The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 13, 1976 · Page 3
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 3

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 13, 1976
Page 3
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HAYS DAILY NEWS PACK :i December 13, 1976 Soviet Overtures Rejected By Tito ' BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (UPI) — President Josip Broz Tito has dismissed a wide range of .Soviet overtures for closer ties and rejected the •Kremlin's request to increase servicing of its .warships at Adriatic ports, Yugoslav sources have disclosed. The sources said Sunday Tito feared that granting Russian vessels additional access to Yugoslavia's ports on the Adriatic could have led to the establishment of Soviet .naval bases on the warm , water seacoast. [ KAT LAMBS COLLEGE STATION, Tex. ' (UPI) — Fat lambs are more '. lender than those marketed ."with little or no fat, a Texas .Agricultural Extension .Service research project 'shows. The agency selected 40 jambs with varying degrees of \ 'fatness for (he study. Tito also "categorically refused," a request by Soviet leader Leonid I. Brezhnev to permit Russian warplanes to enter Yugoslav airspace unless a third country friendly to Belgrade 'asked for it, the sources said. Yugoslavia permitted Soviet aircraft to fly ovef its territory to deliver weapons to Angola last year and to Egypt during the 1973 Middle East war. The actions made the United States "extremely angry" with Yugoslavia, Western diplomatic sources said. Tito turned down these and other overtures made by Brezhnev in private talks Nov. 16 during the Soviet leader's three-day official visit, the Yugoslav sources said. Tito conveyed the content of those talks to his Communist party leadership Thursday. Despite favorable public statements in Moscow and Belgrade, the "dominant Yugoslav view of the Brezhnev visit was that the Kremlin tried to exert severe pressure on Yugoslavia to bring it closer to the Soviet fold, the sources said. The Yugoslav leadership was told that "Brezhnev came here to increase pressure on Yugoslavia in so many ways it is unbelievable," the sources said. "It is quite clear that the Yugoslav-Soviet ideological dispute will continue." However, the sources said, Yugoslavia generally .views the Brezhnev visit as useful and "very successful because both sides have a clear idea where they stand. Brezhnev talked in a tough way and with pressure." Yugoslavia broke with Moscow in 1948 and now fears that the Soviets may attempt to reassert their influence after the death of Tito, who is 84. Ann Landers Has An Answer In A Jam • Dear Ann: Don't tell me I'm • a stupid jerk. Just tell me how ! to get out of this jam. / I'm 24 and engaged td a fine ; girl. We are planning to be ; married in April. Several months ago a blonde .who works in this office told :_me she was in real trouble. The poor kid fell in love with a no-good skunk and he ran out "on her. She asked if she could .use my name when she went to the hospital to have her baby. I felt sorry for her — alone in town, no friends, etc. — and 'said OK. , Yesterday I read in the paper that I am the father of' a _baby boy. Everyone else read •it, too, including my fiancee •and her family. She phoned me at the office as soon as the first edition came out to tell me she never wants to see me again. I went to her house the minute I got off work. Her ' father saw me through the curtains and told me to get off their property or he would call '' the police. Ann, 1 swear I had nothing -to do with that blonde except "to let her use my name. I . never so much as bought her a , cup of coffee. This is what I get for trying to be a nice guy. ,' Please help me. — Hot Water " Dear Water: Go to the . hospital at once and tell the girl YOU are in a jam and now it's her turn to be a nice guy. If she has a shred of decency she will contact the hospital chaplain, tell him the truth and ask him to call your fiancee and her family. Good luck to all of you. Dear Ann Landers: I'm in real trouble and it's your fault. I was reading a newspaper in class this morning — one that carries your column. Suddenly, I had the feeling a human being was nearby, just standing there. It wasn't the teacher, as I had feared. It was the principal. He asked, "What do you think you are doing?" I was so scared my throat was dry but I finally managed to say, "I am reading Ann Landers." He replied, "So I see." Then he took me by the arm to the teacher. Now I have to write your column out in longhand every day for two weeks straight unless you print this letter and advise students that it is NOT a good idea to read your column during class. Do you know that your daily column has 706 words in it? My arm is about to fall off. Please hurry. — Hank Dear Hank: I'm flattered by your loyalty and will do my best. Hear ye! All students who read Ann Landers in class! Cease and desist! Let not your eye be beguiled by unassigned reading matter. Ye shall be Give a Honda for Christmas... and have a &&£_ Mew Year! CB-125S1 HONDALINE TRAVELERS CHECKS. This gift certificate is what to give if you don't know what to give! If you've even thought about giving a Honda for Christmas, this message is good news indeed! Just drop by our showroom and look for Santa's picture on selected models. We're making prices especially attractive on these Hondas... so you can be a real hero come Christmas morning. Hurry on HAPPY Always «ar a Helmet and eye protection, keep lights on and check local laws More tiding Cerlam models a,e designed lor oil-toad and/or operaloi use only c 1976 Ametican Honda Motor Co , Inc Crispins Honda 1307 Vine Hays ' 625-6817 Kidnaped Official Still Alive MADRID, Spain (UPI) Antonio Maria Oriol, Spain's fourth-ranking government official who was kidnaped by leftwing urban guerrillas, has sent his wife and seven children a note asking them to "keep the faith," family sources said Monday. Oriol's message was relayed by his captors Jo a Madrid newspaper which turned it over to the family Sunday night. It was 'the first sign that the 63-year-old president of the Council of State was still alive two days after his abduction. In a covering note, the guerrillas renewed Jheir demand that the government free 15 prisoners jailed for terrorist acts. The abductors have threatened to kill Oriol unless the authorities comply. Government sources said there was no chance the government would give in to blackmail. The sources summed up Oriol's brief note, written in apparent haste and called authentic by police, as follows: "In the present moment my only concern is my family whom I love more than anything in "the world. The most important is to keep the faith since our destinies are in the hands of God." Oriol, president of the graded by your knowledge of Shakespeare and Kant, not Landers. Chance it not or ye may be banished from the classroom forever. And ME with thee. ' Dear Ann: Help please! A very nice gentleman who works in this department has a habit of clicking his dentures when he reads reports or does figuring. Sometimes when he is waiting for a telephone connection he gets those teeth going and it drives us all batty. Six of us have discussed the problem several times but no one knows how to deal with it. This is no Yale joke, Miss Landers. -We are — UP The Wall In Akron > Dear Ak: That very nice gentleman obviously is unaware of his irksome habit. Write a gentle, well-worded note and place it on his desk. Sign it "All of Us." I'll bet he sees his dentist soon and gets those choppers adjusted. Are your parents too strict? , Hard to reach? Ann Landers's. booklet, "Bugged By Parents? How to Get More Freedom," could help you bridge the generation gap. Send 50 cents in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin, Ell. 60120. Council of State, was abducted from his office Saturday by a five-man commando team armed with submachine guns. Police Sunday identified the "Oct. l AntiFascist Resistance Groups" (GRAPO) as the kidnapers of Oriol. As a result of the kidnaping, right-wing extremists telephoned death threats to opposition politicians including Christian Democrat leader Joaquin Ruiz-Gimenez. Marcelino Camacho, leader of the Communist-dominated Workers' Commissions labor union, appeared with two lawyers ' before a court magistrate Monday to lodge a complaint that he was being followed by unknown mea The abduction came only four days before Spain's national referendum on political reform and sharply escalated political tension in the country. Rightwing'groups accused the government of letting Spain slide into a state of lawlessness. National security headquarters said GRAPO was "the military arm of the Reconstituted Communist party, which itself is a splinter group from the Spanish Communist party." The mysterious urban guerrillas, who murdered four policemen on Oct. 1, 1975, and since have been involved in a series of political bombings, said in a communique Oriol would be killed unless authorities granted free passage to Algeria to 15 "patriotic, and anli-Fascist prisoners." They included left-wing author and doctor Eva Forrest and Basque, guerrilla leader Ignacio "Wilson" Pere?. Bcotcgui, both allegedly implicated in the 197:) assassination of Premier Luis CaVrero Blanco. "Our organization is prepared and -ready for anything," the communique warned. After officials expressed doubt that GRAPO actually was responsible for the kid- naping, the guerrillas Sunday son! a handwritten note signed by Oriol to tTie newspaper El Pais. Police said the letter's "authenticity has been recoRnizod by members of his family." Mayor's Water Bill Paid KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI) — Several months ago James Staton shul off the water to the mayor's home and was transferred to a "dirtier" job-in the city water department. But when he got his old job back, he quit. Staton, 28, said he quit his water department job to continue his seminary work in Charlotte, N.C., and has taken a position beginning this week as associate pastor of a Concord, N.C., church. The incident, which some city officials called "Water- shutoffgate," began in October when Staton turned off the water at' the home of Mayor Charles B. Wheeler Jr. because ft $66 bill-was more yian HO days ' overdue. The. house was without water for six hours before the mayor sent one of his assistants to pay the late bill. A few days after the incident Staton was transferred to what ho called a "dirtier" job in the water department. Staton never blamed Wheeler for the transfer, but said his water department supervisors arranged the transfer as punishment for the embarrassment he caused them. But the supervisors say Staton was transferred because someone had to be, and he had the least seniority. Recently Staton was returned to his old job. "The grievance filed by the employe's union on my behalf, after the transfer, was successful," he said. "The city had no written notification, as required, for my transfer, so I was given my old job back. "The transfer was strictly a disciplinary thing," Stnton said. "It was wrong and (hat's why (hey were forced to give me my old job back." When the news about Stilton's treatment was made known, Wheeler's office was swamperl with critical letters and caustic telephone calls from people throughout the country and Canada. Station also received many letters, but none of his wished him a "lousy" day like one of Wheelers' said. "II meant a lot to my wife and me to know that we had that much public support behind us," Staton said. "1 hope this whole mess doesn't overshadow the fad that there are a lot of hard-working, honest employes in city tfoveniment." eore you tiy consider two good reasons to choose Once again, in a nationwide survey, TV service technicians give these opinions about Zenith: DIAGONAL The MALIBU • H1310C Slim-line styling. Ebony color cabinet with silver color on top and base. Chromacolor Picture Tube. 100% Solid-Stato Chassis with Power Sentry. BEST PICTURE! FEWEST REPAIRS! Again this year, in a nationwide survey of the opinions of independent TV .service technicians, Zenith was selected, more than any other brand, as the color TV with the best picture, and ihc one needing the fewest repairs. Survey details on request. L Bert Picture Question: In ni'iifrul, of all I lit 1 color TV hnmds you uri- 1'iiiniliiir with, whirl) our would you K.'IV has the lii'sl overall pirlurr? Answers: /cnith Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D Brand E Brand !•' Brand ('• Brand H Other Brands About Equal Don't Know 21% 12% H% 2% 2% 2% 23" console DIAGONAL The ASHBURTON • H2326M Early American styling. Beautifully finished in simulated Mnplo. Chromacolor Picluro Tube. 100% Solid-Stalo Chassis with Power Sonlry. EVG-Elnclronic Video Guard Tuning System. 17" portable Ar.nwAL * The MARACAIBO • H1722W Compact styling. Simulated grained American Walnut cabinet. Chromacolor Picture Tube. 100% Solid-State Chassis with Power Sentry. SOOOOO 2. 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