The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 24, 1952 · Page 8
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 8

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1952
Page 8
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Eight THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, AUGUST 24, 1952. CUT-AWAY VIEW ./ OF r HEATING ELEMENT UNOBTRUSIVE AND ATTRACTIVE baseboard heating equipment throws a curtain of heat over windows, maintaining even temperatures. Baseboard Heating Systems Gaining in Popular Demand By MB. FIX Home building, modernization and repair being at its height now, in the warmest days of summer, it is far from incongurous to be thinking of heating systems. Coming into high favor is -baseboard heating, introduced just after World War H. It eliminates the standing radiator and provides an even heat from an unseen source, which extends the length of cold exterior walls at the baseboards. Baseboard .heating equipment can employ either forced circulation hot water or vapor heating systems, but manufacturers generally recommend forced hot water, because temperature control is more accurate. This equipment can- be installed to replace existing baseboards, since it is particularly adaptable to home remodeling and modernization, as well as to building. Manufacturers claim that temperature variance between floor and ceiling is maintained at less than three degrees, since the systems throw a blanket of rising heat over exterior walls and windows. With baseboard heating systems, carpeting can be laid wall- to-wall and the baseboard enclosures may be painted to harmonize with the rooms' decor. Many systems have heating elements of copper or steel pipe with steel, copper or aluminum fins attached to increase heat radiation from the pipe. This is faced vith sheet steel topped with a molding. Minor Trades In Real Estate Are Fewer Minor transfers recorded in the office of Edna May Walker, register of deeds, this week were considerably fewer than last, and transfers over $5,000 were about the same in number. The home at 105 Highland Road, on lot 3, block 2, Country Club Addition has been purchased by Richard W. and Gertrude D. Snyder from Otto J. and Mary E. Wahler for an indicated 511,500. Madison M. and Mary H. Letts have sold the home at 543 Michigan Ave. to Jack R. and Ruth E. Marvel for an estimated 59,500. The property lies on lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, block 4, Shower's Subdivision. Carl and Mable Wilk have obtained title to the home at 502 Linn, on lots 15 and 16, block 29, Fackler's Addition, for a reported 59,000. A tract of land in the southeast quarter, section 10, township 11, range 22, consisting of about 10 acres was sold by Otto E. and Opal Smith and others to Albert and Bertha Knapp - for an estimated 59,000. Arthur H. and Edna Asbury have sold the home at 1206 Spruce, on lot 4, block 2, Maplewood Addition for a reported $7,000. William C. and Evelyn L. Strange were the purchasers. David and Edna Snodgrass have sold to Raymond and Goldie Ussery, a strip of land in the south half of the northwest quarter of Frank and Elsie Galawas for an estimated $6,000. Hickman D. and Viola M. Hanna have purchased part of lot 11 and lot 12, block 1, Rees', Doniphan and Thorton's Addition from William C. and Evelyn L. Strange for a reported 56,000. The address is 1112 Michigan Ave. D. B. and Lizzie Hall have sold lots 25 and 16, block 3, Stillings Subdivision to Arthur L. and Katherine L. Chartier for about $6,000. The Halls have obtained title to lot 38, block 34, Macauley's First Subdivision, for $5.000 as shown by the deed. Joseph W. and Alene Hamm have sold lots 3 and 4, block 11, South Side Park Subdivision, to George H. and Dorothy Duree for an estimated $5,000. Gaynell and Charles M. Ward to Raymond Tompkins, part of the Adams Tract, Gist Survey, on Pawnee and Eleventh Street. C. E. and Viola E. Morris to, Arthur and Zedie Fowler, lots 11, •---—=• . nair or tne northwest quarter of Other systems are of cast iron section M 12, range 21 facrng molded to resemble base- for indicated ?7POQO ge ^ boards and the back finned to Noljn ^^ ^ h Ss ™l openings ^'"top ™ «?£* '*£ * £ 16 and parTor bottom for passage of air-circu- }ot ID ' block 9 - c "y P r °P<*. from lated heat. Installation costs vary, according to heating contractors, from $5 to $6.50 per lineal foot for baseboard modernization, depend-; ing on the amount of renovation work and labor rate in various localities. The latest count shows that 24 manufacturers offer various designs of baseboard heating. One manufacturer offers the following cost figures on two in-j stallations it made, complete with: wiler and oil burner, "often an expense not required." 1—An historic two-story Pennsylvania stone house was fully equipped at a cost of $1950, or $7.12 per lineal foot The house measured 40 by 28 feet. 2—An old hot air system was. removed from a three-story house; and replaced with an oil-burning; xjiler and 250 lineal feet of baseboard for $2100, or $8.40 per lineal j :oot 11 Rapidly Increasing in popula^ r avor, says a manufacturer, base-: board heating has as its main competitor wall or floor panel leating among the new systems, and hot air remains as the con- ending favorite of the older sys- :ems. VENETIAN BLINDS Dress Up Your Windows With Venetian Blinds • WOOD • STEEL •ALUMINUM Custom made to fit your windows. We also paint, tape and rope old blinds. Also Paper Hanging and Painting BURCHETT Phone 3434 SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES Louisiana Hayride Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1,6 Capital of Louisiana 11 Speaker 13 Princely residence U Bristly 15 Give as an inalienable possession 16 Distress signal 22 Certify 17 Bow slightly 23 Handles 19 Her Majesty's 24 "Good Queen 7 Hops' kiln 8 Western state 9 Light (slang) 10 Lampreys 12 Leases 13 Surrenders 18 Correlative of either 20 Leveled 21 Cuddle s o l_ s H E R O C. K A M S c> E N A C 1 P W B M 1 N E G A 1 1 O N S O f e N — P \ l_ l_ & !"< K R 0 N E f R O f t> *-;, E B JZ 1 E K E t K. E A S S E 1 'f* T O N S A fy O fc£ R '•••/'.- ''rt S bi R £ N E O 1_ e 'it K S M 1 T •//'• A K C. S K A I S E O ^ A 5 S E S C. O 1_ c> ?•» m. T •S. A C~. H A M 1 P S H A T T £ K E C? F= E S t_ T O T E R er IM O E R S E A V B & S 1. O E Silo-Seal • Seal your silo before re-filling 0 Water proof your basement with COPROX WATER PROOFING BERGMAN COAL CO. 707 Cherokee Phone 63 FOR /OUR HOME... CRANE LAVATORIES ship (ab.) •20 Implore 24 Indian warriors 27 Geological layers 31 Roof edges 32 Lukewarm 33 Confine 34 Facilitated, :35 Genus of i herbs J37 Flowers 38 Louisiana has no — 40 Lion 43 Meadow 44 African fly <var.) 47 Type of fur SO Louisiana has j many - j 53 Lariats •54 Cubic meters 55 Withers 56 Small sip VERTICAL 1 of England 25 Proportion 26 Feminine appellation 28 Church part 29 Binder 30 Augments 36 Small bodies of land 37 Arabians 39 Eye (Scot.) 40Brythonic sea god (pi.) 41 '(Emerald. Isle" 42 Persian 1 tentmaker 44 Rocky crags 45 Hard fat about kidneys 46 Essential being 48 Follower 49 Naval air station (ab.) 51 Pewter coin ,of Thailand 52 Affirmative vote- 1 Overseer 2 Go by aircraft 3 Makes lace 4 Sioux Indian 5 Numbers <ab.) 6 Raced Z7 FEATURES YOU'LL LIKI Easily sralpeti Built-in, sell- draining soap depression Efficient, direct lift waste Waiting to replace an old lavatory? See these two Crane beau- ties.They're gleaming white, easy to clean, with features you'll like, including Crane Dial-ese controls. THE CRANE NEUDAY. 4-m. shelf back* Soap depression. Dial-ese controls. Singlt spout. Direct lift waste. Two sixes: 19 x 17 in, snd 24* 18 in. THI CRANf RHODIIE. S-at. tack. Soap depression. Dial- ese controls. Single spout. Direct lift waste. Size! 20x18 in. J. L. CLARK &SONS 614 So. 5th Phone 651 ]2, 13, 14, block 3, Morris Metropolitan Subdivision, none; Margaret J. Knight to Clifton H. and Emma Schwartz, blocks 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, and lots 1, 2 and 3, block 9, also block 10, 11, and 12 in part of the southwest quarter of section 13, township 12, range 21, Linwood, none; Agnes and Howard T. Ward to VVilbert G. and Evelyn V. Schreiber, part of the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 28, township eight, range 22, $4.40; Charles E. and Emma M. Hart to William F. and Bernice T. Gartz part of the Adams Tract, Gist Survey, the northeast corner of Eleventh Street and Kiowa, S4.95; . R. E. and Zella Vaughan, to Earl J. and Jane C. Vaughan, interest in the west half of the southwest quarter, section 15, township 10, range 21, none; Royal E. and Helen Barber and others to Edward O. and Anna C. Besel,.lot23, block 52, city, $1.10. Bertha D. and Norman W. Fry L.ITTLC L.IX When you consider the present, maybe the guy who lives in the past is better off." to Verna E. and Dorothy Potter lot 43, block 27, South Side Par Subdivision, 51.10; R.E. and Zella Vaughan to Ear J. and Jane C. Vaughan interes in part of the southwest quarter section 15, township 10, range 21 none; Nadine L. and' Charles HenaJ and others to Lula Lamb, par NEW-INCOMPARABLE The BENDIX outomatie Dryer WORLD'S SHORTEST CLOTHESLINE! Only IB lathes from washing to drying I The BENDIX PERFECT PAIR gives you time for leisure and the energy to enjoy it. With this triumph of modern design and engineering you'll be free forever from hard work and weather worries.' Come in and learn for yourself how the BENDIX PERFECT PAIR actually pays for itself in hard cash savings. rf. Both units! <an; be, installedrightly v against back well, «-'» ' * *. , "^ 0 f *"''- " , 2. Both units arefaf»Ie top high . ...^ ' t *• ** f ' , - - , * ' , usable pocce Small Down Payment Low Monthly Rates (ENDIX HOME APPLIANCES • Division AVCO Monufaclurinfl Corporation Shop In Low Rent Area—Plenty Of Parking Convenience DoSsberry Appliance Co. 424 Cherokee Phone 894 of lot 2, block J, City of Linwood, none; Harold F. Neal to Elizabeth and Helen Postma and Louella Fish, lot 26, block 2 Ewing, Roelofson and Company Addition, 53.30; Frank J. and Clara A, Bokoski to Samuel E. and Louise A. Alexander, part of lot 7, block 3, Fairchild's Subdivision, $.55 Nellie Jackson to Samuel Jackson and son, lots 2 and 7 in part of the southeast quarter, section 18, township 9, range 23, none; Mary Madlen Prake estate to Christian Hassett, lots 6, 7, and block 8, Alexandria and S. H. Holmes Pleasant View, northwest corner of southeast quarter, section 26, township 9, range 20. If there's a small amount of ginger ale left in a bottle yo-u can mix it with brown sugar and use it to glaze a small "cottage roll' or "daisy" ham. Use abouf a quarter cup of ginger ale for a cup of brown sugar. • INSIDE, outside, cellar to attic . . . make needed repairs to protect your investment. Bring estimate of costs to us for financial assistance. An economical repair loan can help you add years to the life otyour home . .. give you happier living. See our loan officer. Leavenworth Mutual Building, Loaning & Savings Assn. L. W. Staley, Sec'y.-Mgr. 104 South 4th St. F. W. OrlowskV Tieas. PELLMAN'S 1112 - I kkhlTlnll V Phone N. Seventh" 818 Largest and Most Complete Liquor Stock In Tdicn! WHISKIES • Bonds • Straights • Blends • Scotch • Irish • Kye • Canadian • Popular Whiskies and Brandies in beautiful decanters. 5; Beer & Ale —all popular brands! Plenty Of Parking Space i Let MAYTAG Do Your Washing Automatically While You Visit or Gad-about! See the automatic MAYTAG at— Balman's Town & Country Store Across the Street from Berber's Gift Shop—Vhone 2686 Do It Now! Have your furnace serviced early • and be ready for winter. GET NEW FILTERS HUMIDIFIERS CONTROLS CHECKED Gas furnaces are automatic but need attention Eke your car.- Call early for an assured factory trained mechanic's skilled attention. P K I S C I L L A YOU'VE BEEN ^ BIG HELP, PRISC1LLAJ BY "FIXINGS'^ I GUESS YOU MEAN SALT AND PLENTY OF MOT BUTTER.' wo,LOOK ft\X STORED STACKS I"^^? 0

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