Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 28
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b-8--INDEPENDENT (AM) Unj Bcjch, call!., Monday, Feb. Jl, PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) TELEVISION 'KKKIISS by John Mile* An * indicates B-\V. Oilier shows in color. K N X T Channel 2 KAIC Choniwl 7 KCOP Channel 13 KNIC Channel 4 K H J C h a n n e l ? KWHY Channel 22 KTLA Channels KTTV Chonnrl 11 KCET Channel 21 KMEX Chonnel 34 MONDAY, FLBKUAKY 24, IOC!) * PAID ADVERTISEMENT G::SO ~ [ ucr.ilme of England 1 Women As People: "Wives Mothers" 7 'Teacher In-Servicc 11 'Science Discovery 7:00 A.M. 2 Biological Rovolut'n ·! Today, Edwin Newman 7 Exercise with Gloria 11 Mr. Wishbone Show 13 Felix the Cat 7:30 2 Douglas Edwards 7 Moiiiins Show. N'elson H l! Is W r i t t e n (relig.) 11 The Flim.-tones \:\ Hoho Kelly Show (R) 7:55 ^ K N X T New.- 8:00 A..M. L' Capuin Kan;;aioo. !) The Big Babysitter 11 M i g h t y Mouse Show 8:25 S C o m m u n i t y B u l l e t i n s 8:i{(l .'j C a r t d i i n Time 1 1 The Popeye Shiiw \', \ V i n k y - G u n i h y Show 8:-) 5 ' 7 N'i.xon in London Mild m e e t i n g w i t h Prime Minister Harold Wilson !):00 A.M. 3 Lucy Show. L. Ball 4 Snap Judgment 5 "Leave It to Beaver 7 Prize Movie: "Woman Obsessed," Susan Hayward ('59) 9 -The Real McCoys 11 Jack La Lanne Show 13 Rocky His Friends 9:23 ·1 Nancy Dickerson 9:30 2 The President in Europe, Morley Safer. Satellite coverage of Nixon's arrival in London. ·1 ConceiUrat'n, Clayton 5 "'Movie: "Hangmen Also Die," Brian Donlevy ('43) 3 "Marshal Dillon 11 "'Dennis the Menace 13 *Walk in Their Shoes 9:45 13 'Spanish II and I 10:00 A.M. 2 *Andy Griffith Show 4 Personality, Larry Blyden, June Lockharl 9 "Movie: "Doctor at Large," Dirk Bogarde 11 Truth or Consequences 10:30 2 *Dick Van Dyke 4 Hollywood Squares 11 From the Inside--Out 13 *Robin Hood 10:45 7 Nixon in Europe 11:00 A.M. 2 The Love of Life 4 Jeopardy, Art Fleming 7 Galloping Gourmet: "Seafood Casserole" 11 Sheriff John, Lunch 13 The Romper Room 11:25 2 Douglas Edwards 11:30 2 ' I h e Beverly H i l l b i l l i e s . 4 Eye Guess, B. Cullen 7 A n n i v e r s a r y Game 13 America! Virgin Is. 11:45 . r i .Inhnny G r a n t Show fl Doug "Dudley. News 4 Edwin N e w m a n (11:55) 12 NOON 2 Boutique. Steve Dunne. 4 Hidden Faces (serial) 5 Cartoon Time 7 "Bewitched 9 Tempo, Bob Dornan, Roy Elwell, Richard Dawson (to 3:15) 1] Jack Latham, News 13 Bill Johns, News 12:30 2 As the World Turns 4 Days of Our Lives 5 Stingray (puppets) 7 F u n n y You Should Ask 11 "Movie: "The Intruder." M o n t e Blue ('33) 13 Dialing for Dollars 1:00 P.M. 2 Love Is a Many- Splendored Thing ·I The Doctors (serial) ^ N a t i o n a l Velvet 7 Dream House (game) 1:30 2 The G u i d i n g Light 1 A n o t h e r World' (aerial) ."i Dobic G i l l i s 7 l.n's M a k e a Deal l.'i W'ld A d v n t r : Scotland 2:00 P.M. 2 I he Sec: et Storm ·i You Don't Say! 5 ' Love That Bob! 7 The Newlywed Game '.) Stop Smoking Clinic 1 1 'Movie: "Blonde for a Day," Hugh Beaumont 13 '· Movie: "Right Hand of Devil," A r a m Hatcher ('(.'!) 2:30 2 'I he Edge of Night 4 'I lie Match Game 5 F a t h e r K n o w s Best 7 The D a t i n g Game !) Tempo (continues) 2:55 4 Floyd Kalber news 3:00 P.M. 2 The l . i n k l c l t c r Show. ·1 I'DQ. Dennis James "i ' H i g h w a y Patrol 7 General Hospital 13 Zooiama, Bob Dale 2S "Candon dc Ra'/.u ( K ) 3:15 !) Ted Mcyeis, News 3:30 2 L u i k y Pair. Geoff hd- w.irds. Beverly Garland, Pat Harrington ·i Mike Douglas Show ii Divorce Court 7 One Life to Live 9 '-.Movie: "Return to Treasure Island." Tab Hunter (54) 11 '.My Favorite Martian 13 Hobo Kelly Show 4:00 "P.M. 2 Movie: "Fire Down Below," Rita Hayworth, Jack Lemnion, Robert Mil chum ('57). 5 V 0z/ii- and Harriet 7 Dark Shadows (serial) 11 Pay Cards! A r t James 4:30 !i Please Don't Eai ihe Daisies. Pat Crowlcy 7 Bill Bonds, News 1 1 George P u t n a m . News l.'i Bozo's Big Top 5:00 P.M. 4 KNBC Newscrvice Ti Dick Carton, News f) Groovy Show, Morgan 13 'The Addams Family 5:15 2S 'The Friendly Giani 5:30 7 Frank Reynolds. News 9 Rat Patrol. Christopher George, Kamala Devi 11 Donald O'Connor, Floyd Patterson, Robin Wifson, Jerry Wallace. 13 Gilligan's Island 2S Misterogers' Neighbors 6:00 P.M. 2 Big News, J. Dunphy 4 The HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY ·jf REPORT -- One Hour each night this week. Special reports on President Nixon's European trip. 5 Steve A l l e n Show, Jim Nabors. Kay Starr. Jayne Meadows. C l i f f A r q u e t t e 1 6 O'CLOCK MOVIE--Color if Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda-"WARLOCK"-Part I Anthony Quinn ('59) 9 I Spy, Robert Gulp. Bill Cosby, Fay Spain. 13 Batman, Adam Wesl, Victor Buono 28 'What's.New? 6:30 13 Voyage to Bottom of Sea, Richard Basehart 28 "Reach Out: "Leroy Reavers," insurance executive 7:00 P.M. 2 Walter Cronkite News 4 KNBC Newservice 9 What's My Line? 10 World We Live In 11 Password, Carol Burnett, Ross Martin 28 *Linea Abierta: "An Interracial Look at East L.A.," Eduardo Moreno and panel 7:30 2 Gunsmoke, James Arness. Ken Curtis, Jeff Corey, Norman Alden, Bob Random, Robert Pine, Warren Vanders. Nighl-riders are burning farms and sacking towns in vengeance for property lost in Missouri during the Civil War. 4 I Dream of Jcannie. Barbara Eden. Larry Hagman. Laugh-ln's George Schlatter, Judy Carne, A r t e Johnson and Gary Owens play themselves as Jeannie becomes a Hollywood star in order to make Tony jealous. 5 Lost in Space 7 The Avengers, Patrick Macnee, Linda T h o r son, Gary Bond, Kate O'Mara. Steed returns from a holiday, which is blotted from his mind, with an u n c o n - trollable desire to kill 9 'Movie: "Notorious Landlady," Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon, Fred Astaire ('62) 1 1 Truth or Consequences 13 "Perry Mason, Burr 8:00 P.M. 4 Rowan Martin's L a u g h - I n . Connie Stevens plays a French maid, a t r u c k d r i v c r and a member of a h i l l b i l l y iug band. 1 1 'Ila/el. Shirley Booth 28 The President's Mission. Probable trends in U.S. foreign policy arc discussed hy Marian Cleveland (U.S. ambassador to NATO), George Brown (England) and West Berlin mayor K l a u s Schutz. 8:30 2 Here's Lucy, Lucille Ball, Victor Buono. Lucy jumps at the chance to serve her c o u n t r y -- as stenographer for a counter- i n t e l l i g e n c e agent 5 Golden Voyage, Jack Douglas: "Holland" 7 Peylon Place. Carolyn t e l l s Lew of Jeff's lie, while R i t a gives Maggie " m a n - t r a p p i n g " tips, and Dr. Rossi t e l l s off Fred. 11 Merv G r i f f i n Show, I v r r o l l Garner, Henry Morgan attackiny NIXON IN LONDON--All networks will carry reports on ihe President's trip. Frank Reynolds' reports during his 5:30 p.m. newscast, Ch. 7: Huntley-Brinkley have expanded their broadcast to an hour, starting al 6 p.m.. Ch. 4; a special wrap-up is set for 11:30 p.m., Ch. 2. "Today," Ch. 4. plans daily 7 a.m. segment on the Nixon trip. Ch. 2S's "The President's Mission" is at 8 p.m. TELE-Vl'ES Hoving's Group on It's Last Legs By GEORGE ERES TV-Radio Editor Off-camera, there's considerable going on in the television world. The N a t i o n a l Citizens Committee for Broadcasting, the group headed by Thomas P.F. Moving, lias notified its board of trustees t h a t it doesn't have enough money to function and. as things sland, il w i l l h a v e t o discontinue toward ihe end of March. This is the group which received $.'.)00,6oo from ilir Carnegie Corp. over two years when it was organized lo promote noncommercial public television. RECENTLY Ire group broadened i t s program and announced it would take on the role of critic of commercial as well as noncommercial television. The New York Times reported that the Ford Foundation had decided against supporting the committee in its present activity. The committee recently announced a S5-million f u n d - r a i s i n g c a m p a i g n, which a p p a r e n t l y has not interested very many people. WHEN THE committee announced it was in need of f u n d s to continue, rep o r t e d l y ?1,000 was raised. The immediate amount needed was $175,000. A spokesman for the committee reported that "we still run i n f o implicit press hostility, obvious indifference and apathy and a lack of private funds." One of those "apathetic" people about efforts of Hoving's committee is me. The reason is quite simple. I'm not at all sure that I'd like to see Hoving and his committee r u n n i n g TV. IT'S PRETTY apparent to me that everybody has his own idea about what's wrong with TV. You get a group together and you'll probably have as many different ideas of w h a t ' s good as there are people. Johnny Carson, Artie Shaw on his marriages, Ki Beat the Odds, Johnny Gilbert (game show) 9:00 P.M. 2 Maybeny RFD, Ken Berry, Buddy Foster, Glenn Ash. Sam finally agrees to let Mike, have a dog -- then the boy proves allergic to the critter. 4 Movie: "Ghost Mr. Chicken," Don Knotts, Joan Staley ('66-1 st run). Typesetter who w a n t s to be a reporter stumbles into a murder 5 Here Come the Stars, George Jessel: "Willie Mays," Vin Scully, Willie McCovcy, Louis Quinn, Stu Gilliam, George Shearing, Billy Eckstine 7 The Outcasts, Don Murray. Otis Young, Roscoe Lee Browne, l.onny Chapman. Corey c a n ' t believe t h a t his f o r m e r slave killed a b o u n t y h u n t e r , so when a second one dies m u r m u r i n g "black boy," Jemal is charged with the murder. 13 Run for Your Life, Ben Gazzara, Carol Lawrence. Paul loses six months to amnesia. 28 Black Journal. Lou House. Segments on need for black doctors, Afro styles, i n f l u e n c e of late Malcolm X 9:30 2 Family A f f a i r , Brian Keith, Sebastian Cabot, Nacho Galindo, Rosa Turich. The twins lake refuge with a peasant couple on an isolated f a r m 0 Ted Meyers, News 10:00 P.M. 2 Carol B u r n e t t Show, w i t h Soupy Sales, Barbara McNair, comedy sketch inspired by "pur Gang" films. 5 Dick Carton, News 7 Big Valley, Barbara Stanwyck, Susan Oliver, Richard Anderson, G a v i n MacLeod. Victoria agrees to investigate a notorious prison from behind bars. 9 "Marshal Dillon 11 George Putnam News 13 That Show, Joan Rivers, Rita Gam 28 "The Great War 10:30 9 Movie: "Nutty, Naughty Chateau," Curt Jurgens (Fr.-'64) 13 Bill Johns, News 28 ^'Innovations: "Time-Sharing Plans" 11:00 P.M. 2 11 o'clock Report 4 Tom Brokaw, News 5 "Alfred Hitchcock 7 Bill Bonds, News 11 Liars Club, Rod Serling 13 "Movie: "Tampico," Edw. G. Robinson ('44) 11:30 2 N i x o n in London. Special wrap-up of day. 4 Tonight, Johnny Carson ( B u r b a n k ) , Vic Damone, Raquel Welch 5 'Movie: "Ain't No Time for Glory," Barry Sullivan ('57) 7 Joey Bishop Show, the Lennon Sisters, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Vince Edwards, Gene Baylos I I I Love Lucy, L. Ball 12 MIDNIGHT 2 'Movie: "Scandal Sheet," Broderick Crawford ('52) 11 *77 Sunset Strip 12:30 9 'Movie: "Riot in Cell Block I I , " Neville Brand ('54) l.'i "Movie: "Chinese Bungalow," Paul Lukas 1:00 A.M. ·! Speaking Freely: Dr. Janet Travcll 5 C o i m n u n i l y B u l l e t i n s 7 The Late Report 1:45 2 "'Movie: "The H u r r i cane," Dorothy Ln- mour, Jon Hall ('37) "8C-7M K«U-- I43t XEIG-- 140 KH-«| KFOX-- 1JM XFW8-98S KB6Q-- 1490 KG6S-- I02IJ KDAY-1530 KGER-1390 KEZY--IISO KGfJ-- 1230 KGIL-IJM KGdl-SJJ KHI-S30 KK»R-- 1220 UEV-170 KUC-- 570 KHX-H7I KW.-I349 KIEL--1310 KTYH-IUI KNII-IIM KWKW-I30J KWOW--KOI K«KD-ll5a XEItl--IOS1 KRU--Mil -- The Public Broadcast Laboratory is a pretty good example of a bunch of people who are knowledg- able about TV, who had plenty of money to produce TV. They spent a heck of a lot of time f i g h t i n g about what should go on and who should run i t . TV is a m e d i u m t h a i is never going to be satisfactory to everybody. Most of what it rolls off the assembly line is going to be pretty average. Occasionally something will be good. The assumption t h a t a "committee" can s t r a i g h t en this all out is ridiculous. 'THEN THERE'S the recent refusal of the Federal Communications Commission to renew the Boston Herald-Traveler's license to operate WHDII-TV, a CBS affiliate since 1957. This was the first time the FCC failed to renew a major TV station's license, and il may be a precedent --at least that's what a Los Angeles group is hoping. There's a challenge to Los Angeles Ch. 4's license renewal. The Nat i o n a l Broadcasting Co. has owned and operated the station for 20 years. Voice of Los Angeles Inc. has filed a competing application for the channel. The FCC has deferred action. BUT OF course, the Herald-Traveler Corp. isn't going to give up without a court fight. There will be appeals for a new hearing before the FCC and then to the courts. Commissioner Nicholas Johnson, a member of the FCC majority (3-1) decision, wrote that the decision reassigning the WIID1I license opened the foor "for local citizens to challenge media giants in t h e i r local community at renewal time with .some hope of success." Inevitably, there w i l l be more MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1969 1 p.m., KM PC--Burl Bacharach Spectacular 8 p.m., KNX--NHL Hockey: North Stars at Kings challenges to established stations. The interesting part of this is that a 'IV station can be b u i l t up over the years i n t o a m u l t i m i l l i o n dollar properly and then lose it by an FCC vole. I t should be a lesson to broadcasters t h a t they don't own the airways-they just have them on loan from t h e federal gov- e r n m e n t . T h a t ' s I h e kind of a "committee" broadcasters can u n d e r s t a n d . CHAPLAIN Robert Gun- ler, executive director of Memorial Hospital's Counseling Center and head of Memorial's "HELP NOW" suicide prevention service, will be interviewed on the Gil Henry Show, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday, KLAC (570). FM HIGHLIGHTS k i t c h e n Korner. 9 a.m.. KTBT . . . Morning for Moderns, 10 a.m., KBIG . . . Luncheon Concert, noon. KFAC . . . Patterns in Stereo. I p.m.. KBIG . . . J o u r n e y in Music. 2 p.m.. KBB1 . . . Stereo Int e r l u d e . 3 p.m.. KNOB . . . Afternoon A f f a i r . 4 p.m.. K B I G . . . Strictly from Dixie, 5 p.m., K R H M . Stereo at Six. f i p.m.. KCBH . . . Broadway Showtime, ("Cabaret"), 7 p.m., KRHM . . . Classics, 8 p.m., KCBH, KFAC, K R H M : !) p.m., KBBI . . . P r i m a r i l y Strings. 10 p.m., K N O B . . Stereo '60. 11 p.m. KNAC. Pilgrims in Arabia JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (UPI) -- Moslems from the world over arc streaming into Saudi Arabia for the annual pilgrimage to tiie holy shrines at Mecca and Medina. Officials said 275,967 persons have arrived so far. He'll join Henry in fielding calls from listeners during the four-hour radio show. SPENCER TAX SERVICE Individual ond Business Relunn Home Appoint menli»Na Eitto Cfuj. 9 AM-9 PM GA 6-2974, MOBIL SERVICE if *p c o n l d « -,0'ji M n ihe hem* No S OR B W EXPERT COIOR WORK KAIil.K TV 1037EM3il*t · 10628 [ lmp«nol 4233061 8631217 EXPERT REPAIRS · TRANSISTOR RADIOS · TAPE RECORDERS · RECORD PLAYERS · COLOR TV · ILACK AND WHITE RADIO TV TUBES 50%-OFF Phone 438-1262 Guaranteed Colored TV Service PRESTONTv RADIO 4325 E. Anaheim St., l.B. iii;sr HOME: Live in Long Beach's f i n e s t iost home. Prix ate room and b.tth Low rdics. Open ted by Registered Nurse. Bcsso's I la\en, ;'«« H. Jnd St , Long Beach. Gl- 4-922-\. lliuliu A TV to. 1532 E. Broadway, L.B. HE 2-1773 §? L B° R W TV ANTENNA 40% OFF SCOTT RADIO SUPPLY Since 1925: Radio and Audio Needs HE 6-1452 266 Alamitos HE 7-8629 i« BOUGHT -RENTED! i'SOLD 'TUNED | | -REPAIRED | IOHI VS § = 342 PINE 4V[ . I B . £ = HE 6-2929 if HEARING is your PROBLEM Bellone is your answer! CERTIFIED Hearing Aid Audiologists 138 E. 3rd, LONG BEACH Serving This Area Since 1935 N. H. WOODBURY, OWNER 'I SCOOP! Newest ]969 STEREO CONSOLETTE with AM/FM radio, 4-speed stereo phono, 20-watts, 4-speakers, ond speaker jacks. IN WALNUT WOOD CABINET e Full Guarantee DOOLEY'S HARDWARE MART S07S10NG HACK BLVD. NOIIH LONG BEACH 's CARLOAD PURCHASE! PORTABLE TELEVISION IA IN. Diagonal · * Screen PORTABLE TV RENT A HEARING Why buy before AID you fry- from $6.00 Mo. Rental may be Icousticon J opplied to purchase. BELLFLOWER HEARING AID CENTER 9733 FLOWER 867-3017 119 88 New Zenith 18-in. Remote Control PORTABLE TV 158 88 New Zenith 21-in. PORTABLE TV Deluxe Model witli Walnut Grained cabinet. 149 88 1-YEAR FREE SERVICE and FULL GUARANTEE Mon Fri. 9 to 9 - Tues., Wed., Thurs., Sat. 9 to 6 SUNDAYS 10 to 5 Richard Widmark Henry Fonda WARLOCK Co-starring Anthony Quinn on The Six O'clock Movie. In Color Tonight, Part I. Tuesday, Part II.

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