The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 24, 1952 · Page 9
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 9

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1952
Page 9
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THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, AUGUST 24, 1952. flbw Penny's Small Homes Asphalt Mulch Protects Newly Seeded Lawn By HENRY FREE A thin coating of hot asphalt sprayed on a new lawn immediately after seed is sown is the quickest way to get the gras seedlings started. Prof. H. M. Smith, soils technician at the University of Illinois has tested the spray over a three- year period and believes it's an excellent answer to the old pro- shape of your lot. I am sure you can visualize the larger home without my trying to add the rooms in the picture. If you'd like complete building blueprints of this lovely home, including a specification sheet, they are available at $5.00 for the first set and $3.50 for each additional set of tile same' number. Portfolio No. 1 that contains the first 60 designs in my series is available for $1.00; Portfolio No 2 contains the second *0 designs and is also 51.00. Please specify portfolio number when ordering. Just send your check or money order to Penny's Small Homes, Box 1055, Berkley, Mich. Please allow at least two weeks for delivery. By PENNY HAZELt, If you don't read this column today you will know absolutely nothing about the tiny house I'm showing. At first glance, I am sure your comment will be 'cute but too small' or something similar. Well, because of limitec space it is impossible for us to show you the possibilities of this plan. This house should really be twins for it has one of the greatest futures and win some . day branch out into a comfortable home for four or five people. Actually this would be an ideal design for the young newly mar- rieds that are limited in capital and who really don't need two or three bedrooms. If the young groom is handy, chances are he can build this plan himself and in no time at all. The exterior is made of up and down white wood siding and the front entrance and the attractive planting boxes will be created of ledge rock or even used brick would work out well. The v roof appears to be a flat one in the picture but be not dismayed for the pitch that is necessary for the climatic conditions iii your area can easily be obtained. Now, I doubt if there is a lady between the ages of 18 and 80 who doesn't examine closely those wonderful magazines about home decorating every month. So of course we know that • perfectly marvelous things can be done with the new furnituue. Luxurious couches develop into downy beds with a flip of the wrist. That darling little table holding the lamp and books pulls out to a size accommodating eight people when The French humanitarians Montesquieu and Rousseau are credited with advancing the thesis that soldiers who lay down their arms are entitled to life and humane treatment. PPLY"ASPHALT MULCH" WITH ORCHARD SPRAVE i t>i<v«u n:man»mstr Hot asphalt spray holds Roll, seed and fertilizer in place until seeding grasses are well established. blem of holding soil, seed and fertilizer in place until the seedling grasses are well established. The asphalt makes a dry cover- ng less than one sixteenth inch thick which does not stick to your feet. Legume-grass mixtures ;row right through this covering, Blugrass, alta fescue, rye-grass, •edtop, red clover, Korean lespedeza, Ladina clover and small grains have all come through the asphalt in fine shape. Recommended spraying rates it's time to dine. Therefore it is perfectly possible to use the large living and dining room that is shown as a bedroom, too. No one will know the difference. Before I continue, let me assure you that I know we've pulled a boner. The floor plan is exactly reversed to the elevation but I'm sure you can follow me just the same. Now you will note that the closet in the vestibule is very large and has sliding doors. This is to allow the storage of daily clothing as well as outer garments. As we mentioned above, there is no need to use the dining ell for a separate! lunction so we'll combine it with the living room. The kitchen is quite large and conveniently arranged. It has two windows to brighten it up'and a small handy broom closet. Emphasis is on economy s o here is a, utility room that holds Jie heating > system and water leater. It is, 'of course, near the titchen. _,The cleverly arranged bath is )eside tho' it opens off a small- hall-in-disguise. Here, too we find a linen closet and another storage closet. By the way, that line-up of kitchen, "utility room, and bath via eliminate . an awful lot of plumbing expense. But let me tell you about thi uture of this little home- That small hall-way that I men ioned can be <i main artery to more sleeping rooms that will be added at a later date. At least twc and maybe three can be built on merely by eliminating the littl lall closet. Whether you will adc the bedrooms to the back or side depends greatly on the size and Twice as Big! Twice as Fragrant! Twice as Beautiful! Giant DOUBLE PEONY BUSHES 3 for '2 (10 for $6) Up to 50 Jumbo Blooms From Every Bush Plant these big, well-rooted Peonies now and when they bloom you'll have a yard full of giant flowers with enough left over to put a bouquet in every room of your house. Blooms measure up to 13 Inches across. The richest, softest shades of shell pink; satin white, royal red. All choice varieties. So easy to. grow you can't miss. Send $2 for 3, or better still only $5 for 10, postpaid. C. O. D.'s welcome. Guaranteed to satisfy 100% or your money back. EXTRA GIFT—A rare, "Color Changing Mum Plant that will bloom in 3 different colors this year! Krusc Nurseries, Dept. 34524, Bloomington, Illinois. are from two to three-tenths of gallon per square yard and slightly more on steep slopes. The asphalt stops the soil from vashing while the seedlings develop, but breaks down within a year. No bad effects on the soil lave been found. In the tests, Smith observed that seedling under asphalt sprays always came up a week or two earlier than on untreated check plots, a point to remember for 'all seedings. The black asphalt seems to absorb more heat and seal in some of the moisture, producing earlier germination. Yet enough small cracks develop in the coating to et moisture in. It's best to sprin- tle the area before seeding and loating in dry weather. PAINT WHITE OR ALUMINUM 295 325 ^^ fial. Dutch or Master Painter Porch and Deck Enamel Linseed Oil ... Paint Thinner . Smith warns that ordinary road- construction alphalts should not be used for this purpose. Special "asphalt mulches," produced by oil companies, have given good results in the tests. At recommended rates of application, Smith figures the cost would be 5 to 8 cents a square yard, in some cases cheaper than a straw mulch, And the asphalt won't blow away and there's no danger of fire or. weeds. A three-gallon orchard sprayer or ordinary spray rig, both with enlarged nozzle openings, can be used to apply the emulsion. The cut-back "asphalt mulch" must be heated to 170 degrees. Highway departments and custom spray operators should have equipment for applying this type. The asphalt whould be sprayed, not sprinkled, on the soil. The fact that the home owner has no means of easily heating the asphalt will necessitate tha employ- ment of a well-«qulpped landscapt contractor. With the idta in mind that the small home owner cannot make use of an asphalt mulch, I wonder why the combination of one of the new chemical soil conditioners plus a mulch of straw will not produce equally satisfactory r^ suits? Stop Those Leaks with $2.25 Gal. $1.39 Gal. Leavenworth Auto Supply Co. 745 Delaware WE FIX IT Phone 1440 for Plumbing Installations and Repairs! Morton Plumbing Co. Wayne Morton, Prop. 1424 Spruce WATERPLUG Stops Water INSTANTLY WHERE TO USE WATERPLUG For stopping water running or seeping through basement walls, elevator pits, cisterns, tanks, all rooms below grade, subjected to water pressure. In wells, mines, cofferdam work, sealing around pipe, con- duit openings and tunnels; any place whpre presence of water is undesired. Because of its nonshrlnk and nonoxidizing qualities, WATERPLTJG is ideal for setting dowels, anchor bolts and ornamental iron. A.M. 624-26 Cherokee St. Phone 20 FURNACE CLEANING Reasonable prices Goodyear Roofing & Heating 416 Cherokee Phone 165 or 4765 PLASTIC WINDOW SHADES With the New Textured Weave! 36 In. x 72 In. $1.39 Metal Zip-Top Trash Burner $2,29 Bath Mai Helps prevent accidents in the tub. 890 Medicine Cabinet $2,98 Seidhtz Non-Yellowing White Enamel Quart $1.98 ROTO-LITE BRACKET Your Third Hand for Holding Flashlight Always Ready! Metal Lunch Box with Pint , Vacuum Bottle. Name .. Address MIDWEST HOMES Above is 2-bedroom MACON with garage Why Settle For Less Than the Best? Build a Midwest Home! 3 TO 7 ROOMS - $1450 UP • Shell is erected in one day. • Built only of high quality West Coast lumber. • All building material furnished to finish house. • Owner can complete in spare time. Write for free catalog and visit our homes on display at Midwest Building Co. 3221 So. Crysler Independence, Mo. Box 209-BD CLifton 4749 —Open 7 Days A Week— Buy the GAS SPACE HEATER thai gives you more for your moiey Wiere it a modal Mid KM for every need. Co Bringing you the utmotf in warranty, style and beauty Ml MA 50,000 B.T.U. $89.95 70,000 B.T.U ; $108.50 (Fans and Thermostats Optional) THOMPSON GAS VENTED CIRCULATORS 18,000 B.T.U. $32.60 25,000 B.T.U $40.85 35,000 B.T.U. „ $52.35 TEMPCO GAS HEATERS 45,000 B.T.U $74.95 60,000 B.T.U. $92.95 Fireplace Beautiful Gas Log Wood Baskets $39.50 $7.75 FIREPLACE SETS RADIANT GAS HEATERS $6.75 Up. Perfection and Coleman OIL CIRCULATING HEATERS $39.95 Up. HOUSEWARES AND "GADGETS" Worth Mentioning? Revere Copper CLAD WAKE. Rubber MAID PRODUCTS. Sunbeam APPLIANCES. Wearever- JACK FROSTERS. Swing Away and DAZY CAN OPENERS. GARLIC PRESSES. Ironing CORD HOLDERS. De-Con Rid-X— DEMOIST. Insecticide BOMBS. . Beacon Wax and CLEANER. LAWN EDGERS. Doo Klip LAWN SHEARS. Crab Grass KILLER. Rural and City Mall Boxes- Mounting Boards — Name Plates — House Numbers. REAL ESTATE LOANS' INSURED SAVINGS ACCOUNTS •BUILD •REMODEL -REPAIR . . Consult With Us'. . The Citizens' Mutual Building and Loan Association Perfection PORTABLE HEATERS ...$12.25Up. Complete line of range and heater connectors, stove pipe, elbows, stove boards and other accessories. HARD WAR ECO. ; "AT 5!h ano CHEPOKEE SINCE 1883' PMQN? T r =l 312 South Fifth Hdw. & Seed Co. 517 Cherokee Phone 191 I /V\USHV/t7ll7 WU HEAKf THIS . A\AN SAYS CXRN WAS VOU SEEM TO TAKE MLKT PEP AS A MATTER OF COUKSE, MI5TEK. , THIS MAN WAS ON6 OF YOLK ^LOOK, AKEMli STEA7Y CUSTOMERS. POTHEV/VDU SernNfl OFTEN PIS SO SUCtTENLY?,—< A LITTLfr j JUMPW'CATFISH I LARD, WITH ALLTHE MONEY YOU'PE GONNA COLLECT, YOU . MAY NEVER HAVE To WORK/ Now EVERYONE ALL THE STDLEM THIMIC-THE I 60T MARCH DOWVJT) BUT THE $5 HOPPER. GAV/E ME IN THE GAS STATION- I'LLW3RK TO PAY IT BACK. MR- SRUBBLH LETS GO. MEM/

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