Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 18
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8-I-1NDEPENDENT t=3 t:E». tttf. MM., ttrt I IHJ Top Viewing Today NOOX--BEX JERROD on channel 4 in COLOR. Premiere of daily 25-miaute series about an attorney. Michael Ryan has the title role. I ISO PJH.--THE DOCTORS on channel 4. Debut c* daily series about four stiff members of a hospital. Complete half-hocr story every day. ". : 1 P.M.--GENERAL HOSPITAL on channel 7. Premiere of half-hour daily series starring John Beradino as Dr. Steve Hardy. . 1:30 PJL--YOU DO.VT SAY on channel 4 in COLOR. Premiere of daily half-hour game show. Tom Kennedy hosts. 5 P_U--ABOUT TOWN oa channel 7. Former "Sundown" variety series acquires new title and rotating-host format. Danyl Hickman hosts the first week. The 60-minute daily programs will be repeated at 11:30 p-ia. . . . .--.fcSO P.M.--BEST OF EORGE on channel 11. Comedian-pianist Victor Borge is featured in a selection of his TV routines. .*':: 19 PJNL -- DAVID BRIXKLEV5 JOURNAL on channel 4 in COLOR. A 60-minute program foUowing the activities of Jimmy Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. BLAST BLAIR By Ktflh Wellington ' THERE'S A VACUUM IN HERE/ IrAPOSSIBUE, IMPOSSIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE/ IMPROBABU, IMPROBABLE, IMPROBABLE / HOME TV Service Calls »50 Aria Etctroiic Strrke HA 1-8055 AS DISASTER SCENE VISITED Yukon Survivals Called Miracle WATSON LAKE, Yukon'whcn it rammed a mountain-;ben. ending a five-month job!to bind Miss KUben's injured' Territory Wl -- The survival; side Feb. 4 near the Yukon- in Fairbanks, Alaska, showed'right foot. . [ of Helen Klaben and Ralph British Columbia border about remarkable ingenuity after SERVICE CALLS 21" Picture Tubes ONI CqiAKft F0 TtA* | W - W UOSI GUAK. H ' SCTS EAGLE TV GA J-J041 · UM J-1ZII 1837 1400 ^^\j ISO SERVICE"* 1 EISIUU i Joy Tioofsoi TV Co HE 2-2022 FACTORY FRESH .' TRANSISTOR 9-Volt Radio BATTERIES Round or Hat DUDLEY'S "jffiT. It75 IONS IIACH IIVB HO*TH LON6 HACH Flores \ras caned a miracle 75 miles from here. One of the crash. Sunday by a man who inspected the wreckage of their the wings could not be found. lirja revolutionary television move, network executives joined with the chiefs of Southern California video stains today in pledging: "No more repeats." A-spokesman for the leadership ?roup declared: fihe public is tired of see- ingThe same old things over ar.d over again and so are we. ""Starting today, all the stations we represent will air onfyjoriginal TV offerings. "We are eliminating the wort 're-run* from our dictionary." The spokesman said it had not yet been determined how to offset the economic deficits of Vim mating repeat programs. but added: "One thing is certain -April FooL" ight plane in Canada's frozen North. Miss Klaben, 21, now recuperating at her hone in Jrooklyn. New York, and rlores. 42. hospitalized at iVhitehorse. Y. T, were rescued last week after being marooned 50 days--J2 of them without food. "It's a miracle they lived." said helicopter pilot Ctuck ford oa his return from flying a team of Canadian Department of Transport investigators to the crash scene. JOHNNY CRAWFORD Dedicated Actor book based on the life cf William S. Hart, the first movie cowboy and Johnny's personal idoL The engine was twisted under the fuselage and the forward gasoline tank was leaned it against the fuselage 'and draped two tarpaulins on Their first camp beside the ight toot. . i Alex Van Bibber of Watson Lake, a Northern Affairs Department employe who visited wreckage was fashioned from the scene with the official in- a door of the plane. They vestigators, said one end of crushed. "1 can't understand why the tank didn't catch fire immediately,'* Ford said. A. J. dark of Edmonton, chief investigator, declined comment until his official re- ptrt is drawn up, probably today. Ford said that even though he knew the location of the! the shelter had been left open where a fire could be kept going at an times. Floor mats, cushions and linings had been hauled from the plane and used as bedding. Flores made a A SIGN L\ RED paint on the wreckage said they had moved to their second campir± *TM-" "Tt'n r from a piece of tin --. March 16. An arrow pointed,} t to transfer the meager sup- ia the direction cf the new'plies. camp down the r n o tTr| t3'n^ r fe-| Ford said the second camp, was ideally situated to be USTENTO REASON,WILIYAI liyoutriedeverythine end it stin slips t ta Un( Btaca Engine R builder*. Their experts will adjust it for en!»Ui Adjust what? Automatic transmssions, cf course! Also overhaul and exchanges. 3525 Unz Beach Bhri, GA 4-0407. DEDICATED young man is . 17-year-cId Johnny Crawford " whd'plays the son on ABC-,, TVs M o n d a y -Rifleman" tor series. He has a financial interest rig of The Johnny Rodeo" scheduled western cities. When it comes to rodeos. wreckage it was hard to spot FORD SAID both wings ofjfrom the air. [Tores' plane were torn off HE SAID'Flores. a DEW Soft Moscow Life Over for The Composers MOSCOW U--Soviet composers enjoying a relatively soft life in Moscow are being told to get out and seek inspiration for their works in factories and collective farms. 1 seen front the air. It was on) the edge of a burned-out i clearing. ! There the two fashioned a ._. . . . , , , . . .- wooden frame bound by elec- (Distant Early Warning) line ^ ^^ fram Q/^ emploj-e in Alaska who was^a covered it with one of homeward bound to San'the tarpaulins. The other tarp Bruno. Calif, and Miss Kla-jhad been shredded and used Tikhon Khrennikov. head of Sunda y the Soviet composer's union. gave the order to "feel the pulse of S o v i e t life" in a He is dedicated to being an actor, and has no regrets that hist show-business career was: I starred when he was only five yearirold. -Since then," he said. has been drummed Johnny can ride, rope and.week-kmg composers' meet- P-T 'Circulation Lady' Mourned in Bellflower -Mrs. Long Beach Press-11939. she took over tie en- f BeHflower" died tire circulation job for Ben-! Bellflower at the'" ower - S" 1 ' retired seven or eight years zga -It took the public several . ** 730 PJkL V, echoed Premier Khrushchev's age of 83. She was Mrs. Blanche Klamroth. For many years she handled Bellflower rircula- that ended Saturday. Helton, classified advertising Olivia de Haviland ,and complaints about lax party controls in the arts that have other business for The Press-Telegram. movie Cousin SHE started years to realize that she was no longer working." the son' said. "People would call heri if they missed a paper or wanted to subscribe." SHE HAD remained active .until three weeks ago. She newspaper Iived lt 1774 Woodruff Ave, Bellflower. Surviving a r e AND her husband an auto perimentation with musical forms. Western said. can be a boy wonder todayi^ suspects stepmother of h»« s p o k e r . o u t fi and a flop tomorrow. murdering his foster father. ag».«wt the party's ban on ex-jher "So I realized that I had, 8 PJL to be a well-rounded person. I "The Law and Mr. Jones" "I "don't think Fm hand- (5) ds with a group who some so I can't get by on ?U themselves The Unholy looks. · "Fm no Laurence Olivier so I had to work hard and study hard acting." to improve my EVEN IF Johnny's dedication to acting doesn't work out. he has a few other things going for him As a singer, he has record- cities in 1923 or 1924. ^^ j^,. ^ j^^ Pato son. Elmer Xlamroth, SpringSf and d^gi,^ Mrs. Henrietta Arnold. Bellflower. I i When her husband died En FREE TO THE HARD OF HEARING ACTUAL-SIZE CASE OF NEW MIDGET HEARING AID (No EltcheiTc farfl -- Can OnTy) PHONE HE 2-0459 Frit lime offend! If yea rove (or someone yoa Incw) liave trouble rearing well -- If people seem TO mumbt* and yoa fcove difficulty tms'eritana'Ing word's -- send for tils free actual s'xe case. Unit fits rigtit m your ear. Wear H In your own home end leep if. li't on actual size case of one of the smallest but most effective new bearing Ola's on {He martet today. Th« DaWberg aid welgfis leu trar» '/4 -ounce and las no tubing or external wires. Sample cases art frte of colt or obligation as long as supply lasts. Sent in pla'n envelope. Come in, call or write for yours today! COME IN wim os rHONE DOM'T LET THEM TAKE YOUR SET TO THE SHOP 1 Four." 9 PJH. 'Stoney Burke" for the right of prisoner to return as a rodeo bronc-buster. 11:15 P.M. Merle Oberon and George Sanders star in movie The Lodger" on channel 9. About Jack the Ripper ed three albums and eight ^ ^ bnjtal singles. | He's taken courses in television writing and turned out several scripts. He's currently writing a Wt imjAiiTHl MMOPi SYLYAN1A SILVER SCREEN 85 PICTURE.TUIt taslaintricerj w ffttravficno PRE-SCHOOL NURSERY Temple Baptist Church JI2S E. JCtk St. GI 3-30M I ...., TIRE1 OUT OF GUI IUD A TON TRUCK! j 21 HOUR ROAD SERVICE I Victory Garage !U I not ioia BUCK IIVD. I i 42T-SU4 THICKER HAIR-- A HEALTHIER SCALP GUAIAMTEED IT AMAZING MEW HOLLYWOOD METHODS S. I. Tirol, wtB-liawi icalp cutkonty, epen « 1-iaj loir cliiic to emostrat» nnartafcl* ··w icWitinc nciloJi. tkat ttcf lair lou. cliraiiiatt daidreH e*t l«tp ;raw vn*jtr, tkiclrr ka'ir; cffcr complctt Ufrodoctory kair cud tcatp matmeH far JJ dnf Cdic Wtel -- itrt Trznsnfulaa Leakiaj t:st'.i^ lit) IA ttAt t-.t Uiv, M Bnl tin t. E. TraEschsItn Eith. nn tkm u inn ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^0^ 9UESTIOS: IS IALDNESS INHEIITED? ANSWEK: B«fl«;r«fr NOT. WE MAT INHItIT A TENDENCT l kaU *ru, «ot laliini inclf. 9UESTIOK: Wlat ANSWE1: Maty fiinji. ameif tlem ncmhrt daidnff. poor cjrct- UT'IOI, ·effect, h loin · prafnueid t» itttrm'mt tk« focton a cock tidmdiol caie. Hie EOS! jlpifieant thnje is Itlimm EJAS cmuge io jears. |JlUani(i{siiiatii!(i!l!i reprteis triajicj tick \* Da-the-air slones U JBU * fresh frtntlie scene. : VIEWS cf tie cm trans- /·:* s. L Dtc»or. » CoHf. TU»OFF CLINICS QUESTION: Vila cu fc. «* cfcoy ANSWER Kn nonet WHAT «to,. of toMim T»« yon lutr cu b« n^rewi wirt proper trtetn«it, if rt« roots or* cliv*. Now! Calluses, Corns, Warts Rub off like Magic 7V*J»W» ·/ »utren Iron Ltaurc core*. catTmri. «tJ tvosotom *xm MOW rrport tmtef vkk «· ·ntzzirg mew saJ ufcly » kbooi 4xr,fa ct iofcctioa boa tmsxtv-t, »ti4* *r ·tr*K**s r lecrtx t» a ^vondrr-vor^jnf *waeri eretog caHcJ t)I JLK A SOIT lt« Kfcea* Woman Nearly itches To Death FIRST REMARKABLE TREATMENT 12.0 B Nert « Doyi M New CCctr* Wket ARE tie Ooajer Signals Tftcrt ore JefTnrf« warning! end treryone can ttceqnat them. DANDRUFF meent ilier* or* bacteria ct worV. If incy ert no) rtfflOrcJ, ility cttolt off Itti ha'r roofs, a fcoM tpot oon ep- ptan, end baldnex tptiadi tir.fil yoa or* completely boTd. The lamt ii frut of EXCESS FALLING HAIR end ITCHY SCALP. In fscf, cnyjfcing bet o licaliliy, gcod-loolir.g r.ead of hair (n«cns samtfnmg it wrong end yoa MAY BE ON THE WAY TO BALDNESS. Tin long- «r cn» wolf i, in* 11 ore eJ- rcr.cei ine cenoption. AMAZING NEW MHHOD MUST BE EXPERIENCED TO BE APPRECIATED $ ^^^ is ine complete cJiorge for your ^^ first remortabfe TUROFF treat- g m e n ! during ills SPECIAL ^ CLINIC, for tke re it 6 «}ayj. ^·B IF YOUR HAIR Is (tunning, orer 0*17 or over oTly--if yon are troubled" wltfc cbn- Jroff, Incrtojlng rio'r loss, come 10 and tee (i during tdTs special cEmc, for tlie next 6 cfays. If tie FREE examination SROWS we can help yoa, ycTr very first TUROFF treatment win cost yoa just $2.00. Oar guarantee: YOU MUST BE SAT. ISHED WITH THE WONDERFUL RESULTS WITHIN 4 TREATMENTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Find ost wVy tneasana's of ticppy Colt- fomlsns here made ct CalifernTa'i biggest, wTtk 9 offices. No Trectmtet Like TWi Anywhere -- Prore It to Yoontlf! Long Beach 110 Pine Ave. Suite 309 Phone: 436-7284 Keen: Daily 11 tun. ta 8 pJ3.--Tharsdoy 4 to 8 f. Ssrnrda-y 10 to 3 No Appeiatcent Heeded · ··~»»»--i.^^+*r.^»**T^ | »" 1 '?6^'»« !i»** ^ » **·* CtUfOKNtA'S UAZOH JiA« SJ£C/AUSTS p.m, at Bellflower Mortuary. Motorola/ Dahlbeiq. Htartif Kit ·uflwrintf tfrat Aid Cester IONS 1EACH-- «1 ri» HE l-«m Rjsft mt trr» ««· pf r»w. runiaturt titws ·.!. Msm« - : - Addmt. fill seldom you see on news iia tier 2t{em;t{d hfcre-- - aaft posjille ij tie test /fleet anywhere. ^scteifole-joa inU bare stea *· rttemip-jflauteitilstte *^ M taptrtd by find jaraals-tTerjslBfjis piea tit fell (mfepaei ' . it demands. j ^ Most «e« nefo Hport 'tis t ory. Koltrt Artbor, iYEeofietnria-they fOillrC \\m** is

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