Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1930 · Page 20
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1930
Page 20
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"V, B «s i WRllAH BRAUCHER HtfftaS CM B«y* *rt tletttry of Clarence DeMar ot a In the recent marathon, In , I MA told his grandchildren fol* : Mm in an automobile along the calls to mlrtd the fact that ay antiquated people are drag• nm* tlielr weary old bones around on ball diamonds, and they are hot i ready to quit doing It, either. ^jjLAmOns them « Charles Jamison of '^W» Cleveland Indians, who gathered Ui'fc>lks around hitn last February %flfl celebrated hie 37th birthday. Dur- '3hJ the first few weeks of the 1930 jaaeball campaign, we' see the name Jif Jamie leading all the rest In the department of abusing pitchers. Some- above .500. He does it every j, (Mar 4t*'ll Soon Be as Old ns Mack S The age of Jack Quinn is down In Jths books as 45, and he's still pitching £6t the Athletics, but they say Jack jsn't at all sure whether he was born .*ft 1886 or 1885. His name is not listed v&mong the Civil War veterans, but he 4s said to have stood on the. front *orch in Hazleton, Pa., to watch the In blue come marching home. Daazy Vance was 37 years old In arch, and if he can get that old tfheumatiz out of the shoulder, he'll *Hn lots of games for Uncle Robbie's (Dodgers this year. On Robbie's staff Is the venerable Havana padre, Adolfo tuque, who is in his 38th year. The ^Squire of Flatbush also is still paying Jlube Bressler for playing ball, and T:he Rube is close to 36, and batted .318 Jn 136 ball games last year. • One of these days soon you will see •"where Red Faber of the White Sox "has eased up a trifle and given some- tody four hits in a ball game. Mr. "Faber was born in Cascade, la., two Vears after Bryan first ran for presi- jlent. * National, league pitchers, to date, •haven't been having a whole lot of tun getting Harry Heilmann out. The former Detroiter, in his fifteenth "niajor league season, and near his 36th Jjirthday, has been batting cleanup for 3-he Reds this year, and doing a pretty *fair job of it, too. If they insist on throwing him curve balls, Heilmann «tWill be right there in that same spot he's 40 at least. 'Other Oldtlmcrs i Over in Washington, on first base, »ig perched the reliable Joe Judge, still ^swinging a patent bat at 36 years of •age. At short for the Braves, ia a Wrwky gent nearly 38 years old, Rabbit ..'Maranville, starting his 19th year in "the majors. The other day Bing Miller broke up a. ball game with a home run ^for the Macks—and Bing will be 36 when August rolls around. Sam Rice, the lively Washington outfielder, .played in 150 games last year, hit .323 and is just a bit beyond 38 years old. When Aug. 22 comes it will bring a •40th birthday to Wally Schang. Connie Mack ought to let Jack Quinn pitch that day and Wally catch. The combined ages of the battery would be near enough to 100 years to call it ..centenarians' day. « ,And, oh, yes. Some fellow just past •36 years old is playing right fleld for *the New York Yankees. We forget his 'name just now. /DID YOU KNOW THAT— * , Hub Pruett, the frail young man "pitching for the Giants this year, is .[.studying surgery. . . . Frank January .JSruen thinks the Sharkey-Schmeling .Sate will pass $1,000,000 ... he rfSrHihttester *ajready hav» begrun coining in ... Vthat is, requests for press seats . . . ^whenever the press shows interest this Jearly, It Is a good sign, thinks Frank. ".';. . If you make a hole in one in Dallas, Texas, here's what you get: ftSplf socks. $5 towards a radio, 12 golf •iUalls, a $20 wrist watch, set of golf uq)ubs and bag, $5 credit at rug-cleansing establishment, inner tube for an ^automobile tire, room and bath for a '-week at a Dallas hotel, bottle of auto.'mobile polish (not for drinking pur- *ljbses), bridge smoking set, $10 credit JaV a music store, season pass to an amusement park, airplane swing for 4i Xlie kiddies and«a barbecued ham. . . . _»Qnly one wrestler ever won >the title '*<in his first effort . . . Joe Stecher. who "beat Frank Lurich In 1913 after Gotch *had retired. t4. New Baseball Animosity *« Over in Chicago when the Indians '••were playing the White Sox in a re*cent aeries, Arthur (Whispering) JShireB, well-known ex-pugilist, ran .-^ifown John Hodapp, the Cleveland .^econd baseman, and touched him so ^vigorously with the baseball that Ho- •jdapp took the count and had to be •restored to his normal sensibility by •'artificial means. 11 1 Hodapp is the sort of fellow who -takes this kind of thing somewhat to ^Beart. The other day in Cleveland, jjhirea was on first when a ground "ball came bounding down to Hodapp «CU> second. It looked to be a certain Double play, had Hodapp tossed to .Shortstop Johnny Goldman. Instead Hodapp took the ball and •planted himself firmly in the baseline, -waiting for Shires. The impact when jtbe two met was the same as that ^provided by a pair of well-steamed up ^locomotives crashing head-on. „ After the smashup, Hodapp got to ..his feet, flicked a speck of dust from JiU shoulder and went back to his -po«t. But Mr. Shires did not get up. *He went on record for several minutes *io a perfect imitation of a British "heavyweight. They had to help Arthur luick to the clubhouse. And he played yu> more that day. Oh, yes, there is yitill a bit of what McGraw calls "the jold animosity" hovering about the •diamond. ^ * * * •4MD YOB KNOW THAT— * Sixteen years ago the Millvllle, ^Matis., Bluejays needed a catcher. . . . ^Gabby Hartnett told 'em he was just .the man they wanted. ... So they ihired him at 40 cents per game. . . . •Owen Merrick, of the San Francisco *New«, referred to the recent Carnera-Chevalier affair na "the battle of the ''dirty towel." . . . One of Chevalier's 'seconds tossing in the said towel in ^Kouud 6 while Chevalier seemed to be .in pretty good condition. . . . Babe Ruth has served on 10 pennant-winning ball teams in 16 seasons in the majors. . . . The other day Sad Bum tjFojte* and Walter Johnson got into an •argument and Walter scut Sam back to Washington to think it over. ... It doesn't nound possible. . . . The Babe 'thinke Dusty Cooke will be a great fitter. . . . But adda that the young ja*n'» trouble is that he doesn't get 4li* frat around-fast tnough. . . . When •the count is three and one on a bat- 4*r> the next ball pitched is known as >a "cripple." ... A lot of big league 'UUUUiiftrs will tell you that's the one $4) HOAck. Card of Thanks WB DESIRE. IN THIS MANNER, TO KX- tend our iincere thanks to our neighbors and friends for the kindness and «ympathy shown us during the death of our husband and father, Joseph Isenberg. Also tor th* help given In the home and the UM of auto- MRs!*jbSEPH ISENBERG AND CHILDREN In Memoriam syvWN/WS'N/VwS/'v/V IN SAD BU* LOVING REMEMBRANCE of our dear mother, Mrs. Daisy L. Van Zandt, who departed this life one year ago tomorrow, May 4, 1929. From the world of pain and sorrow, To the land of peace and rest, God has taken you, dear mother, Where you have Sternal rest. We are lonely, yes for you, dear mother, In the year that passed away, And we know you will always guide us, Till we meet again, some day. Sadly missed by her HUSBAND AND CHILDREN. Lost — Found STOLEN—BLACK AND TAN ROOSEVELT sedan, license No. U9882. Anyone having this car can save trouble by calling V. C. Ayers, 1535 18th St., Altoona, Pa. Personals PERMANENT WAVING, STEAM OR OIL methods. Requires no finger, waving. Mrs. G. Evans, 1440 13th Ave. Phone 2-0197. LE MUR PERMANENT STEAM WAVE, $5. Genuine supplies used. Marcel 60C, finger and water Waves, manicure 50c. Dial 4213. RUPTURED? WEAR A TRUSS FITTED to your exact needs. We know what you need and will hold your rupture. Altoona Artificial Limb and Appliance Co., 907 Green Ave. STENOGRAPHER AND BOOKKEEPER— Must have high school education and abll- ty to spell. State age, experience and where educated, speed In dictation and typing. Give telephone. Write 1871-K, care Mirror. SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS AND MASSAGE. Dr. Kruse system. Dial 2-7635 for appointment. Mrs. Chas. S. Casner. PUBLIC UTILITY ACCOUNTING — IN- crease your pay for studying during your spare time. International Correspondence Schools, Room 41, Goldschmld Bldg. Beauty Shoppes »VS/ i VAu*"v^''V"»XSXNXSX t ^V*s'"^S/ CONSULT VERNA AFTER CLEANING house. Try her wonderful facials. Evening appointments taken. Dial 2-0741. WOMEN TEACHERS WANTED To travel during summer vacation. Nationally known organization, the largest in its field, offers positions with salary and railroad fare paid. Many teachers earn $1,000 every summer. Give age, education, exper- ence. S. J. Glllflllan, 46 W. Oak,, Chicago. Help Wanted Male X^^s/*v"^ 1 >^^^^v'V'S^^^>*'N*"^s*N>%^/N/**/N*« WANTED—MAN TO WORK GARDEN ON shares. Apply 615 Hickory St., after 8 p. m., Hollldaysburg, Pa. WOMAN WITH HOUSEHOLD EXPER- ience. Must be able to cook well. One who can live right at the home. References required. Good salary to the right, person, Apply 2184-K, care Mirror. RELIABLE MIDDLE AGED LADY FOR store work, night work. Must have reference. Inquire Gary's Market, 1107 llth St. TWO CLEAN CUT YOUNG MEN FOR IN- terestlng outdoor work. Permanent, with a good future. See Mr. Dawklns at Penn- Alto, Saturday evening between 6 and 9. 2 SALESMEN WANTED FOR HOUSE TO house selling. Must be married, residents of Altoona, aged 25 to 40, and have had some selling experience. Salary and commission to men who can furnish satisfactory references. Requires 1 Italian and 1 German speaking salesman. Write 2081-K, Mirror. MAN WANTED FOR WATKINS ROUTE IN Altoona. Average earnings $35 weekly. Chance for reliable, hustler to make big pay- Ing connection. Write at once, The J. R. Watklns Company, 231-64 Johnson Ave., Newark, N. J. CHANCE OF LIFE TIME Reliable, ambitious man to establish local business. We finance you. Experience unnecessary. McNess Co., Dlv. 34, Freeport, HI. consecutive games In his big league career, Joe reached 1101 when he .had to leave the game and go back to bed. r Sewell had played in 1404 game^-d. 1 ^ ing his 10 years in the/W.g-Vsagues, U P to tha,^p|?njiig of^yjfe present season. He^fould ha^lT passed Scott's record i^fet summer if he hadn't missed out on games )>ack in 1922. It was Tris Speaker who broke up Joey's consecutive game mark. Babbit Passes 2000. In point of long service in games not consecutive, Rabbit Maranville has set a mark that Joey would have to hustle to equal. The Rabbit played in 2068 big league games up to the beginning of the present season. And he's still going strong. But then the ancient Bunny has been cavorting on big league diamonds for 17 years. Harry Heilmann has* been up there 15 years and played in 1989 games before starting out frith Cincinnati this season. He will be passing the 2000 mark any day now. Rogers Hornsby had played in 1985 games before his heel went bad on him this year and he had to be removed from the lineup. Joseph Ignatius Judge has been in there 14 years and played in 1829 games. Sam Rice, tho other graybeard on the Washington team, had played in 1854 big league games before he began frisking about again this season. DID YOU KNOW THAT— Sid Keener of the St. Louis Star went to Prexy P. De C. Ball of the Browns and asked why Philip let $1500 stand in the way of his- acquiring the services of the excellent young pitcher, George Blaeholder. . . . George was offered $6000 this season $6000 this season and requested $7500 . . . Ball said it was the principle of the thing . . . that Blaeholder had been doing business with the club through a manager, "some fellow who works in a sporting goods store in California." . . . Furthermore, "had Blaeholder been sensible, he probably would be with us today, with that $1500, too, but I can't be bothered letting a clerk tell me how to run my business," says Ball. . . . The Browns drew 3000 people on opening day this year . . . and last year, in fourth place, drew 100,000 less fans at home than the tail-end Red Sox in Boston . . . says Ball, "I have to watch my overhead or take another heavy tap this year, and the boys should not expect me to keep putting out when I am losing." . . . But Phil, somebody also once said that you can't expect to win unless you do put out. . . . I've forgotten who it was. *_ _ REPRESENT/''MANUFACTURER SELLING $2.95 AUto seat Covers. Pay daily. Nat. advertises/ Outfit free. Quality, 1836 North Aye.,-'Chicago. fuf a JivcurU. „ Tiie other <tay m St. LauU. Joe _tf*weJl, the veteran third baseman ut ||M Cleveland Indians, opc-at Hit moru- tOf ID bed with u ft.-ver of 1U1 to keep itim ueujpaay. Thai afternoon liu went to the bill parls and played an inning ttl btt*ub*U. The fever got too hot tor Jtiiu tuid be retired. _, Joey ha* been lighting to break the Of Deacon Bcott. the former in law By JOE O'GOOFXY 1 ormcr Golf Authority. Tins entertaining and instructive series on golf now comes to an end. I hope my many readers will not be dis appointed. After reaching certain heights In any line of endeavor, a fellow should not allow hinibt-If to become stale, but should jnove on to greater heights t even it he changes his iield of action. i think I have left my readers well mfurintd on all the important aspects of the game. I do not wish to become boreoume. I know that all rny readers who have followed my advice have prolited. Gulf i.> u. pfc'-'uliar game. There limith to the patience ot all men. A time and a tide iu the affairs of each and every one of us clearly indicates the way ahead—to new achievements, new liL'lda of thought and action, new worlds to conyuer. .Editor's Note: Joe G'Uooity. writ or on golf .'.object*, while qualifying for a local tournament recently, shot 41(8 lor 72 holeh. He announces that Up ha* retired from active competition. There Vacancies thr Ads Below—Advertise Rent—Unfurnished R If You Were a Tenaflt You'd IVanferf Ma/e SALESMAN on* of Philadelphia's largest hosiery, uft; erfltear and -knit goods houses, ha* ft vacancy for an experienced man in-Alteon* and Vicinity. Only those with a following in thli line need apply. Excellent opportunity. State age, experience and references. Bo* No. 2081-K, Mirror. ^$100.00 TO $125.00 PER WEEK Possible to reliable man with car for At- tobna selling Reliability, ability and Industry required. For Interview write 1665-B, Mirror. A REAL OPPORTUNITY Men to establish Vending Machine ntittt. Must have car and a small amount of cap-. Ital. Call Mr. Freeman, Penn-Alto hotel, Tuesday. FURNISHED SLEEPING ROOM, IN. PRt- vate home, not far from silk Mill. Gentleman preferred. Inquire 2410 3rd Aye., Mty. WANTED—FARM HAND. J. O. BAG- shaw, Hollldaysburg, R. D. 2. 2 FRONT FURNISHED ROOMS, tfOR LIGHT housekeeping, all convenient**. Inquire 820 17th St., second floor. Help Wanted—Female YOUNG WOMAN FOR HOUSEWORK. OEN- tleman's home. Permanent position. Give phone number and particulars. Write 2940-D, care Mirror. ROOMER WANTED AS PARTNfiR IN bachelor apartment. $20 per moiith. Writ* 1639-E, Mirror. . EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Reference required. Apply In person, at 2629 W. Chestnut Ave. - 1707 1st AVB.-S,MOOMS .FOR LIGHT housekeeping, aft Conveniences. Private home. Dial 8967. GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, small family. Day time.only. Interview evenings. 2708 Union AveA AN EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR HOUSE- work. Apply to 1114 23rd Ave. or Dial 5589. EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Phone Hollldaysburg 206-J for ntorvlew. Furnished Apartments ^xv'W/'s'S'S.'WS/V'S^^'^'^'^''*'*'^"^'"** COMPLETELY FURNISHED, 2 ROOMS and bath, private entrance. Reference required. Inquire 1003 7th Ave., Bide entrance. CORSETIERES MAKE $25-$50 WEEKLY. Experience unnecessary. We train you free. Write for free outfit today. Old es- abllshed Co., NuBone, Dept. B-286, Erie, Pa. 2 NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS AND bath for light housekeeping. Electric stove, use of electric washer and telephone. Dial 6442 for information. AN EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR HOUSE- work In email family. Call 2-0227. Salesmen — Agents ,, >VOw^^x~~~XV^^<^»^^^>^N'V~^~*V^^O. SALESMEN WANTED—EARN $90 TO $100 a week selling for a reliable manufacturer. Factory located In Cambria countyi Call 217-J Bell for appointment, 6 p. m. or write, Dept. A, Portage Paint Co., Inc., Portag^, Pa. AGENT FOR YOUR TER. GOOD.. SAL- ary and expenses, or 50% com<, selling business-stimulating premium plafl for storekeepers. Biggest money makir. Absolutely new. Write Dlv. 198, States Art Co., 49 East 21 St., New York. AGENTS—NEW PATENTED HOUSEHOLD necessity selling Hkfi hot cakes everywhere. One minute/demonstration amazes; sells nine out of tfin. Big commission In advance. We deliver and collect. Write quick. Cornwall Patterson, 549 Washington, Chicago. -' OUT OF WORK. HERE'S CASH! $50 TO $75 weekly commissions easy. Established firm manufacturing guaranteed shirts, etc., offers new plan. Write Dept. G-50, Bob Green, 79 Fifth Ave.. New York. SPECIALTY SALESMEN TO .' BELL TWO new successful labor and waste savins specialties to meat markets, hotels, Institutions, etc. Experienced meat Industry desirable. Opportunity for good income on straight commission basis with amplo provision to finance self. Replies to Vaughan Co., 740 N. Franklin St., Chicago, 111. , BYRD'S GREAT ADVENTURE. GREAT opportunity for money making. Complete story ol Polar exploration. 388 pages, 150 illustrations. Only $2.00. Best terms. Credit given. Definite guar. Salesman's sample free. Send 20c for mailing. Universal House, Philadelphia. AGENTS—DELICIOUS SOFT DRINKS IN Concentrated Form! Each 25c bottle makes 32 glasses. Eight popular flavors. Tremendous demand. Wonderful chance to make $15 profit a day. Particulars free. Albert Mills, 4495 Monmouth, Cincinnati, O. MAN NEEDED IN THIS TERRITORY TO take care of customers for old reliable manufacturer rated over a million, est. 24 years. We make finest quality paint, varnish, roofing—used by factories homes, farms, sold on easy terms. Big steady Income for right man. Write for particulars. The Adams Paint Co., Dept. L-16, Cleveland, O. AMAZING NEW INVENTION BANISHES dishwashing drudgery. Sanette automatically washes, - rinses, dries dlshea without touching hands to water. Salesmen cleaning up. Tremendous earnings. Endorsed by "Good Housekeeping." Household Aids, 352W Ohio, Dept. N-4, Chicago. , AUTO SEAT COVERS. INEXPENSIVE. Pays big money selling autpists direct. Elaborate samples free. Marvelo, 2300 PL Wabansla, Chicago. CALIFONIA WINE GRAPE JUICE Openings for high class salesmen to sell professional men and business executives- famous old company. Products fully guaranteed. Big profits. Write today. General Sales Office, CWGJ Co., P. O. Bx. 73, Station N, New York City. AGENTS — SELL REAL HOME-COOKED chicken; exclusive territory: delicatessens, grocers, sandwich shops. Sure sales; excellent side line. Scharrer &. Co., 2102 S. Compton, St. Louis, Mo. SALESMEN—CAN YOU SEtL AUTO SEAT Covers direct? Our assortment is extensive, lowest priced; fit guaranteed. Coverall, Inc., Lakewood, Ohio. Situation Wanted — Male _^^^X^^V^^^^S^.~^»~^^^V<N^'~^^' S ^^' WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED MAR- rled man, Job on farm or poultry farm John C. Lewis, R. D. 3, Altoona, Pa. 2 CARPENTERS WANT ALL KINDS CAR- penter work. Garage*, porches, floors. New or repair w/>rk. Reference. Dial 2-9464. WANTED—JOB AS JANITOR, TRUCK driver or chauffeur. Experience. Write 2915-D, Mirror. Situation Wanted — Female LADY DESIRES HOUSEKEEPING FOR middle aged couple or widower's home, or as companion to lady. Dial 2-0324 or write 1668-E, Mirror. ELDERLY LADY WANTS HOUSEKEEP Ing, widow or aged rouple. Good home preferred to high wages. Reference. Write 2914-D, Mirror. LADY DESIRES HOUSEKEEPING FOR widower. No objections to children. Best references. Dial 3-9227. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS WORK as housekeeper. Phone Tyrone 217-W. Boarding WANTED WELL RECOMMENDED BOARD- er for private home. All conveniences. Inquire 325 4th Ave., Phone 7357. BOARDING AND NEATLY FURNISHED room for man and wiie or gentleman. Central location. Near 7th Ave. and 25th St. Dial 5882. Rent — Unfurnished Rooms 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS. ALL CONVEN iencea. Rent reasonable. Inquire 2200 4th Bt. THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR light housekeeping, all cunvenienccs. Inquire 210 Maple Ave. 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS, PRIVATE KN trance, all conveniences. Inquire 101 W. 12lti Ave., Juuiato. 2201 2Vid AVB.—4 UNFURNtSHBB in privM* home, all coBvmiensti. DIM 7032. Rent—Furnished Rooms NlCBLt SDRNISHED ROOMS WMtt ALL modern conveniences. Rent $3 up. 1802& 13th St. 2 WELL FURNISHED FRONT R(ttJM8, second floor for housekeeping, all conveniences. Private family an* entrane*. Dial 2-B015. • •• FURNISHED ROOH PRIVATE HOME. Use of bath, phone. Lady only. 2517 8th Ave., after 4 p. m.,^3. Dial 2-4687. 1112 8th AVB. — 2 COMMUNICATING rooms, second floor for light housekeeping or sleeping rooms. Rent reasonable. 3 NEWLT ' FURNISHED ROOMS FOR housekeeping. Private bath, light and gas. Inquire 2607 Broad Ave. Dial 2-B780. COMPLETELY FURNISHED APTS.—1.TO 5 .rooms, private bath. Maid service dally to bachelors. Inquire 608 10th St. NEWLY FURNISHED FIRST FLOOR-MOD- ern apartment, 4 rooms and bath, 2 entrances. Inquire 602.21st St., Apt. S. FORRENT-FURNIIHEDAPT. Everything furnished. A real Apt. Dial 2-8072 and get full particulars. . FURNISHED APARTMENTS IN THE PAR-;, sons new apartmenr Bldg. T. Chester Parsons, 1107 12th Ave. Dial 2-5192. ,, Unfurnished Apartnients 305 llth ST.—2nd .FLOOR APT,, THREE rooms, sun poi;«s, hot water heat, gas range, bath, iba.&es. Cozy for two. $26. 1100 3rd Ave.,/' 3-ROOM APARTMENT WITH ALL CON- venlenpes, 2nd floor, strictly private, llth and 12/th Aves., at 17th St. Rent reasonable: /Inquire 1818 llth Ave. Dial 2-1862. '2nd AVE.—FIRST FLOOR DUPLEX, 4 rooms and bath, front and, rear porches. Gas range, shades and heat furnished. Inquire 901 2nd Ave. ' Dial 7405 or 2-4001. BEHM APT., 1210 16th ST., SECOND floor, 5 rooms and bath, modern conveniences. Inquire Apt. 3. Dial 2-0228. 2031 BROAD AVE.--5 ROOMS AND BATH, enclosed porch. Hot water heat, shades, linoleum, gas range. Nicely papered. SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, FOUR ROOMS, bath, heat, 111814 Oth Ave. A. E. Akers, 508 12th St. Phone 2-6329. 622 4th AVE., . JUNIATA—SMALL APT. Rent reasonable. Inquire K. McGrath, 2806 Broad Ave. Phone 2-2471 or 9029. 2308 4th AVE.—APT., 3rd FLOOR, 3 rooms, bath, heat, garage. Not suitable for children. Rent $17. 4-ROOM DUPLEX, FIRST FLOOR, ALL conveniences. Not suitable for children. Inquire 2420 7th Ave. 5 ROOMS AND BATH. FRONT AND BACK porches. Private garage. Located in Llyswen. 2-6601 or 8286. 2 APARTMENTS, SECOND AND THIRD ' floor, 1300 llth St., In good condition. Rents reasonable. Inquire 401 4th Ave. 3-ROOM APARTMENT, STEAM HEAT, hot water, gas range and locker. .Low rent. Dial 2-7497. VERY DESIRABLE 5-ROOM FRONT apartment. Fine central location. Rent reasonable. Apply 1122 12th Ave. HOWARD AVE. AND 1st ST.—FOUR rooms; 7-room house. Both modern. Reasonable. Inq. 101 Howard Ave. Dial 2-2153. 2320 8th AVE.—SECOND FLOOR, 4 ROOMS, bath, heat, light, hot, cold water, gas range In kitchen, $32 month; also 3 rooms, $30. Third floor, 4-room apartment, all conveniences, $28. Phone 2-0307; 7443; 2-6056. 5-ROOM APT.. BATH, PORCH, ALL CONr venlcncps. Rent reasonable to right party. Inquire 506 28th St. Phone 2-5971. 105 HOWARD AVE.—4 ROOMS, PRIVATE bath. Heat, light, gas, water and shades furnished. Inq. first floor. No children. SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, 214 LOGAN Ave., Llyswen, 4 rooms, kltchei, . bath, ,2 porches. Oarage. Hot water heat. Possession June 1. Dial 2-4887 for appointment 711 6TH AVE.—NICE 4-ROOM APT., NEW- ly papered. Heat, light and gaa furnished. $10 oft first month's rent. IMPERIAL APT., 5 ROOMS, BATH,'PORCH and all conveniences, $35.00. alao 4 rooms, bath and porch $30.00. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. m, 2-8160. 1211 8TH AVE., 1ST. FLOOR, 5-ROOMS, $33; 849 24th St. 4>rooms, all conveniences, front, side porch, $40; East 2nd Ave., Lloyd St., 4 rooms, all conveniences, $35: 511 23rd St., 4 rooms, bath $18. McVey-Farls Co.. 1105 13th St., Dial 7128. 3-ROOM APT., BATH, SIDE PORCH. NO children. Must be seen to be appreciated. 325 4th Ave. Phone 7357. 312 3rd ST.—5 ROOMS, BATH, HOT WA- ter heat, shades, linoleum, gas range, with or without garage. Inquire 219 Lloyd St. SECOND FLOOR APT. 1, 5 ROOMS, BATH, 1, 1 rooms, bath, gas range, shades furnished. Residential section. Inquire at store, 2nd Ave., 24th St. DE LENA APT., 5-ROOMS, BATH, ALL modern conveniences. Inquire 1002 Chest nut Ave. JUNIATA, 205 5th AVE.—4 ROOMS, BATH, hot water beat, gas range. Reasonable rent. Dial 2-7519 or Inquire 2210 8th Ave. Altoona. 3612 6th AVE.—6 ROOMS, FIRST FLOOR modern Apt. Clean, light, airy, yard, garage. Dial 8727. 1707 1st AVE.—4-ROOM APT., PRIVATE bath. .Heat, light, gas, shades furnished. Dial 8967. 1012 19th ST.—3 AND 4 ROOMS AND bath, conveniences except heat. $15 and $18. J. Isaacson, 12th Ave., 16th St. Rent — Houses 4-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CONVENIENCES. Inquire 1719 8th Ave. 6-ROOM HOUSE, ELECTRIC LIGHT AND gas, cement cellar, yard. Rent $20 month. Inquire 1113 17th St. 6 LARGE ROOMS, ALL CONVENIENCES, 425 2nd Ave. Inquire 427 2nd Ave. evenings. Phone 5835. FINE HOME IN EVERETT, BEDFORD county, un Lincoln highway. Ideal locar tlon for tourists and tea room. Inquire of Mrs. L. Wollc. 2007 Sib Ave., Altoona, or Dial 2-2B9S. 109 E. 6th ST. — 5-ROOM HOUSE, FIN Ished attlu, newly painted, papered throughout, all conveniences except bath. Rent reasonable. Inquire Holland's, 610 4th St. Dial 2-7988. HOUSE AND GARAGE, 60714 6th AVE. Cdferally located. All Improvements but furnace. Dean B. Shaw, Union Bank, 12th St. and 8th Ave. 6-ROOM HOUSE, 7tll AVE. AND 24th St. One roum retained in exchange for buurd- ing. Married couple preferred. Write 2937-D, Mirror. 801 BELL AVE.—MODERN HOME, $4 month. Hardwood lloors. all conveniences. Garage. Inquire 81& Bell Ave. 803 5th AVE.—TTROOM HOUSE, ALL CON- veuieuces, yarj, garage. Inquire Crigser Bros., 1U21 11114 Ave. Faoue 2-2201. B-MtfbiLfi&tTstti,RBAft BfiALlS jAVSji ftftd SJttd St. Innulf* Of A. O'Toole, im iith A?*. Av».-saaat ROOM nth batn, all modern convenience*. 14, MyeW Bldg. «ttf. OMffRtCT OF 1AY8WEN, e-ROOM moattft, futtWnM houi*. FW terms »nd j*«t«rtaHi inquir* 315 Coleridge A vs., Liys-i 0000 HOUSES, ONE AT 621 6TH ,. other at 1824 3rd Av«. Each, 8- rowru, all conveniences. Inquire 1212 7th Ate. Dlftl 2-6734. Ill HOWARD AVB., «-«OOMS, BATH, hot air heat, 1 car garage $30. 1128 lath Ave., a-rooms. all convenleneM.ittwly papered, Dinted i82; 1809 Mth Bt., 6 rooms, bath, *26! 229 Park Place, Junlata, B-roomj, electric 'light. $10. MeVey-Farls Co., 1105 13th. St.. Dial 7128. 1011 HOWARD AVB.. 8-ROOMS, BATH, electric, gas, hot water heat. Inquire 1018 Howard Ave. 8-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, ALL CONVEN- lences or rooms for rent. Inquire 215 Maple Ave. 2808 BROAD AVE.—7 ROOMS, BATH, SIN- Ished 3rd floor, conveniences, including garage. $55 month. Inq. 2808 Broad Ave. 714 17th ST.—HALF OF DOUBLB BRICK house, 8 rooms with modern Improvements. Rent $35 per month. Phone 2-0541. 557 53rd ST.—8-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, ALL Improvements, electric stove. Rent 133. 707 9th ST.--5-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, newly papered, all conveniences. Rent reasonable. Inquire 900 7th Ave. Rent — Garages »/>/v»>/<^s/v>/>^v>/» 1517 18th ST.—-PRIVATE GARAGE FOR 1 car. »3 month. Inquire 1509 15th St. Dl«! 7541. f Rent — Cottage/ LAKEMONT—4-ROOM COTTAGE. ELEC- trlc light, furnace, wfiter in house. Charles A. Whltbred. Dial 2h446. 5-ROOM FURNISHED BUNGALOW WITH all modern improvements. Good residential section./ Dial 2-1216. Rent — Miscellaneous .^S^********'*********^******^*^'*'*^'* 1 *' 1514 12th AVE.—STOREROOM, SUITABLE for any business, particularly tailor or electric shop. Rent reasonable. , Inquire Altoona Clay Products Co. LARGE STOREROOM AND B/SEMENT, 25 x40, at 301 8th Ave. Inquire at 515 3rd St. 'or Dial 7924. 303 GRANT AVE.—7 ROOMS, NEW PAPER, all conveniences, 1-car garage. 714 4th St.—3-room apartment, bath, big enclosed porch. 712-14 4th St.—2 large storerooms, suitable for any kind ot business. L. R. MATHIEU & SONS, 1824 Union Avc.- Dial 9994. Sale Or Rent ^S^N/N^^XV'X/N/NX***N^*'N/ 1420 6th AVE., JUNIATA—8 ROOMS, bath and light. Rent $20 month. Sale price $2,000. Inquire Charles A. AUker, 1321 llth Ave. 4 ACRES OF GROUND, SINKING VALLEY road, 5-room house, fruit, etc. Rent $20 month. Charles A. Whitbred. Dial 2-7445. 2501 WALNUT AVE.—MODERN BRICK home, hot water heat, all Improvements. Dial 2-5037. uses 3200-02 WALNUT AVE. 5 rooms, gas, electric light. Corner lot 50x120 ft. Price $2,000. Easy terms. HOWARD J. DARR, Phone 2-0614. BROAD AVE. BRICK HOME, ALL MOD- ern Improvements, finished third floor. 2802 Oak Ave., 6-room brick and shingle home, all'modern Improvements. 28th St. and Oak Ave., new home, all modern Improvements. Will sell these at a sacrifice. Inquire 717 2flth St., C. A. Wlsslnger, Building Contractor. FOR SALE—HILLSIDE AVE., ELDORADO. Modern seven room house, garage, fruit, one acre, also five room house. Bargains. R. W. Schum, Amerlcus, Ga. 544 53rd ST.—6 ROOMS AND BATH, breakfast nook, sun rooms, open porch, small enclosed rear porch, large guest, linen and cedar closet. Log fireplace with bookcases on each aide. Inlaid linoleum and blinds. Stone foundation; hot water heat. Lot 37%xl20. Owner leaving city. Terms. Dial 3-9974. FOR SAI.K AT A BARGAIN 409 1st Ave.—Eight room frame dwelling, front rear porches. Hot air heat, bath, gas, electric light. Two car garage. Street, alley paved. Cement sidewalks. Inquire A. O'Toole, 1321 llth Ave. HOUSE. 220 LEXINGTON AVE.. 8 ROOMS, all conveniences. Good condition. Garage. Reasonable terms. Some hand money, balance monthly payments. Address 1899-E, care Mirror. HERE'S ONE 308 23rd St., frame house, 7 rooms and bath, hot air heat, lot 50x60, all conveniences. Price $6500. T. CHESTER PARSONS 1107 12th Ave. Phone 2-5192 $200.00 CASH Balance like rent,, will buy 414 Cherry Ave.; 3 down, 2 and bath up, finished attic; hot water heat, cem. cellar, elec., gas, porches. Ave. and alley paved. Only $4,300, For Inspection and terms, see ED SEIDEL, Realtor SPRING TIMK You love flowers and trees and admire a line home with a nice lawn! You can have it too! May we help you to lind the right place on the beautiful "edges" of Altoona. WOODS BBCKMAN COMPANY Realtors Fenn Central Bldg., Fifth Floor Phone 5124 SPECIAL B-Rooin frame dwelling located 112 Pearl Street. Has all improvements, including hot air heat. Front and rear porches—rear porch enclosed. Lot 25x75 feet. Price for quick sale, $3200; terms. N C. D. BLOOM Realtor—Insurance 1311 12th Street Phone 2-2383 OAK LIBRARY table, $3, AND 8x8 BRUS- sela rug, $6. All in good condition. Inquire at 1907 Union Ave. Inquire Apt. 6, second floor front. Sale — Lots 21th AVE., BETWEEN 12th AND 13th Sts., lot 35x120, all improvements, street paved. Dial 7495. IMPROVED LOT FOR SALE CHEAP TO quick buyer. Inquire 124 E. 22nd Ave. Phone 3-9104. HALF ACRE LOTS AT ELDORADO. REA- sonable prices and terms. Inquire of A. L. Lytle, 5-16 58th SI 1117-19 27th AVE.—LOT 50x87. ALLEY and avenue paved. Dial 2-4093. 30U-302 CHARLES ST., LLYSWEN, 1 block west of Ruskln Drive, level corner lot. Electric, water, sewer and gaa. Price $2,650. Inquire G09 28th St. Dial 2-6705. •jk* A and tis per month mil buy located 14 ittlle* from AltoOHa from Arch Spring thutttt. OVtf an garden «6». very good seven room house, .n*w furnaVe. House alone worth thrt* times What I am asking. Lots ot ttttft and [ j What am sng. o trees, see this afoSce, giving awa* f*r only $1,200. H. Milton HeVey, R. F, D. NO. 3, Hoiilday»burg, Pa.» Ffankstawn. EVERTONB L1KBB A CHEERFUL HOUR. Good homes can be found la ttott «» desirable location In our Real Eatate columns. , s • ' \,_. , ^ Sale—Furniture WOLF FCRNIltRE CO. OFFElW Refrigerators $7 up to J25 Sun Ray Gas Range, Cabinet Style .... $34 Sun Ray Gas Range, Cabinet Style . .$23.80 Leather Rockers »7.00 / 1801-03 llth Ave. KITCHEN CABINET, OAK LIBRARY table and 2 kltcten chairs. Inquire at 2810*Beale Ave. Business and Office Needs >/VW/Si»ViN' < «^^^>'>^*~~*>^' x/sx> ' s ' s/<< '* > FOR SALE Electric National cash register, in A-l Two Dayton Display Stands, In J ; 1 ,f\,o.-j" MORGAN'S I „_ . 12th Ave..-4hb 18th St., Alton;. JTpa. Dial 8122. 7>* CASES—ALL SIZES Two 12 foot, 2nd hand, Frlgldalre Soda Fountains. Soda Tables and Chairs. Just what you need If you are starting in Windshield and Door Glass Installed. \LTOONA PLATE GLASS CO. 725 Green Ave. Dial 8886 or 2-7300. Musical Instruments PIANO ACCORDION, 41 KEYS, 120 BASE. Price ?73. Inquire at. 2301 23rd St. Sale — Miscellaneous LESTER /PLAYER PIANO With walnut case, S398.00. Easy terms. WEAVER FACTORY SHOWROOM, 1620-22 Eleventh Ave. PORCH CHAIRS RESEATED — RUSH style chair seating, chair caning of all kinds. Also rag rug and carpet weaving. Work called for and delivered. Weaving Works, 2119 6th Ave. Dial 2-8513. REFRIGERATOR, PRACTICALLY NEW. 100 Ib. capacity. Dial 8746 after 4 p. m. 848 23rd St. No. BLAIR COUNTY BRANCH PENNA. ASSOCIATION ~~ THE BLIND, INC., CARE OF •»ALTOONA MIRROR. Blind Made Brooms. 7 Hurl '.. .7!ic No. 7 Extra 80c No. 7 Special ; 80c No. 8 Hurl ... No. 8 Extra . No. 9 Hurl ... -No! 36 Cane'center .jl.10 Children's Brooms 35c Whisk Broom 50c These brooms are sold by our blind salesmen, or direct from the Association headquarters, retail and wholesale. Phono 7171. FOR SALE—TYPEWRITER DESK, FLAT top desk, dining table and chairs, also other household furniture. Dial 2-0243 or 1623 llth Ave., 2nd floor. FOR SALE CHEAP—VISE, WEAVER 3- wheel Jack, 3 tires 37x5; 2 double ladders, 14 H. P. motor, pair bumperettes, wheel puller and a lot of tools. Inquire at 1507 17th Ave. N GENUINE LEATHER BED DAVENPORT, good condition. Price reasonable . 282B 6th Ave. or Dial 2-8812. WHITNEY BABY CARRIAGE.. SPLENDID condition. Inquire 513 19th St. 2 DAYTON COMPUTING SCALES, ONE 20 ft. awning gear type, McCray refrigerator, 20 pool tables complete, from $35 up; 3 seven room houses, 25x120 ft. ground, $4,460. Investigate these, they are tho money. Canole * Hell, 2918 6th Avo. HOT AIR FURNACE COMPLETE, 24 IN. holler, good condition, J20. Inquire 404 Srd Ave. REFRIGERATOR, 100 POUND. CAPACITY, Inquire at 906 27th Ave. ' COCOA COLORED HEYWOOD-WAKE- field baby coach, like new. Price $16. Inquire 609 28th St. Dial 2-6705. FOR SALE—1 SINGLE BED, 1 DOUBLE bed and 1 vlctrola. At 416 Maple Ave. CONSOLE VICTROLA, J10; 77 PIECES OF 100-plece dinner set of dishes, $5; double barreled shotgun, $12; 6-tube radio with batteries and eliminators, $20. Inquire 1325 Logan Ave., Lakemont Terrace, All the Lumber Stock of FLUKE CO., Inc., FOR SALE AT 33*% OFF COST Inquire At Yard 2605 Beale Ave. Dial 3-0183 Sale — Horses and Cattle GOOD MILKING GOAT. GUARANTEED 3 qt. milk a day. Dial 3-1337. KENTUCKY SADDLE HORSE, 60 BUSH- els seed potatoes, 50 bushels seed buckwheat. Inquire J. E. Burket, Geeseytown. Phone 937-R7. 2 PONIES, QUIET. INQUIRE WHITBRED Coal Co., H. H. Flgart. Dial 0083. Poultry — Feed v"^\/s/x^^^yv^xs/>xs^>XNxv ERHINGER'S QUALITY CI'ICKS, BARRED and White Rocks, White Wyandottes, Red and English Leghorns.. Hatch off every Monday and Thursday. 120 E. 5th Ave. Dial 2-2917 or 3-9409. GABLE'S QUALITY CHICKS. WHITE Legbrons, Barred Rocks, White Rocks, Reds, White Wyandottes, Black Mlnorcas and Anconas. Very best trains. Get our circular. Pet Shop—Basement. ON DBLIVBRV. McGuire Coal Co. McGttfc Special And All Grade* Of Coal »ift 19th Street Phone Burn PAGE COAL Vot ^ ficonoftiy, Warmth and Health Demand Our Welghblll Q. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. Dial 9-5210 Money To Loan ^S/i>/«<**<S^>^V^A^V^^< < V/V^<N, LOANS TO |300. HOUSEHOLD GOODS AS security. Legal rates. Altoona Loan Assn., 204 Central Trust Bldfc. Phone 6663. ' WtONEY TO LOAN 16,300—on improved property In amounts to suit borrower—$6,300. WALTER J. HENRY, _ CbfhtaetcB Bldg. Phone 6200. MONEY TO'LOAN ON IMPROVED PROP- erty In amounts to suit .borrower. Q. Nevin Dlvely. 1321 llth Ave. __, MONEY TO LOAN ON FIRST MORTGAGE on improved real estate In Altoona and suburbs. Charles A. Auker, 1321 llth Ave. NO TIME IS WASTED Our service Is quick, courteous and private on all 'LOANS up to $300 Come in—Phone or Write! AMERICAN LOAN CO., Room 308, Grant Building, 1412 Eleventh Avenue, Third Floor, ALTOONA, PA. Telephone Dial 2—6-9-6-2. Open 8.30 to 6—Saturday 8.30 to 1. NEED MONEY QUICKLY? Cash Loans up to $300 24 Hour Service Small Monthly Repayments You'll be surprised how easily a loan can be arranged. Our friendly and courteous sorv- Ice has helped many when they needed money quickly. Come in, 'phone or wrlto lor full Information. There Is no obligation. Benefical Loan Society Room 1, Second Floor, 1300 Eleventh Ave., Cor. 13th St., Altoona, Pa. Telephone Dial 2-4870. Opnn 8.30 to 8—Saturday 8.30 to 1. LOANS $100 to $300 At less than lawful rate. Quick service. Confidential. Household Finance Corp. I'enn Central Blclg.—3rd floor Altoona, Ta. IMione 9371 Insurance (J . STANDS FOR Question We aren't walking encyclopedias but you can't stick us with questions on Insurance. Ask us before you have a loss, not after. \ Realtor—Insurance, Commerce Bldg. Phont 2-0313. Business Opportunities NOTHING TO SELL; MANUB'ACTURER wants active representative locally with car, alHo several locations available In fitiiti'H of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia; delivery and collections; staple products: chain system; $1,000 Investment, secured; should earn $100 up weekly; personal interview required; give phone number. Write 2185-K, care Mirror office. isat ROOF8-WB A*>)PLt AHO REPAIR, ALL klndS fsnalr WtlfK dolrt «fl (ftott notice. 3. 0. Wftomer., DIM 2-800S. «HB.MBATM«W About our c»rB«nt«f, buUdlttt, W Free Eitlrtiates . R«*t«on«bl J. P. LEIDEN, General Contt* 1005 22ttd AV8. (Lots for 8MI) CEMENT Quality Quantity Quickly HARTLEY LUMBER CO. Contractors 214 7th Ave. Phone 2-7919 KEYSTONE Armature Work* 1814-16 Union Avenue, Altoon* Phone 2-6742 Armature Winding, Motor Repatrlnjfc Winding Fields, Colls, Electric MagyreTi, Motors, Generators, Elevators. Machine Works. SHEET ME*A1 W.OHK Roofing—Spouting—Metal Celling* H. Sabathne &> Son 708 Eighth Ave. Dlnl 6S12. READY MIXED CONCRETE East Side Coal & Supply Co. 812 Eighth Street Dial 8175 FRONT RANK WARM AIR FURNACE J. W. SHOENFELT 881 17th Street Painting—Papering PAINTING AND PAPER HANGINO — First class work by experienced men. Estimates cheerfully furnlsHcd. J. B. White. 217 E. Crawford Ave. Dial 2-6002. LET THE HOME PAINTING CO. DO YOUR homo painting or glvo you estimates. Dial 0408. ,/ OHAS B. BURNS, PAINTING AND PAPER hanging. Wall paper removed, dry ««*"> method. Common «en«« prices. 117 M»pl« Ave. Dial 2-0436. S. A.HITE &SONS Depcndaolo House Painting. Wall Papers of Distinction., , 2510-14 Seventh Ave. Moving — Hauling KILLINGS - LOCAL rtNU LONG DIB, tmice moving Experienced ulunp work.. Contract hauling by day or bout nial 2-0718. LOCAL AND'LONG DISTANCE HAULING. Largest padded van in the city. Will Bryan, 101 E. 3rd Avo. Dial 6946. DISTRICT MANAGER WANTED, EXCLU- sivo distribution advertised product, no competition, big demand, large profits; exp. unnecessary, about $1,000 cash necessary 'or merchandise. Manufacturers, 311 E. Center, Dept. 55, Baltimore, Md. Mortician N. A. STEVENS No Charge for Use of Memorial Chapel Funeral Director 1421 Eighth Ave. Phone 7552 Cleaning — Renovating 'MATTRESSES AND BOX BFRINUB HUN- ovated. Altoona Mattress Mfg. Co.. 833 10th St. Dial 4642. PAPER CLEANING DONE BY EXPER- ienced man. Reference given. Dial 2-3115. M. G. Palmer. . HAVE SCHLOSSER AND STIVER CLEAN your wall paper and wash your painted walls at very reasonable coat. All work guaranteed. Phone 2-2815. ' CARPETS AND RUGS CLEANED TO LOOK like new. Monarch Carpet Cleaning Works. Telephone 4684 for quick service. . Upholstering And all kinds materal living room suites and odd pieces made to order. Reasonable prices. J. Wolfberg, 1008 Green Ave. Dial 3-1472 or 6103. We Recommend HYNICK'S QUALITY BABY CHICKS Wyandottes, Rocks, Reds, Leghorns, Ancona, Custom hatching in trays of 75 and up. HYNICK HATCHERY, 322 E. Grant Ave. Dial 4343. Seeds—Gardening HIGH GRADE TOP SOIL Dial 2-6803. Coal COAL All Kinds hard and soft coal: also kindling wood. L. K. • MATIIIBU * SON. 1824 Union Ave. Dial 9994. TELEPHONE 2-3501 OB 2-0818. 1 OR MORE TONS. HARD COAL, NUT SIZE $12.00 MADISON SCREENED LUMP J4.00 MADISON EGG AND NUT J4.00 DRIVER COLLECTS IN ALL CASES. SERVICE FUEL CO. GW1N COAL CO.—G WIN SPECIAL, MIL- ler and Madison coal at attractive prices. 1911 Margaret Ave. Phone 2-U404 or 6623. LIMESTONE SCREENINGS. J1.70 ton; concrete and mason sand, $2 ton; master sand, $2.25 ten dumped. Uoutaln coal, 13 50 and up J 1. Morgan. Dial 2-6082. A, & F. ASHES -ASHES Kubhinh, hauling, mountain, rusty lumb coal. ',»— 1 or more toils. Dial 5880. • The Altoona Sanitary Laundry For Prompt Service and Good Work Telephone 0468. Contracting — Repairing NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE US BBT1- mate on that concrete work or excavating. All work guaranteed. Prlcea reasonable. Ola' 2-3f>38. 30U8 Oak Ave. YKS, bllt— We will build you u new house, new porch, guruge or any kind of repairs to your home. Dial 8884. Albert Kama. Contractor and Builder. ROOFING, SPOUTING AND l-'URNACh. work a specialty, at most reasonable prices. Eutlniuti» cheerfully given. William J. PfeUer, 226 E. Walton Ave. Utul 2-0&20. EXCAVATING, CARPENTER WORK AND house rooting. Mountain coal. $3.50 to $4.25 tun. Ash hauling, &c bu. Dial 8648. CONSULT MiiJ BEFORE UEMOUEUNO Ui< building garages. Quaranuo work, reasonable orlces D. U. tiultglver. Dial 2-U152 ARMATURES, MOTORSND Rewound. Sweepers repaired. Lowest prices. 1 yr. guarantee on all work. DELTA -STAh ARMATURE WORKS, 1027 ill) Ave. Just Dial 2-8221 MOVING-MOTOR VAN SERVICE TOANT point. Local and long distance. Moving by padded vans. Also trucks on contract. Filer's Tninnfer, 1808, 4th Ave. Dial 2-8730. Office phono 7779. MOVING—LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE, with largest padded vans. In city. Piano moving, crating furniture and storage m fireproof building. J. H. McKee, office 825 19th St. Dlnl a-6016. LONG DISTANCE MOVING. PADDED VAN. Storage, separate booths. IflreprooJ Bid* Kine's. «1B Srd Ave. Dial 651II-2-1261. G. W. LOOMIS TRANSFER-LOCAL AND long 'distance hauling. Freight ha« Un f» specialty. 212 Cherry Ave. Phone 2-B289. Miscellaneous LOTS PLOWED—ALL KINDS OF HAUL- Ing. Inquire 206 21st Avo., Lloyd St. Dial 2-6125. Instruction WANTED IMMEDIATELV-MEN, IB TO 35, qualify for railway mall clerks, »100$225 month. Altoona examination about May 31. Write Instructions Bureau, 71-R, St. Louis, Mo., quickly. ALTOONA RAILWAY POSTAL CLERK examinations May 31. *155 mpntn commence. Men 18-35. Steady work. Ful particulars free. Write Immediately, franklin Institute, Dept. 702-P. Rochester. N. Y. Legal Notices v «V'v/N«W»^'V>/W~'X^ ORPHANS' COURT SALE ALTOONA HUME BUILDING CO. Free fsthnuleti on carpenter, cementing and remodeling work of all klutlu. 2732 Uulou Ave. Dial 2-170S, . AT 2 ocUN T~ A E AF&OON, „ ON THE PREMISES, ,IN THE VILLAGE VlllagO OI £4UBL Jlcctlwl", «... ».»»».• —- r "*"i lie sale, on the premises, Saturday, May 3, 1930, at two o'clock In the afternoon, all the following described real estato: ALL THAT CERTAIN lot of ground situate in the town of East Freedom, County of Blair, and State of Pennsylvania, lying on th» east side of the Hollldaysburg und Bedford road, adjoining lot of J. B. Gpna- man on the aouth side and adjoining lot ot Jonas Dlehl, deceased, on the north side, marked In the plan of the town No. 8, beginning at a post adjoining a thirty (30) foot alley on Bedford Street; thence with said Bedford street, south fourteen (14) degrees west, sixty (80) feet to post; thence south seventy-six (76) degrees' east, one hundred seventy (170) feet; thence north seventy-six (76) degrees west, one hundred and flfty-one (151) feet to the place of beginning, containing thirty-three (33) perches, more or less, and having thereon erected a two-story frame double dwelling and other Improvements. , .. TERMS OF SALE: 10% cash when the property la knocked down; 40% when the deed la delivered, and the remaining 60% in one year, to be secured by flre insurance policy us collateral, and flr»t mortgage on the premises; bearing interest at tho rate of 8</b per annum, pavable seml-anuually. Provided, that the purchaser shall have the privilege ot anticipating payment of the whole of the purchase money In cash upon confirmation of the sale and delivery of deed. EDWARD BENTON, Administrator of Mary June Benton. East Freedom, Pa. GEORGE G. PATTERSON. Atty.. Hollldayaburg, Pa PRIVATE SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD PROPERTY The undersigned Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Mary E. Koeh, deceased, will offer ut PRIVATE SALE to purfhaa- cru. on Frlduy. May 9. 1930, frum 2.00 to 5.00 p. m.. and Saturday. May 10, 1930. from 9.00 u. m. until 5.00 p. in,, on the premises located ut 1306-13U8 Eighth Street, Altoona. Pennsylvania, the following urticlfs of personal property: ClialrM, settee, runs. gas heaters, pictures, tmffet, tables, sweeper, cluck, refrigerator. range, dishes, shirt waist box, dri'Sser?, se* hiK machine books, mirrors, trunks. aci'cci iloors and a number of otlnT articles u househnM uso, and garden tools. D. LLOYD TLAYCOMB. Kxecutor. 2nd National Rank Bid*., Altouua, Penna.

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