The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 30, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS YODNa r MMENft .T«ry naluraily~lils enemies "attacked fret what seemed to- them his most "iralnerable spot, ' "Why did he change *ls name?" , "Why did :he need..aii •lias?" "What foul "deed 'had he done «nfl essayed to cover up?" These were •tfce questions hurled broadcast; these the ones they_fain..would:aiiswer "In- Tfstigators" were dispatched to Mary- Jaii!?. All went well^-or 111 for them, because nothing but good could be found of him—until his nineteenth Tear.' Then they encountered : a .blank•wall. There were five years unaceount- «d for. His family was.unimpeachable.^ The Daniels of Roanoke county were of "the South's first-people. The Fitz-. randolphs of England and Virginia had distinguished themselves on. more than several occasions. Plainly, there was no.thing here^for their purpose. . But -those five y'Rrrs! . When.they had given up all hope.of - ever sounding it and were searching In despair for a. successful plummet, Daniel very deliberately laid bare on the first page-of his newspaper everything It contained. - -With genial candor, 'and not without relish, he nar^ rated his five, years in trampdom.; In justice to himself,-in justice to hls> . party, he felt he couid do no less. Between the ages of .nineteen and tweri- . ty-four his had been an :, and the story .thereof -was. riot dull. The bomb exploded with a -deafening crash, an'd with, a howl and a -flhriek his foes were upon him. Rending the disclosure as a pack of wolves, •they clawed It gnashed it, made it ugly and held It .up greedily to the public jgaze. And then when the rumble and bombast had died away, when the blood and smoke had passed, Hugh Daniel Fltzrandolph stood before the populace —a hero. The city which reveres the memory of a man who, starting as a clerk, later saddled with debts, hewed his way through adversity and became the "Merchant Prince" of the world, of another who straggled from a •' butcher's apprenticeship at two dollars a week to the pinnacle of the Union Stock Yards, of scores of others of. ignoble beginnings and vast achievements—such a city was not slow to erect a pedestal for one who had once been a vagabond and was DOW become a multi-millionaire candidate for the highest honor the city of his adoption could pay him. Thus, for the hour, Daniel had' become an idol of the people. • Danielrnshed his.campaign onward with a tireless zeal that outdistanced his rivals and lost them to view. Here. as in the wheat pit. his endurance and energy were a marvel to till who kuew Uea.. EoliincTiea In an obscure'llttle restaurant! and-went motoring. ^ . Returning, however, he left tnte car •at Tweutj^fpurth -street continued afoot- toward town," his. raincoat collar turned up, his soft hat down, and wandered aimlessly about, taking studious care to shun his usual haunts. CHAPTER XV. JM afternoon of that rainy April 'fourth, Daniel roamed restlessly about 'the loop, until, shortly before dark, the returns' ; begnn coming In, About the newspaper offices he mingled with the - crowds, black smudges against shining streets, watching the figures flashed by precincts on screens; and when, as often occurred, he' was greeted effu- siv-ely by friends and acquaintances, he would answer perfunctorily, and stride on to the next bulletin.- ; .--Froia 'the start-it was plainly seen •which way the election tended. Dta- woody was 'carrying the First, Fourth, Fifth, Tenth, 'Sixteenth and Eighteenth wards' by'a*b'ig plurality. Fitzrandolph and..Bufgi!fe:on were running neck and neck. 'iSkiflJJ&f^the Socialist, was last.' 'Before "eight o'clock the winner was known. John Dlnwoody, champion of vice and crime, .was elected mayor of Chicago. With a sickening dissolution, Daniel's castle came • crumbling about his ears, and he lay among the ruins and the dustobruised and stunned by the utter havoc, yet unresigned to the inevitable. **•***• Scenting a storm of questions anent his unexplained absence, Daniel forestalled it by outlining to his secretary. a philanthropic plan of such magnitude that the curiosity of the two was drowned in astonishment. "I believe you're kidding!" exclaimed Hunt. "Do you know what such a thing would' cost?" "Fully"—glancing over the letters and telegrams beside his plate. -. "It would take the bulk of your, fortune, rich as you' arc." "Not 'would,' Harry, 'will.'" Putting aside his mail, and devouring a thick steak as he.talked, Dnniel continued: "I shall establish these houses/in event-own of a hundred thousand or more. In New York, Philadelphia and Chi- j there will be one to every two i hundred thousand inhabitants—or j more if needful. They will be self-sup- i porting, nonprofit-making. Those 1 who i can afford will have food and shelter ! nt the net cost of provision. Those i ivho cnnnot will have both free. Above all else, I want no publicity. In fact. Strangest;.:Troop ot All ;jn ; .Con. stantinople Being, Made Into ; • Good Citizens. : American Boy Scout training is aid.'Ing prominently in the rehabil(tati6n .of 'hundreds of little Armenian.'.lio.v refugees from the Turkish umssat-ru's. ••who have, been organized Into n scout .troop in Constantinople as the'solution of one 'of :the;,rnost ; -troublesoinV"firrtlt. lems that "confronted the Near East tt<v lief wdrlieiVln that 'city.. '' • " Hounded find driven fni four years, having seon-their pn'renrs nnrt relatives slaughtered or'worse by Turks Minil •'Kurd's arid ' themselves "forced .>io 'beg, steal or do almost anything to-eke oui. the"fonrest existence, 'iliese'- hoysv-htid ; completely lost their moral sense;.when .they finally -found -refuse, in' the Near East Belief orphanpes. . • The boys-had been cirid-In rags for -so long that they had forgotlet^how to take care of clothes. This was a' tragedy when the Near East Relief had.need .of every pair of shoes and of .every'suit of clothes for new boys constantly coming in. . • ' - . ' ...-••' Then'..the boys were -organized \ as Boy Scouts and.given their uniforms.' They began careful of their aehool clothes as well as of'their uniforms. t They had been so oElen hungry they had to steal without •.compunction. When'they, first ••enteri'tl 0*e- or- | phrtnafXHS they .continued- to stonl.-. One \ boy stole fi purse from his American I / eoREGA ^, , Dental Plate Gomfort .Powder ; ..' • .Sjiriokled Lightly on Dental 'Plate : ''s Holds False Teeth Firmly in Plaids .'' ' Prevents Irritation and SbreJ"Gums Absolute Comfort Assured ' i, i Pleading -Healthful ,- Sanitary " ......Antiseptic In Sanitary Siftihi; Top Cans, 35c,'50c,and.$1.00 ..', '••" Manufacturedby Hie Corega Chemical Co.', Cleveland, Ohio ...'.'• ••-'•'- Kecommendcd and Sold by the fbllowing Local DrairsuU OPERA HOUSE DRUG STORE, : J HEWITT'S DRUG-STORE, FOX'S DRUG STORE, . , .',seiBERT'S:,:DRUG STORE, or .manufacturer will m»ll trial paek» : ge.;for.,teneentafcj, / ,, u .,..„ „•-.,.., "THE NEW AMERICAN THRIFf" Forty Financier*, .Bankers,-'; Buiineai Men and -Educators: Write..on Big-. ..'• Problem»-of Day. j, ;' . : 'Forty \flnanciers.. bunkers; business -BSffP: '-.WapfFnliNeeds for American In- 'd'ustrial Development,". .Francis. H.. SI s- spn, ylce - : presld.e"nt Guaranty Trust otiiHewTorh ; {'Capital, Needs rnont, J. jP. jMorgan &! '*atim v 'on the EcbnbmlCvSltnatlbiii'-' Hermen anil ' educators have a'nu'l^zed -berrHpoyer^dlrectori general/of relief, teacher/' .Forlwo or three'wei»ks.:ifter i lie became n Boy Scout'he was uiivious- | ly uneasy. One .tiay lie came 16 -her with the pui-SR in his linnil.' " N "I-don't want-to give it' harU."-he said reluctantly. ; "But I have lo. "Fre I a Boy Scout, now." I To form more sk'out t.ropps co transform «;these little nnffirturiatef .into good-citizens, is one of-the reasons why. the Near East Rel'icf,"T Madison, averiiie, New' Yorlr city, is making its- appeal fur"{iiiiils '•Tins Anproles. Oal.. .Tun. 30.-r-H(irry S.' New. convictod here .of imin'lt'r in the~ second degree for .shooting Miss Freda Lesser, \vus denied :i'new trial. He was .. immediately • sentenced to serve not less th:m ten years, with' 'a maximum of life imprisonment at Sail Quentin prison. thrift in a volume Just-Issued ljjs the 'American Acadeniy of Political and So-.- cial .Science. It is entitled,. ;:The:-Ne\v . American Thrift.', 1 Among-the subjects, treated are the fpllo^ylng:" "Relation of Thrift to Nation Building,".Thomas 'Nixon Carver... Hm-viml university: "Freedom Through Thrift," William Mather Levvis, director savings division, treasury' ('iHpni'tuieirt :..."Tliril't. as An .Individual and Family Problem (Some' Standard Budgets)," B. R. Andrews. Columbia university; "The .In-' surance dl!'Thrift." John A. .Lapp, inan- 'r!i!ing eeditor Modern Medicine-;'".The Nation's' Cn.11 for Thrift;'"• Prank-,L. llc- \'ey, -[H'e'sident of Univei^ity' of'/Ken"lucky; "Wealth. Im'ouiu ami • SavfngR.': Dnvkl ;KrIday. Cnivei'sif.v:of iJillcfiiga'h -. "Thrift and.Labor." A.--'M. ifniiseh, .:is- socjate professor" 1 of economics, Dili- versity o!-'.' Minnesota.: "Organized- Labor's Attitude Toward -'the" National Thrift .Mciveim'iit." Frank Bj ' Wolfe. AmericMii. Alliance for -Labor-'- and'.; "Thrift and Business." George W. Dowrie. dean 'of the'.school of business. University of Minnesota;. V'Thrif.t ""d the Financial -'Situation," A. C. Millers federal reserve' board; '"Capital Needs for-Education.'in the Stanford, university ; ; i'.What Fuel' Con- servatilon Means to America;'.' ; 'Bobert th interstate cgmniercfr, com- Food Thrift, "i JLAURA E. SWARTZ O8TEOPATKIC PHYklCIAM Chronic Diseases * •peclmty Office In . Laud*r-N'lchet< Bl<jf- W.W.HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY; COAL OFFICE Phong 204 ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PROP. WMbMl Nut, Egt an* Phone 149 K. -THANBfBM GET OUR PRICES 4W t. mission ; Pearl, .Johns Hopkins university; "The Garbage Pall, a .Notional"'- 'Thrift Barometer," H.'X. BaIdensp'erger;:"Uni- versity-W— Pennsylvania; "The Function of. Salvage in the' Education of Industrial-. ^Workers," GeSrge W. Sherman, manager salvage 1 department B. F. Goodrich company ; -"Efficiency and •Thrift,-" W. R. Conover, General Electric. company;. Schehectady, N.' Y.; "Requisites of a Good Investment-," Albert W. Atwood ; ".Speculation and- the Small • Investor," .Theodore H. ' Price, editor of Commerce and ..Finance; ."United .-S.tates Government Bonds 'as Investments," , J. E. Cummings, Unl- ve.rsi.ty of. Mlnnesot! FEED, COAL. AMD POULTRY -SUPPLIES ' ••' ' ' ' • Phone 233 STEEL WORKERS GET RAISE Corporation Grants 10- Per Cent crease in Wages to Day La,"••• borers. In- Now. York, .Tan. 30.—Day laborers LUUUU 111 Llie t'" United States," -David Snertden. Co- | employer!' it; the 1 -plants, of the United lumbia university;- '.'An Analysis of. the States . Steel corporation- have-been Need of C-ipltnl for Transportation, in Briintetl a- 10 per cent wage increase the United' States." I-loloomhe ParUes,; ^ Tcctive February 1, Elbert H r -Gary-, associate editor. Railway' Age;' "Amur- chairman of- -the "board, announced lean Farmer's Need for Capital," E. K. - here. 'The wuge rates of.'Other work- .nresjilerit Federal ; Lanrl <>i* omplnyeil liy rhe. corporation .V.M1I Jiim. He snntched v only Bve hours from ; t prcfer i mving n , y , uime left out'of it the twenty-four for sleep, and less j nltogether . j w ish you two would re- than one hour for meals. Every mlu--'^^^ thttt and act accordingly: ute of tlie remaining eighteen was a Each of tliese settlements, by the way, busy minute. j. wi]] be bnown as an Esther Strom me- The campaign came to a whirlwind . mor i a i <• finish. Dnniel rose at daybreak on rose election eve and was on the go ceaselessly for twenty hours. While smoking a good-night cigar .jrtth Hunt at two o'clock next morning he remarked : . -.'. "Altogether, Harry, it has cost, me a . l-warm million dollars. But it has been worth it — every cent, I've had 'a mil. lion dollars' worth of fun." - Yet an hour later, had one looked in 'the front'- ro'om of Daniel's 'apartment, one would have doubted it. The roonr •was quite dark, and before the front •windows overlooking {Jratit. park he ?iras sitting very. sil,ent and motionless. A gray foe was rolling damply in from ..Ilie lake, tlii'ekenrng the night with its 'Clammy embrace. From the avenue below came sounds of an irresponsible quartette. They •.were rendering "The Heart Bowed Down," and even their untutored throats, guttural with libations, could j not wholly mar the tragic sweetness | cf Balfe's scO melody. The melancholy strains, something softened by the distance, floated dole- 'fully up to him. Music — even the worst — always had a singular effect upon* -Daniel. Good or bad. he could never, listen to it without feeling within him a responsiveness transcending the composer's note. It was as though, sounding the keynote, he soared on into realms the composer essayed, yet -failed to attain. His elbows resting 'on the urms of the chair, his chin on" his interlaced fingers, he sat for a long while gazing -Into the fo.csy gloom. And mirrored in his face was nn ineffable loneliness - wh'ich by its very profundity musl needs be mute. ' He pressed his hands to his forehead and slowly shook his head," again and again, his eyes closed. Yes. Yes, he had failed once more, He would fail nest timei He would always fail.' He could not forget. He could never forget. Daniel started, sat up suddenly, looked round with .a jerk. It was past nine o'clock. He had been asleep in ills chair five hours. '' "'' his ballot the", There- -was nothing more to 60. It was HJioVer now;. Already the election jgagjyactlcall i Hefe <T« be comttaae*.) Connecticut to Provide Foster Mothers for Little Victims of Turks. Ten tlmu^iind liftle. victims of Turkish bruiiility are tti lio fi'stor- motliereil by -the liig Irenrifil woimvii of 'Cniini'cilciit :is the 'result , of ai>- pcals liy Ni-a'r Eiisl Rpllef. the f<irnn:t Conintitiee fnr Armenian und Syrian Rolief of 1 Madison avenue.. Now York j city. Tlie vrai.'iun M a meeting ',oti:(i I to "mlopt" that number as theii: slmi't I of the 2,"iO,000 homeless iind stnrvinp ! boys and .u'irls orphiicetl In the massacres and (lepnrtiuioiis. Three hundred ^representatives of women's organinatious attended the meeting at Hartford, at which Governor Marcus H. Holcomb presided and pleaded the cause of tlie stricken peoples. Another speaker was Henry Mor- genthau, former .U. S. Ambassador to Turkey. Assurances that the example of these noble hearted Connecticut women will be followed by similar organizations in all the other stages have been received at the headquarters of the Neni 1 East Relief, 1- Madison avenue, New. lork 'city. er'.'. casting"'' his tf 'a ! 'ToHa/ ; ' Th .... Death Takes B. ,T. Reynolds Chicago, Jan. 30.—B. J. Reynolds, vice president of the United Cigar Stores company, died at his home in Evanston. He was sixty-two years old. Mr. Reynolds was born In Baltimore. He :came to. Chicago fifteen years ago.. He was a director of the Art Institute of Chleifo. . _ • . _ l-V CALUMET BISCin'TS—light, flaky 5 mounds of gooctness—capped witM a; •tender, done-to-a-turn crust You'll admit that • no other biscuits can compare with them-^-the i minute the first batch comes from your oven. ^Baking Powder • •& ' ,--. *»^ f . : _ . ; , £. ••_-•-/: •' .; ' • . . r _ . Makes Most Palatable and Sweetest of Foods ^—because it is absolutely pure in the can and in the baking. —^because its leavening strength never varies, never weakens. It'is always the same, and results are always the same—always the finest. Absolute certainty— more than the usual -rising force, with the moderate price you pay for CALUMET —make it decidedly trie most economical of leaveners. You save when you buy it You save when you use it. 1 ; i You save materials it is used with. 'A perfect product of the world's largest,: most up-to- date and sanitary Baking Powder .Factory. .; -.. Contains only such ingredients,as have been officially approved by'U. S. Food Authorities. Try it! Drive away bake-day failures. Reduce baking expense. Have most'delicious and vrtiole- . some bakings. W, A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND THB j .... - .EYE '• ' i Ey*i Tested - .QlaMM fltt«l Virginia Bldg. ' CarboHdal*. lit. DR. J. W. HARROW , NEW HAMILTON BUILDING Hcura » to 11 A. M. and 2 to • P. .. PHONE n F. L. LEMGLE, M. D. :., . ''. G*n«ral Practlo* Special . attention to Eye, Ear,. Ne«| •ad Tbrort QlaMM'Pitted Phones: Reeldence 330-2, Office SW-1 ^ . Vlrflnla Bulldlni HAMILTON & BRADLEY- •Attorneya at Law Phone 2*2 K Suite 112-115. New Hamilton Building DELIA CALDWEJLL,, M. McANALUY BALDING 211 Wett.Kialn Street:/. Pfflce Houre—8 to iu «.M.; 2 te 4 r>. . CARBONDALE CANDY • j". . , KITCHEN' ' I Home Made Candles and Ice Crzr.13 I . ' . . Telephone 844 Y I GetDr. Edwards' OliveTablets j That is the joyful cry of thousands • since Dr. Edwards produced Olive | Tablets, the substitute for calomel I, Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician, i for 17 'years and: calomers old-time ! :enemy, discovered the formula for Olive tablets, wljile treating patients for chronic 'constipation and torpid livers. .: Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do not contain calomel, but a healing, soothing vegetable laxative. _ •••' Nb'gripingis the '"keynote" of these .;-Bttle sugar-coated,, olive-colored tab. lets.- They cause.the bowels and liver to* act normally. They never force them, to unnatural action. '•''" Ifyou have a "dark brown mouth"'— bad breath—a dull,Jtired,.feeling—sick • 1 headache—torpid liver—conitipation, I you'll find, quick, sura and pleasant re| suits from one or two of Dr. Edwards' r Olive Tablets atTaeatime.----r- Thousandstakethemeverynightjust to keep right. Try them, 10cand25c- BBEAKS MY COLD! Dr. King'* New Di»- cayery for fifty year* . a cold-breaker" N OTHING but sustained qualltr and unfailing effectiveness caa arouse such enthusiasm. Nothing but sure relief from stubborn :old colds and onrushlng n^w ones; grippe, throat-tearing . coughs, and croup could have made Dr. King's New Discovery the nationally popular and standard remedy it is today-Fifty years old and always reliable. Good for the ivhole family. A the medicine cabinet means a short-lived cold or cougb. 60c. and $1.20. AU dr'uggists. Stubborn Bowels Tamed , Positive In . action,, yet • natural, I comfortable,- pleasant, Dr. iQng's- New Life PUls are a boon to bowels that need assistance. They eliminate fermenting waste and put the system in normal shap^ All drug& bottle. Remember when you buy Calumet, you get a full pound, if you want it. 18—not 12 ounces; Patronize th* merchants who advertise in this paper "^eywfll treat you righfr j

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