Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 27
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INDtFF.Nt.HNT (AM) (PM1-R.7 . '·',-: It, t«» POINTERS New original is plain V fancy By PAT TREXI.ER .lust right for spring and summer is this second I'ri.iin 'n' Fancy Original. Ukc the first "Plain 'n' Fancy," directions are \vnt- | l r n without abbreviations and simplified so that even beginning k n i t t e r attempting her first project can If.r.ily understand them. The design can be worked with or without the pat- i Mitch -- w i t h or w i t h o u t ihe cable Milch t r i m · - · · .-.nil or without the rosebud embroidery. However yon j , h , . u , e to make it, you will love making and wearing |i;::i raglan sleeve classic. Si/e range is 10 to 20. To obtain directions for making Ihc rosebud sweat- in a five stitch-per-inch gauge, send your request for j Leaflet, No. PF-2 with 50 cents and a long, stamped, :.elf-addresscd envelope to: Pat Tre.xler, Independent, | I'ress-Telegram, P.O. Box 17635, Charlotte, N.C. 28211. DEAR PAT: I always read your column with inter- si and learn many new things about knitting. I would like to share with your readers my method of increasing a stitch. Try this method and you scarcely will be | able to find where the increase was made: When you come to the point where an increase is he made, make a loop on the index finger of the left hand and then slip il lo ihe right hand needle. Tin- ·;:inie method works jusi as well if you are w i n k i n g on purl rnw. MARGAR'FT s. BURNHAM, iv DF.AR MARGARET: II never ceases in amaze me ill,n i h e i e arc so many d i f f e r e n t ways lo achieve a n v desired effect in necdlecrafls. When 1 realize how much I have learned f r u m my many readers. I wonder if I ever would have had the nerve lo s t a r t this column had ORIGINAL DESIGN FOR BEGINNERS 1 known then how much mure iliero was in be i f . i r i i r j . This is 11 very simple increase n u - t l u u i w l m l i di'iir. le.uo ,i l i n y hulo, lull une much smaller ih.m i l i ' i i li-M hv IIMIIL; i h e yurnuviT meilmd. I l u u l iwu i h i s me;!uiil in r;i.M (in siiu'hr.s in ihe miiklle "I .1 i'"W, li'.i; ii.u! i . i ' \ IT ihuu,::hi lu UM' n for iiuTtM.Miui. Jus! lr s n ; ' l i n n yuu make :i n m p l e i e ! ' i p "" y n i i r finjier. l o l l i n g iho yarn cros. 1 - HUT i i s c l f . O'.hri wise, y u u will ran he m a k i n p t h i s innv;i:.f r n r n v i l y . JACOBY Expert is loser in this play Mm: "In bridge articles ihe experts always seem to wear tin; white hats and their plays appear lo work almost every lime." Oswald: "The same applies at the table. The. right play is going to be .1 winner more often t h a n a loser. It is a matter of probability. A GO per cent play wins GO per cent of ihe time; n '10 per cent play only '10 per cent of Ihe time, and so on." Jim: "f watched today's hand played in a rubber bridge game. South ruffed the second club, cashed one high spade, entered dummy w i t h the jack of diamonds, finessed against East's queen of spades and made his slam. Then he asked what I thought, uf his bidding and play." Oswald: "1 hope you answered, 'Angels could not do more,' or something equally complimentary and obscure." .Mm: "I sure did. Of course, he had a lough hand In bid and six spades is Ihc correct final r n i i t r a c i but 1 wasn'l ;:iihiS In H'll him t h a t his line of play while successful, was incorrect." OSWALD: "This play when you miss queen and | I h r p c small in a suit is : i Anniversary j celebration \ The Southern California Women's Missionary Ln- i"n will celebrate its ."Oth anniversary Thursday at Ihe 'I bird Chrislian Reformed Church in Bellflowcr. Displays of Ihe union's mission fields will be open for viewing one hour bc- f "i'« Ibc 2 p.m. afternoon j "iccling and the S p.m. '· evening meeting. Rev. and j Mrs. Vnnder Zee also will he on hand to tell about . i heir work in Los Angeles, j Rev. Gareth Kok will be j ihe evening guest speaker, ! anil the Bethany Christian ' Reformed church children's choir, as well as i h e a d u l t choir f n " i Ihe I h i r d Chrislian Reformed Church will sing. :i A J S 7 C NORTH A1087 V K 4 3 2 * JS # K 7 f i 5 WEST EAST V Q 1 0 0 3 + QJ109 SOUTH (D) * A K J 9 5 3 VVoid 4 A K Q G 5 - 1 Both vulnerable West Nurtk East South 1! A 4 N.T. G * Pass Pass Pass :* Pass Pass Puss Pass Opening lead-- Hospital auxiliary to reward service one of the closest percentage plays in bridge. Sixty-one per cent of Ihe time both the finesse, and the drop either win or lose so you are only concerned with the 39 per cent where your play makes a difference and in these situations the drop play works 20.4 per cent and the finesse 18.G per cent." Jim: "That is so close t h a t the expert will try the finesse if he has collateral information but there is none here." Oswald: "No. The opponents have done nothing except sit at the table. South has a freak hand hut the fact t h a t be has two six-card suits has no effect on the distribution of the four spades held by his opponents. The drop play is slightly belter and any expert would t r y it and co down this time." Service pins rcprescnl- ing 4-1.672 hours of volunteer service during 19GS will be presented to members of Long Beach Comm u n i t y Hospital Auxiliary during a meeting Wednesday al the hospital. Special recognition will go to Mmcs. Scott Dobbins and Margaret Campbell who each served more than 1.000 hours. Twenty provisional."; also will re- 7o hear speaker Capl. Frederick Gibson of the Salvation Army will speak for Federation of Woman's Christian Temperance Union at I(l:!0 a.m. Tuesday in Ihe YWCA. Ocean View Union will hostess the lunch, cun. l _ . . ... I THOSE HORRID AGE SPOTS* c'.'ivc completion c e r t i f i - cates. They are Mines, l.iryanl Armstnai!. 1 ,. \\'illiai;i llonis, W i l l i a m Brown, Norma Burlison, Crai;i C a l l i n . George Chittick. Delmar Farrah. Leo ilassey and Laurence Hill. Also Mines. R u t h Horan. Harold M u l h e l l e n . .lames M u r r a y , Vernon Nelle. Rea Rawlins. Christopher Reb man. Rudolph Roop and George Show. Along w i t h completion certificates. Mines. Charles De.Iohn. Chester Prosscr and Marold U t t l c y w i l l be awarded 200-hour pins. NOW...YOUk DAY BLGINS AND ENDS WITH r-LUTTERLASH Lavish real-hair r'uberje la:-'"-cs tor a htl your mirror can .··? cv:"/ !-c'.:r c; "-? ar If you want lo piny i! clcir.uir, daring or downright dnnrjt-r.ii-;. , . we've g-' t^e styles lor your quick-switching moods. FlullsrLasiics, 5.00-6.50-7.50 And with each rabcrge purchase of 5.00 or more this week, a hand-care gilt (or you: Hand Lotion Extraordinaire, Guild's Remover Lxtiaordinniic, and Nail Spray E-'Irnnidm'ii-". Shop 10:00 a.m. lo 9 30 p.m. Monday llirangli SahMifcy; cxccpf long Rourh Satuidny 10:00 a.m. lo 6.00 p.m. 1ONG Alloi Shopping Ccnlci. BcllHowor ul Sloomv lonq Heath. Phone 596-33T.) ANAHtIM --Anaheim Shoppmrj Conler. 444 Norlh Euclid A v f . . Anrihnim. Telephone 535-8121 DOWNEY --Slonowood Shopping Conlcr, 97-15 f.osl Fucsloim BUil., Downey. Phono 923-9331 HUNTINGION B t A C M - 7 / 7 / [clingcr Avn.. Beudi. Telephone 8 9 2 - 3 3 3 1 DEL AMO - Del Amo Shopping Ccnk-r, 2 I 800 llcm'lhome Blvd., Tounnre, Tolcphono 371-468 1 *\Vcstliecci hnnv.1 spnla on v the u. ici til i n - him s « n l 1,11 lri| i r . n o r l l s )ii r i III--i prl i| ; h re it rdl] i I I cm i % Mil. i S M I 1 111' medico!*"! cr" Mini iTeak*, ;.[ ,1 men i e-i - i - i I ,,!·; I , - i i OPFEl- CUAMATUM contjins 5 anti-itch ingredients plus pain-kilting beruo- came lo relieve n.iin fast. CoolinR. soothing CALAMATUM rclirvc-i itching of minor skin irritations -'fid rashes, prickly insect hitc*. poison ivy A o.ik. Gfil non- Rrca-.y, non-staining CALAMATUM NoV the lims lo turn nv, n new bcauly leal ond Ihc most "instnnl" woy is «Mh o nrw hoirdo! You'll he amoied at the difference a new style can moKe! s CM Wun- Completely Aii (ondilionrfl BEE'S Beauty Shop \.. A|-|' nnriil Ni "·"' GA 4-1016 .?.}_· 7 LOI/K B(iffj Bf. I 111 | r t II ^ I Trial' tar oi ESOTCSICA SC.'.P. " hral'iu^'ll i|i I ' l l u r !"·"· I ' " " (..enUy «o[lon^ and c'wroes Ihc ^k i -.ithout dr'"% P alH ,S'J5 V l '; ' ciso $1 00 - r i r l r a ' S W 1 rr I i i B /c with rich jar nl I Jitcnra I I mml I time only. "problem" perspiration e»M for : thousands who perspire heivily An that really w o r k s ! S o l v e s u n d e r a r m problems for mnny who had despaired of e f f e c t i v e help. M i l c h u m A n t i - P e r s p i r a n t keeps undtinirms.'ihsolutoly dry for thousands of grateful user.-, w i t h complete gentleness to normal Kliin and clothing. This unusual lormuln from a trust- ; worthy 06-year-old Jaboratory is g u a r a n t e e d to satisfy or I dealer will refund purchase | price. So sot the positive pro| lectionof MitchumAnti-Per- »pirant,Iiiquid orcrnam.S3.00, | 90-day supply. Avnilnblc at your i favorite drug or toiletry counter, without messy sweatsuits you can quickly ' . ,, - . ! , . · . ; ; - . - ' ; · . - ·' · .... =. :·· /;;, .'.·'"'.·; · */) n/i* ' / /)* . lop solid weight at \,; ^ Why spend 40 minutes in a sweatsuit, violently exercising in a hot room, sweating out liquid w e i g h t . . . only to gain it right back, usually in less than 8 hours. Let's face it, ,jut good common sense tells u? that except for surgery, losing solid weight CAN NOT BE DONE J\ -MINUTES. It is a day to day process. A' f l i o r i a .Marshall's. w o r N i ' s Un-givl owned a n d o i i o r a t o d c h a i n o f r e d u c i n g salons, i ^ t l i n ( : ;\ii:'":-:i!;; i we h a v e t i n ' l i n e s ' in :-ptria!ixed m a c h i n e s t'i:r - , d ' I ( " K . S A P I:! roirji'ing. i n c l u d i n g ( l l o r i a .Marshall's j t a i e n i e d ( ' i r c - I . a - . M a t i r . . . a n d , of course, l'!Ki'i:i M.arshall'.s cosis less, . . . m u c h less ... than any other r e d u c i n g s;doii system. LOSE 10 INCHES OF SOLID WEIGHT IN 10 VISITS... AT GLORIA MARSHALL'S Rn?r»rl Oil OUT actual l'erop'1;-.. , i ) i l l ' nvrra^r: J ' n i r o n ; JO inches within, Irani hip:,;t, il tummy and arms. RESULTS GUARANTEED GLORIA .MARSHALL s;iy?: ''Tell us ihe dress sixo you waul: d j wear, and we'll f e l l you how many vis- iis if will I n k c rind "itariinlt'c in w r i t - jni; that, you w p l ! i c j i c h s o u r ^oal. In f n r l . ,~(i a l i s i p l n l r l y pii.silivn an: we t h a t y i i i i u i l l o b t a i n y m i r nbji'i'tivc. t h a i .'is M a t e d in n n r ^ a n r a n l e r . wp w i l l i.'\i-n lei ^·uu h a v e - K K K K O F f.'l I A K C 1 - . AX'-.' A M ) A M . I - r K T I I K K \ ' l - pn-iMve a . - s i n a t i i ' i - i i u ; v.r bai'k u p i n i r S P E C I A L ! FREE^...FACiAL CONTOURING! ia M,i *ha!i I- i-nn' :p.;iin-,' !".',·!' '/:Y(T. In ir Fai'i.i! I 'iiM:"ta:r._. ; : · · ' · . wi;:i each :.· : i - i ' : · .n::. 'I'!,:- -pi-, · ,; K!i-,"rnmr I ' O M K IN" FOR A S A M I ' t K V I S I T . . . JM . ··.a!-.- .r nivi;.iiioti.,. livre H :i lice i'i^uic: -\iv.iv.;i-; aivj, l i t n i n ^ voni' .-.iinple visit, you'll n lunlly the special rwlucin? iivichirK's. and ihc electronic facial rontoufiiig equipment: under ]irrson;il in· i n i ' . - i i y n . Jr'reo child care. Citll us for ;t saniplu vi.-;it...ii:t; :''jf j'0'.uitil v.hy Gloria. M'aishall became = !. -REStTLTS LONG BEACH LAKEWOOD TORRANCE The ii'orM's leading figure c. ..311 East Ocean Blvd. 435-7437 .5239 Paramount Blvd. 634-0844 ,.2007 West Carson SI, 320-6510 ] CONTROL SALONS Caiiy 2-3. Si!. S-5 EiViiT.tilsjrd a:J Hjjler Cftjrze WelcsnU ANAHEIM 1060 North St. College Blvd. 635-8681 SANTA ANA 1840 West 17th St. 543-9457 - SALONS ALSO IN- B-,-,1, Hull. Covmo. Cienlhow, Glendolt, NoriK Hollrvvood, Ontario, Paiadena, 5aa C.ecjo. Sanlo Bofboro, Sunlond, Torrana, WeUchoiler, Fresno, Socromenlo, Son Jose, Sunnyvale. Wolnul Crstk. ; Chris. Marshall Vat, Co. Tne.

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