Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 48
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 48

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 48
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P«g. 0-8-INDEPENDENT l "« ··" Television Lo o CM-- « K T I A CM~M «I1V ca*«M II »COP *« »· rttaw*»l4Ml.rr **r ckanf«t K A I C ·*** II i »v tt*t*m. 7' o/j g Today I IUDAY, iMAltCil 30, I9G2 , 9:30 P.M.-- TELEPHONE HOUR on channel 4 In COLUK. featured itars Include Maureen O'llara, Sieve Lawrence and Shirley Jones. 11:13 P~M.-- THE JACK PAAK SHOW on channel ·t in COLON. Jack's final «h"w. Radio Programs =1 '* .......... ' K»~nm FKIDAY. AIAKCII 30, 1UG2 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT 2 I'arm Reports: News G:00 A..U 2 College of Air: "Biology" ·4 (Color) Contin. Classroom "Contemp. Math" (repeat) C:30 2 DSC Tclccoursc: "Music" 4 (Color) Contin. Chssroom: "American Govern i:ent" (frt'cdnm of the prtis) 7:00 A. M. 2 Capt. Kangaroo 4 Today. John Chanri Ilor with Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves on A-IiomK Lord Mayor Robert Ilriscoe of Dublin, report on Jackie's tour. 7:13 9 Cartoonsvillc--A.M. 8:00 A. M. 2 Panorama Pacific. IVRnwc 5 AM--LA. Stan Clumbers 7 Chucko the Clown SJO 5 Morning Cartoons I I Susie. Ann Sot hem 1.1 I.ASC: "Lit. X, fine Arts" 9:00 A. M. 2 Calendar. Harry Re isoner Guests: Sec. of Co'ima-tce Luther Hodges. Paii- rcstauranleur Claude Turrail 4 Great Decisions: "N'cw Directions in Foreign Pol"' Final .show (it-hates ! Run," Jo.m Crawfoid 2:53 - Charles CO]|IIIJ;U(M«] ·I Sander Vanocur, News 5 Telecopier News 3:00 I'. M. 2 The Ilrinhter Day 4 Say When. W. llowell 5 Makeup Tips; Dorothy Gardiner Show (:i-or) 7 Queen for Day, J. Iliiley l.'l 1-clix the Cat's Caitoons .1:15 2 T h e Secret Storm MO 2 1 he Edj:c of ·1 (Color) Play Your Hunch . r Skipper I rank's Canoons 7 Who Do You Trust" 4:00 P.M. . I 2 Amos 'n' Andy | 4 Movie: "Hir.h Tide at Ncxm." Helta St. J'.lm I 7 Mrs. JFK's Trip; American i Handstand (4:05) : 9 Hirthday Lxpress : 4:.10 : 2 Life of Riley, Win. llendix I 3 ACADEMY AWARD WIN* HER! LIFEBOAT-- DRAMA , 1 1 3 Stooges. Don Larinnd ·1:30 ; 7 American Newsstand .1:00 P.M. by TERRY VERNOH To realistically approach He has conveyed a feeling of portrayal of a blind man.| freedom that happily proved George; Maharis wore ejpaqucjcontagious among the stars contact lenses for two hoursLind personalities of the world at a time for two weeks. In his regular role as Bur. whom he hosted. The program, even when It ^Maharis becomes blinded dur-|was bad, had an air of spon- j i n g the "Route CO" drama'v--and it wasn't often p.m. today, channel 2. Filming of the sequence was done at the Lions Club 'camp for the blind in Kcrr- villc. Tex. Wearing of the opaque lenses left Maharis virtually sightless. bad. Seldom did you cncounter| the forced gaiety, the cliche mediocrity of other shows that attempted similar formats. For the viewer, each show was like attending a Holly 7.00 A.M. K^OJC-- h«f,.f W ,'IAn-» KCC R-Otm, f · «n Mif «FI-M, IM R»« KABC-Nt««: Socrfi KHJ-BoMf, O. l»w.t J««-Bt6 Cr« Ste« KGLR-- AutfCV Iff ' K F I -- l l e w i ; Sovttllard KABC--W. Nofc'e; Newt I I K - B 5 b Crane ino« " R i:Oo"A.M. IW "* "It was like landing on the wood or liroadway cocktail moon." he said. 'The world .party. KGCR-W.IByr lle'ton ICABC-- Ne.Vsocrt. Kill-Robert Q |*wl, KNX-BOD Cran« JNC* I ,. I:H | ICH--Reoorter; Hfwl KOLR^-Voltff'el tl'Ja KFI--AfaV and Virginia KABC-- Warn, Ur., ""n-wT/VMr' K*BC--R*'t*i Jvrn; N*i *!; j - Fei*»r Brooks re* KNX--N**t KABC--Mrrcn J. Pr^ttf KHJ~Rot«rt Q t*w-» KNX-Bc* Cr.v« «.ho* it's not easy to get used to. 2 Movie: "Sorrowful .'ones," Hob Hope. Lucille flail B I'opcyc. Tom l l a t t e n I.ove'lhat Hob! ICY. i unit finm 111 i'.in 3 i . . ,, , three prevailing a t t i t u d e s ! ' huix'rmaii. George Peeves and warns against ce- ; U Jnc ' al "' j ^ nj - Kirkwood structive criticism. 5 The Jack LaLanne Miow (I.aLannc moves back to channel 11 Mondiy, as "Face Lifting by F-- crcisc and "Yogi for Health" shift from ch. 11 la ch. 5.) 7 1 Married Joan. J. L'.ais 0 Muiic: "Lucky Partners," thy for the blind, but I didn't rcali/e the respect they deserve for adjusting to their handicap and living like normal people." Barry Trivcrs. the author of tonight's script, needed no to expect fireworks or fun. . "It's easy to have sympa- But you knew you would get ' 7 The Soupy Sales Show i 11 Rescue R, Jim Davis ' 1.1 Tom Malone's Sports opaque proach to blindness. He was blind for a year| after a World War II com hat air crash. one or the other and, sometimes, maybe both. 10 l'.M. 'Target: The Corruptors" (7) involves an orphan who witnesses a murder in a slum neighborhood. To protect his lenses for an ap-|youngcr brother and sisters, the realism of^he orphan keeps his knowledge to himself. Ronald Coiman ('-iOj 11 The Princess. Pat liuike 13 Public Service Film 9:15 1.1 Guidcpost to Science- (. r , C) 2 I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball 4 Hiway Holiday: Trcfon !i Romper R(Kim 7 The Pioneers I I Yoga for Health 9:15 11 G'dcpost: Storybook Time 10:00 A. .U 2 Video Village. Monty Hall 4 (Color) The Price If Right 7 Abbott and Costello 11 Face Lifting by Exercise 10:15 1.1 Public Service Film 1030 2 The Clear Horiron 4 Concentration. H. Pawns 5 World Adventures 7 Our Miss llrooks, 1'. Arden I) Understanding 11 The Paul Conic: Show 13 Felix the Git's Cartoons 10:55 2 Harry Rcasoncr, News 11:00 A. iM. 2 Love of Life 4 (Color) Your Firf.t Impics- sion. Hill I.eyden 5 Dateline Europe, J. Daly 7 The Texan. RoryCa'houn (final show--Tennessee F.mie Ford debuts Mon.) 0 Crime Docs Not Pay 11 Broken Arrow, J. Lupton ·1 News, Almanac G:(10 P.M. ·1 (Color) News and Sports | 5 I!o/o the Clown I 7 Baxter Ward. News I ! Newsrccl. John Willis 111 Highway Patrol 11.1 Peter Hansen, New? ', 0:15 4 Huntlcy-Brinklcy Kcpoit 7 AI!C Evening Report 1.1 Haiold Fivliman G:.10 2 Dig News, Jerry Dunphy -t (Color) Curt Masse*- Show 5 Clete Roberts Reports 7 (irand Jury. I.ylc liettgcr !l Cartoon Lxpiess ·M STATIONS III KCBM II7KMOF AI-TER NEARLY five years «tt r:.~r. of operation, "The Jack Paar "iTM. i::_::: Show" loses its feature a t - j J e H u --~ traction tonight. The program, under a name, 'Tonight." Monday, but without Jack. He'll come back to tele- -:-::: V,\S\U F ? , , M O X rrrB? » / i trt BiQ BCA t r § » E,t s KGCR-- John Brown Hour 10:00 A.M. 5' l .-"~':S«"»"-y'« FM HlfiHLIGHTS KCtR-- Rt»ru* Mitlien rr.EP-Brv. LeRsyicrro -' Lmcruvi (it-su 11:00 A.M. KFI-Ne»t: Slanoard S*»ool IM.CSt: -Rvoto" ·cABC-Newi:Don»nen Kill--llcbFrred. Newt KNX-Ne«i;Artl.irtl trr KER--B.b'e Inititu'e ·CABC--Tel"l5l KHJ-Lu» P ertt 11-M r«BC--Carllon rrMerlcm KNX--Carry Moore Snow; C"tov Ctooney ill 401 ;CtR--Sunshine tAwcn 9'tjKn-Pat i\"a. Un» 12:00 NOON rflT N ^ 1; , f f r m "rucrter KABC--Pagl H*r«ey IIMS 5"i-f«"w Brocil. new$ ill Sp.ue Angel: Dick Tracy iing and a "spoiled kid." Al Hirt at 0 a.m. on KNOB vision next fall with a week-]- . . Discussion " I n d ianj«EiT"(S*"Ho ly. hour-long program. | Heroes" at 10:30 a.m. "n'J^c-n^B- ! Many unkind words have! KPFK ... George Shearing at !MW~H«IIWI?.IC been written about Paar-- noon on KGLA . . . Sammy! K r | "'''ii'n 1 ' the j He has U-en described as ator' Orchestra in stereo a t ' .egotistical, unfair, oveibear- 7 p.m. on KFAC . . . New! I include myself among Davis in multiplex at 4 p.m.'KABc-oce*"'?. authors of such wordsJon KMLA . . . Paris Cnnscrv-' KCLR-Dr. Orr. o tl« 1:00 I'J.l. KFI-Newl; 0i SiKlal RMPC-- Newi; eliil Ri^ «»C-Ne«i; Q lle.e KM J--Wayr* Tnorriai Ne KNK--Newt; Pal Pvllrax Kt R--Airmail Ircm « ICABC-Pan!,!2 Maioq KH I.Walter o-Kee«e KNX--Woman l World; P*l " ? 5lo!r'i.Vic/!?^ '«-K,in\.'t '"^mnVSi!" KGIZR--Loni Btath Band KABC--Flai?'" KHi--Waiter o-Kee'e ICABC--Wenaeil Ncbie KCCR-- Cotmfy S 3:00 PJH. CABC--Newv J. C 3«avie ftx-lS.7 """" """ KGER--routi lor Crimt -WcnlC Tin-t. C. C« I KABC--Oo.-Bf»v Skinner K M J -- P e r r y Allen Ihow K N X -- T h * S,orv l-ne KCCR-Oan Pitt Snow ·1:00 P.M. 'cT.rr'e,C.Cf K ABC-- Jim WcCullA n* KHJ-lrry Alien ihcw KNX-T^t Story |_r.e KABC-- A'*« Drt : fr: S* Belter Sport* M 4C) N*-- htriti ColiTTw The Story tl"f (I S KCCR-Ptv. At« :I-Sporti 'Symmirv CADC-- B.M St ettijki rewi NX-- Doctor's Houii C*!l 5:00 P.M. Fl-Rfrorter; Newt ABC-- Newt; M»f ktt Final PM R » u t o ipti (}:10I HI*-- ^-*«k n' lV*^rt .GEH-- Aufev Let 'ABC-- SD«I*) Rffwrt AlVn Show ' Cjrro'l (J 21) - KABC-- M XNx-Te (CtR-- B 0:00 P..M. . Winter -*«.k«Lrw.» Jr. A-- I h* World loni^il . 7:00 PJII. KABC-- W KNX-- N*i; KER-f «miiy KFI-- The DtxtTtr KABC-- Cd. tori *l KFI-Nr«I 'cM** WorW KABC--CAfltort FreoerKh* KNX-K.i; Cov'h «f Man *.GER-Preiov» WofW Mefo^/ Tlrrt 8:00 P.M. KFI-- New*; FmcAatlf; Dove uDeu Ttr^e iriti (ARC-- Hew»; Hemingway XNX-- Queit.on, rteaie, v^nt. Lou Mens, mar. ef takers KCER-A. U. w.:tr.|!Jcn KCCR-Re*. C. T. Watert KCCR-OanC.lbert 9:00 P.M. LawrerKe VVe'k :*8C-- Nfwi: Ra'rfi Jvr- 20.MINUTE SERVICE MOBILE on... IICHT ... sunm IADIO DISfATCHID rce iieitiu SERVICE CALLS SPECIAL 4.|«cli £00 -17.SO S H TV Phone GE 8-7843 li/I Hi..»/.... I OH · I T«ra Aaru M WC H i r A I * AIL MAKtS GA 4-6794 RUSS'S RADIO t TV SERVICE 1114 I CAVSOM Utt Yffvr BANKAMCKICARD ZINITH COLOI I» C-NI^.. Jo. IV -Newt: Oul n Weil KCER--Or, Orr. B.tlf 10:00 P.M. KABC-N*i; Rt'tyi jlvnti ;MJ-N»wi; J?*Ocl«n ; N K -- u o ' c K x k v/ re M" L T"'L'E"'"" WI ABC-- NiO**t'.P*, Je» Pynf LNX--Ph I NormM Ton It* · M - K F I f f i S n - H kCER-CUrroct V.tltA 11:00 PJM. FI-Nrwt; Spcrft Final K^eTilit'SS', 1 " KNX-Newi; rft.i Norman .ABC--ftisMI'fe. JCff Pynt ABC-Alseria. ts« Sad Hj-World Today |11:}J) 11:11 FI-Th "9C*HfiJliff (ABC--Cart NigHrca'f 12 Min.MGirr i_p M Mffey »*e 1) - Ital) r,rB-Dr. J. Verno* McOet; D»ri Mo II 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Truth or Cimscqui"'crs 5 PM. Mike \Vall.iit-uiili Van Johnson. Janrl Munro, Singing Grandmothers. Dr. Bergen Evans. Oscar Brown Jr. 7 Yours for Song, 11. Parks n Medallion Th'lr (tclcplay) 11 Songo, Del Moore 11:15 2 The Guiding Light ·4 Ray Schercr News (11:55)1 12:00 NOON' 2 Burns and Allen Show ·J Jan Murray Show 7 Camoullagc, Don Morrow 9 Movie: "Sister Kenr.y," Rosalind Russell C-iO) 11 Sheriff John. John Kovirk ' 1.1 Midday Report 12:15 1.1 Public Service Film 4 Floyd Kalher News (1^:2.1) 12^0 2 As the World Turns ·4 Lorctta Young llnMtre 7 Make a Face, Holt Ciayton (final shmv -- "Winjow Shopping" debuts M o n ) 13 The Intelligent Parent: "Kabuki Opera Company" 1:00 P. Al. 2 Password, Allen I.uddcn . 4 Young Dr. Malonc '· 5 Consult Dr. Brothers; , Telecopier News; MOM'C | (1:10): -Romance of the Redwoods." C. Hickford 7 Day in Court: small claims 11 The Gale Storm Show 13 Robin Hood. R. Greene 1:25 7 Alex Dicier Report 130 2 Art Linklcttcr H'.«e Party 4 Our Five D.iiifhler* 7 My Little Margie 9 TicTacB'ml.DukeM'Grw 11 Divorce Court, Bill Welsh 13 Industry on Parade 1:15 13 Guidcpost: Spanish (5) 2:00 P.M. 2 The Millionaire 4 Make Room for Dic'dy 7 Jane Wyman Presents | 9 Mnvic: "Security Risk," ' John Ireland (Til) ! 13 The Lloyd lha.xton.Show i 2-10 2 The Verdict Is Yours I 4 Here's Hollywood. Jack I Linklcttcr: Judy Car.ova, I Gale Robbins 7 Seven Keys, Jack Narz 11 Movie: "Love on the 1.1 Waterfront, P. Fos'i r C:»5 ·4 (Color) Jack LithamNews . r The Big Three (News) I I George Putnam Dateline 7:00 I'. M. ·I Whiplash. Peter Graves Californians demand tolls at roadblocks, f. Beat the Odds. M. Stokcy 7 Manhunt. Victor Jory !i Science fiction Theatre i l l DeputyDawg(cartoons) j 13 You Asked for It, 1. Smith 1 7:15 2 Douglas Fdwaid, News ! 7:.10 i 2 Kaivhidr, F.ric Flcnrng. ! (iail Kobe, Kduard I-ran7, ! Mali Powers. Woman doctor is charged with malpractice ·I International Showtime, Don Amechc: "Kings of Comedy." w i t h BBC's three top TV comedians. Fric Sykes, Tony Hancock and Benny Hill. 5 Peter Gunn, Craig Stevens 7 1 he Soupy Sales Show. All of which may be true. World Theater Orchestra in! stereo at 8:15 p.m on KPOL Hut he has been something'. . . Marty Paich at 10:05 p.m. m " re - on KNOII . . . Oscar Peterson He has been entcrtaininp.'at I I p.m. on KHIQ. Guest Hugh O'Hrian ?eck;l his lost dog but meets While Fan!: instead. , 9 MONSTROUS SEA BEAST :* "GODZILLA" TERRORIZES ! R A Y M O N D BURR-SHOCKER! I l l he Ilest of Grouclio ; 13 Bold Venture, Dare Clark 8:00 P.M. f, Speedway: 1051 Indianapolis films 7 The Il.ithaways. Peggy Cass, J.u'k Weston, Marquis Chimps. Marge Red- mimil (Mrs. Weston) gtii-sts as a we.illhv col- Ii-;:e ilium w h o gi\cs nor a compli-x. I I One Stcii Itcvonil- "Mes- s.ii:e I rum Clara," Barb i r a Baxley. Traclxr M a r t s w r i t i n g in nnla- n i i l i a r - f n r r i g n Innd when gixcn a brooi h. III M.intovani, John Ciinte: "Music for Fvervone" and "l.mely I.:nhcs." Adele I.cidi. "lli-Iii's 4- NEW! THE BILL AN SO II SHOW-CH. 13 NOON SAT. 2 R o u t e r,fi. George M.ih.iris. H u h . n . i It.irni'. llii.t is Mir,i!i-d in .111 .uiu! 'ill and iTiteis the special world of the sightless. ·1 Robert Taylor's Detectives. Vera Miles, ll.trold J. Stone and Plnlin Ilour- neuf star in a two-p.:rt ilram.i about the legal loophole* that allow a syndicate lawyer to hamper law enforcers when they try to destroy a numbers racket. 5 Movie: "IHIfire." Wm. Flliott (Mfl) 7 The Flintstoncs (cartoons). Big winnings are expected at Rock Vegas 11 The Asphalt Jungle. Jack Warden. Everett Sloanc. Sqt. Keller's belief IP a girl's Mory Inuls i.r.Iice to solution. 9:00 P.M. 7 77 Sunset Strip. Rrger Smith, Philip Carey. Paul Birch, h'ookie and Roscoc RO underground when truck line owner is being ruined by hijickers. 9 IAMES CAGNEY WEEK! ** "CEILING ZERO"-- DRAMA 13 Tcledrama: "Portrait for Murder," Georpe Sanders, Robert Stack, Dana Wyntcr 930 2 Father of the Ilride. Leon Ames. Stanley withdraws objections to house when he learns he's to be a grandfather. 4 (Color) Telephone Hour "Gala Performance." Shirley Jones is hostess for an hour of mu.-ir from Hroadway and Hollywood, Irish folklore, the ballet. Featured are Maureen CVHara. Sieve Lawrence. l.orin Hollander and d.incers Violette Vcrdy and Edward Villclla. i l l Tightrope! Mike Connors. Killer drives a police car. 10:00 P.M. 2 The Twilight /.one: "The Little People." Joe Mar- Claude Akins. When .space pilot crash-lands on distant planet he seizes the chance to plav God to the uniquie inhabitants. Rod Serling wrote the telepl.iy. 5 Clele Roberts Reports 7 Target: t h e Corruptors, Stephen McNally, Scott Marlowe, Miriam Colon, Robert F.mhardt. Ycutli. supixirting his orphaned biothers and sisters is threatened by slumlord I I George Putnam. N-ws l.'l Peter Hansen. News 10:15 B Hig Three Final (N'.'ws) lit Haloid Fishman kite: "Cuba Today." Recent films taken inside Cuba, including nation's first Mardi Gras under socialism, current trial of ill-fated invasionary force, plus reports from Cuban refugee community in Miami, Fla. 4 Chct Huntlcy Reporting on the life and world of Georges Olivet, a Swiss Red Cross delegate accidentally killed in thi Congo. 5 Swingin' at the Summit, with Terry Gibbs. 11 The Paul Coatcs Show 13 The Henry Morgan Show 11:00 P.M. 2 Jerry Dunphy Report 4 (Color) Jack Latham news 5 Mahaha Jackson Sings 7 AHC News Final 9 John Willis. News; Dow Finsterwald Golf Tips 11 The Tom Duggan Show (Mike Stokcy takes over this slot starting Monday.) 11:05 S WALTER BRENNAN In * 'THE SHOWDOWN'--Action! 7 Haxtcr Ward news (11:10) 11:15 2 Movie: "Undercover Man," Glenn Ford 4 (Color) Jack Paar Show- Alex Kin?, Robert Merrill and Buddy Hackett help Paar wind up his final show. Art Linklcttcr is interim host for two weeks starting Monday, with Parr returning Sept. 14 for a weekly hour nn Fridays, and Johnny Carson taking over as permanent host for "Tonight" on Oct. B. I 9 Vic Mitun, Plpir liurii * "DANGEROUS MISSION" 7 Weather News (11:25) 1130 7 The Honeymooncir: "My Achin' Back" (final show) 12:00 MIDNIGHT 7 Movie: "Suspense. 1 Barry Sullivan, Belita (MG) 13 Grand Olc Opry (2 lir.) Movie: "Address t'n- known," Paul Lukas ('44) Movie: "Street With No Name," Mark Stevens. Richard Widmark, Lloyd Nolan (MS). FBI. 12:15 9 Movie: "Arson for Hire," Steve Brodie ('59) 1:00 A.M. 2 Movie: "Accent on Youth," Sylvia Sidney, Herbert Marshall C35) 4 DALE ROBERTSON Sim In ACTION WESTERN . . "HELL CANYON OUTLAWS" HOME TV Service Calls itredutUrv Saeclal 'leiUHm. careen u Allot Eltelroilc S«r»!c. f£Pl HA 5-1291 11447 WitCTin $L Service Calls SO L 9A.M.- 9 P.M. C» MJH CA 1-fSIS TV SERVICE WE RCFAIR ALL MAKE* · t Y £ A R $ IN NORTH LONO IEACH IM SMI* Jtrttt Cte«»4 Stjttdjv Til EXPERT SO I · SERVICE * Roy Thompson TV Co. 1 HE 2-2022^1 GA 2-1063 CAFROH TV 4254 TU Ht.ttM SOSO WITH \ I · Ilnrici Call M *D ( ' Ilnrici Call DAT rM NIGHT GE 4-3002 i BUD'S TV, Ml Cmltos, Offltl ( 148) t. BrtArfwar J 12 fton local f t p . ABLE TV SERVICE fait* Hoatif Scrvfc* GA 3-4591 Oayi. 5435 ATLANTIC ORANGE T.Y. lltM IT. * OIANGC AVr. HOUSE CALLS HE 2-1919 $2°° TV Service Specialist B J 2.50 Radio, Fhofjo.. Smell Appliance* AUTO RADIOS REPAIRED Jl tt»fl ("ttr^r"" 2535 t. Broitfwi? CC 3-087) RENT A NEW CAR ! 5,00 o'r 6C »*,, CAL FLEET LEASE 3414 CHERXr HA -I5t7 , ; D a y N i t c T V C o . ; ; SERVICE CALL ftRQ ',', \ ME 4-2445 L \ 'Open 9-9, 7 Dayi? 't lim tAKCWilOD BLVD. 'l - m A Hit l«xtur* «itl »· Iff liivMt 4\w4 iraO* SIOCK^ARKET - L ' E C T U R E . Lrcturt St*rrt at 1:11 PJM. LONG BFACH--*rd.. April 4. M«rtan M»ll, 411 L»«l, Jl. LOS ANCriCS-- T»*l. Aaril 1, P a r t Mancr. 44f $· Mffi,rm Avt CRtHlHAW--Ihgrl, Aar.l I. Cffmmwmri Cm,rr, M» Santa Ritalia Or rf LA. Transmission Liakinc CiBflili Sill lik, Flits iif Ubir, I M Hut Cm [A. E. Transmission Eich. ' SSJI Ckinr CA J.(51I | ~ Gl»« yoirr torn* Idol Nrw lit with o UktK-dcilqitd FIciB Almnlmn cgititd rolit. Ca CE 3-OW l.r rtaionobli prlc Old »«r Itimi or com* l t T. H. Ule« t So» vh.wretm 3709 t. 71k o.d 2 Eyewitness. Walter Cron WASHER REPAIRS AND REFRIGERATORS Ovr SvKtuti FRIGIDAIRE Art MAYTAG \\» Uud BEGHTOL'S 1172 W. W!lla« CA WATCH u, chaos of a smashed civilization! WELCOME TO THE IOWANS PICNIC MAKE YOUR DAY COMPLETE BY TUNING IN CLARENCE ERICKSON TO THt HEAVEN HOME HOUR KGER-1390 K(. Daily 7:45 A. M.

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