MODII. LAMIF rpaf WORTH. TW. ~« , Boatn»i» rowini 4°*u a tlooa-j cd *9fil in y{^ Worth Hon- day spotted « sipj that «a»di| ,lhey w»r» uvif^Uof Biy 'Road, -.' DOWN Any TV or Major Applianoe up MMW.-- to WOO WjBLIVRKa $10 Down on purchase ovey K)00 ,%' -- * ELECTRIC - 1906 AUTOMATIC WASHER $1<5Q95 FOUB YBAB *' *^"^ ! QUARANTEE OE FILTER FLO AUTOMATIC WAflHER Of ELECTRIC '148" GOOD/YEAR FORE Start

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