Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1930 · Page 21
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1930
Page 21
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BOHOOl. trlftt WvlU* bid* on school fUppHdk Ur the term* 01 1S80-1931, au«h a» Uo*pbMt!oir booRi, <iBW¥681tloii paper, tfeholl paper, eray- on, pencil*, *atcsr palntf, drawing paper, «P*Uing paw, IB*, pftite, etc. ' J'or furtnef; Information and quantities re- diufed 6S11 or Writs to the Secretary, Of c. schandelnieleri LakenJoilt School Building, liakerflont. AitoohB^Pa. , , , I All bttu sHouia be marked proposal for school supplies, and mu«l be m the hand! of, the Secretary' hot l&ter than 4 o'clock p. m., May aoth, 1930. - :..',. j The board reservW the right to, accept W fejabt art* or all bid*.: "> L \ ', , w. Alab fOrnlturis for the hew School In Juttl- ata tlap, \Logan TttwhShlp, 'as follow*: .. Assembly room desks .....; ..... < ..... 100 Olas*.room Ueaks ...,.,.' ..... .-.- ........ 240 Teacher's deans ....... .... ........ ..... 8 Teacher's - chairs ............;*..-» ..... •• W Library «r book case ....;......( ..... • A ' school furniture and mirtt;be In the hands ot the Secretary 'jiqt later than 4 o'clock p. 'the 'board resttves the.rtgbl to accept or sec . THE LodAN TOWNSHIP SCHOOL BOARD invite* bldii for furnlsmng bituminous coal for. use In the* various school. .Dulldlnge ol the.Township for the .1930-31 term. I 350 (Three Hundred Fifty .Tons more or less) of said boal to be delivered In the Cellars and coal nouses of the various schools, all storage places to be filled Hefor* August 30th, 19SO, and, ; as. much more delivered throughout ths letm as. the Board may dl"said bids must name the particular vein of coal propo'sed to be furnished. Outcrop coal excluded. The successful bidder to s gn a contract and must furnish a bond in the amount of Two Hundred ($200) dollars for the faithful performance of the contract. The Board also asks bids for furnishing kindling wood, bids, to give price per cOrd t »n approximately 6 cords In 30 inch lengths, •kmtl 25 cords In 12 to 14 Inch lengths, and IFlu'be delivered to the buildings, ag designated by tbe Secretary. . , ; All bids nitist be In the hands of the Secretary not later than May 22nd, 1930, at 5 The m Board reserves the right to reject any , ° F C. C. SCHANDEtMEIER, Secretary, 1 Logan Township School Dlstrlctj Lake-. mont School Bldg., Altoona, Pa. •p. S.—All bids should be marked proposal for coal or wood, • OFFICIAL ADVERTISEMENT THE BOARD OP EDUCATION Office of W. N. Decker, Sec. 1 , ,'~ Senior High School Building, Altoona, Pa., May 3, 1930.. Sealed proposals are requested for the Re- S ilrs to Roof Trusses in .the Lincoln School ulldlng, Altoona, Pa. , Plans and specifications will be furnished contractors on application to th» office, of Hersh * Shollar, Architects, Commerce Bldg., 1 Altoona, *a., a check In the amount ot Ten Dollars ($10.00) made payable to Hersh & Shollar, as deposit held for return of plans and specifications with bid; should the contractor fall to submit a legitimate bid, the check shall be forfeited. Each proposal must- b« signed, sealed and accompanied by the bidder's certified chat In the amount of Two Hundred Dollars (5200.ob), made payable to 'the Altoona School- District, as an Indication of good faith, and .Intent. Should the accepted bidder fall to sign contract and furnish bonds as required, the certified cheeK will be declared forfeited to the Altoona School. District. Proposals will be received by W. N. Decker, Sec.. Senior High School/ Building, Altoona, Pa., until 7.30 p. m., Eastern Standard Time, May 26, 1930, and then publicly ° P The 'School District reserves the right to accept any bid or reject any or all bids. By order of the Board. .'• w. N.. DECKER, Secretary. •HERSH * SHOLLAR, Architects, Altoona, Pa. ' : FOR SALE 1 have', been authorized; by trie owner •>. SeU.'frojSertS tf6v 8i2 Lexlngtdti Avk, for . «•. .. ._ $$$00 feet. . You coutd" assume of 13500.00 and pay $2000.00 cash. Who can use/it? JohnS. Seeds 1115 11 th Stl 701 E. 3f H ST. Near Pleasant Valley Boulevard, a good home; 6 rooms, lawn and excellent garden, See It now as we are offering It at .a very low.price, $2,600. Termd to suite purchaser. f JOHN KILCOYNE Henlior—Insurance 1118 14th 'St. f Dial 2-8188 Tb WHOM IT MATT CONCERN I hereby notify all dealers that I will not he responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, Mrs. Anette E, (Wlmer) (Peitfer) Davis, formerly of 1114 18th St., Altoona, Penna., after this date, M Consumers Distributor of Guaranteed Pjiimblng, Heating, Robflng and Paintlhfc Supplies. Wholesale prices direct to you. Consumers Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. 1906 9th Ave. ' Phone 8136. 1«18-A llth Ave., Altoona, Penna.' READ THEM AND HEED THEM AND DO not delay In answering classified offers today. Classified Display Allegheny Furnace Wonderful atone and cement home, gas furnace, tile bath with shower and all modern improvements at a very attractive pric'e. L William Borland ^Realtor—Insurance Union Bank Bldg. Dial 2-7925 r 'New frame dwelling; six rooms; modern In every wuy; Iot.ij0xl20. Price $5,700. Only $300 cash required. Balance like rent. . Robert J. McCormick ' Itenl Estate unit Insurance Commerce Uldgr. Phone 2-0541 $200 DOWN AND 6% INTEREST BUYS YOUR NEW HOME!! The hdmes 1 atn selling at 606-520 Fifth avenue, Juniata, are- free and clear—no mort-. gagea—and we sell these homes without premium or bonds charges—just 6% Interest ' on the balance each month. . These homes are open for'In- spection Bally and I will glad-, ly explain our easy -purchase plan. . • JAMES A. CRAIG /'4U7 Second St., Junlata 2-1250 ,. 2-430*8 SUBURBAN HOME ••*.-, " *^ The beautiful buff brick 1 Fauth home at 904 B8tK Street, within a short distance of streetcar and -' bus service. Entering from the enclosed front porch to,the reception hall you have a large living room, dining room, kitchen; 'off from the kitchen on/the llrst floor there is a bedroom and a toilet; on tjie second floor 3 apaoioua •bedrooms and bath; finished room on the third floor. The home Is very >vell heated with a hot water 'heating system; hardwood floors on the first floor; decorating and painting throughout the house is In very good' condition. TJhe triangular lot 47% front by 'approximately 160 feet deep la planted with 7 young bearing fruit trees, grape vines, flowers and has. a driveway to a one-car garage. Price $8000. ' Includes kitchen stove, linoleum and all window Shades; or will lease at J5Q per month and water rent until sold. McVey-Faris Co., Inc, , CLEMENT JAGGARP BLDG. 1105 13th Street Phono 7128 Open T|uira. evening. Closed Sat. noon Hollidaysburg Residence DOS 1'cnn Sired, Holllilayslmrg'H liiiuiitlful roHlilcntiul Koullun; nine roon» imiclorn hrlck (IwelliiiB; nil lni|iruv«iiieiiU; hard wood Hours; large lot! beautiful ln,wn and shrubbery; two-car garage; price on Inquiry, 1'HEEUOM TOWNSHIP VABAI 115 nurev »luto und loam null, Freedom Towimhlp; goud bulldlngH; seven rnom dwelling; large hank barn; good spring of water; fruit. ' Price $3500.00. • ' MONKV TO LOAN ON 1'IUST MORTGAGE JOHN N. DRASS General Insurance & Real Ebtule „ 410 AJIeglicny Street (near Court House) Hollldaynburg, Pa. TRUCK CHANGE OVERS <• • From Solids ,/^TBP$Ss, to Pneumatics Hnpirir uml true wire, wood und dhtu wheels, taring* und uxles. NOTE: 1'roiit uxleit are re- pulred to imimifuc- turer'* apecillcutlons. Penn Public Spring and Wheel Service 1Q15 Eilflitli Avenue Phone 2-3481 OWN YOUR OWN HOME IN WEHNWOOD PARK Don't Pay Rent—the Same Money Will Pay Off Your Mortgage EASY TERMS —Titles Guaranteed— WEHNWOOD HOME CO., Inc. 8797 8431) HALF A AOO A (From an old print in the Spaldlng • Collection) • , In 1869, -the Red Stockings of Clh.cin.nati won 66 straight ' games; a record never eclipsed. The pitcher, Asa Bralnard, was paid the princely, salary of $1,100 per season. People make morfe mohey ' these days and THEY SHOULD NOT CONTINUE -TO PAT? OUT FOR RENT. On Union avenue, on Broad avenue — in fac.t all over the city there are people who have profited by our advice. Why • flbt you. WHY NOT RIGHT AWAY! MALTOR- INSURANCE- BUILDER ROOM4& ALTOONA TRUST BLD<j DIAL 96OO CALVERT HILL LOT 1221-23 Twenty-second Ave. ^Alley and Avenue paved, taps In. 60x120. Good homes on both .sides. Price, is right,, $3000.00. • , ( SEE' MORGAN-MARTIN CO. . Central Trust Bldg.- D'N cy: When you need It, think of "The General I" • Try Our Quick, Courteous Service, GENERAL FINANCE SERVICE CORPORATION 1411 llth Ave. Dial 3-9172. 8 Doors Above Capitol Theatre. Fairlawn If you contemplate buying or building; .a NEW HOMES this spring "FAIRLAWN" offers you the best, of advantages, such' as: gdod transportation, only 10 minutes drive from central part of city, clean fresh. air, electricity, gas,'pure water, beat sewerage In state—within 3 squares of- the. world's largest swimming pool— and last but not least good neighbors. We have many choice lots and now Is the time to make your selection. Can be purchased on easy monthly payments. For further' particulars see JOHN KILCOYNE Realtor—Insurance 1118 14th St., Gahle's'..Arca<le Dial 2-3188 QUICK LOANS To Housekeepers Sums up to $300 on household jrpoda without removal at lawful Interest. 20 months to pity. Cull write or phone. tOMMUNITY FINANCE SERVICE, Inc. 1421 llth Ave., 2nd VI., Front | Over Lewis' Store, Altoona, Pa. That Car Today—See the Bargains in These ACT MORfe THE. UPPER BERTH Used Automobiles Used Automobiles Auto Repairing _ >V>*>/W'VW'V\XWV'V~x NOTICE TO TRUCK OWNERS , USED TRUCK PARTS Solid tire wheels cut down Jo pneumatics. W. E. irQUSS, 722 5th Ave., Junlata. Dial 2.-B843. Automobiles 1929 Whippet Coach, $39$ Bute* Roadster I 78 1928 Eraex 8up«r-ai* coach —.-E25. RudlOB CoftCB g8O 1928 Duraflt 4-06W 8«<J«il W75 1927 Dodg« SpiWtel Ct> ...... ••••1329 FLUKE & KIMMEL Dta'L fot D« floto 6*» and «•«.._ 814 Of«n AV*. FWHI* MWT. Nash Offers Sdme Exceptional Buys In Used Cars. See Them! Arble Auto Co. 2200 Beale Ave. Dial 3-4713 AT MURRAY'S 192* Ford Coupe— In very <BQCC good condition ...... . ..... «P«J«* 1929 Chevrolet Sport Conpe — 6,000 Ilke ...$495 1928 Chevrolet ^4-Ton Panel . 1927 Whippet 4 Coach— See this carl Compare Its uneqnaledi low Automobile Service Tire repairing ana vulcanizing done economically by men who know how. It makes all the difference In the world when w.e do your work. Dlst. for Kelly-Sprlngfleld Tires & Delco Batteries Lotta Miles Tire Co. 878 10th St. ' HUDSON SEDAN, IN GOOD CONDITION. Good rubber. Priced right. See the new 1930 Peerless. EDGEtiY'S. EIGHTH AVE. OARAGE, 1914 8th Ave; : Dial ,8967. Used Trucks A REAL BUY—DODGE TON AND HALF. iLES AND 1928 CHEVBOJLKT V* ION PANEL BODY TftUCK Good tires, four wheel brakes. Good care taken ' by urevlous owner. Cramer-Arble Auto Co. 1720 llth Ave. ? Dial 8156. Used Automobiles LIQHT 6 STUDEBAKERSTOURING. GOOD buy at $100. Cramer-Arble Auto Co., 1720 llth Ave. ' . , DODGE SENIOR «, SEDAN» LIKE NEW. • Cramer-Arble Auto Co., 1720 llth Ave. DODGE 1 PASS. SPECIAL COUPE. JUST out ot paint shop. Rubber good. Cramer- Arblo Auto Co., 1720 llth Ave. DODGE DA SIX SEDAN, MECHANICALLY perfect, practically new tires. A bargain. Cramer-Arble AUtp Co.. 1720 llth Ave, 1927 DODGE SPECIAL SEDAN, GOOD rubber, mechanically perfect. A bargain at J100. Cramer-Artye Auto Co., 1720 llth I Ave. • . '. ' , DON'T SIGH I DON'T CRY! WB fix it day or night. Springs, bumpers, fraraoa. Welding, forging, trim, Bteel and fork. Your Handy Service Shop, casting work. 7th Ave. and 30th St. R. C. Johnston. YOUR CARBURETOR Should be cleaned and adjusted now to get mileage and power for summer driving. We service all makes of carburetors and sell the Famous Stromberg. YON A GERKEN, 1007-09 18th St. Drive In t Phono SB61. Ek F, Tomlinson Keystone Body Works Manufacturer of all kinds of C o m m e r c i a 1 Truck- Bodies. . Also full line of Martin-Perry factory bodies, including dump, open express and Panel bodies. Duco Painting. 3801) 7th Ave. Used Trucks 1927 DODQE "n TON PANEL TRUCK, suod shape. CmmcT-Arble Auto Co., me 11th Ave, SNYDER'S MOTOR SALES DK SOTO AND PLYMOUTH CARS Overland Coach, 7 .pass. Cadillao Sedan, Chevrolet Coo,ch, General auto repairing. SOB Plank Road,.or Dial 3-1244. 1028 CHEVROLET COUPE, J325 1927 Chevrolet Roadster, $196. 1020 Cmklunrt Sedan, $760. S. H. YON MOTOR CO., 320 Junlata St., Holljs. Phone 458-R. LATE MC/DEL 4 CYLINPER CHEVROLET 4-door sedan. Runs and looks almout like new. Inquire 2011 5th Ave. 1929 PLY. SEDAN, LIKE NEW. J650.00 1027 Chevrolet Landau Sedan, $335.00. 1026 Overland 0 Sedan, $250.00. LAUVER MOTOR CO., Ill Union St., Hollidaysburg. Phone 757. CHRYSLER FINER 70 BROUGHAM, ALL equipment. Fine trunk. See this car. A bargain at $550. Dial 2-2576. CHEVROLET 6 CYLINDER COUPE, RUN less than 7,000 miles. Looks and runs like new. $-125. Dial 8570. LATE 1027 CHRYSLER 80 COACH, $172 down payment, one year to pay. Pries $430. Inquire 2007 18th St. Dial 4419. 1029 GRAHAM-PAIGE SEDAN, IN PRAC- tlcally new condition. Will sell at {800 cash or payment terms can he arranged. For Information call 2-8373 or at 101 6th Ave., Junlata. 1928 CHEV. SPORT COUPS), EX, COND. UNITEP MOTORS, Juniata Oe Soto Dealers, Cor. 2nd St. and 6tn Ave.. Junlata. Dial 3-0105. Open Uveulnga Used Car Bargains 1927 Dodge 5-Pass. ' Sedan Good tires and good trimmings. 1928 Chevrolet 5-Pass. Coach In excellent condition. H.L. STULTZ & BRO. I ' 1701 Union Ave. NOW Rock Bottom Prices i 1929 • Chevrolet Coupe . ?4SO 1927 Chevrolet Landau Sedan, $250 1926 kash Coach .,.$250 ,1926 Essex Coach -$125 '1928 Pontiac Cabriolet .$350 1928 Peerless Coupe ..$495 1927 Hudson Brougham .$425 192* Buick 'Roadster......... .$150 Terms Arranged To Suit. G.M.S. Motor 800 Green Company een.Ave. • Di ial 4181 4 REAL VALUES IN USED CARS r 1930 Series Pontiac Coach At a big saving. Late Model Whippet Delivery Truck . * Just like new. A real buy. .Willys-Knight Coupe 4 wheel brakes. Looks good. Motor quiet." Whippet Sport Roadster This is one of those little sporty cars you see on the street. Fast and economical. PLANK KOAD USED CAB LOT GUYER-O'NEILL CO. 400 K. Plunk Bedford Street, HolllUaysburfr BUICK SEDAN, NEW PAINT, GOOD tii^ca, mechanically O. K. Will tuku small car an part payment. Inquire 301 Ave. Phone 2-7779. ' « 2-TON BRPCKWAY, PNEUMATIC TIRES. 1-ton Stewart, IVORY'S GARAGE, 710 23rd St. Dial 2-3797. 3Vi TON WHITE, WITH CAB 0-ton Mack dump tfuck. 1-ton Stewart, cab and express Dccly. International Haxverster Co. of America, Die.) 6189. 2300 W. UUg Ave. GOOD USED TRUCKS We have the largest selection of good trucks In Central Pennsylvania. Dixon MqtorlTruck Co. 2001 Beale Ave. RUtl S- M. S. C. Dependable Used Cars I'/j-Ton Model A Ford Truck, $500 1929 Chevrolet Sedan $575 1929 Plymouth Coupe $475 1925 Dodge Coupe $200 19126 Chandler Brougham $230 1924 Studebaker Touring $ 5U 1924 Chevrolet Sedan..s $ t>5 1924 Chevrolet Coupe $ 50 1829 Plymouth Roadster, 5 wire wheels $5501 1928 Graham-Paige 4-Door Many others from $25 to $100 MOTOR SERVICE CO. I Phouo 613 Uuucausville] YOU Can Buy A Used Car Very Reasonably in Hollidaysburg Jttii!) Chevrolet Coupe- — Fully equipped including i Lovejoy hydraulic shock-absorb- Lute 11)21) Chevrolet 4 Door Sedan—Fully equipped. Like new . Lute 1028 Chevrolet J.anUuu Seduu— Excellent condition ............... Late ItWB Chevrolet Tourlne— All new tires. FOR GOOD USED OARS AT THE RIGHT PRICES. SEE Criswell Chevrolet Co. SIS N. Junlatu St. fhoao 483 I ( Model A Ford RoadBter—Rum- ble seat. 1929 Essex Coach—Rumble seat. 11929 Dodge Sedan—Rumble seat, 1927 Chevrolet . Coupe—Rumble seat. w Buick Master 6 Roadster—Rum- !ble seat. Ford Touring, $35. 1926 Dodge Sedan. \ ! Willys-Knight Roadster. • ' 1928 Dodge Truck—Enclosed body. y Chevrolet Roadster, $B9. I We Buy Your Car For Cash I . • TERMS ' I X New Location 1928 Chevrolet' Coupe— Car has been thoroughly tecondlMoned. Special sale price. See <BO-| K It today... ............. tpOXt» 1929 Chevrolet VA Ton tixprens Truck— Performs like a new unit. Priced specially $435 sn ••»•••.»••.«••«••••••• 1928 Nash Special Six Coach— •Thoroughly reconditioned. A ear j^ tho ^ ; $185 1927 Chevrolet Coach— Bumpers, snubbers; tires like i Auto Exchange, Inc; "Tenth AveV and Fourteenth St. " PHONE 2-3029 Bear of Capitol Theatre—One Square from F. B. B. Depot Small Down Payment — Easy O. M. A. C. Terms MURRAY Chevrolet Co. OPEN BVEN1NOS .. 1905 Margaret Avenue 1925 Union Avenue PACKARD'S Good HepBfalfM Is the GREATEST USED CAR GUARANTEE Investigate these quality used cars. Ask for a d«tt* onstration. You will not b« obligated. Your car as *' down payment, balance easy terms. '] 1928 Oakland. 1929 Chrysler 75 Sedan. 1927 Chy. 70 Rt. C. 1926 Chy. 70 Sedan. • 1928 Buick Sedan. • 1928 Peerless Sedan, Model 80. • • . i Blair Motor Car Co. USED CAR DEFT. 1917 • Margaret Avenue Open Evening Dial tUl s , AAE? m Auburn Trade-In CanF, Dodge Truck. Chevrolet Coach. *> Chevrolet 4-Door Sedan, Essex Coaofe. * - 11 Tomlinspn Motor Co. , Authorized Auburn Dealer **•* , 2807 Washington Ave. *• 1119 12th Ave. The Used Car Market 1929 Essex Coach 1B27 Mash Sedan . , KW8 Essex Coupe 1928 Study Coach 3926 Hudson Coach 1928 Essex Sedan 1928 Whippet.Coach 10 Cars Under flOO.OO Branch ol UNION MOTOR SALES Terms Dial 8478 TRADED CARS 1929 Chevrolet 8 Coupe I4BO 1026 Oldamoblle Da Luxe Sedan ..-. .$295 Nash Sedan ,.$100 1928 Chevrolet Coach $375 WM. PENN AUTO CO. 808-10 Green Ave. Studebaker ALWAVS M5ADING IN VALUES The .following is a partial list of late tradeins: ^ La Salle Convertible Cp.—1928 Pie.rce-Arrow Sedan—1928 Packard Sedan—1928 Cadillac, 5-Pass. Coach—1926 Cadillac, 4-Eaas. Coupe, Model 63, Buick Sedan—1927 Buick Sedan—1925 Buick Coupe—1925 Oakland Coach—}928 Oakland Sedan—1928 Pontiac Coach—1927 Nash Sedan^l929 Commander 6 Studebaker—1928 .Commander 6 Studebaker—1927 Big 6 Studebaker—1927 Big 6 Studebaker—1926 Standard 6 Studebaker Coach— 1926 Standard 6 Studebaker Sedan— 1926 Cadillac, 5-Pass. Sedan—1927 La Salle, 5-Pass. Sedan—1929 The above is an unusual list of used cars that are recent trade- ins reconditioned, and ready tor operation. The prices are not 1927 prices, but 1930 prices. Monthly payments. If you desire your present car will be taken in exchange. WE ALSO HAVE Twelve cars which are being sold at 60% ot their value. Spe these cars and take advantage of the price reductions now prevailing. National Motor Car Company BOO Logan Ave. Opeu £ veiling* fboue 2-10HO Ws-g with GETTMAN MOTOR CO UNUSUAL VALUES IN USED CARS / • V 7 Late'1929 Chevrolet Coach—Driven ' > • •: only 3,000 miles ...'... ..: • 1928 Chevrolet Coach—Like new ..>...........,.. 1924 Studebaker, Light 6 , Touring :. '..".' • • »• • • • •,•».••-••.......-«.. < Late 1928 Ford Sport \ ' • Coupe .7....•••.• • .•«•>••*....»•.*• •<*>AJ« 1929 Model A Ford Sport Roadster ....' Late 1929 Ford Cabriolet—Like new .1929 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan v .........\ 1929 ' Mgdei A Ford Standard Coupe-rLike new ; ;...., 1926 Hudson Coach—New paint v . 1927 Ford Coupe—New ' •jjrs4»i| $46500 $350.00 .^x$9i>.00 $350.00 $385.00 $450.00 $385 00 (R^&Q^k A A ^f^f^_f^f t\r^r $235.00 Ml OUR BIG USED CAR SALE STILL '_ GOING ON Gettman Motor Co. Union and Bealp Avenues . Dial 6141 Millikan's Reconditioned Transportation Money Talks and Prices Speak Buick Sedan $300 Essex Coach $150 Willys-Knight Sedan «... $250 Willys-Knight Sedan $385 Paige Brougham $465 Several others that you may purchase. No Down Payment—20 Months to Pay. 4th Ave. and 5th St., Juniata 1314 12th Ave/, Across from Gable's Arcade Phuue 9301 WE IT HAVE ,?»* I'UK USiCU CAK kOU'VE f BEEN UMJJUNli fUtt Do you Know Uiat our Used cut Department na* D««n uod«i oaw m»nag«- ment lor sutue time and w« are going lo unlimited tucpuu* In doin« < humanly possible to till ear obllgatloo to you. We nave a. woudertiu line ot rsconditluusa cars in MOCM ana you yourseli to loolt them ov«r and mvestisats our Satiafacuon • I'Ue Price la Right! a tew <U our many A-i *ou cao aepen* oo *- 6 Bulcti i paj>s. Cpe. Master Sis, $215 Chrysler 70 Sedan W9S NO DOWN Esiex Chrysler FSner 7U pletfrly i Sedjoi. com- 0-V CAKa W 10 «aiW.M TERMS Penn Motors, Inc. TRADES Ninth St. and Green Ave. 512 Third St.. Juniata

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