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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1950
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The -Washington Merry-Go-Round ,. . Sees Gamblers Losing Out In State, California Voting ' By DBJBW PEARSON WASHINGTON,-Oct.,28.--Two -westenustates, 'California and Arizona, are voting in .'November "on whether to'legalize gambling.. .The gamblers will probably lose.' Meanwhile; the'Kefauver crime committee has ,beefl tipped off that the underworld will send a private ,lobby to -Washington to blo'ckLthe 1 an'tf slot machine bill'after.eongre'sg-re- convenes-Nov. 27? This is'the'bin banning .the'.shipment of' slot machines ,to states which.have outlawed them.-The underworld didA't take · the, bill geriously-until the · senate and house suddenly passed It. However, Nevada's GOP ,Sen. George Malone filibustered for 11 hours to hold recess--long enough world to -turn on the pressure. There's something 'suspicious about Malone's filibuster. He made It in the nanie of Nevada and states' rights, but the truth is Nevada will probably benefit by the bill. For Sjevada is the only state where-slot machines -are. legal and the. won't stop the shipment of machines to Nevada. It-will merely shut off the Supply to other states, which should bring more .business to Nevada. - .'.- . KEEPS OUT SLOTS The bill; also-, bolsters states' rights -by helping -to - keep slot Ana Has; Plans For Ft. Grant i; ;Mrs. Ana FrohmlHer, 1 : Democratic candidate for governor last night 1 machines put of the states -.which have laws'against them. The will not interfere with;any. state Wishing to legalize .slot;machines. These facts .were reported to Ma.'lone by his. research assistant, Carlos' Toro, who recommended in favor of the'bill.-Yet Malone ignored his researcher and tried to talk Colorado's Big. Ed Johnson into delaying.the bill. 'Johnson 1 was chairman: of the senate committee which wrote · it. · However, when Johnson refused, Malone- snorted: "OK, toother, it's a long road." 'Later Maione delivered his 11- hour filibuster and served notice he'would filibuster, again if the antislot machine bill came up after Thanksgiving. · SILENT AT FIRST But the strange thing is, Malone didn't say a word'against the bill throughout the lengthy hearings. These made front-page news and could not have been overlooked by him. Yet, not until different versions of the bill had already passed both the senate and house and the underworld suddenly got .frantic did Malone come out against it, holding up the senate-house con- ference on the bill's final form. Note--The underworld's cut In the slot machine racket runs into billions of dollars.! It., also gets In on the distribution' end, which would be hit, the hardest by' the ·ntlslot machine bill. Note-r-Walter.Long, lobbyist.for of the National Probation association on the Arizona industrial school at Ft.'Grantas the first step toward improvement. of ..conditions at'the school. , Mrs. 'Frohmiller, speaking at a Democratic rally in the high'school auditorium where* about'600 per- slot sons were gathered, referred to the group which was requested by the Arizona superior court judges' association to. make the study. The judges'acted last-April at the .request of-Judge J.; Mercer Johnson, Tucson, -then president. Before -the charges of .'rowdyism o:f boys' at the;school--were 'voiced yesterday' by a former ^employe, Mrs, Frohmiller- declared that she has* definite plans'; for improving conditions at the school. These plans, she said then,. involve cooperation -with the legislature and the controling board.;. · Lauds Record Just before the candidate spoke, Gov.' Dan E. Garvey : lauded, her record of 24 years as state auditor and as an independent thinker who would do what she believed should be done regardless of consequences. Mrs. Frohmiller, said' Garvey, will play no favorites. He recalled IT4 End Parley On Problems In V. 'S. Aviation that her he .had several crossed horns with times and . "almost every time I got hooked." Mrs. Frohmiller .also declared that while it has been?charged that she is unfriendly to'the University of Arizona, that was not correct. T-ara not unfriendly to the university. -Any time there was.,a difference, it ,was - because I felt I was doing my'best for the state as a whole." - - . ' _ The candidate. also' explained earlier over the' .radio that while her Republican opponent has tried to saddle her with responsibility for high taxes because of the financial code which she helped to write, the code actually provides for the O. D. Jennings Co,,'largest slot machine manufacturer, has paid several calls at Malone's office. The O. D. Jennings Co., incidentally, is located in Illinois, not Nevada, but it figured Sen; 'Malone.'could do business for It best. . y (© 1850, Bell:Syndicate.) ,' . Chest Drive In House Canvass Residential community chest solicitors kicked-off yesterday at 3:30 Arizona^ air .conference, delegates heade'd'home after ^adjourning'' yes- ferday, "with^ new knowledge,.on research "problem's, government regulation, and personal 'flying problems. ' ' '£,- .,"· ;-The two-day,,event which^attrRCt- ed, -' r 114V, ^r egister ed out-of-town guests, emphasized the vast,,new fields opening in aeronautics.-Several, speakers pointed out that'av- iation has completely changed since .the end-of World^JWar U. making new problems for researchers to' solve. J. C. Garrett, president of.Gar- rett Corporation, Los Angeles, pointed out at luncheon yesterday the many problems In airplane "accessories which jet .and'-high altitude flying have presented. -After pointing; out that 60 to 65. per cent of an airplane's cost is accessories, he cited research problems presented ·-, by extreme ...temperatures and pressurizatlon needs-in high altitude flying, and the new type pneumatic starters . necessary for high powered turbo-jet'engines. Imaginary Trip" He took guests on : an imaginary trip to the moon,: where temperatures on such a trip would vary from -460 degrees fahrenheit to plus: 1500 degrees.'"Research problems are'many, expensive. and the answers and ..sometimes painstaking, and discouraging," he said. "But the race to find" the an swers must'be won, because it I a-race for existence. It must, b won to 'stop aggression 'and maki our country .safe," he concluded. During yesterday .afternoon' sessions, the men discussing .per sonalj.flying tookja pessimistic ai titude and called for better smal planes. George Haddaway, editor o Southern Flight,' 1 pointed out tha at the rate .of the - military plan expansion, all private flyers wil soon -be grounded. Asks Better Planes Barry Goldwater, -Phoenix,, asket for better small-planes as. did Dr Leslie A. Bryan, director 'of the University of Illinois institute of aeronautics,, in his.' paper ..read by C.-T" Reid, of Grand Central' air craft. · Donald A. Duff, a-vice-president of Frontier airlines, .said that Arl zona 'must use Frontier, or -it wil lose Frontier. Trunk line airplanes must. sWp some-stops or feeder lines will not survive, he said. 'A .Bone, Jr., a. vice-president ^ oi American .airlines, concurred,. saying American .has been : willing.in the past to miss some cities to help feeder .lines. Robert. A. : Ramspeck, '-general manager ( of Air Transports, urged more , pay for 'airlines carrying while Democratic) headquarters pj a ii.. Dr. -Harold 'Jennings of Ma- across · the street- have the names EEGION OF MERIT i§ awarded Col. James C. Selser, former Davii-Monthan" AFB commander, for" "outatand- lag service" during his 194-6-195,0 command of the local air base. Lt. Gen. Curtii LeMay, commanding general of strategic air command on whose staff "Col. Selser now serves, presents the award. ' , arocedures and safeguards in how money- is spent .after it is ap- aroprlated, . McFarland Speaks Others speaking'during the rally last night included' U. S. Sen. Ernest W. McFarland, who observed that Republican headquarters in Tucson have.only the name of Howard Pyle across 'the 'front, p.m. and began making their rounds this morning. Aiming at a quota of $20,500, residential, workers will make* a of the' i-entire Democratic ticket listed' in" the-'.front.. : He said, he wjonde'red If the "Republicans -were ashamed ! 'of the -other candidates. U. S. Sen. Carl. Hayden struck at the charges of'Communist .infiltration in the United. States, and- said that when the FBI furnished lists of those suspected, it- amounted to only one-twentieth of .one per cent of ,the ' nation's- population. He lauded the'Democratic -party principles- as the ones which had brought the nation greatness. Congressman Harold A. Patten, whom Gov. Garvey ..called one of over 300 workers under 36 sector captains working the- residential areas, under Mrs. C. J. Newcomb, divisional head. At the meeting'yesterday, Walter E, Lovejoy, co-chairman of the 1 $202-,500 drive, told workers enthusiasm was high, and the drive was getting Into high gear.. He predicted, that the residential areas would oversubscribe their quota as they have clone in the past. Robert E. Heineman, president of the chest board, presided yesterday, and Wayne Sanders, advertising chairman announced that 12 Red Feather scarves- would be given to the best campaign workers. ' . ' ' Mrs. 'Royal Irving,' Mrs. Myron Dawson,- and Mrs. Max 'Palmer presented a skit 1 on how not to solicit and the proper way. 'First report meeting will be on Nov. 7. son City, la. discussed the .commission; form of airport control. vM. o n t e v- Mansfield, . conference chairman', adjourned the meeting after Phoenix was named -host city for . the; 1951 conference on the house-to-house canvass. There are b e s t-k n o w n representatives in Washington, paid tribute to-those who had helped him achieve his present position. . '. Most of the party caravan returned to Phoenix today, although Mrs. Frohmiller -remained here part of the day then went to No- Sales. She will return to. Phoenix tomorrow;: then back to Tucson Mpnday, .where - she will appear at the Amphitheater school at 7 p.m., and at the-Tucson Sports center at 8:30 p.m. Museum Displays Exhibits Of 1891 Tucson Host To Church Conclave The convention of the Arizona Council of Churches will be heW at the First Christian church, 740 ' E. Speedway, next Thursday and Friday, beginning at 1 p.m. A reformation service will be held at 8 p.m.. Thursday, when Rev. A. T. DeGreot, Texas Christian university, will .be the speaker. He is a member of the commission on intercommunion, World Council .of Churches, and recently returned from sessions of the commission in Paris.' . ' ; . . Meetings ' f o r . town-' and rural pastors .will be held at 10 a.m.- Frlday. DR. GtENN NELSON, OF THE University of Arizona faculty, will preach at the 11 a.m. service tomorrow at the .Tucson' Unitarian church which is holding services at Miles school ,on East Broadway. . ·The state museum on the University of Arizona campus is showinj clothing, jewelry and househol articles In vogue when the un verslty- was founded in 1891. Th exhibit will be on display today through .Sunday. There will be a bustle, dress black lace collar with sequins an beads, beaded cape, silk and lace- trimmed handkerchiefs, folding parasol, stickpin'and other objects The exhibit will also show a pic ture of Old Main when it was th only building on the campus. The museum, will be open from 10 a,m. until 5 p.m. tomorrow-and from 2 to 5 pjn. Sunday. SHOE REPAIR MEANS invitation". Piilkerson, bor, Phoenix; extended^ manager; by Walter of Sky Har- Separation Of Churchy State Is Talk Monday Drf Edwin H. Wilson,- editor of the Humanist magazine and executive Hlrector of .the .American Hii : manist. association, will speak at 8 p.nE Honday in the YWCA under auspices of, the Tucson Unitarian church.' His aub'ject will be ^'Separation of Cnurch and State." .' Wilson is .making 'a tour o£ nine western states. An active Unitarian minister for over 20 years. Dr. Wilson : is national, president of the Unitarian Fellowship for Social Jus-: tice. - T.._ , 1 Col. Selser Jr. Awarded Legion Of Merit For Record At DM Col. James C. Selser Jr. has been awarded the Legion of Merit for "exceptionally meritorious conduct In the performance of outstanding service',' while he was stationed at Davis-Monthan' AFB from 1948 -to 1950, it was learned today from D-M officials. The former base commander Js now assistant to the director of operations, strategic air command. The :coveted military award was given to CoL Selser at informal ceremonies by Lt. Gen. Curtis LeMay, commanding general of SAC. 'Col.. Selser came to Tucson and D-M in August, 1946. He remained here until assigned to Gen. LeMay's staff in January of this year and was succeeded as commander 'of the 43rd bombardment wing by Col. William P. Fisher. , Text of the orders written by Gen.'Hoyt S. Vandenberg, chief of staff of United-States air forces, follows: By direction of the President, the Legion of Merit for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the perform- ance'of outstanding service during period of 1 October- 1948 to 1 January 1950 is.awarded to Colonel James C. Sesler, Jr.; 1284A, United States Air Force. A Commanding Officer, Davls-MontfTaa.'Air Force Base,,- Tucson,,-'-Arizona, Cplonel Sesler established an, outstanding training and operational record Involving 'the employment of. E-23 and B-50 .type aircraft.- His brilliant record, as -,- Commander of ..the 43d Bombardment Wing was -highlighted by participation in the initial flight of; 73-29 aircraft to Surope and othei-traiiiing missions to. Alaska, Panama, and England. :olonel Selser was! charged with the-responsibility, for planning the air-to-air refueling of the Lucky ady H non-stop flight around the vorld and personally participated ACKLEY OPTICIAN 28 Year* In Tocoon DIAL 3-6201 49 E. Jackson In the operation during 1 the last leg of the flight. The superior leader- shirt, resourcefulness,.. and . organizational ability displayed by Colonel Selser reflect great credit upon himself .and the 'United States Air Force. Pyle Declares Joe -«E. Brown Democrats Fail Kin To Appear To Build State TUMA/Oct. 28.77-Howard Pyle, Republican candidate for governor, declared here last night that the Democrats have failed for-20 years in. the University Methodist church ,to provide leadership in developing building an East. Speedway and at Arizona's industrial- potentialities:; "The Republican' party,", he^-declared at a rally,'., "offers not only leadership, but a plan, and a vision to give Arizona's tomorrows the meaning that they deserve." · fyle cited the gains 'already made in boosting Arizona's income from manufacturing from' $30,000,000 to $130,000,000 · in 10 "years, but declared that the state's economy is now-. static. because · the cattle industry has been'reduced 50 percent in 25 years, mines have reached a probable peak production and agriculture is restricted to present acreage by lack of.water. Paul E.^Brown, blind organist; who. is a brother of Joe E. Brown, movie ,, comedian,- .will play during local 'religious-service's"here Nov. 5.through' 26 at .7:30., p.m. .each., day. 'evangelistic-, group" ago'-when' he was He cited the high freight rates in Arizona as another reason for static-. economic .'conditions. He likened these rates to a tariff-wall which keeps -out merchandise which might be sold competitively in · .Arizona, with merchandise produced here. The candidate appealed-to Democrats to-"set aside ;seme of-, ourj little differences' and join forces) to overcome some of the: unfavor-j able, things, that result from too much politics." Pyle was to spend today in Final' county communities, addressing .a rally at Coolidge, tonight. » - 2:30 p.m. Sundays. Charles fc. SulUvan,'Los Angele*, will be the speaker,-Brown joined the Sullivan --- " "' eight '.months converted and-gave his talent, to sacred'rrrasic. Brown,'who-will bring'his own Hammond electirc organ,- -will devote one evening'to a personal testimony regarding, his conversion. A former nighj club player, he will speak on "From Club to'Cal- vary." The services- will be. sponsored by the Tucson Heart-to-Heart chapel and the : Heart-tc-Heart radio broadcast of Phoenix, and 1 co-oper-, atlhg 1 Tucson churches. Rev. C. C. Richardson is pastor- of the local Heart-to-Heart chapel. l«l!tj - Ivtnlno, Ott. a, 1110 - Church of Religious Science SPECIAL LECTURE ; By Dr. Reginald C. Armor Of ' Institute of Religions. Science Los Angeles, California; Sunday Evening, 8 P.M. Sunday--11:00 A. M. "THE BEST CAX BE 1'OURS"- T3T Xorth Sixth Arena* * SAN CARLOS RESERVOIR RE- jort-'for 24-hour period'-ending at 7 a.m., Oct. 27, 1950: Available! storage--228 acre-feet; Gain in past hours--14 'acre-feet · ;, MORTGAGE! 3-6103 _ ^^^^K«3»!, Private or Insurance CLAWSQN MTG. A REALTX 131 North Stone ''·- SIS V. ttli Are. few "round heating tad cooling Glover-dark, Inc. ORDER NOW ' WINTER IAWNS Tucson Fertilizer Co. DIAL M'zT4 : Grass Seed*--L*wn M«lch PROMPT EXPERT SERVICE CORRECTIVE WORK DONE . Coming To Ijucson For November CHARLES K. SULLIVAN EVANGELISTIC PARTY · CHARLES K. SULLIVAN, Speaker, Former Saleg ·Executive for 1 Western States. · PAUL E. BROWN, Blind Organist, Brother of Jo« E. Broivn, Movie Star. . · BRANCE EDWARDS, Soloirt, Golden Voiced Tenor., · JACK, OSTERMANN, Song Leader and Mntic Director. Former University Methodist Church Euclid Ave., and East 3rd St. Sponsored by Heart to Heart; Chapel, Tucson--Heart to Heart Hour Broadcast, Phoenix--Co-operating churches. NOV. 5 -26 MILLER'S Boot and Shoe · - . ' . - Repairing 47 N. SCOTT ST, FUNERAL COSTS True costs of 'the last BOO funerals conducted by Parker-KanMortuary: 22S Complete Funerals Including Casket--Cost up, to $19? 167 Complete Funerals Including Casket--Cost $200 to $499 105 Complete Funerals including Casket--Cost $500 and over PARKER-KERR til Ifortb,. ICOB* Dl*l S-J3M XMMB U leva FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH FAMOUS FOR THE GOSPEL AND ITS lOUNG PEOPLR Corner North Sixth AV«me and East Fifth Street Pastors: R. S. Beal, E. E. Mattcson, W. E. Epps H Cor. 43 8:« A. M.-- BIBLE SCHOOE~FnIly graded. MEN'S CLASS, Sleeth Chapel, Dr. R. S. Beal, Senior Pastor and teacher. U:00 A. M--- WORSHIP SERVICE Choir Aathem, "Open - Onr Eyes," MacFarlane. - -' . Solo, "O Lord Most Holy," · Franck, ;Mlss Betty Lantner. - ' / Sermon, "The Church of the living God," Dr. R. S. BeaL . · 6:30 P. M.-- B. I, P. U. "Groups for "YOUTH? of all ages. ' Prayer Fellowship, Meeting in C.*;K. v - i B. class room. Bible Study GronpT-'TMspensation*." ' 730 P.M.-- EVANGELISTIC SERVICE Gospel Song Service led by Rer. EarielE. Matteson.- Solo. "The Christ of the 'Galilee Road," Adder, Rev. Earle E. Matteson. Sermon, "Hare Protestants Under" -valued Maryr* Dr. K. S.-Be»L WEDNESDAY SERVICE .-- Prayer (Meettaz'and Bible Study led by Rev. £arle " E. Matteson, Main ' DON'T MISS "Science, trillion and the Bible" 'with DR. V. C. OLTROGGE SATURDAY NIGHT, 1-A$ ROSKRUGE JUNIOR HIGH Sponsored lay Christian Business Men's Committee t SYNODICAL CONFERENCE LUTHERAN CHURCHES WE SUPPORT THE LUTHERAN HOUR HEAR IT EVERY SUNDAY 3:00 JPM KCXA GRACE · 830 No. Sunday School," 8:30 A.M. Worship Service* '10:45 AJ«. -- 8:00 JP.M. ·' City Bus 1 ·· REV. E: ARNOLD SITZ 721 N. 2nd. Ave. Phcju 3-2013 GOOD SHEPHERD Catallna Junior. High 8.S. and Adult Bible Hour 9:30. Worship 8ervic» 10:45. ," Rev. I REDEEMER " 200 E. Xayapai Rd. S.S: 9:45--Flowing Wells 9:30. Worship Services--Sunday 11 A.M. Wednesday--7:30 P.M. --Christian Day School-REV. NORMAN BERG 1137 N. Tth Ave. Ph..3-0095 SPANISH MISSION 1101 So. Fifth Ave. 8.8. 10 A.M., Worship 11 A.M. Radio - KOPO - 7:45 A. M. Robt Hocnmuth. Ph. 8-5682. | Rev. V. H. Winter Ph. 3-8213 --A WELCOME TO ONE AND ALL-- What Christians Owe the Jews Christians are indebted to the Jews for the twelve apostles who were all Jaws. One of these was John the son of Zebedee. H« wrote the gospel of John, First,' Second and Third John, letters, to Christians, and the-Revelation. John 1:1-18. In the beginning was'the Word, and the Word was with Sod, and thV Word was Sod.' The same wai in the beginning with Sod. All- things were ma'de by him; and without" him was not anything made that was made. In him was life; .and the life was the Tight' of men. And' the light- shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. There was" a man sent from God. (John th» Baptist.) The same came for a witness to bear witness of the light, that all men"through him might'believe. He was not that Light, but wat sent to bear witness of'that Light. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.' He-was in the world, and the'.world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not.. But at-many as received him, to them gave he power to become the ions of Sod even to them believe on his .name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the'flesh, nor of the will of man but of Sod. And the'Word was made fleih, and dwelt among us,' (and we beheld his glory, the glory as'of the only'begotten-of the Father,] full of grace and truth. John (John the Baptist) bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he-of whom I spake, He that- cometh-after me, it preferred before me; for he was be-, fore me. And of his fullness have we all received, and grace foj grace. For the law was given by Moses,-but grace'and'' truth came by Jesus Christ. No, man hath.seen'^Sod-at any ' timer the only begotten Son, which is in -the bosom of the' " Father, he hath declared him. - For further information write P. 0, Box 6245, , ". . Tucson, " CHURCH DIRECTORY (These Are.Paid Advertisements) CORONADO BAPTIST CHURCH 2355 A. Stone Are.'-' K*Y. A. E. Diddams,- Pastor Phone 3-5576 - . · · ' ·Bible School, 9:45"A. M. Worship, 11 A. M., 7:30 P, M. ,.' EMMANUEL (SOOTHERS) BAPTIST CEtURCH 1825 North Maple Phone 6-0263 Eugene Slone; Pastor ^ S. S., 9:45 A.M.; T. U., 6:30 P.M. Church, 11 A.M. and 7:30 VM. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH X. Sixth Are. and E. Fifth St. R. S."Beal, D. D. Phone 3-7321 Bible School, 9:« A, M. Preaching, 11 A. M., 730 P. St. FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH Speedway North Third Are. J. Will Ho well, Pastor Pro .Tent - 11:15-11:45-- Station KCJfA S. S., 9:30 A.M.; T. U, 6:20 P.M. Worship, 10:45 AJL, 7:30 P.M. . NORTH TUCSON BAPTIST S100 North First Are. ' Paul L. Morgan, Pastor Phone 3-3007 Sunday School, 9:45 A. M. ' Worship,. 11 A. M., 7:30 P. M. Training Union, 6:30 P. M. , BIBLE CHAPEL ". 1804-EastNorth , (Near Campbell and Grant) IxmTs Slipper, 9:15 A. M. Family Bible Hour, 10:45 A. M. Youth Meeting, 6:45 P. M. Preaching Service, 7:45 P. M. CHURCH OP CHRIST 145 N. Country Club W. Wallace Layton, MinistW Bible Study, 9:45 A. M. Preaching, 10:45 A. M. - Evening, 7:30 P. -M. CHURCH OP CHRIST ';·' 1159 East Mabel St. Qnentin Fanning, Minister Phone 3-8104 Bible Study, 9:45 A. M. Preaching, 10:«:A.M., 7:30 P.M. Communion, 11:45 A; M. and 8:30 P. M. BETHEL CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH 2550 North Tucson Blvd. 9:45 A. M., Sunday' School Worship, 10:45 A. M., 7:30 P. M. Rev, G. B. Boerfyn, Pastor Telephone 5^452, FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Disciples of Christ) - 740 E. Speedway at Euclid- Rev. Harold I/. Lunger, Ph. D. Phone 2-0171 Sunday School, 9:30 A. M. Worship, 10:45 A. M. and 7:15 P. M. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH East Fourth and Park Ave. Rev. Richard J. Dunlap Phone 3-4602 Sunday .School, 9:30 A. M. Church Service, 8:30 and 10:45 A. M. TJNWERSITT-CATALINA METHODIST CHURCH 2700' East Speedway Rev. Maurice G. Ballenjw Phone 5-5449 . . Worship, 10:45 A. if. Church School, 930, 10:45 AM. AMERICAN ET. LUTHERAN CHURCH Shrine Clnb, 2900 E. B'waj. E, A. Hoefer, Pastor Phone S-0809 Sunday School, 10 A. M. Worship, 11:00 A. M. ; FAITH LUTHERANCHrBCH (Missouri Synod) Peter E. Howell School East Fifth St. and Irving- Are. Raymond Buck, Pastor Phone 5-0039 Sunday School, 9:30 A..M. , Morning Service, 10:45 A. .'M. GRACE LUTHERAN CHCRCtt ' (Synodical ConJerence) 830 Jfortb First Are. Ksv. E. Arnold Site, Pastor 1 Phone S-281S Sunday .School, 9:3TA. M. Worship, 10:45 A. M.,* P. M. HOLT TRINITT LUTHERAN (Missouri. Syjsod) - ' ' WakefleW Junior Bigb South Ninth Ave. and 44th St. Raymond Buck, Pastor ' ' Morning Service, 8:00' A. -Mi"' ' Sunday.School, 6:00 A. M. OUR SAVIOUR'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH N. Campbell Ave. Helen St. Interim Pastor, Dr.'C. N. Swibart Church Services 8:30 * 11A.M. Sunday School, 9:45 A. M. REDEEMER · EV. LUTHERAN CHURCH (Synodical Conference) 200 East Savapai Road Phone 3-0095 Norman Berg, Pastor, S. S. Bible Class, 9:45 A.M. Divine Service, 11:00 A. M. PRESBrTERIAN CHURCH OF THE COVENANT East 17th St. and Treat Ave. , Ronald M. Straus, Minister Phone B836 Church School, 9:30 A. M.' Worship, 11 A. M. CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE N. First Ave. and E. Adams St Rev. Williajn J. Foley Phone 3-6459 9:45 A. M., Sunday School Worship, 11 A, M., 7:30 P. M. WJSST LINCOLN CHURCH OF CHRIST X West-Lincoln Visitors Welcome Phone 5-9952 Bible Study, 10 A. 4t Worship, 11 A. SL, 7:30 P. M. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 2nd Ave. at 3rd St Ph. M172. 10:55 A. M., Divine Worship and Church School, Parallel Session* ~ , GRACE EPISCOPAL ' CHURCH Stone Ave. at Third St. Jerry Wallace," Rector Phone 3-5022 Sunday School, 9^0 A. M. Serrices, 8 and 11 A. M. ST.'PAUL'S,CHURCH (Episcopal Student Center) 1220 E. 4th Street , . " RCT. John W. Ellison, Cbaplata Ph. 24142 or «-106T » A. M. H. C.; 11 A.M. H.-C. or M. P., " - -,ST. PBJLIP^-Cf-THB-HlLM EPKCOP^IL CHURCH ·* St. Philip'* Plara,-Ph: M»5 Ber. George FerfMon,' Rector Sundij'Servicti, ' «.-o«, oao «nd MOUNTAIN VIEW PRESBSTERIAN CHURCH 3809 East Third St Rev. Paul David Sliolln Church School, 9:45 A. M. Worship, 8:30 and 11 A, M. South Rteetlng, 7 P7SL TRINITY PRESBSTERIAN Third St. 'and Fourth Ave.. Glenn C, McGce, D.D., Minister Phone 3-2579 Church School, 9:30 A. M. Services, 8:30 and 11 A. SI. THE RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FREENDS (Quakers)*36 E. Third St (rear) For Information Phone 5-5959 ' Worship, .11 A. M. PALO VERDE BAPTIST CHURCH 2031 North Palo Verde C. J. Cord.inj:,, Pastor · Phone 5-5203 Bible School, 9:45 A. M. Worship, 11 A.M. and S.-OO PJt. BEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH 1200 North 'Mountain Ave. John D. Trndft, -Mlnliter ' Ptione 6-9708 ' Saturday, Sabbath School, 9:M Worship Hour, U A. M. CHURCH -OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTEB: DAY SAINTS , 1103 East Sixth St. · Phone 24076 A. G. Kimball, Bishop 10:30 A. M. and 7 P, M. · FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST- E. Bth St at Country dub Rd. Phone 5-1181 Sunday School, 930. A. M. Mornln( Service, 11 A. SL Mile* School 1400. JB. Broadway 11.-00 A.M. UNITY . SERVICE x 1521 E. Mb St . Lola Lee Holland, Speaker PhOD* 3-8B70 Bonday-- 11 A.M. T»e»day-- Unity Cl»i«, 2:00 A T«». PJH.

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