Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 61
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 61

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 61
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-P 4 Z 3-P « Z 5 Long B«.ch BOOK REVIEWS Suspended, Fr. DuBay Writes About Authority and Freedom w h i c h traces philanthropy from American shores to England, across into Europe, down into Rome and along the Mediterranean .to Judea. There.he finds the source in Judeo-Christian principles of charity. "THIS FASCINATING OIL BUSINESS" by Douglas Ball and Daniel S. Turner (Bobbs- Merrill, $7.50) tells the story of oil, from its prehistoric origins to the continuing development of new products, and the oil industry, which in the United States alone people and accounts for billions of dollars in investments. The authors also describe production of oil, from the geological survey that decides where' to drill- to. the local service station where the finished product reaches the consumer. Techniques'of drilling, producing and refining oil are explained in detail. Remember John Godfrey's extraordinary chapel in Taylor Caldwcll's "The Listener?" Miss Caldwell has built her new novel, "NO ONE HEARS By VERA WILLIAMS IrxMpemtnr, rrett-Tefeerem Hook Editor ; "The difference between ..the Angry Young Men and the Angry Old Men is that the ' Old Men have more to lose 'and the'Young Men have less .--,. to work . with. This means · that the Young Men have to ·'chose their targets carefully, I -aim with precision and not · waste ammunition. Not that ".they have, any bloodshed in · .mind, but they must speak "..·forcibly and to the point." vr'.So declares William H. rDuBay, controversial young %p r i e s t recently suspended :from the priesthood, in 'THE '.HUMAN CHURCH" (Doubleday, $4.50). DuBay, now a '. "theologian and counselor" at Synanon House, rehabilitation center for narcotics addicts at Santa Monica, formerly was pastor in Compton and Anaheim and until recently was .chaplain of St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. His suspension followed his advocacy of a collective- bargaining union for the nation's 58,000 Roman Catholic priests. . In "The Human Church" he 'urges the church to employ her . h u m a n resources to solve human problems, and to BUT HIM" (Doubleday, $4.95) join God in loving and help- around that chapel and the irig people in all their needs. He proposes, as an answer to the Gospel's demand to love thy neighbor, . a nonreligious church mobilized'to support the human development of the world. He discusses the positipn of the church in the .racial crisis, form's of ' worship and religious education, the administrative system of the church arid the questions of authority arid freedom. Father' DuBay feels, that writing should be a normal .part of·» parish, priest's life v(in spit* of his limited time) because "he is in a position uniquely able to contribute to the dialogue between the church and the world." * * * * JEAN-PIERRE H A L L E T probably is the world's larg- ' est pygmy since he is 6 feet; . 5 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds! Hallet became an honorary 'pygmy when he worked as a '.· sociologist and agronomist , in the Congo for the Belgian government. He tells about his 12 years in Africa in "CONGO KITABU" (Random House, $7.95), a fascinating book for adventurers and .armchair-travelers. Eager to learn about the ".traditions and customs of · each tribe, the author delved into black magic in order to become a member of a Congolese secret society, and · armed with only a native spear, killed a lion to qualify as a blood brother to a Masai · , warrior., Hallet worked with 17 tribes and spent a year teaching Bambuti pygmies to read, write and farm. people--some hopeless, some cynical, some grieving--who flock to it. swer, most the the human spirit: Someone to listen." LENTEN BOOKS ordinarily are intended to aid spiritual discipline, but the Epis copa! Book Club selection for spring'aims to strengthen in tellectual discipline. In "GOD IS NOT DEAD" by Austin Farrer, warden of Keble Col- employs more than 11 million lege, O x f o r d (Morehouse- 'The world has no she writes, "to terrible need of A NOvtL of a disiin- ;uished American family-art Southern white, part Negro -- " S I S T E R S AND BROTHERS" by Janet Stevenson (Crown, $4.95)' is ?d nn the lives of the Grimkes. The "sisters" of the .title are Sarah and Angelina Jrimke, two daughters of a wealthy slavehold family who early in life spoke in-public for the Negro slave and then for womens brothers" are Archibald Grimke, sons of Henry Grimke and a slave woman. Francis became the bishop of a Negro church in Washington, D.C.; Archibald was American consul to Santo Domingo 1894-1898. 'COMING SOON ... $20,000 IN PRIZES! 1 WE [LESLIE and MARTHA HALE) OWNERS OF. THE 44th STANDARD BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE, INVITE YOU TO VISIT OUR BEAUTIFUL NEW STORE. Barlow, $3.50), the author explains: "Even among people well- disposed t o w a r d religion there is much uncertainty and much confusion of mine about the mere belief in Goc We can scarcely establish the ground of belief with out making the belief itsell more vivid, relevant- clear." ' He indicates how evolution, divine providence free will and religious experience fit into a mental structure, shaped by the scientific method--and he believes .they fit better than they did into the pre-scienlific view of the world. rights. Francis The and The brothers were in the small group of founders of the NAACP. "THE PILLS TO KEEP WOMEN YOUNG" by Ann Walsh (Crown, $4.95) is about Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT) which according to some doctors delays the aging process in women. Mrs Walsh writes that she looks and feels years younger since she began using ERT. "OPIUM OF THE PEOPLE' by Michael Bourdeaux, young Angelican priest (Crown, $5; details the history of religion in Tsarist and Soviet Russia and describes the'position o' the Orthodox, Baptist anc Evangelical churches as wel as other Christian denomina tions in Russia. -"URBAN RENEWAL AND AMERICAN CITIES" (Bobbs vlerrlll, $5.85) Is the result f an examination of urban enewal projects in tsvo dozen cities in the United States by Scott Greer, director of the i e n t e r f o r Metropolitan itudies and professor of po- itica! science and sociology at Northwestern University. . * « · » HOW DO UNITED TIONS. delegates deal major policy issues? lave some of the biggest in- :ernational quarrels made the U.N. agenda? How does the UN. handle the var .ous challengers, both internal and e x t e r n a l , who threatened to shatter ilass House? James J: Wadsworth, former U.S. representative to chrome kitchen utensils Copper-Niclcel-Chroms plated tools with Scandinavian influ- design. Embossed design on handles gives that elegant look. You may completely replace your Vitchen sst with new and sparkling-bright ware. Sat includes fork, ladle, turners, potato masher, basting spoon, and slotted spoon. VALUES TO 98c the U.N., tells the working of that august body in' "THE GLASS HOUSE." (Praeger, $4.95). "The pounding of a shoe reverberates with a hundred .imes more decibels than.the feeding and care of millions of children," he writes, pointing out that 80% of the news printed about the United Nations is devoted versy and crisis--while its economic and social projects which rarely make the headlines, comprise activities. ""· Connery Records HOLLYWOOD (UPI)--Sean Connery, the movies' James Bond, is recording "Peter ant the Wolf" with the Loi Philharmonic Orchestra. 10 A.M. THURSDAY, MARCH 10, LONG BEACH BELMONT SHOPPING CENTER 3270 E. ANAHEIM ST. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR THE MAN Nome Brand Toiletnts and Barbei Supplies Rdoui laving* FOR THE WOMAN Top nam* brandi in cosmetics. All beauty and hair preparation^ wig* and wig lupplies, hair .drytri, etc. FOR THE SMALL FRY Shampoo, Brushes, Butch Wax TinkerbellSett - 100% . . HUMAN HAIR WIGS WIGHTS OPENING DRAWING! GRAND Drawing will bo one year's supply of (18-aiJ STANDARD HAIR SPRAY . . . ailc about ticket and drawing in the ifore or bring in coupon from- this ad. Drawing Saturday, March 26, I ;00' P.M. FEATURING SUCH NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS AS: IN THE UNITED STATES this year some 40 million · Americans will reach into their pockets and give away $11 billion. Their money will be used to build and maintain ·' hospitals, schools, research institutions, c h u r c h e s anc many other agencies designec ·-·.· to further the health, welfare ·'.'. and cultural advancement o "- mankind. Their gifts are the -u culmination of 19 centuries 'i · of western civilization's en couragement of private gen erosity for the public good. These facts are brought out . in "THE GENEROSITY OF AMERICANS" by Dr. Arnaud C. Marts (Prentice-Hall, $5.95 · HELENS CURTIS · FREDERICS · CARYL RICHARDS · RAYETTE · CLAIROL · ROUX · LAPINAL · DON LOPER · HAZEL BISHOP · VIRGINIA THOMAS · NATIONAL BRAND BARBER SUPPLIES CLIP THIS COUPON Jfn -- Phone lo Purchose Necessory n]tjM cake porters Covered dish suppers . . . Hera we cornel Ideal for picnics and parties. Easy to carry . . . "twiit lok" cover. Keeps cakes moist and fresh at whan they were baked. Matching movabls handle that lies flat when not in use. PlaStiC ' ,.98 VALUE covered howl set Complete set of covered bowls in matched design. Ideal for mixing and storing. Airtight and noiseless, 14- piece set. Dishwasher safe. Unbreakable 100% v i r g i n 'polyethylene. '/2 pint to 3 q u a r t s i z e s and 2 scoops. Colors: yellow, turquoise or natural. 4.98 O17 VALUE ^ stainless steel frozen food knife Saws through bones, disjoints.and scales, fish. Zips through frozen foods, pack-' ages and all. Many uses! Hollow-ground, stainless steel 8-inch blade. Cornflower liks design on white plastic handle. 1.98 VALUE bath time is fun time with silly soap;; ·** Silly Soap is 'soap. If b o u n c e s , . shap»i, floats, decorates. Anil it clears! A spray cart- full of foamy bathtub funl Comes in a colorful aerosol can. 59c VALUE 11-po. present crystal set by anchor-hocking OPENING SPECIALS!' WIGLETS from $19.95 -- WIGS from $39.95 LAPINAL COLOUR CONSULTANT MARCH 10 ONLY! MANY OTHER STANDARD FRANCHISE OFFICE lll Laufccnhlm -- I75-M34 No. Hollywood ALHAMiRA 717 E. Main SI. -- 282-9467 ARCADIA 127 5. Fint Ave.--446-7107 BUENA PARK 1922 Knelt Ave.--827-6890 BURBANK 121 N. Son Fernando 849-4392 CANOGA PARK S1519Sh.rmW,--346-8907 COVINA 111 N.Citiui--331-9316 DOWNEY 11143 t. Downey--8«»-7140 EL MONTI 10954 (. Yiflty 81--441-0189 FULLIRTON 1121 Chapmen Av*. 871.5893 BEAUTY BARBER SUPPLY LOCATIONS GARDEN GROVE 9939 Chapman Art. 530-4084 GLENDAU 120/2 N. Brani--242-3117 GRANADA HILLS 18017 Chohworth--3(0-2919 HOLLYWOOD 5117 Santa Manica--664-1136 LANCASTER 813 W. Lancaster--942-1J75 LYNWOOD 1 1437 Long Beach Blvd.-639-5307 MISSION HILLS 1544B Devoninirc-^894-2874 REDONDO BEACH 1720 S. Elena Ave.--375-6544 NORTH HOLLYWOOD 4660 Lonkankim--763-9158 NORWA1X 15915 Plotieer Bl.--864-1762 ORANGE 127 N. Turtin--532-2815 LONG IEACH 3270 E. Anaheim--434-081 f PANORAMA CITY 14449 Tiru. Ay..--781-341* PASADENA 564 E. Colorado--796-9117 RESEDA 7250 Reseda Blvd.--344-3539 SANTA ANA 1412-E W. Edingir--540-1382 SANTA MONICA 1304 Willhin Bl.--451-4104 ' SANTA SUSANA 4376 Eileen Sr/Mt-- 526-0793 T£MPLE CITY 9660 Las'Tunai--285-3921 SHERMAN OAKS 14949 Ventura SI.--788-1032 THOUSAND OAKS 357 Msarpark Rd.--495-8002 TORRANCE . 1331 HFradoAv«.-32B-3220 VENTURA 2785 Thompson--643-2207 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE VAN NUYS 14449 Victory Bird.--785-6091 WEST HOLLYWOOD 7318V4 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica Blvd. t Fuller St. · Shopping Center--876-0066 WHITHER 16228 E. Whittier--691-2615 WILMINGTON 23231 S. Avalan Blvd.--830-4922 WOODLAND HILLS 22S61 Ventura Blvd.--883-4450 DAVIS 2.17-1 "E" Street--342-8512 CHICO 230 W. 3rd Street--342-8512 EUGENE, OREGON 132 Willamette St.--342-4207 SACRAMENTO 3469 Drive-r-483-1145 SAN ANSELMO 141 San Aiieelmo Ave.--454-6797 Charming Early American design will add real sparkle to any affair. Decorative tabls set in- rludes a vinegar and oil cruet pair, salt and pepper . shakers, sugar and creamer, and a butterdish with lid. 3.98 VALUE glass-like... crystal-like transparent decorative items; TM grapes Largs and delightfully colored. Artistically arranged on an exciting driftwood L L ~ ~ J accented with realistic 3°° add a family-room or bedroom only *596 4V tin Lunuev fiMu/u THIS SAME ROOM CAN BE COMPLETED $880 00 FOR AND INCLUDES . .. MAHOGANY PANELING, ELECTRICAL OUTLETS, VINYL ASBESTOS FLOOR TILE AND NORMAL BREAKTHROUGH Price Includes: · E«{1nMrMl · Extirler ttt d rim DMT City · K*nul wMtw «M MrtMt · Slik «Wul« if ixlirlir er rtck rMf A L L S T A T E BONDED CONTRACTORS' experience ind reseerch giv» y« quilify tr * low cwt. Allitite'i modern construction methods er« changing the edd-e-room concept. These modern techniques and volume, building meen lower coit with no secrific* of design or beeuty. NO MONEY DOWN Th's euiroimitd room will fit Hi* ttylt irvd ttiuty of your horn*. Bui If In on* v e ,(--You finfiJi In 3 a**yf. pUrvnlng allow* tk» horn* ownir io finish tfi* room himself. No itiFI, evpcriincB or iptcitl toolt if* fliidtd. Anybody could' finish this room Tn · wtiliflo 1 . .cu.o tf. You Prefer, We'» Do The Rough' . . """"* ' Yow Finish, Sovo Even More ALLSTATE BONDED 5E HABLA KfANOL -MAIL THIS COUPON ' Ij 1041 E. Horanct. Downey. Calif. [| ALLSTATE ROHDED CONTRACTORS. Inc. I would Jikt to HI sicturM in4 I wouM llki * frtt etnmitt, inform if fon on *n rrtr« room. WA 3-0385 Contractors, Inc. Bank References Cuvfomcr Usrs-on Bequest · ALHJKI tt 1-6239 !«« W W I I J Ml L s ~ branch and grape leaves. 5.98 VALUE candle holders Special made to hold the glass-like candles. Original triangle shape bate with felt bottom. Decorated with glass-like balls 2" large. Brass trimmed. 2.50 1 IHl VALUE J. candle sticks Decorative glass-like candles. The no-burn type with make-believe wicks. Assorted colors. Some with gold fleck. 2.98 pr. 1 88 VALUE J-i Lpr. watch repair dept. ·stemj ·crowns ·crystals · sleeve · jewels · clutch springs 4 0 0 149 VALUE i See our large selection of nam* brind watches and btautiful ring r«-mounti. LAY AWAY NOW FOR EASTER 1 alt e wood · V?3i eosl iprinq of polo verdf lyn wood ' 0 ? ? ' . ' l o r . , j. _·,,,·..··

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