The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 30, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1920
Page 3
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\ LOCAL NEWS TsEUSVALENTJNE PARTY Mrs. W. E. Lingle of Cobden attended the Sunday school convention here today""and was .the guest of relatives. . " Gus Sizemore left yesterday after,noon for Clitton\ Ariz., where he has Deen appointed to a responsible position with the postofflce, having resigned as 1 clerk at the postoffice here. He was .accompanied by his daughters, Misses Wilma and Helen. A son, Teddy Sizemore, of Detroit;. Mich., — join them at their new home. , IMrs. H/B. Metz of DeSoto visJEed friends here yesterday. _ will Now is the time to begin planning your costume for the Elks big Valen- .tine party and entertainment, which will be given ^Friday evening, Feb. 13. Although it will be a comic ,dre3s affair,'no masks will be worn "the hall will be decorated 'in keeping with the season. Special music will "be furnished and favors will be given to those participating <in the dancing contest. Games will be provided for those who do not dance and the entertainment will' be something out of .the ordinary with a good time for all attending. Entertainment Committee. Advertisement. THE DAILY FREE PRESS MUSCLE sffiS; NATION'S BULWARK Big\ $60,000,000 Nitrate Plant " a Defense "for 'Future N ^ ~ .Generations^ Mis« Rufcy Robinson is substituting as cashier of the Johnson.Vancil, Taylor store during the absence of Miss Huth. Reno, who is ill. Elmer Clyburn 'of aEurphysbpro spent'last evening with friends ; here. F. S. Grady mide'a business Herrin. this afternoon. ' " Miss Pearl Wilkinson spent yesterday on- business in Murphysboro. , Dr John Armstrong was to Elkville and DeSoto on .business today. " Mrs. H. c7Mossis.yisiting relatives ancJ Jriends in Marissa. " MJ. and Mrs. Wlllard Pace Wall of Murpn'ysboro attended the Elks dance *ere last night, Mr. Wall having returned from a business trip to Anna and Jonesboro. Miss Maltha Hickman Of Benton •and guest, Miss Helen Chenault of Boulder, Colo., attended the Elks, dance last night and were guests | of. Miss Fadra Holmes. . j ^*i& " ^*'~*~M Sidney Smith will return to Chicago tomorrow, having been doing stenographic work in the I. O, supermtend- . ent's office h e ,e for the past month He took the place of -Miss Esta .Weener, who. resigned and returned to her , . - - home ,in ; Centralia. \ FOOD SALE Thes. .Methodist church .Epworth League ladies will hold a food sale at Stotlar. and Federer's hardware store Saturday afternoon.—Advertisement. THRIFT FINDS WAY TO SEA. Along with the men of the navy the War Savings stamp Is following the flag round the world. In the Meiliter- ;tBe-<gevernmehfr'*rfv- Hnme 1 ofa, secretary of the Pan-Paclfle union, went to Washington from Hawaii just to offer President Wilson a job. Mr. Ford vinints Mr. Wftaon. to become president of the. Pan-Paclflc union and take up his res-' Idence in Hawaii, de'scrlbed by Mr. Ford as a land where there Is no race prejudice and where for 12 years tl»e representatives of the nations about the big oceans have been meeting to plan cff-operatlve work that will bring a League of Nations comprising all of those about the great Pacific ocean.: ; Murray Bliss cf Anna were among " those from out of town, who attended the Elks dance last night. Mr,s. Parker Hill was-a St. Louis visitor today. i»g:s securities are as much a part of the battleships and cruisers aiding In straightening out. the tangled affairs j of Asia Minor as the ammunition ' ' BASKETBALL Friday evening—double header— Normal-Junior High vs. Marion Junior High—Lincoln Eighth vs. Normal -'eighth. Game called at 7 sharp, i Doors open 6:3Q, Normal gym.—Advertisement. Miss Edna Butcher, who teaches in the Pinckneyville home because of .the death of her brother, Allison Butcher, 'which occurred this morning. hoists. • . ' A letter received by the savings division from Capt. David >;. Boyd, commanding the D. S. S. Olympin at Constantinople. brings the information that the thrift campaign on that ves : sel has lieen placed in charge <>f 1-ifeut H. K. Koeliifi. Captain Boyd gave assurance of I lie co-operation of himself and^ MT. VERNON SPRINGS LEAK •United State* Army Transport Which Left San Francisco on Secret V Mission Is Returning.' • f —*~ . ... San Francisco, Jan. 30;—-The transport Mount Vernon, which departed 1 from here last Friday on a secret' mission, is returning m a leaking condition, but is to no danger, according to a radio message received. The Jnesr sage said the Mount Vernon was 450 miles off San. Francisco and that It IB returning without assistance. EGGS 52 CENTS IN KANSAS ""Mrs, Frank Lingle visited relatives in Cambria yesterday. 4 Topeka Produce Men Predict the Price Will Continue Down to 45 Cents. / ^ Topeka, Kan.. Tan. 30.—Tlie price of eggs has droi-Ved ?8.55 a case since Tuesday. Produce men are paying $14.50 a case and predict Hie price will continue to drop until the consumer, is able to buy 45-cent egj:s again. Retailers are selling fresh eggs as low- as 52 cents n dozen, a drop of 20 cents in a week. Mrs. John Chapman, attended the funeral of Mrs. Margaret Reisling, held in Murphysboro at 2 o'clock this afternoon. MENT AND LUNCHEON .Given by. the Carpenters of Local No. 841 at M. W. A. Hall, Friday ,Jan. .30, 1919, at S o'clock p., m. Everything free and everybody invited. v Committee. Advertisement. NOTICE It is absolutely necessary that all. cases'of flu and contagious diseases be reported by the physicians. Board 'of Health. Advertisement. . HISTORIANS HAVE NOT SAID Of Course There Is Just a Possibility That Mrs. Patrick Henry Was Unsympathetic. They*n-ere having one of the usual family quarrels over his haying been at a -meeting at' the Commercial club while she was "at home all alone and so lonesome." "You don't wish me to have any city " nr country spirit, elthur," he finally told 'her hotly. "1 wonder -where our country would he today if all th« men who have lived in it had stayed at aorae and petted their wives all their INSURES NATIONAL DEFENSE Assurance of Abundant American Explosives a Reason j :V Why Germany Quit. By GARRET SMITH. .bne of the chief fortresses of Amer- tcai's new military defense system - which developed out of . the • World WaV'is""the -Ammonium Nitrate Plant. at*Muscle Shoals, Alabama; on the Tennessee River, .over three"hundred ;"mUes ; from.'.the seacoasli capable : of ''torning-but 300 tons of high explosives a &y. IJ assures to the United States foe ail abundance of ammunition without wlilch an army la a helpless encumbrance /and It has madei th'Is unlimited supply of explosives available .without resort to raw material from outside 'of .the country. •'. .The essential ingredient of all modern military explosives In nitric add. Before the World War, America was entirely dependent upon Chile for the supply of nitrate of soda, the only chemical from which nitric acid can be made. In case-tills country-became Involved In war with any nation that could control the sea our tot would have us at her mercy, for she could .cut off bur essential means of striking i.»S«t^.- • •' • . : : -';; -. Other,, natldns, -"however, were equally dependent upon the 'Chilean nitrate supply. Germany \ was purchasing one;third of It •' She had expected to hold the sea with her submarines -but failed. But a process for extracting nitrogen from the air had been obtained by Germany some years before from Italian fehemlsts. This process had Veen successful in producing a high grade nitrogenous fertilizer from which, in turn could be extracted ammonium nitrate. Ger- 'many, therefore, fell to manufacturing ammonium nitrate from the air on a large scale. Americans Buy German Secret. In 1907 an American company, headed by Frank S. Washburn, hall secured YALE TONIGHT! I I "The Rescuing Angel" [ "She forgot to love, ;hohor and obey.": He forgot that: she mignt want to keep their marriage a secret from her. former suitors. There were all sorts of complications' near tragic, ridiculous and 'dramatic,•-. that, you vyont care to: miss. Also- • A r buckle of Joy ^ In a 1 1 and 22 Cents Saturday Matinee and Night The Trail of the Octopus Closing Episode Also Ruth Roland in the "Adventures of Ruth " The most .startling -serial ever made, "the Village Vampire." p'rtComedy M&tiivee 6c-11c Evening 11c-«,2c . STOLEN BONDS I*. Brokers and Accomplices Arrested in Raids in Various Cities.. the American rigtts to this process from Germany and liad'gone into man u-factu'ring the fertilizer on the Cana dlan side\of the Niagara- Falls. When America found herself in the World War the Ordnance Department turned to Mr. Washburn's. company for help The Air Nitrates Corporation was formed, with Mr. Washburn < head, to build the Muscle Shoals plant. It was assisted by several other well known corporations, such as' the West- FOOD SALE Epworth League food sale at Stotlar &. Federeris hardware store. Saturday afternoon. All Methodists interested in the work of the Epworth League contribute.— are ' earnestly urged Advertisement. iiff iiours-as you are wanting me to do for y,c-ii." "Well.. the women always, suffer," she retorted. "Public men never have time to npm-ecinte their-wives and sympathize with—" . Then he Interrupted her. "Oh, that try for sympathy" (he' was an^rj now). ".I suppose that it's a nation- old cry. I imagine' that' while/Patrick Henry was at the. Virginia legislature making his finned speech, 'Give me liberty or give me death,' that l^rs. Patrick H. wns'at home wailing, 'Give me sympathy or give me death.'"— Indianapolis News. THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Cash In Advance. ;Qne month, per word ......... '.„•*» One/week, per word ......... .at One insertion, per word .JH Three Insertions, per word .Of BOGUS PLANTS ARE FOUND elaborate Equlpmer.t for - Printing War Saving Stamps ^Discovered by Sleuths—Women Among Prisoners. Washington, Jan. 30.—In the country-wide cleanup, with wholesale raids on offices of ''bond brokers" in many cities, overnight developments at the treasury showed several million dollars' worth of war saying .stamps and stolen Liberty-bonds have been seized, and nearly one hundred K\en and numerous women, accomplices have been arrested. x Ringleaders of Gang Taken. —., corporation was i Secret Servlce'"Chief John Moran. Washburn, at, its (assisted by an army• ol: sleuths vre- WANTKD. WANTED—Rooms lor light house keeping with private family. "A," care of Free Press. •' . • ••'; WANTED—To rent house for re- sponsibfe, permanent tenant Addresq Johnson, Vancil, Taylor Co. WANTED—Somepne who understands repairing of Remington typewriter. Inquire Free. Press. Great $15 Dress Sale •'•'•'-• ' ! ' '.i • ' : TELEGRAM St. Louis, Mo., Jan. .29, 1920 Mrs. Pearl Norman, care Style Shop, Carbondale, 111. i -4 Bought ninety-three silk dresses at big sacrifice. Pre- pare greatest fifteen dollarxlress sale ever held in 1 Southern Illinois for three days,, starting February 3- They are taffeta, charmeuse, French serge and^party dresses. Original whole- sale prices from $23 to $35.. • V^ s. W. JACOBSON Inghouse Church Kerr Company, which put up the plant buildings, the permanent city and utilities; the 3. G. W-ilte Corporation, which designed and constructed the power plant; the Chemical Construction Company, which designed and built the nitric acid plant, and the M. W. Kellogg Company, which furnished the piping and built the -chimneys. —• Beginning work in November, 1917, the big plant and new city at Muscle Shoals was completed within one year's time. Had the expected spring drive of J919 materialized this one plant alone would have been able to supply 13 per cent, of all the high explosives used by all the Allied ar T mles on all fronts during that drive, and the United States was secure for all time to come against an ammunition shortage. .' . When' the arrangement was finally made ~t Or building, the big air nitrate plant,;.work-, was #>egun'*gn-..-a?! cower dam at the same point' ' Is being • conducted directly .by the United States Engineering Corps.' It wll not be completed, however, for two.or three more years. It was necessary therefore, in order to insure imme- diate'operation when the nitrate plaul was completed to-construct a $10,000, 000 steam power plant, one of thelarg est steam plants for the production o 'continuous electric power in.the world. It is pointed out" that even had the water-power plant been completed dur ing the.war it would have.been neces sary also to have constructed a steam plant to insure the nitrate plant work ins at full capacity at -all times dur Ing t.h'i year. Plant Worth All It Cost. Now, this entire Jo'> eosV'die Govern ment $60,000,000. It was-put tliroug at a time when the prices.of material and labor were at their summit. 1 was .built at record speed, and spee costs money. The question niUurall j arises, then, as to whether Unclf; Sar I got his money's worth. j Tests made after the plant was i operation showed that ammonium n trate of standard specifications cou be' produced at this plant at a cost < less than one-half the *stolfdard fixe price paid by the Government-for am monium nitrate,produced by the older methods. This cb'st is only about one- fourth to one-fifth the cost of other high explosives of equal strength. Compared with the older process for making ammonium nitrate, the sav- -iugs made by ( this plant would have paid for tlie entire plant in about one and one-half years of operation. The chief value of the Muscle Shoala WANTED—Energetic .man to seH and distribute high grade make of tire. Attractive proposition for the right man. Clyde C. Oldham, State Distributer, Urbana^ 111-: ' viewing the results of the round-up, felt convinced, that the dragnet had caught the ringleaders in a gigantic scheme, with many ramifications, that wbiifd liave served to defeat .the treasury's drive t<} benefit legitimate invest*• Chief among the offenders • are. al- ege'd "brokers" who are styled as fences" by treasury experts, through horn vast quantities of war savings tamps have been unloaded ami Jirough which channels large amounts f Liberty bonds, previously, recorded s stolen; have been traeed. Raids in'Big Cities. The raids arid seizures have occupied he attention of the treasury agents hiefly in such cities as New York, Chicago, Springfield, 111., St. .Louis, Baltimore and Philadelphia.- Treasury fllcials explained that a large proper-, tion of the stamps seized from, brokers' offices were confiscated.under the aw which prohibits any individual 'rom posseslng more than $1,000. worth f war savings stamps.- No individual >eln^ permitted' to have a larger amo.unt, and the stamps, .being. nontransferable, the .finding of "larger FOH HEMT. FOR RENT—Two front room* or*r Style Shop,, for office or sleeping roozna. Apply Mls« Rieth, Normal and Monroe FOH RENT—Storage lor honiemol* goods, In the .one story brick building, cement floors, on alley back of m*w Barth Theatre. Apply Miss Rieth. ^ FOR RENT — Furnished rooms for light housekeeping-. Address ."D." i __ __ _ FOR RENT— Light housekeeping rooms. 309 North Normal. t FOR SALE. j FOR SALE—5 room cottage, barn and other out buildings, pn pavement] one block from square. A bargain if! sold 'at once. See owner, 205 East; Oak St.' FOR SALE—Bicycla in good condition. Call Opera House JDrng Store. amounts on premises of "brokers" con- itltuted prlma facie proof of guilt un^ ler the ijiw. In practically all cases, lowever, other .proof'had been ob- :aine(], including the' making of fraudulent affidavits' sworn to by t,he "brokers" as n means of cashing in stamps at- post offices. Many Women Held.' A score of women, many of them stenographers and clerks, employed by "brokers" to executa their plans, were arrested along with the principals, to answer charges preferred b'y 'federal district -attorneys. Many of'the women arrested are held as material witnesses. In other cases, however, there are some who are held to be equally culpable with the proprietors of the places. The nation-wide round-up of unscrupulous "brokers"- has led the sleuths, in some instances, to a number of plants which bad lieen set up with elaborate equipment, for the printing of war saving stamps. Tue investigation^ have been carried on so quietly that little was known here of' the probe;until-now. WAY TO-KNOCK: OUT H. C. L. "Only the most" determined efforts toward thrift, - economy, saving and simple living," said William .Mather Lewis, director of the savings division, treasury department, • "will . bring aboutxa reduction In the high cost of living, the stabilization of national In- LOST LOST—Small Swiss wrist watch, between Yale and Brooks garage. Finder call Metropolitan office. Reward. LOST—Pocket book; between creamery and-1. C. Batson's store. Return to Free Press. LOST—Notary seal. Reward if returned to p. P. Louden's office. .7 \ ' '.' , The chief value of the Muscie snoau living, tne staDiiizanon 01 imuunai m- -j..plant, howeveivwill be" as a defense to-l dustry and commerce, and. .the con. coming generations. .. . . ...... ._.;.. j tlnnntlon of prosperotisi condition."^ "It is necessary to snvu old hens for breeders. * # * Ducks and geese ;oniR of tlie_ raised .very farms. • economically on most The wild breeds of turkeys are known as the North American, Mexican and tlie Honduras.'' - « • *. *. » There are many farmers not now raising ducks and geese, but who could find raising them, profitable. • * *' * Young hens will., pay well for care and feed, but If ihefc do not get food .treatment they w!lf not produce much proflt.o .._• y - *. ,

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