Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 17
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-. ' --Anoda-ti PTtu Wireonota . SN'OW \VILL FALL through the northern and central plateau today, with rain -«· in lower elevations. Showers are expected in the upper and central Mississippi and Tennessee valleys. Northern states will be colder. COMPLETE WEATHER · Areas: Comiovrab!* ctoudines Sf^^Sv? "^.·r^t".""-..TM^ .nesa vim a ' »««·"· *» « . nr»: ll:» im. JHooicet: I.U am. S^ *i 4.S Met at J O am. U X 5 d on. Low J at 10 K i · SUKOAT'S WEATMEI EEPOUt H IrS"'*** M 9 _ KewDOrl Beach M a ~ -- « n ~. u a _. M _ . j«n Franc** *9 Santa Barbara " VlCtorvllll Acreu tho Nation _ eadl- - S Tti* HTW Sundtv «or «« Tht hicA wn n at pm 41 Tt _ __ W4Kftin.rtDfi _____ ._ . __ i*actnt *t*Tn wn U^RedmoniL Cra. CASH IS EASY to raise i when j-ou use Classified to Jg^TM^* 01 sell articles. Call HE " Ship Arrivals, Departures Duo M tail Fir . i Sallnt Crux orattucta Uta-Tlrl Anna JAMrsk. C0v _ SrU Mtiot Dvrrtiru* C Acaputn HMD kronxvill* (Mori « ^ l SJ.Spo' * tZO-A Malm Ha». O. i55Kfe..fc £ " UKK SOX*! C«r tonal ULar* f Jao) Lake Ontario Itr) JMamla (Phfll - - JteQ--A^X ·WaVittm* C*. Ptitt. tsrhnuwt Lint -I'tiS unreal Mar* t] U Tai Hsina (CkuiU *« Yair San Fran . t San Fran Aar. I, ian Fran . I. San Fran Fraa WallmJin !· Acr. L l« r. Fran Moor* jMcCortradk Unt _«r. X ftj «i Diego K.V.K. Lin* Acr. L Sn Fran rreenada O-S.K. Lin* roart SeaLand Service new York Kediiovd Lin* Chemists' Society Meet Opens Today LOS ANGELES (lift) -About 8,000 chemists and open the 144th convention American w^igrjarjchemical Society, the largest -- ' ·-- --'--'ific meeting held oa the Coast. discussions and sci- sessions will be conducted through Friday. ·. 1. San f ran jf. £· fora " r. I. s« D. ·. a. San D teat*. C.M.. »t, A** i na INDEPENDENT--P*-j% CLASSIFIED ADS are Ihrlto work for yoa tocJay."Jifat easy, inexpensive answer to'ditl HE 2-5959 for a friendly, so many problems. Put them experienced Ad Writer. ' UJOUI' Aewe ler Vctul ir.«nfld« 5«O U7 lurrira Horl U4 triz« Um IJ«C1 ort L»7I Out Flyiro A w*stuntmja (Tlr) Ul Avon Turwatcr Oi Ci. far. t Ann: Lombok CDuf) UO ~__ San Fran M*3tlcva' tk* Aar. X £ Borrow Vjr-.i HUIioafcr* ICrV) B5E H«nbur Wal!*nlu Una '-- 4. Saa frm. iioatera (CrV) BJE H«nHur Wai Marlverda (U-Tir 1*-1» Cartagena Oianm He - - '-rl.TWlijJ. - --Arufea Trrton 9m. Ca. . . . - . .. _ _ a Burt Food Carrwr* .^Aar. U San Juan, !?otahaira H.Y.K. Lin* - Aer. X New Vort Zttie I San Frn CaTumfeui Lin* I ·* Oieoo lino Un* Ouka F*rar* Cl er. ew or * X Duncvi Bv ABT. X ripeefi Aor. X San Ran Your {cweler Ft i ertfhman--» tntnd fa - wtioni you can 90 wiih comp!«!» csnfUtnc* for ci- ; peri gu»J*nc« ami counsel. To him you turn for your ; prtaoui possessions,' fer gifh Hut loved cnei wlSJ long dternh. Ha help, you chocs* your 'ctiimonjj, the fir.« vifch you'l wear or gTv* with pricfe, lovefyj sferCng is gric» your table. His counsel, rJ« terv^ kt. kit reputation for quality are directed tofefy! tawarj your ccmplefe tatTsfiction and luppness.' Li tuenc*. your jeweler h a deafer h rnemoriet-^-J h tdt warm and memory-mating good things of Eft. J . Wt are ftotid to It jour Jeu-eler! '. \ Bovsoii Jewelry Co, » I S Pine Arraa* Jeu-tltn S'mct IS98 A T auy Ships in Port Today ' Caw -- Chandler, Theodore C. Colafian . Columbus - Cctoutsl *. CoweB Endurance Eneryr Lower, Lighter and Laceless! '·-. · Flonttin Ules prrmiam ulfflin--Titi .;. · die rid look »petiil occasions call for-- ftyles it low and Ucelfjs; tKcn n*ti a . · ' nnr fhoonaiinj concept to create dramatically lighter and more BexiHe tkocs. · Try on «omediing (Efferent--the b'zhtett ". ·; tLo« we'ie erer maIe! «^^* Most Flonheun Styles *19« t, «24» SHOE SHOP BROADWAY at PINE C*«* Tnt*i m*i Vtmiff Im. VISIT oat Ntir 64r N.xtrin 141111 U.S.D.A. Choice Shoulder ^ Lamb Roast Sliced Tied or 5-rib cut 47° n, 3-rib cut Ib. 37 -. Farmer John Slab Bacon Capiain's Choice Fish Cakes 12-fX. lip. Shoulder Chops Large Loin Chops Small Loin Chops Breast Of Lamb Lamb Shanks or Et Cfaop» Superb lamb Ib. or Eb Ere Chops : Scperb tamh Ib. Rna To Brcfsa UD.A. One* Excenent Baled Ib. Ib. 9811 10'! 33«i Whole or Half-Slab . S. V. . Top Sirloin Hew York ; Porterhouse is: All Detergent Condensed Suds ^% *lb. Heavy Duty O P k 9- «.1 W n.1 29 Vim Pepsodent Gerber's "' Tablets Tooth Paste Baby Foods^ DoJerg»rt t7coficnJ Cut Green Beans French Gal Green Beans Cut Golden Corn Baby Lima Beans Fordbook Lima Beans Fordbook Limas Mixed Vegetables Dubnque «M . *-*· »^ Mr. ·» e* ·A »HK. 39* a* Corned Beef Hash Potted Deviled Neat Vienna Satsage Tent Lmcheon Beat Chopped Ham """'*' 23* 23* 45* 55* Pineapple Coffee Cake r.» Hci Snails Coffee Cake "*' JeUy Snails Coffee Cake Soottern Spice Cake '^ Sesame Rolls £ 3 ^ M" Rabin Bread r £** '.«/· 25* * Sptto? Notice! [· H ENDS SAT., APRIL 6th Sfill Time To Win $100 Prizes We Wa Cbrrfinoe To Crra SpeU CcrA Cards Up To Oasutg Tkaa Sotorckry I^gfat April 6. After That Dcrfe Yon £68 Have Up To 15 Days to CUo An/ Pnza Yoa May Kara Wen! Thoosands and Thovsanrls of Dollars Have Been Won Thousands More Can Be Won! You May Be the Lucky One! Spinach--Watercfess Col lards--Radishes Green Onions Mustard Greens Turnip Greens Bronze Lettuce Butter Lettuce or Swiss Chard t^ttflfer* 1/e$efa6U Satef Your Choice 7 3-e*. feel Peat Liquid Fertilizer Al f'»rpo«* trim 98* 98' Pellets " Brand Peat Red Siar 6ro Goa Azalea Plasfs 98* : c« 98* " Pi KM eiTedjvo Mon^ Toetf In Los Angeles and Orange counties/ except Avolon, Pomona/ Claremont SAFEWAY lexis collected /VfaGW* Ebq CUp Steps 9*ea «riA eoch parclcv* ezctpt d9=Mea, Bogcrdoa. !ofccxe rfk proebdt IONS IIACH Anili'ira «1 ArTanfle 4»7 L $»n»! Otto» l!»j. rl Liruij 4119 Atloifx Ae. Ill E. F«rA St. »!· E. 714 re An. 2219 {. Si'tnA SI. « F t A't. LAir.TOOD 4112 Horo'.Ut PAIAMOUMT NOIWAU . 11637 L foncro-i DOWNtT 7i: Rer«»ct Aro. courroN 22 S. W7f»troet IOSI N. A'tTo* TOttANCI Cane* «nt Wtifon 10UITA 7I1S fac'ifTe Ct«i» H.j. ·AtOJ TllStS K*wf««nio S S CltetNA II71S S. Viraatl SANTA ANA [417 S. Mam Si. CAIBCN CtOTI t i l l U7.I Hartor t'.-i. Wtifirmi'er rt Vtre 414 W. Ccm^sa. COSTA UttA 2 1 1 E.I7r!iSf. ANAHIIU 1718 W. l-ntcofo III LLoiioi Si.

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