The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 10, 1906 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, September 10, 1906
Page 3
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CHILLICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEPT 10 1900 F OR. SAL Seven Room House Nine lots. Good barn. All kinds fruit. A good location. Price $1850.00 Nme-RooiaBrK* House In city. Modern. Good barn. Price S2.7UO. Two blocks from square. Price $1,850. * * Five-Roomjjopse. Three blocks from square, good barn. Price 8B25. Five-Roma Frame House Two blocks frota square. Price $1,250. | -..Ejght-koaift Frame House Three blocks from square. Modern. Price $3,500. Sec-Room House Five lots, good barn; fruit of all kind. 'Price $800. Five-Room House Five room noose. Good repair, price $525.00. Eight-Room House Modern. Three blocks from square. New barn. Wood house. Price S2.GOO. Bezel J. Meek Land Co. ^Cunningham, Mgr. City Dept. GREATEST BARS -IN- FARMLANDS; PASTURE LANDS, CITY PROPERTIES. Prices on Best Crop-Growing Lands in Kansas ranging from t $3O to $40 per acre. ' 'Invest"now.and double your money in live years orluss time. Correspondence given 'ready reply. All calls of prospective buyers given courteous attention. LEB .•aiJjftSiSse; . _ . b /. y Promotes Digestion.CkeriV.r- i ffi ness and ItesLConlains neither > hs Opium,Morp}iine nor "Mineral. ~ A perfect Itcraedy ForConstJpri- Uo'u, Sour Stomach-Diarrhoea Worms .Convulsions .Fewnsh- ness and Loss OF SU5EF. Facsimile Signature of ORK. gor lafants and CMldren A [fie Kind You Have " Bears the Signature of LEBO. KANSAS. COFFEE CO EXftCT COPY OF WRAPPER. DR. WAHAMAKER'S HOUSE The Hamburg, la., Democrat says of a former Chilliuothean.Dr. A. B. Wanarraker: "Dr. Wanamaker is bringing to completion a house of which ho is very justly proud. It is a full two story building, with a big roomy ' attic for the boy, call hie own. It :e--t at Long Beach on Labor Day, j g a brick veneered building, and One Hundred and Fourtten in a very handsome one. It will be , < ~,.3 nv heated with hot water and lighted Number-Talked Old * ^ electricity . The doctor has a "^^" " storage battery by the use of William H. vvatson, secretary, w bich he will bo able to run his •!.„,. tv»*. (""ViVTQTTTTTTmW with 'i: _!_*.- .,11 . ;™K(- If- V\LiQ a hlPT FORMER RESIDENTS OF THIS COUNTY IN CALIFORNIA furnishes tho CONSTITUTION with the following account of the reunion of former residents of Liv- icgston county and Chillicothe all t ight. It has a big roorny porch that makss a fellow th i u k of. home every time he fees The cost of the completed icgston couny an ^ he cost o e co held at Long Beach, California, building will be about five thous- Hesaysi and five hundred dollars, and it "Another good time was spent wi jj be ono of the finest homes in by the Missouri Corn ttuskers at H am burg. The doctor has his of- Long Beach on Labor Day, Sep- g ce on the corner of this lot, thus tember 3. making it very convenient fo "One hundred and fourteen gathered to swap yarns^and to talk.of good old times i in Old Missouri. Friends met that had not Be «n each other for twenty-nve years or more. immediate attention, so as t Dr. J. A Munk looked young have, ^^ ^ ^ ^ as a school boy. Henry Hatch All that is neces and J. H. Davis have regained J ^^ -^ OHAMBER their youth. Frank Sparling and wite waited over to get a chance ^^ gf • • ftrst unnatura R chud , 8bowels shoul COLIC) CHO LERA an & AM INSIDIOBJlf BE _ % TO HEALTH is made of roots, herbs and barks purifying and tonic properties which keep the blood free of all poisons and the system in (3^ V ^gpr V «W perfect condition. While destroying the nTsoi-i v lirrCTABI C eernis of Malaria and building up the weak, PURELY VEGETABLE. |=™ ted blood S . S . S . gives tone and vigor wite waited over to get a chance DIARRHOEA REMEDY foilowe to see old friends before returning ^^ Qf Cagtor Qil tQ cleanae to Chillicothe and to get a square * tem Rev . M . O . Stockland, meal. The table fairly groaned pag J r Q{ the . First M . B . Church, with good things to eat. Litt le Palls, Minn., writes: "We "The next meetine will be held ^ chamberlain . B Colic, at Cotton, Oal., and a delightful ^ and DUirrhoea Remedy ride among the orange grove*, f ftl ara Bnd fiDd ita very near Overside, is anticipated :y yaluable remedy> especia iiy for all, and a call upon Or. B. Caster ^^ ^.^^ in . cnildren .» SwETI . AND DRUG CITY REAL ESTATE. , almost now dwelling, rieur Centra roomren. nrar Oontral school ollar south front, price $i™u Jf'new 1 suiry dwelUiiB on Kay.mrd roonmSn.-wdwclli-.paud harn ami lotS°vndb"rn, $700. i".*r Induslrlal. H T"ic e "jiuit four dwellliiRS bclone to mm resld«5Ht aud have toscll. Farms. 100 aures t/and— 4() acres nun corn land biilanw timber, 'Wu« Brass pasinm. uiilnH- liie sprinB. 12.500, fOK> down balance 8 per cent. , ' . 70-acre 3?arjn-4-room dwelHns, ^"i and out-l>ulldini?s. Macros Jin.; corn »"<> •„"*'- anc« rolllnc blue sniss pasture, on R. !• . 1" , and tileplioiw lii»'. nnfailluBSprlnir in pa»- ture, price KITJ. |*JUdown balance at « per •nnve larpe list of all kinds of Ties! Ksin «nrt i-nn suit yon. Money loaned lit •>. (>:i"O T per cint onlity «,>d far;,, land Insurance xvrii ten In "com pantos that pay loss's on farn,» a..d cUy property. Office ncros, street from Poatoiljce. i L N/PAGE. HDMESEEKEHi EXCURSIONS '-A-THY. « ie * X It :ps Sr. lavina Bsausamp OHHSCOTHK'MO: * 'Consultation and Examination.FREE/ * • for cue relief of Uie .ufferlM. Is rapidly wlnnliw favor with Di- further Information seu au, auu •»>""• "f"~ "• — u ,, m rvinr and wife on New Year's day ,1907. ~ r ^ y the date of our next reunion. The following were present at • _._.... Long Beach: HAWKINS WASH'T THERE From Los Angeles-Joha Van j ho circuit cotirt at Salisbury Every, Henry E. Adams, Henry t^ty-onc ««<» Hatch, Miss Ellen Diegleman, Dr. ^^ MoQrc> oharRed J. A. Munk. Mr. and Mrs. T. 1. ^ ^ megal galo of Ufiuor) sis . Shepherd, and eon, Mrs. Hunter, ^ fc WiUiam S mith Mrs. Baker, Mrs. William Nos- gainst George Sears mith, Carl, Ray, Ralph, Joe and ja ^ ^^ ^ dUm . ga _ Beth Nesmith, Mrs. Dorothy Pa- accordin , to th9 Chanton Reden, Mrs. George Taylor, Miss ^ ^ ^^ Qf thc ab3eQ ce Cordelia Doosing; Miss Anna ^ ^ ' uting witnosWf j. A . Shalda, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Dillaro. . against whom the costs and children, Bessie, Alma and °_ ' t * Claudie, James Rickerson, Mrs. ar ' . g ^ fco be Harker, Miss Rose Harker, Mr ^ WM and Mrs. J. J. Jarboe Mr. and ga)oo Mrs. C. W. Owens, Walter Owens, ^ ChUlloothe police Mrs. Lou Linley, Mrs. b. U. L,oe and daughters, J. A Nicholas, E ^ O0 ^J OM . Lee Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey HELD UP BY MEXICANS. Galveston, Tex., Hept. »— The American fishing smack, Hatteras, belonging to the Gulf Fisheries Company, of this city, reached here today from Mexican waters, where her commander states he was hold up by a Mexican gunboat, August 25. While seven miles off a triangular reef in the middle of the Gulf of Campechc, armed Mexican marines boarded tho American boat and ordered the captain to show his papers and 'also to open his hatches and display part of his cargo of fish, which had been caught in the open sea on the passage down to the banks for a full cargo of flsh. • When the war vessel gave orders to lay to the Hatteras was a great distance outside the shore limit and under full sail for the fishing banks. Mannager Munn, of the Gulf Fisheries Company, wired the state department requesting immediate action for the protection of American vessels while fishing in tho open sea or proceeding to and from the common fishing waters. •I..H 'M I M I H-K-H-K-H-H-H-Hj I DAVIS d SONS, ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS. : '. Notary always in office. Office: 516 Washington t : St., Chillicothe, Missour OFFICIAL STATEMENT. Report of the condition of the Citizens' National Bank of Chillicothe, at Chillicothe, in the state of Missouri, at the close of business. Sept. -1th, 1906. Charter No. 4111. RESOURCES. Hft5.Ji8.2S on :. ». Bonus tho same prosecuting court, and on one or OfllcB Hours:' S to V> A. M. i t>> 5 r. M. VlsitinK liours j>- nnpolutnient. Oflitcu: Bunk of •lillllcothe bids. Telephone 370. fcS/ H S JKf w" •" ~^ ' Ssfgspsthis Physician Fifth Year in Cbillicothe SPECIALIST IX OHKONIO DISEASES CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION F 11 E K . H. DeWolf and daughter. Prom San Bernardino—J. Davis. From Schneider, S. Peters, Mr. Mrs. G. H. Wishart, Gladys, Ida and Harry Wishart, Florin Reid. From Long Beach—Mr. and "Make Hay Whue the Sun Shines." There is a lesson in tho work of the thrifty farmer. Ho knows that Pasadena-Mrs. Mary the bright sunshine may last but a and day and he prepares for the Bhow- Unnecessary Expense. Acute attacks of colic and diar- rhoea. come on without warning and prompt relief must be obtained. There is no necessity of incurring the expense of a physician's service in such cases if CHAMBERLAIN'S COLIC, CHOLERA and DIARRHOEA REMEDY is at hand. A dose of this remedy will relieve the patient before llxtun-K Due frimi npprnvi'il ivsi;rxi: -I-L Checks nntl ctlu-r i-:«li itriiin -- KxL-haiiB«s f»r elrtirum Ii«'U.s' • Notes of otlier National liankh. Kractl.inal papur ciirrL-ucy.nIi.1 I ^' Due from U. M. Treasurer, other than 5 per cent reueiuptiou fuud.---^ CHOCOLATE MIST GRAPE KOLA GRAHGE-AOE COCA-COLA 4- v NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received by tho City Auditor of the city or Ihillicothe, Missouri, up to twelve o'clock noon, on the 12ch day of September, 1906, for tho doing of the work and labor necessary to construct a sewer on Jackson street from the west side of Jefferson street, to the east side of Easton street, being a distance 01 about 573 feet. AH the said shall be in full FIRSTANQTH1RQ TUESDAYS OF EVERY MONTH FROM CHICAGO, TD AND THE ___ __5T. rtN'E BUS'WESS'CHANCES MODERN TRAINS EQUIPPED WITH PULLMAN SLEEPERS RECUNINGiCHAIR CARS & THROUGH'COACHES. MEALS AT KATY DINING STATIONS MODERATE JN PRfCE UNSURPASSEDlNQUALlTyAHD SERVICE e rs which are so liable to follow. So it should be with every house- ho ld. Dysentery, diarrhoea and FroEl Long ±seacu—""• •»•»>» HUIU. ^.r • « •> > Mrs James Creason.T. B. Fiance, cholera morbus may attack some Mr and Mrs John France and member of the home without warn- «1o"«,M«.John Graves and ing ., CHAMBEKLAIN-S COUO two sons Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Pet- CHOLERA and DIARRHOEA ers Mr ;nd Mrs. Arthur Peters, REMEDY.which is the best known Mr' and Mrs. O. D.Peters and son, medicine for these diseases.should E J Peters Floyd Peters and always be kept at hand, as imme- wife' H. J- Ridenoar, and wife, diate treatment is necessary, and Fannie and Law- delay may prove fatal. For sale doctor could arrive. work and labor accordance with Williams, Bert Williams, Walter Rhinehart. from Edendale—Mrs. E. Fielding, Teddy Fielding. From Glendale—Mr. 'and J. H. Lvell and son. ^-5H-M-i" The rinancial Wor'. COl'i' TIlKK '.o |t jfi YOWR EYES '^^**«*»'^*^'£P r -5? flr £;?l- ^Tirt;»r«tfU'iifp'«''55^>''^« P** !**'.tj the plans and specifications therefore prepared by the city'eng- ineer and now on file in the city clerk's office, and in accordance with ordinance number , of tho ordinance of the city of Chillicothe, Missouri, calling for said improvements. The proposals must i-H-v~H- be accord- Corwin, C. B. Johns and daughter. From ColtoQ—E. J. Rice, G. B. laster and wife, Misses Mamie and Dora Cieaon. -NEW Y8RK- ing to form required and furnisn- ed°by the city engineer. A certified check in the sum of $25 00 must accompany each ma to insure the making of a eou- S tract. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved by the o Council. BUELL WIGELY, I •> City Auditor. Hints House to -workers. Nothing is more important to tbe hardworking housekeeper, than J\t J-JV-I LSf-*v • • T • WHISKEY. MORPHINE, and DRUG HABITS. Guarantee pay when cured. Also cure CANCKH, RUPTURE and PILES. ing; otherwise, that pale sallow look, and tired feeling, will mak i her look and feel a8 sick as a dog At — « board of the Christian church, F. Sunday morning, H was voted to indefinitely postpone the protract- Mrs. ed meeting which had been announced for October. The rneet- _ la B. ing probably will ba given some Wood, William Watson and wife, time next spring- From Chillicothe, Mo.—F. H. It has never been known to fail, even in the most severe and dangerous cases and no family should be without it. For sale by the N. J. SWET- I.AXD DRUG Co. FIvTDEATHS FROM HEAT. Duluth, Sept. S—Five deaths as a result of excessive heat occurred here today, and thermometers alot,g the principal streets registered f>5 degrees in the shade from 2 p. m. until sundown. James Pierce was at work on the Northern Pacific dock when he was stricken. He died a few hours- later. The other deaths were of infants living in the thickly populated West end. TOTAL LIABILITIES. Cnpltn.1 stock pnlil In ••' taxes pniil ,;• — Nntiunul Biink notes outstniullnil.. t>u,. ti> other National Banks...... • {.lie to stnte Bunks nnjl Ban ken. - • Individual deposits subject to cli'.u Tline'c-eVtlVli-utes of deposit '"'s'li'oii Certified cheeks i-oo'nt) Reserved for taxes •_ — * r.m OtV.t.49 TOTAT. * Stnte of Missouri. ( ss County of Livincstou > r T F Mi-Vnlly. Cashier of the nuovo ^3^%tesL'$f$£3s s knowledge und belief. U. * • Jll "^^ h , 1U r. —j^) subsurilved and sworn to before SKAL V me this Sth 'l^^^' p ^'ary Public. My^omnilsslon expires July -«•>. I'-KW- COKBECT—Attest: W. \V*. EnflKKTOJf, | WM. MCILWBATU. r Directors. \V. T. Koitn. $100 B.EWAE.O, S1OO. The renders of Mils I«'P'' r "' iM '"'^ . /1 OFFICIAL STATEMENT. Report of the condition of the First National Chillicothe, in the state of the close of business^ Sept. 4th, 1906. Charter No. 3686. RESOURCES. - ; Jn ^ Rs slnitl , s- lllltl Ul uls'C'iitnrrh. Hall's v TiosiLive cure now wife, Miss Lillie Grant and wife. J. M. Shepherd, Eist Los los, Al BiKelow, Herman. sUU , lloll!ll , liso;is , T r> 'i upon the blood mul mucous sn i tact s Sharpe, J. P. ' unn , therel.y destroying the foun.lalioii i of. the disease, and «lvin« the imUent ., i... i..,ii r linii- tin rhu COllJatltUtlOIl CASTOR I A For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought "Bears the Signature of t all** USaln «•»"*=• «"••«• - ..... (proprietors have so much faUhm us c ur, - tlve powers that tbl-y oiler One HundnM j,'oMai?forany ease t.nvt it fails to cure ""U^I-V^CO.. Toledo,, Why does"the sun burn? Why does a-mosfqulto sting? Why do I we feel unhappy in tho Good Old Madison, Wis., Sept. 10.-WU- i MsopureCvNCKR, •• her look and leei as SICK a» » *."&• jyiaoison, v-»ia., ^^- —• lt™LTnd PX.BS. i! Neothing will keep you up to the ]iam j. Bryan and Governor^ Jo- .no pain, no pay un- ?l mark; wit hout-injurous stimula- | geph w . Folk wiU stump' Wis^on $i tioni sowenasDr.Caldwel' S (la !: siQinthe fall „ the intere of w Summer Time? Answer: we don t. We use DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve/and these little ills don't bother us. Learn to look fot the name on the box to get the genu- Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. .'&*»' ative) Syrup Pepsin. • It is a pure liver tonic—a cure for Constipation, Biliousness, and Indigestion. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and i §1.00. Money back if it fails. Miss Grace Murdock will leave Tuesday for Hannibal where she visit for several months. fall in the interest of Ay 1 ward, Democratic Stomach Troubles aod Constipation No one can reasonably hope for good digestion when the bowels are constipated. 'Mr. Cnas. Baldwin, of Edwardsviiii;, 111., says: "I suffered from chronic constipation and stomach troubles for several years, but th-iulisto CHAMBERLAIN'S riTOMACH and LIVER TABLETS, am almost cured." Why not get a package of these a Diets and got well and stay well? Price 25 cents. Samples fn.-e' For sale by the N. J. S WETLAND DRUG CO. ^ ~ADDifioiT MADE. ' Gne addition was made to the Christian church by statement, Sunday morninir. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Walden of East Polk stroet are tho parents of a girl baby born Sunday morn- morning. ..... Kmetional paper eurreney. nickels and eents ........................ I VWFOI. MOSEV KESKItVB IS BAXK. VIZ: Total ............................. LIABILITIES ital stock paid in ........... ... Total... ST \TE-OF M ISSDtflll. ' ss Cousir OK I,iv-ix:sro.N ( " I r D. lirookshl.-r. cashier of the above n-lim-d Hank- do solemnly swear that the ."hove statement is true to tlie I.est of my •n,lhelief. iuii(Ksii[EK 0;(shi(r Stiliserihi'd and sworn to before me tttls Mil day of Sept. wort. W.W. Davis. ___^ Notary Public. Commission expires .rune M. I'JVJ. - ArrEsr: J. A. FIEJ.D. E. KlKTr.KY, A. J. H.EBK1CK, •' Directors. The inteftge itching 'charactoris: tic of salt yhouin and eozema ip in : ,tly ajjayed by - o.ppl?f nrr » purs foi sjfin. IS BBW& 3 $t ~ llyq F«r's|g 1 ^ thg Nj' ''"" ""j In the list of news items from ite files of fifty years ago, published Sunday, the St. Louis Republic included the following: »W E. Mead, son of Edward Mead,'St. Louis, and Miss The.-es- many sa M. Hoy, of Utica, Mo. were " married by the Reverend J. O. Thornton." ^^ Dr. and^Mr^Tw. E. Scott, who have been the guests of Mr. and S&*»^P»«°^ Illlstte i wwl * wtiatev.c SICK I!£\DACK£, D^EiPfl^ tt Is to love children, and no home can be completely happy without them, yet the ordeal through •which the expectant mother must pass usually is so full of suffering, danger and fear that she looks forward to the critical hour with apprehension _ and dread. Mother's Friend, by its penetrating; and soothing; properties, allays nausea, nervousness,'and Si unpleasant feelings, and so prepares the system for the ordeal that she passes through «• ^ *.«____•. the event safely and with but Hfl4tVBfeAHm'4 little suffering, as numbers have testified and said, "it is worth' its weight in gold." $1.00 per bottle of druggists. Book containing valasbte ittfatmitiott walled fr CBi '8

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