The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 30, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1957
Page 1
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f i \ -*ji **$«••-' av* i< fast-mi o. flie tec » f «w idult v6WA* - " Downing advaficM, ikicfcyttikle t'fi(ot*fctt Were hild it 1 wte h» etmttint faffet of infae Sfietltft th« ofl tw of ths Bnit&tpdH Chamber tt Wuiunvri.-* «ttd th* Job *at the- Mcl»ff {of th* tout-d*? SurfWd* Sanfe»t B»y* aettwtlem ° M6*t If to* tp6h*ort>e»* ia oft th* ^B*tesWlfta9 ahfthel A? *. M&L " *-•- - -* *f*ai woriurip mi$a ox v mover •uo* Bna-erW at "labotw* ft*H»d*d Bill Schu*l*r, r ehilrtnan of. th* ewftmittee; tie* tVrguWa, • r*dk> ttttagef; a&d ArtaW Ma* thfa*, Chan*** mama**, ,- , _, ^ Att • workmen w*t* fallowing * tfrnpil- * flee la*w v or 'diffttion* pfettafn (jj^ Of, -LATE BULLETINS- jan*M Mob Biota . . f JBfltotoT. t**««oa — A »fl-mlnu**^H« by f*«b* thai wadM thota with police aad troop* and turned th* auto e* a,tJ. *. official on the mart street today l*fv *fx dead 'in* 1« wounded. Matt o| th* tree* w«fe fiMiK eontHttWtddf 8ftA»« ilfM^/.M 6p«Mtidft d« Bes«4i, th« ai»M6nd* show* wlB Y«m4ifl thhittltk SundVy evening and CM K eatily «j)6Ued to tha> W|ft r fram Surtilde 6«a*e. At'JtiWaiUHta* Show* feattife' I TttfrA- Whirt, fiumtNH- Cam, Roller (toiuttW, Mmy Co Houttrf, ferttt^Wheel, Kiddi* tttdet, ttitte *de.«B64»* ifld M fun boothi, »«wdlrtg to Boo HiiMBaAto, owner, they h*rt been hr«.|(fe to th« *rea under jponwrthJp of flft StlftWH »«yii ttetint commifte*.' th* 6e«th ar*» in which the rtows an **t «|> Wftt o« t6>*d ott ffo* auto*, tratfie, but ttf* itoftgt towwlttee hai m*dt prrn^ ton* tot atntfe free parking, AM of the beach *cttvl»t« <rf Simfert O»y» will tak* pl*« in *«*., tfi* iantt geri«r*t Shows. This Will fncHtd fsmnyHttM" Friday «venlftg. Mr. and Mrt. Jfefrtsth **1M) chaiftneri isr tht family night gartreg prSMfc* plenty in the w*y at afnuHi and conl*sts, which will begin af «.»0 ia the ropM off b««eh are*, Sow* of the game* will b* tug-o-w»f, gre«oed pole climbing, Mcfc nee*, rott*-gkip. t»ln*» egg-tasting, statue*, wheel barrdw nee, up*id<-dowri Me**, hat swatting and the balloon gatne^-with prize* for the 4 winner*, fcd Vetwr. T alstaff distributor for th* wunty will tpottior strolling ftoub»do« uti the beach to ehterUin tn« fartlily -picnlcfkefl, tad cindy and gum will be giveK t* tHe yotiag' rter* by th* troubador*. i evening wttt be flit rtturing tome of Angleton Athletic twgue* in-potently I Cdatt featherweight Charapion md Rudy Lara, Bill Null chairman ft** CM. I AIL RBAJDT AMt> WAItlKO for IU. T ««, M f^ireat Deyi at* Ik* ik*e*,ttltt AttMie «*«t |f*pm wkieh wilt go fat their hifpy Mir 4ar *?*tf>« whM the final om»**tUi*n in th* MUt FMi MMMft Uk«* pUM wt llurM4*.Btaek, FH^Mrt ltre** Har-Kal* in Ih* sMWUtm* i* hoidhtf eat* HI* it*. [ phla* an4 SI braotUtt for th* MniaaUaM. All at* ak 4ia. Pollowt Seen WASJIINGTON — Choice of And*f*on at aecretary of th* trea*ury to replace Humphrey brought t forecart of easing of fte'a liti'd moa.y* poUcr. Anderaon i. COM- «idered "liberal" fn hU budget views. A-Tettt LAS VlGAS A Wind .condition* (hat would cause a fallout rate oa nearby eommunitiet remitted in another poftponement of the second in a terte* of A-Urt*. Tl-^W^H*^™ -^TUJISI«« p*W««r%<*«t« • li Ik rantn* of aotloa* ^bf jtt* jfeuneil at a-* «", ttiiir anticipate tHat'ThU ._ to th*.«iU«ens short duration for *n notified that hit job tarminaterf, effective m A. W. Park* who *w«kiag M night ftr^ awaral iaoc Two Marine tot U Lesson Schedule Announced The free swimming iewoa* it the Lake Jadraon Swimming Pool begin June 10. thu will be the fint of the three , Adult (wtmmen of att ««. « will be in the ifullow ead frdm 16:45 to 11:30. deep water end of the iwimming during the day* of June » to June 10. On Sundays the pool win be open from 1 to «. On Thursday afternoon* aafety la- Rruitt will teach famlUartuition of, . . will be for open rti _. Council, that Plans for a sauOl rtrraation 'would din In crashes houae, siniUr ia atroctun taithe holiday Ralph „ . Jr., reeruittAg «*r- m for th* rreeport are*. „ viait l>*pon fo«t Office .jWedneaday to dtacua* the Cir S0ulf ^"ww to ««•« avaUabie to young -, „*«•» latotwtod in th* Hartae Corp*. »cit th* »*rg»ant» W U1 be •vmJUW* h*twa*a th* noun at .10 *.nv aad t p.m. aad ini« «a4' pfoeaiadaf tor enlistment ^«M b* aoeowpUahed ' ' ifalf t(yy _T»* ' Mfg**ma, both carear Warta** itato »*t guarantee to Ifatta* Corp* Aviation unlu -- aejtoola are still offered to - who qualify upon *a- progrMaa taken of by many an "' "' - Mariat* IV* for raeruit bud4i*« not only ' Mia and together a*w dqty *ta- W"*f»W«t y-r tp*d»l meeHng. the couoCB have lOeeM with the poli aon l5!5weenr for to ' " ' 2tf adult ticKets _.., for th« same ule for* end of •frora, f 'Of twini seven aad •ton* timav rnuaat* th« uae of a tt*n «nd twitch UParkBwrd day 'patrol w»d P»Hai miin duty, Some of th* *jU/ that Mayor . who WM ia office at the Uke Pairlltea, ant being : Lato a«ttoe«'a wi(w JHB* taard wWek. b*U . On on* aide, th* W*» that aueh «xpendllwe» COMMKM CCMBXT *»**k*r at ih* Brase*»e*t Xi|k *xerdeea tvaifht will WiUJaam pf oa* polloarftan. Then on the oth«r wanted the »*«•» ivfiv^ _^ •« «|H Murray WM born ia 9f*ac*r. . u , N. C,, and earn t» Ta-taTw^n < *c*«*l h* WM 10, %WM a * j**r w. Dr . aimnInnate tvf WWm*. * *B..LC... i *^ •*«* aiah « patrol car, P*d to haadl* a' n _ -. — —<*• TUT— «T^-W i» wr» ^"w*»tf • employo* *T rreeport Sulphur; tUt uottl hf- WM tcr*njfer*d' , . to Pan Suhfeur ia Wl. H*| wortera Walvetrttf, n* at*. Baraw*U, WM producuin -" f laaa wiU begin at T(|« BM, ev» tb4n*Ui« that ea H«pp«* ritld. I. Wobb REPEAT wuinar la the Sunresi head ia a t * 11 la Pat Bfuekleror of Fteeport who 1* Wa«iM after taking tetrad place ia last year** m Pat laddMially hat just completed her frtshnaa. Texa* State Cttlttg* aad will a«aln j*ln Fart* nr»s stiff fa, ih, sumaie*. \ TOrw-traffic accidents that injured four-4 two of them^aeriouily, since 0 p.m. Wedru cat* that BraDtoria County will hold ufr lt« —" J J f predicted for th But with th» worst 'of the traffic rush (o the beach ahead, Bratoria CoUhty *tiH ha* iontrlbuted no citiiens to th* forecMt by? Ked D*arbora, president of th* National Safe- perjon* during During thu period, two per' in Texw. were kiQed WM an ;^»^ w«» «i, uiuoenuoea man ,*truck by a hiUaad-ruaj driver ! about ] a.m. in San Antonio; and the other lost control of CUlMoa received * l brui***, hut W«a- when Deputy Tj H* wa* taken, to in; a ,Fr**port ~ ambulance. The officer bar / charge*. At < , . i4 jW»?* r , , of a car and oft* hitch-hiking ^^ juredT when OTMbes acroac ^*^H« W rWa«Har Arn»y ,, It, who** at ««i «, ton, i*. i af baafe ft* 4th 'M 1WS .a, of i* Webb, MB k, Hunt H* Hood Holidaying Texas Judith, Ili-ea St, Angit. "it w*e"' wi *S V*f» ia To Tm«f with ^, _^ l*t*d thuad*nhow*ra ntar th* ipwtf coaat this morning, hut It wa* » comnarttiTely aio* day, w*ath*r 'wiaa^ tor than 7.* •.^T" T ^- "Tm*j, »^r- « >^^BI. holidaying Texan* who w*r* Observing M*awria) Pay today, There WM „ ia aouth. •ia Ohio , i plane in California to aria the count to 33. California and V ItwvOTMT ' "" ™ I* 1 * "•*»•««» «»««• traSe A«hirdboardl«*inber,W.A *•»»>«. and Texas, Indiana _araw*U, to to raedy a au*a^ Uonnajre which wtU m*al th* , into th* rear of a < aad about »even — ' •via on Texa* Highwiy^ ar* atut v " driver a( JTI—E-I-T—r-» w ••• ^fffmm M rOCrWl" UOMl aottoitiM dttired by Uk* JackMB retttMl*. Th* board i* requfrtiag that th* dty attorneyV'^ ' latioa ptftaiqiac to to Jearn what th* ' an ' • ••*••••, ««tieaa 4VJMI*1| 4IM41|UU New M*xux>, Pennsylvania, aad W«*Ua«wa two *ach, Dearborn aaid th* death tqj] — "tragically on *eb*du|*. ,. council had ettiiqaUd ' 99 ajtUlon ear* would be on th* nad today aad that th* mul wa* Tb* tant traffic 130 Ruhmonn In T -^— »-T- •»•» III! pp y rw*port aarrowty missed beta* one of th*a* just paat ajght tott night while from Surfade _„ aad good braka* awd* up far « lack of ajert- — aad iaitaid b* • th* aoen* af officer* 'I** moat '*» Jaaw* ] Pranciaeo driver of vestoa. Bichie Joha I* l._ thair way to Naval Air Christ! wi * lid* by Th* •8"

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