The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 29, 1957 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1957
Page 12
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Features : *• i • •"» " if > * r me Of Its Lost • UIBBJJ !•! w« —' ccfttufy L^^pW&ylrtibwn |c°«"KZ~*f. ^^ their -the oSmpKAed »'n tte ' ancient Mly, • GslyeBton's. je»iler» .tainte to •> ull awavcnww of the plight of Htflr r% early this year when an Intensive, turvey of the city's a***t* ; and liability WM made by a New York firm. The firm found thft trnnt oa- setsn t«td«nts hud.iluit about i»t IWpC, 4 . , • . "Many people with 'Whom we talked," the firm's report said, '.'voiced skepticism and, pfessi. ftlstn about their atiti future •nd.Uwt of <** er»ie-au. MI MMrt hMt rti JtfruetAC to tha Thf biurts of tiii-h, p«slmlsm III nM 'Hard to find.. Nearby Houston, wiUi Its' shtp-chAhjtf) Mid port, hi* atofat the (felt Coast -spotHght from.'Gidveiitan Which owe was the fcvr. 2 pw of {tin nation. - <•.» > OatvMtftft MOT oom*'» «ft* m of iuelf a* fc heWMed-l* ~ As an )J* IlftUIfQt AC «•> a*tiv«»i^«« MW..M™ the eight miles of Kawall that protects It from the OuVf hufrl- One*, ttxpsneton, f«r Industry bn» Aflfl — *• -way n ••v-iixvussb Oft Itt ttltllWWllJFel communication with the * land. THH HARBOR, one of the had nest .was eipimwa an 07.."" burg*wJni.GHltt?fro**. But ., romalns one <tf Hie tofr "dry ear. go" port* «t the natiflfu - The bu*ln**s"*He (ccustomed To Hi R-- t Return To Classics iptMteat musical |M A^rgatto£d by" GSy "*•«;; SSL* Welk, accu* •" . one*, operated rnnsleal gmmd roles that rnoch of It feavM a listener < without a cUwlca] bachfround eold, In other words, It takes them (oo lonjt In get to the punch line for persfthk taking a largely aofal approach to music. Many modern composer*, flouting the old standards, produce music with a iO- perlor overall brilliance. An illustration of this i« volume 2 of Opera's "New Wr-dlon* Ml Mwic and Sflund , Inch LP, RIAA curve). It Is « r* cerdinc made In Europe by Oeutsrh Grammophort 6t Mi»e hy Werner Egk and K. A. Matt ATfC O acted by FetenTrrlway. suite was cmnpoM'M onrard ttyte. But «a* matm't symphony tt practically . - an punch lines, with brilliant 13- *««*« of •ound, rofla ot mann. . Egk and Hsrtmann are content- rum* and reed *oloa. > . The Mcardtn* 1* luperlor tecb- rteally.TtamusichuarartblM aMprewnce, NBC Ex May Go To CBS Weav6r Ktay Produce Six Shows By WtUJAM Eft AU> ,ltfd Frew Staff Correspondent N!5\V YORK (UP) - "ft* - fe'vertet' "Pftt'Weaver, £;e™t of OTC, 1 special show* for I SPCClBi BiBium »«i ***Ti. —• ft Delco, a division of General Ilors, want* Weaver. In turnout IrnHe* of public altair* t*c- |n-s for CBS-TV that would b* --si by LoweB Thomas. r.>TV ,ha». signed two if -.'c Glewon's writer*, Iiit and Waltef'Sfobe. .. -.1 contract*. Mar* and Stone |i G'.easott for six years, win out comedy strips Including possible series format lor Art ^ABC-TV, hepped up by the *oe- Cess of its two Alan Freed rock n' roll shows, is working on; musical series for the teeivage i*t 'or wort season ... Pinky l*e comes back to NBC June 1 wi another kiddie TV show. -• Ha! Mareh. suffering: from sort lelt arm and shoulder, , wen b*ck Intft traction at a Msnhatta ' Orcb**tra" •MGM fAmons short statement in ty The. retunKajt work » after this TuesAiy's question" ... J* tote ... rafingi frtm Great. B thaw* only one America? •how in the top 10 — "Dragnel Weft {At 1ft »o . fori Walter ft. Sftndbiftt, U»* f»WLi«ir*9? . couhU for flenfly co , eWry dd&r «* t»e «W» >«««*«• this pott flowed '"' •-' ffiat | IIMW «>IW*W> —f A dl*C6Ur*t!flg , «»n Hflrftfr tdte a H/Wfl* fifldfet fttd. U on Men titttiuff p«*1*»n. M <»« of the f«t«r*« of ttw «pbrt«.'T«« bnfl* UP ton Too th*>« t. talk/otwlendifis *•"• "^^r ^ *_t!«i ii*^. ^A**^Af Add*d to *fl flfll NBW YORK tUPMt 1« t6n'* dry natleii's Most ta Mil. Atrnoipheri «t 4»*<!tis«e<l tft , ,.,- lne« to Galveslon to bring m the tanker business. Qalvestbn'a advantages as a port are going to be sold mftr* ly. It I* pbinted out IS a port of "quick U..K-V-.. A ship c*n b« 6n th« high seal from It Irt 4E minutes; 4t take* WVen hours from the , .. 1U •fcWteeture, III Unftitilty *f ?« cenKir, It* D*«ehfro« • BWtWnf •**»«,, fttjtt fiat Port o* C6nneetlon« . #lth *1* rallrt«d* and a quick tttfrtabeul *y««h> are othef . Closely related to the port Is toe ftefclns ttdartry and the colorful "Mosquito, fleet" of shrimp boats ffiat rang* widely over the Gulf. Gslveston leaders are epnfI dent that they have one of til veswn I* Some elefi past hav« and <J«»»loptMBt. An Air Castle? : I - • • • .•.. _, ..'.,•_ . • Never Like This portry.Gtnrun <«iffoMrt. t&i -rreneh Smite After tUumau" mt ._•-.* . _._.» . fc ^ -UL^ ....»*, :'t-**M Presumably*. h6w*yer. you would have tit dottfitioners that "Bymf*** H*. . are played by -rf S«to>. «» known that a man's, home is hi* castle. Now. he .dan tttve 6a air castle. Home wai never like this. Thte abode it not of. the 'stuff mat dtteimV are : m8d« « for teal. The basis is }a*t blew boft hot and cold, ttus pro- vldine heat in winter. Those on thedemonstwition hoow »*re automatically regulatedjo torn on when me pressure got-befew a certain potat. . "There Is oneman, vp te Mas- has^a new record of Fifth Symphbtiy & LP, RIAA curve) in atttM- . . . , , t-ar from beir* ftdrtam. .««aued "air noose" is a soUd .. (wejl . . . .fcurly soBd) Mattty . buff ot an Interior mass oftew- •pressure air. cottrtesy of two air wits; an Wj- vinyl-coated ofU.S. o.; ra. eour^' ,« < J2? old demon ot ;totenia*nBl area- lecture, Frank IJoyd Wright Drilling . Rise Sharply In U.S. Hgfcth _.»• UnflnUed1-L Joriy I* oo the other side ot the record. There .1* Twthlng.borlaa about 2.^^42?^ Sa HOO8TON — (8p) rT dropping to their tewtst letel In tlz years, rotary dtUllng opera. Uoni ta Oie United States rose to no record that any-; jbarply last week. But they re- Hvine. yet in one of me . v-i»«. »>.. n«i» »t Bterature. statement in lymiunuc »"»-""j" TheBrittahwedito"»tB Knocks it tbe Door" fhaaM to wn$p* da broadcasts darn* world War JL, .•-.,- v- On thta record, it lipUyed by Orchesttaof Arthur body itKvbK. y»tU'«S e -- -5 things. J walked through one of them-* *uge t*of oom ? r .-* t/ i; here end watched one Colorado is', -up •; .Jlorfila' t' , unzipped a ,Wthe.air whoosh «H FOR ntori^Old Quest Revived ft»ir PEW Line Hon. lUnufaatnrsr*' sjeoda^ enetfy. , AMUNOHKi IHMTHWIST FASSAM 1 • "*.(*» .«» awake at tie office <««* tad that w« ire only »att te to uadsrtake our «otie» •»» iponttbilttle*. , . ^•n wean, that ft prodoo* Jee. eonseuenay P**'*!''^ produetkm and eonsequenay MOE« 8t doable b**T" •Do IV* choose the color of our mattnee to match the color ebeue ol your bedroom?" -r>.y«i suffer from meomnur from unren to tkei* quse- .^MM uuiutactarna hop* to be able to cempU* data wklch will them to ptaa for the future. M T*i*t1tft fact ha* already digoofefed* B i* eetjmawo] tke> K9ix3&t nattree* IB j»cV5Jssr.£ he Brttteber take more ten^ wiW •— it bed. ' I don't 8k*;taDctat . bj*d*. So, t»rout« ». »« alesv wtth tte maximum, Sw the aa*ke«J goo4.«laj fiw Mrt* «irtf« <** doorway and .„ „»= -~ atowly oat. a* Or from • big balloon). It may have been my imagination, but I thought my ears £pp«H»rt aUghfly, a. ftey do witha mtoor change r* —• in an aitplane, when throogh the rewlvtacdoor. Outside, a man connected with •the esdtSbit was asked: "h tta suppeeed to be .a: fireplace an " flue tt there?" He said it was. "** •» *sr**££« malned far bel«w the pace set In May a ye»r «go. Tte natlon-w»e rig count thraoxh Monday was J,»3, an nereaM of $0 ever the figure for the week ending May S. A year ago an average ot 2,72< rio w*re running, tfc* 2,233 rigs In operation a week ago Uw smaltost count since 1ML Pickups in actMtjr In TCexes _. . tninols M, Kentucky 10, unehanged.' .,..-'.•-^ ..; Louisiana il», up », .NoTOi,. Louisiana 64, up 3; iouffiT Loulsian«-land ttt, up »; South.' joulslana-offshore 10J, up 1); lUchtgan, 13, down 1; Missouri 1, unchanged'; Montana iff, upT{ - Mississippi-J.1, up 1; Nebrisska ' 38, down •;.- New Msadeai- Mo,; down 8; New.Tork 1, toehefr' ed; NortB Dakota «, unshang- ed; C»li> It up 1; Oklihomara*, up 41; Oregon 1, unchanged} Pennsylyairia 13, the map. .— a real roaring place." Oklahoma aceowrte*' lot- most of the upturn reflected In the latest weekly drilling survey eondoeted by Hughe* Tool Company. The statcby-stata count; in tbe fire- Alabama. Arkansas South Dakota 1, unchaayeo;. r. -Texa*'99 | t,"'up tTr-TOt '"^^ OoaJit-lanA. »«, «P *! Gulf Coast-offshore «, West T»«* 374, up 3; Texas 288, up 71; «a*t Texa* 41. down 1; Utah », down 4j . West Virginia BJ, , 1. unchangsd, "" ^s^nHF* 2 ^ Ike May Have Say About I960 -Prcxy' *»M*i^ wiarwb*r»«««y *aw *• fl** 1 ha Rountre? * rcnce (ABO". * wentUketU*: "; ,: Do you think ft** il going to try, publican Party? . odd think, he "Jive'sometH"* to say It, «W«Iy. • ^_ . K You think tbe Prei* t»H« « yew strong ^« LAST FRONTIER IN ; NORTH AM ERICS u. s., TMs ,t» th. vast rwwt rsfios •• State* Itfe i. waw»»«nJn« o» the tart (roauer of what «*« we* the Motth American «**"•••••_ neat refun from w inJirate to all pobtts rf th. eompaea, ^ __ It ls doubtful tt ea many fWP* of human betaga ever have eo- ^.JiSr to try to keep wact :tns.«. • » " rmsait e| the way W loelted to the top are twin eomaua- thV United Btatea aM venuneot* . to *• UU.Jc4»tproJ.rt Department* « »«»»•' y, SJSltuM ,«•* ^ Atoo very much » the are the *Utt «< »»»*• Quettco » thVpubSq tor thU as well arfuftto appro- Uurff White Strong . ational trtea* have developed «•*•»•«• taJdHf of'tis ftrst CanwtW was Vincent 14*«*ey. now.i nor general. Although gtoM United 8tat«* cooiwlttee O« ly , r a Bubachefc «*»* o leading AmertcM «•**** Kdly, i* an aqtrre (WMf, ' lapping vgaiMt the *P* margin of the aw* l*.a „.-— t»« ot tuivsA popjulatkw •*.«*•*• * thaa « muHo» witWn * TKMntt* radtu*. Prospeefiaf Wlcat** t**j preaane* el km copper, aKkU ( comterDtrt *( the United State* .^S^j Vwc-tetm taaW to «•* plop* «ad ««nlw that*. ' ^fat ' 1 i-'*.iJ>J'

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